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94 Responses to “BENCH/ Presents: Taylor Lautner – Live In Manila”

  1. Evelyn Says:

    Oh, my. Taylor is looking quite sexy. Uh oh. Now I must repent for that comment.

  2. chanda w. Says:

    He does look nice. Nothing wrong with stating the truth.

    I finally saw Vampires Suck. It was too funny. The guy playing Jacob was kinda cute too.

  3. *Vickey* Says:

    He looks great and that smile! ^.^
    The fans were SOOOO excited to see him, that wave of energy, I could feel it over here! Lol.

    Chanda w… I own it on DVD, it’s hilarious! Haha. I agree the guy that plays Jacob was cute! :)

  4. Emily Says:

    I could stare at his beautiful smile (and the rest of him) all day, every day, and I don’t think I’d ever get tired of it!

    The thing I liked most about his whole trip to the Philippines is that all those people were going totally nutso (rightfully so) over Taylor—-by himself—not as part of a “trio.” THAT was really refreshing. :)

  5. Emily Says:

    This video is great, but I STILL want Bench to release that entire extended commercial they showed at the beginning of the MOA event. I haven’t gotten any response to my email.

  6. kia Says:

    I love him. Whoever said they hate him ,clearly lying their ass off. He’s the boy with the Golden smile & heart.

  7. chanda w Says:

    I felt the same way, @Emily. I liked that the luv and energy was for him, ALONE.
    The fans were amazing and this vid is so cute. I’m sure all of that positive feedback made him giddy somewhat. So many people, he was introduced like a rock star.

    Wonder if he’s already moved out of his parent’s home yet. Too bad I don’t live anywhere close enough to stalk him. I could so see him getting a condo, bachelor pad. With a room dedicated to Michigan teams. I just had deja vu, like I’ve had this conversation before.

    Who is Taylor ‘s agent now?

    Someone commented that they wanted to see Tay on one of those shows that trace your heritage, Who Are You? (something like that) I would pay to watch that show, I bet he’s mixed with a lot of stuff.

    I luv him.

  8. marianne Says:

    Emily….Chanda….It’s so nice seeing Taylor without the awkwardness of Robsten. Nice seeing these fans appreciating him.

    kia…”Golden smile and heart” you said it girl!! I think a lot of people that hate on Taylor are jealous or are still mired in the Team Jacob vs. Sparklepants wars.

    chanda w,,,,He certainly is a mixture of exotic stuff that I love.

  9. Jess Says:

    You can see why Taylor has so much love for his fans. They obviously had so much fun getting the chance to see and meet him in the Philippines. I just love how much positive energy surrounds Taylor. Everywhere he goes, he makes people smile. I honestly don’t understand how anyone could possibly NOT love him?
    Chanda I agree, I’d love to see Taylor on Who do you think you are? I’m sure he would have such an interesting background.
    Following on from the previous thread… Mystique and Emily. this is my favourite picture of Taylor’s dimple. (click on the pic to zoom in nice and close).

  10. Emily Says:

    Jess–That was really cute.

  11. Logan Says:

    Finally! Love the energy coming through, whoever edited this vid, music included, is also a big fan.
    Good to see Taylor was genuinely humbled by the welcome he got. They went all out over there in the Philippines, thank you for that.

  12. tia seviana Says:

    i don’t talk much,but i wish you could come to jakarta i deeply loved and liked you….
    i love you taylor lautner

  13. tia sevpiana Says:

    please follow me @28tiasepviana

  14. Logan Says:

    Aaahhhh, so cute, watching Vampire Diaries and they mentioned they’re running low on team Jacob shirts!

  15. kia Says:

    Coming home and just found out there’s a twilight marathon on FX first New Moon (The Movie that started my love affair with Taylor) then Eclipse.

  16. Logan Says:

    Enjoy Kia! Unfortunately no Abduction or Twilight on Netflix but I have other ways to still watch Taylor in action.
    I think the release of GU2 will make fans buy the dvd just because Taylor is in it, nice move Adam, casting him!

  17. Kathy Says:

    Are they ever going to air Abduction on TV?

  18. *Vickey* Says:

    Logan— Abduction should be on Netflix, unless it’s different. Try searching it! :)
    I saw it on there the other day.

    Re: Abduction being aired on TV: @Kathy, that’s a great question. I wonder when/if they’re gonna do it too. They have to! LOL. Thoughts anyone?

    Re: GU2 DVD: I agree with you Logan, I think it was smart move to cast Taylor. I will definitely be buying the DVD. Hahah.

    Kia— You too? New Moon had me completely on Taylor (Jacob’s) side Saga wise. Haha. :)

  19. accv Says:

    Yup! Abduction is on Netflix. I just haven’t watched it yet because I already have it on DVD ;p Try again @Logan. Should definitely be there!

  20. Logan Says:

    Don’t worry about me ladies, in our tv-contract there are 5 movie channels to choose from and they have Abduction on there 24/7. So trust me I watched it more then 20 times already and I taped it, LOL….
    The only thing Taylor on Netflix here is cheaper by the dozen 2, I’ll be watching that one tomorrow!
    Hahahaha, I came home one day and my hubby told me: I just finished watching a movie starring your boyfriend. Meaning he had been watching Abduction. He’s funny like that!
    Netflix has only been available here for like 48 hrs, brand spanking new for us dutchies.
    I’ll keep searching maybe they will take note of it.

  21. Johanna Says:

    some pics from tracers set

  22. Johanna Says:

    @Vickey thanks im glad u like my page i think my starting to get the hang of it but i really like it

  23. kia Says:

    Johanna- great pics. Can 2014 hurry up! I’m going through withdrawals.

    Vickey- My love for Taylor/Jacob is the only reason why I watch twilight. Not because the Dry romance between Belly & Mr. Ice Sculpture.

  24. marianne Says:

    Johanna…Thanks for the link. Great pics of New York. Hope we get another short trailer before 2014! (Don’t want too many spoilers….who am I kidding, spoil me!)

    kia….Dry romance…you said it girl. Jacob wouldn’t have been playing chess on his honeymoon!!

  25. kia Says:

    Marianne- YES!! Naked Jake would be chasing naked Bella around the beach! BUTTER BALL NAKED!

  26. Emily Says:

    Marianne and Kia–playing “doctor” is more like it! ;)

  27. Logan Says:

    Oh my lord, you crack me up! And that’s probably where a lot of that beach would end up if it was Jacob’s honeymoon….he would show Bella what mindblowing dot dot dot is all about!
    I bet B and E couldn’t even kiss right because of all the teeth chattering going on.
    I’m desperately hoping for some steamy scenes in Tracers.

  28. Chez Says:

    According to twitter on Sara Hick’s instagram page someone commented that Taylor has been spotted kissing a blonde girl does anyone know who it is and is he still with Marie or not? I love this site but been afraid to comment!

  29. Catherine Says:

    Who knows, Chez?!!! Hello, btw :)

    Maybe if his ‘people’ would put some FLIPPING INFORMATION OUT fans wouldn’t resort to gossip titbits?!!!

    There’s lying low, being private and so on, but there’s also the risk of people forgetting you exist, because nothing is getting out there. Even the insiders that comment on here have gone quiet. Maybe I’m just impatient, but…a few of the dedicated, loyal, fans (who are poring over ancient pics because thay haven’t been given anything else!) on tumblr are muttering the same kind of thing :(

    Oh how I hope I’m proved wrong, with a HUGE announcement sooner rather than later…

  30. Catherine Says:

    Just read that back through.

    Living up to the grumpy, moany, bad tempered Brit stereotype there :-/

    Sorry x

  31. Lexi Says:

    @chez the way im seeing it, she probably made that up…..
    If what the girl is saying is true, we would have been seeing pics by now……

  32. Nicolefair Says:

    I dunno and you guys tell me if you think I’m wrong, but I really don’t think as fans we’re “entitled” to aspects of his life he isn’t willing to publically share. I know we love him and its difficult to be a fan of a ninja (lol) but he doesn’t owe us more than his work and all the publicity that goes along with that work.

    Believe me, I’m like a nun with a vibrator when we get a glimpse of his gorgeous self in a candid moment (sisters volleyball games, selfies with the girl of the moment, at a party with friends) but I have to reel myself in, turn down the buzz and just……keep things in perspective.

    I’m a Lautnerholic….and I have to take things one day at a time.

  33. Emily Says:

    Catherine–I get where you’re coming from. It IS frustrating, at times, but, for whatever reason, it just seems to be a part of being a Taylor fan. Remember what happened with Tracers, though—it was rumored for AGES, then, all-of-a-sudden, Taylor is headed to NYC to start filming–no fanfare, no “official” announcement (at least not one that I saw). He just got to business and we got so many set pics it was like Christmas all summer. So, maybe we’ll be surprised again very soon with whatever he has going next.

    Welcome, Chez! Don’t be afraid! :)

  34. Emily Says:

    Speaking of Tracers, I thought this was pretty nice:

  35. Emily Says:

    An oldie, but still a “goodie”–I haven’t seen all of these shots before.

  36. Jess Says:

    @Nicolefair I think you are completely right. While I love seeing Taylor, I don’t think that we have the right to intrude on his personal life/time just to satisfy our own needs. While it can be SO hard waiting for news, it just adds to the excitement when we finally hear about new projects. It seems the one thing you need to have above all else to be a Taylor fan is patience! :-)

    That being said, @Catherine – Don’t be sorry. I think we all get frustrated when we hear nothing of Taylor for a while. I hope you’re right about getting a HUGE announcement.

    Hi @Chez. I was afraid to post the first time, but the ladies here are all so amazing and warm and welcoming that it gets really easy in no time at all.

    @Johanna, I love your Tumblr. Such beautiful pictures, you have great taste! (But we all know that already ’cause you’re a Tayster!!!)

    @Emily I really like that Tracers edit. There are so many creative Taylor fans out there. I wish I was brave enough to start my own tumblr so I could share stuff too.

  37. Mystique Says:

    NicoleFair, Jess–I think you all hit the nail on the head. As much as we Taysters LOVE Taylor, in reality, he doesn’t really owe us ANYTHING in reference to his private/personal life. I mean, seriously. When we go to work in our own secular jobs, we don’t “owe” our employers or co-workers ANY info regarding our personal lives, what we do on the weekends, who we live with, who we’re dating, etc. Of course, some of us may divulge that information if we feel comfortable, but in reality, all you’re obligated to do is a JOB.

    Same with Taylor. He does his “job” as acting. Anything aside from that isn’t really our business. Even “announcements” about his future projects aren’t things that necessarily NEED to be posted or made ahead of time. Projects can get made everyday without prior info.

    But, info for fans IS put out there for our excitement, anticipation and benefit.

    Catherine—Don’t worry…..I know it may be hard to wait, but sometimes we just have to be patient. He JUST stopped filming for Tracers in July. I understand your concern about him “disappearing”….especially in the industry… The industry CAN be very cut-throat. But at times, I think at the end of the day sometimes a “break” (even a temporary one) can actually be a GOOD thing. While you dont’ want to become “yesterday’s news”, at the same time, you don’t want to become TOO over exposed either. Either extreme (although it might be great for us fans) is probably not a good thing.

    I’m sure when Taylor’s new projects come out, his fans (old AND new) will come out of the wood work to support. it/him. :)

    Emily—Wowzers…thanks for the pics!! I STILL (to this day) have a hard time with that Rolling Stones photo shoot lol #barelylegal , but I LOVE looking at them. ^_^

    @Chez—WELCOME to the boards!!! :D Glad to see another “Tayster” on here! :) I’m not sure if the info that was posted on Twitter (re: the blond) is true or not, but my question is…even if the info IS true…why on EARTH would someone post it on Sara’s Twitter page?? :-/ Gosh……how insensitive…. :( I mean, imagine someone constantly posting and telling you about your ex bf and his whereabouts when the two of you have broken up. That’s tough…. I hope this story is false… :-/

  38. Mystique Says:

    Chez— I just now saw the instagram of Sara you posted. It was instagram….not Twitter…ooops….my bad! Anyway, I feel kind of bad for Sara though… it just me? I mean, here she is, posting a selfie that has absolutely NOTHING to do with Taylor, but yet people are commenting on her picture speculating about who Taylor is dating (or kissing) now. :(

    Idk about anyone else, but if I were Sara I would be so ticked off. :-/ A break up is hard enough without people reminding you about your ex boyfriend! Smh……and to be commenting on his love life too? On her picture page? Wow….that’s just so low..imo…. :-/

  39. Kathy Says:

    If I were Sara, I would block those people. smh

  40. Evelyn Says:

    That girl was trying to make Sara feel bad. So many meanies out there.

  41. Lexi Says:

    @evelyn, or another name for saying “meanies” is bitches. Besides, if they so happen to already have broken up (probably), im pretty sure she is getting over it by hanging with her friends. Like for example she just posted a pic on instagram of her and gregg sulkin at a soccer game :)

  42. accv Says:

    Meanies cuz’ they know they can’t get what Sara has had all to herself — our guy ;) I mean, hell, I’m jealous of the girl’s past with our guy, but that’s as far as it goes. Honestly, I can see why he was with her in the first place and why they’ve remained friends til this day (if they still are… likely, likely not… what business is it of ours? :p) because she’s a beautiful girl. And she’s been by his side, soooo that’s a huge plus. But social media… like, people are super insensitive online compared to in-person. They can spout all the crap they want from their “mouths” onto the screen, but what happens when you put that person out there and have them spout the same crap? Will they do it? Will they survive what could be a harsh backlash? Never know. But honestly… I’m not surprised with society/humanity these days. If you can’t respect someone, then you sure as hell can’t expect them to respect you back. Self-entitlement is annoying. People need to learn that it’s one thing to be honest, but another thing to be rude.

    RE: that girl on Instagram… like, really? She comes off so sure of herself. It’s obnoxious. I’ve dealt with girls like that in middle school where I liked this popular guy in my grade who was very nice to me (I might’ve taken it in the wrong way, too), he liked a good friend of mine who was also very popular… and one particular girl rubbed it in my face that she was the one he wanted. It’s like, a big effing slap in the face. But I mean, of course, I’m over it. That was almost 2 decades ago? LOL. But hell, this girl thought he was cute, too. They were pretty good friends, actually. So it’s whatever. Girls gravitate towards drama. I mean, hey… drama makes things interesting, but it’s super stressful to deal with — who the hell enjoys that? XP

    RE: Taylor’s whereabouts/career… ya’ll said it best. I used to be one of those fans who thought I deserved to know what was going on BTS because of how loyal I was/am, and after awhile, it dawns on you… you have a life of your own, too. I used to be obsessed with this celebrity couple in the Philippines. They were one of the Philippine’s most popular TV and movie couples as well as real-life couples… it got to the point where all I could do was think about the two. And the only way I was happy is if I received good news on them. It was rather lame, looking back. So now, I’m addicted to Taylor, but I know that if I *ever* were to have a chance with him (HAHAHAHAHAHA!), I’d better get my sh!t together :p!!! He’s a drug of mine, but I gotta do me as well. We all have our own lives to live. True, reality is far more stressful than living in “fantasy,” but we gotta do it if we wanna live as long as possible. *sigh*

  43. *Vickey* Says:

    Logan— LOL good! All of us Taysters need our fair share of Abduction. Lol. I REALLY wanna watch Cheaper By the Dozen 2 soon, it’ll probably pop up on TV soon. :)

    Speaking of this weekend, my 21st birthday is this Saturday!! ^.^

    Johanna— You’re welcome! Yayyy. I’m glad you are! Sometimes you don’t realize how many hours you’ve spent there. Haha.

    Re: Tracers: Thanks for the pictures @Johanna! LOVE them. :)
    I’m just THAT much more excited about Tracers! Is there an official date on the release yet?

    Kia— Mr. Ice Sculpture! YES! Hahaha. Yeah it really is a dry romance, I just feel like things could’ve been so different for her had she chosen Jacob, but eh Meyers just didn’t seem to care about that.

    Marianne– LOL! Yes, he definitely wouldn’t have been playing chess on his honeymoon.

    Chez— Aww don’t be afraid! :)
    The more the merrier. Welcome!

    Catherine— Lol you’re fine. I completely understand, it does get frustrating when we don’t hear anything for a while, but you know that always means something is in the works!

    I think this goes back to what @Emily and what @Nicolefair was saying, that just comes with being a Taylor fan. You all pretty much took the words right out of my mouth. Haha. I think he is entitled to his privacy.

    Mystique— You’re so right either extreme is not a good thing! We see the over exposed stars and we are so over it. Then there are the stars we NEVER EVER hear about because they just sort of fall off. Although he goes ninja on us, I’m happy he’s in the middle of that.

    Re: Sara: I’m with you @Kathy, I HOPE she blocks those idiots. :/
    People are so mean on social networks LOL. I’m pretty sure if they met Sarah they would be all smiles.

  44. Chez Says:

    Thank you everyone for the lovely welcoming comments, thinking about it now surely if it was true we would have seen photos of Taylor and the other blonde girl kissing by now and there’s no mention of it on Twitter (I’m glad I’m not on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook because of all the nasty comments people write).

    Please don’t hate me but I personally don’t think Taylor has got FF7 because I would have announced Taylor’s name at the beginning to perk up the franchise more, and that would have got more people interested in it for example GU2 I only went and bought the 1st dvd because of Taylor being in the 2nd film.

  45. Catherine Says:


    I honestly didn’t mean to come across that I think we’re entitled to ANY private info whatsoever….I’ve always said that he’s wise to keep that to himself. Whoever he is or isn’t dating, where he hangs out, what he does…whatever, I’m cool with all that. Always have been! Sure, it’s nice to hear him talk about lighthearted stuff, but I actually get really annoyed with the gossip mongers.

    It’s just the upcoming projects thing. That’s all. The F&F rumours, to be specific. That’s been going on for a while now – stamp on them, or confirm! Or, if the next thing isn’t that, give us a hint :)

    I suppose I’ve seen too many ‘where is he/does he still exist/is he still acting?’ comments on twitter and the like. It’s a bit worrying that people think that.

    You’re all right about being patient. Patience isn’t something I have…not sure if that’s becoming obvious, haha!!!!!!!!


    Ah well, I hope @Emily’s right, and he surprises us by just showing up on a movie set one day soon. I just like it when he’s in front of a rolling camera and a good director – not a pap photographer!

    Right. I’m off to work, and I’m going to be a calm, reasonable, PATIENT person today, hahaha!

  46. Chez Says:

    Hi i’m sorry if I offended anyone, I know it’s Taylor’s business who he dates or not, I just saw the message and just wondered if anyone else knew any information about the blonde girl, as I said previous I’ve been on this site since April this year and love this site as it’s more realistic than the comments on IMDB and it’s taken me all this time to comment, again I was just curious about the girl that was all again I’m sorry.

    Please may I share with you my favourite Taylor photo

  47. johanna Says:

    @vickey yeah tumbler is great its nice to have a whole look of picks of Taylor in one place to look at
    @jess I’m glad u like my page do u have a tumbler?

    As for not seeing him as much I do agree that he does not owe us anything but its understandable that we want to see him and see wat he’s up to were he’s fans we just want to noe hes happy and doing wat he loves

    @chez welcome I get why it is scary to comment on here I myself was on this site for about a year and a half before I actually started to comment now I do it to many times a day but the ladies here are great and we all try to respect each other

    As fore the FF7 thing that’s ur opinion and you are entitled to have .nothing wrong with

  48. johanna Says:

    Okay my phone cut me off for no reason

    I meant to say @chez u are aloud to have ur opinion nothing wrong with that
    As long as u don’t bash Taylor or anyone here then its all good

  49. Logan Says:

    @ Vickey, so weird! It’s also my birthday this saturday! But I have a hard time remembering my 21st ROTFL
    I wish us a happy, sunny and fun day!
    Wasn’t there a wedding coming up this weekend, who’s was it……can’t remember…
    ” do you remember, the 21st night of September ” yep, our song.

  50. Emily Says:

    Soooooooooooooo, F&F 7 is already filming?!?!?!?!?!

  51. carrie Says:

    I’ve really never seen the F&TF7 rumors. I saw one article with Taylor saying sure, he’d love to do that, but nothing from actual industry sources about it. I don’t think his team would deny something that was only ever an interview soundbite.

  52. Mystique Says:

    @Catherine—Awww….poor thing! (((hug))) We know it’s hard to be patient… It’s hard for all of us probably lol.

    But, like @Emily said..I think Taylor will surprise us soon! :D I don’t care if he’s “filming” a new movie, a guest spot on a TV show, or shoot….even a COMMERCIAL in September…I just wish him the best in his future endeavors. ^_^

    I can’t wait to see what he has next on the horizon!

    Part of me is also glad that his name isn’t “everywhere”, because if you think about it….when you’re OVER exposed like that, the instant that you’re not in the “spotlight”, people all of a sudden start wondering where you are. That’s kind of sad that some fans on Twitter have been starting to ask whether or not Taylor is still acting LOL! WOw! I think the Twi Franchise really spoiled us all. Keep in mind, the TWI films is NOT the usual rate for movie projects in Hollywood. Right after filming one film, then they were promoting the next one, then after promoting that one, they were off filming the NEXT installment film. So yeah…that kind of spoiled us for a while lol!

    I have faith that we’re all going to be VERY happy with his next project lined up. :)

    @Emily—Wow! THey DID say they were filming FF7 in September didn’t they? Cool! Nice set pics. Vin looks good. :) Paul Walker…I’m kind of surprised…he doesn’t look as good as he USED to look. Or, maybe these pictures aren’t doing him justice. I think I prefer him with longer hair or something. Not really feeling the buzz cut. :-/

    @Chez—Loved your picture of Taylor! It’s one of the few of his that I’ve seen him in a wife-beater. I wish I would see more pictures of him in them. I’m talking a REAL one….not just a sports tank lol. :)

    Oh and don’t worry about the post… I’m GLAD you posted that info! It’s only natural to speculate and comment on posts that people make on here. I’m sure we know you weren’t trying to start anything lol!

    WE post the good, the bad and the ugly on here….well….there’s usually nothing “ugly” on here lol…. Especially where Taylor is concerned lol. But you know what I mean haha. We usually don’t hold anything back on here when it comes to topics we discuss lol. I’m surprised you haven’t been here during our “Gutter Saturday” moments rotfl! :D

  53. kia Says:

    Chez- Welcome to the family.

    Mystique- Ahh I miss our “Gutter Saturdays”

  54. Johanna Says:

    more pics from Tracers

  55. Johanna Says:

  56. Johanna Says:

  57. Johanna Says:

    has anyone ever seen this OMG i really just want to make-out with him now :P

  58. kia Says:

    Johanna- Nice set pics.

  59. carrie Says:

    There are a lot of young actors going in to audition for the next Star Wars right now. Saoirse Ronan, Michael B. Jordan, Zac Efron, David Oyelowo. I’d love for Taylor to be in the mix for this.

  60. Johanna Says:

    (beware ur heart will stop no joke im serious)

  61. Mystique Says:

    @Carrie—-OMG! ARE.YOU.SERIOUS?? #StarWars
    I have ALWAYS had a fantasy (lol) that Taylor would play a Jedi knight (or Padawan maybe?) in a Star Wars film! #Imageek lol…. I hope his agent gets him an audition! *crosses fingers* ^_^ Idk who he would play, and don’t care,I just want to see him in a SW role! Even if it’s just a cameo lol!! #fangirling.

    @Kia–awww… more “Gutter Saturdays” anymore? :-/ Booo…how come? I know I’ve been busy lately smh…:(

    @Johanna–I’m loving the pics!! :)

  62. Chez Says:

    Love the pics from Tracers Thank you can’t wait until next year to see this I wish it was now lol!

    As for Taylor’s next project I personally would love him to star with Jennifer Lawrence or Lily Collins again as these are my favourite actresses

  63. kia Says:

    Mystique- We’ve both been so busy lately. But “Gutter Saturdays is still here. Is not going anywhere.

  64. Johanna Says:

    Character bio’s for Tracers
    u have to use the password to get in

  65. Jess Says:

    If you have joined and don’t mind reading some MAJOR spoilers, they have released character information from Tracers (it can only be accessed by members though). I can tell you that I read Cam’s (Taylor) and it tells us nothing new, but the one other that I read, did have a major spoiler, so if you don’t want to know everything that will happen in Tracers, don’t read it.
    I can’t decide just yet if I want to know before seeing the movie?

  66. Jess Says:

    You beat me to it Johanna! Did you read the spoilers or are you waiting for the movie?

  67. Jess Says:

    To start you off for gutter Saturday (It’s Saturday here anyway) Here’s two new Bench photoshoot pictures.

  68. Kathy Says:

    @Johanna I have to login I want to register but what if I’m unable to do that? Is there another way to see the spoilers?

  69. Kathy Says:

    Oops, I made a typo I forgot to put a ? after log in.

  70. Jess Says:

    @Kathy, you can find the Tracers info here without having to log in…

  71. Mystique Says:

    Kia–yea I have to admit, I’ve been extremely busy on the weekends lately too…. :-/

    Jess,Johanna–thanks for the links to the character bios for Tracers! :D. Since you say that there is a major spoiler in it though, I think I’ll just wait until the movie comes out! :D. I HATE spoilers of any kind…..for ANY movie! :-/ I’m just weird like that. Btw,I wonder why SO much info and pictures (not that I mind) are being shown anyway so soon for this movie? I mean, it’s great to see pictures of Tay (of course), but sometimes leaving a little bit of mystery is actually a good thing! I don’t want critics knowing TOO much about the movie before it even comes out…. :-/

  72. Nicolefair Says:

    Just to reiterate the earlier post on the tracers character synopsis. The spoilers are MAJOR. Like I regret reading them and I usually love being spoiled. This was too much for ME, and that’s saying something.

    Don’t read if you don’t want to be pissed at yourself for reading. Lol

  73. chanda w Says:

    I don’t think anything is wrong with , real fans wanting to know about Taylor’s new projects. Of course I don’t need to know who he is or isn’t kissing on, but the work, I think fans have a right to know that info. I’m still holding out for FF 7. Tarik had it on had the video on his account, of a teaser , saying Fast and Furious 7 and playing with a toy car. Maika had it on her account too. Not sure if they still do. Anyway, I took that as a big MAYBE. I don’t think they would post that kind of stuff unless, it was in the bag. But, I could be wrong.

    Seems Efron was in rehab for drug use. I wasn’t surprised, but he does keep himself, together. So it wasn’t obvious, but what is going on with all these young celebs feeling the need to numb themselves with drugs and alcohol, all the time?

    I sure hope Taylor hasn’t or isn’t going through that, I’m sure he’s had plenty offered to him. Just say no Tay, no good comes from it, ever.

    Some are feeling sorry for Sara. I’m more worried about Taylor. Fans need to leave Sara alone altoghether. Clearly they are no longer an item. So there is no need to see what is going on with her. But, did she decide she had enough being on the back burner, after the glow of Twilight went away or did he push her away because he wanted someone else ? Who knows?
    I did think he looked cute with Maika and then with Marie, but was it all PR? I hope not, he doesn’t have to do that. And I wonder what is his team telling him or does he really fall so deep so fast and it just doesn’t last? I just want him to be happy and come out with some new projects soon. This summer was so cool seeing him with fans and showing his moves on the set. The screaming fans in Manilla.

    In reality he hasn’t been totally out of the spotlight, but Twilight did spoil fans. Every nine months a movie was coming out and non-stop promotion kept the cast and Tay , in the news.

    Now it’s a wait and see, trying to get any tid bit of information from several different sources. When the majority of the time , most don’t know very much .

    Yeah, being a Taylor fan, you have to have a lot of patience, but his beautiful butt, is worth it.

  74. chanda w Says:

    And I was sorta right about RP. He admits he was jealous of Taylor, well his body.
    I’ve also noticed how so many tv shows and movies have guys truly showing their abs for NO reason. I just remember how Taylor was crucified for having a great body and now you can see how envious so many guys really were.

    So hopefully he can feel comfortable taking his shirt off , onscreen again.

  75. marianne Says:

    Nicolefair….Thanks for the heads up about spoilers being Major. I was so tempted to click on the link until I read your posting.

    Mystique…I agree with you that the Twi franchise spoiled everyone with pics etc. Scummit knew the fans liked the cast and I think they pushed them out all the time….kept the fandom excited about the next film.

    chanda w…The rehab for Zac E. was quite a surprise. At least he didn’t have a major meltdown before he sought help. I’ve noticed how many tv shows and photoshoots are pushing the shirtless guys too. It’s so annoying when Taylor was raked through the coals for it. I happened to see a shirtless photo of JCB and admired his brashness because after Taylor’s tan, 8 pac, JCB looked sort of pathetic imo.

    I don’t see Taylor in Star Wars but that’s because I’m not that big a fan so it clouds my judgement. I’m thinking positive about his next project. I’ve been happy so far and like how his new team are handling things. ( I like their pick of Marie as his love interest.) Some day I liked to see him work with a dark, exotic actress.

    Jess…Thanks for the new Bench pics! kia…Long live Gutter Saturdays!!

  76. Kathy Says:

    @Jess Thank you.

  77. chanda w Says:

    @Marianne, you sorta read my mind. I was gonna post earlier about wanting Tay to work with a dark skinned actress, but I was like I say that another time. lol

    I think that is gonna happen rather quickly. Taylor has fans of all races.

    This story is still kinda current and funny. Remember the father, that wore daisy dukes to teach his daughter a lesson? Well when they scanned her room, she had a poster of Taylor as Jacob , from the first Twilight movie. I was screaming when I saw that. I was saying , she might be rebellious, but she has good taste in idols.

    I don’t care for Star Wars either, could never get into it.

    What is even funnier with the shirtless craze now is most of the guys don’t even have any real definition in their abs. It’s like, please leave your shirt on, you don’t compare to Mr. Lautner, so just stop. lol.

  78. *Vickey* Says:

    Johanna– YES! So many great Taylor edits, etc! :)
    If I could reblog your page I would! LOL.

    Logan— Really? Birthday buddies!! LOL. I feel the need to use a hashtag #Virgos :P
    Oh man really?? xD
    Awe thanks! I wish us both an awesome and fun birthday as well.

    Kia/Mystique— Me too! LOL. Our gutter Saturdays will STILL happen! ;) I’ll get on here before I get together with my friends for my birthday.

    Jess/Johanna– Thanks guys! :D
    I’m like @Mystique though, I think I’m gonna wait for the movie because I’m a huge “No spoilers” girl. LOL thanks @Nicolefair for the warning.

    Chanda— Really Efron? I’m not gonna lie, I am surprised because as you said he keeps it together. Disappointed now. :/
    Oh yeah, I would hope Taylor doesn’t have to go through that because once you get hooked on something it is hard to get away from it.

    Marianne– I love how your call Summit “Scummit” it’s perfect! Lol. Anywho I agree with you, I’d enjoy seeing Taylor work with a black actress or someone exotic or foreign! It’d be different and yeah I think it’ll happen soon as well @chanda. :)

    Re: Star Wars: @Mystique Being a geek is awesome! Haha. I LOVE the song though. I would need to go back and watch them to fully grasp the concept and all. I didn’t really care for them as a kid.

  79. Mystique Says:

    NicoleFair—Thanks for the *SPOILER* Warnings! Gosh…I’m SO glad I didn’t read all of that. I want to be PLEASANTLY surprised when I see “Tracers”. That’s just me though…. I don’t even like watching TOO many trailers at times (especially when it’s a movie for suspense/mystery) because I don’t want to “accidentally” figure the movie out before I even get a chance to enjoy it! Lol…I’m just weird like that. Some people are perfectly fine with spoilers up to the wazoo, and they can enjoy a movie just fine after knowing what will happen at the end. Some people even deliberately read the ENDING of a book before reading the first chapter! I’m sorry….but I’m just not like that. :-/

    Chanda—Wow..I didn’t know there were so many “hints” pointing to Taylor being in FF7! Wow! Well….I mean, there’s still hope. It sounds like they will be filming in various locations around the WORLD for this movie, so who knows…maybe Taylor will be a cameo?? It seems like they JUST started filming, so I’m not TOO nervous yet. In fact, a cameo in FF7 might be a better deal since he wouldn’t be in the film that long. Maybe the male audience would be able to handle him better?? lol…. If he’s in the film for like a quick 5 or 10 min (if that), but really makes a GREAT impact, THAT in itself would be better than being in the film for a whole hour and having his role be lackluster…ykwim?? :-/ Plus, his “cameo” (if that is what it is) could sort of set the stage for MORE of an apperance in FF8!

    So…who knows??? I’ll keep the faith lol :)

    RE: Sara….
    Based on Sara’s Tweets, I’ve been getting the impression that it was Taylor who dumped her. Just a guess! And who knows…maybe all of those “guys nights out” with Patrick earlier this year (Oscar party,etc) were really his friends helping him get over her through the break up. I’ve already calculated (lol), that Taylor and Sara broke up earlier this year….probably before his B-day. I never saw them together after that (if my memory serves me right).

    RE: Maika & Marie…..
    I honestly don’t know what they area/were to Taylor either! Lol…I’ve quit trying to “figure out” Taylor’s love life, because it will just drive me crazy. I can speculate until the cows come home lol, but until he makes a formal announcement on who he’s dating, it’s so up in the air. The only girl who was consistently in his life was Sara.

    I’ll be honest….I wasn’t really a fan of Maika…but I don’t mind Marie TOO much. I just don’t know too much about either of them really. :-/

    I think Maika was for PR (definitely….re: Robsten), but again….I could be completely WRONG lol. Marie seemed like the “real deal”, and they may still very well be together now. OR, it could have just been a set fling. I think he falls hard fast too (I mean, he’s young! lol….There’s so much temptation in Hollywood), but I also think that he gets to know some girls in the industry and either comes to realize that they are fake, or just not his type for a long-term relationship.

  80. Mystique Says:

    Chanda, Marianne–ROTFL @ other actors now trying to take their shirts off lol! Oh please…. It can’t compare at all. I didn’t know Taylor was given flack for taking his shirt off in the TWi movies though. I thought most enjoyed it lol! I came kind of LATE to all of the Twi-franchise fandom, so I probably wasn’t following the “drama” as closely as fans who have been there from the beginning.

    Marianne–Yea I was really surprised to hear about Zac Efron ALSO! Wow! O_o He just never struck me as the type of guy who would resort to drugs. :-/ I feel bad for him. I think I’ll always have a soft spot for Zac E. ever since “High School Musical”. I don’t like him anywhere near as much as I like Taylor, but I’ve always thought that Zac was a “good guy” as well, and I’ve never minded him as an actor.

    Marianne, Chanda—I’m waiting for Taylor to work opposite a “dark-skinned” actress as well!! Hence, the story/fanfic I’ve been writing on lol!!! ^_^

    I think it might definitely happen eventually, because Taylor has tons of fans of all races, ages, and nationalities. :) So that would be something cool to see! I don’t even care what nationality/race/background lol. I think when actors can transcend the age, color (or heck….even gender) barrier lines, THEN they become really marketable all around because then they have fans from all sorts of different various audiences! :D

    Vickey—YES!!! Viva La “Gutter Saturdays”!!! Lol!
    Yea….I hope Taylor wouldn’t have to resort to drugs either. :-/ Something tells me though that he hasa pretty good head on his shoulders, so I don’t see him venturing out into THAT type of territory..but I’m sure there is a LOT of temptation in HW. :-/

    RE: Star Wars….
    Yeah….I can’t help it…I’m a SW geek! I’m more a Star Trek FAN to be honest (love Star Trek!), but when I got a little older and saw the newer versions of Star Wars and finally saw the ENTIRE films from start to finish, I started understanding it better, and gained more of an appreciation for them. :) They CAN be difficult to understand at times….especially the OLD Star Wars films lol…. But the newer films are easier to understand for me.

  81. Emily Says:

    Alas, I will not be able to join in on “Gutter Saturday,” unless I happen to get a chance late tomorrow night, but to kick things off, here’s a lovely little video that seems to have been made for just such an occasion.

    Enjoy, ladies!!

  82. Mystique Says:

    @Emily—-YUMMY! Thanks for sharing the video collage! I LOVED it! ^_^ That definitely has started the #gutterSaturday ball rolling for me! Lol… :-P

    I especially loved that clip in BD2!!! Haven’t seen it, but that clip alone is probably worth it lol.

    I liked the “Abduction” clips too! :D

    And of course….BENCH! Oh boy….I can’t watch that BENCH commercial for too long lol…

  83. tia sepviana Says:

    I want to join you guys may be the same???
    I want to join in the web can not???
    Please reply to my message.. Thank you

  84. Catherine Says:

    I read the spoiler article (see, no patience, again!) and it sounds great. Watch out for Rafi Gavron, he’s really funny, and that photo doesn’t do him justice…he’s got a lovely smile. Excellent casting there :)

    Zac Efron…shout me down if I’m wrong, girlies, I don’t know much about him, but could it be a PR story to ‘dirty down’ his HSM image? Seems a bit ‘out of the blue/miraculous recovery/immediate return to work’ to me? He’s certainly aiming for an older audience, and seems too switched on, too clever, to do REALLY stupid stuff. I thought his ‘dropping the condom on the red carpet’ a while back was a bit of a stunt too. Someone wants to be viewed as a grown up…

    It’s a shame – he’s proving to be a decent actor. Rein it in Zac, don’t waste it!!!

  85. chanda w. Says:

    I have a feeling Tracers is gonna be amazing. The cast seems really young and hip. I can’t wait to see it on the big screen.
    Now I’m tempted to read the spoilers, but I’ll control myself.
    @Catherine, you might be right about Efron. So many of these young celebs think they have to have an edgier image to be considered adults in Hollyweird.
    The girls, sex it up and strip. The guys,become cheaters, partiers and drug abusers.
    It’s cool right? So Sad. I hope Taylor never feels the need to go that route.
    I also don’t want him working with Bryan Singer. I know they are friends, but when Taylor was 17, I think a lot of people were sniffing around him. Waiting for him to turn 18, so they could swoop in. I think Singer was one of those people.
    He’s well respected and already open. So if something happened it wouldn’t hurt his rep., but Taylor would never be able to admit if things got out of hand at a party or anything. Because he was legally an adult, many would see it as consent, instead of a seduction.
    It is no coicidence that so many young male entertainers……I really don’t know what I’m trying to say. I just know there is a lot of wickedness in HW and a lot of so called older friends that want to take advantage of young guys , mentally and sexually. It is very easy for someone to drop something in your drink and you wake up unaware of what happened. Singer is in his late 40’s now and I think Van Gus(spelling) is even older. Taylor referred to them as friends, when he was a teenager. What could they have had in common? It’s not like with Adam Sandler, who Tay seems to see as a mentor and even Mark Wahlberg. Those two are more of role models, the way it should be.
    I got to the Taylor party late too. So I’ve been ready old articles about Taylor. Some about him and Singer sorta rub me the wrong way. I just think Singer comes off like a predator. I could be wrong. I hope I am.

  86. chanda w. Says:

    I meant to say reading old articles. I keep thinking about the love scene in Tracers.
    How is it gonna look? This is Tay’s first one too. It better not be just some under the cover stuff. He needs to show off that beautiful body. I don’t need to see full frontal,but his chest and that butt, is a must! Lol.

    I was looking at one of those GUPS2 photo pics of Taylor, from the promos in Cancun. Up close, such a handsome boy.

  87. vera Says:

    Well..when, or if, Taylor will work with Bryan Singer on a new project, people will start to pull up this story.
    But I do not know.. it is proved that he was there?
    Thor, his agent was there, but Taylor?..
    At that time he was in Paris at the Star Ambassador ..
    But even if he had been there, I think there was nothing wrong with this …I hope so.His parents protect him…

    Michael Fassbender also called Singer as a friend, and N Hoult too,it’s just a courtesy, I think, corporate ethics,may be ..
    Most likely, Brian, Gus, they know who is Taylor, but honestly, I would like to see if they will stop any possible rumors that might appear again(on all those sites that are well known to us),like Dustin Lance Black on his Twitter as at the time, that would be correct.

  88. Logan Says:

    Wow! Amazing stuff you’re posting, thanks everyone.
    Since we are convinced he’s shooting something ( because he said so ) could it be that they are shooting the indoor scenes, otherwise known as the steamy love scenes….LOL
    And maybe there are no outdoor takes in whatever he’s filming next. So that would make it harder for fans to find out where Taylor is working right now. But surely there’s someone out there willing to spill….don’t be afraid, we won’t tell!
    Perhaps Taylor himself is not shooting a movie but his production company is?

    And then there’s this:

    About other actors showing of their abs, Taylor has set the bar pretty high. Although there are some good specimens to take notice of none of them take my breath away like Taylor does. Many thanks to his personal trainer ( Jordan Yuam ) for not making him too buff. And I thank Summit for ‘ forbidding’ him to show his abs randomly throughout the franchise.

  89. Logan Says:

    In case you want to find out more about Jordan Yuam
    The man really knows his stuff

  90. Emily Says:

    I’d vote for Taylor in any contest, but he’s far too honest and upstanding to get into politics.

  91. marianne Says:

    Catherine…I sort of agree with you on the Zac info. I definitely thought the condom dropping on the red carpet was a stunt. It certainly seems amazing that his pr people were able to keep his addiction and rehab so secret. Makes one wonder.

    chanda w….I know we all worry like mother hens about Taylor’s well being in Hollyweird. I think his family and new team will be looking out for him. He has always had an agent or a person from the studio with him on film shoots and business gatherings. The fact that his dad was with him in NY says that he knows he needs people he trusts with him. I agree with Vera that Hollywood is like a small town and everyone seems to refer to people they work with as friends.

    Logan…You are so right about Taylor setting the bar pretty high!!! Thanks for the pic…he is so yummy!

  92. chanda w Says:

    I adore Obama, but Taylor as President …….goodness!! Thanks for the pic Logan.
    Marianne, I have always liked that Taylor’s dad has been a constant . It does say a lot that even now that Taylor is a full fledged adult, his dad was with him in NY . Did he go with Tay to Manilla too? I know he was at the airport in LAX. So Tay is aware that he needs people around him that truly care about him as a person.
    I don’t need to worry. He knows how to handle his situation. In reality he’s doing quite well. I just want to see more of him. As much as I was irritated by some of the fans, Twilight mania did give access to Taylor almost constantly.
    I would become a major fan, after the fact, lol.

  93. Mystique Says:

    @Tia Sepviana… Welcome to TL.Net! Where are you from?

  94. *Vickey* Says:

    Wasn’t able to get on on my birthday like I thought I would LOL. Had lots of fun though. :)

    Re: Maika: Yeah @Mystique I agree with you! I think it was for PR as well! I mean, but hey we could be way off.

    Emily—- OOH thanks for that video collage Em! :P
    Didn’t get to join in on Gutter Saturday, but that makes up for it. LOL

    Tia— Of course you could join us!!
    Welcome to TL. Net! ^.^

    Chanda— Me too! Obama is so sweet, but I don’t if I could control myslf if Taylor were president! He looks so good in a suit so to see him in one on the regular would be crazy! Haha.

    @Emily I agree with you, he’s too honest to do politics. You have to be willing to get your hands a little dirty when you join that world.