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Check out some medium quality photos of Taylor Lautner at his BENCH Press Conference earlier today.

Gallery Link:
» 2013 Interviews: BENCH Press conference

53 Responses to “Taylor Lautner at his BENCH Press Conference”

  1. kia Says:

    Can you say TAYGASIM!! Ugh he looks so good in them pants!!

  2. joanie Says:

    Well talk about dry eye – so many pictures – so little time -and many more to come…
    (you seen to have that well covered so —won’t waste time posting pics
    It is bedtime in Manila (11:30pm) – and from what I hear the American contingent needs it – their internal clock still hasn’t gotten synchronized with the time change. All are carrying on like troopers – especially Taylor.
    NOTES: There were 100+ people waiting for him at the airport (that was 4:00am in Manila) not counting numerous reporters & news outlets – other passengers were a bit befuddled as to what was going on some a bit concerned (except the ones who flew on the same plane as T)
    2) He had dinner at Ben Chan’s house tonight (Manila time) with members of his Mr Chan’s family, friends, and VIP guests (scores of pictures being taken)
    3) During the day & tonight (again we’re talking Manila time Aug 16) Taylor was trending both in the Philippines (naturally) & WORLDWIDE (as high as #3)
    4)People there say he does look sleepy but it only adds to his charm & he is as courteous & good natured & smiling as always.
    5)Tomorrow (aug 17) is a very busy day – more meet & greet VIP’s, interviews, and then the big public Fun Meet followed by the Meet & Greet with contest winners…..Sunday (aug 18) another major appearance at a Mall & I’ve heard more last minute activities are being scheduled (this is why he is here. and I have no doubt the Bench/ hierarchy are exceedingly well pleased in their investment).

  3. joanie Says:

    Ben Chan is the creator & owner of Bench/ (Philippines) there is another clothing company Bench (no slash mark) in England & they are not in any way related.

  4. chanda w Says:

    And we were thinking Tay would go NINJA on us. Guess he fooled his fans. His sexy butt is overseas being mobbed by fans. Look at that skank in the black dress. First she acts like she wasn’t watching , when the mic guy was all over Tay, and now she’s showing everything. If I was meeting Taylor , I’d show him EVERYTHING too. LOL! He was the perfect choice for BENCH. That company needs to get to America ASAP! @Joanie, no surprise Taylor was trending worldwide. I have good taste and apparently, so do a lot of others.

  5. joanie Says:

    @chanda @accv I know it was one of you that mentioned how hot & humid it is in the Philippines now. The group says they’re dying in that heat & are staying in air conditioning as much as possible but can’t seem to escape the humidity. At the dinner the host(s) told him to lose the jacket & make himself comfortable – which he did – down to the white t & skinny pants (a newsppr reporter reported what he was wearing at press conference & when mentioning the skinny pantss mentioned how they molded perfectly with his nicely “toned” legs.

  6. marianne Says:

    kia…TAYGASIM!!! What a way to start the day! I like the pants and the shoes too!

    chanda w…Bench didn’t have to worry that Taylor would do something stupid and embarrass their company. It must be a consideration when you hire someone young and famous. I love how he smiles and waves even when I’m sure it’s been a tiring event. I get tired of celebs being “ugly Americans” when they go overseas.

  7. joanie Says:

    Just been told that every single ticket for all events are gone (sold out) They expect some will simply keep the invitations which have Taylor’s picture on them (they needed to purchase Bench/clothing to get one) rather than turn it in for the event. If they want to attend the Fun Event they must turn it in for a ticket-starting today at noon (Manila time) —-doors will open at 5:00pm and as I understand it no assigned seating, first come first serve, in whatever section your invitation designated. The event will begin at 7:00pm. MORE pictures – what will he wear (looks like Natalie trimmed his hair – looks shorter to me – but I haven’t seen the back – turn around T)

  8. accv Says:

    LOL @chanda… calling the girl a skank :p And now I’m about to hate on her because she’s taking a pic with my Tay :p Kidding. I watched that girl grow up on the little screen. Her name’s Heart Evangelista (she’s got Chinese blood flowin’ through those veins) and well, just by looking at her, you can tell she’s mixed :p Anyhow… I can’t deny she grew up beautifully but she’s had quite a odd taste in men over the years. One of her exes (according to her, her greatest love o.O) is an aquaintance of one of my cousins. He’s even been to the house (just I wasn’t present :p)… I’ve only met a relative of a celebrity over there (one of my cousins is best friends with her) and although the celebrity is considered a superstar, I’m actually a fan of her “rival.” Awkward? Mayybbeee. :p I made sure to be cordial, no worries. :p! Back to the girl… she’s an actress and host. She’s actually a year older than Marie… err.. year or two? Whatever. She’s 28. Used to be hugely popular. Not so sure anymore :p

    @joanie… it was me who mentioned the temperatures in P.I. (Philippine Islands) :p And not just “now,” ALL the time. That’s why I hope Taylor stays in areas where he can keep cool as much as possible or at least have water on him at all times. That’s why jackets are hugely unnecessary, unless you have like no body heat whatsoever *shrugs* I guess more arm candy for us all? Damn P.I… jealous. But bench/ certainly has good taste in its endorsers/sponsors. They had Lucy Hale not too long ago as well. But let’s all get real here… Taylor’s got IT ;p Am I surprised his tickets were sold out? Hell nah! That’s our guy for ya!

    Now RE: this press conference… my Filipino interviewers/reporters/journalists better not ask him redundant questions. Keep it interesting! Make me proud! :p!

  9. Johanna Says:

    here a vid if u havent seen it.
    @Accv this question is for u the language they speak in the Philippines there are some words u guys say in spanish right wen i was watching some of the interviews it sounded that way

  10. Johanna Says:

    for the new ladies on top were u login



    i dont care if u go on it its mine but i made so tha we could go on at watch the vids and pics that are posted of Taylor there

    the way he says sexy is so hot.
    also watch out wen they ask him if he want a good or naughty girl u noe in his mind he said naughty ;P
    o and Taylor likes it with the lights off :)

  11. kia Says:

    Thanks Johanna for the link! I like the interviewer Boy Abunda,he seems like a nice guy.

    Yes Taylor we can have the lights off!!

  12. Jess Says:

    I know this interview isn’t from Philippines (it’s a new GU2 interview) But Taylor seems to be having lots of fun! (Loved his laugh at 3.15)

    Thanks for all the links Johanna. I really love that Boy Abunda Interview.

    Thanks for all the information Joanie. So good to have some ‘inside info’.

  13. Emily Says:

    I am DYING!!! All these new pics to look at and videos to watch, and I can’t right now!!!! Have to go out this evening with family when what I really want to do is indulge in a Taylor extravaganza!!! Guess I will be staying up late AGAIN……..I know I won’t be able to rest until I’ve clicked on EVERY pic and link!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Emily Says:

    OK, I had to just watch the ONE that Jess posted.

    How many more times do I need to mention how much I love his laugh?? He had good rapport with that guy and he asked some better questions. I especially liked the part before the interview actually started…………….and his arms…………..

    FORCING MYSELF TO LOG OFF AND LEAVE BUT I DON’T WANT TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Catherine Says:

    That Boy Abunda interview is better, but, sigh. Sorry, have to say it…he needs to say something really interesting. I fear he’s so controlled by his PR team – he’s coming across as over rehearsed, following a rigid script. It’s bothered me for long while now. Every now and again he seems to slip into being the ‘real’ Taylor, and it’s lovely, the one we saw in early interviews, but…he mentioned ‘being allowed’ to talk about his life…isn’t he the boss, ultimately?

    A few (sensible, not loopy) comments on twitter say something similar…he looks REALLY great, seems to be SUCH a good guy, but his team need to trust him, he’s not reckless or stupid, and let him off the leash. I know you’ll probably hate me for this, but it’s pretty frustrating…

  16. marianne Says:

    Catherine….I agree with what you said about his PR team controlling things. I always thought the problem in the Twi days was the amount of money that was at stake and he never wanted to be the one that jeopardized the franchise. There’s money on this Bench endorsement too so maybe he and his team want to play it safe. Who knows.

  17. Nicole Says:

    I can’t see the vid what did he say about his personal life?

  18. Johanna Says:

    @Catherine i also agree its why i like that interview for bench because the guy asked him some kinda personal questions and he had to pick an answer so we got to see more of him and that other interview for GU2 he also kinda relaxed a bit. I do agree though that i wish he would let us in a bit more i mean he doesnt have to tell use his life story or anything to personal but it would be nice if he could just relax and not worry so much about saying the wrong thing.

  19. Johanna Says:

    too cute :)

  20. Jess Says:

    Catherine we could never hate a fellow Tayster!

    But I’m gonna be the one to disagree with you. I mean, I agree he does have a lot of rehearsed answers, but mostly that’s a result of being asked the same question over and over (some originality please journalists!)
    I just feel as things have gotten more crazy with his life, he’s naturally become more reserved about what he reveals and it’s probably comforting to him in interview situations to have a sense of control about the questions he may or may not be asked. Also he has gotten older and probably wants to be seen as professional by people in the business, not just a ‘kid’.
    In terms of ‘being allowed’ to talk about things, I read that too, but I thought he was meaning it in the sense of projects he is involved with and when he was able to talk about them, rather than about his personal life.
    I don’t usually find him to be rehearsed, just articulate. Some of the interviewers in the Philippines yesterday have described him as ‘animated’ and having ‘genuine warmth’ and being ‘genuinely engaged’. He must be a little genuine at least!

    What do I know though? I’m probably completely wrong! (please don’t hate on me either!!! Just how I feel, my two cents!)

  21. Johanna Says:

    @jess we will never hate u and thanks for the compliment on the last thread but to be honest i dont think i even got half of the pics out there and i was kinda scared i was gonna crash the site so i decided to not post anymore but thanks for getting things started

  22. Jess Says:

    I’m gonna say it again @Johanna – No worries. I’m kind of stuck with bedrest at the moment, so I figured I may as well be enjoying myself (not anywhere near as rude as that sounds!)
    Amazed your computer didn’t explode!
    Good move giving the ladies a link to TL-Life, definitely the best place to look for pics.
    Why does it feel like the calm before the storm again now? Can’t wait for tonight! I miss Taylor already. (FYI Midday Saturday in Australia right now, 10am in Manila)

  23. kia Says:

    Jess – We could never hate you! We all respect each others different opinions which is the reason I love coming on here. And I 100% agree with your comment.

  24. joanie Says:

    Just a few things -
    T has worked with 4 different teams of publicists
    He was 16 when he went out on tour for twi (with Rochelle & Edi) & you did get a very accurate glimpse of Taylor & his enthusiasm, cockiness & sometime rather brashness, & carefree attitude (but it was new & just a lark) – that’s when he started getting toned down. When NM blew up – (you wouldn’t know it but it scared the hell out of him & some of those around him) – T like many celebrities can be a bundle of nerves b4 he “goes on” (we’re talking live not filming) check the gnawed off nails, used to chew on his lip all the time till it bled – once on he settles down – he is starting to lose the rigidity & repetitive answers – but it gives him confidence – and then you have to throw in all the social/political correctness and divulging too much to the baiters, lawsuit anything for a buck shysters & their clients and the stalkers. Most things average everyday people don’t even think about and even many celebs – remember his recognition level is way up there & he is “rich”. As he matures he will continue to grow in confidence & control. Also most people do not have the luxury of meeting & interacting with him b4 & between “going on” like interviewers & program hosts do (you’ve heard of the tv “green room” – that’s where guests wait till it’s time to go on & where the programs crew & hosts stop in & visit – they see T in a very different mode than most of us do – and he is extremely charming & funny & much more relaxed. He scored particularly high notes with Leno, Fallon, of course Kimmel also Al Roker & others.
    He will get better. So (my opinion) yes many of his answers are scripted for varying reasons & 1 is him being extremely precise & need/want to be in control (all that training in karate – have 2 extremely important elements – preciseness & both physical & mental focus/control – it’s just part of who he is – eventually he’ll be more off the cuff particularly about things in general but personal he will always be cautious) till then it’s listening to his grocery list of points that he’s filed away (stock questions will get 1 of his stock answers & if by chance someone throws him a curve of a question never asked b4 – he will evade).

  25. Emily Says:

    Oh, sweet thing! That makes me love him even more! If I ever get tired of hearing him answer the same questions with the same answers, I just look at him, and all is right with the world again. I could still sit and watch and listen to him all day, even if he repeated the same stuff over and over……………

  26. Emily Says:

    By the way, I went to see “Les Miserables” tonight with my mom and brother. Local community theater, but known throughout my state for staging really high-caliber, amazing productions. It was really good, but do y’all know what I kept thinking about every 5 minutes???????

    “Taylor likes it with the lights off………….” It was hard concentrating on the French Revolution when I had THAT to think about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Has anyone found a link to the whole press conference video yet????? It better exist somewhere!!

  27. Emily Says:

    I LOVE the blue blazer with the white t-shirt! YUM!!

  28. Jess Says:

    @Emily hahaha “….Empty chairs at empty ta… Taylor likes it with the lights off…!”
    Don’t make me laugh so hard – it makes me have a coughing fit!!!!! (has coughing fit!)

    The best quality link I have seen for the press conference is here but it’s only 45 seconds long. The rest I have seen are even shorter Instagram videos. They must be holding out on us. (It must exist surely?)

  29. Emily Says:

    Sorry Jess—”God on high, hear my pra………..Taylor likes it with the lights off!”—-Yeah, it wasn’t good.

    The press conference video MUST exist, but I don’t know when we’ll see it. We’re still getting snippets of the gray shirt interviews for GU2, and that was several months ago. I don’t want to wait that long!!!!!!

  30. accv Says:

    @johanna… oh, yah, totally. The Philippines was under Spanish rule before it became an independent country, so that’s why the language is heavily influenced by the Spaniards :) Magellan discovered it then a Spanish explorer eventually named it after King Philip II of Spain. That’s why our national language (Tagalog) is derived from Spanish. Of course, there are more dialects but Tagalog and English are the main languages, alongside another, Ilocano, that my relatives also speak. I understand Tagalog more than I can speak and Ilocano… welllll… it’s used as a secret lingo around me. If there’s something about me to critique, I’ll hear it being said in Ilocano. How do I know it’s about me? Because I will either hear my name or something that makes it obvious. Bahahah! :p

    RE: Boy Abunda… I don’t know where ya’ll heard/saw an interview from him, but Boy is one of P.I.’s best interviewers, journalists and hosts. And in case you didn’t notice, he’s gay. Not that it matters :p But he certainly knows how to extract information from his interviewees because he tries to make it a point to get them comfortable. If he knows the interviewee personally, though, you’ll sense the dynamic of that relationship immediately. My fave Filipina actress has always been quite close to him because he was always close with her family (entertaintment industry royalty) so I put him on high regard.

    And tsk, tsk… they said “Lotner” instead of “Lautner.” Freakin’ A! lol! How many times does he have to say his name correctly in order for people to get it right? o.O

    RE: his answers… there are, at times, when I agree with Catherine about rehearsed answers rather than candid ones… buuuttt, that being said, @joanie… doesn’t it come with the territory? He’s still technically a product because he’s a public figure. He has to sell/market himself in a way that makes his public persona appealing. You’d think this is common sense in the entertainment world considering how many celebrities out there come off as the opposite of Taylor, but he does have an image to maintain. I’m sure though he’s very genuine… not saying he’s fake, but perhaps… there are boundaries? He’s an actor, afterall… so when he’s working, he has to also put on a show aside from being himself. Showbusiness is what it’s called, right? Just remembered this questionnaire that I sent out back in middle school where I asked questions about the business and how it is to be in it, etc. I sent it to several celebrities in the Philippines because my graduation project was about the Philippine entertainment industry. So I basically remembered what my favorite actor wrote for his answers. Very thorough, ones, too. Taylor reminds me of him in the sense that he was always so grounded, charming, genuine and articulate. Super grateful for everything given to him. Unfortunately, he passed away at age 27. Died in his sleep. He was known to be such a public servant… and it was speculated that he died from a broken heart. The actress I spoke about earlier was not only his screen partner, but his girlfriend in real life before he died. Stuff happened in their relationship… things didn’t end so well. So people talked. Yah. Pretty sad. Anyhow… that aside, although I do get where Catherine comes from… I can also understand why he is the way he is in interviews. He was sorta thrust into the limelight (New Moon) despite initially wanting to act anyways and because of it, his family had to sacrifice and accommodate/adjust for his new career. Similarly, this is how it happened for the actor I previously mentioned. Like you said, stock questions will get stock answers and curve questions… well, either evaded or actually answered, thoughtfully and strategically. The actor I mentioned always had something intelligent to say, whether or not it fully answered the question :p You could tell how educated he was… and he made it a point to finish school (college) while being in the business.

  31. Logan Says:

    @ Emily, I totally agree with you, as long as his lips are moving…..I almost don’t care what comes out of that delicious mouth LOL
    Seriously, his answers to some ( repeated ) questions are soooo scripted we already know what he’s going to say BUT he manages to deliver the ( same repeated ) answer with a ‘ fresh face ‘ meaning he never shows that he was asked that question a million times before. That’s showing respect to the interviewer and the producers of the project he’s representing.
    In short, he’s one hell of an actor!!!!!!

  32. Logan Says:

    @ Taysters! Watch the video Jess posted nr 28.
    …….his hand….OMG…..where is that…..aaaahhhh….touch down!
    They must be very comfortable those pants ( sighing )

  33. Mystique Says:

    Oh BOY!! I have missed quite a bit of stuff on here tonight haven’t I?? “Taylor likes it with the lights off….” Lol! Oh he DOES does he? Rotfl……well, I can certainly arrange that…. wait a second….Taylor likes WHAT with the lights off? Lol!

    Ugh…too bad I’m having such horrible sinus issues….. :( I’ll have to watch the videos tomorrow….. :-/

  34. vera Says:

    Of course, there is nothing good in what he has to say about some of the control of his management, but at least he admits it openly.
    Does anyone really believe that Rob, Kristen, and many others celebrity’s are always talking about personal life openly and honestly?! I do not buy it.
    Even Jennifer Lawrence had a control, i`m sure.
    all play these games.
    some are less successful, someone more.

  35. Jess Says:

    I thought you might appreciate this little quote from an extended version (print not video) of the Boy Abunda interview with Taylor – certainly something interesting I’ve never heard before LOL!

    “Is it true that as a child, you were a biter?

    A biter? You know what, that’s true! I had no idea that was out there, but I was a biter as a child. (Laughs)”

    The interview is here

    @accv Thanks for the lesson on the Philippines. Who knew Taylor’s Bench Promotion would be so educational!

    @Mystique hope you feel better soon! (I can recommend all the Taylor pics/interviews as medicine!)

    @Logan – Naughty!

  36. Emily Says:

    Jess–That was a good interview. I like when they ask him the quick questions. Sometimes his answers surprise me.

    Mystique–Read the article from Jess’s #35. That’s where he said “lights off.” I saw a video of it yesterday, but I can’t remember where–think it was

  37. chanda w Says:

    This IS NOT DIRECTED TO ANYONE ON THIS SITE…. We all support Tay, we may not agree on everything, but we clearly all want the best for him.
    That being said, @ Joanie, I can imagine that Tay was scared after NM. Who expected the first one to be so epic and then when NM hit the screen. Taylor was thrown into a Hurricane full force. Before that it wasn’t a lot of pressure , so he could act like the silly kid that he was. He was extremely carefree. But, when so much money is on the line, sometimes you make adjustments. That doesn’t mean he isn’t being himself. I also think that he has some trust issues because of some things that might have happened. Taylor isn’t a snide person. He doesn’t make off cuff remarks about people that might have done him wrong. So he soaks it up and builds a wall. Taylor should have a close relationship w/RP, they clearly do not. The wolf pack actors are tight, Tay doesn’t seem to hang w/them. Just seems there was a lot of jealousy and pettiness that went on and Tay was somehow in the middle. I could be wrong.

    Swift is another issue, it might seem trivial, but I think she did scar him. He was SO young when they went out. However she ended it was pretty bad. And of course the business in general. No every smiling face is a friend. And not all friends are true. Everyone luvs you when you are on top and the minute you start to slip, the hanger ons will scatter to find another , target. Once again , I could be wrong.

    I just think that Taylor is really a great guy, actor. I was drawn in for the obvious reasons, he’s gorgeous, but, he really does have a unique personality and I am proud of him. He continues to promote himself in a classy way.
    Despite the fact that even some so called fans, seem to hate to see him do anything successful. When he’s ninja, many complain, oh he’s no where around and he’s in the spotlight again and they just bitch about EVERYTHING, almost like they want his career to fail. I understand construtive criticism, we do that here, but to just wish for the downfall of someone you claim to support. I don’t get that. I think he should get some distance from Thor, which I think he has. Tay is smart enough to know how to keep things going.

    I’m so happy for this new chapter in his career. Hopefully he knows how much he is adored by his fans. So , I understand why he doesn’t disclose as much as he use to. He learns rather quickly , sometimes silence is golden.
    @Vera, you are so right about these other celebs being just as closed off.
    Yet, they don’t get called on it like Taylor does. All of these celebs are doing what they think they need to do to promote themselves. The relationships, the partying, celeb friendships, most of it is BS, just to keep their names in the news.
    Taylor, is just getting started on his acting career as an adult. He is and will continue to do great, because he has a great head on his shoulders and fans that crave more from him and truly support his journey.

  38. vera Says:

    chanda w..I applaud you as always.great comment!

  39. marianne Says:

    chanda w….I agree with many of the things you said. I know Alex Meraz(Paul of the wolves) made some snarky comment when Taylor was cast in VD that he was a sell-out. He back pedaled later but the damage was done. Also, one of the other wolf actors had a drug habit and I’m sure Taylor wanted to stay away from that influence. Another consideration was security. The threats to his safety intensified and the trio were housed in a more secure area. I never knew what to make of RP and his relationship with Taylor. He could have acted more like a big brother. During the BD2 promos, Taylor seemed to be a buffer between the other two. During one of the interviews, when Rob pretended to smack KS in the face, Taylor looked disgusted. Ironically, the TS situation turned out as a plus for Taylor because she wrote a song about him and people learned he really was a nice guy. Even now, most of her fans want them to get back together. Taylor has experienced one of the most annoying fandoms. Even now, the infighting between the nonstens and the Robstens is sad. KS said Taylor was the most centered of the cast and has a great work ethic, so he is going to do fine.

  40. Emily Says:

    chanda–I’ve been thinking on your comment above……..

    Regarding his and Rob’s relationship—I think they like each other alright when they’re together. We’ve seen the funny moments between them over the years. They seem to make each other laugh. However, when you take away the Twilight connection, what do they really have in common??? I can’t think of anything really, other than they’re both actors. Rob is older, seems to like to go out and party more (drinking, smoking, too) and Taylor doesn’t. Taylor’s into sports and physical stuff and Rob definitely isn’t, at least from what I’ve seen. Taylor likes his fancy, cool cars and Rob drives around in a used truck. Taylor seems so confident and comfortable around people and Rob still seems rather shy, uncomfortable, and awkward. I can see why they don’t really associate with each other when they’re not obligated to for work. And, this is just my opinion so I may be completely off base, but, if R & K really were together at some point, I feel that Rob would have HAD to have felt a little uncomfortable or something with the closeness of Taylor and Kristen. (not that I’m saying anything ever was going on with them, ’cause I’m not) He had to see that she seemed to be a totally different person around him and you can sense their bond and friendship and closeness–just their body language alone. It was something you never saw between him and K, at least not in public. And, not saying that Rob has a big head or anything, but with the first movie he became a huge star and was getting all the attention, then New Moon hit, and all of a sudden, Taylor was getting a huge amount of the limelight. That might have been hard for a 20-something guy to handle. Anyway, like I said, I think they’re on friendly terms, but I don’t expect to ever see them out club hopping or playing football together! :)

    RE: the wolfpack actors–Didn’t know Alex ever said that—I used to like him. Oh well. With them, I think that they didn’t get really close to Taylor, b/c at that point, he had moved from supporting character to lead actor. I’m sure he was treated as such by the crew and all the movie people, probably had swankier accommodations, got much more media attention, etc., so I can see how jealousy probably played a factor in them getting close……….plus Taylor was younger than them, too, wasn’t he??

    As for Taylor being more closed-off and always having his scripted answers—as I’ve said before, I don’t really mind it. I understand. I’m sure he has to be careful with what he says b/c he wants to maintain his image. However, I do think the most important parts of his personality DO come through….his confidence, sense of humor, zest for life, etc., even when he has to answer the same incessant questions over and over.

    I don’t want to know every detail about his private life. I care more about his happiness, privacy, and mental health than I do about satisfying my never-ending curiosity about every aspect of him. I don’t need to know where he lives or who he spends time with or who he’s dating or his political views or anything like that (although I WOULD be interested). I would rather know dorky little things like:
    –If you weren’t an actor and could live anywhere in the world, where would that be?
    –What was your favorite cartoon when you were a kid?
    –What kind of things did you and Makena do together when you were small?
    –What was your favorite vacation before fame hit?
    –What’s your favorite Thanksgiving side-dish?
    –What’s a memory you have with your grandparents?
    –What’s the last song you sang along with in your car?
    –If you went to college (which I hope he DOES do at some point), what would you like to major in?
    –What’s your favorite book?

    THOSE are the kinds of things I’d like to know—little tidbits that shed more light on his personality without really giving away any of his privacy. Just like when he said his favorite ice cream flavor was cake batter. I had never tried it, but when I heard that, I did and found I really liked it. It’s those little things that can help a fan feel more connected to him b/c you know you’ll never really know him personally.

    All that to say, I don’t begrudge him not being so open. Hollywood is a brutal place and I’m sure he’s learned what he has to do to cope with the enormous fame and all the responsibilities that come with it.

    As far as “fans” wanting to see him fail, that just does not make sense and I don’t consider them to be “fans” at all. :(

  41. Mystique Says:

    Chanda–Excellent post! I SO agree with everything you wrote. I had no idea Alex had made those comments! :( If it’s the same actor I’m thinking of, he was the only other member of the wolf pack that I found very nice looking (aside from Taylor of course), but after hearing those comments he made….Idk if I trust him so much anymore. :-/

    @Emily–awww! I love your little questions! :) I’m the same way! I just want to know the little things….not anything major. I would want to know what it was like growing up with his sister too! Like, are they close? What does SHE think about all of his fame? How close is he with his parents? His mother? You know, little things like this. I don’t have to know all the gossipy stuff of who he’s dating and what not, I want MORE insight (like you said) into who Taylor is as a PERSON. What makes Taylor tick? Lol

    I’d also like to know deeper things too (like how he feels on certain issues or world events), but I know his ppl will never allow him to answer questions like these because THAT is definitely treading in treacherous territory. SO many celebrities have gotten in trouble for voicing those opinions. To me, opinions are just opinions. Everyone has one. It doesn’t mean you have to agree with it. Unfortunately, some ppl feel that celebrities shouldn’t even be allowed to voice their opinions on world events. Some feel that celebs should just shut up, look pretty, and entertain them. Nothing more, nothing less. While I don’t think they should be a walking bulletin for political affairs 24/7, I think it’s silly to expect celebs to NOT have an opinion on world issues or current events! After all, they are citizens of this country too! We’re all individuals.

    Idk…. that’s just how I feel. But, even though I know Taylor would never make a public statement about his “world views”, I SO wish I could have a private dinner with him one evening and just get his view point/feelings about certain things. I’d love to just pick his brain (among OTHER things lol ^_^ ) one day lol!!

  42. Emily Says:

    Me too! I wish we could have a private “meet and greet” dinner with him. We could promise and swear not to tell anyone else what he said. That would be SO fun!

  43. Mystique Says:

    Emily- I agree!!! Just a few select fans…like US on this board perhaps lol! Oh that would be TOO much fun lol. We would be sworn to secrecy!

  44. Emily Says:

    That’s who I meant—all of us on here!

  45. chanda w Says:

    @Mystique, I thought the same thing about Alex. I was like damn he’s FINE! Then I heard what he said about Tay and I was like, now I have to hate him, lol. On a side note, Boo boo Stewart, lil’ Taylor, is lookin’ pretty hot these days too.
    Ryan Seacrest seems to really like Tay, maybe he could do a show on him. A Day In The Life Of. They follow a celeb around for day or couple of days…..I would luv to see what Taylor goes through in a day. I already know it would be exhausting.

  46. Mystique Says:

    Emily–Haha….we’re like this: >·<

    Chanda—Omg I forgot about Booboo!! Lol…. Boo boo HAS grown up to be quite a looker lol, but he's still in that goofy young stage, so it's hard for me to crush on him when he acts so young lol. I think even Taylor used to have the goofy young stage too lol, but with him it was different because he also acted so mature during OTHER times lol.

    But yea, sorry Alex Meraz….I may have to sort of five him the side eye these days….Idk if I can trust him. I know this is a silly question, but Alex Mersz wouldn't happen to be related to singer Jason Meraz…would he?

  47. Jess Says:

    Emily I love your questions. I think we need to start putting a list together for this private meet and greet dinner we’re having with Taylor, (a girl can dream!) of all the questions we’re going to ask him.
    Mine is “How does he really feel when interviewers pronounce his name incorrectly?” (It’s a pet peeve of mine – there are a gajillion youtube vids of Taylor himself pronouncing it, that would take a few seconds for a journalist or their researcher to find.)

  48. Emily Says:

    Jess–YES, that always annoys me too!!

  49. Emily Says:

    Chanda–”I have to hate him.” Me too! He was the hottest of the wolves, aside from Taylor, of course. But, once anyone says something negative about Taylor, they are marked off my list FOREVER!!

  50. accv Says:

    @marianne… KS saying that says a LOT. Because we all know how off centered KS is :p

  51. *Vickey* Says:

    Chanda w— I agree with so much of what you said!! You just preached! :P

    Re: Swift: I honestly think it hurt him too. He was very young and you’re right! Everyone who smiles in your face isn’t a friend. Which brings me to what @Marianne said about Alex Meraz!!! NOOOOO, I didn’t know he had said something like that. He was soooooo attractive, but once you cross Taylor tssh tssh my friend.

    Re: Alex M: Knowing NOW that he’s said such things, when Taylor did VD, I thought it was different, but different is good!! It definitely was not a sellout move. I don’t understand what he was getting at when he said that. Oh and @Marianne I know exactly which one you’re talking about. My friend went to a Twilight Convention a few years back and he was suppose to show with the rest of the case, but they mentioned he “couldn’t make it.” We did some research and found out he was arrested for smoking weed and if I’m right he had gotten a DWI and plus he was underage. :/ So I can see why Taylor would distant himself.

    Back to what @Chanda w. said about a new chapter in his career. I’m so happy he’s grown and that’s he has learned so much. Of course there’s always more the be learned, but his growth as an adult and in his career field shows. Couldn’t be more proud of him. :)

    Emily— Ahh your questions! I love em!! haha. Those are the type of questions he’d enjoy and quite frankly the questions I’d like to know myself! Lol. Hmm, I wonder what he would major in? :)

    Re: Taylor being private: Yeah Hollywood is a dark place at times and you’ve already touched on it @Emily, but he’s learned how to manage.

    Re: “fans” wanting to see him fail…: Yeah, those aren’t fans at all. Lol. They’re haters, I don’t understand why they would call themselves fans, but they don’t want the best for him. :/

    Re: @Mystique/Emily—a private M&G— I would never tell anyone if that was the deal! LOL! It would be perfect and a night I’d NEVER forget! Just thinking about it right now with this dorky smile on my face! lol

    Re: Booboo Stewart: He’s grown up! :) He’s so cute! Haha. I saw that he’s gonna be in sequel to X-Men First Class, “X-Men: Days of Future Past!” Can’t wait to see that btw.

  52. vera Says:

    Emily…hmm ..
    I would not say that Rob is so shy person, he knows what he wants and knows what to do – his last words that each of his films should to be shown at Cannes, it is confirmed.
    I think he always has a lot ambitions, but his early image of a simple and shy guy, it’s just the image, I do not doubt it ..
    “Taylor likes his fancy, cool cars and Rob drives around in a used truck”
    All right, but apart from the truck, Rob has are more expensive cars, and he buying homes in prime locations like LF ,Beverly Hills for a fortune, and a permanent stay at the Chateau Mormon, it is also not cheap entertainment..

  53. Jess Says:

    In case you missed it in the other post….

    a YouTube video of last night that is nearly 25 minutes long!!