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Taylor Lautner was spotted arriving for a flight at LAX Airport last night (August 14th). Enjoy photos of his arrival below:

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» 2013 Candids: LAX Airport in Los Angeles – August 14th

109 Responses to “Taylor Lautner Spotted Arriving at LAX Airport”

  1. Evelyn Says:

    Oh, he looks so sexy and yummy! I just wanna spoon him.

  2. Logan Says:

    He is indeed so sexy and yummy and he looks relaxed and happy. In the interview with ET I thought he looked and sounded tired but he had some time off you can tell. And he looks so fit you can see through his shirt that he put on some muscle again for Tracers. I didn’t like to see him skinny almost sickly looking, in the pics where he was having diner with Ashley B. and their agent. Don’t go overboard Taylor but keep it toned…..licking that spoon LOL

  3. firereign Says:

    Taylor’s plane landed in the Philippines approx an hour and half ago….
    pictures & video of his arrival are hitting the internet primarily through twitter -

  4. firereign Says:

    Not very good – but it’s sorta wild – believe me he’s in the middle & if you have good eyes you should get a glimpse:

  5. Jess Says:

    Thanks @firereign. Glad he made it safely!
    Here’s some of those pics you were talking about

  6. Mystique Says:

    Logan–I know what you mean! He’s looking REAL buff…. you CAN see thru his shirt! YUMMM!!!! I definitely like him at THIS size….all muscled up and buff…YESS! :D I liked him in his “in between” slimmer stage too, but THIS size is REAL niiiiice….. ^_^

    Firereign–Awww! He looks like he’s getting bombarded in that airport!!! LOL! So glad to hear (and SEE) that he made it into the Philippines safely. :D

  7. Mystique Says:

    *drool* I’m just looking at those airport pictures again….

    Gosh he looks so gooooood…..

    How does he manage to make just REGULAR clothes look so good?!?!? O_o

    Bench knew what they were doing when they got him to promote their clothes. :D Maybe some US clothing companies will follow suit??

    *droooool* #fangirling

  8. firereign Says:

    Another pic –
    (for those unfamiliar with security – J has his hand on Taylor to insure that they
    do not get separated & if need be to shove or pull him out of the way of any over
    zealous person rushing him.

  9. Jess Says:

    I’ve just seen the TV version of Taylor’s ET interview for Tracers. It is different to the one that is on the internet. Some parts are the same, but there is more filming footage and a few different questions. Yay! More Taylor!

  10. Jess Says:

    I wonder if Taylor will get to see those massive Bench billboards of himself while in Manila?
    Good to see he has so much security keeping him safe and sound. It looks like a lot of people turned up to the airport to see him.

  11. chanda w Says:

    Luvin’ the pics of him goin out of LAX and the pics of him landing safely in the Phillipines. He did look like he was bum rushed once he landed, all kinds of cameras and microphones stuck in his face. Sure he’s use to it. Proud of my cutie.
    Yeah, Bench certainly knew what they were doing. I ‘m sure their are US clothing companies after Tay too. Get the feeling he is picky.
    I think Tay could make a trash bag look good. @Logan, I like seeing him with his muscles back too. Not the New Moon galore, yet not the too thin look either. Right now he’s a perfect blend of trim and sexy.
    @Firereign, welcome back. Thanks for the info.

  12. kia Says:

    He is FLAWLESS!!!

  13. kia Says:

    Is there gonna have a live stream?

  14. firereign Says:

    I prefer staying out of whose its going with whose its But…… it really got under my skin all these stupido’s reporting nonsense…..
    Marie has been in LA
    (PROOF – she attended the InStyle Soiree at the Mondrian Hotel last night) as to what happened during the rest of the time – I know nothing – but at least you know for sure what city, state & country she’s in & where Taylor is –
    Favored Outlets to watch (at least for now) on things Taylor are US Mag & Just Jared
    some dimwit just tweeted that he was in Michigan visiting grammy & gramps w/Marie and they were all eating at the restaurant where she was

  15. firereign Says:

    I apologize for being so “snarky”

  16. firereign Says:

    to make up for being rude: 1 more pic

  17. Jess Says:

    @firereign, no need to apologise for being frustrated by idiots posting stupid lies. I wish people were better able to judge when a story is real or not.
    Thanks for the pic. Beautiful smile!

  18. joanie Says:

    Have to add my 2cents –
    Natalie Bruschi (the top notch grooming stylist for men) – she did Taylor (that don’t sound right) – she dolled him up for the Bench/ promo video, was flown in to fancy him up for his Philippine visit (I must say Bench/ is going top drawer all the way – sparing no expense). (she also handled Leo DiCaprio on his Great Gatsby premiers)
    What is nice for her is that she is part Filipino and has never been to the Philippines B4 & she’s pretty excited.

    How U doing dragon breath…..U owe me

  19. Emily Says:

    firereign–Welcome back! Is the bald security guy “Randy” or “J?”

    I’m so happy that he likes wearing those particular pants………………………. :)

    Glad he made it there safely. I always worry a little when he’s in the air.

  20. kia Says:

    Emily- I agree with the pants…….

  21. joanie Says:

    This time difference has me totally befuddled – today is actually tomorrow in Manila
    hope I get this right. For ME it’s 8:15pm august 15…For T in Manila 8:15am august 16
    So later today for T there will be a –
    News Conference -Makati Shangri-La Hotel – August 16 – 4:pm Press Only
    (so more pictures will be coming)

  22. kia Says:

    How Ironic Sharkboy & Lavagirl is on right now just as Taylor arrives in Manila.

  23. Jess Says:

    Thanks for the info about the press conference @Joanie.
    The time zones really are confusing. Sometimes I feel like I’m living in the future because it’s always a day ahead here when I post (It’s Friday 10.30am right now).
    Wow! I just realised Taylor is now only two hours behind me! That is (for some reason?) so exciting!!!

  24. annie Says:

    Love all these pictures & info coming down the pipe…..
    The flight attendant that Taylor took a picture with when he arrived at LAX is really a fan; just saw a picture she took of his boarding pass and dressed it up with a frame & everything….so cute.
    So Marie was in LA – I’m guessing she wasn’t stuck in her room ordering room srvc over priced lukewarm food.

  25. Mystique Says:

    Jess—That’s so exciting! Where in the world are you located @Jess?? I meant that literally….. lol…that sounds a little weird because “where in the world??” is actually a common saying here lol. But I meant Literally which country do you reside in?? :D

  26. Johanna Says:

    Im so glad is got there safe and man he looks amazing as always
    but wow he has so much security around him thats insane.

    @firereign im so glad ur back we’ve missed u

    @joanie thants for all the interview stuff God how do u noe so much. :)

    @Jess can u see if u can find a link to that new interview thanks :)

  27. Jess Says:

    Here’s a news item from the Philippines about Taylor’s arrival.

    @Mystique I’m in Australia. “Where in the world?” is quite common here too! LOL!

    @Johanna. I will try. But they usually don’t put the televised ones on the net. I was just lucky that ET is one of the shows we actually get here in Australia.

  28. Jess Says:

    @Johanna – found it! At least I think. I don’t seem to be able to view it here. If it is the full episode of ET that Taylor was on, he was somewhere towards the end.

  29. Johanna Says:

    thanks Jess yeah there were a few more filming scenes which is nice he looks so cute in his tracers outfit.
    the interview is around 10 min if u guys want to see it and its about 2 min long

  30. Jess Says:

    Another short movie of Taylor’s arrival in Manila.
    It’s amazing how much you can find when you are home sick from work! I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to have the flu – (except the part where I have hardly slept in three days because of coughing). After seeing Taylor today, I have felt so much better – proof I think that he is actually good for us!

  31. Jess Says:

    No worries @Johanna. Glad you got to see it.

  32. joanie Says:

    @Jess Well these pics look like someone else is in need of a little shut eye:
    “Sweet Dreams to the both of You”
    (and now off I go to my own “big” bed)

  33. Johanna Says:

    okay so i just kinda geeked out for no reason cuz u said no worries to me i just love that u Aussies say that
    i kinda like how Taylor seems somewhat more vulnerable in this movie especially wen the two guys keep being mean to him i really think this is going to be a great movie

  34. Johanna Says:

    @joanie it is really hard to not stare down at his pants

  35. Jess Says:

    @Johanna I’m laughing about you geeking out about the “no worries” thing. I say it all the time.
    I agree with you about Tracers. I like how Taylor doesn’t always have to portray the ‘toughest’ guy in his movies. He is prepared to show he is human and doesn’t win every fight.
    Thank you @Joanie. He does look pretty tired. Hope he got some sleep on the flight over (and had sweet dreams!)

    Here’s another video of Taylor arriving in Manila.

  36. joanie Says:

    @Johanna I should be sleeping but I’m on call so here I be……anyway if you speak of the last picture & it fits your screen like it does mine…..the upper 1/2 is that sweet sleepy bedhead & when you scroll down you get the half that is the money shot —….gotta thank his stylist (& Bench/) those jeans fit him like a glove
    (new ad suggestion for Bench/
    – “To all you guys out there, if you want to grab the ladies attention buy Bench/ jeans & pour yourself in them – they stretch to accommodate each & every inch of you while still allowing you to do a back flip or text a message on your phone without removing it from your pocket…….obvious but subtle….. ooo-la-la (a little French never hurts….) I really need some sleep, heck with counting sheep, tonight it’s gonna be back flipping T in tight jeans….minus the phone…..with my luck it’d be beeping up a storm & distract me so I loose count….

  37. Johanna Says:

    @joanie i dont want to keep u from sleep u need rest to keep up with the pisc of tomorrow
    and ur right those bench jeans do accommodate every inch and i mean EVERY inch of a guys body just nicely and we have all been able to enjoy those sights so thanks bench we really love ur clothing

  38. Johanna Says:

    @Jess i just love the Australian accent and the little phrases u guys say

  39. firereign Says:

    NEW VIDEO on his arrival – high quality –

    joanie go to bed, or you’ll be crabby as hell tomorrow

  40. Jess Says:

    For those of you still awake, or just waking up – here’s a pic of Taylor doing a press interview in the Philippines. Loving it!

  41. Jess Says:

    And another… So hoping we get to see these interviews.

  42. Jess Says:

    And yet another… I really love this top. All Taylor’s favourite colours all in one!

  43. Jess Says:

    And one more…

    So apparently the interviewer is on a show called Startalk and they will be having a Taylor exclusive tomorrow – Saturday (Manila time)

  44. Jess Says:

    OK, now prepare yourselves … Taylor shirtless in the Philippines … well nearly!
    So who here wants to be that guy right now?

  45. Catherine Says:

    Wondering if we’ll get a movie announcement this weekend? Wouldn’t it be nice if he casually dropped new project info into an interview…?!
    He shouldn’t still be talking Twilight, can’t give too much away about Tracers yet, so it’d make sense to discuss what’s next (without resorting to the dull ‘wide variety of roles’/’different genres’ tired old answer) hmmmm?! Pretty please?!

    @firereign – don’t apologise, I’ve posted in a bad mood before – the heavy UK rain makes me grumpy! We appreciate the info from @joanie and yourself.

    @Jess, feel better soon x

    Btw – my small niece had her photo taken with the Twilight waxworks in Madame Tussaud’s in London yesterday – the Taylor one isn’t tooooo bad, but the Rob one is hilarious. My sister-in-law took SO many photos!!!

    9.33am here – I haven’t a hope in hell working out the time thing!

  46. Jess Says:

    Thank you @Catherine. Try this for the time thing. It’s the only way I can figure it out!

  47. Jess Says:

    First press conference pic!

  48. Jess Says:

    No words…Can’t breathe…

  49. Jess Says:

    One more for the night…Thought you might all enjoy waking up to this video

  50. Jess Says:

    Sorry. Me again. I just had to share this one as well… You’ll understand wh when you see it.

  51. Emily Says:

    Jess–You are awesome, girl!!! Am livid that I have to be at work today and won’t be able to catch up until very late tonight.

    That one with the mic adjustment—what’s up with that interviewer TURNING AWAY!! Forget politeness and courtesy—my eyes would have been GLUED on him at that moment!! :)

    The last picture you posted—that was just MEAN!!! How am I supposed to concentrate on work now???

  52. Jess Says:

    OK, sorry @ Emily but one more update…
    Seems they are throwing a party for Taylor tonight (it’s 8.30pm in Manila right now) at the Bench creator’s house. There are many pics but I like this one

  53. Emily Says:

    Oops–hit submit too soon—I meant to add that I actually gasped when I saw that one. He just shouldn’t be allowed to look that good!! But I’m glad he is.

    Joanie–a big “thumbs-up” to your Bench campaign suggestions! I always wonder if he ever pocket dials anyone b/c of the tightness. :) He needs to pull them up a bit in that video. They were sagging a little in the bum area, but we know he has plenty back there to fill them out!! OK, now I must get off here and try to get some work done.

  54. Johanna Says:

    @Jess thank u so much for the pics ur right i really love that top he’s wearing.
    well it 9:38 am here in the east coast in the US so im about to start my day

  55. Johanna Says:

    okay ladies im going on a pic spree now
    o and apparently Taylor loves chipotle

  56. Johanna Says:

  57. Johanna Says:

  58. Johanna Says:

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  64. Johanna Says:

    the quote on this one is really cute ans so Taylor

  65. Johanna Says:

  66. Johanna Says:

  67. Johanna Says:

  68. Johanna Says:

  69. Johanna Says:

  70. Johanna Says:

  71. Johanna Says:

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  73. Johanna Says:

  74. Johanna Says:

    since there are so many pics and vids to post i was posting so fast that my own server told me to slow down #notcool #Cant ItsTaylorLautner

  75. Johanna Says:

  76. Johanna Says:

  77. Johanna Says:

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  100. Johanna Says:

    okay ladies there a more pics that i did not post sorry but my eyes are starting to burn im on Taylor overload never thought that would be possible if u want to see more
    go here its were i got all the pics enjoy :)

  101. Logan Says:

    Thank you soooooo much for the amazing amount of pictures and that gratitude extends to all the fans who took them!
    Thank you so much XXX
    Now excuse me while I go back to the beginning and start drooling all over again.
    @ Firereign, you don’t ever have to apologize for telling the truth especially if you’re backing it up with hard evidence.

  102. kia Says:

    Johanna- Thanks for the picks!!!

  103. chanda w Says:

    Luvin the pics, Johanna, thanks!

  104. chanda w Says:

    Ya’ll Tay’s name has been trending worldwide! YES!!

  105. Johanna Says:

    ur welcome ladies :)

  106. marianne Says:

    Johanna…Jess…Thanks for all the pics and links!! You made my day.

  107. Jess Says:

    Johanna…Wow! That’s some amazing work. I was just giving the ladies here a few highlights, you’ve got the whole thing covered! I’m impressed.

  108. Mystique Says:

    Thank you SOOOO much @Johanna for all of the lovely pics!! Taylor seems to be enjoying himself in Manila, so I’m very happy. :)

    All of the pictures were lovely, but I must say, THIS PICTURE right here made my heart do somersaults *swooon*…

    Oh myyyyyyyyyy! *_*

  109. *Vickey* Says:

    Oh man I’ve been MIA for like a day or two and I’ve missed so much! LOVE these pictures Taylor. It’s like he looks more handsome every day! Physically impossible? xP

    Firereign— Oh don’t worry about the snark! Haha. We all do from time to time because there are crazy ass people who’ll just lie until the world stops spinning.
    Thanks for the new video of him arriving btw! :D
    He looks so happy to be there and he’s really is enjoying himself! I know the fans are going crazy! Hahah. So blessed, very happy for him! :)

    Jess— I’m still jealous of you being from/in Australia! That’s it, I’m coming to visit! :P

    Johanna/Joanie/Jess (aka my J’s haha. Didn’t realize how many you ladies’ name started with a J)— THANK YOU for the all the pictures and posts. I feel caught up with all that’s happening right now. Thank you too @George for keeping us updated!

    Oh man @ Mystique, that picture you posted of Taylor. *fans self* It’s definitely one of my favorites now! Haha. :)