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Aug 11 George

I’ve uploaded new photos from Taylor Lautner‘s BENCH ad campaign.

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» 2013 Photoshoots: Global Benchsetter

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  2. Johanna Says:

    Welcome Dania Gracia
    omg u are so lucky he is coming to where u are wait are u gonna go actually see him
    please take a lot of pics!

  3. Catherine Says:

    Catching up…I’m glad the Twilight crew took last night off. He’s past the kiddie stuff now :)

    Nice to see Logan Lerman take a prize – he’s amazing. He made me sob at the end of The Perks of Being a Wallflower! Proper drip, drip, drip tears!!!

    @Joanie – I love your comments. Full of info, but discreet. Much appreciated!

    @Meh – hope the wedding plans are going well. Take a deep breath and enjoy every moment – the day goes by so quickly!!! Congratulations x

  4. chanda w Says:

    I was laughing at some of the posts………….glad I didn’t watch the TCA’s, no Taylor and it sounded boring. I luved that he won an award for his acting. I think he’s past the kiddie stuff too. Even when u look at him now he seems very much a man. He’s only 21, but I think he’s over the teen heartthrob thing. He has always seemed wise beyond his yrs.
    So after the BENCH promo, does anyone know what is next? Excited for whatever he has up his beautiful sleeves.
    Not an LL fan and hadn’t seen the movie, but I figured his character died at the end. @Catherine can u say what happened? I don’t intend to ever see the film ,but was still curious.

    Less than a week my cutie is off to Manilla, hope he has a safe trip. Miss him already.

  5. Catherine Says:

    Nope, he doesn’t die, but it really is the most touching film ever. Very dark in places. It occupied my mind for days after – the best type of movie. Worth a watch :)

  6. chanda w Says:

    I looked up spoilers for Perks, dark indeed, watched a youtube clip of the end. Unless something happened afterwards, I just saw him enjoying a ride. He is a good actor, Emma and the other guy were good too. Not a lot of heat with LL but still he’s interesting.
    I guess some one was just being silly, with him dying at the end.
    I always wonder what kind of future roles Taylor will take on? I don’t know if I could see him in something this dark or the victim role. I think that Grown Ups 2 was right up his alley. I just see him as a cocky, action type. But, who knows, further down the line…….it could be anything goes. Wouldn’t mind him doing a scary movie………….I’d want him to survive of course.

  7. joanie Says:

    If I might add
    also from the cast of “Perks of Being a…..”, you should keep your eye on Ezra Miller (he is loaded with acting talent). Other movies he’s made (especially R rated, are deeply disturbing, not my kind of movie, but again reflects his talent). You can catch him in the first year & 1/2 of Growing Pains tv program. Offscreen he can be at times a bit, no more than a bit to me, rather eccentric in both dress & grooming….
    Speaking of eccentric……….I need to vent a bit……..probably only proving how “old” I am……and emphasizing that there really is little if any privacy where social media is concerned……I guess TMZ has been leaked pics of Justin Beav….personal pics that were taken last Thanksgiving when he was “at Grandma’s”……..wearing nothing but a guitar; in one he is serenading Gram (so you have a good from behind shot of bare butt guitar player & grandma). Let me tell you my grandson, especially at that “age” would have that guitar wrapped around his head, after I used it to knock some sense into whoever was taking the picture. So much for my broad mindedness & moving along with the “times have changed” issue. To me it speaks volumes for his public behavior as to what will be tolerated. ……… much for venting……..guess I still hold with certain rules of decency…..don’t serenade granmma buck naked when your 18. Taylor keeps looking better & better in my eyes.

  8. Catherine Says:

    @Joanie – Ezra Miller (I agree, he’s weirdly brilliant) was rumoured to have a role in the Gus Van Sant project with Taylor…if only that would come off. Not sure it’ll ever see the light of day though :(

    As for Bieber…I’m early 30’s, did (maybe more than) my share of stupid stuff growing up, but still think he’s gone beyond the usual teenage experimentation. That kid needs a doctor.

  9. Johanna Says:

    JB is just stupid lets leave it at that and as for Perks i loved that movie it is somewhat dark but it was really great mainly cuz i could relate to Logan’s character and @chanda no he does not die at the end but u guys should watch it

  10. joanie Says:

    Wanted to mention that in all probability you will see headlines reflecting that BD2 won all their categories but no one was there to pick up the surfboards ( the ones they hand the winners on stage are light weight replicas …. the real boards are custom made & inscribed with their name & shipped to them)….anyway…you’ll see headlines that are meant to sell tabloids or in some instances the way some PR people think (in other words there is no such thing as bad “publicity”). Don’t expect too many headlines about T missing the TCA’s….al hisl efforts are to look forward not back & to distance himself from the “character” he portrayed to the future “characters” he will portray. He & his publicist have a “good” working relationship with particular outlets (& the more sensationalistic ones that fabricate their own stories they don’t badmouth but “ignore”). He also has a good ethic concerning papz (giving them a wave or a smile) because most are pretty responsible & just doing their job to earn a paycheck….(in turn often they can exert some control over the indie overzealous papz who tend to be crude & aggressive) and they serve a function in getting pics & stories out there when celebs are promoting themselves & want the attention (tic them off too much & you will find a zillion very unflattering pics & vids hitting the street. One of the cast that could have personally benefitted by showing up, Kellan, (couple of movies in the can & working on another) stayed true to his castmates…..good guy. For now Twilight Saga has been put to bed.

  11. joanie Says:

    For some reason it is taking forever to get into this site & taking a long time to get my comments posted

  12. chanda w Says:

    @Joanie, so u think the entire cast decided as a group to not attend. That is sorta the message I get. If so I can understand why. At least they were unified. Just Taylor gracing any screen big or small is cool with me, but I know he wants to distance himself. So weird that they had to do it this way for some fans to move on. Still many won’t.
    I think I know some of the outlets Tay is connected with. Glad he doesn’t try to get in the less credible publications. Despite what many think. Bad press is bad press. There are already some sites suggesting Taylor could have showed , if RK chose not to. As if it is the responsibility of a 21 yr. old to hold up the intergrity of an entire franchise. So glad this is over for him. I can’t wait to see him do more movies. Taylor also won for Best Hissy Fit, Grown Ups 2. So my baby got four awards……4!!!!!

  13. chanda w Says:

    TMZ is just cruel. They want to break most of these celebs down. They keep trying to destroy JB, but his fanbase quickly takes up for him. I think JB is high out of his mind most of the time and needs serious help. But, money makes people look the other way. His fam should do what Spears mom and dad did. Shut it all down.

    And Harvey of TMZ is just the worst. He’s gay, but wants to out people who might not be or aren’t ready to come out. He had time to figure himself out, why not give others that same courtesy. HYPOCRITE. He tried to put Tay on blast once. He just ended up embarassing himself.

    Their main prizes are dried out celebs like Lohan and now Bynes………trainwrecks. That is what they go after.
    I’m sorta hoping JB fans gives TMZ a black eye they can’t recover from.
    OK mag…the one with Angelina….source (friend) has a comment on Taylor.
    That Gus Van Sant movie has a chance, many of us didn’t think Tracers would come together. It has finished filming and we are just waiting for a release date.

  14. joanie Says:

    Now that Taylor has completed 1 movie – what’s next…..hmmmmm
    I would suggest to probably look to a movie already in pre-production (not in the developmental stage), one of the quickest ways to get a movie to screen would be a sequel…..
    Developmental stage ( for example “Dewey the Library Cat (based on a book) with Merle Streep attached has been sitting since 2008 or a movie still on the books (like CanCun) is just an example how difficult it is getting a movie from developmental > to pre production > to production (it takes a lot of money….and a lot of things that must fall into place b4 a studio gives the greenlight….they & the investors are doing it to make a profit & so they try & measure the audience climate & what they are into…..that is why sequels get the go ahead so quickly if the first pic is a success (& why other movies using the same formulae) get to screen so fast compared to an innovative unique movie>>>>the motto is “strike while the iron is hot” (If you want innovative – by today’s standards it will usually be an indie with limited release, low budget – and have a specific small audience appeal. Right now Taylor is at the stage of widening his audience appeal & recognition……so I think I would go for a continuation of that in his next project (rather than a throwback to the myth/sci-fi genre)
    I could be wrong……what do you think???

  15. joanie Says:

    @chanda cruelty seems to be so common, not only in the “world of entertainment & “beautiful people”, but spilling over into the average everyday world. Yes, anonymous social media plays a hand to a certain degree but the problem goes much deeper than that….
    If you’re familiar with Abigale Breslin….she appears to be a target following last nights TCA’s. The pitfall of child actors is that they grow up……and some grow up not being as adorable as they were when they were a child… today’s “bullying’ atmosphere the transition which is always difficult (even for a Taylor Lautner) is extremely made even more difficult.
    Yes, this would be a good time for family intervention for Justin (an extremely talented & gifted person even if he doesn’t personally suit your “taste”……at best it’s going to be exceedingly difficult to get him to agreeably gain control & seek assistance…at worst would be to ignore it & allow it to continue…..there has been enough bizarre “behavior” which appears to be escalating to warrant concern (taking in his age and pictorial timeline over the past 4 years it is evident). My revulsion for tabloids and huckstering gossip columnist/bloggers/hosts is how they ridicule & continue to give headlines to celebs who definitely are in need of “help” by their not eccentric but bizarre and self destructive behavior. Off my venting and soapbox….must be having a downer of a day…….

  16. joanie Says:

    Forgot — U can pre-order your 2014 BD2 calendar – Jacob is January

    I like Lily C (City of Bones premier – hope I like it – really liked the first 3 books (there are 6 in this series, last 1 comes out next year)
    but the prequal The Infernal Devices series (the clockwork…..angel, prince, princess books) in my mind is better; absolutely LOVED the characters in that one (Will,Tessa,Jem & all the other characters are very well defined) But movies can be different than the books (am impressed with THG first movie hope the others are as well made). No matter it will be extremely difficult for another series to grab the fascination of fans as much as Twilight Saga.
    Another series to watch is Veronica Roth’s “Divergent” (& book2) “Insurgent”

  17. chanda w Says:

    I’m still hoping Taylor is in Fast and Furious 7. He is beyond perfect for that franchise. I don’t want him doing too many indie films. So getting into ready made sequels is fine by me, as long as he headlines some films too.

  18. chanda w Says:

    My son was talking about Divergent, he tried to explain the basic premise to me. Sounded interesting. I think Twilight was unique because I don’t think the studio realized how strong a fanbase the books had. I still haven’t really read the books.
    They turned unknown actors into household names rather quickly. That doesn’t happen very often. Now every YA movie wants to do the same thing except , known actors are flocking to these movies to get the same lightning strike. Good luck to them.

    I’m rambling on , my son has been gone the entire summer, guess I miss him more than I thought. I watched ABDUCTION again last night. I really think if the movie had a smaller budget, it would have gotten Taylor on the action hero path sooner. I don’t see how they needed to spend 30mil plus on that movie. Anyway I still luv the stadium action scenes. He’s so agile . His convo with his real dad was so touching. I still sorta get teary when he says, You’re leaving me here all alone…………….Taylor has to make more movies soon. So I can have a Taylor night every week.
    Is anyone else into the 4400 DVD’s. I still need the 4th one.

  19. Emily Says:

    JB is out of control. I think it’s a real shame. Even though he’s not a fave of mine, I won’t deny that he’s a talented kid. It’s sad that he seems to be self-destructing and those around him who could maybe help either won’t or can’t get through to him. I’m tired of people making excuses for him though, especially the “he’s just a young kid living in the limelight.” True—but by the age of 18 (or 19 or whatever), I would think that one would realize you need to wear a shirt from time to time, you can’t go around starting fights with people constantly, especially when you’re underage in a club, you shouldn’t pee in mop buckets, and you shouldn’t be getting high and/or drunk constantly. It was the same with the whole KS fiasco—so many excusing her b/c she’s just “young” and trying to “find herself.” Please. Wrong is wrong. I hope somebody can get through to JB before it’s too late.

    I’m all for Taylor going the sequel route, as long as he’s making SOMETHING soon. However, if he’s going to be in F&F 7, that means I have to watch the first 6 movies………….not really my cup of tea, but I’ll do it for him if I have to………….

    Someone above said that they just see him going mainly the “action” route with future projects…………..that may be his preference, but I can really seeing him tackling some emotional stuff in a few years, after a few more roles and more experience. He had me crying like a baby in BD1 when he was crying after the idiot “died.” I think he has it in him!!!!

    joanie–I really want to read some of those series you mentioned, but I can’t bring myself to do it. Twilight overtook my life the last few years………….I don’t think I can do it again…………….unless, of course, Taylor ever does Incarceron……………….I also have a problem with movies based off of books. As you all know, I get extremely ticked when stuff I like gets left out and/or completely made-up stuff gets put in a movie. I know it’s necessary, but I still don’t like it…………….

    chanda–RE: TMZ–I’ll admit that I watch it sometimes. Some of the people on there can be pretty funny. Actually, it could be a good show if they didn’t focus so much on mocking the “disturbed” or “unfortunate.” I did sort of laugh at the beginning of Tracers filming. They got pics of Taylor flipping off of that tree and a shot of his stunt double. They were talking about how cool he looked and how he didn’t need the double. One of the guys (who I’m assuming was gay) was saying that he wished he could “do” the stunt double just to say he’d been with Taylor. Harvey was arguing that that wouldn’t “count.” Stupid, I know, but they didn’t say ANYTHING negative about him and didn’t try to insinuate he was gay too, like some do. Actually, I’ve never really heard much negativity about Taylor specifically on that show. I think it’s probably b/c he does wave or smile or sometimes speaks to the cameramen, instead of trying to ignore them or blow them off. I didn’t ever see it when Harvey was going after Taylor, but I don’t doubt it. Maybe that was before I was a fan. I don’t like him on there–just some of the other commentators.

  20. Lilly Says:

    I’ve read the first 3 or 4 books in the MI series because of Lily and I tried to like them but they’re not for me. The only character that I liked was the best friend, Simon but the main couple is annoying just like Bella and Edward for me, sorry :)
    Divergent I thought was good but I still think THG is better. But I have no interest in the movies.
    I agree with you @Chanda, Fast and Furious would be great for him. :)

  21. marianne Says:

    JB is a meal ticket to a lot of people and it seems like the handlers wait until the threat of the gravy train ending before they do something i.e. Britney S. The shirtlessness is creepy for me because it looks like child pornography. One minute he is dropping a loogey on his fans from a balcony and the next he is sending them tweets on how he loves all his fans. He seems to be one mixed up kid. For his loved ones sake, I hope he survives the meltdown.

    chanda w….Emily…I rarely watch TMZ but when I have I do laugh at some of their comments. “Do the stunt double” LOL. I’ve seen the TMZ guys joke around with Taylor. You know when Taylor isn’t thrilled with being papped, you see him clench his jaw. Twilight sort of ruined my wanting to get involved in another book series. With the exception of introducing us to Taylor, the Robsten drama and the continuing harping on Taylor being the third wheel got on my nerves. I have read Incarceron and since it is in preproduction, I am hoping that will be a go. Whatever he does, I’m on board.

  22. Johanna Says:

    okay i dont want to be mean or anything but can we please stop talking about JB i am not a fan of his trust me if i was i would be on one of his fan site
    Look i think we can all agree that hes an ass and needs help end of story.

    Re: I really actually enjoyed divergent it was really interesting and if u like HG i think u could like it too. I haven’t read MI yet but i have the first book so i will read it soon

    RE: I just want to see Taylor in another project soon watever it is. Also i noe ppl say that he just wants the action route but i feel like he can do drama and horror too i would really love it if he did a horror film as long as he plays like the psycho or something not one of the guys that gets killed right away. Plus he did mention in a interview somewhere that Tracers have a lot of more darker drama in it along with the action so im really looking forward to that.

  23. *Vickey* Says:

    I knew TMI was A book, but wow didn’t know it was a series with 6 books. Lol.
    I’m still don’t think I want to see it, IDK, I’m just haven’t gotten into it I guess.

    Re: F&F7: @Emily— Movie Party at someone’s place!! Haha because I need to watch the F&F films. I saw 1 and 3 though, so I’m not too lost. :P
    Yeah I do think Taylor is big on action films, but I’ve heard him mentioned that he wants to be well rounded when it comes to different film genres.

    Joanie— “Right now Taylor is at the stage of widening his audience appeal & recognition……so I think I would go for a continuation of that in his next project ” Bless this post! That would be the best week ever with popcorn or an actual Taylor there. Haha. :)

  24. Lexi Says:

    Ok, so apparently taylor is in ontario, canada, and he was spotted in this bar called “Newfies Pub” which is in Thunderbay. Now, this is coming from twitter >.>

    If this is true, you guys think maybe he was visiting marie?? :)

  25. johanna Says:

    @lexi if its true I’m like 99% positive he is visting Marie I remember she said she was gonna start filming the 100 soon

  26. Logan Says:

    Hhhmmmm, visiting Marie possibly?! What else could he be doing there….a lot of things, I’m sure but I’m just a hopeless romantic. And no matter what his next role is, I would even take a tv series or a music video, ANYTHING! as long as he is in it….I’ve been submerged in FF for the last two days, a lot of perfect scripts for him there…
    @ Dania Garcia, so find out what are the 10 most fun things to do in Manila and be sure to have friends camping out at those places. Best change of meeting Taylor since he almost always makes sure he has fun where ever he goes! Good luck and report immediately if you track him!

  27. Mystique Says:

    Meh–(from the other longer 300+ thread) “Welcome back Mystique we missed you! It just wansn’t the same!”……Awww…Thanks so much for the welcome back girlie! ^_^ It feels good to be back. :)

    Lexi, Johanna, Logan– Oh yes, I’m almost 100% sure that if Taylor is in Canada, it’s definitely due to Marie. He probably wants so spend some quality time with her before he leaves for the Philippines. He’s in Manila on the 18th right? Yea….he doesn’t have too much time left lol!

    I can’t wait for Taylor’s next project either, but I’m pretty open to what it could be. I think I would LIKE to see him do a EEALLY good drama though with a solid well-known cast. I think he could even play off the under dog or troubled really well.

    @Emily, I agree…his crying scene in BD1 when he thought Bella was gone for good was gut-wrenching to say the least. I didn’t know he had it in him lol! I think he would actually do well in an upcoming drama. And I think you all already know how I feel about FF7 already……AWESOMENESS! ^_^

    @Johanna–re: JB…… I’m sorry…I’m a little confused….so are you saying you DON’T like Justin Bieber? I didn’t quite catch that… Lol! Dang girl, tell us how you REALLY feel! Rotfl!

    Marianne–Lol you’re right! His jaw DOES tend to clench when he’s not really feeling a situation lol. The first time I noticed that was when he was out with the “Funky Bunch Crew” and they got bombarded by all those laps outside. He looked so ticked lol! Hot and sexy yes….but ticked off for sure. Especially for someone who is usually so gracious and calm with the paparazzi lol.

    Vickey–Haha…movie party! Are you hosting? Lol…. I’ve seen FF1 (ages ago!), FF3, and FF5 (whichever movie was 2Fast 2Furious). I get so confused about the movie names lol….

  28. Catherine Says:

    Ooooh, what an interesting thread to scroll through with my morning tea! Love it when the site’s like this :)

    I can see F&F would be good for him, but it’s *such* a boy film! I want him to do something I want to watch, not just will watch because he’s in it. Does that even make sense?!!! But we all have different tastes, and he has his reasons for taking roles right now.

    I moaned about him doing GU2 – but yesterday I saw my 12yo nephew, who was laughing about Taylor and the monkey. He didn’t have a clue who he was before last week…job done, I admit I was wrong :)

    As for other stuff…I was looking forward to The Mortal Instruments. I like JCB (as @Emily knows, haha!) but the over-zealous marketing has me tired of it before it comes out. Can’t really be bothered now…

  29. Meh Says:

    @Catherine Thank you!!! :D

    Urgh, TS is slagging off all her exes! I thought her and Tay had a fairly easy break up. After all she left him and then wrote a song saying sorry and now she is saying that all her exes are mistakes and she’s being a bit bitter about it all!

  30. chanda w Says:

    I know Tay can do other stuff besides action, but for me, right now that is what he would thrive in. The thought of Taylor being in a movie with , another luv of mine, Vin Diesel and The Rock , Dwayne Johnson. I would have an orgasm while watching them on the screen , so serious. If Taylor really did go visit Marie, that would be too cute. Her lucky butt.
    @Meh, why would anyone be surprised at Velvetta Cheese. She enjoys being the victim. Now ALL her exes were mistakes? Guess she saw the pics of Tay and Marie , too, LOL.
    @Johanna, gurl, you are too funny. I’m hardcore too, when it comes to Taylor.
    We might get off topic a bit, but you know it is all about that sexy olive skinned, light eyed boy!

  31. joanie Says:

    For what it’s worth”
    Thunder Bay is where Marie is “originally” from
    She now lives near Vancouver (and this is also where “The Hundred” her CW sci/fi series is being filmed)

    and a typhoon just blew through the Philippines (keeping a couple of 100 miles north of Manila – which from all reports received torrential rain) shouldn’t effect T’s trip

  32. Lilly Says:

    So is he really in Thunder Bay or not? Someone on twitter said he is staying in Valhalla inn.

  33. Mystique Says:

    Meh—For real?? TS is dogging ALL of her exes eh?? Wow….sounds like some bitter grapes lol. I think she’s just mad because most of her exes have all dumped HER, and some have even talked badly about her as well….calling her “boring”, etc. LOL!

    I agree with @Chanda….TS LOOOVES playing the victim smh… I’m not even surprised she’s going the victim route. She may be a good singer, and a pretty girl, but TS is SO immature imo. :-/ A MATURE woman would shake the dust off her feet and keep it moving. She wouldn’t blab to the paps or to other news outlets about how “awful” her relationships with her exes have been, and she CERTAINLY wouldn’t be writing song after SONG about each and every one of them! Smh… :-/

    She’s probably just bitter because Taylor didn’t take her back!! ROTFL! Plus, I’m sure the pictures showing that he has DEFINITELY moved on (before you could only speculate about who he was dating lol) are sticking in her craw lol.

    At least there’s ONE good consolation about all of this public verbage from Miss Swift…. at least MAYBE now her “Swifter” fans can SHUT UP about there EVER being a “Tay Squared” reunion! Sheesh! Like….get OVER it already! :( If she’s saying HERSELF that all of her exes have been “mistakes”, then they need to move on and stop wishing them a reunion. SHE doesn’t even want to get back with him herself! And he certainly hasn’t given any inkling that he would EVER want to go back to her as well. Those Swifter Fans are living in La-La Land lol.

  34. *Vickey* Says:

    Realized my post didn’t make sense. My “Bless this post! That would be the best week ever with popcorn or an actual Taylor there. Haha. :)” was directed towards @chanda w.’s “Taylor has to make more movies soon. So I can have a Taylor night every week,” post. Haha.

    Mystique—Yes, I’m hosting! :D
    I almost for about 2Fast 2 Furious, I saw that one because I remember Ludacris was in it and he did the theme song “Drive too fast, drive too furious…” I think that was number two, so we’ve seen 1-3. Haha.

  35. Evelyn Says:

    Who knows? I am hearing and reading different things about TB.

  36. Mystique Says:

    Catherine—ROTFL!!! I died laughing at your post!! ^_^ So….I take it you like Vin Diesel, and the Rock?? ROTFL! :D

    I’m excited for Taylor too if he ever does FF7. It’s a “guy’s” film for sure, but I think one more action film would definitely help him before doing a great drama or romantic piece. :)

  37. Catherine Says:

    @Mystique – haha, you got me! No boy racers for me! I agree it’d be a really good career move though.

    I want him to do a drama. Not fantasy sci-fi, just a damn GOOD modern day story – Twilight ultimately failed here, as the story had a crap ending. Blah blah.

    Also – Twilight box set. Recycled money grabber.

    Oooh, bad mood today, sorry. Going to immerse myself in Netfix, eat chocolate and avoid human beings ;)

  38. *Vickey* Says:

    Re: T.Swift: Has she considered that maybe she was the problem in some of the relationships? Lol. I mean Jake Gylenhaal didn’t do anything wrong, he just broke it off because they are obviously in two different places in life. He felt she was too young for him. And Taylor didn’t do anything wrong, she said so dozens of times! Lol. So I don’t understand how all of them were mistakes. Maybe Harry Styles and John Mayer, oh and Joe Jonas, but ehhhh.

    I think she is a tad bitter that Taylor has moved on and didn’t take her back at the time. One of my best friends loves Taylor Swift, but even she knew they would never get back together. Lol.

  39. Mystique Says:

    Catherine—lol hahaha….so I see! ^_^ I understand. I would like to see him do a good drama also. Something RIVETING that has a lot of “good buzz”. :D

    Vickey–Lol….yea, she has to remember that SHE is the common denominator In each of those relationships lol.

    Maybe Taylor should be singing to HER: “WEEEEE are never ever ever….getting back together!” LOL!!

  40. Johanna Says:

    @Mystique o i have missed u
    and i dont hate JB but im not a fan i respect him as a person but yeas i agree his behaviour is out of control.Like Chanda said im a hardcore Tay fan so i dont really like to talk to in detail about other celebs expecially like JB who is all we here about in the media for all the stupid shit he does ite why i like this place cuz i dont have to talk about all that other nosence and talk about someone who is genuinly a great all around so im sorry if that came out as rude or mean i dont mind if we get off topic but lets not make this another HW life or TMZ please

    re: TS shes just pissed cuz the best this ever had is the best thing she will never call her own
    i remember in an interview where she said “guys shouldnt do bad things”

    @chanda im glad i amuse you

    RE: as for Taylor in thunderbay im guessing that maybe Marie decided to go see family and maybe Taylor decided to tag along i mean Taylor is definitely someone u want to bring home to mom i mean he amazing and make everyone he meets feel good so if he was my guy (by all that is holy i hope that happens one day!) I would be telling everyone that he was mine

  41. Johanna Says:

    after “genuinly great” i meant to right person
    Taylor is a genuinly great person all around

  42. Lexi Says:

    *sigh* I think we have been tricked again!
    Tay was not in Thunderbay! Marie’s niece on twitter made that very clear on twitter. She said ONLY Marie was there.

    You see, this is why whenever I post something about tay, and it’s on twitter, I literally say “THIS IS COMING FROM TWITTER”. People make all this shit up, it’s sad >;/

  43. Evelyn Says:

    Now, I give a round of applause for clearing up the TB confusion.

  44. Johanna Says:

    @lexi i guess ppl saw Marie there and assumed that Taylor was with her o well

    @Evelyn im sorry wat does TB stand for?

  45. chanda w Says:

    The big major announcement of a new Twi DVD- Money Grabber indeed!
    I thought the studios are squeezing every last cent out of these desperate fans.
    Until I realized Tay has his own DVD cover and more Jacob/Taylor footage.
    So now I too am a desperate fan, who will save up to get the DVD in Nov.
    Goodness, I’m so
    I am sure some of us have had those three different scenarios in relationships.
    When someone likes you more than you like them
    When you like someone more than they like you
    When the two of you click at the same time and are truly
    in love-the best one of all.
    But , there is a sense of power when you think someone likes you more-in the back of your mind that can comfort you when other relationships don’t work out.
    You can always go back and think of that one guy that will do whatever you want ,that one guy that will always pine for you
    Must be hard when that one guy finally moves on for good and his romantic feelings for you have disappeared- that is probably how Velvetta feels about Tay , now. He’s no longer that young teen she slightly bragged about having the power to hurt. The boy she referred to as beautiful, has moved on, seemingly for good. That has got to hurt.

    Guess, Marie is beginning to film for her show. Guess if Taylor was with her there would be pics all over the place. Hope the weather around Manilla gets better. Maybe the angels are clearing the atmosphere before Tay’s arrival. (I joke)
    Does anyone else on here think of the song Feds Watchin’ in reference to that Tracers bank robbery scene? I listen to all kinds of music, for some reason when I hear that song. I think of those bank robbery pics.

  46. Mystique Says:

    Catherine, Chanda—Ooops! I made a slight mistake a few posts up. It’s YOU @Chanda who is gaga for Vin Diesel and The Rock!!! Not @Catherine….Ooops! Lol….. So I guess having Taylor AND the other two on screen would just be too much for you to handle eh? Lol!

    Johanna–Missed you too chica! :). I understand what you mean…JB is very talented (for sure) , but I too am quite dissapointed in how he grew up smh…. Never thought he would go this route. :-/.
    Btw…I think TB stands for Thunder Bay?

    Chanda—GREAT analogy! I think every girl has gone thru that!! Yea, TS probably thought that Taylor would always pine for her and be her “fallback guy” after she was thru chasing all of the bad boys….smh…. Ha! Think again! I SO know TS is banging her head up against a wall lol. He was the sweetest guy to her and she just took him for granted! :-/. Plus, she had Taylor when he was sill looking like a young guy lol. NOW he’s looking all grown and sexy lol…yea ummm….I think Miss Swift has had many a sleepless nights on THAT one lol!! ^_^

    Of course, I’m only being SLIGHTLY facetious lol…..

    @Chanda…who sings that song Feds Watchin’ ? Idk if I’ve heard it before!

  47. Emily Says:

    chanda–You’re not the only easy one. I was really going to try and not give Scummit another dime, but then I saw that he had his own box, so, I’m starting to save the pennies. Wonder if we could just get his box??????????

  48. Logan Says:

    Hello Taysters, I’ve posted the first 10 chapters of the ‘ when Taylor goes ninja on us ‘ story along with a few visuals. You can find it under the pics where he’s wearing the blue Michigan sweater. I don’t want to be a writer so you don’t have to comment, I wrote it because I was bored and it sounded like fun. I think it will go for another 10 chapters. Having read Ashley’s ( among others on FF ) story mine is nowhere near as hot, as hot mess, but rather mildly steamy….
    Remember this was originally a Taylena ( Taylor & Selena ) story so some things don’t really apply to Marie.
    Have fun, I know I did writing it!

  49. Emily Says:

    Logan–I left you a comment over there! I wish I could really go on a trip like that! :)

  50. marianne Says:

    All this twitter gossip reminds me of Robsten fans who would tweet fake sightings etc. Fans just become weary and angry being jerked around. Maybe Taylor will shed some light on his personal life during the Bench promo.

    In regard to TS, I used to like her when she first came on the scene. Her curls, country songs, and decent demeanor seemed refreshing. After the J Jonas breakup, and all her dissing of him in the media, I saw a girl who has a vengeful side and uses a poison pen to get even. Hopefully, as her fans mature and have their own encounters with love, they will see that she is immature in her handling of private matters of the heart. The thing I have noticed about her is that Taylor L is one of the only exes she takes pics with at events. TL has maintained nice relationships with all his exes and Swift can’t say the same. She is a bridge burner which is not an attractive quality. She did say in Ladies HJ that she would always have a crush on TL. I have never thought that our Taylor was pining for her.

    I noticed an interview that SM had promoting her Austenland saying that she “was so over Twilight”. Way to dis a fandom that made her wealthy and good luck in getting them to see her other movies.

  51. Emily Says:

    marianne–That tactic worked so well for her with “The Host,” didn’t it? I really wanted to see “Austenland,” b/c I love all things Jane Austen, but then I saw that she was involved, so now I’m not sure………………

  52. kia Says:

    Marianne- SM has been acting Cocky lately. So she’ been “so over twilight”. I’ve been over her ever since Breaking fail!

    Miss Velveeta can drink a tall glass of STFU!!

  53. Johanna Says:

    @kia omg ur so funny
    “Miss Velveeta can drink a tall glass of STFU!!”

  54. Johanna Says:

    SM is just mad that she is not the center of attention just like TS God i swear TS could be SM’s kid
    she was also seen by TMZ and asked about 50 shades of shame and she said with a bitchy face that she hadnt read it.

  55. Jess Says:

    It just goes to show why it is we all love Taylor so much. It seems at times that he’s the only ‘nice’ person in that crazy business he works in. So much more mature and able to handle things so much better than others in his situation. Plus he values and understands the importance of his fans. Some people could do well to learn from his example.

  56. Kathy Says:

    I just read the article on the E! website and I was surprised when she said that. I understand she wants to move on from Twilight and write other books but that was kind of a slap in the face to the fans. If it wasn’t for The Twilight series she wouldn’t be where she’s at today.

    Oh, and about those surf boards at the TCAs do you think the celebs can use them to surf with?

  57. joanie Says:

    @Kathy they sure can use them to surf – I mentioned b4 somewhere – the ones they’re given on stage are light weight mock-ups. The real handmade boards will have their name engraved & will then be shipped to them –

    I know it’s always nice to know & see where T is & what he’s doing, but like everyone else he has a personal life (I know you know that) and everyone needs private time, you, me, him, and yes he disappears like a genie; sometimes it’s personal time with family & friends & so to speak he’s off the clock, or he’s doing prep for a future job or going to a chiropractor because he’s got a kink in his neck….T is by people who know him, really know him, a warm fun-loving & sweet (you hear that word a lot) guy. He is friendly and has no problem getting close to someone (in private) because by now we all know that simply holding hands (not talking about here but tweets & other sites etc) turn it into a full blown love on site affair (but what it really can mean unless he says differently is he REALLY likes someone……& this where the speculation comes in -but is it as a friend, a really really close friend or is it he just enjoys & is comfortable being around them this is where you can guess away. So to avoid too many screaming headlines this type of behavior in public is rare but behind the scenes he is the warm sweet not afraid to get up close person. So to demonstrate (since most of these type pictures are private & protected you rarely will see them) I have a picture, take a look at it & think what kind of remarks would be made in general; under the pic I explain who it is & just want to let you see that T isn’t averse to closeness (which you I think probably already know with the way he gets up close to so many fans in their pics)>this pic isn’t locked it’s out there if you know where to look. It is a business where you can assume everyone knows everyone to some degree. also these pics have a habit of disappearing fast.

    She is Heather Parry ( a producer & head of film for Happy Madison Productions (company founded by Adam Sandler) She deals with celebs daily & you will find many pictures like this with many different celebs (ex Harry 1D & she tweets frequently with many like Ash Benson -

  58. *Vickey* Says:

    Marianne- True, maybe Taylor will clear up a few things! You’re right about the Robsten fans being really upset about fake sightings people were posting on Twitter a while back. Haha.

    Mystique— LOL at Taylor singing “Never Getting Back Together” to T. Swift. Haha. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself knowing I gave up someone like Taylor! :/

    Chanda w— Oooh I’ve gotta listen! Who sings that song? :)

    Kathy— That’s a good question! Haha. I’ve always wondered that in regard to the surf bords! Probably not because they’re probably made with a lighter material and wouldn’t hold anyone’s weight. IDK just a guess.

  59. *Vickey* Says:

    Re: Surf Boards: Didn’t refresh and noticed @Joanie already answered! Haha. So yeah I had a feeling about the one’s they were given up front are the ones made of a lighter material, but I didn’t know they were sent an actual one in the mail! Pretty cool! :D

    Joanie—You’re very right about him having his own personal life to live. It’s just an vital thing, we all need alone time. ^.^ So I can see why he goes ninja on us sometimes. Haha.

    Oh yeah, true, we don’t normally see him do hold hands or whatever in public so it does make it easier for people to speculate the extent of how he feels about that person.

    Yeah! I’ve noticed from many fan encounters he’s definitely not afraid to get up close. Also just checked out the picture you posted with Heather and Tay and they are close. Gorgeous picture btw. They both look relaxed and chilled. :)

    “think what kind of remarks would be made in general” (re: the picture) —-> For those who don’t know the relationship between Taylor and Heather, speculations could easily start or some people would take it to a gossip site and start up something, simply because they’re leaned in together, very close, for a picture. Haha. I completely understand what you’re getting at.

    Logan— Yayyy! Gonna head over to read some of your story right now! :)
    I probably won’t be able to help, but leave a comment because I know it’s gonna be good read. Lol.

  60. joanie Says:

    @Vickey the picture was taken at the GU2 premier afterparty

  61. Jess Says:

    @Joanie, Thank you for your insight. I’m actually kind of glad that Taylor is so good at going Ninja and is able to get personal time when he needs to re-charge and basically live a ‘normal’ life. One of the quotes on Heather Parry’s Instagram was “Seek respect, not attention. It lasts longer.” I feel like this is Taylor’s approach to life.

  62. Jess Says:

    So wishing I could travel to the Philippines.

  63. Jess Says:

    Seems it doesn’t like when you post more than one link at a time so here they are seperately…

    So wishing I could travel to the Philippines.

  64. Jess Says:

  65. Jess Says:

    @Emily, I see Bench have released another “Taylor in orange sweater” pic just for you! (But we can all enjoy it though!) See link in post 63.

    Sorry for so many posts – I’ll stop now – honest.

  66. Jess Says:

    Sorry I lied LOL!

    I mean post 62. This awaiting moderation thing is messing with my flu addled brain.

    Whatever… here’s the link again!

    Now I’m stopping…Apologies for the meltdown.

  67. Lilly Says:

    @Jess: how amazing he looks wearing those bright colors!
    So there’s the fan meeting this saturday and then another event this sunday? Great!

  68. Johanna Says:

    mmmmmm que rico
    God his looks so good in that orange sweater

  69. chanda w Says:

    So Tay is gonna be in Manilla for two days…..and yes, that orange sweater….YUMMY!
    SM- I think I already stated how I felt about her before, but now what I thought has just been confirmed. Meyer truly thinks she is solely responsible for the success of Taylor, KS and RP. She assumed fans would blindly follow whatever she did. You can’t insult your fanbase and characters/actors of your franchise and think people won’t notice or get upset. She got the big head and now reality sets in.
    There is nothing wrong with distancing yourself from one thing to go in another direction, but she was willing to badmouth the Twi -franchise SHE created, just to get critics to like her- how desperate. She should just remember to stay grateful, I think she forgot that.
    @Joanie, I wasn’t able to see the pic,but I know Tay isn’t afraid of getting up close and personal with those he likes.
    @Jess, that saying does seem to really apply to how Taylor lives his life.
    Did anyone tweet ET online to ask about the Tracers interview? I already have.
    Still waiting on the EW interview too.

  70. Ashley Says:

    Gah! I’ve been so busy these past few days that I haven’t been able to come on here. :( But, I’m here again now! :)

  71. chanda w Says:

    ET says Tay’s interview is on tonight. Well see.

  72. *Vickey* Says:

    Logan— Awe I’m 16 in this story! I love it! Haha. I can’t even remember what I did for my 16th, I think I did the same invited some friends to go watch a movie. :P
    And IDK why how, but the fact Taylor has amazing architectural skills in this makes Taylor that much hotter! Haha. Also I can just imagine that bear hug! Can’t wait to read more! :)

    chanda w.— A have a friend who was saying she felt the same way you feel about SM. She really does believe she’s the cannon that shot the cast into “star status.” Lol. Being a writer, I understand, she did the writing, she wrote the books, but Melissa (not too big on her) wrote the scripts and they brought what she wrote to life. I already knew I honestly wasn’t gonna follow whatever she did. Lol. I think that was definitely a desperate move on her part. :/

    Re: ET Tweet: I didn’t before, but since you mentioned it I went ahead and tweeted them about it.

    Jess– Thanks for putting up those links! Still wish we were taking a group trip to that meet and greet! :)

    Joanie– BTW thanks for you insight. :) Oh really? Cool!

    Ashley— Don’t worry we all get busy and disappear for a bit and then reappear and peak in a thread or two. Lol.

  73. Ashley Says:

    What channel is ET on?

  74. annie Says:

    @joanie God he’s gorgeous in that picture – I’m sure the afterparty was closed & not just anybody could wander in and take a photo. And yes I’m sure the headline grabbers would take one look at that picture & be off to the races…It helps when someone (who seems to know behind the scene things) can shed a little balance & background to those pictures. and your right many of the fan photos he is very close to the fan so if your a friend he would think nothing of hands on. Thanks

  75. Emily Says:

    YOU’RE KIDDING!! The ONE night I’m not home to watch ET. Does anyone know for sure if it was on or not????? Don’t have time to stay right now, so quickly:

    Orange sweater + Taylor = Hurts your eyes he’s so pretty!!

    That pic at the afterparty. How AMAZING would it feel to be snuggled up to him like that?!?! Yet another member of the Lucky B#@$! Club!!!

  76. Ashley Says:

    I wonder if it’ll end up on YT like everything else usually does…?

  77. *Vickey* Says:

    Emily— I know the feeling! I had a rehearsal for an alumni showcase last night so I missed out. :/
    Yes! That sweater on Taylor is just perfect!!

    Ashley— I think it may end up on Youtube! Maybe they’ll tweet out a link? :)