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Check out some newly released BENCH promotional photos.

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» 2013 Photoshoots: Global Benchsetter

178 Responses to “New BENCH Photoshoot Photos”

  1. lu Says:

    so so amazing *.*

  2. Logan Says:

    @ Chanda, to add to your comment on the last thread. I also liked the fact that his dad was a constant factor in the saga days and even now you will see him travel with Taylor. It’s good to have that connection with home around you at all times especially in that industry. I’m also happy about them not being your typical Hollywood parents, trying to get into the limelights by way of their kids. They must be so proud of Taylor and Makena, both of them seem very down to earth people. And both just living their lives doing what they want to do without going overboard.
    Stay focused Taylor!

  3. marianne Says:

    I’m not a fan of the striped polo look but on Taylor it looks good. I wish there was a cardboard cutout of the red pants and sweater photo! One of my favorite pics.

    lu….I agree…he is amazing.

  4. kia Says:

    Taylor you are so Beautiful!!! I can’t take it!

  5. Johanna Says:

    I just wanted to say a Happy Late Birthday to both Logan and Vicky hope you guys had a great day

    and here if my virtual b-day gift for u enjoy :P

  6. Johanna Says:

    Taylor please o please just come out for a little bit go to the store or something i really want to see u we miss u :(

  7. Jess Says:

    Johanna, that’s a gift for ALL of us!!!

    Happy (belated) B’day Vickey and Logan. Birthday hugs to you both!

  8. Logan Says:

    Hahaha, thanks Johanna and Jess for the nice gifts!
    I gave myself a birthday gift and reviewed some vids of the premieres Taylor attended.
    Taylor in a suit….you can wake me up for that one. Especially when he wears a v-neck shirt with it!
    He’s just yummy

  9. kia Says:

    Aww Happy belated Birthday Logan&Vickey! Hope you both enjoy sharing TayCake this weekend..

  10. *Vickey* Says:

    Haha! :D
    Thanks Johanna and Jess! Thanks for the gifts.
    Oh and thanks Kia! :) Yessss, TayCake, it was nice! :P
    Happy belated birthday Logan! How was it? :)

    Logan— Oh Taylor in V-necks, perfection.

  11. Logan Says:

    @ Vickey, thanks and right back at ya! Hope you enjoyed your B-day. I don’t really celebrate anymore, it’s more an excuse to have friends and family over. I was thinking about how fast this year went and how that relates to our obsession….Taylor…..just a few more months before Tracers is released! In the meantime I will have to buy GU2 on dvd and hit the repeat button, again and again!

  12. *Vickey* Says:

    Logan— I agree with you, I use it for friends and/or family time!
    Oh man you’re soooo right! The year has passed us by so quickly. Can’t wait for Tracers, a few more months seems like forever! Lol.
    True! I will be doing the same. Haha. When does GU2 come out on DVD?

  13. *Vickey* Says:

    Logan— (cont) realized I didn’t answer, but it turned out pretty good! We went to Steak and Shake later that night and the waiter spilled our teas, etc. on us He was in such a rush, I laughed it off, but one of my friends was kinda upset. Lol

  14. Logan Says:

    Vickey, hope those were iced teas and not the hot ones… And what is steak and shake? Sounds like you eat your steak and then go dance it off again LOL. I know shake and bake….

  15. accv Says:

    LOL. These convos. And hey ladies!!! Been a few days since I’ve posted. Oh man has retail busied me up. I forgot why I ever wanted to work in it again in the first place! Kidding. It has its OK moments… but wish customers would remember that we’re humans too. At least I’m in the back room doing stock :p Yahhhh I’m the stock lady. I prefer to deal with that than rude or impatient customers.

    Anyways… just wanted to drop by and see what was up with you ladies recently as well as our guy. Apparently, he’s back in ninja mode :p Good for him — SYKE! :p


    @Vickey… that must’ve been a sucky night for that waiter :p. There are customers out there though that will be very sympathetic and there are ones that get like your friend. One of my two brothers used to work in the restaurant industry and he’s very picky with places to eat… or he’ll have his nose high up in the air in a restaurant if he can tell that service isn’t up to his standards. It’s pretty hilarious how you go from easy-going (me) to hard ass (him). I dunno… I’m more openly compassionate than he is — he can be an outright jerk, but he has his reasons. It’s whatever. He’s my brother… go figure, right? ;p! Still love the punk. Anyyyways, hope some type of announcement is made soon… miss Taylor’s everything!

  16. Evelyn Says:


  17. Johanna Says:

    So i saw this and thought of us :)

  18. kia Says:

    Johanna- LOL, if only we all get a chance to touch it.

  19. marianne Says:

    Johanna…kia…I’d be glad to personally count them for everyone! If Taylor is filming, it must be in a tunnel located in Timbuktu.

  20. kia Says:

    Marianne- We need Map Quest. Taylor where are you!!!!!

  21. Emily Says:

    Crickets………………that’s all we’re hearing………….crickets…………………

    Taylor–SWEETHEART……………..summer is officially over. Your fans shouldn’t still be hearing crickets. Make some kind of movie announcement, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Marianne–I volunteer to make a plaster mold of them. It will be messy work, but those should be preserved for posterity, don’t you agree???

  22. Kathy Says:

    I think Taylor is taking a break. That’s why nobody has heard from him.

  23. Lexi Says:

    Ok, so i haven’t commented in awhile, BECAUSE TAYLOR IS NO WHERE TO BE SEEN! I mean gosh, i don’t care who he gets snapped with. It could be taylor swift for all i care………………. PLEEASSEEEE come out Taylor :(((((

    BTW, my birthday is on October 4. Ill be 20!!!
    And Happy late birthday logan and vicky ^^ !!!!!!

  24. Logan Says:

    Thanks for all the B-day wishes. And yes, he must be hiding underground somewhere, although I think that even in the remotest corner of this planet there will be fans with cell phones. There’s no escaping his very dedicated fans so to all fans out there if you have anything on Taylor’s whereabouts please share……

  25. Mystique Says:

    Vickey, Logan—Aww how cute….you two have birthdays around the same time. ^_^
    Well, here’s a present for you both! A kiss from Taylor.
    I think this is as close to kissing Taylor as we’re all going to get for right about now! (No telling what may happen in the future! *wink wink* )

    Enjoy!!! :)

    His lips look beautiful in that picture by the way. And yes @Emily…..I DID manage to notice his lips in this picture lol. In fact, it was the FIRST thing I noticed lol! See…..I’m getting better! ^_^

    Ahhhhhh yes…..our favorite Ninja has gone….ninja on us lol. Oh well…. :-/ I’m aching to see him again too, but in all fairness, if he’s simply taking a break, then I’m happy for that too. :) I think that because Taylor doesn’t resort to drunken bouts, wild partying, and “twerking” episodes (although wouldn’t THAT be a sight??? LOL!) in order to stay relevant and keep his name out there, it may sometimes SEEM as if he’s disappeared from the public eye forever….never to be seen again. :-/ We forget that a lot of times SOME celebrities are “out in the open” and talked about more in the media simply due to their silly or foolish antics!! smh… I’m just glad that Taylor isn’t like that. I’ll GLADLY take a dry spell if it means he’s still calmly and quietly living his private life in an upstanding manner lol.

    Lexi—*GASP* oh no! Please say it isn’t so! Has it really come down to this? Lol! We’re wishing to see ANY glimpse of Taylor…to the point where we’ll even be glad to see pictures snapped of him hanging out/dating miss Taylor Swift?????? O_o. Oh no….PLEASE tell me it hasn’t come down to THIS!!!! Rotfl! :D. Let me splash some water on your face in order to help ease you out of your delirium! Haha…..I think you’re suffering from “Taylor Withdrawal Symptoms”!

    What are the symptoms you might ask? ^_^

    1) Feeling an ache in the pit of your stomach when you don’t hear of any new news about Taylor
    2) Experiencing mild feelings of depression, sadness, or gloominess due to his absence during “Ninja Mode”

    Ahhh…here it is…..
    3) Helplessly hoping for new updates, pictures and news about Taylor SO MUCH that you’re even willing to WISH HE WERE BACK DATING TAYLOR SWIFT JUST SO YOU CAN SEE PICTURES OF HIM

    Yep! There it is lol!! ^_^

    Awww…..hang in there girlie! (((Hug)))

    We just need to get ourselves a remedy for these Taylor Withdrawal Symptoms we’ve been experiencing! Any suggestions? Lol…..

    Btw….can I just say that I’m actually really GLAD that Taylor DOESN’T have an official Twitter account? I’m not only taking about from a privacy/security standpoint (can you IMAGINE all of the girls who would flood his account? I’m not even going to go into all of the haters and “Drama-seekers” #shudder #smh), but also from a fan’s standpoint!

    One of my best friends just called me up the other day saying how her huge (and I do mean HUGE) crush on a certain celebrity has basically dissipated now due to his Twitter tweets. She’s been in love with this celebrity for years, and she was even following his official Twitter page on Twitter, and she told me recently that she just had to delete him and stop following him because his tweets became more and more immature, dumb, and just plain nasty even at times! Plus, he would respond back to negative tweets instead of just ignoring them or blocking the tweets to his page. She’s not a prude (not by a long shot lol), but she just couldn’t take his tweets anymore. It was REALLY turning her OFF. :-/

    So, in a way, I’m actually kind of glad that Taylor keeps SOME things private. I’m not saying that if he DID have a Twitter account that he would be acting up lol……I don’t think he’s like that anyway…..but sometimes it IS good to keep some type of anonymity in the business. Especially in the acting biz. I can only imagine all of the potential DRAMA Taylor has been able to avoid simply by NOT having an official Twitter account. Not to mention….Sara is also on Twitter, and look at how she’s had to deal with haters smh… :(

    I’m just thinking back to even some of the backlash Taylor got from so-called “fans” who claimed that his MTV acceptance speech for the movie awards was somehow “insensitive”, and how they didn’t get the joke. Smh…..sometimes some fans try to pigeon hole celebrities, and can’t handle another side of them. It’s very limiting.

    So I’m just glad. :)

    Sorry for all of my rambling on and on…am I even making sense lol? Sometimes it’s hard to tell Rotfl.

    Idk if it’s just me, or if I’m the only one, but when my friend mentioned to me her feelings the other day, ask I could think about was: “thank goodness Taylor doesn’t have a Twitter account!!!” Lol! :D. Whoever made that decision was VERY wise. :)

  26. Jess Says:

    Mystique, you ARE making sense, and it isn’t just you. I’m glad Taylor doesn’t have a twitter account either. Actually, one of the things I really love about Taylor (please don’t hate me for this) is that he IS so private, and that we don’t know all the things that are going on in his life all the time. I think some celebrities are just too accessible these days – there is just too much about them ‘out there’. I love that Taylor is still a mystery, that we don’t know every thought that pops into his (beautiful) head and that it’s so unpredictable when or where he may appear next.

    Of course I am suffering terrible Taylor withdrawals also – I’ve worked through all of Mystique’s stages above and have now reached this state where I feel the awful separation will just make me so extra happy when there finally is news of Taylor. Plus I’m hoping that this waiting agony means that Taylor is getting the chance to either enjoy a break, or is setting a bunch of stuff in motion for future projects.

    I didn’t understand the ‘fans’ reaction to Taylor’s MTV speech either. It kinda horrifies me how many people seem to have no sense of humour and try to find the negative in everything.

    As for a remedy to this Taylor drought – I think Taylor himself is the only one who can help us there. But to cope in the mean time, maybe we can all gather together and share some favourite moments/memories/photos/videos of Taylor… it’s all we can do I guess. All we have is each other in these dark, dark days… ;-)

    OR we can just imagine Taylor on holidays on some warm sunny beach somewhere… (hmmm… Australia perhaps…?)

  27. Jess Says:

    OR … here’s a new Tracers set pic…

  28. kia Says:

    Mystique- Number 1&2 truly describes my symptoms but number 3? is just a nightmare to me! LOL

    Jess -Cute pic. Don’t mind being in a Lautner/Luciano sandwich. Yum

  29. Emily Says:

    Mystique–I’m glad you’re catching on! I knew you could do it!

    Did anyone else’s eyes go straight to Taylor in that picture? It’s like no one else exists in the pictures but him…………

    I don’t care if he’s MIA in public. I just want a movie announcement. He seemed to be building momentum with Tracers, and then Bench……….I just want it to keep going.

  30. Mystique Says:

    Jess—Okay whew! Glad it’s not just me! lol…. I know a LOT of fans want him to have an official Twitter account (even I did at one point), but when I REALLY started thinking deeply about it (and saw all of the drama that takes place on Twitter) I realized that I’m actually kind of GLAD that he DOESN’T have one.

    And you’re so RIGHT! Imo waaaay too many celebrities are OVERLY accessible these days. I know they’re just human beings like the rest of us, but sometimes, for your “work purposes” it’s best NOT to tell all of your private business out there. I know I wouldn’t be doing that in an office where I work….but, maybe that’s just me? lol…

    Celebrities are just so much more VISIBLE to the outside world… I just can’t imagine me telling ALL of my business (especially majorly embarrassing things) for the world to see. :-/ Or, maybe I’m just a private person myself lol.

    I think you’re right @Jess… Taylor’s private nature is actually more appealing to me. Of course I would like him to be a LITTLE more “open”, visible and forthright with some things, but at the end of the day, I actually RESPECT the fact that he doesn’t just put his business out there willy nilly. Plus, him being a little on the private side adds to his sexiness and mysteriousness. :) He definitely “Surprises” us doesn’t he? lol!! ^_^

    Only Taylor is the “cure” for our “drought” and withdrawal symptoms lol, but in the meantime I’ve just been hanging out on this site, continuing to write my Taylor fanfic/story, and have been reading New Moon (never read it before!). :D So, I’m keeping busy. :)

    RE: MTV……
    Yeah, I don’t get it either. I think I have come to the conclusion that people in general just LIKE to be offended or must LIKE to complain. Is it just me….or, are more and more people very easily OFFENDED these days?? Lol…. I mean, don’t get me wrong, some people have a very valid reason to be, but other times when I read responses to articles, or look at some message boards I’m flabbergasted! Some people are so touchy touchy!

    I’m like…. “Loosen UP!” We’re too uptight these days lol! When People can’t even take a joke on MTV (of ALL places smh…) then I KNOW there’s a problem hahaha!!!

    Oh, and thanks @JEss for the new Tracers pic! :)

    Kia—Haha! You and me both! I’m going through withdrawal symptoms too (even though I hide it well lol), but when I REALLY think about it, he hasn’t really been “absent” THAT long. He was JUST in Manilla in August lol. It’s not like he’s been 5 or 6 months (heaven forbid! Eeeek!) without so much as a trace of him ANYWHERE lol.

    Oh, and yes… #3 would be a nightmare to me also. ESPECIALLY after she did him so wrong…smh…. :-/

    @Emily—Yep! I’m catching on! I guess most of you are probably saying… “It’s ABOUT time!!” I find it funny that I noticed his other……ummm….. “assets” before I noticed his lips ROTFL!! ^_^ STRANGE! Lol…

    My eyes go directly to Taylor also lol. It was especially bad during the Twilight promos when he would take pictures with Rob and Kristen. My eyes would ALWAYS gravitate to Taylor (hands down)….almost to the point where I would forget the rest of the cast was there lol! :D

    I want the momentum to keep going also! I think the problem was that there were “whisperings” of him filming something in September. Before hearing THAT announcement, I was perfectly content and getting ready for him to go on “Ninja Mode” on us. But I think that announcement/rumor or….WHATEVER it is just gave false hope, so now it’s like….where’s the filming? We’re all on edge………waiting……. lol. Who knows…maybe he IS filming something, and it’s just VERY Top Secret! ^_^

    Or…maybe he’s “in talks” to film something soon, and it just didn’t start in September like originally thought. Who knows?? All of the guessing and speculation is fun though lol. See, that’s why he’s so interesting…Taylor definitely keeps us on our toes lol! :D :D

  31. marianne Says:

    Lexi…Taylor out with MISS VELVEETA CHEESE…….I think I’d have a coronary!!! You have definitely reached desperation…….

    Mystique….Loved reading your post. You have to wonder about a male celeb that can’t ignore negative tweets. I’m afraid Taylor would be swamped with TSquared shipper tweets. What I don’t understand are all these celebs with diarrhea of the mouth about their relationships.

    Emily….I want the momentum to keep going too. I console myself that his agents want their percentage so they should be working on keeping him employed.

    Jess… Thanks for the set pic. He seemed to have such a good time filming. Hope this link works. I think he looks so beautiful in these pics. http://

  32. Mystique Says:

    Marianne—I think you’re right unfortunately. :-/ I’m almost certain Taylor’s Twitter page would be bombarded by Taylor Squared Shippers….smh. :(

    The ONLY way I think I would accept Taylor having a Twitter page, is if he made his account PROTECTED–one in which you couldn’t type on his page or “tag” him. In other words, there’s a way on Twitter where you can make your account “Public”, but people can’t tag you in a tweet and have it be broadcast on your Twitter feed. I know because I “Follow” Justin Timberlake on Twitter, but whenever I tag him with the @ symbol, it NEVER shows up on his Twitter feed. (Which is fine by me) THAT way, when you look on his Twitter page, you only see info that HE wants to share with his fans (appearances, concert info, interview dates, shout out, etc).

    I don’t think JT actually manages his OWN Twitter account, or if it’s just his “Team”, but if Taylo’s Team wanted to manage his Official Public (yet PROTECTED) Twitter account filled w/info for the FANS, then I would be okay with that. :)

    These celebs that just Tweet things willy nilly by themselves always worry me. I’ve even seen some Tweets of Patricks’ that give me a TOTALLY different view of him ha… Funny how online you get to see some people’s REAL personalities coming out. :-/

    I loved your pic! He IS so beautiful….. I almost gasped when I saw the pictures. ^_^

    Your link didn’t work because it had two Http:// , so I just took the second one out and was able to see the picture using this link :)

  33. Jess Says:

    A new GU2 Interview from Australia – short but sweet – LOTS of Taylor laughing.

    I love those pictures too Marianne (thanks for fixing the link Mystique). Eyesontaybert tumblr had the pics with the caption “Angel” – I have to agree. Beautiful.

  34. Mystique Says:

    @Jess–Aww for some reason I can’t see the video you posted on my Kindle! :( The description of the interview sounds super funny tho lol. Taylor make an ugly face? Lol….why do ppl even TRY to make him ugly? Lol….it never works lol. Even when he came out on stage at the MTV Movie awards with that far suit on, we STILL wanted to jump his bones LOL!!!! :D. ^_^

    I’ve given up lol!

    I wanna see that interview! :-/

  35. Mystique Says:

    Ooops I meant FAT suit….not far suit lol

  36. marianne Says:

    Mystique….Thanks for fixing my brain cramp re: link. I like your idea for a twitter page for Taylor. His team is going to have to do a better job at keeping his fans updated.

    Jess…Taylor laughing…makes my day. Thanks for the link.

  37. kia Says:

    LOL You know your beautiful when you can’t even make an face. sorry Taylor your just to flawless!

  38. joanie Says:

    1) Why no twitter – bcause if you can read btween the lines or use the handy dandy “urban dictionary slang definition” online dictionary you get a better picture of who someone really is…….and often it blows your mental picture of them out of the water……and in the heat of the moment messages are sent that can never totally b deleted…..
    2) “young celebrities” most often are light years ahead of their general peer population in the way of “partying”…..
    and in the self indulgent world of showmanship basically nothing is considered over the top….
    3)…regarding rehab or therapy for addictions (alcohol, prescription drugs, recreational drugs, sex and usually the depression associated with each one of them is the rule rather than the exception for a majority of entertainers/actors…………why: because off stage they tend to be among the most insecure people on the planet, having to continually look over their shoulder for the multitudes who can replace them in an instant (not unlike the general world we ourselves live in) but theirs is played out in public in the headlines…….also rehab typically demands repeat therapy bcause they often return to the same environment with all its temptations….and why is it under the radar….because the fact each & every one associated with the industry (on screen, behind the screen) is …”but for the grace of God go I”………..but this is something pervasive in society today not unlike the Victorian era……you need look no farther then your schools, your neighborhood, your businesses, your family to find this —- before the proliferation of social media… at least for a time you could limit exposure to these elements, but no more…..teach your young ones to be individuals with a strong healthy belief in themselves and the fact that none of these excesses are “fun” or a “cure” – but rather just a spiraling cycle of creating even more problems…….to the devil with the attitude that everyone is doing it, it’s OK, bcause it isn’t….it is destructive and even if an individual “recovers” the ripple effect damage he has inflicted on innocent bystanders often is permanent…..
    ….this is a site to come and unwind & put the real world behind for a time……but reality has a way of sneaking up & being prepared helps you cope……and there are a few who comment on here and I’m certain many more who “listen” who need some straight talk…..
    money, glamour, partying, & “more is better” often isn’t the answer to “happily ever after”…, family, true friends, sharing (& having at least enough money to provide the basics/which doesn’t include every electronic device in the marketplace) will give you a much more satisfying life.
    (****some things to look for…molly, 2C-E, Europa, bath salts, spice, Special K, meth -and the ever prevalent cocaine which often goes hand & hand with alcohol – every single day more & more chem-drugs are arriving on the scene because they are cheap, easy to manufacture…..and all without a history of what short & long term effects they may have (none of which will be good)……sort of passe but still attracting young thrill seekers (under 15) is the “party bowl” where swiped prescription meds from mom, dad & grandparents are thrown into a common bowl by party attendees with everyone free to help themselves to a handful to down without any knowledge of what they are….. ( it disturbed me immensely at the the comments regarding ZE that basically doubted the veracity of it being “legit” but just a publicity stunt)……….END of lecture

  39. Catherine Says:

    Ok, it was me that mentioned Zac, so I’ll explain where I was coming from…I hope it comes across ok.

    I suppose it’s because the public are constantly fed false scenarios/dating stories/rumours (and I’m not referring to Taylor, or ANY of the Twi-cast here, at all!) that they become suspicious when there’s a seemingly unlikely story put out? Surely it says something GOOD for the likes of Zac Efron that a ‘bad’ story is doubted? Because he didn’t seem the ‘type’? That has to be a positive thing. Decent people would rather not think that the worst case scenario involving a seemingly healthy, sensible actor is true…

    I’d rather people thought the best of me, rather than instantly believing an awful story.

    The press constantly present untrue stories. The British papers were FULL of Rob Pattinson (who was minding his own business!) and his ‘mystery brunette’ a day or two ago…lo and behold, she turned out to be his personal trainer, and the journalists here are backtracking and apologising. As the (cinema-ticket buying) audience, it can be hard to know who/what to believe.

    Maybe Taylor being in hiding isn’t such a bad move :-/ Shame.

    On a cheerier note, I can’t link, but there’s a lovely new picture of Taylor and his Tracers co-stars on tumblr. Roll on 2014 :)

  40. joanie Says:

    @Catherine you’re wise to take much of what is spewed over the internet; ranging from out & out lies to distortion of facts is pretty much par for the course……just that I’m personally disturbed, disgruntled by the hedonistic anything goes attitude that is taking hold of society at this point in time (definitely not limited to the Hollywood scene (although it is considered much more acceptable & nothing out of the ordinary in areas similar to it). Security details include not only physical safety, but keeping a watchful eye on making certain nothing consumed by their charge is adulterated (rule of thumb is you drink only something from sealed containers that you yourself open or are watching someone else open – beer, water, soda, wine or a mixed drink prepared in view and given directly to you (many of these chem turn ons are colorless & tasteless….(re: ZE – Don’t know why it went public (perhaps someone was going to release it) – he underwent treatment for coke/alcohol and had a relapse while filming early this year -(frequent no shows culminated by a destructive hotel room party brought about the intervention of concerned people to help get him the needed assistance). It is way too easy to get derailed and exceedingly difficult to get back on track & even more difficult to stay on track if you are successful in getting back on. So go with the positive outlook & think the best of everyone but realize that there are those who are more than willing to seduce novices into their world of “smoke”……people who become victimized aren’t necessarily “bad”, but simply trying to make it through the day, or believe they are in control, or are just being one of the “gang”….and are encouraged by way too many hanger ons to do so……and if it becomes an obsessive addiction …..God help you.Everyone needs someone to watch their back……but it is a personal responsibility to listen or ignore.

  41. Catherine Says:

    You’re right @Joanie…I don’t believe much of what I read – we’re told so often not to trust what’s online/in the papers, it seems the way to go. Certain stories seem so unlikely that my gut reaction us ‘nah…not true.’ Kind of sad that I was proved wrong with Zac, I’d have preferred it to have been something minor blown out if proportion…

    Maybe these youngsters need older mentors that have been through it? Maybe that already happens, I don’t know. God forbid, not the likes of Charlie Sheen, I’m thinking more along the lines of Matthew Perry. A mature actor who understands the pressure of mega-fame, but has turned his life around and is now doing something good with it?

    For the record, I used to be a nurse. Alcohol is MUCH more of a problem with teens here. Not good.

    Oooh, heavy going for a Friday evening. Hard to ignore the celeb-implosions happening at the moment though…

  42. carrie Says:

    Do we have a release date for Tracers? I saw a comment about only having to wait a few more months? So exciting if there’s already distribution set.

    And lol, I’m enjoying all the Robsten meltdowns over the news that RP is dating Sean Penn’s daughter. Definite upgrade for him, imo.

  43. Mystique Says:

    @Carrie–ROTFL!!! I saw the “news” too on about Rob dating Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn’s daughter. ROTFL! :D Oh well!

    She’s DEFINITELY an upgrade imo, because at least she looks like she takes a bath everyday lol. (Ooops…I’m sorry, was that too harsh? lol)

    I don’t HATE Kristen, but I’ve ALWAYS thought that she was never operating to her full potential! She’s a really pretty girl, so why she chooses look so trashy and thrown away in her down time is a mystery to me. :-/

    I’m happy for Rob moving on. Kristen needs to move on to. The Robstens need to move on as well, but something tells me they will be wishing them to get back together for years onward. :-S

  44. joanie Says:

    Tracers – NO release date other than 2014

  45. *Vickey* Says:

    Logan— Super late response! Sorry, busy week. Haha.
    They were regular iced teas and LOL. It does sound like that haha. It’s just this place that serves club sandwiches, great hamburgers, etc. and they have these really great shakes. :)

    Thanks Evelyn and accv for the belated birthday wishes! ^.^

    Accv– I think it was super sucky for him! He told us that was the last thing he had to do before he was able to clock out! I completely understand, I was like,” It’s not a big deal, it’s just a refill.” I gave him a nice tip by the way! There were about 7 of us, so I applaud him for being able to get all of the orders correct. :)
    Re: Taylor news: Oh man me too! It would great! I’ve had a rather rough Friday. Lol.

    Johanna— YES! Haha. :) I saw that and I agree.

    Mystique– Thank you! xD Oh God that photo! I think that is about as close as we’re gonna get right now, but you’re right we don’t know what the future holds. :P
    Yes, his lips look so amazing in that pic. ^.^

    Re: Ninja Taylor: @Mystique your list is my list! You’re in my head! Haha. Yeah it’s crazy not hearing much about what’s going on, but hey it’s just the way he is about his privacy. :)

    Also don’t worry you’re definitely not the only one. I didn’t think about it until now, but @Marianne, you’re right! The T^2 shippers would be all over him on Twitter. It would be so awkward too. :/ The last thing we would want is for him to get a twitter and then take a twitter break because of the chaos.

    Joanie– You’re right about tweets never totally being deleted. People RT and RT and before you know it someone has screen capped it, etc.

    Re: ZE: I DEFINTELY agree with you both. I tend not to immediately believe everything I read online or see on TV. I still had no idea that what ZE was going through was true. I was hoping it was a rumor. I feel for him, I can’t even imagine an addiction like that. Like you said @Joanie I don’t rule him out as a bad person for having done so. At least he’s doing something about it. You’re right, it is hard for some to get back on track after being derailed in such a way.

    Thanks @Joanie!

    Carrie—I hope we find out soon, at least it’s 2014 and not TBA.
    Oh really? He is!? LOL. Well go Rob. :P

    LMAO @Mystique! Oh man, I like Kristen although she is super awkward. Rob did upgrade though! Hahah. Kristen was NOT working to her full potential. I think it’s great Rob has moved on and I think Kristen should too.

  46. vera Says:

    oh boy, deft management of RP looks for him a new candidate for a role in a new showmance, i think they will have problems with Sean Penn..whatever.

    joanie..thanks for your information .. but I would like to ask you, as a confidence source – what’s new for Taylor, you can quench our curiosity? what next?
    judging by the fact that the FF7shooting is in full swing, and in Youtube there is FF7 featurette, Taylor has nothing to do with this project, right?

  47. Emily Says:

    I know this is REALLY old, but I’ve never seen it before and Taylor is really cute in it (as always).

  48. marianne Says:

    Please excuse my comment if it seems a little crazy. I’m all hopped up on candy corn!

    Mystique….I agree with you on Kristen not living up to her full potential. In some ways, I appreciated her no makeup look as she went through airports etc. The hats and unwashed “look” is starting to get old. To me she always acted more feminine when she was promoting with Taylor. The meltdown in the Robsten fandom when either one of them finally are in a serious relationship will be something to watch. If I was Rob, I would get tired of my personal life being on all the gossip pages.

    There was a cartoon in our paper this morning called Bizarro and it pictured the rear end of a car with the bumper sticker “HONK if you dated Taylor Swift and the song she wrote about your breakup is on the radio right now.” It seems TS is going to do a movie now and it made me think of my undergrad econ course when we talked about the Peter Principle—employees tend to rise to their level of incompetence. I wonder if TS will suddenly reach that point acting in movies? I like her song RED and BTD….curses.

    Emily…That was a cute interview.

  49. chanda w Says:

    As Wendy Williams says, “You are my People!” So I’m not the only one missing Taylor like crazy. Even though I just saw a pic of him earlier this month, out with the guys, it seems things got quiet , real fast.

    I so thought Tay was in FF7. Oh well, their loss. Whatever project he’s in next , I’m on board.
    I read somewhere or maybe it was a comment online, that Universal picked up Tracers and the release date was March of 2014. That isn’t confirmed.

    I think there are fans that know new info on Taylor, but they are hounded so much by other fans that they stop posting stuff. Some fans and former fans want to grill anyone that gives any personal or business updates. If you are no longer a fan, why would you even care?

    Seems Swift is getting offers for more acting roles, a lot of articles are pointing out that her last movie was with Tay. I wonder if he still has a soft spot for her or if he’s over her completely. So hard to take these celeb pairings seriously anymore. Think we’ve all caught on to most of them are PR hookups. When does it stop? Must be hard for some to know who really wants them or just looking to upgrade their status until they can do better. I think even Tay has played that game. Wish he didn’t feel he needed too.

    @Joanie, society /Hollywood, is certainly showing us, sex always sells and despite the uhhs and awws, when the dust settles, the media will side with
    the worst of our personalities. Look how quickly many came to the defense of MC. Now she’s an even bigger idol, to young girls, simply because she was fingering herself onstage, in front of millions. That is what is considered talent nowadays. Efron rehab stint,will probably help others to see him as an adult and get his newest movie some notice. I said before, even though he’s a major name in the acting world, I’ve never seen any of his movies. They don’t seem to make a lot of money. Someone must have noticed that too.

    Taylor , sweetie, don’t go that route. I don’t care if it seems the cool thing to do.
    I guess it is good he doesn’t have a twitter. They should update his facebook more. That pic of him and Luciano and the other guy on top of the roof. BEAUTIFUL!!

    Vera, I doubt RP is really serious about anyone either and Sean Penn doesn’t play.
    So I can’t see that pairing lasting too long . Is it weird that Taylor and the rest of the trio can’t date someone without their fans getting up in arms? Myself included.

    I was so desperate for a Taylor sighting, I watched all the Twilight movies, Abduction, and My Own Worst Enemy, entire season , in the last two nights.
    Still can’t believe Lily wanted to stop to get food. Girl, you already had the best dessert, Taylor’s lips! Lol.

    Nov. 5th , I’m getting both the Twi and GUPS2 dvd’s. It better be plenty of Tay deleted scenes, in both.

    After the earlier rant I went on……….still looking forward to Taylor’s first sex scene in Tracers. I’m such a hypocrite too, ha , ha, but it is Tay so…………I should get a pass.

    I do still wonder why some of the older actors don’t bring the younger ones into the fold. Guess everyone wants to stay in the spotlight as long as possible.

    Seems all the GUPS2 promo interviews were cute. Taylor looks good as f in all of them. The last one, were the interviewer did the handshake with him, I’m like she just wanted to touch Can’t blame her.

    I talk and will continue to talk crap about Swift, but I do think she is musically talented, and I like Sad ,Beautiful , Tragic, which I still think is the second pt of BTD.
    She can’t be a total spaz, she was smart enough to get with Tay, but too dumb to keep him. I have no doubt she honestly does miss him too.

    Taylor , my luv , come out of hiding, before your fans start doing extremely desperate things. And you know us, we will go there, lol.

  50. Emily Says:

    chanda–I thought the same thing about that interviewer who tried the handshake–she just wanted to touch him!! Taylor looked like he wasn’t expecting her to come at him like that.

    I don’t think he’s capable of making an ugly face. Lots of times, people’s “mad/angry” face is ugly or weird-looking–his is beyond hot. Same with crying faces—some people look ridiculous when they cry–not him–still beautiful (BD1). We’ve finally found something he CAN’T do!! LOL

    Another thing that made me chuckle–in the current episode of People magazine, they have a little article about (I think they called it) “Me-vage”–meaning “men’s cleavage. They showed several actors in v-necks or open shirts. WHERE WAS TAYLOR???? I don’t know of anyone who can rock the “me-vage” better than he can!!

  51. Mystique Says:

    Ugh……I am SO SICK and tired of IMDB.COM!!!!!!! >:-( I just always feel SO sad for Taylor on that site smh…. :-/ The latest group of trolls and pseudo Taylor fans are now bashing him and his future career in movies. I fought back with some snarky remarks of my own, but I can’t do it alone. :-/ I’m just SO tired of haters coming on his imdb board trashing him! :( And what I can’t stand the most is ppl coming on there pretending to be supportive, yet spouting out negative remarks, while under the pretense of “wishing him the best”. I can’t STAND that. Not only that, but SOME ppl think that they can predict the future smh.

    It eats me up inside because then others come on the board taking their info as fact and most of what they say isn’t even true! Aaaarggghhhh!!!!!!!!!

    Here’s the topic I responded to….if you want to have a read. In case you don’t know, I’m “vins_gurl18″ on the site.

    #sigh I know I should just leave that board alone, but I just can’t stand to see Taylor’s name defamed like that….for NO good reason. :-/

    Thanks for letting me vent…… :(

    Vickey–lol glad u liked the pic! :) Yes I agree….the sooner Rob and Kristen move on….the better.

    Vera–you think Rob’ s new relationship is a “showmance”?? Are they working together in a new film of smthg?

    Marianne–rofl @ that bumper sticker lol!! First tee shirts, more bumper stickers…smh. Oh yes, I heard about Taylor Swift supposedly being cast in this upcoming film called “The Giver” alongside Meryl Streep, Alexander Skarsgard (sp??), and Jeff Bridges. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for her and all (I GUESS…), but how on earth did she get the chance to work with some of these great names? O_o. Her only real claim to fame is a cameo in “Valentine’s Day” with (coincidentally) Taylor Lautner. Now she’s working with Meryl Streep???? Really?? I wish it were OUR Taylor who was working with Meryl Streep. :( I’m sorry, maybe I’m just a little salty. After hearing this news I’m now starting to wonder: who are his agents??? :-/

    *sigh* Anyway….let me stop…I think that message board post put me in a foul mood smh…..Lol…..

    Chanda–yes,I think a lot of showmances happen in Hollywood all the time. I don’t think EVERY relationship is a PR stunt however…unlike some movie going audience members. I think when a couple has been together for quite some time, that is more than likely the real deal, because I just can’t see someone “faking it” with someone for years like that. One or both parties would get tired of that quickly.

    Yet at the same time, just because since relationships end quickly doesn’t mean it was fake either. Some ppl just realize that a person is not really for them, and they choose to end the short-lived relationship. After all, that’s what dating is all about….finding out if that person is for you. It’s just that celebs are so out in the open, that dud dates or relationships are photographed or gossiped about. Whereas us regular folk can go out with a guy (or a girl) and after a few dates say: “eh….not really my type…..NEXT!” LOL….but if a celeb even goes out on ONE date out to dinner with someone, it’s automatically: “STOP THE PRESSES! So-and-so are DATING!!!!!” and the media goes on a frenzy acting like they will be picking out engagement rings and wedding dresses next weekend or something smh….. :-/ I can only imagine how hard it must be to date in Hollywood smh…. :-/ Not only do you NOT always know who to trust, but your life is lived in a constant fish bowl….. :(

    Emily–we all know that Taylor has the best “Me-vage” (what a weird name lol!) Around lol! We don’t need some magazine/internet poll telling us THAT lol. Now…..if only we could see more of it lol! ^_^

  52. Emily Says:

    Oops–I looked back at the article–it’s called “HE-vage,” not me-vage. Stupid name, but Taylor still wins, pecs down!! :)

  53. chanda w. Says:

    Mystique, if you go back on that board , the trolls, lol, have sorta changed their tune and are now giving advice instead of straight up hate. Don’t feel sorry for Tay. This site is proof he has fans that really care about his career, not just that body.

    And most celebs are getting similar remarks from naysayers. But you aren’t fighting the battle alone, trust. I’m never gonna let anyone talk too much crap about my baby.

    It is just funny that anyone would waste energy posting about someone they claim to dislike. Then you realize these people are obsessed with him too, just in a different way.

    You might be right about the PR romances. Surely they can’t all be fake. Maybe Taylor picked up on some vibes early on or maybe he truly is just casually dating.
    He seems too level headed to play games.

    Swift might be popular with the media now, but these actors will eat her up, if they think she’s taking their spotlight and they will do it with a smile. She better watch her back.

    We, maybe I talked about Corbin Bleu, ages ago on here. He at one point had Thor and Tarik on his team and we were scared for Taylor because he had the same pair, lol. Now Bleu, seems to be making a comeback on DWTS. I was sorta like, did we make that happen? Most of what we discuss on here comes to pass.

    Well, Tay has moved on from Thor, so his eyes are wide open now. Loyalty or not.
    He’s not at a point where he needs to get on a dancing show, but his new team need to get their butts in gear.

    New Moon, Eclipse and Cheaper by the Dozen 2 were all on tv tonight. Taylor galore……….YES!!!

  54. Mystique Says:

    Emily–Ohhh ok…. “He-vage” sounds much better I think lol! ;)

    Chanda–tnx for the encouraging words. I know you’re on there on the board fighting the fight also lol. Idk if iI completely agree that the haters are now giving him advice. They’re giving him advice alright, but imo it’s not advice out of concern……It’s more so like a back handed compliment. I think they just like to get Taylor fans riled up. That come with the guise of trying to “help” him, but they make comments like: “poor thing, looks like nobody wants to hire him these days…”, or (my favorite… :::sarcasm:::) “he better get some of his friends to hire him…” smh…. To ME, those are not encouraging (or even supportive) comments at all. They are also so doomsday with their prediction of Taylor’s future career.

    Did it ever occur to pursue that maybe SOME actors aren’t all looking to be the next Tom Cruise or Tom Hanks?? I’m not saying Taylor is like that, but just because he doesn’t make a movie back to back doesn’t mean he’s “a lost cause”….never to be working in that “town” again. Smh…. :( Their outlook is so grim for him, and that bothers me.

    Thank goodness for THIS site….where we get up to date info. :)

    Your right, some of those haters are so obsessed with Taylor! Lol….I’m like, if you don’t like the guy, why even bother to comment pin his board? O_o. I don’t get it. I do believe that they are obsessed with him too….just in a different way….. I don’t understand it, but it seems like they thrive on seeing him fail….or secretly get some type of satisfaction if he fails. :-/ seems to be a cesspool of negativity….and you’re right, it’s not JUST Taylor’s board. There are a lot more negative things said about other actors too. I just think that out of all of the actors from the Twi saga, Taylor gets the most flack on his board. :-/ I’m just sick and tired of it.

    I remember Corbin Bleu…. wasn’t he on the Disney channel? He was in High School Musical too right? He’s on DWTS this season? I didn’t know that he and Taylor has the same agents/management! Wow! I haven’t seen it heard of him for years! See that’s the thing…..sometimes it’s good to take a break…. Maybe it would be good for Taylor to take a year or two break, and then come back with a vengeance an older, more experienced actor. Let ppl think he has “disappeared” and then fool them by coming back. :) I’d be heart broken for sure, but if he did decide to take some time of to get more acting lessons, or really hone his craft more, I would not be mad at him.

    I think Taylor has more than likely played the PR showmanship game before, but I don’t think that EVERY relationship has been fake. He just didn’t seem like that type of person.

    Wow…..Taylor overload on TV woohoo!! Too bad I don’t have cable yet. :-/

  55. Mystique Says:

    Yikes! I just noticed so many mistakes in my previous post above smh…..Lol…..

    That’s what I get I suppose for trying to Swype on this Kindle of mine…. :-[

  56. chanda w. Says:

    Mystique, you are like me a few months ago with that IMDB board. If I’m not mistaken, you were the one who calmed me down. lol. I took a break from it, but came back, not taken it too seriously and it worked. I was also going through some personal stuff too so , negative stuff on Tay, was something I didn’t need to hear.

    I don’t think Taylor even wants to be the next Tom Cruise or anyone else. He just admirers his career, I’m sure. And to be honest TC has sacrificed a lot to stay in the spotlight. His marriages, personal privacy, relationship with his kids. He’s another one who has had all the gay rumors and so . Remember when he had that semi nervous breakdown and everyone thought he was crazy? No thank you, I don’t want Tay going looney to keep his career on track.

    But, I don’t think he needs to take a break. He filmed Tracers, the Bench Promo, now he needs something going at least in the next month. In Nov. the Twi and GUPS2 dvd releases will give him a slight buzz.. Tracers comes out next year and hopefully he’ll have some other projects in play and that should be enough for now.

    Mystique, you can’t get discouraged. You’re like the ray of sunshine.

    Taylor isn’t a bad actor, he just hasn’t been in enough projects as an adult. Looking at all the work he did before the Twilight movies. It’s like wow, he did a little bit of everything and did it well. Tv work, voice overs, commercials (spelling)
    he held his ground against Steve Martin in CBTD2 and his first lead role in Sharkboy and Lavagirl, such a cute movie.

    The first Twilight movie, no one said, he couldn’t act. Everyone was like he’s the perfect Jacob. Which is why fans fought to keep him in the franchise. When he to the muscles, some became jealous, plain and simple. So the, he can’t act, he’s just a body, banter began.

    I’m watching my nephew again , so I’m gonna go on and on for a bit.

  57. chanda w. Says:

    When he added the muscles. (that is what I meant to say).

    I can’t handle him out of sight for a month, if he was ninja for a yr or two, that would not work out, at all.

    Where is firereign?

    Just realized I was drooling over Tay in CBTD2, disturbing.

    I watched an episode of Sleepy Hollow, now I’m hooked. That was quick.

    The 4400 has been off of cable for awhile, but I just now got all 4 seasons on dvd.
    Such a interesting story line.

    I will go out on a limb and say in the next month we are gonna be pleasantly surprised by Taylor and if not I will say the month after that we will be surprised, I will keep saying it until we are actually pleasantly surprised by him.

    Positive thinking. It does work.

  58. Logan Says:

    Hi guys, I love you! Love how we all have Taylor’s back.
    As desperate as we are for anything newsworthy we don’t loose focus on what’s fake and we defend him with a passion. Standing up for our man is good but know ( and I know we do ) that one day he will prove them all wrong.
    I rather have Taylor taking his time in choosing what’s next then having to watch him ‘struggle’ through a string of no good movies just to have his face out there.
    The sales of the GU2 dvd will make it clear just how big Taylor’s fan base is.
    LOL just heard Taylor being the bully in a snoopy epi, so funny.
    And no! we’re not that desperate that we want to see him hooking up with miss Velveeta Cheese £%|#\<.
    I do want to challenge Taylor to show up at Selena's concert at the Staples Center!
    ( Even if it's in the company of miss VC….)

  59. Logan Says:

    Let’s not forget that Taylor mentioned a photoshoot for a Bench commercial… the winter special….
    And how about that extended version, Bench has to release that one! They just have to…I would even buy it if they decide to sell it!

    @ Ellen, why is it taking you so long to invite Taylor to your show? Taylor is your personal male underwear model!

  60. vera Says:

    @Mystique…i think,not every time co-stars relationships are the “showmance”, but any relationship can be a PR stunt, no matter how long they last, the reasons for this may be different, and examples are enough ..
    I’m not inclined to believe all that concerns about RP-what he says about himself, his relationship with someone etc. I do not trust him. that`s all.

    oh,the winter special for a Bench..I’m looking forward.

  61. chanda w Says:

    Still up and now he’s up with the baby gibberish, so , no sleep at all .
    Vera, I won’t say I don’t trust RP and I know he has fans on this site and I respect that. He would not irritate me , if he just owned up to enjoying his success.
    There is nothing wrong with being popular, having adoring fans and going to parties and spending your money. He earned it. But, he does the whole, I hate fame routine when clearly that is not the case. KS might be a lot of things, but what you see is what you get . She’s genuine to her personality. He’s also friends with Michelle R. wonder if they ever discussed Tay and FF7. Hmmm. lol.

    I came across an article about a relative of Taylor’s. Earlier there were tweets of some claiming they met Tay yesterday. I don’t know if it was at a game for his sister or some other sports event. I asked about pics and the girl who tweeted said security would not let them take pics. She was from MN. I don’t know if she saw him in MN or in LA or wherever. Anyway, me , looking for pics, typed in Tay’s name and Minnesota and I came across this article about Tay’s cousin, Kamaria Bos. It’s from 2007. He was appearing at a church to sign autographs to help raise money for her. She was special needs and was really sick.
    The article was boasting that he was a hollywood star of the movie Sharkboy and Lavagirl……….and I’m thinking, if they knew then how big of a star he would become. Wow.

    Well the fundraiser was in MN, so he has family there too. I hope she’s better.
    Guess that is part of the reason he is so soft hearted. Just like Jaimie Fox, I hear he has a sweet personality also. His sister has down syndrome.
    This info might be old to most of you, but it was new and interesting to me.
    Looking at the big picture , I’m a fan of a guy who has his dream job. He could stop now and he’s still set for life. But, he better not stop. Maybe in fourty yrs., maybe.

    I can clearly see know why he isn’t on social media. He has a lot going on and no time for those envious that they can’t reach the same goals.

    So now, whatever he does and however long he takes to do it……fine by me. I’m all in.

  62. chanda w Says:

    Did I mispell forty, fourty ? Brain Drain.
    Logan, no I am not trying to see Tay at a Selena concert and certainly not escorted by Velvetta. lol. Not that hard up, just yet. ha , ha.

  63. vera Says:

    chanda w…I know that there are fans of RP, and if I did not respect them, then I would call a million reasons why I do not like him, but I do not do it out of respect for them.
    I do not want here to talk about the RP is too much, in the end, this resource is dedicated to Taylor, and RP is just one of Taylor’s colleagues and T has a lot of colleagues.
    Here for example, Kellan Lutz,he soon will begin to work in a project with such actors as Ben Kingsley, Peter O’Toole and Julia Ormond ..
    it`s about the great good fortune to work with those people, as already mentioned above,TS will work soon with Meryl Streep, and with Kate Winslet too,in Divergent Trilogy ..
    they brilliant actors, with a wealth of experience, they have a lot to learn, and very sad that Taylor can not yet boast of this.but I always hope for the best for him, even if not now, then let it happen in the future.

  64. Emily Says:

    Ha, ha!! Mystique and Chanda–I think you two could have jobs as Taylor’s bodyguards!! If anyone came at him, they better watch out!!!

    Seriously, though, I’m glad y’all are willing to go on imdb and the like and defend our sweetie. I just don’t have the stomach for it. I read posts on there for a while, but they were so vile and negative, I just couldn’t stick around. I wanted to defend Taylor, but, you just can’t reason with idiots like that. People like that are obviously missing something in their own lives and need to build themselves up by tearing others down. It’s really sad that “cyber-bullying” and bullying in general are so prevalent in our society. :(

    But, as much as I’m sure he’d appreciate his fans sticking up for him, I don’t think he’s losing much sleep at night worrying what idiots say about him (and I think it’s the main reason he stays away from all social media–doesn’t want to let that negativity into his life). He’s going to be fine with whatever he does.

    Logan–I forgot about the Bench winter photo shoot. There’s still no word on releasing the extended commercial. I’d buy it too!! They could make a lot of money off that!! I never got a reply to my email I sent them asking about it. How disappointing!!

  65. Mystique Says:

    @Chanda– “Mystique, you are like me a few months ago with that IMDB board. If I’m not mistaken, you were the one who calmed me down. lol.”

    Lol! You’re right! I talked you down from the ledge so to speak, and now you’re talking me down from it! Lol! Funny how things work out. :) But as fans, that’s what we do….we encourage each other. ^_^ I had vowed to take a break from and NEVER return, but every once in a while…..I guess my curiosity gets the best of me. :-/ Maybe I should be more like @Emily and just stop visiting Taylor’s board altogether…smh. I will ALWAYS visit imdb since to me it is the best internet resource for all things movies and actors’ upcoming projects.

    Idk…..maybe I’m just PMS’ing?? Lol…

    “Mystique, you can’t get discouraged. You’re like the ray of sunshine.”

    Awww……Thanks @Chanda……I really appreciate it. (((Hug))) Idk why that bothered me so much. In fact, I get more bothered and upset by the career-down-the-toilet speculation than I do about the supposed gay rumors! :-/ #sigh. I think I’ll just forget about those losers on imdb for now. You guys are right….that site (or the internet really) it’s just full
    a bunch of negative people who are secretly deep down jealous of Taylor’s success.

    @Logan– I agree hands DOWN! I’d rather Taylor wait for a project that REALLY interests him instead of taking crappy projects in order to keep his name out there. Even actor Josh Hartnett (remember him??) was quoted as saying that he turned down some REALLY big roles in the past (Spider-Man and superman being a few) because they just weren’t what he personally wanted to do. He wanted to do more serious films that mattered to HIM. In effect, he made some enemies in Hollywood and unfortunately didn’t get cast in quite a few roles for a while. Some may have said that he made a huge mistake in Hollywood (you don’t piss off HW directors of agents who want to cast you while you’re “hot”), but if HE personally feels that he made the right decision for HIM, then that’s worth more than all the fame, money, and “leading man” status in Hollywood.

    Oh and THANK YOU for reminding me of the BENCH Winter collection! Woohoo!!!!! I can’t wait to see Taylor in some winter clothes! :D.

    I also agree @Logan, Ellen should definitely have Taylor on her show stat! He’s been modeling her underwear for free!! Lol! ^_^

  66. Mystique Says:

    Vera–oh wow….you don’t trust RP? Hmm….maybe I don’t know much about him to DIStrust him, but Rob doesn’t bother me one bit. I don’t think that he and Taylor are bff’s, and sometimes I get the impression in interviews that he’s somewhat jealous of Taylor, but I don’t get a bad vibe about him. Hmm…that’s interesting.

    @Chanda–Awww…..Thanks for sharing that story about Taylor’s cousin with special needs. He does seem to have a sweet soft spot for those less fortunate. He’s always hugging his special needs fans. When I met him last year, there was a girl on a wheelchair with her mother standing off to the side waiting for an autograph, and he made sure to come over and pay special attention to her. I thought that was so sweet!! ^_^ My heart just melted, and I fell in love all over again. :)

    Yes, you’re right…Jamie Foxx does have a sister with special needs and I think he even brought her to the Oscars or the Golden Globes (forget which). His words about her in his acceptance speech were so sweet. I think it does make you have more compassion for others.

    Vera–you’re right….you just never know how your career is going to go. HE is now working with Meryl Streep. Who could have predicted THAT?? Lol…. Good for Kellan Lutz as well! See…So, we just never know what is in Taylor’s future. He could be working with the likes of Tom Cruise, Denzel Washington, or Peter Fonda in a future film! We just never know!! :)

    @Emily–yea,I think I should take a page out of your book and give that site a break lol. Oh and yes LOL…..nobody better mess with our Taylor without a fight! Chanda and I should be his bodyguards shouldn’t we? Lol….or maybe I should say his attorneys? Lol! (I would make a horrible bodyguard….as I can’t say that I can really fight. HA….Taylor would probably have to defend ME in a fight since obviously he’s a blackbelt) But I can certainly take on the attorney role if need be. ….I have a habit of challenging false information and defamation of character with solid proof and “Exhibits A,B, and C” LOL!!!! ^_^

    Btw, thanks to you @Emily…..I’m now going to look on the net for Taylor “He-Vage” pics and post them lol…..(Yes, it has come down to this ladies lol!) ^_^ Although……I will say, I think Taylor seems to “suffer” more from “PNS” (Perky Nipple Syndrome) than anything else Rotfl!! :D.

    Case in point…… Lol

    Lol…I notice that a lot.

  67. Mystique Says:

    Hee hee…..

  68. Mystique Says:

    Talk about “He-Vage”!!! Lol…


    **Sidenote….I JUST realized the little girls face has been blurred out. I’ve seen this picture many times before but never noticed that! (Hush @Emily lol!!! ) I guess you guys can tell where MY attention was LOL!!!

  69. chanda w Says:

    Vera, I hope u didn’t take my post the wrong way. I was talking about myself because , in the past I’ve insulted Tay’s co stars so much, lol. Yes, this is Taylor’s site, but we can also talk real here.
    And Taylor has already worked with some amazing people. John Singleton, Sigorney Weaver, Steve Martin, Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, David Spade, Kevin James, George Lopez. He did a bit with Kevin Costner, the skit with Tom Cruise(one of his idols). He hosted SNL, been on the cover of Rolling Stones mag, GQ etc. So he’s already worked with some great people and done amazing things. Of course we want it to continue and it will. Mark Wahlberg seems to like him too. But, in the end the direction of Tay’s career is up to him and I don’t even want to make it sound like it is something crucial right now, cuz honestly it isn’t.
    He’s fine.
    Mystique, I use to think Josh Hartnett was so hot. I still watch Wicker Park over and over . He did just sorta fade out. At one point he was in every other movie.
    Glad he stood up for his principles. You can make enemies in HW fast. The richer and more famous, the more sensitive they seem to be. I kinda think Taylor’s team, not Tay himself, made some enemies. Thank you Thor. Pulling him in and out of projects, waiting for the best offer. I think that is what happened and in the end it hurt Taylor’s credibility. Although he wasn’t the one screwing up the deals. He probably had a lot of crap offers too. Countless shirtless scenes and so on, who knows. Sure he knows what to do and he might need to make his clique, even smaller.
    Emily, no it’s not a joke when it comes to Taylor, lol. But, I know you adore him too, so I’m in good company.
    Tay’s nipples are perky, lucky for us.

  70. vera Says:

    chanda w …No, I did not take it so, but for me it looks like this – about RP ppl should always tell and write only the good thing, or nothing at all, only then, apparently, his fans will not be offended.
    well,he became a kind of sacred cow..the same thing happened with Jennifer Aniston in former that, I’d better keep quiet each his own.
    in any case, I’m here only because of Taylor.

    Mystique..i’m sorry that my knowledge of English is not enough to join the discussions on the IMDB board, I would like to do it but I can make it worse, it’s too hard for me, probably ..

  71. chanda w. Says:

    This site is starting to scare me, in a good way. We were just discussing Josh Hartnett. He disappeared right. Seems he now has a new series on Showtime that will air sometime soon. LOL. So I repeat our beautiful Taylor has love all around him. He has a bright future as an actor.

  72. *Vickey* Says:

    Yes! LOVE how we have each other and Taylor’s back!! It really makes me smile. Haha. :)

    Mystique— LOL. It’s okay, Swype, plus autocorrect always ends terribly for me. Haha.

    Re: RPatz: I’m unsure if it’s a PR relationship or not. I mean he hasn’t really been out there in the headlines or anything to make me think he would go there. Ehhh. I guess we’ll find out. Lol. :)

    Re: IMDB board: I normally just check IMDB to make sure I’m right about something (movie or TV show wise LOL). I usually don’t dabble in the discussions beacuse I just don’t ever think about it. I’m afraid to go in there though, not because I can’t take it but because I know I could lose my cool too @Mystique. Lol. Don’t get discouraged. Like @chanda beautiful said “you’re like the ray of sunshine!” You are! We all are! Some people are real a***h***s. -_- I’m with you and I completely understand your frustration. Some people just don’t think he’s a bad actor and I don’t understand why?
    I do agree with you @Chanda many people have that opinion of Taylor because he has not had the opportunity to be involved in many projects. They have to give him time!! He’s been in a major saga.

    Re: Corbin Bleu: Oh yeah! He was on HSM and he is on Dancing with the Stars. I normally never watch it, but this season, I’ve watched a few episodes. He’s really hanging in there though. He’s adorable! ^.^

    Logan— Heyyy! Yes I just said that too! Great minds think alike. ;)
    Yep, one day Taylor will prove them all wrong. Um hmm, I think it’d be smart for him to take his time in choosing his next project.

    Chanda/Mystique— My cousin was actually lucky enough to meet Jamie Foxx! He said he was a guy that had his head on his shoulders and was a very nice guy! Would love to meet him myself one day. He has a big heart.

    Thanks for all of the Tay Clevage photos! LOL!

  73. Evelyn Says:

    Hello ladies!

    Have not had the time to comment here lately. I have been cleaning out my house, and working. Always working.

    Now, Taylor needs to get his sexy butt out here. Me getting impatient, and tight to say the very least.

  74. Logan Says:

    Whoahaha….@ Evelyn….is that an auto correct thing or did you really mean to say tight?! ROTFL

  75. Logan Says:

    I should probably get my dirty mind checked or check in to the gutter asylum.

  76. Chez Says:

    Lexi-Happy B’day for the 4th October I know it’s early, you’re b’day is 4 days b4 mine!

    A quick question does anybody know whether the Forever Twilight Boxset will be available from the UK I’ve tried all the usual places but can’t find anything as I would like to buy it?

    Totally agree with you all about Taylor’s team needs a website that’s purely and simply all about Taylor’s movie’s with regular updates and even if it’s just to confirm or deny the rumours about Taylor been linked to a particular film.

    Anyone heard about the movie Hush, Hush as Taylor as Patch I only heard about it today (don’t know whether it’s old news or what)?

  77. Logan Says:

    Hi Chez, don’t know about the box being available in the UK. If it’s anything like the documentary I can watch on my movie channel I would suggest not to buy it. Bunch of random people talking about Kristin, Rob and Taylor and not the actors themselves. Plus nothing new was revealed no extra bts….if it’s the same as the box ugh! Milking us poor fans! How can you….
    Hush, hush mmmmmmm there goes my gutter brain again…..sounds nice but also a lot like the saga I don’t see Taylor involved in that. But surprise me Taylor! Why don’t ya!!!
    Looking up the hush, hush thing I did come across something posted 3 weeks ago on about Taylor doing Max Steele? Someone knows about that one…….

  78. Logan Says:

    Ok, I just had to post this bit:

    Maybe not for Taylor, too much parkouring like in Tracers, but nonetheless cool stuff.

  79. accv Says:

    WELL. POO that Taylor isn’t in FF7. People need to get a clue… perhaps next installment??? TAYLOR’S TEAM — GET ON THAT, STAT!

    ANYWAYS. Soooo just watched this movie called Triple Dog. It’s like an thrilled-out version of Sleepover with Alexa Vega from Spy Kids. And one of the main girls… grew up absolutely beautiful. And apparently her acting has gotten better since that movie. She’s already worked with Tom Cruise in Jack Reacher. I’m telling you… she’s not that well-known just yet and I think she’d be a perfect love interest for our guy in the future. Gal’s his age, too! Her name is Alexia Fast. Just thought I’d throw that out there. I can also see him working with Brittany Robertson. Another main girl from Triple Dog. And funny thing is, Kristen’s friend Scout Compton is in the movie as well. Bahahaha! But whatever… this Alexia girl and Taylor would look great together. Or well, I can see it :p

  80. Nicolefair Says:

    Oh ladies. We seriously need a message board for this sight.


    I can’t think of a single project Taylor has pulled out of that I would actually want to see. Maybe Incarceron, but frankly he ages out of that part two years ago. I personally think TAYLOR, not his team, is really smart about his career. You know the saying, ‘slow and steady wins the race’, that’s kinda how I view Mr. Lautner. He chooses projects wisely, I think he’s building a career on all levels, in front of and behind the camera and that is what will make him a sustainable, credible actor.

    I appreciate that he’s not watering himself down with a crapload of forgettable film. I think he should and will eventually end up on some incredible cable series so he can be in my living room weekly and throughout his mid twenties so a few indie films. Maybe a couple cameos and not get a major film role until he’s in his late twenties. That’s what I want for him. Twilight will be long forgotten and all that will be left is the gorgeous smile, stunning bod and unfathomable honesty we know and love.

    I’m patient, I can wait.

  81. Kathy Says:

    Hello, everyone. How are all of you today?

  82. Evelyn Says:

    I meant tight. ;)

  83. Lexi Says:

    Yes ladies, it has come down to me not minding him being snapped with taylor swift. I, ladies, am so sorry *go cries in a corner*

    Like, does anybody know if he’s even in ff7 anymore??? If he was in the movie, we would have seen pics by now soo…… v.v

  84. Evelyn Says:

    Sad…I want him.

  85. chanda w Says:

    I heard rumors on the Hush Hush movie too. I don’t know what the storyline is, but it is an old rumor. Vin Diesel do you know how great you and Taylor would look in the same movie together? Maybe the next one.
    Slow and Steady does win the race. I surely don’t want him doing projects that he doesn’t have a passion for. I just miss his face and that laugh.

    I did want to see him in Stretch Armstrong, at the time he was a teen and he has a unique look. The movie would have been comedy /action, I think it would have worked.

    He is wise, I’m sure he’s waiting to announce something his fans will like.

  86. Johanna Says:

    I have actually read Hush Hush i really like the book but its another scifi-fantasy story the main male character is a fallen angel that falls in love with a mortal girl they go through some shit i really like the story put to be honest even though Taylor is like an angel and Greek god mixed in one the way the character is described would not suit Taylor and besides I kinda don’t really want him to do another fantasy story anytime soon
    I wouldnt mind him doing something similar to THG or Divergent if he wanted to do another book adaptation
    I just want him to stick to playing you noe a normal human for now

  87. kia Says:

    I have a confession! The reason why Taylor haven’t been seen is because he’s been spending some quality time with me! I apologize but would you do if he kept on licking and biting his lips in front of you! You wouldn’t let him go either.
    Once again I APOLOGIZE!!!!

  88. *Vickey* Says:

    *gasp* KIA!!! This whole time???
    Tssh tssh *shakes head*
    I guess you apology is accepted because I understand your dilemma. I wouldn’t let him leave either. Do us all a favor and tell him hey. ;)

    Re: FF7:
    Lexi— From what we gathered we don’t think he’s involved It’s the 1st of Oct. and we don’t have information. :/
    Oh and happy early birthday Lexi! I saw Chez say it was Oct. 4?

    accv— YES! I’m with you on that! Taylor’s team, if you’re reading this get on that. ^.^ Oh I know what movie you’re talking about, I actually saw it a while back before it got on Netflix and all. Haha. Oooh, Alexia Fast is pretty good! I hadn’t thought of her and oh I love Britt Robertson. She’s a sweet girl. :)

    Nicolefair— Hmm, I hadn’t thought of that Nicole. It would be different to see Taylor on a TV series. We’d see him every week! LOL. I wonder if he’s interested in doing TV. Maybe he’ll dabble in it a bit. “Slow and steady,” I couldn’t agree with you more. We do want him to take his time and pick something he’ll be thrilled to do.

    Chanda w— I miss his face and laugh too!! *sigh* Tissue anyone? Lol. Yeah! I’m sure he has something cooking up! Whenever things get in order and he knows for sure he’s ready to let us know about his project, we’ll all be falling out of chairs/beds at the news.

    Kathy— I’m doing pretty good Kathy, reading a crap ton of plays and working on a paper! Had an officer meeting today. Was able to take a nap so I’m good now. Haha. Thanks for asking! How are you?

    Evelyn— LOL I was wondering if you meant tight! Hahaha.

  89. Lexi Says:

    finally TvT

  90. Lexi Says:

    OH! and thank you @Mystique and @Chez for the early birthday wishes ^^

  91. Johanna Says:

    Lexi i didnt noe it was ur b-day
    well Happy b-day i hope u get lots of nice gifts :)

    and thanks for the pic even a blur he looks HOT!

  92. Lexi Says:

    @johanna Yep! my birthday is on Oct.4….ill be 20 ^^

    here’s another pic

  93. Johanna Says:

    @Lexi yayyyyyy welcome to officially not being a teen anymore life sucks even worse on this end!….. JK no its great… kinda :)

    I love that who ever took that pic clearly was staring at Taylor what was it u guys called the man cleavage :P

  94. kia Says:

  95. Johanna Says:

    @Lexi here is my virtual gift for u

  96. kia Says:

    His Chest!!!! LICKABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lexi- HAPPY EARLY BDAY!!! Hope you get to enjoy TayCake!

  97. Lexi Says:

    @johanna -dead- I LOVE IT =^-^=

    @kia Thank you thank you :)))))))

    I kinda just answered my own question about ff7 when i posted those pics of him at his sister’s game. He would’ve been on set….

  98. Logan Says:

    Taylor defending my honour…
    Whatever is next let it be something physical, love it when his skin ( read abs ) is exposed like that.

  99. Logan Says:

    How to make something HOT look even HOTTER
    Nikita doing her magic, thank you!

  100. vera Says:

    I`m in Taylor?!

  101. vera Says:

    wow!Nikita is genius,very talented girl,Taylor is lucky, he has such fans.

  102. Logan Says:

    Taylor not on the list?!?!
    I think only one will be sort of happy he’s not on there…. Taylor himself.

  103. vera Says:

    @Logan haha,i think you’re right!

  104. Logan Says:

    Drool over this hottie in the meantime
    He’s no Taylor but yummie anyway….

  105. Jess Says:

    Taylor at the volleyball game

    Best day after the worst weekend. I FINALLY got to see GU2 today, and now some pics of Taylor out and about. It was so amazing to see Taylor on the big screen again. HURRY UP TRACERS!!!!!!

  106. Jess Says:

    So here’s my (better late than never) review of GU2. I actually went with my Dad who took me to cheer me up after a really horrible weekend. He didn’t realise the reason I wanted to see this particular movie, but when it finished he turned to me and said “Now I know why you wanted to see this movie!”

    Anyway, here are my thoughts…

    1. There was nowhere near enough Taylor in it! (But I loved every moment that he WAS in. He clearly had fun with this role.)

    2. I loved hearing the gasps and murmers from the theatre audience when Taylor came on screen – It seemed like people were excited to see him. The movie was released here nearly a week ago and there were probably 30 or so people in the theatre on a Wednesday morning session, (it’s school holidays at the moment) pretty good since I haven’t seen ANY advertising for it.

    3. The movie was OK. It had a few bits that we laughed aloud at. Unfortunately, here in Australia, we don’t know who most of the people in the cameo roles are, so their presence wasn’t really anything significant.

    4. I can’t wait for the DVD so I can watch the good bits (ie Taylor’s scenes!) again and again.

  107. Emily Says:

    I can’t handle this!!!

  108. Johanna Says:


  109. Emily Says:

    Johanna–Agree. Don’t you know that he’ll be the SWEETEST daddy one day???

  110. marianne Says:

    Emily…Johanna…..Awwwww….can we clone him?!!

    Good to see him at his sister’s game. Since he said he was doing something end of Sept/Oct, I’m still hopeful that he has a role in something and it is a closed set. Taylor only comments on things that are definite and he wouldn’t have commented if something wasn’t going on. I’m hopeful.

    Jess…Glad that you were finally able to see GU2. Do they only advertise certain films in Australia?

    Lexi…Hope you have a great Birthday!

  111. kia Says:

    ASDFGHJKL Taylor I’m gonna need you to stop doing this to ME!!! My ovaries can’t take it!!!

    Emily..Johanna..Marianna – Whoever gets to be his wife and mother of his children in the future. Will be the luckiest Bitch in the world!

  112. Johanna Says:

    @Kia thank you i do consider myself very lucky especially wen Taylor and I get married and have beautiful babies

    ……………………….Well a girl can dream cant she :)

  113. kia Says:

    Johanna- We all can dream!

  114. Mystique Says:

    Hey ladies! OMG….I only have a very LIMITED amount of time unfortunately, but I’ll try to be brief so that I can post a message on here lol! It’s been a really BUSY week!


    @Evelyn—OMG! So you DID mean to say tight lol! I wasn’t sure if that was a typo, or a swype to text error…I make so many of those myself lol. But now I see! You naughty girl you! LOL! :D #GutterWeekdays

    Lexi—No prob! Hope you enjoyed your “present” lol. :-P If you put your face to the monitor, you might be able to kiss him lol.

    Chez–I haven’t heard of “Hush Hush”! Any new updates on that project? Or has it not been confirmed yet for Taylor.

    Accv—I’ve never heard of Alexia Fast, but her face looks familiar. I think she’s Canadian! I’ve never heard of Brittany “Britt” Robertson either, but she looks pretty. :)

    @NicoleFair—I agree….we SO need a message board on here lol! Then again, I think since we’re so used to posting on the picture threads, maybe it would be more confusing having to divide our attention to separate threads and topics? On one hand I would LIKE a message board (or, maybe an easier way to separate everyone’s posts…it’s real easy to accidentally skip a post sometimes), but at the same time, I like how impromptu our conversations are at times. :) Our topics can start out being one thing, and then change to a completely different topic altogether! Our conversation EVOLVES the further down the thread you go lol. You can’t really do that on a messge board with specific topis I have to admit.

    @Kia—You bad girl lol! If you were hoarding Taylor all along this entire time, the LEAST you could have done was let us know before hand! We’ve all been suffering from Taylor Withdrawal Symptoms! I can’t say that I blame you though lol ;-)

    Lexi,Kia, JOhanna–Thanks for all of the pics!!! :D

    Logan–I can’t believe Taylor is not on that LIST!! GRRR!! That list HAS to be rigged. I swear, I think some actors must have had their publicists pay off someone at Empire Magazine in order to get them on that list. There is NO way all of those actors are on there and Taylor is not even #50. WHAT?? O_o YET, RPatz is on the list I see….. Interesting. And I’m sorry…but Daniel Radcliff??? I mean, don’t get me wrong….he’s a great actor and everything, but I don’t find him sexy. Maybe SOME women do (sorry…..don’t mean to offend anyone on here if you do), but when I look at him I just don’t *FEEL* anything!!!…..if you know what I mean lol. I don’t get the “sexy” vibe from him at all. But, maybe it’s just me? You can be sexy in Two ways imo…… Either your physical looks/body can be sexy, OR you can exude a sexy aura/je ne sais quoi about you that has NOTHING to do with looks. IMO, Taylor has both lol.

    Oh well…I’m sure he’s not losing sleep over it lol.

    JEss—-Awww…so sorry to hear about your horrible weekend! Is everything okay? :-/ Did you need to vent/talk about it? :(
    Glad you were able to finally see GUPS2! Haha…better late than never lol.

    @Emily—OMG….my ovaries just EXPLODED!!! I can’t handle seeing Taylor with babies. lol…. I.JUST.CAN’T. *sigh* Can he get any more perfect??

    **SIDENOTE: I swear…. Taylor must read this site. Taylor….or SOMEONE close to Taylor reads this site! I’m now starting to believe. I’m looking at those pictures of Taylor at the Volleyball game, showing the “HE-Vage”, and I’m like….. Ummmm…weren’t we JUST talking about “he-vage”??? LOL! Not only that, but that shirt he’s wearing is the SAME exact shirt he was wearing in the picture I first posted of him showing “he-vage”!!!

    YIKES! That is almost!!!

    Okay…..I’m like seriously freaking out now lol. Someone else already mentioned it, but I’m now starting to believe that *SOMEBODY* peruses through these boards. There are just WAY too many coincidences! O_O


  115. Mystique Says:

    Ha…so much for being “brief” LOL! But I just had to get back to some of your comments! :D

  116. Mystique Says:

    Now I MUST go study and read….lol

  117. Mystique Says:

    I’m REALLY leaving now……

    Lol….. :D

  118. Emily Says:

    kia–Taylor’s future wife will be the president, CEO, grand poo-ba, number one, top-of-the-heap, official, universal, luckiest of the lucky, bi%$#es in the entire world!!

    I hate her already.

    No, I’m just kidding. I couldn’t hate anyone who made him happy enough to want to marry her. I will, however, be extremely jealous of her.

  119. Emily Says:

    From Taylor WITH kids to Taylor AS a kid–

    Look at his baby abs!!!! A different picture for talk show hosts to torture him with!!

  120. Mystique Says:

    @Emily–$&@#^&!!!!! Taylor had rock hard abs even at THAT age! …’ve his be kidding me lol….. Wow….. I knew he had a six pack even as a youngster, but sheesh!

    I’m beginning to think that he came out of the womb with a six-pack! Rotfl! ^_^

    *Okay, back to studying lol….*

  121. Jess Says:

    @Emily – Taylor and kids … too much.

    @Marianne, Some movies are really well promoted here (Twilight Saga, anything with Brad Pitt or Jennifer Aniston) but some just seem to come and go under the radar. Maybe I’m just not paying attention?

    hahaha @Mystique – laughing at your ‘brief’ post!
    Thank you so much for your concern. One of my beautiful bunnies died over the weekend – He was 10 years old and had been with me since he was born. He became ill quite suddenly so it was a bit of a shock to lose him. His sister is now alone so I’ve been spoiling her plenty. (I sound like a crazy cat lady!)

    On that note, here’s some Taylor to cheer me up again…

  122. vera Says:

  123. Logan Says:

    @ Lexi, happy birthday to you! Here’s my gift to you, enjoy!

    So funny that ‘ Inharda ‘ was going down the same memory lane as me. Oh well, Taylor leaves us no choice but to get creative. That’s another thing he’s good at…motivating others!

  124. Logan Says:

    Hey, the previous post says Oct. 3rd but it’s honestly friday here already. Hihi, I’m in Twilight country LOL
    Lexi, I know your B-day is on the fourth so have a smashing day anyway…

  125. Mystique Says:

    Jess—-Awwww! I’m so sorry to hear about your poor Bunny!!! Awww…. :-/ I know how hard it is to lose a beloved pet (lost one of my dogs tragically back in 2007). It’s hard. :( Especially when it’s not even expected at all.

    (((hug))) Here’s a hug from Taylor to you.

    And NO you’re not a “crazy cat lady”! I LOVE pets…they really brighten my day. My little yorkie is sleeping her head off right next to me in the bed lol. ^_^

    Oh and yeah….silly me for thinking I could actually be “brief” with my posts….HA!! Yeah right…lol…..

    Logan—omg…I LOVE that pic from Funny or Die!!! A wet Taylor is always NIIIICE…. lol… *hint hint* (if anyone is “lurking”) lol…. AHEM …..where was I?? I figure I would just PUT that out there just in case. It seems everything ELSE we discuss on here on this board seems to mysteriously come true!! LOL :D

  126. Mystique Says:

    Ooops…the link doesn’t work!

    Ugh…. Let me try this again…

  127. Mystique Says:

    @Jess—OH well…if you just physically copy and paste the link into your browser, it SHOULD work just fine. :)

  128. Logan Says:

    We wouldn’t mind him lurking now would we?!
    Even lurking he looks smoldering hot……

  129. chez Says:

    Taylor’s been spotted again at his sister’s game 10/03/2012

    He’s too cute!!!!

  130. Jess Says:

    @Mystique thanks for the hug! I bet a genuine Taylor hug is amazing! Awww you have a cute! Reminds me of this pic…

    @Logan I love that Taylor lurking moment! Makes me laugh every time.

  131. kia Says:

    Cute fan pic. But what’s with this about some girl grabbing Taylor’s face and trying to kiss him at the game yesterday? What in the world

  132. marianne Says:

    kia…..A girl trying to lip lock Taylor…oh my…LOL. You’d think Papa Lautner would scare any girl from trying. I did hear that the Teen Wolf fans were annoyed because they heard Taylor might be appearing on some episodes. Apparently, they were saying some not so nice things about our guy.

    Logan…love lurking Taylor!

  133. Emily Says:

    I wish there would be ONE PICTURE of Dan actually smiling. Taylor had to get that killer smile from one of his parents!! He always looks so serious. I see why, but it looks like something might amuse him SOMETIME!! I’m sure he’s different in private. Just an observation. And, it’s easy to see why Taylor is such an “outfit recycler.” I’ve never seen his dad in anything besides those shorts (and occasionally jeans) and those button-up shirts!!

    There was this whole thing on taylorlautnermania about Teen Wolf fans being ticked off and being rude b/c there was this rumor that Taylor had a 12 episode guest spot on that show! Like he’d even CONSIDER doing something like that!!! Please. I’ll see if I can find the link.

    Here it is:

    My computer translates that site to English from Portuguese. Don’t know if others do.

  134. chanda w Says:

    It would be easy for me to insult the girl that tried to kiss Taylor at the game(if it is true) I probably would have done the same thing. Happy just to see a pic and know he’s alive and breathing and lookin’ super fine. He was alone, just his parents. No chick in sight. Hmm.
    The empire list , what a joke. They showed the guy who was number 1. I don’t know his name off hand, good actor, not ugly but someone clearly did him a favor.
    Yeah, RP was on the list…… Think some people are still doing the The Team Jacob/Edward rivalry. It is just now Team Taylor/RP. Hollywood Life , all but admitted as much. Of course Taylor is sexier than over half the guys on that list. I think something else is going on. Since the cheating scandal, Taylor’s name has been pushed out of the media more and more. Seems some want us to think Kellan Lutz is his replacement. No Thank You.
    RP’s constant reference to Taylor’s body showed some jealousy on his part , but also , it was a reminder, hey all he does is take his shirt off. He shouldn’t get respect for that. Taylor would laugh it off, but I know that bothered him. Which pisses me off , since he had nothing but great things to say about RP.
    I’m just don’t understand why this is still going on? Twilight is over those characters are put to bed. Let Taylor move on. He’s cofident, but he isn’t some stuck up jerk , like so many of these other celebs. He respectful to his fans and hard working. RP basically calls Twi fans fat idiots and they support him even more. Taylor hits a rough patch and instead of support some of his fans try to crucify him. Are they angry that he isn’t on the cover of the teen mags anymore, really? That we aren’t hearing about his every move on the entertainment shows.
    We can only blame ourselves. The public seems to gravitate to drama. Tay is drama free, thank goodness. Some don’t realize that is a good thing. In the long run, the biz will eat u up and spit u out when they’ve had their fill. Sinead O’Connor was right. These execs in the biz don’t care about anyone , but their money.

    I realized when the BD2 promos came out, and Tay was barely featured , that the media had begun to turn on him. Did they think he slept with KS? He hasn’t done anything to deserve exclusions and constant comparisions to guys older and sometimes almost twice his age.

    Well, if someone close to Tay is reading this board, tell his team to get on their game! He is too cute and talented to be on the sidelines. Also I would like to see him in some white cargo shorts and a red t-shirt. Miss him. Patiently waiting for more Tracers movie info.

  135. chanda w Says:

    Emily, what is with all the insults and venom towards Taylor? Teen Wolf fans, upset about him. That nobody , nearly 30yr old actress , that set up the diss of Tay on that fashion police show, was from Teen Wolf. Do they really think Taylor’s success as Jacob did not help their show to blossom? That’s the same if they dissed Michael J. Fox.

    What is really a trip, is that a lot of these haters , were probably running to the theatres, to get a glimpse of Taylor in New Moon and Eclipse and so on.
    Envious biotches. And the star of that show Tyler Posey is less popular than his co stars , for some reason. Ok I’ve gotten all of that out of my system.
    Why is he the only Twilight star that is constantly attacked? My cutie, I don’t mind defending him, but I don’t want him to hear all of that nonsense. I hope he knows he has a lot of supporters and fans that care deeply about him and his career.

  136. kia Says:

    Marianne- LOL! I guess that chick tried to do what we all wanted to do! Crazy

    LOL the “teen wolf’ fans needs to take several seats and have a cup of STFU!

  137. Mystique Says:

    Kia–“LOL the “teen wolf’ fans needs to take several seats and have a cup of STFU!”

    ROTFL!!!! :D. Amen to THAT! Lol! I agree…. I’m with @Chanda….I don’t get all of the hate or bashing either smh…
    Now you guys see why I always get so frustrated with the boards! Grrr! :(

    @Chanda–you know, that’s interesting that you mentioned that about RP and his sly comments about Taylor taking off his shirt. When you bring it up, now that I think about it….I don’t think I’ve ever heard Rob say much of anything complimentary about Taylor’s acting. He was always talking about Taylor’s abs, shirt less scenes, awkward tent scenes, accidentally grabbing his nipple, the spandex Taylor wore, and his bum!!!! Rotfl!!! :D. VERY interesting lol….. Of course, I could be wrong….maybe I just haven’t seen enough RP interviews (I mostly watch Taylor’s lol), so maybe he has said done really nice things about Taylor that I haven’t heard of…..

    Also, I wouldn’t take the minimized media buzz for BD2 personally. I’m almost 99.9999% sure that the lack of coverage and photo shoots for the final film were due to the infidelities of Kristen. They didn’t want to make an already awkward situation even worse. Things were muted for the entire cast, and I’m pretty sure this was due to the scandal. The studios wanted to go out with a bang for the final film (I’m sure), and milk it for all it was worth, but as soon as the scandal hit, they had to do MAJOR damage control. After all, this wasn’t just two love birds having a little spat. This was about an actress cheating on her co star bf…..with a MARRIED MAN…..who also just so happened to be the director of her last film…..Oh, and did we mention there were PICTURES??O_O. Yea so…..that wasn’t just some little scandal lol,that was actually pretty big. :(

    I will say THIS however (plz don’t throw tomatoes at me! Lol…), but as much as I’m kind of iffy about Kristen at times, I have ALWAYS gotten the impression that there was some kind of crush going on between Taylor and Kristen. ALWAYS had this impression. I’ve usually tried to just ignore it, but over the years there’s always been a certain type of chemistry between the two of them that is undeniable. It’s been interesting to see just how much Kristen changes when she’s around Taylor. She’s like a completely different person! They’ve always been close, and I’ve always had the sneaking suspicion that if Rob had NOT been in the picture, something would have gone down btwn Taylor and Kristen….even if only briefly….don’t ask me why! I don’t think he slept with her though!! He doesn’t strike me as that kind of guy at all. Plus, I think he has way too much respect for Rob. But,then again…..stranger things have happened !! lol…. That’s my confession lol….. #ConfessionCorner

  138. Mystique Says:

    Chez–awww…Taylor looks so great at the game! I love the pic with the fans…they look so excited to be meeting him lol! :)

    @Jess–Yep I have a yorkie!! ^_^ She’s incredibly sweet. I love that pic of Taylor and the yorkie!! So adorable :)

    @Emily–I know what you mean lol….I wish I could catch Dan smiling just ONCE…a genuine big smile….I know Taylor got that smile from SOMEWHERE. His dad always looks so serious! Makes me wonder if maybe his father is very strict in a way? I remember this old interview Taylor did on the red carpet of the CBTD2 premiere and he was saying that his dad said he wasn’t allowed to date until he was like 28 or something lol! It was SO cute! Lol….but it does make me wonder lol!

    Here’s the video clip……Lol….he’s so adorable ^_^

  139. johanna Says:

    I should really be asleep right now but mystique that vid was sooooooooooo cute I can’t even take it :)

  140. *Vickey* Says:

    Happy belated Birthday Lexi!!! Hope you had an awesome day and I hope you have a night full of sweet Tay dreams. :)

    Jess— Awe so sorry to hear about your bunny. I had a dog named Sophie and she left us when I was a kid. I know how hard it is girl.
    *squeez hug*

    I have my dog Buster now! Lol. He’s such a BIG baby. :)

    Mystique— Awww you have yorkie? What’s her name? I’m gonna steal her. *mischevous laugh*

    Emily— Oh God how is that even possible! Just looked at the picture you posted of baby Taylor with abs. He’s just always been in great shape! Geez! LOL. And I died laughing at your post (118). PERFECT.
    “Taylor’s future wife will be the president, CEO, grand poo-ba, number one, top-of-the-heap, official, universal, luckiest of the lucky, bi%$#es in the entire world!!” <—- SO TRUE! Lol.

    Logan— Thanks for the picture! Agreed! Wouldn't mind him lurking. ;) Just liked that tumblr link you posted. Takes me back to when he did the MTV intro with Jason Sudeikis!

    Chez– Thanks for posting the photo! He's such a great big brother. Lol, so cute.

    Kia/Marianne— A girl trying to kiss Taylor? Oh man someone just went for it and took one for the team. LOL.

    Re: Teen Wolf:
    Kia—"LOL the “teen wolf’ fans needs to take several seats and have a cup of STFU!” <—- LOL!!! YES! I love this post.

    They should just get over it. I'm a Teen Wolf fan and the majority of the cast like Taylor, they don't mind. LOL. So they need to all take a seat, preferably, not where I am because I enjoy my fangirling with any of my TV shows in peace. :P Oh man, ESPECIALLY if Taylor is gonna be on there. The show will be that much better. :)

    As for whether he'd do it or not, not saying he wouldn't think about it because it is a decent show. I believe he's trying to stray away from mystical things and creatures, etc. Everyne has to consider the fact,a lthough he enjoyed the Twi Franchise, it was a FRANCHISE, he was playing the same character for a while. He'd like to branch out. :)

  141. *Vickey* Says:

    Oh God, just noticed some of my ridiculous typos, etc. my bad guys. LOL.

    Mystique—That video was too adorable! Gahhh! :D

  142. Logan Says:

    OMG…. Too cute indeed! Thanks Mystique, for that one!
    Ppffftt ( waving it off with a flick of my hand ) on the rumoured appearance of Taylor on the teenie bop wolf thing, so not happening!!!!
    And Mystique, I also had that feeling about Kristen and Taylor. Don’t think Taylor would ever cross the line of cheating ( on Rob ) but then again we don’t know for sure when Kris and Rob hooked up, do we?
    The way, she especially, gravitated towards Taylor at events and what not, was endearing to say the least.
    But Kristen always being so hands on with Taylor, is the reason I don’t think things went any further.
    If they had hooked up they wouldn’t be so lovey dovey but would have behaved awkwardly, like Kristen and RP LOL…
    I’m a hopeless romantic but I’m glad Kristin hooked up with RP and not our Taylor.
    Being really good friends proved to be a benifit in this case…..

  143. Logan Says:

    Don’t want to offend anyone, if you’re a fan of Teen Wolf, so be it. I’m just old and really, they couldn’t come up with anything else but to name the show Teen Wolf…ugh. Never watch it though so maybe I should zip it!?

  144. Logan Says:

    Smiling ; ))
    Because in Spain they’re blown away by the fact that Abduction had the most viewers of all the shows on that night!
    2.630.000……fans….in Spain alone…watching Abduction!
    I’m sure that means more to Taylor then being on a list.

  145. chanda w Says:

    That’s so cool Logan. Taylor would luv knowing that about Abduction. I just watched it the other night for the gazillionth time. Doing the coutdown for GUPS2 dvd. Talk about pause and rewind.

    Mystique, I think Tay had and still has a crush on KS. Whether they ever crossed that line, who knows, but something happened. Cuz RP only seemed to have an issue with Taylor. And I doubt it had anything to do with who had more fans. It was personal. He might have become uncomfortable with their “friendship”.

    Rember when Taylor and KS hung out for a few weeks , when RP was filming.
    He came back and Tay and KS stopped hanging out, well publicly. Hmmm.
    KS seemed like she had to constantly massage RP’s ego. That wasn’t the case with her and Taylor. Just my opinion.

    Where the hell is Firereign?

  146. Emily Says:

    Mystique–That video!!! Why????? That was too cute. He’s always been such a charmer!! I’m so glad that there’s footage of him out there when he was young. I’ve never seen that one before.

    chanda–I don’t know why Taylor gets so much hate from some people. If he was rude, disrespectful, or a total jerk, I could kind-of see it. But he just isn’t at all. I’ve never understood it.

    kia–I loved your comment! *laughing*

    Vickey–(post 118)–Well, I was just being honest! :)

    I watch Teen Wolf too, and really like it. I just think it was some of the fans having the problems. I know Tyler Posey has said really nice things about Taylor in the past. Those fans do need to realize that their show probably wouldn’t have had a chance of being picked up without all of the residual werewolf/vampire interest that was re-ignited by the Twi movies. As far as Taylor actually doing that show, I just meant that he’s trying to get away from people seeing him as a werewolf—why in the world would he then sign on to a show about werewolves??? If he did though, could you IMAGINE if he had scenes with Derek??? My heart would quite possibly explode!!! :)

    Logan and others–As much as I don’t care for her, it is undeniable that Taylor and Kristen have a very close relationship. He makes her laugh and smile—that should be enough proof right there that there’s something special between them. That video you linked—she really does have her hands on him all the time doesn’t she??? (Who blames her, though??) I’m very thankful that they went the “friend” route, instead of the couple route. I don’t particularly like her (sorry to those who do) but I love the way she loves him. (I’m talking about friendship love.)

    This is just my opinion and complete speculation on my part, but I think a big reason they are so close is he could possibly be the “best” person in her life. Just look at her group of friends—not much to choose from there as far as decent people go, from what I’ve seen. She grew up in and around Hollywood didn’t she??? I know that’s usually not an easy thing to do. I don’t know much about her family, other than she has brothers and her parents are both in the business and split up not too long ago. I don’t know how close they were/are. We know Taylor’s close-knit family has a lot to do with how great he turned out to be. Maybe he grounds her and makes her feel secure. Plus, he’s just all-around wonderful, so there’s that. Sorry–this is just my Psychology minor background rearing its head. I could be totally wrong………….

    chanda–Abduction–“Talk about pause and rewind”–LOL–That’s the ONLY way to watch a Taylor movie!!

  147. marianne Says:

    Emily….I agree with everything you said re: Kristen. She didn’t finish high school in the traditional way like Taylor and I think she sees in Taylor a normalcy that her own life needs. I think her family is one of those hippy dippy ones that let the kids do their own thing. “Plus he’s just all-around wonderful, so there’s that.” Great comment. I did notice on the site that you linked to that Eric Kranzler has replaced Thor as his agent.

  148. Johanna Says:

    So i um.. found this on tumbler today and it made me think of you ladies and well…yeah just enjoy (btw im laughing so hard right now its so funny o btw this may also make u kinda horny so just make sure ur alone)

  149. Emily Says:

    Johanna–I’m laughing too, but………….WOW.

    I think I might need to go watch Abduction right now. :)

  150. kia Says:

    Johanna- “I like big butts and I can’t not lie ,You other ladies can’t denied!” BABY GOT BACK!!!!!!

    Sorry I had to. LOL

  151. Johanna Says:

    So apprently Taylor went to the store today

  152. chanda w Says:

    Thanks Johanna, for the visual. Tay has got back, front, side, on and on lol! His physique in Abduction was no joke. Think some are starting to appreciate that movie more and more. Couldn’t get the last pic, but I’m guessing it is the same one that was on the twitter feed earlier. Some lucky fan took a pic with him at a grocery store! Can you imagine walking into Krogers or Walmart and seeing his fine A walking around. He would get stalked all the way to his car. lol

    Not back on the movie set yet, but I like seeing him roaming around like noone would notice. He wants to get kidnapped, ha, ha.

  153. Jess Says:

    @Johanna!!! So naughty :-P

    Thanks @Kia – I’m never getting that song out of my head …

    Taylor, we can make some shake ‘n’ bake together if you like!!! (I’m not entirely sure what it is, but I’m prepared to try anything with you!)

  154. chanda w Says:

    Oh seems his new agent, EK, use to represent Jimmy Fallon until Fallon got the Tonight Show gig for 2014. Kranzler did well by Fallon so I believe he’ll do the same for Taylor. More useless info , but did anyone know that Krys Hyatt, who played one of Tay’s friends in the first Twilight, was originally tapped as Jacob. Summit changed their minds and blessed us with Mr. Lautner and the rest is history. Very interesting. Can’t see anyone else in that role.

    Emily , I like watching vids of Tay when he was younger and sorta comparing them to his more recent interviews. He’s always been very confidant and personable.
    He has a very strong sense of himself. Always a cutie.

  155. kia Says:

    Joanne- Thanks for the pic!

    Jess- I was thinking the same thing when saw the Shake’n’bake box behind him! LOL

  156. Logan Says:

    @ Johanna…LOL! Doesn’t make me horny though, guess I better watch Abduction again….sigh
    @ Vickey, remember what we talked about before when you had your B-day diner? That post made him craving some shake ‘n bake!

  157. Jess Says:

    Forgot to say earlier…

    @Vickey, thanks so much for the hug. Buster sounds like a real cutie.

    I hope you had a wonderful birthday on the 4th @Lexi.

    So, here’s a trailer for the new Twi Saga box set that’s released on Nov 5. The trailer has a (very short) interview snippet of Taylor.

  158. Emily Says:

    Jess–The sad thing is that I will buy that boxed set only because there is a slight chance there MAY be just a snippet of new Taylor footage. Then, I will get it and be disappointed when he’s only interviewed for 20 seconds and there’s minutes and minutes of everyone else. Curse you, Scummit!!!!

  159. chanda w Says:

    You are surely not alone Emily. I’ve already prepared myself and if Taylor actually has a good ten minutes of new scenes/interviews, I will be happily surprised.
    I can share this tidbit on here. I ordered a book off of It was Twilight director’s notebook (Catherine Hardewick) (spelling) . Anyway Tay’s picture was on the cover, along with others, so I assumed him and his character would be talked about throughout the book. Hardly, he had half a page , mostly set pic and no real info about why she chose him for the role. The book was also small. But, because his face was on the cover, I kept it.

    Thanks for the clip Jess.

    Summit isn’t as clueless as they seem concerning Taylor/Jacob fans, they knew to put his face on the other side of the box, lol.
    I’ve never tried Shake-N-Bake, now I will have too, just because Tay was standing by them, ha, ha.

  160. marianne Says:

    kia…”I like big butts……LOL. Now every time I see a pic of Tay’s butt I’m going to think of your comment. Johanna…Thanks for that pic!

    chanda w….Emily….It’s so annoying how Scummit did the commentaries on the films. If R/K had done Twilight, Tay/K had done New Moon (after all it was 70% about their relationship), Taybert on Eclipse, and then all three of them on BD1&2, the commentaries would have been more interesting imo.

    We’ll all Shake n’ Bake with you Taylor!!

  161. Emily Says:

    Shake ‘n Bake–For those outside of the US (don’t really know if it exists in other countries)–It’s like a cracker coating mix that you can use on chicken or pork chops or other things to make a crunchy coating, kind of like on fried chicken–but it isn’t fried.

    I would much rather post links to NEW Taylor pictures, but since they don’t seem to exist at the moment, I cannot resist Baby Taylor!!

  162. Lexi Says:

    For my brithday i got a taylor lautner poster *squels* ^^

    it’s this one…. i hope the link works lol$T2eC16JHJHsFGlFfCz)NBRr4vssKe!~~60_3.JPG

  163. Lexi Says:

    gaaaaaaahh it doesnt work, try this one

  164. kia Says:

    Awww Lexi I hope you had a wonderful Bday. And of coarse TayCake!!

    Emily – I just wanna squeeze his little cheeks in that baby pic.

  165. chanda w Says:

    There’s a pic on twitter of a guy butt naked in the shower and he looks so much like Taylor from the side profile, back muscles and all. I wish Tay would get twitter simply to post semi nude pics of himself . Too bad for us, he actually has class, lol.

  166. chanda w Says:

    Yeah, Marianne, I never understood why Taylor couldn’t do commentary for New Moon, at least. Let’s get real, that was pretty much his baby. And RK’s comments in Eclipse was mostly them ripping the entire series. Talk about gratitude.
    I’m sure Taylor has his moments, but he does have respect for his fanbase. Even when he was all over the place, there was always a sense of graciousness he carried with him.

    Now I sorta wonder what did he get from the store? What was in his shopping cart?