Grown Ups 2 (2013)
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Tracers (2014)
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Release Date: 2014
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49 Responses to “Taylor Lautner Takes a Break on Set”

  1. joanie Says:

    Get your ticket:

  2. joanie Says:

    1 more –

  3. joanie Says:

    Try this – big enough print to read (meet & greet rules not released yet but if u have a tx you have a chance)

  4. joanie Says:

    for those interested; converting philippine peso to american $-
    To get a tx you purchase a Bench item from a participating store – the type of tx depends on what you spend –

    2500P = $57.65 > VIP ticket
    2000P = $46.12 > Patron
    1200P = $27.67 > Lower Box
    600P = $13.84 > Upper Box

    God Speed to those taking flight for Manila – stay safe – buy the orange sweater (bet that will get you a VIP ticket and then some) think I’ve done enough Bench commercial promoting

  5. joanie Says:

    Just noticed the last rule – you must exchange your “invitation” for an actual ticket on the day of the event at the Arena ticket booth – Holy Crow that should be “fun” – suggest you stay home and read about it – shoulda put all these in the “500”

  6. Mystique Says:

    ……..nice….pants…… ^_^

  7. Emily Says:

    Is anyone on here actually in the Philippines or planning to go to this?????

    kia—I said a very naughty word when I saw those pics, one in particular!!!!!!!!! I think it’s probably the same one you noticed………………. ;)

    How are we going to go back to not seeing him every day???? I feel like crying a little….sniffs…

  8. Logan Says:

    Can I just say that I wish I WAS that SHIRT he’s wearing in the pictures starting this thread. It’s a perfect fit!
    And those pants, are they Bench pants? ( loving the brand more with each picture )
    Check out the link, Taylor is around 8-10 years old standing by the pool with his friends and you can tell he is going to be someone!

  9. kia Says:

    Damn he looks good!
    Mystique,Emily- I know what you both thinking and I’m thinking the same thing two.

  10. joanie Says:

    Filming continues – day by day – so more pics

  11. joanie Says:

    New Photo (Hey Magazine)

  12. Emily Says:

    Sorry, Mystique–I said kia, but I was responding to your comment. Sorry kia.

    Anyway, yeah, I think we’re all in consensus! :)

  13. Emily Says:

    joanie–Thanks for the picture. I like it, especially the blue blazer.

    Logan–The pool pic–isn’t it funny how he had a “presence,” even at that age? The way he’s standing and looking right into the camera, while all the other boys aren’t? I love baby Taylor pictures!!!

  14. annie Says:

    there are a couple of very short videos posted on YouTube of him filming last night or maybe Thurs. He always waves or nods to the papz, he certainly knows how to behave in public & it’s so refreshing to see this in such a young man, for me it only adds to his charm. I sorta compare it to a restaurant, if it’s messy & dirty in the dining room you can only imagine what the kitchen looks like; if your messy & snotty in public you can imagine how pissy they can be when no on is watching (I don’t mean once & awhile cause everyone has a bad day or is well within their rights at times, but if they perpetually are scowling crabs while out & about).

    Saw this, and just liked it:

  15. janet Says:

    @joanie Hauled this from the other thread – who needs french pastry when you can feast your eyes on this – and no calories – just yum-yum and heavenly thoughts I think I’m in love….Thanks “J”

  16. joanie Says:

    At least he has a safety harness on (Sat morning 07/27/13)

  17. joanie Says:

    Picture of site

  18. joanie Says:

    Operator error – left a letter out (above) try 1 more time

  19. marianne Says:

    joanie…Thanks for all the pic links. He is so handsome in that jacket. Nice to see he’s wearing a safety harness. I bet he’s having so much fun doing all these challenging stunts.

    janet…no calories…LOL. He is certainly yummy.

    vera…Loved what you said. I’ve always appreciated how Taylor treats everyone.

    Emily…Just think of the cute kids he’ll have some day. I volunteer!

  20. chanda w Says:

    I do worry about his safety. Know he’ll be alright, though.
    Wish I could go to Manilla. Goodness, lucky fans.
    I already miss seeing him on a regular basis too. Does anyone know after the Bench campaign, what Tay has coming up next? I know it is something, just not sure what.
    @Marianne, cute kids indeed. And you know he’ll spoil them rotten too.

  21. Emily Says:

    annie–Oh, him in white…………it may be my favorite “color” on him…… just makes his skin pop even more than usual!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    joanie–Thank goodness for the harness!! Is that the first one he’s used? I think it’s the first one we’ve seen on this shoot…………………….

    marianne (Get in line!!) and chanda–re: his future kids……………..he may spoil them, but I’m sure they won’t be brats………..I hope he instills his good sense and respect for others and humbleness in them…………I so hope he has a boy one day. It would be a crime against nature if his genes aren’t passed on…………….. :)

  22. joanie Says:

    @Emily no -there are other scenes

    Marie & Taylor (07/27/13 – scene shoot)

  23. joanie Says:

    @Emily no -there are other scenes (screwed it up again)

    Marie & Taylor (07/27/13 – scene shoot)

    (must need new glasses)

  24. Mystique Says:

    Emily, Kia–Yeaa….you both saw what I saw too lol! ^_^ *blush* Why does the word “imprint” suddenly come to mind?? :-P #guttersaturday

    Emily–No worries! I’ve messed up people’s names on here plenty of times lol! :) #ithappens But yea Taylor had a presence even back then as a youngster! Lol….in fact, there was this you tube video I saw long time ago where this guy was talking about how he knew Taylor as a kid, and how even as a KID some of the grown women (I think on set??) were acting kind of funny around him cuz they were like: “he’s so young….but he’s so sexy!” Lol….I kid you not….no lie. Am I the only one who has seen that YT video? Maybe I’ll go try to find it online lol….

  25. *Vickey* Says:

    Oh man he’s looking good and those pants…. ;)
    Lol! Emily/Kia/Mystique– #GutterSaturday

    I wish I could go to the M&G!! Taylor come to Texas please! Lol.

    Marianne– I think that’s the first time I’ve seen him in a harness so far! Haha. He’s so daring, doing all of his stunts! Love it! :)

  26. Emily Says:

    Mystique–I’ve seen it. It was on the set of Cheaper by the Dozen 2.

  27. joanie Says:

    Today’s film shoot:

    Also make sure & check out the Daily Mail

  28. Vanusa Says:


  29. Vanusa Says:

  30. Vanusa Says:

  31. Vanusa Says:

  32. Vanusa Says:

    I love it!

  33. Mystique Says:

    Rotfl @Vickey! We are like THIS >.< lol.

    Emily–YEP! That was it! So you saw that interview too? Haha! I was like…daaang…Taylor had "it" even back then?? Wow! :D I guess some people are just born with it…. ;) I'm sure his discipline and training in Martial Arts didn't hurt either

  34. Emily Says:

    I thought this was cute………even #8…………..

  35. Mystique Says:

    @Vanusa–OH MYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those pics are so HOTTTT!! Wow…..I don’t think I’ve seen Taylor look at a girl like THAT in a looong time lol. O_O The chemistry in this movie is going to be sizzling I think…just based on the pics alone.

    Now ummmm….*cough cough* were these shots taken DURING filming orrrr….is this a candid shot during their “off” time? I can’t tell! Lol! *fans self*

    All I know is that if he EVER looked at me like that, I’d be NO GOOD… hear me??? Lol… All he’d have to do is.just LOOK at me like that and it would be so ON! Rotfl…. #pantydropper

    Is it possible to get pregnant just from a look alone? #justasking #guttersaturday

  36. Emily Says:

    Mystique–LOL………..I don’t think so! I told you that “Panty Dropper” should be his call sign if he ever does Top Gun 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I really want to hate her a little, I just can’t……………………

    That first one…………his profile……………..can you hurt yourself by looking at something that shouldn’t be so beautiful????????????????

  37. Mystique Says:

    Emily–lol at his call sign in Top Gun2 rofl! It would certainly be a fitting title lol! ^_^

    Ugh….lol I’m the opposite, because I DON’T want to hate her, but these pics are making the #greeneyedmonster emerge lol. They make a hot couple! You can’t tell me they don’t feel SOME type of chemistry.while working together. Up until now, I had only sensed this much on-screen chemistry.between he and Kristen, but NOW, I’m like…it’s szzling with Marie.

    Oh yes, I love all of the pics, but you’re right @Emily, that first one is real nice. He has a great profile. Also, that one where he’s whispering in her ear gave me chills down my spine lol!

    Btw @Emily….I sent you a PM in response to you on! ^_^

  38. Emily Says:

    I don’t want to hate her b/c of who she is…I just meant my jealous side is telling me to, but I can’t b/c I really DO like her………………

  39. Emily Says:

    Mystique–I sent you a short response just a minute ago, b/c it’s really late and I have to get to bed. I replied to you message on with a very lengthy response to your question. Don’t know why you didn’t get it. :( I’ll try to respond again later tomorrow. Sorry!

  40. Logan Says:

    @Vanusa, oh my goodness, love those pictures. They look adorable together! I don’t think I can wait another year!
    @ Emily, wish I could make those gifs. There are some funny ones out there. And they’re all made with love.

  41. vera Says: LOL!

  42. Logan Says:

    @ Vera, there’s still a little boy inside of him, I love it. His face is hilarious but I keep looking at his chest. Looks very buff maybe the harness is still underneath there somewhere….

  43. kia Says:

    Look at all of us swooning at these Tay/Marie on set pics. And I agree with Mystique and Emily there are sizzling hot!! Now imaging Taylor looking at me like that! Fanning myself..Its Sunday I won’t go to far……………….

  44. Logan Says:

    Looking at you! He’s looking at me!!!
    And I was already fanning myself because of these darn hot flashes, 90 degrees in the shade and I’m having hot flashes…..or is it because of these pics mmmmmmm

  45. Catherine Says:

    The recent on-set Taylor/Marie shots…just lovely. The one where she’s very-almost resting her head on his back, and he’s biting his lip? Gorgeous!

    Whether there’s something going on there or not, it looks like they’ve become very good friends :)

    I’m twitching for a new announcement. I sense something big about to happen, not sure why! Next year’s Superman vs Batman movie? After seeing the Tracers stunts, I reckon he could pull off the Batman role. Easy peasy.

  46. *Vickey* Says:

    Catherine- Oohhh I can definitely see him playing a superhero like Batman, but I would love if he played a Marvel superhero. I’m just a dork when it comes to that subject. Lol.

  47. joanie Says:

    The shots in the bucket and (arm of the crane) are film shoot scenes –

    Even primo ****** hotels have their fights (about 6 people in this 1). The Spot nightclub whose entrance is in the lobby of Taylor’s hotel had 1 in the wee hours of the morning Wednesday. Couple people carted off to the hospital for stitches & no arrests because those involved split.
    No worry – Taylor is usually seen heading to his room by 11pm every night.

  48. Emily Says:

    Oh, sweet boy—in by 11! I’m so glad he’s not a big partier! We don’t have to worry about him being an a$$ and embarrassing himself. Others(celebs around his age and popularity level—not naming names) would do well to take note and act accordingly.

  49. Mystique Says:

    AMEN @Emily!!!! ^_^