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The parkour-practicing star talks character, fake tattoos and his weird dreams.

74 Responses to “On The Set Of ‘Tracers’ With Taylor Lautner”

  1. Jess Says:

    Pretty cool to think that the shots of Taylor parkouring over the cars and trucks were filmed by Josh Yadon who is also in Tracers. It’s so very awesome seeing those set pics come to life.

  2. Vanessa Says:

    He is SO handsome!!! I love that boy with all my heart <3

  3. Nicolefair Says:

    Soooo I’m in the mood to be really analytical. Taylor commented that he wouldn’t be able to get tattoos in his “real life”…..hmm. This only confirms what I’ve thought all along and Mystique I think we talked about this a while ago on imdb. I totally think Taylor’s really religious. And I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say he’s still a virgin….or newly unhymenated. I’m on my iPod doing this so I can’t get indepth, but yeah, I think this dudes real sex appeal is because he’s pure as new snow. Nothing sexier than a virgin.

  4. johanna Says:

    Wow Nicole u really went for it
    As for the tats he did say that he has had dreams were he’s covered in them so maybe he secretly wants them.
    As for being really religious idk about that but maybe he is
    As for the virgin thing I also don’t think he is its just a vibe I get but don’t get me wrong if he is I don’t care I am too and I’m only a year younger then him

    I love that u said pure as snow that’s really funny

  5. marianne Says:

    Jess….That is so cool to see what Josh Yadon filmed. Can’t wait to see all of these shots put together.

    Vanessa…He’s pretty lovable!

    Nicolefair….Tats do pose a coverage problem for filming so that could be why he’s avoiding them. Since Taylor has a younger sister who he’s close with, I do think he feels he has a certain responsibility in his behavior in setting an example for her as well as not hurting his parents who have sacrificed on his behalf. That’s why I don’t think he will live with someone before he marries. Whether he’s a virgin or not, who knows.

  6. Nicolefair Says:

    Hmmm, I’m with you on the family thing. I believe he is very dedicated and respectful of how his parents raised him and of course to the message he sends his younger sister. But….the body language from Josh when he spoke about tats suggests that he already knew Tay couldn’t get all inked up. Josh asked the question then sorta nodded and conceded the answer before our boy could really say it. I know Tay has a pretty good relationship with Josh so he could know stuff about him that isn’t common knowledge.

    For example back in the twilight days, remember the fan fiction interview or was it 50 Shades? Anyway, Josh hinted that the stories were quite saucy and hedged that Taylor might not be into them. Taylor sorta bite his lip and said email them to him. It was just a very innocent response. I remember thinking “awwwwww”

    Lol. I’m just sayin y’all.

  7. Evelyn Says:

    Wow, just wow. I could not take my eyes off his left bicep.

  8. Mystique Says:

    @KIAAAAA!!—-OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! Thank you SO much for that Tracers clip!

    OHHH-EMM-GEEE!!! Oh boy…. smh…I don’t know how I’m going to even survive in order to see this movie! JEEEEZ!!! O_O

    That laundry mat scene was HOTTTT!! hahaha! Poor @Johanna…I’m sorry your parents were sleeping in the next room and you coudl’t fully “express yourself” haha! SO been there. Thank goodness I don’t have a full permanent job here yet, otherwise I’d be at work covering my mouth and GASPING for breath (like I was when I watched the Bench Commercial at work—–Baaaaad idea lol!!)!

    Accv—I totally agree, Taylor DOES have a mixture of his parents! Lol! I think his sister primarily looks like his mom, but Taylor DEFINITELY has his dad’s eyes, and then the rest I guess is his mother?? Idk….it’s hard to tell! I really want to see his dad SMILE one day, because I swear…where did Taylor and Makena get such beautiful smiles from? Is it from mom?? Whoever in the family had that “smile”, it is definitely a nice one. :)

    OH and YES! “Angry Taylor” is hot indeed!!! And you’re right, I think it IS because he’s so different from that in real life. To this day I think Taylor has probably had the most chemistry with Kristen in he Twi films, but I don’t know!!! He and Marie seem to be bringing the heat as well! LOL! Then again, I’m getting the impression that ANY girl paired w/Taylor would automatically have chemistry with him simply because it’s HIM! I’d probably feel the chemistry between Taylor and a tree LOL! HAHA! ^_^

  9. Mystique Says:

    @Nicole—I think you’re on to something! :) I don’t mind analyics, because I can be quite analytical myself lol. Yes, I do remember that discussion we had on

    I stick with my gut feeling, and my gut feeling is that Taylor IS pretty religious….OR, grew up in a somewhat religious household. I wouldn’t be surprised. He has a different vibe to him than most other guys around his age in the business. Even just the fact that he doesn’t smoke, doesn’t do drugs (not to OUR knowledge anyway lol!), rarely if EVER curses (unless it’s in a film maybe?), and seems genuinely NICE and RESPECTABLE with everyone he comes in contact with says a lot. So, he either grew up with really AWESOME parents, or he had a somewhat religious upbringing. I’ve heard that he grew up in a religious household…I’ve heard that more than once (forgot which religion….I want to say Roman Catholic maybe??), but I don’t know 100% if it’s true or not.

    Now whether or not he’s stlll a VIRGINIAN…..I don’t know lol! Sometimes I think: “Oh yes…..definitely”. Then, OTHER times I’m like: “There is NO way he’s still a virgin…..not a FULL one anyway (if you know what I mean lol!). SO, I really don’t know! Maybe before the whole Marie union I would have said he was, but now I don’t know!

    I’m a “virginian” myself lol (TRYING to save myself for marriage!—Being a Taylor fan does NOT make it easy though rotfl!), so whether he is or isn’t is fine by me. I tend to not get into people’s sexuality like that. To me that’s someone’s own personal business what they decide to do….or, NOT do lol. ;-)

    Vickey—Thanks so much @Vickey! Yes, read the update of my story and let me know what you think!! heehee!! Let’s just say, this new Tracers movie is TOTALLY giving me some “ideas” for some future scenes in my fanfic/story! ^_^

    Here’s the link again just in case, if any of you are interested in a read! :D

    “Destiny’s Secrets”
    UPDATED: Chapter 9: “Lies & Diversion”

    Btw…. I just noticed that the other day Sara tweeted this somewhat cryptic tweet: “The only guy you need in your life is the guy that proves he needs you in his.”

    Hmmm….I hate to speculate, but anyone think that this might be one reason why Sara and Taylor broke up? It’s a very true quote. IDK……not EVERYTHING on Twitter should be read into that deeply….I just thought her tweet was kind of interesting.

  10. Mystique Says:

    @Evelyn—Oh I KNOW! All during that interview I was just staring at his aarrrrms lol! ^_^ He’s gotten so buff again.

    I always have to watch Taylor interviews at least twice…because the first time I’m usally staring at him and have slipped into an altered state of consciousness… much so, that I barely remember what he was saying lol!

  11. Catherine Says:

    Thank you @Jess – you are lovely – but that last link doesn’t work either! I’m going to have to buy a plane ticket…or be patient and wait for some kind soul to post it in YouTube!!!

    As for the whole tattoos/religion thing…I think it’s ALL down to professional image. Image, image, image. In a way, I’d like you to be right, @Nicole, despite being pretty anti-religion myself, as it would be for a personal reason. He’s PAINFULLY professional, which I do find frustrating, much as I adore him! Future roles may demand him to be tattoo-free. Squealing teen-fans don’t want him to have a girlfriend. Management don’t want him to be seen partying. All well and good, but I look forward to seeing Taylor in, what, five years’ time? See how he matures/loosens up a bit? ;)

    As for his parents being ‘strict’…hmmm. Taylor was in a sex symbol role at 17, posing quite provocatively in photo shoots too. They can’t be THAT straight-laced.

    Not that I’m complaining, you understand. Far from it ;)

    The gif of him and Marie leaves me wanting more…so good to see him on screen again. I reckon this site will EXPLODE when we get a trailer :)

  12. Catherine Says:

    It’s on YouTube. Sorry, I’ll stop stamping my feet like a brat now ;)

    Angry Taylor.

    Yes :)

  13. kia Says:

    I would loved to pour chocolate or even BBQ sauce on that arm and have a lick fest.

    Catherine- When the Trailer is release,the comment section will be !@#$%^&*()_-+=~`?><,. I won't be surprise if this site crashes. LOL

    Mystique- Yay!! you updated!!

  14. Mystique Says:

    Catherine—Shoot….IIIIII will “explode” when we get a trailer on this site LOL!!! ROTFL!!! ^_^ :D

    Interesting view you’ve mentioned there about Taylor and him being “painfully professional”. Does that mean that you think he is somehow not being genuine? Do you think he is somehow deep down unhappy and is aching to have a different less-strict life? Do you think he’s under a lot of pressure to maintain a certain image? Just curious! You’ve brought up an interesting discussion!

    This is just my own opinion, so….plz don’t stone me! Lol! While I know that Taylor isn’t perfect (although he does seem close! lol), and I’m sure he has other “sides” to him that the public does NOT see, I don’t however think that the fact that Taylor doesn’t “party” or do drugs or have tattoos means that he needs to “loosen up”….some people just aren’t into all of those things. Nothing wrong w/that lol.

    Idk how tight his management is….from what I hear, they might be pretty strict. But BELIEVE me, if Taylor really wanted to do drugs, smoke, party like a rockstar or get publically intoxicated, I think he probably would have done it by now. Idk…that’s just my gut feeling. There are SOOOO many young celebrities who have managers also, but they give their “management” the finger and go on and do whatever it is they want to do.

    So, either Taylor is REALLY REALY disciplined, OR, he might just not be all that into that kind of lifestyle. Idk…just a hunch. I think it might be a combo of both actually. He just seems to have way too much respect for his parents and what they sacrificed to get him in the business to go screw it up on a bad/rebellious image. :-/ Plus, even when other people talk and meet him, they say the same thing. Wasn’t he the LEAST one to owe the little girl who played Renesme in BD2 money for the swear jar? I could see if he were ONE way in public, and a TOTALLY different way behind the scenes lol. But that’s not the vibe I get w/him. I think w/Taylor…what you see is basically what you get in SOME respect.

    Every actor/public figure of course has a “face” they show the public, and another “face” they show their personal world. But that doesn’t mean that the two faces have to be STARKLY all that different. In all honesty, I hope in 5 – 10 years he’s still the same type of guy…just OLDER. I hate to see celebrities feel like they have to somehow “prove” something when they get older, and go off the deep end with wild antics and partying, etc. (*cough* Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan, Shia LaBeouf, Rihanna, Chris Brown, etc.) No offense, but they don’t look all that happy to me. :-/

    That’s probably just my own personal opinion though lol.

    The only thing I would like to see him “loosen up” in is during interviews. He definitely has a more playful side to him (at least from what I’ve seen when he was younger), that we don’t see as much in interviews, and I think his “team” needs to let him show that side more. He’ll always be professional, since that’s probably what Taylor is (consumate professional), but they can let him relax some in interviews imo. He doesn’t have to say the most perfect thing/answer all the time lol.

    The LAST thing I would hate to see is Taylor being FORCED to be a certain way in the public eye when he’s really NOT. THAT would sadden me the most. :-/ I hope he’s NOT being pulled/or pushed in any way that is completelyunnatural for him. Being professional is ONE thing (we ALL have to be somewhat professional in our jobs/professonal lfe…that’s just a given), but if he’s being sheltered or inhibited in a way that is UNNATURAL, then he’s just going to eventually rebel and spring like a coil lol. I would HATE to think that this were the case with him and his management. :-/

  15. Logan Says:

    @ Evelyn, I feel you! I went to review because I was only staring at his bicep but the second time around….I was staring and drooling hahahahaha.
    I totally love this guy.

  16. Emily Says:

    Mystique–I’m like you. I had to watch that whole video again, just to really listen to what he was saying, b/c when I saw it last night, I was mainly staring at his arm and face and then had a total freak-out like Johanna, so it didn’t sink in until my second viewing.

    Now that it has, can I just say……………….GOOD GOD!!!

    I do not condone any type of violence toward or pushing around of women by men in any way…….that being said, as someone else said last night (don’t remember who), Taylor could slam me against ANYTHING any day!!!!! (Not that I think he’d ever really do that to a woman in anger…..) Why IS “angry Taylor” so appealing??? Maybe it IS b/c we know he’s quite the opposite of that in his real life.

    Everyone is bringing up interesting points.I don’t think we, as his fans and the viewing public in general, have seen his true personality yet. He is holding back at times and has an image to maintain. But, on the other hand, I truly believe that he is sincerely a good, kind, decent person who respects his parents and sets a good example for his sister. (Mystique–I have also read several times that he was raised in a “strict, Roman Catholic household.”) I remember seeing an interview with Kristen who said that she had never heard him say anything worse than “darn it” or some really tame phrase like that–and it was more recently, like during BD 1 or 2 promo. If he had a mouth like a sailor in his everyday life, I’m sure she would have heard it and would have had no qualms about sharing that fact with the world, given her propensity for garbage-talk.

    As far as the tattoos go, even though he says he has dreams about being covered in them, I don’t think that necessarily means he is secretly longing for them. I dream I’m naked in public A LOT, but I definitely don’t want that to happen in real life, LOL. Maybe he just doesn’t want them. There’s nothing wrong with that, either. And Josh saying “the POOR make-up person that would have to cover his tattoos.” Yeah, I’m sure that would be an enormous hardship on that LUCKY SOUL!!!

    I agree that I’d love to see a picture of his dad smiling and also a picture of him when he was younger, like around Taylor’s age, to see if there is more of a resemblance. Their eyes and profiles DO match. His mom is a nice-looking lady, too. I think they both just hit the “gene jackpot” when they had kids–some amazing combination of both of them.

    I am going to say again, I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THIS MOVIE!!

  17. Jess Says:

    @Nicolefair mentioned this on the previous thread and I thought I’d share my ‘findings’…

    “To dream that you have tattoos represents your sense of individuality and the desire to stand out in a crowd. You want to be unique and different from everybody else, particularly if you do not have any tattoos in real life.”

    I think Taylor’s dreams are telling him he needs to make some more movies!!!
    “To dream that your body has a tattoo signifies an urgent business matter. This matter will need your immediate attention and take you away from friends and family. The tattoo may also indicate life changes.”

    This one is so true of Taylor…
    “Having tattoos in your dream denotes your ability to be unique in your own way and stand out amongst the rest. You do not follow the crowd.”

  18. Mystique Says:

    @Emily—Lol….I’m like you, I don’t condone violence of ANY kind towards women, but shoooot…if Taylor wants a little “rough action”, I would NOT refuse lol! HA HA!

    Oh yes…..the “poor soul” who would have to put makeup over his tattoos awww…… poor thing…. (yeah…RIGHT). -_- LOL!

    Okay GOOD! I’m glad it wasn’t just me who had heard that he came from a Roman Catholic household. I was beginning to think I was imagning things lol!

    Omg….naked in public dreams are the WORST! Poor thing @Em! hahah! Thank goodness I don’t get those dreams often….whew! How humiliating lol! You always wake up like: “OMG…thank goodness that was only a dream haha!”

    I’ve always wanted to see Taylor’s dad younger TOO! I think he probably looked a lot like Taylor did in some way! The eyes and the brows definitely on Taylor are Mr. Lautner Sr. ALL the way.

    @Jess–ROTFL! Now we’re analyzing and interpreting Taylor’s dreams lol! HAHA! How funny! Very interesting interpretations! I do think Taylor DOES stand out as being a little “different” in some way. He’s unique lol. ^_^

  19. Evelyn Says:

    Taylor has this aura that set him apart from everyone else. As for his upbringing, he was bought up as Catholic and they have a deeper understanding among others, treating them with respect, treating women as an equal, and knowing what is best. He also have a very caring mind when it comes to the challenged, and I love him for that. I had a similar background too, and there is nothing wrong with it. We just treat life the way it supposed to be.

    As for virginity, well I was told it should be a ‘gift.’ Well, Taylor has been making me want to give my gift to him. Would not mind, as he can ‘passion’ me in any way he wants to. I’d be both afraid and turned on.

  20. Jess Says:

    @Catherine, so glad you finally got to see the mtv interview.
    If anyone else is having trouble, the youtube link is

    re. Taylor’s family, I would really love to see him do an episode of Who Do You Think You Are? I think it would be so interesting to know where and who Taylor comes from. Sadly I doubt it would ever happen.

  21. Emily Says:

    Jess, that would be so great!!! I agree though………….will probably never happen!

  22. Mystique Says:

    Ha! I shot down and outed a liar and a rumor-spreader on Taylor’s IMDB.COM board the other day, and the guy actually ended up admitting that he lied, and he wished that he looked as good as Taylor lol. Idk if he’s just playing or telling the truth, but I commended him for at least being honest. I also told him that there’s no need to hate on Taylor or spread rumors about him cuz he’s actually a nice guy! AND I told him that most of his fans like Taylor for his personality, not JUST his looks.

  23. Catherine Says:

    @Mystique (my IMDB warrior – good girl!!!) Promise I’m not criticising him, I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t keen on him, ha ha! But @Emily summed it up well – he’s ‘holding back’. Understandably, he’s got a lot to prove right now, and needs to cement his position. I think it’s sheer AMBITION (combined with management advice) that makes him the way he is.

    I don’t think he’s not being genuine…just maybe showing us 10% of the person he is…and when there is a flash of a livelier, more fun Taylor – it’s absolutely lovely! I just think that as he gets older, and more confident in his place in the industry, he’ll ease up on himself.

    I don’t want him to go wild. That’s not to say I wouldn’t enjoy an evening with Taylor and a few shots of JD…. ;)

    As for the clip – can I just say that I have high hopes for the director?!!!! Yay! The teaser trailer was BRILLIANT, the clip is sooooo cool…I think they found the right guy!

    Did Josh (who also seems great) have a backpack/camera thing on then?! I love that Tracers has been done ‘properly’.

    Stun the critics into silence :)

  24. Mystique Says:

    Catherine– Yes lol….I can’t have anyone spreading lies about Taylor without calling them on it lol! I find it even funnier that the guy admitted that he just wishes he could be like Taylor lol!

    Re: Your “Analysis”….
    Thanks for clarifying! I knew you weren’t criticizing Taylor….I know you love him just like the rest of us on here do. :) I was just interested in your thoughts and how you felt about his “public persona”. I’m always fascinated by how people think and I love in-depth discussions (even if we don’t all tend to agree)…..comes with the territory when you have a degree in Psychology I guess lol! ^_^ I just found your thoughts interesting and wanted more clarification, that’s all.

    I do agree that he does hold back more in interviews now days than when he was younger. My guess is that he’s probably showing us about 45-50% of his “REAL” personality, whereas before, he was probably showing more like 65-70%. :-/

    I do feel that part of it is just his nature, but also part of it is (like you mentioned) his ambition, drive, and dedication & discipline. He doesn’t seem like the type of guy who will just screw something up “just because”. Glad to hear you don’t want him to become JB: Part 2 lol! :D. That wildness doesn’t even really seem like his personality anyway no offense. But yea, he’s 21 now…’s “OK” to be photographed with a bottle of beer every once in a while lol haha!

    I’m sure when he becomes more “established” and more “mature” and well respected in Hollywood he’ll probably loosen up a little more. Right now he’s just super focused and doesn’t want to really mess anything up. Also….. (and this is just a thought), maybe he has family members or grandparents that are more religious or worry about the moral conduct in the industry and he tries to be respectful to them as well. I just remember an interview he did awhile back,where he was telling the story of how some family member called him up believing that he had died at the hands of several strippers! Rotfl! Of course,it was just an internet hoax. So,his family keeps close tabs on him I’m sure lol. So maybe it’s not JUST his management, because even in Hollywood, they will tell you that even NEGATIVE press and PR stunts are better than NO publicity or press.

    So, who knows…. I’m sure he’ll “loosen up” some eventually. I think the whole Twilight fame is what did it honestly.

    Idk….maybe perhaps @Joanie or @Firereign can shed some more light on this lol. :)

  25. Ashley Says:

    I am absolutely losing my mind over that Tracers scene that’s all over Tumblr with Taylor and Marie! My, oh, my! Tracers will be the death of me! But, I will gladly welcome it! ;)

  26. Johanna Says:

    wow so many comments

    @Evelyn yes his biceps look amazing i wouldn’t mind doing wat Kia suggested

    RE: as for the whole public face thing i mean he is in this industry were if u dont have tough skin u wont make it. You have to be prepared for wat ever is thrown at you and i do agree with u ladies that Taylor does have that drive and ambition which allows him to continue and stay strong even wen he may not feel like it. I have to believe that that job has to be stressful many times especially wen many ppl think he cant do this. From my own personal experience a lot of time i have to put on a mask of happiness wen i dont feel so happy so i think that why maybe we dont always get the real Taylor cuz he has to appear stronger then everyone else because he is the under dog. Right now he probably just wants to be able to get established and show ppl that he can do it and he does belong in that world. I dont blame him if sometimes he has to use a mask.
    But i do believe that he will show ppl that he can do this and them we will be able to see more of the real Taylor.

    RE: as for the whole parting stuff I also think that he probably is just not into it. I mean im not at all either i would be so awkward going to a club or something like that its just not my scene and maybe its not his either. Also i have heard that he was raised roman Catholic but i dont think he was raised too strict. I just think that he parents raised him with good values. I was raised in a somewhat catholic home but we stopped going to Church wen i was young and once i got older i decided to go my own way with my beliefs but i still grew up with pretty good morals.

    But like we have all said Taylor is a really great person and he I dont think he will throw all the had work he has done just to be stupid and reckless. He will decide wen he feels comfortable to show who he REALLY is we just have to be patient and enjoy this ride with him and watch him grow and just support him in watever he chooses to do.

    sorry this was so long :)

  27. Johanna Says:

    @Ashley this is OT
    i REALLY dont like that amy chick in HM she is totally messing with B/J mojo just kill her off already she really pisses me off! And please o please try to kill edward in a really awesome way in that story were bella realizes its all a lie please it would be so great to read :)

    and im right there with u they will have to have a double funeral for u and me cuz i dont noe how i will survive the movie if i could barely survive that little scene. Especially since i couldnt freak-out like i wanted i had to keep it all inside im like going insane


    okay i feel better :P

  28. Johanna Says:

    sorry for that last comment if it kinda went of the comment section i dont noe why it did that

  29. Ashley Says:

    No need to worry about Amy….well, not in HM…maybe in the sequel…you never know…*evil laugh* Edward’s somewhat important to the sequel so I can’t kill him…not in HM at least…I’ll see how the sequel ends up going. And, as for B/J mojo check the recent update! ;)

    Oh, yes! That scene alone is enough to almost kill me…I can just imagine what the whole movie and all the other scenes will be like! I can’t wait ’til 2014 and when we finally get a real release date! :D

  30. Johanna Says:

    okay Ashley time to put up chap 22! I cant wait i need to see wat happens like now!

    And wat do u mean a sequel? And as for the other stories are u going to put those up or are u still writing them?

  31. Ashley Says:

    It’s planned already. I just have to find the time to write it out.

    I’m going to write a sequel for HM! I’m still working on the other stories. HM is just the one my muse has wanted to work on the most recently.

  32. joanie Says: … …
    A little information on another step in getting financing & a film to screen

  33. chanda w Says:

    Still on edge about FF7. Confirm already!! This interview with Tay, I was just watching his lips the entire time. YUMMY. The scene where Taylor pushes Marie, I’m thinking, I so wish it was me, he was pushing around. And he was all in her face…..I would have made out with him , right on the spot. LOL.

    Tracers 2014, hell yeah! Must see.

    @Mystique, kicking butt and takin’ names on the IM board, ha, ha, . Those jealous liars can’t mess with Tay and think his fans will just sit back……..hell no.

    I don’t believe Taylor is a virgin, his sex appeal is off the charts. Think he’s made some people, very happy. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have values. Which I believe he has. I think he is somewhat religious and it makes a difference in how you treat people and carry yourself. He stands out, in a very good way.

    I think Tay and Sara have called it quits for good. She might have finally gotten tired of being on the backburner or not fully acknowleged as his girlfriend. He was constantly saying he was single. True, some fans are fringe and might have threatened her, all the more reason to let people know you are in love person and their opinions don’t scare you. So I think Taylor enjoyed being considered single and Sara, was a safety net. I could be wrong, whatever the case wish her and Gregg all the best. As long as she doesn’t try to throw dirt at Taylor , I don’t care.

    Joanie, thanks for the info, do you know what is going on with FF7?

    Ashley, read some of your pages. Seems like a guy was telling the story, lol. Scandalous, lol.

  34. Ashley Says:

    2014 and Tracers seriously can’t come fast enough. *sigh*

    @chanda – Hmm…never heard that before. Wait…does that mean I think like a guy?! Oh, god! I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. lol!

  35. Lilly Says:

    Taylor was with Patrick S. and Tarik yesterday.

    And according to a lady on Twitter he was at Soho House too
    “#LaNights Soho House sightings, Quentin Tarantino, Taylor Lautner, John Singleton, Russell Simmons – now those folks are CELEBS!”

  36. Kathy Says:

    Ugh, the paparazzi are so annoying. And how did they know where Taylor was going to be? Are they psychic or something.

  37. vera Says:

    and Dan Bernstein was in Patrick car too…all his friends)
    John Singleton? Hmm..interesting.

  38. Emily Says:

    vera–Is Dan in the business? I don’t know anything about him.

    I know people who seek to become famous kind of have to expect the paparazzi, but that must get so annoying having to deal with them. These actually seemed pretty tame and weren’t really shouting rude things like some do, but that must be so distracting when you’re trying to drive through a group of people.

  39. chanda w. Says:

    Ashley, it was a compliment. I like to write also. It’s good to tell a story from a different perspective.
    So Patrick and Tay are still good friends, cool. They both look like walking billboards.
    John Singleton and Taylor at the same place? Is that an up to date tweet? Sometimes twitter will post old tweets as new, don’t know why?
    If this is recent news, I’m ready for Abduction 2. They know what they did wrong in the first one and can make the second one great. I also think Lily would be available. Just sayin’.
    I like that Taylor keeps a tight knit group. He could have showed that handsome face.

    Give em’ something, lol.

  40. marianne Says:

    Lilly….Thanks for the link. Nice to know he still keeps in touch with those guys. Since Tarik wasn’t on this last film shoot, I wondered if something happened. Why do I think the tabs are going to make a big deal of this?!

    Emily…I read where Dan used to be with WME but now is with Comedy Central.

    Kathy…Since the bar was in W. Hollywood makes you wonder if those places don’t have the paps on speed dial.

  41. marianne Says:

    Forgot to ask if anyone has heard anything about FF??

  42. joanie Says: … …
    Collapse – just a “boys” night out

  43. Johanna Says:

    I just want to noe how good those lips actually taste :P

    Im glad he had a guys night out were he could hang out with his friends

    and thanks lily for the link u too Joanie

  44. Mystique Says:

    Chanda— Yes that’s right! Sometimes I feel like it’s only me and this other girl named Tara on defending Taylor’s honor….smh…. :-/ I’m just so upset that his “message board” (if you can even call it that) has turned into that atrocity on ugh….. :(

    Lol….well, I’m not going to say 100% if Taylor is still a virgin or not, but I WILL say, that you CAN be sexually appealing to others without ever having sex lol! It happens! Sometimes ppl just have a certain Je ne sais quoi…..and whether he’s still a virgin or not, Taylor has loads of it! :D.

    Oh and I do agree with you….Sara has definitely moved on for good…. I’m actually happy for her. As much as I loved her with Taylor, I could tell after a while that the relationship seemed a little one-sided :(, and if he’s not chasing her down (especially now that she’s with another guy), then he wasn’t that into her as he got older. I’m sure they’ll always care about each other (for sure), but I think she wanted to be more serious and maybe he just wasn’t into her enough. She probably got tired of playing second fiddle. I don’t blame her. They both deserve to be with people who are mutually into them. It should be a mutual relationship. There might still be hope in the future, but for right now, I think Taylor really wants to explore his options. Nothing wrong with that in my opinion.

    I know it must be over btwn them, because Sara almost NEVER goes out with another guy! Are there any pictures of her and her new beau??

    @Lilly– YAY! THANK YOU for the news! Quentin? Singleton? Simmons? Wow! Now these are big names! John Singleton was the director of Abduction…So I can definitely see Taylor being in his company. They might still keep in touch for all I know. But Quentin? Wow! Are you all thinking what I’m thinking? ^_^
    Also…Patrick S. was there too eh? Cool…. Wonder if he’s got some projects lined up too, or if he’s just hanging around?

    Marianne–HA! I’m sure SOME big restaurants in Hollywood DO have the paps on speed dial lol!

    You think tabs well make a big deal about this? About what? Why is it so crazy to believe that people in the industry DO hang out every one in a while? Or, do you think it’s all for publicity?

  45. Mystique Says:

    Joanie–thanks for clarifying! Darn! I thought it was new project news and he was meeting with all those directors….Ugh! It’s just a guy’s night out… :-/ Oh well….one could dream!

    Anyway, I’ve seen that guy Dan before….wasn’t he the same guy who was with Taylor at the ball game with Maika? Also on the set of Tracers? Is he the one who is his friend and personal assistant? His face looks very familiar. He also looks like the same guy who was playing soccer with Taylor that day with Patrick, Sara, etc.

    Who’s Tarik again? I hear his name a lot, but I can’t remember if he’s his assistant, manager, PR person, or what rofl!

    Btw, what’s going on with him and Marie? Have things cooled down already lol? I’m surprised he hasn’t gone to visit her in Canada yet.

  46. Johanna Says:

    @Mystique Tarik was Tay’s assistant during twilight i believe and that guy Dan i think he is just one of his friends i dont think he works for Taylor
    The guy from Tracers his name was George.

    O and i hope u dont mind me asking but i thought u were already married and had kids was i wrong or is that someone else cuz u said u were saving ur self (which i think is great) I cant remember everyone’s little bios we did before

  47. Ashley Says:

    @ chanda w – Oh, okay! Thanks for the compliment! :)

  48. kia Says:

    “Boys night out” Cool. Taylor looks a little annoyed with the paps and I don’t blame him.

    Marianne- I was thinking the same thing about Tarik too ,since he wasn’t on set during Tracers and accompany Taylor during the BENCH promo. I’m glad there still friends.

  49. Mystique Says:

    Johanna–Ohhh okay thanks! I thought at one time he was Taylor’s assistant, but I guess he no longer is? Oh and tnx for clarifying the Dan vs. George thing lol. For some reason they looked alike to me! He’s (Dan) the same guy at the ballgame and the soccer game though right? His face looks so familiar to me!

    Oh and no I’m not married….and I definitely don’t have any kids lol ! I think you may be confusing me with someone else. :D. There ARE some posters here though who do have kids (and even grandkids if I remember correctly?) already. :)

  50. Johanna Says:

    Yes Mystique Dan is that same guy from the football game were he was with Sara (it wasnt soccer) and the same guy from the date with Maika.

    O and okay yeah i couldnt remember who had kids and was married and who didnt theres so many of us i can keep up with everyone’s back story and yes i believe its Logan who has grand-kids i think she said that one was born not to long ago actually

  51. Mystique Says:

    Johanna–ooops…sorry, I was thinking European “football”…..aka soccer lol. Don’t ask me where that came from cuz I clearly saw a football in my brain! Lol!

    Oh ok was it Logan? Cool! ….I thought there was another member here who had grandkids and I could have sworn they had been here a while…..but maybe I haven’t heard from her/seen her on the boards in a while. :-/ Ok that’s gonna bug me lol…..I hate forgetting names! Lol you’re right it IS getting harder to keep track of everyone! I vote for avatars or a msg board! (Pretty pleeeeaaase George? ^_^ ) Lol…..

    Now I’m going to have to go back to the archived posts on this site because the name is on the tip of my tongue, but I just can’t remember! Smh……

  52. Mystique Says:

    This heat is making me delirious I think lol….

  53. Johanna Says:

    Does anyone remember where we all posted those little bios of ourselves? i need to go back and read them

  54. joanie Says:

    Dan is a friend –
    Tarik is a friend & associate (as Johanna said, with T since BD)
    Pat is a friend
    and this is where you can think of them as real people ( just like you) you have friends, they have friends and they all have a lot going on in their lives just like you- career wise, family wise and travel wise and friendship wise (they don’t all hang together- and they do have other friends that may or may not be acquainted with everyone)….so just because you don’t see photo/vid of them together doesn’t mean their friendship is kaput (they all have their handy dandy I-phones) – you can cover a lot of territory with that handy dandy lifeline. (and just like most young-uns – they get together at each others homes & pick-up bb & fb games.

    guess who was designated driver for the night……….. legal to drive but not imbibe

  55. Emily Says:

    I was just checking the score of the Michigan and Notre Dame game (thinking of Taylor, of course). There was a shot of the cheerleaders and they were yelling “Go, Blue!” I started laughing, b/c that reminded me of Taylor on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, talking about the Michigan posters in his bedroom. Wonder if he’ll hang those back up at his new place? LOL

  56. Emily Says:

    joanie–Thanks for that link!! I’m assuming that Patrick was the DD. Isn’t he only around 19?? I just haven’t felt quite the same about him since his little meltdown outside that club a little while back. Hopefully, he has enough sense to stay out of trouble.

    I know I sound like a broken record, b/c I comment on it ALL THE TIME, but is no one else amazed and mesmerized by his freaking skin????? That first picture, the close-up……..I just can’t…………….

    Oh, and Johanna–YES, his lips. Hey Mystique–don’t tell me you didn’t notice his lips in that pic!! *winks*

  57. accv Says:

    @joanie… well, if Patrick was driving, seems Patrick was DD. unless i’m mistaken? I’m seriously not used to Taylor drinking… and they were at a bar, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he did drink somewhat.

    Also, I guess that thing with Patrick and going off on some guy at a bar didn’t phase their friendship. I mean, if Taylor can still be friends with sailor mouth Kristen, then being friends still with Patrick isn’t far off. :p I gotta say though… the mix of genes between Arnold and Maria suited Patrick. Guy’s pretty easy on the eyes. ;p lol! Then again, I see more of his mom in him. It seems his eyes are his dad’s. Just thinking out loud :p

    @Mystique… ahhh relationships can be so simple yet so complicated. That’s too bad though that Sara has moved on for good, if that’s really the case. Again, merely speculation. I hope not, though. I mean, they’re both still young. I would hope she keeps her doors open for Taylor if he ever did decide to run back to her. But this question is for my personal knowledge… as a psychology major, are guys really willing to wait for a girl? Like he said he loves her too much to let her go, but because the girl isn’t truly sure what is in store for them and isn’t sure she wants to be with anyone at the moment because of how lost she personally feels in general… he can’t force her to stay in the relationship, so he says if the only option is for him to wait, then so be it. But is he really going to wait? Does the fact that he’s going with what she wants without trying to save/fight for it more means that he’s giving up or does it mean that he really does love her and wants to respect her wishes? *sigh* Just some insight would be cool, is all :p I remember you mentioning before you had a boyfriend who treated you like a princess, but because of some red flags that couldn’t be left alone, you called it quits. That’s why I put that out there. I can relate in a way :p And it doesn’t help that I’m totally in love with the song Mirrors by JT. Blleeehhhhh xp

  58. accv Says:

    @Emily… gotta do this lame quote from America’s Next Top Model (early seasons)… “his (originally hers) skin looks like a dream…” SERIOUSLY. That close-up. Effing flawless. I mean, couldn’t see his entire face because of his STINKIN’ HAT (*glares at Taylor* :p) but he’s just this… UGH! He really does look like a real-life Ken doll. Like that doll we saw in his Australian interview with Kristen… he looks like the doll, but even better! Because the doll isn’t as defined as he is… but just… ksjflaksdfjlads. lol! That beautiful boy. Hate and love him for it. It’s in the GENES!

  59. Emily Says:

    accv–THANK YOU!

    I’m so jealous of it and admire it at the same time!! The most annoying thing about it is that he probably doesn’t even have to use anything special on it—it just looks like that all on its own!! Actually, thinking back, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture of him where his skin didn’t look good—even when he was little and in the pre-teen and early teen years.

  60. Lexi Says:

    Yeaaaaaa Sara and Taylor are probably done :/ and I’m with u @mystique, I’m happy for her too!! I have been saying that she needed to move on from the very beginning, because their relationship has been going nowhere :/. So if this is true, I’m not that shocked…….

  61. kia Says:

    Accv,Emily- Even though we don’t see his whole face ,he still looks F!@#ABLE! Can I jump in that backseat and devour him!!

    Question: Does anybody heard of Taylor being invited to the L.A Brazilian Film Festival Tomorrow?

  62. kia Says:

    And #GoBlue is actually trending on twitter…

  63. Mystique Says:

    Emily–Hahahahahahaaaa….”Gooo Blue!!” YES I remember that interview he did with Jimmy too lol! ^_^
    Has he officially moved into his own place yet? He does seem to be photographed in L.A. more often these days. Maybe he’s already moved?

    RE: Taylor’s Skin…..
    Yes, his skin is freaking gorgeous!! He’s always had nice skin…even when he was younger! What amazes me is the fact that he doesn’t seem to have gone through an awkward stage! Did he NEVER get a single pimple in his lifetime? Sheesh ! That lucky son of a……………….beautiful mother! Lol! ^_^ No fair! I can STILL end up with a pimple around THAT time of the month if I haven’t been watching what I eat…Ugh! And I’m no longer a teen! :(

    Oh and haha @Emily…..don’t stone me, but I didn’t notice his lips in that picture the first time! I was too focused on his CHEST! Lol! I must be a “chest girl” or something lol. That shirt was just so low and v-neck that it completely distracted me lol! ^_^ Sorry! But yes, when I read your post I went and took a second look and YES…..his lips are niiiice. :)

    @Accv–INTERESTING question you’ve posed there! Are you a psych major too? I think I’m a little confused by your question though. Are you asking in relation to Taylor and Sara? My situation with my ex? Or a situation you’re personally going thru? Let me know!

    If you’re asking what I THINK you’re asking, then YES….I think anything is possible. And I think that if a guy likes (or loves) a girl enough, he would “wait” for her. He might date other girls, but he would always find something missing and would probably eventually go back to that one girl who made him feel a certain special way.

    There have actually been stories (true stories!) of childhood friends and even young sweethearts who had even moved away and gotten MARRIED to others, and for whatever reason later on in life divorced their spouses (or spouses died suddenly). But do you know those two original sweethearts STILL ended up together again after all? It happens! I think a lot of people have a hard time forgetting their first love, or the first person who made them feel that special feeling….can’t explain it! So yea…anything is possible.

    But at the same time…..not everyone’s first love or sweet heart is the right person for them, and some people NEVER get back together, and it’s probably for the best. Only time can really tell which one is which I guess lol.

    Idk if this answered your question or if I didn’t even understand your question correctly lol, but come back and clarify if your question was misread! :)

  64. Emily Says:

    kia–I think that back seat would be rather crowded, unless you kicked Tarik out of the car!!
    I did see something about that festival……….I think it was on taylorlautnermania a day or two ago….Michigan better be careful—their lead is down to one touchdown right now!! How funny (or is it sad) is it that I am totally for that team ONLY because it’s Taylor’s favorite team??

    Mystique—Oh, I was totally focused on the chest FIRST!! But, I will admit I studied the whole picture very carefully, and noticed his lips and skin after the chest.

  65. kia Says:

    Emily- LOL sorry Tarik. Yeah I just saw it on taylorlautnermania also.

  66. accv Says:

    @Emily… woman, that backseat being crowded WOULD be the best part about it! Squeeze yourself in-between the two and you can rub up against Taylor all you want ;) Forget about Tarik! Just lean more towards Taylor. That’s all! ;) BAHAHAHA!

    You know, it’s funny ya’ll noticed his chest or lips first. I actually noticed his gorgeous side profile first. It just glows. So dewy. OK. I hate him for it. Like I don’t know many guys with such NATURALLY beautiful skin. *sigh* He even has better skin than some of the starlets and much more successful older actresses out there WITHOUT makeup.

    @Mystique… I DID ask for general insight, so you don’t have to worry about getting too specific ;) I wouldn’t want you, too, anyways. lol! That last statement MAY give you a hint about what my question is referring to. But if it doesn’t, yes, the question is regarding a similar, personal situation that I know of :p The relationship lasted almost a decade and apparently he’s never been as happy with anyone else as he has with her. It may not be done either. It’s uncertain whether or not the doors are closed for the relationship in the future. But right now, I think the girl needs to step back and really find herself and some sort of direction in life. As much as it hurts to admit, she may not be able to do that while being in a relationship. She doesn’t know if he’s the one and he finally answered (after being asked the possibility) that he doesn’t know if she’s the one (even though he’s had more girlfriends than she’s had boyfriends… he’s her first love and first boyfriend). But yah. It could relate to Taylor and Sara as well, I guess. I do like them together mostly because if all our speculations are true to an extent, then Sara’s been quite patient with Taylor all this time. And any girl that can be at a guy’s beck and call is definitely notable in my book. I mean, goes both ways but this is in relation to Taylor’s lovelife and how we just want him to be with a girl that’ll love him unconditionally. Hope that helps and thanks for your answer. Also, no, I’m not a psych major… funny you ask, but nope, not one. Magazine journalism is my major and minored in graphic design. But I have a few cousins that are psych majors. Seems to be up there as a popular major alongside business :p It IS a super interesting field though and I have tremendous respect for those that work in it. ;)

  67. Evelyn Says:

    He looks hot a little drunk. I know that is bad, but Taylor makes everything sexy. When I am drunk, it is far from attractive, lol.

    I hope he doesn’t have a hang over tomorrow. That sucks.

  68. Logan Says:

    Neeeeh, I’m not a grandmother yet! Considering my age I could have been but my son is only 4 yrs old….
    The bios we posted were somewhere around may, I think, in one of the longer threads, guess we were bored…
    Can I say that I don’t think it’s Taylor in the clip where he’s jumping the cars, I think it’s his double….it’s the shot where he almost collides with the camera that had me wondering because that looks like a wig….. Don’t get me wrong I totally believe Taylor could do it but I have a feeling it’s not him in this shot….

  69. *Vickey* Says:

    Re: Relationships: You’re right @accv @Mystique, you’re right relationships can be so complicated yet simple. I did like the whole Sara and Taylor being together thing. I guess when it’s time to move on, it’s just time. I’m happy for her though, she seems content. :) You guys are right though, only speculations. So we’ll see in the long run. I mean if nothing like that happens between them again, I believe they’d at least remain friends. Geez relationships that aren’t your own are the most complex. xD

    Kia— “…jump in that backseat and devour him!!!” <—- This post!! LOL. My exact words! He's so flawless. ^.^

    Mystique— Speak of the devil… I mean the heat! Hahaha. it was soooo hot today down here, it's making me lose my mind too. Seems like one of those summers that will be on TX's list of the hottest summers.

    Emily— As soon as I read your "Go Blue" post I did a little fist pump and said it in a "cheer" voice. LOL! :)
    Anywho, I agree he just can roll out of bed, put nothing on his face and look that good! Jealous :P

  70. Jess Says:

    So much catching up to do – thank goodness – you have all taken my mind off the terrifying Australian election results. Sorry to talk politics, just a little anxious for my country right now. Anyway… Taylor…

    Glad he’s having fun and catching up with friends. Hate that the paps can’t let him have fun in peace. As much as I love seeing Taylor (and his perfect skin and his perfect lips and his perfect everything!) I hate seeing Taylor annoyed, which he seems to be in these pics.

    Love the comments re. the back seat. Hey, I’m pretty small, I’d easily fit there next to Taylor!

    re. following Michigan thanks to Taylor. It’s amazing the number of things I find he has influenced in my life and the things I have learnt that I didn’t have a clue about before (American football for one). My cousin who is visitng from overseas at the moment has been teaching me some martial arts moves and I’m SO excited! (but really bad at it!)

    @Logan, I’ve looked at the Tracers clip many, many times and (I confess) in slow motion, frame by frame and there is no mistaking that it is definitely Taylor parkouring over the cars and trucks, including the shot where he almost bumps into the camera.

    Really hoping for news of F&F7 or anything else soon. I really want some good news right now.

  71. Jess Says:

    @Mystique, I forgot to say … nice work over on the imdb board. I so love that you are over there fighting for Taylor and changing people’s opinions. I would like to nominate you for a Tayster hero award! (If there were such a thing!!!)

  72. johanna Says:

    @Logan omg I’m soooooo sorry I didn’t noe who it was I thought it was u I’m sorry if I made u feel old or anything
    But I noe there is someone I just don’t noe who it is really sorry ladies

    Okay I really have to go read those bios now

    O and I’m sorry but that back seat is not big enough for me Tarik would havet get out and so would the other guys :P

  73. Emily Says:

    accv–It sounded like kia had more in mind than just rubbing up against him in that back seat. It sounded like she needed some room to MOVE!! LOL

    Jess–“the things he has influenced in my life..” Me, TOO! I now keep up with Michigan football (obviously), some NFL football, tried cake batter ice cream (and loved it, unfortunately–didn’t need to find something ELSE sweet that I love to eat), learned all about the Fisker Karma, watched a lot of “Xtreme Martial Arts” videos, am now watching some parkour ones, and I really like wolves ever since he played one!! I also now notice guys’ lips and skin and neck area (never did before admiring his, and no one else has been able to compare so far). I’m sure there are probably more things, but that’s all I can think of right now.

    And people say his fans only like him for his looks!!!! PLEASE!

  74. *Vickey* Says:

    Jess- Oh man how are those Australian elections going??
    Johanna— “…Tarik would have to get out and so would the other guys” —-> YES! LOL. Love you guys on here, we’re all *here* when it comes to Taylor! :P