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Check out photos of Taylor Lautner at the live reading of “Boogie Nights” at Bing Theatre At LACMA on Thursday (October 10th) in Los Angeles. At the reading, Taylor read the role of pornstar Dirk Diggler.

Gallery Link:
» 2013 Appearances: ‘Boogie Nights’ Live Read

35 Responses to “Photos: Taylor Lautner at the ‘Boogie Nights’ Live Read”

  1. kia Says:

    YAY!!! Thanks George!! I miss my family on here!

  2. Lilly Says:

    I’m so happy right now! Thank you, George!

  3. kia Says:

    Hearing the critics praise him in this performance makes me feel like a proud mother.and the fact Jason Reitman pick him ,I couldn’t be more happy!

    But I’m also piss at Taylor for destroying my OVARIES!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. chanda w. Says:

    Tay actually doing porn!! Well reading the part , live of Dirk Diggler, (Mark Wahlberg’s character in the movie version). Wish they would have allowed recordings. All the stuff he was doing onstage…….OMG!! I know someone will put it up on Youtube, I have no doubt….lol. Missed this site. Heard he did very well, so proud of him.
    Talking about going out of your comfort zone. He’s so amazing and becoming unpredictable.

    We took my mother to San Antonio this weekend for her birthday. I’m such a Tay fan, this guy working by the Riverboat sorta reminded me of Taylor, so I took a pic w.him.
    I didn’t tell him that I thought he looked like Tay, but he must have heard it from others, because he asked me if I wanted him to take his shirt off? My sis and I were cracking up, but I still didn’t mention Taylor’s name yet he already knew too funny. The pic is on my facebook.

    Still can’t believe Tay sat next to Don Johnson, doing a table read. I hope they consider doing a remake of Boogie Nights, Taylor’s proven he’s more than uhh, capable of handling the part, lol.

  5. Johanna Says:

    @chanda i really hope someone puts this online cuz Taylor also had to sing TWO songs and i want to see if he really is that bad of a singer like he says even though i will still think he sound like an angel and im so glad Taylor was chosen for this cuz that means that director of this saw that he the talent to do this and that will show everyone else that Taylor has a lot of potential and should be not just be seen as “that guy that took of his shirt in twilight” he is so much more then that he really does have great potential and i believe with project like this even if there small can show ppl out there that Taylor does have talent and SHUT THE FUCK UP!

    I just love him <3

    @Chanda i cant believe you actually took a pic with that guy! :D

  6. kia Says:

    Johanna- I would die just to see that video. To bad the Live reading wasn’t filmed Dammit!

  7. marianne Says:

    Thank goodness the comments are working again!! I miss everyone’s sane comments. Was certainly a surprise that Taylor did this, especially since this is the guy whose cheeks used to get red when people asked him about being shirtless. Great to hear that people were praising his performance. I was surprised to hear someone say that he sang. He claimed that he couldn’t sing!!?

    kia…Lots of mother hens smiling on this site!

  8. *Vickey* Says:

    Thanks George!
    Can’t believe we’re back! It feels like it’s been a century guys!

    So much Taylor news and we weren’t able to get on here and die about it. Haha. Was surprised he did this! :)

    Kia–I couldn’t be anymore happy too!! The response he got from it was so overwhelmingly good, I just couldn’t stop smiling!

    Chanda— So proud of him! Lol. He really did go for it and went out of his comfort zone! It’s different and I’m glad he was able to do something that challenged him.
    Also heard he sang a little, which I heard he was off-key, but I’d still love to hear it. Lol.

    Re: Recordings: I wish there were recordings of this read too!

  9. Emily Says:


    For those who couldn’t figure that out, that was the “Hallelujah Chorus.”

    Vickey–“So much Taylor news and we weren’t able to get on here and die about it.”—YES!!!!!!

    Mystique and I have been “private-messaging” each other like mad on ever since Wednesday when the news broke. News I actually got in my classroom in the middle of the school day, no less!!! (Thanks a LOT Mystique!!) I have thought of NOTHING ELSE since then!!

    I will admit, I was NOT happy about this when the news first came out. I just think he’s above doing something so “nasty.” However, after further reflection, since Hollywood is such an immoral place where no one is praised for being a good, decent person, but those who act like complete trash (i.e. Miley Cyrus) get all the press and attention, I decided that him doing something like this might be the only way to get people’s attention and make people SEE what we’ve seen and known all along–that he actually DOES have some talent and he’s more than just a pretty face/body.

    Once I got past my reservations, I did a complete 180 and am now desperately upset that we might not get to see this!!!!!!

    I confess that I want to hear all this “dirty” stuff coming out of Taylor’s mouth. If it was ANYONE else, I would have no desire WHAT-SO-EVER, but him…………………..YEAH. I want—no, I NEED to hear it!!!!

    But, even more than that, I’m devastated that we might not see this b/c CRITICS ARE ACTUALLY PRAISING HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He’s always pleased me pretty well with his performances. I want to see if this was actually so exponentially better than his past “roles” or if it’s just jaded Hollywood people giving him credit for doing the things they’ll only give credit for—playing some broken, conflicted, mess of a person.

    I have put “Boogie Nights” at the top of my Netflix queue, just to hear the lines that he said. I really don’t want to watch it–it’s so NOT my thing, but my curiosity is getting the better of me. For anyone who’s interested, the reading from the Toronto Film Festival with Jessie Eisenberg reading Dirk’s part (yawn!) is on Youtube. I may be forced to watch that too, and just try to IMAGINE Taylor saying that stuff.


    Sorry for that!! I’ve just been completely frustrated since Thursday night with the fact that we may miss this. I hope beyond hope that SOMEONE broke the rules and recorded at least PART of it!!! I’m going to go thrash around on my bed and scream into my pillow for a little bit. Then, I’m going onto the other thread and putting links to all the positive stuff I’ve seen so far.

  10. vera Says:

    Thank you, George!!! Oh,Taylorrr..

  11. Logan Says:

    We were not surprised at all at your outstanding performance tonight Taylor!
    We already knew that you can do just about anything you set your mind to.
    Because you’re awesome!
    Crying shame though that we, your most ever, cannot watch this….mmmmm

  12. isaiahwilliams Says:

    I Love Taylor Lautner so much he is so sexy and hot. He is the hottest guy on earth. It just want to make faint and fall down.

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