Grown Ups 2 (2013)
Role: Frat Boy Andy
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Tracers (2014)
Role: Cam
Release Date: 2014
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Taylor Lautner‘s Facebook page has uploaded more behind the scenes photos of him filming the 2014 movie Tracers.

Gallery Link:
» On Set » Tracers: Behind the Scenes

18 Responses to “BTS Photos: Taylor Lautner Films ‘Tracers’”

  1. Mystique Says:

    Uh-oh…….is this a love “triangle” going on?? :-P Lol… I wonder who the other girl in the picture is? It doesn’t look like Marie #justsaying lol

    This movie is looking more and more interesting by the moment! :)

  2. Mystique Says:

    Also… he burning something in that other picture?? Hmmm…I wonder what he’s burning? Lol……so many questions….so little answers. :)

  3. Lexi Says:

    @mystique, are you talking about the girl with the short hair??? I heard that she’s supposed to be the mother :)

  4. Mystique Says:

    Lexi—-His MOTHER!?!?! O_O *jaw drop* YEaaaaahhhh riiiiight! And I’m the Dutchess of Cambridge!! :D ROTFL!!

    She looks like she’s in her 20’s!! O_O

    Wow……..picutres can be so deceiving! :-/

  5. chanda w Says:

    At first I thought the other girl was going to be like a relative or friend, but he’s sorta touching her like she’s an ex…………OMG!! O.K, now reading comments that she might be his mother ( she looks sorta too young) . Right now , I’m going with she’s the other chick. lol! So luv the pic of him sitting with the flame.
    @Yeah, Mystique , this movie is looking really good.

  6. joanie Says:

    There is a love triangle, but if they stick to the script it’s 1 chick & 2 fellas

  7. Lexi Says:

    rofl at yall’s comment MY BAADDDDD xD
    Iim just guessing that’s all hahahaha :P Im gonna laugh if i end up being right ^^

  8. chanda w Says:

    Seems the other lady is his mom. Tay is gonna be mixed. Hell yeah!!
    This is sorta opening the door to all kinds of roles. His ethnic features are a big asset.
    @Mystique, he might be burning a letter. So intense.

  9. kia Says:

    I don’t know whats he burning,but he sure look’s sexy in that still.

  10. chanda w Says:

    Tay does look Hella good in that pic, but in all of the Tracers set pics , he’s looking so manly and yummified!

  11. joanie Says:

    Don’t think that’s his mom – especially the way she’s hugging the skateboard…..(she could be someone’s mom who is about age 10 and maybe the nasty loan sharks, mob, gang did something to him & all she has left is his skateboard but heart of gold Cam is gonna get even…..(hey we can make up our own stories & it probably won’t even be close to what we see on the big screen but it still would be fun…..

  12. Johanna Says:

    u guys are so cute cuz u guys think that every girl should be Tay’s love interest but it looks to me like he is about to ask her a question or something i also dont think that his mom and for some reason i kinda dont think he will have one in this movie not that she doesnt exist but maybe that part of Cam’s story-line that something happened in the past is y his live the life he does. I also think it would be cool if Tay had a mixed race family cuz he looks very mixed he can pass as Hispanic Asian,black, white, just about everything

  13. Mystique Says:

    Lol…..I’m thinking like Chanda…the way that picture looked, it looked like that is an ex, or.maybe the SISTER of one of the guys that got hurt or something. I definitely don’t sense a mother-son vibe in that picture, but hey….looks CAN be deceiving! Lol!

    She just looks so..YOUNG! Also, is she of mixed race? I can’t really tell! But that would be interesting if that’shits mom in the movie lol…..

    His looks are pretty versatile, and I think that’s definitely going to end up being an asset in his career. ^_^

  14. Mystique Says:

    Ooops! Talk about “auto correct” error! O_o I did NOT mean to curse in my post above! Lol! I meant to.say: that will be interesting if she’s his mom in the movie lol.

  15. *Vickey* Says:

    His Mom? She does look a little young in the photo. Haha.
    Him being mixed in the film really does open the door for all types of roles. :)
    So glad he signed on to this film and man this pictures are making me crazy! I want more details, but I guess I’ll have to wait until I see the actual film. Lol.

  16. Johanna Says:

    @Mystique i laughed so hard at ur comment :D

  17. Mystique Says:

    Johanna—LOL! Sorry, auto correct feature isn’t always so “correct” lol! ^_^

  18. Logan Says:

    Totally worthy of ELLEN, that auto correct line LOL