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Aug 16 George

Check out a few newly released promotional photos from Taylor Lautner‘s BENCH ad campaign.

Gallery Link:
» 2013 Photoshoots: Global Benchsetter

138 Responses to “More New BENCH Ads”

  1. joanie Says:

    Taylor’s OFFICIAL Bench twitter #TaylorLautnerForBench

    Sunday – August 18 -appearances: Activity Ctr in Glorietta 3:00pm
    SM Mall Asia 5:00pm
    (Don’t know if their just giving him a tour or if he’ll be signing)

    ONE OF MY Favorite Bench Photos:

    @emily I am supposed to tell you – “J” Jeff

  2. Emily Says:

    Thanks. Intermission in my play. I’ve always heard it was Randy.

  3. Jess Says:

    @Emily – me too. I’ve even seen it on a security pass pic (me looking too hard at all the details as usual!) Maybe his bodyguards have aliases to keep us guessing and protect their real identities – true super heroes!

  4. marianne Says:

    Emily…I’ve always thought it was Randy too. One thing for sure, he keeps girls from trying to touch Taylor inappropriately!!

  5. kia Says:

    I always thought his name is Randy and the other guy is Jeff. Oh well I like them both. Anything that can keep our boy safe.

  6. joanie Says:

    Most frequently the names of security personal aren’t ever released.
    In particular bodyguards – depending on what they’re assignment is –
    some watch the crowd, some watch the upper windows & rooftops & the most important 1 is the 1 assigned to watch the “client”, doesn’t matter if he’s the only 1 or if there are 5 others – his attn & focus is strictly on his client and if a crisis arises he will do everything & anything to hustle that client to safety, to put himself between the client & pursuer & shield him (usually there are other security in plain clothes who will
    neutralize the assailant. LONG STORY – but if the bodyguards “real” name is out and someone in the crowd starts yelling it and he takes his eyes off his client to look around – bad things can happen fast…………

  7. Emily Says:

    I guess we can just keep calling him “the bald guy.” Whatever his name is, I like him b/c he’s kept our Sweetie safe for a long time and he makes really funny facial expressions sometimes.

  8. Jess Says:

    Really loved this photo from the dinner last night
    Anthony Mandler, Taylor’s Bench photographer, is on the right.

    I remember reading/hearing a story from Taylor a few years ago where he was at an autograph signing and one fan had an old photograph they had taken together for him to sign, which he did. Then the fan asked if ‘the bald guy’ would autograph the photo as well because he was in the photo looking out for Taylor. I thought that was such a sweet story – hope it was actually true.

  9. Jess Says:

    Maybe we should give him the acronym TBG – easier to type! LOL.

  10. Emily Says:

    Jess–TBG is smiling! He’s actually kind of cute, in a “Mr. Clean” kind of way.

    I don’t know if Mr. Clean is known outside the US—he’s a tan, bald cartoon advertisement for paper towels and cleaning products.

  11. johanna Says:

    Hehehehe I love how just that one phrase is making all of us go completely insane
    It’s nice to noe wat he likes :p

  12. Jess Says:

    I’ve never heard of Mr Clean. We do have a cleaning product called Mr Sheen (though I think Mr Sheen looks a bit more like Mr Magoo!)

    @Johanna I don’t think it takes much for us to go completely insane! Or is that just me?

    Just found this new video from the press conference 1min46sec. Says he may be FILMING in SEPTEMBER or OCTOBER – maybe!!!!!!!!

  13. Logan Says:

    @ Jess, I’m sure he’s about to film something in sept/ oct!!!! Yeahhhhh
    Just because he never leaves us with a tease. He did the same when he was on Ryan Seacrest revealing he would be filming ‘ in the next two months ‘ and that was Tracers. And he said the same thing, too soon to tell….
    So I’m stoked! Something coming soon, whoohoo

  14. Catherine Says:

    You know what? This site really is great.

    I ventured an opinion on the last thread that I thought might be an unpopular one, but got sensible, informative responses. You girls are great. I like that we respect each other’s opinions, even if we disagree, and I like it when you quietly voice a thought and people can see where you’re coming from. This is a lovely, sane, little internet hideaway!

    @Joanie – you mentioned his reaction to the time the New Moon stuff blew up – I’d love to know how a 16/17yr old kid honestly reacted to that (beyond the stock ‘the fans are appreciated’ line)…I suppose it’s that he’s had such an interesting life, it’d be fascinating to hear about it properly. I don’t mean personal details, they’re best kept private. I like that you say ‘he’s getting better’…leads me to think we’ll see more of the lovely person he is. (I keep typing ‘lovely’…urgh, that might be an English thing. I’ll think of a better word!)

    Maybe filming Sept/Oct?

    Yes :)

  15. firereign Says:

    Big Night Ahead – the crowd is HUGE – Doors open in 5 minutes

    Front Page of Philippine Star (today)

  16. vera Says:

    @Joanie Thank you for your information ..Now in the Philippines has been an accident with the ferry(pray for those who have gone missing), can adjust the organizers of the program of activities?I mean, some changes with this entertaining event like fan events with Taylor in SM Mall Asia and others?

  17. firereign Says:

    @Vera It won’t affect any of Taylor’s schedule.

    For anyone who hasn’t heard – I spoke with someone about it and they told me:
    Ferry accidents are not uncommon – the one yesterday was a ferry carrying approx 500 people collided with a cargo ship. It happened outside the port city of Cebu about 1 1/2 miles off shore (not sure what that is in kilometers). Cebu I was told is a little less than 400 miles from Manila. It sank rapidly and they are still searching for many people that are unaccounted for (early reports are often misleading & wrong – but what I heard was 25 people dead & approx 200 missing) – A tragedy no matter what the final toll is.

    It is and has been pouring rain & pretty windy in Manila (don’t know what the weather was like where the ferry accident happened).

  18. Jess Says:

    First view inside the MOA Here we go again!

    Thanks for the info @firereign. Such a terrible tragedy. Thoughts and prayers to all those involved.

  19. vera Says:


  20. Jess Says:

    Very first pic of the evening. Taylor came on stage @ about 8.15pm.

  21. Jess Says:

    Here’s a better one.

  22. Johanna Says:

    here a pic of Taylor

  23. Jess Says:


  24. Johanna Says:

    okay ladies i have to go to work now so i wont be able to post the things that are coming but i will see later tonight bye :)

  25. Jess Says:

    OK. TMI?

    “Ian Somosa ‏@iansomosa 2m

    First thing that Taylor does after waking up: PEE. Hahaha.”

  26. Jess Says:

    I’ll try and keep the ladies posted ’til you get back @Johanna!

    From Sam Oh, the host of the evening

  27. Jess Says:

    From Jeffrey Osoc ‏@IAmJeffreyOsoc

    Boy Abunda: Who wants to get to know more Taylor
    Lautner? Me (Jeffrey): *jumping, raising hands* Meeee!!!!

    Boy Abunda: Are you vain? How do you maintain to be
    physically fit? Taylor: I get into sports since six.

    Boy Abunda: What are the places you want to visit here in
    the Philippines? Taylor: I want to go to Boracay.

    Boy Abunda: What’s your first impression with Ben Chan?
    Taylor: He’s nice. He’s so smart and so humble

    Boy Abunda: Aside from acting, what else do you want to do in the future? Taylor: I want to be a football player

    Boy Abunda: Do you want to do a movie in the Philippines? Taylor: As long as you visit me everyday, yes!

  28. Jess Says:

    Jeffrey Osoc ‏@IAmJeffreyOsoc

    Taylor Lautner’s message to Filipino fans: Mahal ko kayo! I hope this is not the last time I’ll be here. Salamat!

  29. Jess Says:

  30. Jess Says:

  31. Jess Says: Taylor everywhere…Heaven!

  32. Jess Says:

  33. Jess Says:

  34. Jess Says:

  35. Jess Says:

  36. Jess Says:

    Looks like a Rock Star!

  37. Jess Says:

    Seems to be all over?

  38. Jess Says:

  39. Jess Says:

    Oops! Post 34 is a pic from BD2 premiere! It’s still Taylor though so it’s all good!

  40. Jess Says:

  41. Jess Says:

  42. Jess Says:

  43. Jess Says:

  44. firereign Says:

    What’s all this talk about “HIS PANTS” ?

    Listening to this crowd yelling abs, abs, abs, ass, ass, ass is a bit intimidating – he really does need a bodyguard -
    Now I get it, his pants are the male version of a plunging neckline & a dress slit to the pantie line – Glad you people here appreciate him for more than that – listening to this makes me think he’s on display in a butcher shop – the promoters have to love it

  45. Jess Says:

  46. Jess Says:

  47. Jess Says:

  48. Jess Says:

  49. Jess Says:

  50. Jess Says:

  51. Jess Says: This ones a video

  52. Jess Says:

    Video of Taylor waving and shaking hands with fans – warning there is screaming!

  53. Mystique Says:

    (THIS POST is actually in response to a comment that @Catherine made on the previous thread…..And here are MY thoughts…..)

    Re: Taylor and his interviews……….
    I actually have to agree with @Catherine on this one. I’ve been secretly hoping for a LONG time that his “people” would just let him BE more himself, or less “scripted” and guarded during interviews.

    On ONE hand, it doesn’t bother me TOO TOO much since I love him no matter what, and I DO understand the reasons behind his being so “scripted”, BUTTTT, on the OTHER hand I’m thinking… know what, he’s 21 years old! Give the guy a break sheesh! :-/ I could see if he were self-destructive and wild and “out there” so his agents felt the need to “reel him in” somewhat, but from what I have seen so far, Taylor is very respectable, disciplined, and fairly mature for his age, so I personally think it’s okay for “the powers that be” to allow him to relax a little more during certain interviewers and let his REAL personality shine thru.

    Believe it or not, Taylor is actually a pretty funny (and at times even snarky–in a GOOD way) kind of guy lol! I’ve seen interviews when he was younger (and not just the Tyra Banks interview either) that gave me little glimpses into his fun, flirtatious, and even teasing personality, and I LOVED it! ^_^ Every now and then in SOME interviews with some hosts you’ll see glimpses of his TRUE self come through lol (hosts like Fallon tend to bring it out of him lol), but I’ve always been under the impression that his PR people have kept him on a tight leash (understandably) since Twilight became a world-wide phenomenon.

    However, I think that now that the Twi Franchise is over, it is now time to ease up just a LITTLE!
    He’s older now! I say let him BE funny or slightly offensive…..just let him BE SOMETHING! Being TOO scripted all the time eventually gets old, and although I don’t think Taylor is being disingenuous in the least, I do feel that if it continues without them allowing him to “switch it up” every now and then, it will eventually cause people to assume that something about him is fake….and then people will start to wonder if he’s got something to hide etc. Personally, I don’t mind if he’s private about his relationship or his love life or whatever…..most celebs are, but when it comes to talking about everyday stuff….I think it’s OKAY for him to give answers that come naturally without having to search for the most perfect (non offensive) answer that will please everyone ykwim? I just don’t want him to burn out trying to please everyone.

    I’m sure most of you have probably already seen this interview before, but this is one of my favorite interviews of Taylor because it was TOTALLY unscripted, he was relaxed, and you also got a glimpse into his funny personality. :) He was much younger of course, so he didn’t have the pressure of Post Twilight fame looming over him.

    I love that interview, don’t ask me why, but that is the real him lol. I just wish I would see a little more of it in interviews these days…. :-/

  54. firereign Says:

    VIDEO – Short but loud -

  55. Jess Says:

    7 Taylors!

  56. Jess Says:

    Oops! 8 – Forgot to include real life Taylor on the stage!

  57. Jess Says:

    Another movie of the event

  58. Jess Says:

  59. Jess Says:

  60. Jess Says:

  61. Jess Says:

  62. Jess Says:

  63. Jess Says:

  64. Jess Says:

  65. Jess Says:

    Video of Taylor arriving on stage

  66. Jess Says:

  67. Jess Says:

    @ Mystique, so you are after answers like this one tonight then!

    “Boy Abunda: What’s the first thing you do/think in the morning?
    Taylor: *laughing* This is embarrassing. To pee. ”


  68. Jess Says:

    There’s still heaps of pics coming through, but it’s after midnight her now (10.20pm in Manila) and I have to try and get some sleep (cough permitting!) Enjoy the day ladies! (Sorry Johanna – I don’t have your amazing stamina!)
    Enjoy the day ladies!

  69. Jess Says:

    One more then. I have to wait for my medicine to kick in anyway!
    Another video. Much screaming. Beautiful Taylor. (btw @Catherine – I love how you call him lovely!)

  70. marianne Says:

    Jess… Johanna…Great job on all the pics. Great way to start the day!

  71. Jess Says:

    And one more pic

  72. kia Says:

    Wow look at these pics! Thanks Johanna,Jess. He looks like a RockStar!

    Doesn’t F&F 7 starts filming in Sept/Oct? Hmmm

  73. Lilly Says:
    his boxers! And the lavagirl reference lol

  74. joanie Says:

    Meet & Greet – followed the arena show
    Photo of a lucky young fan who got to meet Taylor at the Meet & Greet
    Love his shirt
    (they are estimating a crowd of between 8-10,000)

  75. Lilly Says:

    He looks great with that sweater! And is that his dad at the back or?

  76. joanie Says:

    @Lilly Not dad.

    Ellen Show Boxers make an appearance on stage:

  77. joanie Says:

    @Lilly looked at the wrong guy….you mean the 1 in the plaid shirt……could be….he was wearing a similar shirt at LAX

  78. joanie Says:

    Another PANTS shot put that together with the underwear shot & you’ve got a complete package – this is not for Sunday viewing – which in my religion is The Lord’s Day (& a day for PURE thoughts).
    Been hearing some people are a bit upset over the screaming & ribald shouts -
    at an event like this – this is music to the ears of the promoters & is exactly what they were hoping for- it showed that he was doing the job he was paid to do & hopefully it will translate into more jeans & shirt sales (just think what he could do for their line of underwear – do they have a line of underwear???? I think so….this is a great venue for it (if he were walking down the street, eating in a restaurant or in church then that would be a totally different story) This is entertainment & showmanship working when you get an audience reaction like that.

  79. Emily Says:

    WOW! So much has happened since last night! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, SOMEONE RELEASE THIS WHOLE THING ON VIDEO SOON!!!!!!!!!!

    Mystique–I really liked that interview with Alison. I’ve seen snippets before, but never the whole thing.

    Jess–You’re amazing!! How did you find all that stuff so fast??

    Don’t get me wrong—-I LOVE how Taylor looks in his t-shirts, but he has GOT to wear polo shirts like that one more often……………………………..

    And…………whoever designs Bench jeans and the way they fit certain people………SCORE!!!

    I had just thought watching some snippets that, wow, the crowd was really subdued, then I heard these!! Can’t blame them. Who knows what I’d do if I actually ever saw him in person….I might become a screamer………or a crier……..or a fainter………..

  80. Evelyn Says:

    Just look at all those people. I will be greatly overwhelmed, but if it is for Taylor, it is a risk I will take.

    My, god. and the people who are screaming to shed his clothes gives me the impression that that is what the want him for only. I want EVERYTHING, but most of all, Taylor for Taylor.

    Keep the pictures coming. Me likes! I am at the moment searching myself. I am gonna need a larger metal cabinet after this. lol.

  81. Evelyn Says:

    Just look at all those people. I will be greatly overwhelmed, but if it is for Taylor, it is a risk I will take.

  82. vera Says:

    Taylor earned all this unconditional love, all these filled the stands, those thousands of is significant, in my opinion.I remember and will never forget all those mocking him, “he third wheel”, “odd man out” etc, now we clearly see how it interesting and how they love him, and it is only to his merit, only his.
    Jacob or Taylor .. does not matter,but no Edward, no Bella, no RK crazy shit, it matters to me.Taylor is not ashamed of his twilight past, he still loves his character and respect his fans, and fans of Jacob Black.
    I’m happy for him, very happy.
    at some photos seen that he was worried he embarrassed, and he has a little sad eyes .. I understand, Taylor, You are a professional.and I see -you upfront, lively, sensitive person, I love you and I respect even more.

  83. Evelyn Says:

    My, god. and the people who are screaming to shed his clothes gives me the impression that that is what the want him for only. I want EVERYTHING, but most of all, Taylor for Taylor.

    Keep the pictures coming. Me likes! I am at the moment searching myself. I am gonna need a larger metal cabinet after this. lol.

  84. Evelyn Says:

    Whoa, sorry about the double post. Stupid laptop. :P

  85. Catherine Says:

    @Mystique – just what I was trying to say, but you said it better :)

    @Jess – he is so lovely ;)

  86. Jess Says:

    It’s now 5am here. I think I’ve had some sleep? Well I woke up coughing and I’m nearly due to have my next dose of medicine, so rather than try and sleep again (not going to happen), thought I’d share some more pics. These are my favourites…enjoy.

  87. Jess Says:

  88. Jess Says:

  89. Jess Says:

  90. Jess Says:

  91. Jess Says:

  92. Jess Says:

  93. Jess Says:

  94. Jess Says:

    Another meet and greet pic before the event.

  95. Jess Says:

    And here’s a few more instagram videos

  96. Jess Says:

  97. Jess Says:

  98. Jess Says:

  99. Jess Says:

    Going to make a cup tea, have my medicine and go back to bed.
    But I’ll leave you with this gorgeous collection to look at

  100. johanna Says:

    @jess thank u so much for the pics and vids u did a really good job I’m still at work so I will see them a little later it is 3 pm here on the east coast
    Hope u feel better :)

  101. Mystique Says:

    @Jess–“@ Mystique, so you are after answers like this one tonight then!

    “Boy Abunda: What’s the first thing you do/think in the morning?
    Taylor: *laughing* This is embarrassing. To pee.”

    YES YES YES!!! I want to hear MORE answers like THIS! Lol! ROTFL! Is that weird of me? Lol… ^_^ Now of course, giving answers like this ALL the time would probably get old too haha, but as long as he switches it up every once in a while with his answers and interviews, I think it would do wonders :).

  102. Jess Says:

    I’m back very briefly just to give you all this link

  103. Mystique Says:

    OMG that shirt and THOSE PANTS are fitting him like a GLOVE!! Like a GLOVE… hear me? They’re almost making ME blush! O_O. *drool*

  104. Jess Says:

    And this – the Startalk interview we saw so many pics from yesterday. (The quality is dodgy, but at least you can see and hear it!)

    @Mystique, the link @ post 97 has that part of the event as a video.

  105. Emily Says:

    JESS!!! I was just about to log off and actually get something accomplished today (It’s 3:40 PM and I’ve been on here off and on since 12:30!!!!)! 20 minutes later, here I still sit. Thanks A LOT!! Just kidding……….Hope you can rest! But, there’s nothing I’d rather be doing……..I SHOULD be planning what I’m doing with my students on Monday for the first day of school!!!!
    Darn you, Taylor!! :)

    Mystique–Read my post #40 on the next thread to see the dorky things I want to know about!!

  106. Emily Says:

    Mystique–I want to give the wardrobe person who fit him with all of these Bench clothes about 50 high-fives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  107. kia Says:

    thanks Jess for all pics and info,hope you feel better. Get some rest.

    Mystique- Yes he has a very very huge Pants! Gutter mind……….

  108. Evelyn Says:

    Aww, those are some very nice pics. O O

  109. Mystique Says:

    @Jess and @Johanna–Thank you both SO much for keeping us fans postedb with all of these pics! I’m still not completely settled in yet, and I don’t have my own private computer. So I haven’t been able to search as freely as I would like for manila photos. So thank you! :)

    @Emily—-YESSS! Oh I need to write a personal THANK you letter to whoever dressed him in that outfit, because they knew EXACTLY what they were doing lol! They made a ton of girls happy lol! ^_^ I LOVE that shirt and THOSE PANTS. :D

    I need to go read your post #40 on the other thread! Lol….

    Kia–lol!! Yes, those pants are pretty nice aren’t they? Lol….

    @Jess–Hope you feel better! Someone else was battling the flu….was that you? I’ve been fighting a slight cold and sinus issues ever since I left my home state! I know most of it is due to the stress of moving and changing climates. Sometimes it takes a while for your body to adjust to different trees, allergy-inducing plants, etc.

  110. joanie Says:

    Taylor Lautner Fun Meet Appearance:
    Beginning to End
    Thank You – kareen_panghulan (Musical Ride)

  111. chanda w Says:

    Ya’ll, know he’s getting ready to film Fast and Furious. They start in Sept.
    @Logan is right , he did the same thing with Tracers. Too early to tell.
    I’m trying not to jump up and down. He deserves all of those screaming fans and the luv that he is receiving. Wish he would have a mall meet and greet and the US.
    @Emily on the other thread , liked your comments.

  112. annie Says:

    @chanda do hope you’re right about the movie
    @joanie I see someone must have given him another bb cap

    all these great pictures & comments – thanks to you all – hope your up on your feet & feeling better soon.
    (had to mention, loved how they made fun of “no shirt” – all the male models with no shirt but Taylor got to keep his on. hahaha)

  113. annie Says:

    meant to say Jess hope you’re much better soon….
    I really know everybody on here isn’t sick – really I do

  114. Mystique Says:

    Chanda–*waiting with bated breath* HOLD UP! You know something we don’t know regarding FF7? O_O.

    Oh please I hope you’re right in the fact that he’s been asked to join the FF7 cast! OMG! I’ve only seen part one, part 2, and part 5 (I believe?…whichever one they were driving thru caves lol), but I’d gladly watch all 6 movies in one day if I know Taylor is going to be in part 7!! :D.

  115. kia Says:

    Mystique- Jr. been making appearance ever since BD2. LOL

  116. Mystique Says:

    Kia–*Mystique spits the water out she was drinking* @KIAAAA! OMG! Rotfl! Lol! ^_^ :D.

    *ahem* Well, I can’t say you’re totally wrong about that umm….assessment lol! But umm….it’s been making appearances LONG before that! Lol….you haven’t seen the gym shots? :D. (Thank goodness today isn’t Sunday, or else I’d be in trouble lol!)

  117. janet Says:

    I remember reading awhile ago that Taylor gets turned on by large screaming audiences (pretty sure it was Kristen) says she had to keep kicking him to remind him to focus, Guess she was right either that or those pants do for him what a push-up bra does for the “girls”

  118. Johanna Says:

    okay so i just got done looking at all the pics and vids and OMG he looks so good as always and again Jess thank u so much for posting i noe u weren’t feeling well but we all appreciate it. :) <3

    Re: the whole pants thing i just think the pants are a little snug but also i think Taylor may just be fully equipped u noe ;P

  119. Johanna Says:

    here is vid of Taylor talking about tracers and something possible coming up in September/October maybe Chanda is on to something

  120. chanda w Says:

    Tay and his “buddy” have been along for the ride for awhile. Check out some Valentine’s Day pics, he clearly has company. Or some pics when he was working on NM and coming from the gym, going commando, and his “buddy” is saying hi. Of course the first pics of him and Marie, holding hands, his “buddy” was right there. It can’t be the pants all the time. He isn’t shy about getting ….excited….and I am not complaining. Wish I knew how to post stuff.

  121. Mystique Says:

    Janet–WHAAAT? O_O. Are you serious or are you just joking lol?

    Johanna– omg…I so hope you’re right about Sept/Oct! #freaking OUT! :D.
    He’s filming diff projects back to back…that’s awesome!

  122. janet Says:

    @mystique I’m not saying it’s true but I did hear about it – it was when they were in South Korea on Eclipse prom and there was a major siting when he left the stage at one of the press conferences (I saw a video of that so it’s still gotta be somewhere on the internet) what Kristen said was that night they had been doing Karaoke (yep her & taylor) in one of the hotels private meeting rooms with special invited guests & I guess she wasn’t feeling no pain & was teasing the heck out of Taylor – so the story goes

  123. marianne Says:

    Is the Bench promo over or is there more tomorrow?

  124. jmt Says:

    Rumors are all over the place about F&F7
    I know: Vin Diesel was just in Manila for F&F6 premier in May
    (he stars & is producer of the series)
    the #7 will start a new 3 movie arc so expect (#7 #8 #9)
    They either just completed or will start stunt driving training in CA
    Filming scheduled for Georgia Louisiana Los Angeles Dubai & Tokyo (possibly Colorado)
    They do have more names of cast that have not been released yet
    Filming to begin in Sept – but depending on their role – some cast will not film till later
    (this 3 movie arc will feature in future movie filming possibly China & the Philippines
    Taylor’s name has been mentioned often in connection with it but nothing solid -
    I guess we shall know soon

  125. Jess Says:

    Thanks everyone for the well wishes. I’ve had some sleep and am feeling much better! @Marianne, Taylor has two appearances today (Sunday) at 3pm and 5pm Manila time – Joanie’s message at the very top of this post has the details.
    FYI it’s currently 7.40am Sunday in Manila.

  126. joanie Says:

    @marianne it is now Sunday Aug 18 7:30am in Manila (he has 2 Mall tours scheduled one at 3:00pm and another at 5:00pm) No details on exactly what is planned officially. They are keeping it very quiet as to when he will fly out – I’ve heard immediately after the tours or a midnight flight which if true means he will get in sometime Monday August 19 at LAX – want to not attract a crowd here in Manila at the airport. (I think he is a “Benchsetter” for a year so he will continue to be seen in ads & commercials)

  127. marianne Says:

    Jess…joanie…Oops, my bad. I forgot it was mentioned at the top of the board. Thanks for letting me know. More pics!!!

  128. Jess Says:

    Here’s a new link to the full episode of StarTalk from yesterday. Taylor’s interview starts at 1:03:00. It’s much clearer than the one I posted earlier.

    @Marianne – More pics. I think I’ll go get some more sleep now in preparation! LOL! Can’t wait!

  129. *Vickey* Says:

    Jess— So glad you’re feeling better and thank you for taking the time out to post those pictures, you’re the best. :)
    OH! And thanks for posting that video! I feel so wrapped in Taylor news, it has made my day so much better! Lol. Gonna take a look at it now.

    YES, you get some rest girl! I need to do the same I have sunday school in the morn. Haha.

    Mystique— “… fitting him like a GLOVE!! Like a GLOVE… hear me?” xD I can’t! I can’t with you guys! LOL.
    Oohhh those pants though…

    Thanks again for all of the updates with photos, etc! You guys are all my favorite! :)

  130. Jess Says:

    Thanks so much Vickey. It’s been a pleasure to post the pics for all of you. It’s been a very welcome distraction to feeling so bad the last few days.

    I really loved Mystique’s comment too – so adamant! (and true!)

  131. accv Says:

    Oh my, for all that is holy… TAYLOR PICTURE LINKS! I’ve been dead forever because of him and this just adds to it.

    If Taylor ends up doing FF7… like O. M. G. I. WILL. SCREAM. He’ll just amp up the sexy to a whole ‘nother level. *drools*

    ANYWAYS. Hordes of screaming Filipino fans is the norm over there. For real. You’d need earplugs… and sadly, them screaming for body parts is also typical. They even do that for regular celebrities. I hate to say it… but a lot of fame over there comes from how you look… “OH WELL, MY IDOL IS PRETTIER AND SKINNIER, etc.” The Filipinos gravitate toward the more mixed-looking celebrities. If you’re not just Filipino… but let’s say… Filipino-BRITISH or whatever. Oh LAWD. Ok, honestly… Filipinos are easy to please. You just gotta be drop dead gorgeous and talent becomes second place. I’m serious. Actresses that are HUGELY popular have gotten platinum-award winning record deals BUT ARE COMPLETELY TONE DEAF. But because of popularity, execs decided to give them something beyond their talents. And they sell… because the celebrity is popular. It’s… not cute. Nor praise-worthy. I dunno. For me, at least.

    And ugh… that interview with Heart and Ricky Lo… snoooozeefest. Indifferent to both personalities… ESPECIALLY Ricky Lo. That ‘foo is a hypocrite! Heart’s… well… pretty girl. Good actress. She should NOT have interviewed him o.O Should’ve just had the rival network do an interview.. AHEM… calling Boy Abundaaaa! Although I wish Boy could have had one-on-one time with him for the rival network’s entertainment news show/interview show.

  132. Jess Says:

    @accv – Here’s a link to Boy Abunda’s Interview with Taylor

  133. Jess Says:

    In case you missed it in the other post….

    a YouTube video of last night that is nearly 25 minutes long!!

  134. Emily Says:

    Jess!! Thank you SO much for finding and posting that!! (Did the picture mess up the last minute or two for you??)

    He’s such a charmer and so cute and sweet and blazingly hot all at the same time!!!

    He is going to be the death of me!!

  135. joanie Says:

    These are people with non VIP Passes

    His plane took off at 10:30am EST (New York Time)

  136. Mystique Says:

    Janet–INTERESTING! Very interesting indeed lol! Seems Kristen loves to tease Taylor lol. I’ve been looking all over YouTube for that Korean video of them at the Eclipse promos, but I only see CLIPS, I haven’t been able to find the FULL video of the press conference that they did there. Was it the entire video that you saw?

    Joanie– Wow! So Taylor has already left the Philippines? Wow! His visit seemed so short! I know he was there for a few days, but it seemed like such a whirlwind lol!

    So what time or day will Taylor be back in California?

  137. accv Says:

    WHAT?! “Smart or sexy.” “Sexy.” LOL! Is that so? Well…. welll….. welllll… :p

  138. accv Says:

    Oh and thanks @Jess! :)