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24 Responses to “Taylor Lautner Shoots on Sunday”

  1. Logan Says:

    Again and again and again and again do it again again and again…….
    @ Taylor, thank you for making men work out again. There have always been nice specimens to look at but yesterday I was at a water park and there were so many ripped guys walking around it was insane. So needless to say I had a good time.
    As a perfect ending to my day I find these new pics waiting for me to watch them again and again and again.
    Thank you George ( blowing you a kiss )

  2. Logan Says:

    Aaawww that takes me right back
    Feeling nostalgic today

  3. kia Says:

    Can these two STOP !! being adorable in these pics!!!

  4. marianne Says:

    I like the chemistry in these pics! Can’t wait to see it on screen.

  5. chanda w Says:

    I adore the first pic of the two of them. He looked like he wanted to kiss her so bad. I know they are filming scenes, but I like their chemistry too.

  6. accv Says:

    omg… that first pic. she’s looking toward his lips while he’s looking longingly at her eyes. oooo la la ;)

  7. Lexi Says:


  8. Logan Says:

    How cute, him working his ass off to ride her around town. WORK IT BABY! We love to see you sweat…

  9. chanda w Says:

    The fact that Marie gets to sit back and watch Tay’s cute butt go up and down……..I should hate her, but I don’t. Lol.
    Where is @firereign? I have a question about The Last Dragon Remake.

  10. kia Says:

    UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH Them ARMS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well we all know Marie is getting a good view..

  11. kia Says:

    Apparently this is the last week of filming. NOOOOOOOOOOOO I don’t want to end! T_T

  12. chanda w Says:

    I’m missing the set pics already. Well, next month he’s off to Manilla. So he can’t go into Ninja all.

  13. joanie Says:

    @chanda I can tell you the little I know about the remake… has been given new life now that Sony is involved….Jackson is still associated with it at this time (but cultists think he’s too old)…..but anyone taking this on is still going to be tough (it is a cult classic and its fans will be really, really critical of everything associated with it from storyline>to actors>to soundtrack) for Taylor it would be walking into a buzz saw (the “hero” is black & changing that would change everything – from it’s storyline> to soundtrack> to it’s supporting cast – an unknown actor would be best, but it would have a limited audience & tinkering with cult classics is iffy at best for investors (and the fact is that a remake of a well made, critically acclaimed classic that had very limited success with general audiences might make a good tax right off but that’s about it). This is the little I know & my opinion.

  14. chanda w Says:

    @Joanie, I know the The Last Dragon was a cult classic in the African American community. Normally I would be the first to complain about roles being taken away from black actors, but (as I said in the other thread)……Taylor would be PERFECT for this role……..of Bruce Leroy. He would be able to use his martial arts training skills , he knows how to act like a kind, humble guy onscreen. Although he isn’t black, he has features that sorta transcend race. Do we really know all he’s mixed with? Jessica Alba isn’t black , but she played a mixed race dancer in Honey. Tay could also bring a new demo to the movie and I also agree Jackson is too old, he has the swagger,but someone younger and newer would work better. The should so make this movie. It will work.

  15. joanie Says:

    @chanda Gotcha…..definitely agree his features are an asset in more ways than one

    Biking on a sunny day:
    also wanted to mention what most know – him being on a film shoot definitely means he goes nowhere in public without security – so the tooling around on “a bicycle built for two” – isn’t the entire picture. They were accompanied by a couple others (crew, cast, security) riding their own bikes (no free rides for them) unless they broke their ankle…then maybe
    Also even on days “off” he will work out – gotta keep in shape – a pulled muscle really sucks (no rest for the wicked or so they say…Naaaa he aint wicked except for his humor at times) so pedaling around with a little extra wait is good for the leg muscles so you stay on your feet whence jumping, running & swinging around the city….

  16. joanie Says:

    did I say “wait” – try again “weight” – that’s better

  17. Emily Says:

    joanie–I thought I recognized the guy that was right behind them in one of those pictures. He’s been in other pictures during this shoot–don’t know if he’s actor, crew, or security.

  18. Logan Says:

    I’m starting to think that the guy riding behind him is Taylor’s PA or a good friend. Just because he’s always around Taylor, handing him water bottles and stuff. He doesn’t look like a security guy but looks can be deceiving.

  19. Emily Says:

    I saw on another site that somebody said he was Taylor’s assistant.

  20. Mystique Says:

    Yea I’ve seen that guy quite a bit also. I wonder what his name is? So is this Taylor’s NEW personal Assistant? What happened to the girl who as his personal assistant? The one who was with him during the trips to Brazil and his bday night out and stuff? Is she still around?

  21. vera Says:

    Mystique..the woman you’re talking about, it is not a personal assistant, she is his publicist and PR manager, her name is Alison Graman. 
    Now with Taylor on the set of the new personal assistant, but the former, Tarik, spent his holidays with his family, I think a personal assistant can be one of his friends too..
    Rob exactly the same,his PA(Jeffrey)is his friend too.

  22. Logan Says:

    @ Taysters, do we know in which hotel he is staying while filming in NY. Don’t worry I’m not planning a trip….passport, tooth brush…..

  23. joanie Says:

    taylor has at least 3 PA’s depending on where & what he’s doing….his personal bodyguard & PA on NYC shoot are not New….they’ve been with him for awhile….usually you can spot his PA because 9 out of 10 x he will have an I Pad. There are other security personnel provided by the studio/production comp and also the city & companies providing equipment (they’re primary job is to prevent interference while filming & vandals from stealing or trashing equipment & protection for the entire cast & crew – he hotel or theater or restaurants & bars they all have their own security to prevent customers/clients from being harassed (Taylor’s personal bodyguard is there solely for him & will accompany him everywhere and there is also usually an alternate who subs for the primary for various reasons or is back up if there are unruly crowds. – they are there for protection from over zealous fans, from bullies who think knocking TlL on his butt would be sugar, to be witness for any accusations of impropriety that could be lodged against T and of course the unlikely but still possible snatching for ransom….(it can be a cruel dangerous world out there & sensible precautions must be taken). Also security from various sectors shield against papz, haul wasted or high celebs out to their limo or cab with efficient and minimal hoopla – they have a job to do. As you can see some have celeb clients that are much easier to work for then others.

  24. Logan Says:

    Taylor probably has only one demand when he screens for assistants, they have to be able to play catch with him.
    He really does it on every set, I love it.