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I’ve uploaded photos of Taylor Lautner at BENCH Fashion’s Fan Fun Event at the Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay, Philippines earlier today (August 17th). Additionally, you can watch a video of his appearance below:

Gallery Link:
» 2013 Appearances: BENCH Fashion’s Fan Fun Event at the Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay, Philippines

170 Responses to “Taylor Lautner Attends BENCH Fashion’s Event in the Philippines”

  1. Johanna Says:

    his butt does look nice in those pants :)

  2. joanie Says:

    Mall appearances today Aug 18 (nothing has changed so far)
    Open to the Public – Free – No ticket needed
    Glorietta @ 3:00
    Mall of Asia @5:00pm
    The malls are about 15 minutes apart – his hotel is right there also –
    They added the 2nd mall a couple days ago when all his tickets went so fast
    (I can’t even imagine the possible traffic jams & security issues) I guess they’re figuring that splitting the crowd options to 2 areas would cut back on an utterly huge mob scene & traffic congestion – so now they may have 2 grid lock areas
    Well – I’ll give them a they must know what their doing nod – everything has been handled exceedingly well so far
    (By the way did you notice he was wearing his pricy vintage scuffy comfy shoes at last night’s event)

  3. joanie Says:

    Have to mention I am impressed & liked Boy Abunda

    Now that’s a very pleased & happy Bench/ owner (Ben Chan) hugging T at the end

    Ben Chan discussed a little bit about the time 2 years ago when T’s name first surfaced as being a Bench/ rep. He said that at the time T”s name was mentioned as a possible future rep but no negotiations had been entered into at that time; it was perhaps a year later that things started to come together. So like we often have discussed things typically can take a year or 2 to come together they don’t happen in weeks or a couple of months but rather several months & even years.

  4. kia Says:

    Johanna- Don’t you just wanna squeeze it!? MMmmm them jeans

  5. Emily Says:

    They said his last name correctly at the end.

    Props to the cameraman for getting all those bending over shots. Love that he wears his Ellen underwear! Also love that he feels free to squat and bend over whenever the mood strikes him—payday for us!!

    I can’t imagine being on a stage in front of that many people, but he seems totally at ease and comfortable. Did anyone else think he looked like a model walking the catwalk??

    ATTENTION BENCH!!! New marketing idea…..have a Bench fashion show with Taylor as the only model, videotape it, and sell it. I’m guaranteeing a profit!!!!

    When are we going to be able to see this whole thing from start to finish??? I’m begging someone………..anyone…………PLEASE!!!!!

    I want to go out and buy a bunch of Bench clothes, just to say “thank you” to them for all of this.

    joanie–I think I read somewhere that he’s only going to be in the Philippines for 60 hours or something like that. Can you tell me why press tours like this are always so fast?? I am assuming it probably all comes down to money, but it just seems like everything always has to happen in such a whirlwind and he doesn’t ever have time to actually experience the places he visits.

  6. Emily Says:

    Forgot to mention—-his TRICEP (back of his upper arm) when he’s reaching his right arm out…… self……….

    I say he needs to wear Bench clothing 5 out of 7 days, from now on. I haven’t seen him in anything I don’t like yet. I really liked the more “preppy” look of this outfit… was just something a little different for him. Also really liked that gray and black shirt trimmed with blue he was wearing when that guy had to go up his shirt with the mic (lucky ba$#@!d!).

    kia–Squeeze it, bounce quarters off it…………the list is endless……………..:)

  7. Johanna Says:

    @kia i want to slap it grab it and hold on to it.
    if anyone has seen any of the last 3 FF movies u will understand

  8. kia Says:

    Emily- You can do so much with that A$$! Maybe He can do a Bench American arena tours. I bet tickets would sell out in minutes!

  9. kia Says:

    Johanna- I’ve seen all six of FF but Tokyo drift was my least favorite. Maybe because the main stars wasn’t in it.

  10. Emily Says:

    While looking on YouTube for this whole video, I came across this:

    Apparently, Bench DOES have an underwear line (someone was wondering before)…………I know Taylor would never do it, and I don’t think I’d really want him to do it, b/c he wants to be known more for his talent than his looks, but can you just imagine what those photos would be like???

  11. Johanna Says:

    @kia then u noe wat im talking about :D

  12. Evelyn Says:

    what a fine ⓐ$$. I have a million and one dirty thoughts l. Saturday night seduction.

  13. kia Says:

    Johanna :D

  14. Logan Says:

    I…..have……nothing…to say!!!! He’s just mouth watering and he can’t help it. I’m not complaining but it almost felt like they let him wear a size smaller of everything or is he bulking up?
    Watch upcoming Ellen shows he’s bound to make an appearance after him flashing her underwear like that.

  15. Logan Says:

    I didn’t get any sound with it but watching ( from a distance ) a lenghty Bench commercial with Taylor had me mesmerized nonetheless

  16. Evelyn Says:

    @ Logan Often times stars tend to wear a size smaller, but Taylor has been working out, and plus, doing his own stuff for Tracers, it is really showing.

    And I really like it. Really, really like it. ^_^

  17. *Vickey* Says:

    The camera person was definitely a Taylor fan! Haha!
    Nice shots camera operator! ;)

    Emily— Re: DVD of the Bench show: It would make so much profit! I know I’d buy!! Lol. Yessss, I agree with you there hasn’t been anything Bench on him that I’ve disliked. :)

    Kia—- About FF Tokyo Drift, that was my least favorite too and is included in the 1 of 3 I’ve seen. The whole idea of drifting was pretty cool, but like you said none of the other stars were involved. Hmm I wonder, was it directed by someone else?

  18. Jess Says:

    First look at the stage for the Glorietta appearance. It’s nearly 1pm in Manila so only a couple of hours to wait for Taylor again!

  19. Jess Says:

    And while we wait for the full movie of last nights event … here’s a couple more instagram videos

  20. Jess Says:

  21. Jess Says:

  22. johanna Says:

    He has nice thick legs :)
    Hehehe I hope that didn’t sound to disturbing

  23. Jess Says:

    Not too disturbing Johanna, unless we’re all disturbed!

    New YouTube video from last night

    Emily – Taylor definitely looks like a model on the catwalk here – but then again he always does!

  24. Képek: BENCH/ Fun Meet esemény tegnapról | TAYLOR LAUTNER WEB Says:

    […] via […]

  25. accv Says:

    Haha… bench definitely has an underwear line. it’s one of their main products. i’ve mentioned before that i myself own a few pairs. relatives sent them over as gifts. if only taylor would model them… but i mean, that’s pushing it for him. if he doesn’t really like showing off his abs, what more with him strutting around with no pants? :p OHHHHH we wish!

    @joanie… told ya Boy Abunda is good. he’s one of P.I.’s best interviewers/journalists/hosts for sure. he knows how to conduct insightful, informative… emotional interviews. but in most cases, it’s the first two. he’s respectful but tries to steer the interviews so that they try to get the best out of the interviewee.

  26. accv Says:

    Gawd, my heart aches from wanting to hug him so bad. Just want a big bear hug from him. It hurts to love, ladies… it hurts to love… from afar. lol. :p

  27. Mystique Says:

    Accv–awww…I know what you mean! You just want to hug him so much!

    Nice shot photographer lol! Love the video clip. Boy those pants are tiiiight! Lol… He looks good in the color green! In not TOO surprised though, since his skin tone is more olive.

  28. Jess Says:

    Photo coverage of last night’s MOA Arena Benchsetter Event.

  29. Jess Says:

    First pic from Glorietta!

  30. Jess Says:

  31. Jess Says:

    Instagram vid from Glorietta – scream alert again!

  32. Jess Says:

  33. Jess Says:

  34. Jess Says:

  35. Jess Says:

  36. Jess Says:

  37. Jess Says:

  38. Jess Says:

  39. Jess Says:

  40. Jess Says:

    Another video – finally some clearer images!

  41. Jess Says:

  42. Jess Says:

  43. Jess Says:

  44. Jess Says:

    Really nice vid of Taylor signing for fans

  45. Jess Says:

  46. Jess Says:

  47. Jess Says:

    Best pic (WOW!!!!!!) with Sam Oh from Bench

  48. Jess Says:

  49. Jess Says:

  50. Jess Says:

  51. Jess Says:

    Praying? Well it is Sunday!

  52. Jess Says:

  53. Jess Says:

  54. Jess Says:

  55. Jess Says:

  56. Jess Says:

  57. Jess Says:

    Here’s a fans video of the intro at MOA Arena last night. Please release it soon Bench!

  58. Jess Says:

  59. Jess Says:


  60. Jess Says:

    Taylor obviously enjoyed himself at the Glorietta fan signing event!

  61. Jess Says:


  62. Jess Says:

  63. Jess Says:

  64. Jess Says:

    Apparently Taylor just arrived at SM MOA for his second mall appearance!!!

  65. Jess Says:

    Another YouTube video from last night at MOA Arena

  66. Jess Says:

    a YouTube video of last night that is nearly 25 minutes long!!

  67. Jess Says:

    Meanwhile… back at Glorietta…

  68. Jess Says:

  69. Jess Says:

  70. Jess Says:

  71. Jess Says:

  72. Jess Says:

  73. Jess Says:

  74. Jess Says:

  75. Jess Says:

  76. Jess Says:

  77. Jess Says:

  78. Jess Says:

    Instagram video. I think this is SM MOA?

  79. joanie Says:

    Hope you’re feeling much better Jess… qualify as the Bench/ For Taylor Host for this site…….you should meet Taylor when he visits your country

    Continues to rain cats & dogs in Manila
    Glorietta Activity Ctr Mall Tour – Stage set up directly next to a Bench/ Store
    1) There was a barricaded section directly in front of the stage for VIP’s – I was told
    they were Important clients & their families & employees of Bench (some of which were invited up on stage to meet Taylor) the general public several who couldn’t figure out was going were kept behind these barricades)
    2) again large screens insured everyone could see what was going on. The screaming again was deafening, I was told & I’m sure Jess has some video above to show this – can’t see how they could hear a word T said.
    3) I was told there was an enormous number of security present
    4) Many kind words from (1 host) Tito Boy Abunda how “,,,,how having met an enormous number of celebrity stars, he can say Taylor is “different………
    5) Taylor back in what seems to be his favored outfit – Vlneck T & jeans
    6) Yesterday T mentioned being in the CR about 10min to a question asked (now someone tells me in Philippines C.R. is the bathroom – well I guess he’s getting different questions and ….answering them
    Onto the Mall of Asia where he arrived just about on time (5:00pm) this tour is definitely ORGANIZED – compliments to BENCH/
    Sad News update:
    I have been told search for survivors of the ferry accident has ended
    30+ confirmed dead & more than 170 still listed as missing

  80. Jess Says:

    Yep. Definitely at Mall of Asia now.

  81. Jess Says:

    TBG and Taylor – having a laugh!

  82. Jess Says:

  83. Jess Says:

  84. Jess Says:

  85. Catherine Says:

    Sorry – totally off topic, but this made me smile on a damp, grey, gloomy morning…

    Can’t copy/paste on idiotPhone (I’m such a techno div, but we have @Jess and @Johanna doing the clever stuff!!!) but Taylor’s (handsome) stunt double posted an Instagram of himself holding a Jacob-Eclipse-lunchbox he found in a shop. He’s tagged it #sodreamy, and the other chap (Luciano) suggested he should have brought it on-set with his lunch in…great pic :)

    I like these ‘new’ people Taylor’s been working with, can’t wait to hear him chat about them all. Bring on Tracers, there’s a good vibe to it all!

  86. Jess Says:

  87. Jess Says:

    Here you go Catherine… hahahaha

    Pic of Gabriel Nunez (see Catherine’s post at 85.)

  88. Catherine Says:

    Aaaah, so now I’ve discovered gabrielnunez1’s Instagram (the stunt double) – amazing pics of their time in NY! I always have a stupid-heavy camera on me…his photography stuff is GREAT.

    He’s also posted a pic of a ‘caution slippery when wet’ floor sign he customised into a skateboard, and says he rides it down an escalator in Tracers. Bloody hell. I can’t wait.

    (Also, @Mystique – I’ll eat my hat if F&F7 isn’t next. If it’s announced, I will think of you squealing!!!!)

    Right, off to make myself a cup of tea and to stalk (in a non-scary way!) our lovely stunt guy ;)

  89. Catherine Says:

    @Jess – knew you’d find it!!!!! I love that :)

  90. Jess Says:

    I agree Catherine. It’s so good that Taylor’s having the opportunity to work with a whole different bunch of people. I’ve really liked the pics and snippets that the cast and crew of Tracers have been putting out there. Seems like the set was a great work environment which I think is going to translate into a cool movie.

  91. Jess Says:

    Enjoy the cuppa and stalk Catherine!

    Now… where was I have I posted this one yet? I don’t think so – I doubt you’d mind seeing it twice anyway!

  92. Jess Says:

  93. Jess Says:

  94. Jess Says:

    These clear pics are so rare. I’m sure we’ll get better quality ones over the next few days. I can’t imagine I would be able to hold a camera very still (or at all) in Taylor’s presence either!

  95. Jess Says:

  96. Jess Says:

  97. Jess Says:

  98. Jess Says:

  99. Jess Says:

  100. Jess Says:

    Last one for a little while (It’s all gone quiet out there now anyway…)

    Hope you’ve enjoyed the pics as much as I have. Bench Promo has been awesome! Hope Taylor has a safe flight home now.

  101. Jess Says:

    @Joanie – just saw your post at 79!
    “you qualify as the Bench/ For Taylor Host for this site…….you should meet Taylor when he visits your country”
    I like the way you think!!! But really the pleasure was mine. It made me feel much better knowing I could share Taylor’s journey with amazing people who care so much about him. He did such a wonderful job and I’m so proud of him.

    I think Johanna owns the title back in the US and should get the same opportunity!!

    Also wanted to thank you. It’s been great to have your behind the scenes updates to make us feel a part of the whole Bench – Philippines experience.

  102. Jess Says:

    Just found this on YouTube.
    More of Taylor and Boy Abunda. (Really like him)

  103. Jess Says:

    A fan video from Glorietta today.

  104. Jess Says:

    Taylor’s entrance at MOA Arena last night – HD quality (he really is a rock star!) You will want to mute the sound I think!!!

  105. Jess Says:

    Taylor at MOA Arena last night – saying thanks to everyone.

  106. Jess Says:

    Last one I promise!

    Final ‘catwalk’ at MOA Arena.

  107. Lilly Says:

    @Jess thanks for all the pics and videos!
    so he’s already going back to LA and yes, his dad is with him :)

  108. marianne Says:

    Jess….You’ve done an awesome job!! I can hardly take it all in….Hope you are feeling better. I’m off to ogle all these pics and videos.

  109. Emily Says:

    JESS!!! There were only 13 comments on this thread when I went to bed a few hours ago. Now I’m going to have to look at ALL OF THESE before I go to church!!!!!!!!!! You’re killing me!!! But, I thank you PROFUSELY!!!! :)

  110. joanie Says:

    Taylor is scheduled to fly out in the next 2 hours – still pouring rain – no cancellations yet.

    On the mall tour he was accompanied by his dad, manager, own security, & several Filipino security & his designated hosts & interpreters . He (at least at 1 mall) was take through a store to get to the stage & personnel blocked the checkout lines to make a path for him – from the moment he hit the inside of the store to the stage it was nothing but screams.

    He signed the posters & took pictures with designated VIP’s but on his final walk at the end of the stage & the the sides where there were no VIP’s he stopped & signed just about anything & everything (arms, bags, books, purses)

    I was told that typically at these events FUN FEST & tours they have merchandise (clothes that Taylor modeled) up for sale – this time there was none – reason being given that just about everything he modeled in the ads has been sold out.

  111. joanie Says:

    Taylor’s plane is expected at LAX at approx 8:00pm.

  112. Emily Says:

    Have a safe trip! Looks like this venture was a complete success–for Taylor AND Bench!

    Didn’t have time to look at all these pics b/c I spent my spare time watching the video on the next thread, then had to get ready for church!!! Will be SO anxious until I can get back home and see each and every one!

    Just thought of another question for Taylor—Does your dad still have his pilot’s license? Does he ever swap stories with the pilots on any of these “trips?”

  113. Mystique Says:

    Like @Emily, I have Sunday Services to attend as well in a couple of hours, so I REALLY can’t be looking at any pics/vids this morning, or else I will NOT be able to concentrate at all during the program today lol!…smh…… I need to keep my mind pure and clear (which is hard to do while I’m on this site–sorry! Lol), so I’m going to have to come back later this evening perhaps lol. Taylor just does something to me, and I know my limitations, so I’m not even going to tempt myself lol!

    @Jess & @Johanna–Keep up the AWESOME work in bringing us all of the wonderful pics, videos, and sightings! ^_^

    I can’t THANK you all enough!!! :)

  114. joanie Says:

    Fan video of Taylor at Glorietta Activity Mall
    This after he left the stage & these are all people without VIP passes

    His plane left Manila at 10:30am EST (New York Time)

  115. chanda w Says:

    I think it is safe to say Taylor’s Bench promo , in Manilla, was a success. I really liked that interviewer, Boy Abunda, he asked some good questions. @Joanie, thanks for the info, and wishing peace and comfort to the families of those victims.

    @Jess,Johanna, thanks for all the links. Even with all the new vid and pics of Tay, I just want to see more………can’t get enough of that boy.
    It is so cool that Tay and his stunt double, Gabriel seem to be close. They are the sexiest twins EVAH!

    Well, much like @Mystique, I am just waiting for my baby’s name to be confirmed for FF7, they’ve got less than a couple of weeks left so……………….(trying not to scream)!

    Wishing Taylor and all those on his flight a safe return home.

  116. Evelyn Says:

    I am on the smartphone so I will look later. aw, fuck it. I’ll do it now.

  117. Jess Says:

    I know – what on earth am I doing here when it’s 2.45am Monday here?

    I was trying to cheer myself up after waking up with the worst coughing fit (when will this flu ever end!) and came across ANOTHER video of the full MOA Arena event. So I had to share. This one is even longer and includes the extra long bench commercial!!! I haven’t seen much of it yet but the quality looks pretty good. I think the screaming is louder though. Enjoy!

  118. Jess Says:

    Here’s yet another video of the full event. We should be careful what we wish for!

  119. joanie Says:

    If you see men with t shirts (red or black) that say BOUNCER – (usually they run crowd control at public events and/or security at bars (bounce out any troublemakers). I was told they used just about every single one of them in the city to run control at the mall tours supplemented by off duty police.

  120. accv Says:

    They’re probably laughing in that picture because of the deafening, screaming, loka fans. Filipinos got LUNNGGSSSSS :p They’re really passionate people, so yah… if they like/love you, they’ll certainly show it.

    And kudos to you Johanna and Jess for all those links. Technically, I should’ve been the one to update you guys since he was at my home country so I’m a little ashamed but ya’ll did a better job than I ever could’ve.

    RE: the C.R. thing… yes, C.R. is how you say bathroom in the Philippines. I dunno why… because I don’t consider a bathroom to be a “comfort room” (unless you’re referring to the idea of relieving yourself :p) but SURE! Whatever floats your boat :p

  121. accv Says:

    Also, I wish Boy could’ve had a longer one-on-one convo with Taylor on his talk show. It would’ve been nice… I really likes when he talks to celebrities. And surely that says something when Boy himself claims how different Taylor is from a lot of stars he’s interviewed. Then again, Taylor, at his age… the breeding is apparent. That, coupled with his looks and talent. He certainly has a strong family upbringing and kudos to his parents for it. I think in Boy’s experiences with celebrities… not sure how many international (outside of P.I.) stars he’s interviewed… but many have had baggage and it shows. I speak for those native celebrities he’s interviewed. Not sure about the foreign celebrities. Haven’t seen many of those. I hope a full-length video of this event pops up somewhere so that we can see everything that happened.

    And it was weird seeing him in that blurry Instagram pic with TBG walking through the mall because it doesn’t feel like too long ago that I was in those malls with my relatives as well. lol! Because Filipinos scream so much, I was surprised that there were no stories of fainting or crying. :p

  122. Emily Says:

    I MUST possess that extra-long Bench commercial–on my phone or iPod, so I can have it with me wherever I go.

    Also, did you notice he said he spent one whole day doing a NEW Bench shoot for the holiday season???? If a catalog is in existence, that will be mine as well!!!!!!!!!

    Finally home from church and lunch and grocery store……settling in to look at every one of these links……………….

  123. Emily Says:

    Well, I’m done. That took a while. Jess, YOU are the rock star!!

    I hope there will be whole videos of the 2 mall appearances released soon. Does anyone know if he was interviewed there, too?

    I loved the whole MOA one, from start to finish!! He did my favorite smile–the slightly embarrassed one where he looks down and grins………….sighs……………….I was grinning like an idiot the whole time I was watching it.

    Did anyone notice his arm muscles in the extended commercial when he’s flipping that gigantic tire?!?!?!? I believe I flat-lined for a second…………..

    I know it’s true b/c so many have said it, but I CANNOT imagine how he could possibly look any better in person than he does in these pics and videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. Emily Says:

    I think it now should be a requirement that wherever Taylor is appearing, at least 4 of those huge jumbo-trons must accompany him. I LOVED seeing the close-ups of his sweet face (and seeing him lick his lips so many times ;) )!!!!!!! Since it is Sunday, that’s all I’ll say about that!

  125. Jess Says:


    AWESOME QUALITY AND SUCH AMAZING CLOSE UPS OF TAYLOR (I’m talking his face here people – mind out of gutter, it’s still Sunday there right?)

  126. Jess Says:

    Emily, I know what you mean about the extra long Bench commercial. When I watched it all I could say was “Anthony Mandler – Genius!” PLEASE RELEASE IT SOON BENCH!!! Can’t wait to see the NEW photoshoot for Bench when it comes out as well.

    So much exciting stuff to look forward too!

    This is the best video I’ve been able to find at Glorietta so far. You’ll definitely hear those screaming fans that ACCV mentions above! Thanks for the local knowledge you’ve been able to provide us with btw!

  127. Emily Says:

    I love you, Jess!

    I maximized the video on my screen and he was almost life-sized!!!! I wanted to jump through the computer! Another reason I’m thankful for the screens—-they focused on his face. When they were showing whole-body shots, my eyes were somewhat transfixed on a certain area and I couldn’t look away!! God bless you, Bench! Having nothing more that is appropriate to say, I’ll stop there………………. :)

  128. Emily Says:

    Jess–Anthony Mandler deserves an Oscar for “best short film.” Every shot was just so OOOOHHH!! Taylor looked like………..a jungle cat stalking his prey or something……….and I would happily volunteer to be that prey!! I’m really stopping now. I should feel ashamed, it still being Sunday and all…………..

  129. Jess Says:

    Here is an instagram video of Taylor at the airport in the Philippines.
    I think he should be about half way home by now?

    I hate when he is harassed by the paparazzi at airports, but at the same time I really like knowing that he has arrived safely!

  130. Jess Says:

    Awww! It’s OK Emily – It’s Monday here. Just imagine you’re in Australia right now! LOL!

    Oscar for Mandler! YES!

  131. Jess Says:

    Since I know you love close ups of Taylor, here’s some from Glorietta yesterday. It also gives a really good indication of the amount of security that Taylor had surrounding him as Joanie has been explaining (you see the red shirted ‘Bouncers’)

  132. kia Says:

    Emily- “a jungle cat stalking his pray” I can’t!! Let me remind myself it’s still Sunday.

    Taylor’s flight should landed at LAX around 8pm PST,11pmEST.

  133. chanda w Says:

    Oscar for Anthony Mandler indeed!!

  134. Jess Says:

    TBG is so awesome.

    (nb. For those who may of missed it on another post, TBG is “The Bald Guy”. I guess he could also be “Taylor’s Body Guard”.)

  135. Jess Says:

    Joanie’s post at 110. gives the background to this short video.

  136. Emily Says:

    Way to take charge, TBG!! I hate to think of a poor baby in the midst of all that screaming!!

  137. Johanna Says:

    okay so i just finally got done seeing everything and Jess i cant thank u enough for posting and thank for comment 101 u too sweet but i am with u i like to do it cuz its nice to share the things u like with ppl that will understand why cuz my freinds arent fans like i am so showing them this they would just blow it off but with u guys it great cuz i love ur reactions. :)

    btw not a good idea to look at those pics while eating a lollipop bad things can happen or sever dirty thoughts will occur :)

  138. *Vickey* Says:

    Oh man! I’ve missed so much today too! xD
    I was at Sunday School, then stayed for church of course, then I had one last performance with the rest of the alumni. :)

    Thanks so much for the pictures, videos and updates Jess! Finally was able to go through everything! Love how you’re on top of things! :D

    Accv/Mystique— I’m with you guys! LOL. I just want him to wrap me in his arms! ^.^

    Thanks for that @Joanie. :)
    Sounds like crazy bipolar Texas weather, I know all about that. Haha. I hope everyone has a safe flight.

    Emily— YES! I couldn’t stop looking at his arms every time I watched that part!! “…I would happily volunteer to be that prey!! I’m really stopping now. I should feel ashamed, it still being Sunday and all…” —-> I died laughing when I read this! After seeing all the videos and photos, I definitely had to take a walk. Oh Sunday. :P

    His Filipino fans are amazing! :)
    In the last video you posted Jess, I LOVE how modest and shy Taylor got when the crowd started chanting,” Take it off!” xD It’s so gahhh.

    I know we’re all saying this, but I just REALLY hope he’s involved with FF7! It’d be perfect!

  139. Jess Says:

    I know exactly what you mean Johanna. It’s so great to have a place where people are so happy when you share Taylor with them, rather than think there is something wrong with you because you think he is just so special!

    And I love that you guys have all just sat down and worked through each of these links and enjoyed seeing every one of them just as much as I have.

    On that note.. Here’s another pic from yesterday that I wanted to share because it’s so beautiful. Love his smile, love his shining eyes, love his enthusiasm and generosity – and yeah, I hope you’ve finished that lollipop!

  140. Johanna Says:

    @Jess God look at his neck! MMMMMM i noe they asked him wat he thought was his best asset and i noe they said his eyes which are beautiful but i love his neck <3

    and yes i finished the lollipop ;P

  141. Emily Says:

    Johanna–Ha, ha……….lollipop……… :) I think they were actually mostly chanting “abs” and/or “ass” as his best “assets,” which are both stellar, of course….as are his eyes, but his neck………

    I’ve said it before……I have never in my life even really noticed another person’s neck…..but Taylor’s…………….I would love to just nestle my face right in that area from his clavicle to right under his ear…….for about 6 months……..It’s still Sunday, but I’ve given up trying to be good. It’s just too hard!!

    Vickey–I was so impressed during that tire part…..of course, b/c of his arms, but also b/c you usually only see huge football players or people about 3 times Taylor’s size doing that—his strength is really impressive………..I love when he gets all shy, too……..he really looked like he was turning red…….I’m so happy he still blushes sometimes….it’s quite endearing. I think it would be hilarious if he just ripped his shirt off just once, when fans started chanting that. It would sure surprise the heck out of everybody!!

  142. Evelyn Says:

    I pray that he has a safe trip home. Also, how do you guys know his flight schedules?

  143. Jess Says:

    I know what you mean about being good Emily – I’ve been trying not to look at new pics from the weekend because I know when I have to go back to work and can’t look, it will be complete torture! – but I’ve given in. May as well keep looking while I can I say!

    I think we can all agree that each and every one of Taylor’s features are truly exceptional.

    Now I have to go see that Bench commercial again (and again!) I think when Tracers comes out, and we see even more evidence of what Taylor is capable of… Well I don’t know how I’m going to cope to tell you the truth.

    Anyway, here’s another perfect picture for you all.

  144. kia Says:

    I just wanna jump in that pic wrap my arms around his waist, basically squeezing his ass and pushing him up against me while nibble & licking his neck!!

    Johanna- Sweets+Taylor = Dirty minds…….

  145. Emily Says:

    Jess–huge sighs…………..You really have to stop. I keep checking back here “just one last time” and people keep saying things and posting pictures that I just HAVE to comment on……

    How does he make a candid picture look like a complete work of art????????
    It shouldn’t be possible, yet he does it all the time.

    I’m counting on YOU to find the extended Bench commercial by itself whenever it’s released (and it BETTER be released!!). You seem to be able to find everything else. :)

  146. Emily Says:

    kia–LOL! That was QUITE descriptive! Go for it, girl!

  147. Johanna Says:

    O Kia Kia Kia wat would we do without you
    thank u for giving me that very vivid image
    lets take it one step further and while i press him up against me i take everything off and unfortunately there is no bed so we just have to make due
    Ha take that
    sweet dreams Kia :D

  148. Jess Says:

    Oh dear! I’m almost afraid to post this pic for you…

  149. Johanna Says:

    wow imagine how nice it would be to be wrapped in those strong arms

  150. Jess Says:

    OK. My ‘confession’. One of my favourite things about Taylor – His back/shoulders. This pic, plus the comment that is written with it, plus Johanna’s comment at 149… Life is good right now…

    I think we’re all on sweet Taylor overload!

  151. Johanna Says:

    He does have a nice back
    okay Jess imagine this:

    running ur hand down his smooth bare back while he cradles u in his arms and doing wat Kia suggested in comment 144

    i noe i have had that thought many times :)

  152. Jess Says:

    So happy!

  153. Jess Says:

    Johanna- No! Stop it! I’m not well enough for that! (has coughing fit)

    (FYI my comment at 152. was a response to the photo – not Johanna’s post! Damn that refresh thing. LOL!)

  154. Johanna Says:

    @Jess Sorry its not my fault Taylor is just to damn sexy i cant help wat goes on in my mind wen i see him or parts of him

  155. kia Says:

    Sweet Tay Dreams Ladies………………………………………….Good night

  156. Jess Says:

    Good night Kia!

    Hugs from Taylor!!!

  157. Emily Says:

    Good Lord! How, oh how, could I have forgotten his BACK?!?!?!? I think it’s safe to say, without a doubt, he is about as fine a specimen of man you could ever see, from head to toe and everything in between!!

    I was trying to wait to go to bed after I had heard he had landed safely at LAX, but I need to go NOW!!! These past few days have been so exciting and filled with delights everywhere you look. I’m so glad Bench gave Taylor this chance and he has successfully charmed thousands and thousands of new fans. I’m so looking forward to whatever is next!!!

  158. Jess Says:

    Emily. Agreed! (Not to quote Jacob!)

    Here’s a nice little summary pic of Taylor’s weekend away!

  159. Evelyn Says:

    The man is absolutely, positively perfect. *DIES FROM CARDIAC ARREST AGAIN*

  160. Jess Says:

    Come back to life Evelyn! I have a new video link to share!!!

    Sam Oh from Bench chatting with Taylor at Glorietta yesterday – and Taylor displaying his Tagalog speaking skills! (Love his expression at 1.03!)

  161. Nicole Says:

    I know I’ve been MIA lately but I swear coming back feels like Christmas morning. Lol. OMG has that boy had a busy weekend or what?! Insane!!! But so exciting, I love seeing people go bananas for him even if my eardrums can’t handle it. He deserves every ear splitting scream.

    I’m catching up here so I’m just gonna hit the highlights of several posts for me:
    1. Yes he’s incredible and if I had to break taylor down into lickable parts, sigh…there’s just something about a man with wide, sculpted shoulders that does it for me and taylor has that in spades. Like I could stay up all night keeping those things busy. Ahem.
    2. Those jeans…hmm, confession time. I’m just gonna say it….I’ve named his buldgy parts. It’s Peter…and every time he makes an appearance in a pic I poke it and whisper “Hey Peter.” And stare a little longer than creepy. Those jeans….those jeans, sigh….those jeans, lets just say my poking finger hurts it was so busy this weekend. *whisper*Hey Peter.
    3. Taylor’s interview skills: meh, back in my rob loving days this use to be my main criticism of taylor. For some reason it seemed like we were never getting the “real” taylor. But on second look (and really nice guys always get attention AFTER we chicks take a second look) how taylor interviews is…honest. Yes it’s the same answers to the same questions interview after interview, because he’s telling the truth. He isn’t makin up stuff to be funny or seem edgy or even to change things up…. The truth is he’s a humble gracious guy who really appreciates all he’s been given and takes every opportunity to express that appreciation. Even if it makes some people nauseous. That’s the real taylor, we’re getting him, we just have to accept him without comparing him to others who are frankly a bit disingenuous. I like his interviews. Maybe I’m in the minority, but hey that just means I’ll have Peter all to myself.


  162. Jess Says:

    Johanna, this one’s for you!
    (but we can all enjoy it!)

    Nicole, welcome back. Totally agree with you in point 3. I’m so glad you took that second look and saw all that Taylor has to offer.

  163. accv Says:

    Bahahaha! That video with Sam Oh. SOMEONE’S got good memory! ;) And his diction wasn’t bad either… despite the obvious American accent, that was pretty good! He could’ve just said, “Mahal kita (I love you)” but instead he remembered how to say “I love you all!” (Mahal ko kayo). Good job, Tay! Oh and “Mabuhay!” is actually more of “Welcome” than “Hello” because usually Filipinos actually say hi, hello and whatever…. or it’s “What’s up” (Kumusta/Musta). In fact, he sounded like the regular heartthrobs in P.I. that are mixed ethnicity.

  164. Emily Says:

    Nicole–I laughed out loud when reading your number 2!! Guess what I’m going to think of when those “parts” make another appearance?????

    Also glad you gave him a second look. Aren’t you so glad you did??? I’ve always loved his interviews. Like I said somewhere else, if you get tired of the same answers, just let your eyes wander and take him all in and then you won’t be paying any attention to what he was saying anyway. That’s why I always have to tape his appearances…..I get distracted…… :)

    Jess–That was a beautiful picture on #162. I want to know what kind of skin products he uses………but, then again, I really don’t ’cause he’d probably say “nothing” because that just seems to be the kind of genes he’s working with…… when he said he takes “at most” 10 minutes to get ready every day. I thought, “I hate you!” (NOT REALLY)………it’s just so unfair!!

    accv–He looked so cute when he was saying those words! I swear, my emotions with him are like watching a tennis match……one second he’s completely adorable and sweet and you just want to hug him tight……..then the next second he does or says something or moves in a certain way and he’s completely hot and irresistible and you just want to do other things…………

  165. Mystique Says:

    @EMILY–“I swear, my emotions with him are like watching a tennis match……one second he’s completely adorable and sweet and you just want to hug him tight……..then the next second he does or says something or moves in a certain way and he’s completely hot and irresistible and you just want to do other things…………”

    OMG @Emily I struggle with that ALL the time when it comes to Taylor! Lol! In fact, I think I’ve commented on that “back and forth”feeling on here before lol! It’s the oddest thing! No other celebrity gives me that feeling. You want to hug and squeeze him tight for being so adorable one minute, and then the next minute you want to do OTHER things to him lol! Rotfl! It’s like Jekyll and Hyde lol!! :D.

  166. *Vickey* Says:

    Missed you Nicole! :D
    Nicole— LOL! I love your list! I couldn’t have picked 3 better things!
    LMAO “Hey Peter.” I can’t with you guys.

    Emily– Re: Lesson Plan: Haha! I knew you had it under control! :)

    Jess– Thanks for the recent picture you posted. I couldn’t stop looking at it. He looks amazing. :)

    Accv— I love when Taylor tries to speak different languages, I think it’s so cute! Lol. Glad he succeeded. Hahah. Oooh I’m learning some new words in a new language through you and Taylor. :P *jots them down*

    Mystique— Re: Jekyll and Hyde: YES!!! Lol! :D
    Best comparison to all of our emotions towards Taylor. Haha! I wonder does he know he has this effect on us on? He has to!

  167. accv Says:

    @Emily… I know, right?! He did look adorable saying “Mabuhay” and “Mahal ko kayo” :p And I agree with you completely about your emotions fluctuating between “Awwww” and “HNNNGGGGGGG” LOL!

    @Vickey…. There’s just something about Taylor and his tongue. He can use it in ways that are cute and sexy all at the same time. *MY HNNNGGGGGG MOMENT* :p!

    By the way, this is totally OT… but has anyone seen the Footloose remake? I’m just gonna go out on a limb and say that I’ve developed a new crush on another actor/newcomer. I don’t know what it is about me and the unconventional, but I seem to get drawn to those that are not cookie-cutter attractive. That being said, the guy who plays Willard in the remake… Miles Teller? Although I find him to be a cross between Elvis Presley and John Cusack… the guy… like, I dunno. I find him pretty handsome. It’s weird. He’s hot… but not? LOL! Not only that, he was truly amusing in Footloose. He really made me laugh. Not saying the main star playing Ren wasn’t… a guy that can dance like that is HNNNGGGG in my book, but Miles had that quirky charm oozing from him in the movie as Willard. Oddly, I felt like I was cheating on Taylor with these feelings emitting from me while watching him (and the trailer of his new movie with Shailene Woodley from Secrets of Blah Blah). But… the guy’s my age. In fact, he’s older than me by a few months. Whatever. I thought he had this odd attractive-ness about him and I just wanted to know if anyone noticed him too and your thoughts. If not, it’s all good.

    Also, Footloose has some amazing songs in it. I really liked Victoria Justice and Hunter Hayes’ cover of Almost Paradise… and yes, even Blake Shelton’s cover of Footloose was a booty mover, but wow… Victoria Justice has a lovely voice. Taylor should definitely work with his childhood friend. It’d be nice to see them together in a project as well. I swear, he has yet to work with his girl friends in the biz. Then again, he’s only had Twilight, VDAY, Abduction and now Tracers… soooo he’s building momentum still. Hopefully in the future he’ll have something with Victoria, Selena, etc. Just wanna see how his chemistry changes with them on the big screen, is all :)

  168. *Vickey* Says:

    Accv— Hmm I catch your drift. :P
    Oh yeah when it first came out, I decided to pass on it, but I decided to watch it fairly recent, around April I think. It wasn’t bad, I actually like Blake Shelton’s cover of Footloose! When I went swing dancing for the first time with my friends for someone’s birthday, they played it! Haha. Definitely a booty mover!
    I was actually blessed to see Big Time Rush and meet them this summer (lol judge me, but I adore BTR) and Victoria Justice opened for them, she has a nice voice. She’s a very sweet girl, I’d have to see their chemistry, but I wouldn’t mind seeing him work with VJ. Her look sort of reminds me of Nina Dobrev. :)

    Just looked up Miles and it hit me I know who you’re talking about! Haha. He and DOES look like a cross between Elvis and John Cusack! LOL. It’s all coming back! I remember seeing him in Project X and Rabbit Hole! He’s a nice guy and he’s pretty funny! One of my really good friends feels the same way about him, she’s like he has this dorky, “odd attractiveness” that draws her to him. Haha.

  169. Emily Says:

    accv—TAYLOR AND HIS TONGUE!!! Yes! When he licks his lips………..I just can’t!! And did you notice how many times he did it at the MOA thing—you could really see it when they did the close-ups of his face on the huge screens. What was your word?? HHHNNNNGGGG!!! LOL

    I don’t know the guy you’re talking about, but I’ll have to look him up, b/c I LOVE Elvis, and aside from Taylor, I think he was the most beautiful man!!

  170. accv Says:

    @Vickey… I like dancing in general… moreso watching it than doing it. I’m a freestyle girl… I’m a bit more uncoordinated with choreography, unfortunately. Funny you say you passed on it initially. I remember going to the movie theatre and seeing the trailer. Thought it was OK. Wasn’t my cup of tea at the time. Then I randomly decided to give it a shot on Netflix last week and ended up really enjoying it. Although it’s no Oscar-winning movie, it’s one of my faves RE: cast chemistry, casting, dance sequences… acting… well, not so much of course but it wasn’t heinous. I really enjoyed the chemistry between Julianne’s character, Ren, Willard, Rusty… the football captain and his gf.

    And hey, whatever floats your boat. I’m not a fan of BTR, but they must be doing something right if they’re successful right now.

    And OMG… I watched Project X last month on On Demand and HAHAHAHA… TOTALLY didn’t realize it was him at that grocery. I was like… NO. WAY. THAT’S HIM?! I guess the voice was different? Or I dunno… now that he’s 26, he seems more attractive than in Project X. :p Looks like he’s been working out. He also has a movie with Shailene Woodley (indie) that came out this month. I definitely like him better with shorter hair. Although his hair was longer in Footloose… but I prefer it shorter. Don’t ask. I like guys’ hair short. :p

    @Emily… oh yes. Taylor’s tongue. *SUUUWWWWOONNN* :p I think his lips-licking thing is part of his nervous ticks. He must do it because he’s nervous.