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Check out candid photos of Taylor Lautner leaving Pearl Liquor Bar with Patrick Schwarzenegger last night (September 6th).

Gallery Link:
» 2013 Candids: Leaving Pearl Liquor Bar – September 6th [HQ]

118 Responses to “Spotted: Taylor Lautner Leaving Pearl Liquor Bar”

  1. jmt Says: (#2 video – Pat getting a car)
    storyline – seems Taylor was wanky enough that he shouldn’t be driving -
    so he was hustled out the back (there were tons of papz out front); he believed they were bringing his car around back (hence the tip money in his hand) – but Pat picked them up. Taylor between Tarik & Dan making sure he got in the car – he was not happy about it – Better safe than sorry & that’s what friends are for

  2. Jess Says:

    I’m so mad right now (having a bad weekend). Apparently, there are Taylor “fans” out there who are actually upset that he didn’t wave and smile for the paps while he was out with his friends on Friday night. It really angers me that people think they have a right to every aspect of a celebrity’s life.
    Taylor has the right to enjoy some personal time with friends. He’s a human being – not a show pony. If he doesn’t want to smile and wave, he shouldn’t have to just because that’s what some people want from him.
    I don’t care what ‘the story’ is behind these photos. I just hope that Taylor is OK and that he had the chance to have a fun night out like a ‘normal’ guy his age.
    Sorry for my rant ladies – Hopefully I’ll be nicer in the morning!

  3. Emily Says:

    Jess–Unfortunately, some people are just ridiculously stupid, and always will be. I hope your weekend gets better!

  4. Logan Says:

    Well, well, well, isn’t Patrick looking mighty fine in the vid jmt posted. Hope he stays out of trouble. I’m happy to see Taylor out and about with his friends. Could that V-neck shirt expose any more of that nicely chiseled body, those shirts seem to get wider and wider……not that I’m complaining LOL.
    Aren’t there any shots of Taylor with his ‘new car’? Is it the mercedes with the airplane wings or is he driving something else. I loved seeing him in the Audi R8. ( my kind of car )

  5. kia Says:

    Jess- Don’t apologize. Some fans just complain about anything. Its nothing wrong with having a good time. He’s 21

  6. chanda w Says:

    Tay drunk, is too funny. But, even tipsy he has manners. Having his money ready for the valet, oh cutie. It says a lot that his friends, Tarik, Patrick and Dan cared that he didn’t drive home drunk.
    Some fans will complain about anything. If he smiles too much, he isn’t edgy. If he doesn’t smile, he must be sad. Let the man live. I like knowing what is going on with him , so I can support whatever projects he has going on, but I also like that he has a life. He doesn’t live to be famous, but he’s a famous person doing his thing.
    Also if he wanted extra att. he could have went out the front, even tipsy. But he seems to have respect for himself, which is a major thing.
    A lot of subjects we talk about on this site seem to come to pass. I do remember us joking about what a drunk Taylor would look or act like. I just can’t remeber when, but we did talk about it. Hmmm.
    I’m so ready to hear FF7 news too. Either confirm he’s in the movie or Tay or his team need to confirm it was just a rumor. I still believe he’s already confirmed, they are just waiting to announce it.
    I have to agree Patrick is looking pretty good himself. Can’t imagine the energy when he and Tay are together. Beautiful walking billboards indeed.
    Taylor has a new car? He’s also moving out to get his own place. Busy bee.

  7. marianne Says:

    Who starts these “storylines”?? Fans upset with him not smiling?? Some people need to concern themselves with more important things.

    Jess…Hope your weekend gets better and personally, I agree with your rant.

  8. jmt Says:

    “some fans’ – either limited experience, naive, or immature.

    He’s fine…….pat picked up his car, a valet rode with him to where Taylor’s car was parked, Pat took Taylors car around back & the valet drove Pat’s to where he met some others who were part of the group & one of them got in Pat’s car (out of site of the papz)…..
    so Taylor saw his car but no valet driving just good ole Pat…..he knew he was going to be a passenger whether he wanted to or not
    other than being a bit unsteady nothing extraordinary —-

  9. Logan Says:

    @ Chanda, the last sliver of info I have on his ride is old. It was when he bought the mercedes ( remember he talked about it at the lucheon where he met Lea Michele for the first time ) Because there are a lot of vids of him driving the Fisker I just wondered what he’s driving now and whatever happened to the merc.
    I love driving myself and Taylor has good taste in cars so just being curious.

  10. Logan Says:

    I want him to lead his life and do whatever he pleases because we ( Taysters ) will never judge him for being 21 and living a little.
    His team seriously has to start updating us or we’ll go bananas.

  11. Evan Says:

    @jmt were you at the bar too? The way you’re telling the story is like you were actually there?
    It’s good to see Taylor having a normal, lads night out. Normal is something that he won’t have
    all that much of sadly…

  12. Catherine Says:

    @Chanda/@Logan – I agree, his team need to confirm, or stamp on F&F rumours if they are untrue. He’s been criticised in the past (rightly or wrongly) for being connected with stuff that doesn’t happen. I kind of understand the ‘last minute announcement’ game, but too much dithering could become irritating.

    A little unsteady? Woo-hoo Taylor! 21 and out with friends…way healthier than hiding in his parents’ house. Good on the people in the club – no shots from inside.

    As for keeping his head down outside…well, I had a few vodka cocktails with a friend on Friday – we certainly didn’t need our photos taken at the end of the night, and we’re normal folk in a tiny unknown town!!!

    I really don’t understand people judging him for perhaps having a few bottles of beer. Maybe because we drink more in the UK?!!! If he’d jumped behind the wheel of a car, or started fighting, be outraged, but if not…hey, he’s legal, behaving, with a sober friend driving. No problem :)

  13. Emily Says:

    So………that was Taylor’s car that Patrick was driving when he picked up the other three???

    If so, Mystique–black or really dark gray Audi—keep your eyes peeled in CA!!!!!

  14. accv Says:

    @Catherine… it’s likely that people aren’t used to the idea of Taylor drinking and *think* that he never does, so him actually going and having a good time with friends like a normal 21yo would, is like… OMG you’re supposed to be this squeaky clean guy! So annoying. Like how Swifter’s “Shut the f#&$ up” line from the VMAs went viral. lol! She’s not so innocent afterall, eh? However, difference is… Taylor’s not pretending to be someone he isn’t. Swifter’s just annoying in general. It’s w/e. :p

  15. marianne Says:

    Evan…I wondered if jmt had been at the bar too. How do they know that Taylor was not happy about getting into the car? Where is all this “inside info” coming from?

  16. joanie Says:

    Last I heard Taylor still mostly drives his black BMW.

    Highly recommend if you’re in West Hollywood (LA) you pay a visit to
    Pearls Liquor Bar (they do take reserva) & it’s also a restaurant & unlike most 4/5 star places you won’t have to sell your first born to have a great time (it is loud) but the view from their outside patio’s are spectactular Great drinks, good food, spectacular view – an instagram photo booth – a rooftop swing – a Dj – 3 floors, 3 bars pick your fav – I recommend 1 of the outside patios

  17. chanda w. Says:

    JMT, do you personally know someone from the group or are you just an outside observer? I could sorta understand Taylor being prideful, and thinking he was still ok to drive. Luckily his friends weren’t taking any chances.
    I like that Tay doesn’t pretend either. He’s nice and laid back, yet he can party a little too. He’s not a PR robot or a drugged out fame -whore. I like that he’s uniquely normal, but not, lol.
    I sorta wonder what the deal is with all the unfinished projects too? True, secrecy is alright to a point, but fans that really care about his career , sorta want to stay in the loop. Whatever is going on , I’m sure it will all turn out to benefit him and his loving fans.

  18. Johanna Says:

    Im really glad that Tay’s friends were there to pick him up idc if u feel okay to drive if u had a few drinks its better to have someone drive u cuz u dont noe wat can happen in a slit second and i dont want anything to happen to Taylor.

    I do on the other had kinda liked seeing him a bit tipsy it shows that he can still have fun with out going overboard.

    @JMT yes im wondering the same thing how did u find out wat happened do u like live in Cali were u there were all firnds here we can all share wat we noe.

    @Timmy Lautner u are not alone we all on here have a lot of love Taylor sometime it borderlines on obsession but its all good.

  19. *Vickey* Says:

    Marianne— “Fans upset with him not smiling?? Some people need to concern themselves with more important things.” —-> It kinda blew my mind that people were upset that he wasn’t smiling. Maybe he was tired, maybe he was having a bad day, or maybe he was being human. Haha. People don’t walk around smiling ALL the time! LOL. I agree with you. :)

    Kia— Yeah, it’s okay to have fun, I mean have some control, but I don’t think its fair some people are getting mad at him for going out with some friends. :/

  20. *Vickey* Says:

    Emily– I’m with you! @Mystique Who knows you may see that Audi in Cali! :P

  21. Jess Says:

    @Emily and @Vickey – poor Mystique is going to go crazy checking out every dark coloured Audi and BMW she sees now! :D

  22. Logan Says:

    Don’t we have a licence plate so Mystique can pinpoint Taylor easily rotfl, that way she doesn’t have to throw herself infront of all dark coloured Audi / BMW just the one Taylor’s driving….
    Aahh yes the things we do for love…..

  23. Mystique Says:

    Awww….poor Taylor lol…..seems he hasn’t figured out his limit yet with alcohol lol. The same thing happened to me when I first started drinking legally. Different drinks can affect you in various ways that’s for sure! I remember getting a little tipsy a few times myself while out with friends when I was first starting out and didn’t have much drinking experience yet. Awww…..poor guy. If he has a hangover I can gladly assist in helping him out of it lol. ^_^

    Emily,Vickey,Jess,Logan–ROTFL!!!! Omg….you guys are going to get me arrested, or worse….hit by a car trying to stalk Taylor’s Audi, Mercedes and Fisker hahaha! I’ll try to keep my eyes peeled though if I see anything on the road lol!

    Emily–btw,I knew you focused mainly on his lips, but I’m surprised you didn’t mention anything about his BACK getting into that car! *droooooling* Umph……he has the best back omg lol

    Marianne—It never fails to amaze me what silly, mundane things some so-called “fans” will find to get upset about smh. :( Some ppl are just never satisfied! Do they just enjoy being miserable? Taylor has been nothing but gracious, kind, and accommodating for the paparazzi AND for fans most times during encounters. But now this ONE time when he doesn’t smile ppl want to get all up in arms about it? Oh boy puhleeeze! He’s only human….give the guy a break. :(

    Also, Idk why, but anytime I see pap videos I just get really upset. :( I love the pictures (of course!), but anytime I see the VIDEO footage of what it took to GET those pictures, it always makes me uneasy, because then I see the reality of how much he is hounded….and I feel bad for him. :( I’m sure he’s probably used to it by now (it’s probably a small price to pay for fame in his mind), but still,I can’t help but feel kind of angry when I see that. :-/

    Anyway, I’ll talk to you ladies later! My friend and I are about to head into L.A. in a little bit, because I got us tickets to the show “The X Factor”!! I can’t wait! :)

    Ttyl! I’ll keep my eyes peeled lol!

  24. marianne Says:

    I’m on a bit of a rant today, so I’ll apologize ahead of time. I just want to know where the info came from that Taylor was drunk? That he was not happy about being picked up? From the videos I’ve seen it looks like there is some car jockeying going on and avoiding of paps. The Twi cast used to use back exits all the time and to me, it looks like Taylor was trying to avoid the crowd of people and paps standing around at the front of the restaurant and PatS. got his car (the car looks like it could be from a fleet because of the sticker and number on the windshield) from the valet and went around to pick him up in the back. To me, he just looks like he and Tarik are trying to get in the car fast and Dan is sort of shielding him from the paps. I have no problem with Taylor out drinking but the thing that bothers me is that people are repeating this like it was gospel. What bothers me is that he has the Bench endorsement and a movie coming out and I’m sure those backers don’t want to know their guy may be going down the road of bad behavior. It’s so out of character for him and the pics themselves do not prove he was drunk. I just want to know who verified that he was drunk?

  25. Evelyn Says:

    We cannot judge him by these pictures. He was out having a good time, and those nosy paps are all over him. HE IS HUMAN, PEOPLE, NOT YOUR PAWN, OR A METAL TROPHY. He was feeling a little quaked, but that is normal when you have a few beers. At least he is not fighting, and is holding himself together. Some people are very quacked when the drink.

    On the other hand, Taylor looks delectable in these pics. I wanna do him in the back of that car.

  26. accv Says:

    BTW @Mystique… did you see my latest reply to you on the previous thread? JW. No biggie though! :p And hope you have fun at X Factor! Let us know how the people are BTS. ;p

  27. Emily Says:

    Johanna or Jess–I have a mission for you, should you choose to accept it. (I chose you 2 b/c you seem to be able to find anything and everything regarding Taylor on the net.)

    Can you please find the interview that these gifs are from????

    Thanks!! It’s been driving me crazy, b/c I haven’t seen it and I can’t quite place what time period it’s from, ’cause his face looks older, but he’s thinner…..

    I think someone may have commented on it on here before–I can’t keep up–I visit too many sites every day!!

  28. Lexi Says:

    @emily, omg he looked so hot in those gifs…like….*dead*
    even im wondering what interview that came from?? Never seen it o.O

  29. kia Says:

    Emily- UHG his skin ,lips ,neck THAT ADAM”S APPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is so lucky were on different coast because oh boy the things I’ll do to him is not PG-13

  30. Johanna Says:

    @Emily i accept this challenge i will try to see if i can find it im sure between me and Jess we should be able to find it

    be back wen i find something

  31. Emily Says:

    Thanks, Johanna!! I’m going to bed, but looking forward to you solving this mystery for me tomorrow!!!

    Mystique–Is X-Factor the one with Simon Cowell?? I get that confused with “America’s Got Talent.” I still think that Taylor should be a celebrity guest on “American Ninja Warriors,” which is on right now. I am almost 100% sure that he could complete all the obstacles, without any training needed!

    Marianne–high-five to you!! Agree.

  32. Johanna Says:

    @Emily im literally cracking my skull to find this interview i just asked nikitajuice if she noes were to find it or from were it come from

    but im serious its like that interview doesnt exsist i cant find it anywhere but i’ll keep trying maybe while im asleep Jess may have some more luck finding it

    But mark my words we WILL find that interview im determined to find it!

  33. Evelyn Says:


  34. vera Says:

    guys ,in the Russian box office of GU2 were $7,278,481
    it more than the first movie. :)

    I’m so glad Taylor spends time with his friends, he lives a normal life,amen!

  35. Lilome Says:

    OMG! OK, Marianne sweetie- you are entirely right. There is no proof that Taylor was drunk, so can they please stop trying to drag him through the mud with rumors and innuendo. And Evelyn, you and I think alike. So here’s what really happened Friday night: I texted that sexy god and told him I’d meet him in his car. Patrick, being the awesome bud he is, offered to drive. So Tay hops into the back seat, where I’m ducked to avoid the paps. See Taylor and I are trying to keep this quiet. (Actually, we’re not quiet at all!). I mean, we want our relationship kept undercover. (Well we usually get rid of the covers). I mean, we’re just not ready to go public. (Some dark public places, maybe). Well, you understand. Anyway, have no fear- that fine specimen is safe with me. I have things well in hand. :)

    Well even an old broad like me can dream……

  36. Logan Says:

    LOL, I had a feeling they’re was somebody else lurking in the back seat. Good to know it was you, Lilomeh! Keeping tabs on our crush, you cougar…..keep him safe!

  37. Logan Says:

    Could the gif be from around this period? in the gif he’s wearing a red tie though…

  38. Logan Says:

    Delete my previous post because his scin is too smooth, in the gif you can some facial hair starting to show.

  39. Jess Says:

    @Emily, Johanna, Logan I have been trying and trying for two weeks to find that interview. I’m sure I’ve seen that outfit SOMEWHERE but I’ve been wracking my brain and searching every picture for it and just can’t place it. I’m kind of thinking it may be for some sort of photoshoot but haven’t been able to find ANYTHING with that red tie. I was even driven so crazy at one point I took to lip reading to see if it would help! It didn’t! But here’s what I figure he’s saying in case you’re interested!!!

    GIF1: “…ummm and I really wasn’t expect(ing)…”
    GIF2: “…support for me now that the franchise…”
    GIF3: “For me, I mean, if it weren’t for that I’d probably be in college…”
    GIF4: “…hopefully playing football. Ummm, I’ve played football my…”

    Now you’ve renewed my need to find it and the search resumes… I’ll report back when there is news. I think eyesontaybert originally posted the GIFS, don’t know if that helps at all.

    BTW I still haven’t seen the extended Bench commercial anywhere apart from the MOA Arena event (In case anyone who can do anything about it is listening, we’d love to see that one – preferably HD!! pretty please!)

    @Marianne I totally agree with every word of your rant. Why are people so willing to believe what they read on the internet even when there is no verifiable proof? I only ever believe what I hear from Taylor himself – the rest is all gossip to me.

    @Vera, that’s great news about GU2. I’m interested to see how it goes in Australia (released on 26 September) given I’ve seen no advertising for it here yet.

    Sorry this post is so long … off to find that interview … I’m on a mission!

  40. Jess Says:

    I still don’t know where the interview is from but I reckon it could be from around the time of Taylor’s Abduction promotion in 2011? His hair and facial hair seem about the same then to me.

  41. Emily Says:

    Jess–I actually just emailed the Bench Phillipines website and asked if there were any plans to release the whole thing. We’ll see if I get a response. I just sent it last night.

  42. Jess Says:

    Fingers crossed Emily!! Nice work!
    In the meantime, Bench have released some Taylor wallpapers that you can download here.

  43. Jess Says:

    OK, here’s what I have found regarding that unknown interview…

    I believe it is from the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards (the one where they showed him at the end of TSwifts Never Ever song)

    The reason we didn’t recognise it is because the shirt and tie have been re-coloured, and Taylor has taken his jacket off. In the link below you can see that it looks like the same tie, and Taylor’s hair etc looks about right. (Ignore my post at 40. – I was a whole year off – Hanging my head in shame!)

    I haven’t found the interview yet, but it’s time for bed! At least we have a little bit more information to work with now! Over to you Johanna and Logan! Happy searching!

  44. Jess Says:

    Wow! Sorry for so many posts from me. Sometimes I hate being on the other side of the world to my fellow Taysters.
    Before I go to sleep, I have another puzzle that I’m hoping someone can solve. Has anyone seen this interview from the UK promotion of BD2? I’d love to see it. Taylor’s face is so thoughtful.

  45. Johanna Says:

    @Jess i almost gave up trying to find that interview u wanted but i fround it at the last minute here it is the underwear question is the first one :)
    enjoy its 11+ minutes of Taylor heaven

    @Emily still working on finding that other one be back wen i find something

  46. Mystique Says:

    @Lilome!!!—Welcome back!! I don’t think I’ve seen you on here in while! Or, maybe it’s just me lol. LOL @ your funny post!! SHAME on you for keeping your relationship wth Taylor a secret from all of us! No WONDER you haven’t been around much lately! lol ;-)

    @Emily—OMG I’ve never seen those gifs/interview EITHER! WOW! Omg…he is so gorgeous. I’m like you @Evelyn…his eyes are GORGEOUS! I’ve always thought he had striking eyes, but his eyes look especially gorgeous in this gif collection. I was just mezmorized by his eyes, his adam’s apple, his skin, his blinding white TEETH (lol), and yes @Emily….his LIPS (!!!) in that gif!! OMG! Gorgeous. I mean, he really does look like a Ken Doll in person. Seriously. When I saw him the first word that came to my mind was “beautiful”! hahaha…

    Oh, and yes…. X-Factor is the show with Simon Cowell! Nick Cannon hosts America’s Got Talent.

    The X Factor was AWESOME by the way! It was a LONG taping though since we taped 2 shows yesterday. It took about 6 hours! O_O MUCH longer than I expected. It was nice seeing Simon, Demi, Kelly and Paulina in person! They passed right by our aisle, so I got a GREAT close up look of them. Kelly Rowland is GORGEOUS by the way! Omg…like, flawless skin. Idk why Beyonce gets more shine. Kelly is freaking gorgeous! Oh, and Mario Lopez (as douchy as he MIGHT be), he is HOT in person! Gorgeous skin, gorgeous body (you could tell through his shirt lol), and just really nice looking. He reminded me of an OLDER version of our Taylor lol! ^_^

    Jess–WOW at the lip reading! LOL! You know, it’s funny, because since I’ve studied Taylor in his interviews and know how he talks, I was starting to read his lips as well in gif #3. I’m glad I’m not the only one who caught the part about him talking about “the franchise” lol. But wow…girl you made out full sentences lol! You get the Award for “Taylor Lip Reading” lol!

    @Emily—Way to get on Bench about that lengthened commercial. We want to see the entire thing in HD!! They can’t keep holding out on us!

    @Jess–Thanks for the Bench wallpapers! ^_^
    Oh and WOW…you might be on to something about the VMAs! Wow…that tie does look the same doesn’t it? That’s weird..why would someone change the color of that for a gif? They didn’t like his original suit and tie? lol. Plus, his facial hair seems a little thicker in the VMA picture compared to the one in the gif.

    I still think that gif may have been taken from a photoshoot or “behind the scenes” thing. Maybe something that hasn’t been released yet or that we haven’t seen? Idk…..maybe it’s just my wishful thinking lol.

    @Johanna, @Jess–WOW….the TL-FBI strikes again! lol..You two are on TOP of it! :D That’s awesome. :) Hahaha….. boxers or briefs lol. I’ve always wondered why interviewers ask that question? lol

  47. Mystique Says:

    @Accv—Thanks for giving me a heads up notice about you post on the other thread. Looks like I missed a lot actually lol!

    Oh wow…sounds like an interesting predicament you have there. Idk if this is your own personal experience or that of a “friend” lol, but one thing I will say is that I think the girl is making the right decision in taking a step back and truly finding herself and what she wants and needs in a relationship first.

    The MAIN reason I say this is because it appears that when he was asked, her bf confided in her and told her that he wasn’t sure if she was “the one”. As hard as that may be to digest, I’m ALwAYS of the firm belief that when a guy tells you something, believe him the FIRST time. :-/ People will tell you a LOT about how they feel through their words and their ACTIONS. I think that if a guy feels like a girl is “the one”, he will show it in various ways. He definitely wouldn’t tell the girl that he wasn’t “sure” if she was the one.

    Now, if there are outward forces or other special circumstances fueling his behavior or actions, then by all means share that! That might be ONE thing. In fact, maybe the guy said that he wasn’t sure if she wasn’t the one only to save face because the GIRL stated first that she didnt think HE was the one! Lol. So there might be a lot of factors going on here. But 9 times out of 10, guys are pretty straight forward.

    Idk how he was treating this girl in his relationship w/her, or why they broke up in the first place, but imo….. the girl taking a “break” from the relationship is probably the BEST thing for right now. If she’s not sure if he’s the one, and he’s not sure if she’s the one, then maybe it’s best that they cool things off for now. I say that especially if he is the ONLY guy the girl has ever been with. I think women (especially) need to experience how OTHER guys will treat her in a relationship (even if it’s just briefly) before settling with ONE guy. We as women tend to love DEEPLY and emotionally. So we may try to hold our loyalties with ONE guy, even if he’s not treating us as well as he should be. (NOT saying that’s what’s going on in THIS case, just saying this is one reason why it’s good for girls/women to have the experience of dating different guys at different periods in life before settling the heart on that ONE guy)

    THEN, if after dating another guy, the girl still feels that the original guy is best for her, then maybe she can go back to him. The thing that kind of worried me was that it seemed like the GUY himself wasn’t too sure if the girl was the one. It’s one thing for a guy to be sure, and the girl not to. It’s a completely different dynamic however for a guy to NOT be sure, and the girl to be sure. The latter can become a horrible dynamic (just based on previous experience).

    Again, anything is possible however! Idk if the two have been dating for 10 years, or if the boy and the girl were friends first and then started dating all within a 10 year span, but I would just say as women to LISTEN to your instincts. Usually your gut (if you really LISTEN to it closely) will tell you everything you need to know. It’s one of women’s greatest assets imo (our female intuition). IDK how old the couple is (because that can also be a factor as well),what the dynamics are,or what they have going on in their lives right now (that can ALSO pose a block), but I would say that the BEST thing the girl can do right now is just take a break from the relationship (easier said than done…especially from a 10 year relationship!), and really be SINGLE for a little bit FIRST.

    She should come to know more about HERSELF (her likes, dislikes, wants, needs, etc) FIRST and really make sure she is comfortable and happy (at least moderately lol) being single, and THEN maybe venture out eventually allowing another guy to maybe court her or date her. If after casually dating another guy (or guys) she finds that she’s still in love w/her previous boyfriend, then maybe that means her heart is still tied w/him.

    But what does HE feel? That’s the question! IMO it’s always best for the guy to love the girl more than she loves him. I know that sounds so old-fashioned, but I find that relationships tend to work better (smoother) when the guy is just a little bit more enamored with the girl than vice versa. Don’t ask me why! Maybe it’s just how men are wired idk. Anyway, maybe a little distance will help the guy to know that he is fully in love with the girl and that she is “the one”. SOMETIMES it takes a litte distance for a guy to realize how much he is in love with a woman. Again, it sounds crazy, but it’s true lol!

    So…..all in all…bottom line: ANYTHING is possible, so I wouldn’t tell the girl to give up hope, but she just needs to make sure that she and the guy are on the same page before getting back into a relationship. That’s the basic bottom line. A little distance sometimes is good. It may help both parties to evaluate, or RE-evaluate their feelings for each other. In the meantime I would tell the girl to go out, have fun with friends, keep living her life to the full, and stay positive and HAPPY! Let the guy miss HER! :D Let him contact you if he does, and just be easy breezy! :) There have been numerous accounts of exes getting back together…especially if the relationship was a healthy and happy one. :)

    Whew! I feel like I’ve written a novel on here @Accv lol…(SORRY!!) Anyway, I hope that helped you some! Again, I don’t know the ENTIRE story, or all of the elements in this situation, so if you have further questions or want further insight feel free to contact/PM me on! :D

  48. Johanna Says:

    So they have added two new ppl to the cast of Tracers
    God why is this coming out now why are they sooo secretive about this movie?
    Its making me even more excited and anxious for it to come out

  49. Jess Says:

    Good morning ladies. What a wonderful way to start my Wednesday with 11+ minutes of Taylor. Thank you so much @Johanna. Haha Australian Jungle! We don’t have jungles in Australia, nor do we eat kangaroo testicles!!! (So don’t be afraid to come back and visit Taylor – I’ll protect you from the snakes!)

    @Mystique – If we’re the TL FBI, you must be the Tayster Love Doctor! That was some very in depth relationship insight. Even if you aren’t going through those things I think it’s very interesting and helpful advice you have given.

    @Emily I will try and resume the search for ‘that interview’ at some point today, but so far I haven’t been able to find Taylor being interviewed at all at the 2012 MTV VMAs so I’m starting to doubt myself even though I’m sure that’s where the gifs are from.

    @Johanna it sounds like they may be releasing more cast info for Tracers soon? This trickle of information sure does have us all desperate for more… Apparently the character ‘Lonnie’ is a dispatcher at Cam’s messenger office.

    Seems GU2 will be out on DVD in the US on November 5. There are some deleted scenes and the BluRay has a featurette about the cameos – so hopefully more Taylor? I’m still waiting for it to be released at the CINEMA here (sigh…twiddles thumbs while waiting and waiting).

  50. Emily Says:

    Back from 11 minutes of Taylor-Heaven………………….I only have 2 comments.

    1) Taylor as Iron Man—————I wouldn’t be able to function.

    2) No, Taylor, sweetie, you definitely DO NOT update your facebook page………….

  51. Mystique Says:

    Awww thanks @Jess (((hug))). Glad you liked the advice. Idk if I’m qualified to be a “love doctor” though….I’m not even in a relationship at the moment lol!

    @Johanna–Omg thanks so much for that video interview! Taylor heaven!! ^_^


    1) His quote (paraphrased): “YIKES! You know, I usually like a little adventure and excitement, so doing a show like that sounds like it would be fun, but when you mentioned eating kangaroo testicles it made it seem just a little less fun…” —> OMG I DIED!! I died laughing at this part!! (It’s past the half way point in the interview) Taylor is so funny…..even when he’s not even trying to be lol! He was trying to be as politically correct as possible without hurting the interviewer’s feelings lol! Awww….he’s so endearing! ^_^

    2) Tell me why I’m just now REALLY noticing that Taylor has a slight dimple on his left cheek?? (No….not THAT one silly lol!) Lol Idk why, but I’ve never really paid much attention to it before! I’m always paying more attention to his beautiful smile, and ( now thanks to @Emily) his lips. But he has a cute little dimple on the left side of his cheek. Awww! I have dimples myself, so I’m always happy when I see others with them lol.

    So glad to hear that he doesn’t like snakes either! I’m terrified of snakes! *shudder*

  52. Lexi Says:

    Tay was at makena’s volleyball game….well…..its not really showing he was there in this pic, but he was outside of the building. And he’s talking on the phone :D! You can see his dad behind him!!

  53. Lexi Says:

    woops i forgot to post pic LOL

  54. Johanna Says:

    Can anyone please explain to me how tumbler works please
    and can u guys help me decide on a cute username something with Taylor in it

  55. Johanna Says:

    @Lexi thats one hot piece of ass right there
    mmmm the things i would do to that o god i better calm down :)

  56. Emily Says:

    Mystique, my dear, are you SERIOUS???? You’ve never noticed his left cheek dimple???? Are you sure you actually look at him??? LOL Just kidding, but yes, I noticed that a long time ago. You can only see it well when he smiles pretty big.

    I guess as long as Makena keeps playing volleyball, we’ll keep seeing him, at least once in a while!!

  57. Lexi Says:

    here’s another pic of him at the game. The pic is kinda blurry, but if you look hard enough u can see him with his dad :)

  58. Johanna Says:

    @Lexi so this is a different game then the one we saw a few days ago?

  59. Lexi Says:

    @johanna correcto!! ^^

  60. accv Says:

    @Mystique… Yah, you are the Love Doctor for now ;) Thanks. And BTW, I don’t mind the lengthy response. I love reading lengthy responses! Well, as long as they’re racked with BS :p In this case, I will say this… I mean, ya’ll don’t know me personally so it’s w/e. But yes, it was all about a personal experience of mine. I just couldn’t get myself to admit it :p It seems to me that my decision was truly for the best for now. He’s always told me that he just wants to be with me for as long as possible and usually, I’m the one bringing up separation and he’s the one saying how scared he is of me leaving him. He has mentioned that he’s dreamt of us getting married. Like, literally dreamt. But I was always the one saying that we don’t know what can happen in the future. That was the first time though that he said “I don’t know” when I asked him if he thought I was the one. But I DID say before I asked him that, that I wasn’t sure if he was the one. So perhaps it WAS a mix of saving face AND honesty? I guess because I gave the impression that honestly, we REALLY can’t say right now. But I can proudly say this… I was usually always honest about my feelings. But yes, I have a feeling this is for the best. It really hurts, of course, because I still love him and wish it was that simple, but I don’t know if being in a relationship is wise when I’m still lost inside. I mean, there are other reasons besides myself but perhaps I made the right decision.

    Also, what’s your info? I haven’t even been on the site. lol! Just in case I ever want more advice from Dr. Mystique ;p It’s always nice to have an objective view.

  61. accv Says:

    LOL! is it just me or does taylor look curvy in that pic of him outside on the phone? ;p COMEEE TO MAMA!!!

    And sadly… I just reread what I wrote. FAIL!!! “… long as they’re NOT racked with BS.” lol! Sorry!

  62. kia Says:

    Lexi – Damn baby doing the sexy walk in the first pic.

    Johanna – When it comes to Taylor,its hard for all of us to calm down.

  63. Mystique Says:

    Lexi–thanks for the volleyball game pics! ^_^ Glad to see that he supports his sister so dedicated. :)

    Johanna–I’m sorry….I wish I could help you out, but I don’t know a thing about tumblr lol! I don’t mind lurking on other people’s pages, but I haven’t created an account myself. Tumblr and Pinterest are two social media apps that I just haven’t really gotten into yet. :-/

    Emily–*hangs head down in shame* I know! I know! I’m a bad fan aren’t I? Lol… It’s not that I’ve never noticed it before, it’s that I’ve never really paid much attention to it before! But I tend to be in my own world a lot of times lol, so I’m just not as astute I guess as other people are in being aware of everything around me. Even my younger sister is much more observant than I am lol!

    Accv–Awww…..I’m glad I was able to help a little. And yes,I do think you’re making the right decision for right now. :) Omg, you’ve NEVER been to You don’t know what you’re missing lol! Here’s my page:

    Just click on “PM”. PM = Private Message. I’m DestinyC1020 on there.

    Feel free to check it out! There are tons of great fan docs on there too! You can even check out my Taylor fic/story (if you haven’t already)! :)

    Oh and you might have to create a log in name in order to PM someone. You can read stories without creating an account, but I think to msg ppl you have to create an account. But yea feel free to write me if you have any other questions or need some further advice. :)

  64. Mystique Says:

    Oops….I meant to say….glad to see that he’s so dedicated to supporting his sister.

  65. Mystique Says:

    Just happened to stumble upon this picture from the set of Tracers…..

    Can someone please explain to me how he manages to look like a model while doing normal every day type things????? #baffledspeechless

  66. Logan Says:

    @ Johanna and all Taysters, my Tumblr account is called: loveallthingstaylor. I only use it to collect pics of Taylor (and some of Selena and Marie). It’s also where I write our story which I need to update soon….

  67. Logan Says:

    Oh lord is sooooo addictive BE WARNED you’ll be overwhelmed! You’ll need to check in to the asylum after going on
    YES! Netflix is now available in the Netherlands. I signed up and the first movie I watched was Top Gun, yep!
    This was not the version with Tom Cruise in it, well it was, but I had Taylor playing Maverick and Jessica Alba playing the instructor, because Taylor likes her LOL….
    This actually happens a lot lately, picturing Taylor playing all kinds of characters when I’m watching movies. Guess I’m desperate for Tracers to come out.

  68. vera Says:

    Jess, thank you. Yes, I am hoping too that Australia will make good box office, and the result will be great for Taylor and co.

    I like that he supports his sister, but .. hey, where’s the news about the new project? I look forward to them.

    Top Gun.. I like Maverick, I’d want to see Taylor in the title role .. I do not like Lainey, but it’s funny, she also dreams about it.. I remember her passion longing to see on the big screen Tom Cruise and Taylor together in the sequel to this story, and Chloë Moretz would play the love interest of Taylor..I smile when I read it again :)

    and her article about Julia Roberts and Taylor Swift… this passage about “cute mystery boy”….

  69. Johanna Says:

    @Mystique its okay i really dont understand tumbler either

    @Logan its probably cuz im doing it wrong but i cant find ur page
    and can u ladies help me think of a good name to call my tumbler or whatever its called the username i think

  70. Catherine Says:

    Anyone else wondering if an F&F announcement is actually going to happen?

    *sighs wearily*

  71. vera Says: bad..
    I decided that it was a moment of the meeting between JR and TS around 2 years ago, when Taylor & Taylor hung out ..

  72. Lexi Says:

    9/11 we remember….
    I don’t know about you guys, but i was only in 2nd grade when it happened so i had no idea what was going on at that time. Now that I do….it sometimes gives me bad chills :(.
    RIP to all the victims and God Bless!!!

  73. Mystique Says:

    September 11, 2001….ahhh yes….a date I will always remember very vividly….unfortunately. :-/

    Lol…why did I chuckle to myself (I’m bad I know lol) when I saw this article from sent to my email inbox?


    *snicker* Idk why, but I get a little feeling of glee anytime Hollywood tries to put out yet another YA formulaic movie, and it bombs at the box office lol. It just proves to Hollywood that….Maybe it wasn’t the book but more so the actors that made Twilight so special?? Hee hee!

    Critics were always trying to undermine the cast and their hand in the box office success of the Two saga. Maybe now Twi-haters and critics will see that you can’t just keep putting out the same formula expecting the same results lol. ;)

  74. marianne Says:

    Mystique….I saw that article and the first thing I thought of was “pride goeth before a fall”. The magazine covers saying TMI was going to slay Twilight, all the copycat poses on mags, so many premieres and all the matching premiere outfits like the Twi cast. The fans made Twilight and loved the cast and supported them. You can’t manufacture that.

    Catherine…I keep wondering where the FF7 rumor came from.

    Lilome…I thought I saw your sexy leg in the backseat with Taylor! “Have things well in hand” I practically fell off my chair when I read that!

  75. Emily Says:

    Marianne–*chuckles*–I laughed at that myself!! :) Just what THINGS was she handling???

  76. kia Says:

    Wow its seem like yesterday the tragedy of 9/11 happen. My thoughts and prayers still goes to the victims families. And to the firefighters that sacrifice the lives saving other people. your are truly our Heroes. R.I.P

  77. Emily Says:

    Look at this girl’s face—I would totally be freaking out like that if I ever get to put my hands in Taylor’s handprints!! :)))))))))))))

  78. kia Says:

    Mystique- I’m not surprise since the Host,Beautiful Creatures and Percy Jackson all fail at the box office. YA is just fading away just like any other trends.

    Marianne,Emily- maybe that’s why he keep looking down in them pics. Oh Lilome you Naughty Naughty girl!

  79. Logan Says:

    @ Johanna, I don’t even know how to direct you to my Tumblr account had to try it first LOL
    @Mystique, so true! The books themselves are not that special, it’s the cast that made the movie work.
    So we have to give credit to the entire cast of the saga and the people in charge of casting, thank you guys!

  80. *Vickey* Says:

    Logan— Really?? Haha. Netherlands enjoy your Netflix, Its super addicting. ;P
    Mystique– Yess! I’ve noticed that dimple, its too adorable!!!

    Johanna– What was your question about tumblr? I must’ve scanned over it to quickly. Lol. I can help you, I love tumblr! :)

    Lexi— Gahhhh thank you for the volleyball hand pics! I feel so behind on here lol. Been doing lots of reading for my classes this semester.

    Emily—Me tooooo!!!! Haha she looks so happy In that photo! Pretty sure I would have that same facial expression! :)

    Re: Trend fading: Unfortunately I agree, the genre TMI, Percy, etc lies primarily in TV land. You get that sci-fi or the dark fantasy genres on many TV shows that are on ABC Family, The CW, AMC, etc. So I guess I’m not 100% surprised TMI was put on hold. Kinda feel bad for the cast.

    Oh also to clarify, I’m not saying since TV is dominating that genre That writers shouldn’t do it, because why not? If your heart is in that genre write a billion movies about it, but the storyline that comes with TMI is exhausted. Sorry for my babbling. ^.^

    Accv- I agree, I love reading long responses on here!

  81. Johanna Says:

    okay so i have never seen this but beware u made need ur oxygen tank cuz Taylor hotness meter is like of the charts God HE IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

    @Vickey i just generally dont understand how to navigate on tumbler but please give me ur username or watever so i can find u

  82. Emily Says:

    Johanna–I’ve seen the second and third picture before, but I don’t know if I’ve seen the first one. All I can say is hot, hot, HOT!!!

  83. kia Says:

    The third pic Damn!!!! He has the sexiest jaw I’ve ever seen. I swear if he doesn’t make it in 2013 People Sexiest Man issue. I’ll cut a BITCH!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Jess Says:

    Emily – You’re a genius. It’s not quite the extended commercial, but Bench have just released this movie of Taylor’s visit to the Philippines. Love it. Love the song. Love Taylor! That smile at 1.27 – I can’t cope anymore!

  85. Logan Says:

    @ Jess….I’m in tears, sobbing because I cannot access the vid you posted :/ …help!

  86. Jess Says:

    Logan – You can try the link through here…

  87. Jess Says:

    Or here…
    Hope they work.

  88. Logan Says:

    Best move ever!!!!

  89. Logan Says:

    @Jess, thanks for all the options but unfortunately we’re not allowed to access the video. Why I ask you, it’s weird sometimes….

  90. kia Says:

    Thanks Jess for the video! That part when he’s hugging the little girl Ahhh. I love him so much

  91. Jess Says:

    Logan, you poor thing. That really is weird. I hope you can find the video somewhere that will work. In the meantime – to alleviate the sobs, here is the smile and the hug that Kia and I have talked about above.

  92. *Vickey* Says:

    Johanna— —> Here’s my URL! It’s pretty easy once you get he hang out it. :)

    Jess– Awww thakns for the video! Soooo cute! Gahh! :D
    How is everyone doing by the way?

  93. Johanna Says:

    @Jess thanks for the vid.
    @Vickey okay if u get a follow by jolovestaylor then that me okay

    some more pics from tracers ( i like the last one even though its not Taylor i would do the exact same thing his stunt double it doing)

  94. Emily Says:

    JESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How do you find the BEST stuff???? I still haven’t received a reply to my email to Bench, but that video is pretty darn good!! I got excited all over again. Methinks I may be having a Taylor viewing party tonight and will watch the whole MOA event yet another time!

    That moment at 1:27–”I can’t cope anymore.” Me either!!!!

    Every time I think I couldn’t love him more, he has to go and do something like that. Someone, anyone……………please tell me you have seen the “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” CARTOON (not the movie) that’s on TV several times every Christmas. There’s a part at the end where the narrator says, “The Grinch’s small heart grew three sizes that day.” It shows his small heart under a magnifying glass and then it grows and grows until it breaks the glass. THAT’S EXACTLY HOW MY HEART FELT WHEN I SAW THAT MOMENT!!

    I’ve just had a thought. Taylor would be a great volunteer/spokesperson for the Special Olympics. It would be a perfect fit for him. We’ve discussed and have seen how caring and considerate he seems to be toward people with disabilities and he could volunteer to do physical activities with them………………..I know he’s done lots of things “behind-the-scenes” at hospitals and things like that……….I just think it would be sweet to see.

    Johanna–Holy cow at those desserts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. Emily Says:

    I meant to add———-I think my life would be a little more complete if I had that life-sized cardboard cutout of Taylor in the orange sweater. It would look FANTASTIC in my bedroom!! :)

  96. Mystique Says:

    @JESS!! OMG… THANK You soooo much for that Bench Video! AAAAHHH I’m freaking out! lol. ^_^

    I LOVE the part when he gets to the airport and the fans go CRAZY! I probably would be there to welcome him into my country too if I didn’t live in the US. Work, and other next morning obligations would just have to WAIT rotfl! :D

    He is SO sweet! Omg….

    @Emily–YES! I know what you mean! Anytime I think that I can’t possibly like him more than I already do…. Or….SURELY my crush on him will die down SOMEWHAT by now…. he goes and does something so SWEET, or I’ll see him again in SOMETHING and my heart melts all over again! ^_^

    What a sweet heart. Oh and yes I KNOW your reference to The Grinch! lol! I used to watch that cartoon all the time when it would come on around the winter time lol. I don’t see how Taylor couldn’t melt even the grinchiest of Grinches rotfl!

    Special Olympics! Wow….that’s actually a really GOOD idea! I wonder if maybe that idea could be whispered in the ears of his “management team”? I mean…hey….new ideas for sponsoring things are ALWAYS a good thing in my book! :)

    Btw…..I can only IMAGINE what you would be doing with a “ife-sized” cardboard cut out of Taylor in your BEDROOM @Emily!!! LOL! ^_^ Interesting choice of location for your cardboard cut out lol! :D I notice you didn’t say your garage, your kitchen, an office, or your basement. But no….Your BEDROOM!! HAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!

  97. Mystique Says:

    @Vickey—I like your tumblr site name. ;-)

    @Logan–Did you try watching the Bench video on an actual computer? Just wondering, because when I tried to watch the video on my phone or my Kindle, it said that the creator of the video is not allowing the video to be accessed through hand-held devices (or something like that), but I was able to pull it up just fine on my laptop. :) It’s just a thought! Some Youtube Videos are like that. Just ignore my comment if you’ve already tried accessing the video through a computer desktop.

  98. *Vickey* Says:

    Johanna— Cool! Just followed you back! :D
    Finally a Taylor Girl follow!

    Mystique— Thank you ;) I agree I wish I could welcome Taylor to my country too, but it would be awkward since I’m from the US as well. Haha.

    So I just rewatched the Bench video and I showed my roommate and I think I’ve converted her guys! LOL.

    Mystique/Emily—- Cardboard cutout in the bedroom!!! LOL Hahaha.

    Emily— You’re reference to the Grinch was perfect. . :) I loved the cartoon and I know some people dislike the movie with Jim Carrey, but I LOVE it! ^.^

  99. Mystique Says:

    Vickey—Haha!! You converted your roomie??! Hahaha! So cool! *high five* Wow…that didn’t take long at all now did it? *Sneaky grin*

    Like I said, I don’t see how anyone CAN’T find him irresistible! lol…..

    Now if only I could find a way to “convert” my sister…… Hmmm……

  100. Logan Says:

    How do they stay in shape I wonder….looking at all those deserts?! Maybe that’s how, they just look….nah don’t think so, they’ll burn it off doing some parkour hihihi
    @ Mystique: Haven’t tried an actual computer yet, good thinking. I use my iPad to access this site.
    @ Vickey, so you’re the one ( Tumblr ) what’s with the french theme…..I asked Mysique if it was her, it wasn’t but she can also speak french LOL. We are very diverse, I like that ;)

  101. Logan Says:

    Because of Netflix I’m getting into the Vampire Diaries, hate waiting a week for new episodes….this works way better!
    Can I just mention the fact that I’m smiling everytime Zach Roerig is in a scene! Maybe it ‘s because of sentimental reasons, used to watch ATWT when he played in it. Nice to see him do other things.
    @ George, thanks btw for the update/ new layout you did a while back. I see alot of new pics some I had never seen before.

  102. Mystique Says:

    Logan–Yea try a real computer! I’m thinking that’s probably all it is :) Until someone manages to share the video away from YouTube, I think that particular video will always be “programmed” that way. :-/

    Oh yes lol…you DID ask me if I had a tumblr site lol! I see that wasn’t me it was Vickey all along! :D. Btw, @Vickey also speaks French too! ;-)

  103. Mystique Says:

    Haha….just saw this article online…. It’s so riddled with false info it’s not even funny lol!!

    This might be good for a chuckle… just goes to show, you can’t believe everything you read on the internet O_O. Lol!!

    First of all….
    1) That’s not Marie in the photograph he’s kissing. Any TRUE Taylor fan would recognize that he was a LOT younger in that picture (try like at least 3 years younger lol), and I think we concluded that the picture is either Photoshopped, or it’s more likely Sara with him

    2) Taylor and Patrick do NOT have a “bromance” going on lol. As exciting as I’m sure that would be for fan boys, it’s just not true that they were out on a “dinner date” Rotfl! Besides, Dan and Tarik were also out with the group that evening, but since nobody really knows them, that didn’t get mentioned in this article smh lol

    3) Lastly, while Taylor DOES have a instagram account, it’s not really his personal account. So, he wouldn’t be posting pictures of Marie on there…..Lol. Any pictures on his instagram account are updated by his team. Same with Facebook
    . Plus, I doubt he would be posting pictures of girls he’s dating on his social media apps anyway….even if he did manage them by himself lol.

    Silly article…..”tricks are for kids!” Lol :-P.

  104. Mystique Says:

    Also forgot to add….Thank goodness for THIS site! ^_^ We seem to get pretty up to date and accurate info on here. :) If it weren’t for this site, I’d probably be believing half the things I read online and in tabloids lol!

    It was thanks to THIS site I was able to call that one poster out for spreading lies about Taylor on the IMDB.COM site! Ha! :-D

  105. marianne Says:

    Mystique…That’s an amusing article…thanks for the laugh. It’s hard to believe that people think that is a current pic of Taylor. The PS reads a lot like Robsten articles in the days of Twilight. “Rob and Kristen on a romantic date” when there was a publicist as well as several other studio people on the date. I didn’t think that Taylor even had an instagram account? The sad thing about tabloids is that they manage to get one celeb story right and people start to think that other things might be true. I remember when the National Inquirer had this story that Taylor was pulled into a port-a-potty by two girls when he was filming ABD. Supposedly he heard some crying coming from the potty and knocked on the door to see if the person was okay. The girls opened the door and pulled him in!! LOL Like his security detail would ever let that happen but I’m sure there were people that believed it.

    Jess…Emily…Love the Bench video. Sigh…..his smile gets to me.

  106. Emily Says:

    Ha, ha, Mystique/Vickey!! My comment DID sound kind of bad.

    Honestly, I said I wanted the cutout in my bedroom so he could be the first thing I see in the morning and the last thing I see every night. That was ALL I was thinking!!!!! But now……..LOL!

    I’m glad y’all got my Grinch reference. I know am perpetually stuck in the world of first graders b/c of work, but I loved watching that every year before I ever started teaching. I liked the movie OKAY, but I prefer the original cartoon and book. I have to argue with my students every year when I show that to the class. They always say “This isn’t the REAL movie.” I have to inform them that, oh yes it is and that the “REAL” movie was based off that one.

    Marianne–Yes, I believe his smile gets to all of us!!!!

  107. chanda w Says:

    I still believe Tay is in FF7. He said either Sept. or Oct. he would start filming something. FF7 cast updates still aren’t complete. I think he’s already in but, he is keeping mum.
    Even when Taylor is quiet, he has stuff going on, think he’s learned not to say too much publicly about his work. I’m sorta starting to wish he was sorta a twitter-whore. Posting pics and info of what he’s up to next.
    The YA fantasy movie genre will always have a place. Teens like fantasy/romance.
    They just need to stop trying to imitate Twilight’s success. Twilight brought in teens and their moms. That is rare and won’t happen again, any time soon.
    They need smaller budgets and a more targeted group.
    @Mystique, glad you enjoyed yourself at X Factor.

    Gift: After I get the hat who do I send it to? Did we ever pic a person. Just wondering.

  108. Johanna Says:

    How soft do u think he lips really are?

    GOD he soooo sexy like im in physical pain cuz he sooo HOT!!!!!!

  109. kia Says:

    Johanna- Well since Taylor stay over last night. I can say the are very soft and kissable.

  110. accv Says:

    Am I being unfaithful to Taylor by oogling other actors now too? :p I’m sorry, I can’t help it! Like, I’ve finally caught myself up with the Marvels movies… Iron Man, etc… and after watching Capt. America and The Avengers… I’m like… melting over Chris Evans now, too. I think he and Ryan Philippe are among the only two “cookie-cutter” attractive guys in Hollywood to me. I have to admit, I’ve crushed on Ryan Philippe way back when. He may not be the greatest guy in the world personality-wise/attitude-wise, but he’s certainly extremely easy on the eyes. And I wasn’t actually much of a fan of Chris Evans until watching him in Capt. America. Probably because it’s such a departure from his usual, douchey roles. He’s actually really humble in that movie and a really humble, hot guy is always a yes in my book. Hence why I’m so in love with our guy. If he were odd in real life, then I’d still likely oogle him, but just that. I’ve actually looked up Chris Evans a bit and apparently, he’s all over the place as a person. As in, he’s a hypocrite. I haven’t really read much about him… just his IMDB board and people say he’ll say things like he likes simplicity, but instead… does the opposite… goes out to bars, drinks, smokes? Not sure. But WOA now. lol. Sorry… dislike smokers. Weellll… to date, that is. Actually, as long as it’s rare, I’ll make an exception, but technically I really don’t like ‘em.

    ANYWAYS. That was pretty OT :p RE: the gifts, as chanda mentioned… how is the cuff going @Evelyn? And yah, I don’t think we ever picked someone to send the gifts to. Also, I remember when we all talked about the gifts, the dog tag necklace was favored by several of you ladies… just wondering what everyone still thinks. If it’s a yes, I can finish the design I started and post it up to see what you guys think?

    Hey @Vickey… johanna and I are following each other on Twitter, too. You should follow me also! @veecia is my handle. :)

  111. accv Says:

    @johanna hey girly… just looked at that link you posted. mmmmm. i know what you mean about physical pain. it hurts sooooo bad, i hate it. anyways. i noticed the tumblr profile pic you have and chuckled because i’m using the same one on my desktop as wallpaper. ahhhh just makes my laptop even more lovable. *sigh*

  112. Jess Says:

    @Johanna and @accv that tumblr profile pic is my desktop wallpaper too! It does make it very hard to focus on work. Thanks for the link @Johanna. The pics from Taylor’s Abduction promotion in Paris are some of my all time favourites. Taylor wearing blue … So good.
    Thought you’d like this short instagram video of Taylor signing autographs for fans in Manila. If he held my hand – I don’t think I could bear to let go (but then I would have TBG to deal with!)

  113. *Vickey* Says:

    Mystique— YES. I think the poster of Taylor ( I have on my wall mixed in with two other things I love, just won her over! xD
    She seems it everyday, it’s such an irresistible picture.

    Exactly how can anyone NOT find him irresistible. Lol.
    I’ve tried converted my older sister, she’s a RPatz woman. Hahaha.

    Logan— Yes I am! :D I took 4 years in high school. Then took it my freshman year in college, tested out of the second level, and now while in my Jr year here at UNT, I’m in level 3 of French. I don’t know, I just love French, it’s something so elegant about the language. We are diverse here, I love it too! Lol! :)

    Re: TVD: YES! I love it, I tried so hard to not get into it. Until last December, my friend told me to go ahead and watch it on Netflix and I was hesitant, but I did. I’m so glad I listened because it’s different and I love the characters. That being said I am hooked. Haha. Oh yeah girl, I ‘m with you, I hate waiting for new episodes, that’s kind of what I’m going through with Breaking Bad, series finale. So I was able to get through 3 seasons on Netflix, watch the majority of Season 4 online and was caught up by the time the other half of season 4 continued on the CW. :)
    Oh and yeah I adore Zach Roerig, he’s so sweet!

    Re: Article @Mystique posted: Yeah, that does go to show don’t’ believe anything you see on internet. LOL. I love that saying: “I learned not to trust what you read on the internet…” “Where did you learn that?” “The internet.” xP

    Anywho, they are so off in that article it’s funny! Haha. Thanks for sharing Mystique!

    Chanda w.— Yes! So the idea is still alive. We’d all love for him to be involved in it somehow.

    Accv— Sure! I’ll follow you guys!
    My twitter handle is @VictoriaWHOA :)

    Jess— Thanks for that instagram video! He’s so sweet! I would love to hold his hand *swoons* LOL!

  114. Emily Says:

    Vickey–I’ll admit I’m a “Vampire Diaries” fan, too! It’s funny, ’cause I fought the temptation also, mainly b/c I hated all the Twi vamps, but there’s just something about Damon/Ian Somerhalder that I couldn’t resist!! I think the show is really well-done—kind of creepy, not usually TOO gory, with just the right amount of humor mixed in. I also think Nina Dobrev is breathtakingly beautiful. Are you going to have to watch the spin-off this season (The Originals)? The last thing I need is ANOTHER show to watch, but I DO love/hate Klaus, so I’ll probably have to give it a try.

  115. Johanna Says:

    @accv @Jess i really just love that pic it is so perfect i mean Taylor just looks amazing plus with that beautiful skyline it just make it perfect.

    @Vickey i just followed u on twitter…well i hope its u my name thing is @purplecupcake17

  116. accv Says:

    @Emily… I agree, Nina’s stunning. Like, I’m jealous. She’s just… I can see why Ian Somerhalder eventually fell for her. ;)

  117. *Vickey* Says:

    Johanna- Okay! I’ll check and follow you back right now, I haven’t looked at the notifications on my phone, I’ve been crazy busy today. I actually joined my dorm halls intramural flag football team, intense, but fun. :)
    Re: Tumblr: By the way @Johanna, I LOVE your blog! You post/reblog so many great things. Haha.

    Accv- I LOVE your Twitter btw, you’re just speaking a different language and it just amazes me xP

    Emily— I feel your pain! That’s the last thing I need too, but I will take on the Originals! xD I LOVE Klaus, I don’t know what it is. Maybe its the fact he’s so evil, but he has a soft internally? You hit the nail right on the head, something about Ian just pulled me in. LOL. Especially in the first season where he’s reading Caroline’s Twilight book. Haha. Oh yeah, it is kinda creepy, but the humor works! :)
    Re: Nina: She really is gorgeous. My friend’s always complain about how she has nice hair. Haha.

  118. accv Says:

    awww thanks @Vickey. ;)