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Saturday night (October 11th), Taylor Lautner was spotted leaving the Staples Center after a Bon Jovi concert. Check out photos from his exit below:

Gallery Link:
» 2013 Candids: Leaving Bon Jovi Concert – October 11th

107 Responses to “Spotted: Taylor Lautner leaving Bon Jovi Concert (October 11th)”

  1. kia Says:

    He looks tired but still sexy

  2. Johanna Says:


    @George i really dont think you understand how much we ladies love this site i noe you made this just for fans to see updates if Taylor but over the years this site had definitely turned into something more this is now like my second family and it is for a lot of us cuz we can share our love for one common thing and thanks to you we are able to have a place where we can say our opinions with out judgment I dont think you really understand how grateful we are that you decided to create this site and i hope you never shut it down because this really is a great place and a wonderful group of ladies so from everyone I really just want to say thank you.

    RE: I am SO PROUD of Taylor on every site i have looked at they say nothing but positive comments he really did show the critics that he can act. Many ppl said he was amazing in that past im just really mad that there are no youtube clips cuz apparently he had to like curse a lot and for some reason i just want to see him do that idk why but mainly i just really want to see how he did and idk if this is true but since it is based on the character doing porn Taylor had to mimic some sounds that guys make wen they are..well…um….u noe….”excited” i dont think my ovaries can take but i still just want to see it.

  3. Johanna Says:


    she tells about the reading and the stuff Taylor did but i warn you you WILL feels horny after that and imagining Taylor saying the things he did.

    Her last tweet before she tells about the reading is
    “Ok I have to stop tweeting now! I’ll tweet about the reading when I get home tonight!!!! :D”
    so look for that the read the rest of the comments I am so jealous of her i wish i could have gone cuz it seems that it he was really amazing even beyond what i think we think he is capable of

  4. kia Says:

    Johanna- I saw her timeline when she posted it and Oh boy when she said he was making “sex noises” I fell out of my chair. The Gutterness truly came out!!

  5. Evelyn Says:

    I would not even contain myself if I myself attended Taylor’s reading. I cannot even contain myself now.

  6. marianne Says:

    Okay, who on this site practiced all those sex noises with Taylor?

  7. johanna Says:

    Sorry Marianne I guess me and Tay just got a little to carried away practicing for this role
    Oops ;)

  8. chanda w. Says:

    Taylor and sex noises, talking to his penis. Did some on here still think Tay was a virgin? Told ya’ll that boy gets around, lol.
    Hope he had fun at the concert. Glad he’s out and about. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for him. Adore that boy!

  9. Jess Says:

    It’s been torture waiting to hear what you all thought of Taylor and his live reading! I think we owe HaylySusan a great debt for her coverage of the event!

    While I would never ever actually watch the movie Boogie Nights (that’s just the prude in me), when I read about Taylor doing this, I was SO pleased for him and so proud of him because I knew it would be his opportunity to get people’s attention and show them the amazing things he is capable of.

    I wasn’t at all surprised by the great reaction he received from people who attended. He really is so much more than just a guy who can take his shirt off and it infuriates me that so many people can’t see past that…Hopefully now more people will, especially people in the business. I hope this leads to great opportunities for him.

    As for the um, content of the live reading, why is it that Taylor can make even that stuff sound so appealing? Like really appealing? You are a wonder Taylor! Can’t wait to see what is next…

    Missed you guys! It felt so horrible not being able to hear from all of you. Thanks for all your great work getting everything running again George. Your efforts are so appreciated.

  10. *Vickey* Says:

    Oooh! I love Bon Jovi! Glad he was able to get out and go see them! ^.^

    Marianne& Johanna— Ahh so that’s where he was! It all makes sense now. Lol!

    Chanda w— When I read he made sex noises, etc. I had to walk away from my laptop with this huge smile on my face and my roommate goes,” Are you alright?” “Yeah, I just… I just need a moment.” Haha. I can’t wait to see what he does next as well.

    Jess– Awe missed you too! I kept in touch with Mystique, accv, and Johanna, but we were all saying it wasn’t the same without everyone on the board. Haha.

  11. Catherine Says:

    Thanks George :)

    Well. I said I wanted him in ‘older’ stuff. Not so secretly hoped he’d take some riskier (dirtier!) roles.

    Was I the only one who yelped (in the office, for f***’s sake!) at my phone when the twitter announcement popped up?!

    A torrent of dirty talk? Singing off-key to a cheering crowd? Knowing looks at the audience? Oh my…

    The reviews were brilliant weren’t they?! Rather proud! What a director to work with too! Some interesting roles coming up now that the critics have HAD to eat their words? Bet I’m not the only one here REALLY, REALLY, REALLY enjoying that :)

    If he’d said the words ‘challenge myself as an actor’ again I was going to rip my own ears off ;) But he definitely did that!!!! Certainly shut me up, haha!

    So, Mr Lautner, what next? Surprise me. Again ;)

  12. Catherine Says:

    @Jess – the ‘content’, haha! Your squirming made me laugh! I’m fairly unshockable (I’ve seen the movie) however, I can’t imagine Taylor saying those lines. But believe me, I’m trying…

    Damn that no-recording policy to hell *stamps foot stroppily*

    Wonder what Mark Wahlberg thinks? Bet he’s really pleased. It’s a cool set up for them to work together now, with this nifty new link, don’t you think?

    Ok, I’m done. Someone else’s turn now :)

  13. chanda w. Says:

    Meant to say earlier, that I finally watched The Host. And Mrs. Meyers can blame the critics or anyone else. That was a bore fest. I fell asleep twice. Then I watched it for the third time. It could have been a really good movie, if they figured out what they really wanted to push, the romance or the alien invasion? Cuz, the action was non existent. It got interesting in the last five minutes and the ending song was the best part. I just like to check movies for myself, critics are not always right. In this case they were.

    I sorta wondered what Mark Wahlberg thinks too? He seems like a Tay supporter, so I’m sure he was pleased. Taylor and Mark working together. YES. That would be like Tay and Vin Diesel in the same movie, too much sexiness.

  14. Mystique Says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!! Yay the site is back! Woo hoo!!!

    I really missed you ladies on here…..especially with THIS news we got this past week. Holy Moly!!!! O_O

    I am quite ashamed to say, that I haven’t been able to even think of anything else since reading the reviews of his performance online this past Friday. Smh lol…… Forget Gutter Saturday, It’s been a Gutter WEEK for me lol!

    Chanda—Yes….I think you were right all along. After reading the reviews of this reading that Taylor did, I don’t think Taylor is a virgin anymore LOL!!!! I wasn’t quite sure before, but now I’m almost 100% sure that he is NOT.Lol! I don’t even think a virgin would even feel all that comfortable doing a “reading” like this in front of a group of ppl lol. I KNOW I surely wouldn’t lol!!! :D.
    So yes @Chanda….you’ve been saying it all along, and now I think you are correct lol. ;)

    I didn’t even know Taylor was capable of all of that. *fans self*

    Gosh, I better get back to work! Only an hour left to go lol! ^_^

    Ahhhhhhhh my mind has been in the Gutter since Friday! HELP! :-/

  15. kia Says:

    I remember Mark saying nice things about Taylor during the Hollywood Foreign Press Luncheon in 2011 when they both were attendance. I wouldn’t my him taking Tay under his wing. Ironic That Boogie Nights was the film that had critics take notice of Wahlberg and now the same thing is happening to Taylor.

    Mystique- “Gutter Saturday’ have been caput. The Gutter is gonna be everyday! every top of the hour! every minute!!

    Now I’m more thinking about a certain scene in “Tracers” Forget #WinterIsComing #TracersLoveSceneIsComing”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. kia Says:

    Where’s Lilome & Shazam!!

  17. *Vickey* Says:

    Catherine— Me too! We’ll probably hear what Wahlberg thinks of it sooner than later. They have to ask him! :)

    Mystique— Gahhh me either! That’s all I’ve been thinking about! Haha

    Kia—Awww man that Tracers love scene!! That movie needs to hurry up!!
    Good question! I haven’t seen a post from either of them in a while?
    Where you at girls?? Haha.

  18. Mystique Says:

    Kia lol! all day everyday top of the hour! Rotfl!

    Yea where are @Lilome and @Shazam? :-/

    Vickey–ha! Glad to see I’m not the only one who hasn’t been able to concentrate for the entire week! Lol!

    I am SO curious to know any “insider info” from Firereign on this “reading” lol!

  19. Emily Says:

    Hello everyone!!! I felt like I was cut off from part of my family!!! I put my comments about this on the other thread, but, like some of you, I have been completely WORTHLESS since Thursday night and have thought of really nothing else.

    It sounds like most of you have seen good reviews and stuff other places, but for those who might not have, I’m going to link the ones I found. Some are from fans and some are articles written by reviewers who were there.

    Who ever knew we’d all be so proud of our guy playing a porn star????? Wonder what Deb thinks?? :)

    Someone who was there:

  20. Emily Says:

    Here’s another one:

  21. Emily Says:

    And another–this one’s from a Portugese site. Hope you’re computer translates. It doesn’t translate well, but I think you’ll get the gist.

  22. Emily Says:

    Oops. I think that last one was the same person that Johanna linked.

  23. Emily Says:

    Ummmmmmmmmmm, Johanna—I finally had time to go on your link and finally found where that girl was talking about the reading (I know nothing about twitter, so it took me a while to figure it out)—-and, ummmmmmmmmmmmmm, yeah, I think I’m DONE for tonight.

    I’m going to go cry in my pillow because we all will be deprived of seeing and hearing this.

  24. Mystique Says:

    Oh boy……….looks like actor Charlie Hunnam has dropped out of 50 Shades of Grey…….. Soooooo…..looks like they will be looking for a new Christian Grey pretty soon! Lol!

    I know Taylor’s name has been thrown out there for the role before, and at the time I was thinking that was so absurd lol. But NOW…..after reading the reviews for his reading of the Boogie Nights script, I’m now kinda curious lol! I’m NOT saying I would want Taylor to play Christian, but I wouldn’t be surprised if if his name gets thrown out there again lol.

    Hmmm……I honestly would be curious to know what Taylor would do as Christian Lol….see, that reading ruined me lol. I’m craving things I wasn’t before lol. What’s wrong with me???? Lol!

    Taylor did this lol! :D

  25. Mystique Says:

    Ooops! I got so carried away talking about Taylor that I forgot to post the LINK! Lol!

  26. *Vickey* Says:

    Emily— Heyy Emily! :D
    Missed you girl!
    You know, I wonder what Deb thought too! Didn’t see this reading coming though, that’s the best part about all of this! Shows he has plenty more surprises coming. Thanks for the links!! I read the Nikita one over the weekend! Haha.
    I am sooooo proud of him! I am loving the reviews, articles, responses from everyone. I’m with you on being done! LOL.

  27. *Vickey* Says:

    Mystique– Yeah I actually got the IMDB alert about that this week. I think it was because it conflicted with his Sons of Anarchy (something 10x better than 50 Shaes) shooting schedule. Thank God! I don’t think he needed to do it anyway.

    Lol. Nothings wrong with you, your mind is still lost like the rest of ours! Haha.

  28. Emily Says:

    Mystique and Vickey–I will join y’all in the “Ruined Woman” club.

    Hey!! Just had a t-shirt idea—“I was ruined by Taylor Lautner!” printed across the front!!! LOL

    I don’t know how we’re expected to return to our normal “pre-porn Taylor lives” like nothing has happened or changed. I am still stinging from the injustice that we don’t get to see it.

    I have GOT to get it out of my mind and move on SOMEHOW. Any suggestions????

  29. marianne Says:

    Charlie Hunnam probably read the awful script for 50Sof Porn and thought who needs this when I have SOA. Good to see he came to his senses.

    Mystique…Did you say that you post on Taylor’s IMDB page? In a fit of weakness I went there and it’s worse than before. I was going to stomp on a few people but it seems you have to give them a credit card or your cell phone# in order to post. Is there any way around that? I think one of the people on that site also posts on some Twi sites. I needed a shower after going there. It’s such a shame seeing Taylor’s page with all that garbage.

    Emily…Maybe after seeing the dailies of Marie and Taylor’s love scene, the director felt Taylor was more than qualified for the reading….hehehe. Happy porn dreams.

  30. kia Says:

    Mystique ,Vickey- I’m so happy Charlie drop out of this mess. They need to lets sh#t go!

    Emily- I’ve been trying to move on for the past three days and IT AIN’T WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Taylor ruined millions of panties Friday morning….. We seriously need a support group.

  31. Emily Says:

    Kia–I’ll start printing up the t-shirts, STAT!

    Marianne–No, unfortunately these thoughts just occupy all of my WAKING moments and distract me from everything I need to be doing. I’m not lucky enough to have THOSE kind of dreams. Last night, I dreamed I got lost in my school and couldn’t find my classroom. :-/ Yeah–real steamy, huh??

  32. Johanna Says:

    TBH i have been non stop thinking about this and then reading that girls summary of the play only added more heat i mean im to the point where now it just hurts like I AM PHYSICALLY IN PAIN but I….JUST…CANT….STOP picturing Taylor saying all those dirty things i just cant no matter how hard i try


    And it sucks cuz all i do is daydream about it ALL DAMN DAY!
    like im in my accounting class and all i can concentrate is Taylor moaning and heavy breathing
    FML :P

  33. Johanna Says:

    O and im sorry but i find it really funny that some of you thought Taylor was still a virgin I mean i noe we all want to think very highly of him but he is TOO DAMN GORGEOUS to still be one I always had a feeling he wasnt now im not sure wen he lost it for all i noe that could have been a week ago but there is no way he is one

    I wonder what its like……

  34. Mystique Says:

    Emily—Thanks for the links to all of the great reviews!!! ^_^

    I still feel some kind of way about Taylor NOW only getting good review after taking on the reading role of a PORN star….but hey…I guess it is what i is. :-/ Hollywood is so weird sometimes. Smh…

    But oh well…this “reaing” opened up the FLOODGATES for me…. both figuratively AND literally lol!!! :D

    Vickey—OH EM GEE!! I can’t even imagine what Taylor’s mother would have thought if she were in the audience lol! I’m sure he told his parents NOT to come probably lol! I couldn’t say those things in front of MY parents/family. I just couldn’t perform that live….lol.

    Emily—Yes, I am officially “RUINED” by Taylor lol. I like the T-Shirt idea. I would also like a “Keep Not-So-Calm and Listen to Taylor Lautner Read Boogie Nights” T-Shirt as well…since we’re making requests here lol.

    Marianne–Yep! I post on every once in a while. My s/n is: Vins_gurl18 just in case anyone was wondering. OH, and yes…I made that s/n YEARS ago, and yes, it has to do with Vin Diesel lol. I think the first FF movie had come out, so that’s how old my account is hahaha!!! #embarrassed I’m sure @Chanda is somewhere giggling lol. #VinDiesel.

    You shouldn’t have to put your credit card number or anything. The site is FREE. Anyone can join in. Not sure about the cell phone number. Hmmm….

    Here is the link to Taylor’s board if you’re interested…

    If you go to the top right hand corner of the screen, you should see something prompting you to “login” or “signup”. If you let the site know that you would like to create a “New Account”, you should be able to create a new accout for FREE with zero problem. I think the only site that costs some money is imdbPRO. That’s for like more professional actors, or maybe just those who wish to pay money in order to get more “insider info”. But to me, the FREE site is PLENTY informative for me! :D

    Please do post…. His board doesn’t look TOO bad right about now. At least there are some congratulatory posts up at the top.

    Of course, you always have the typical fan boys or jealous guys coming in there tryng to put his acting down, or his looks down, or call him gay, etc. But I think that the more REAL fans post on there, the more those other CRAZIES will eventually go away.

    There’s strength in number guys! :D ^_^

    Kia, Marianne—-Yea after that reading I’ve been thinking more and more about that “love scene” in Tracers too!!!!! *_* #DEAD I don’t think I’m going to be able to make it guys lol. If you all don’t hear from me after that movie releases to theaters, then you’ll know what happened lol.

    Kia—“Taylor ruined millions of panties Friday morning….. ”
    KIAA OMGGGG!!!!!!!!! :D
    HAAHAHAHAHA!!! lol!!! *covers mouth* Hahahah….lol!

    Yea, we need a Post Boogie Nights Support Group, because like @Emily mentioned, I don’t know how I’m gong to be able to go “back to normal” after this. Like Haley mentioned, I see Taylor in a WHOLE different light now lol.

    Ha….I had a dream about Taylor last night actually. It was Taylor as Jacob though. For some reason I’ve been having so many Jacob dreams lately! O_o Maybe it’s because I’m still in the process of reading NM lol.

  35. Mystique Says:

    @Johanna—-Ha……#jointheclub Right there with you girl lol. -_-

    RE: Taylor/virgin….
    Idk about others, but I never really knew for SURE. I mean, I just don’t automatically ASSUME things like that, because you just never know. If I’m not sleeping with him, how would I know for sure ykwim? It wasn’t that I felt strongly either way, it was more so that I just wasn’t entirely convinced that he WASN’T still a virgin.

    But NOWWWWWW…………….. Hehehehehehehehehehe……..I HIGHLY.DOUBT.IT. Lol!

    I’m cool either way… or not….that’s his business lol. I don’t care either way. Him NOT being one doesn’t make me think of him as being any LESS gentlemanly. Also, just because someone is good-looking doesn’t necessarily mean that they AREN’T a virgin either. There’s nothing really that can make someone point out and tell right off the bat what your “status” is. Either you are or you aren’t lol. Outside factors/looks have nothing to do with it lol.

    But this reading………… Idk…I just can’t see someone who’s a virgin signing up for a reading like THIS. Especially in front of a group of people. You have to be pretty convincing too in order to pull it off WELL lol.

    That’s all I’ll say about that.

    Oh and in answer to your last question…. (Not that I would know of course lol), but I’m almost 99.999999999999% he’s pretty good lol. I mentioned on here a while back that just knowing the type of person Taylor is (Dedicated, hard-working, perfectionist, high-energy, oh and did I mention athletic??), I’m pretty sure he’s really good lol. LUCKY GIRL or whoever it is that’s “been there” lol. Even if he WEREN”T good, I’m pretty sure he would BECOME skilled since he looks like he would be “teachable” and eager to please if you know what I mean lol.

    Okay let me just stop right there lol……

  36. Jess Says:

    Oh Taylor, what have you done to us all!

    Sorry @Emily, it seems like there is absolutely no way any of us are ever going to be able to stop thinking about this – at least now we can all vent our feelings from the past few days to each other. That has to help right?

    Loving the T-shirt ideas – and the Post BN Support Group.
    My name is Jess and I confess, I really want to hear Taylor say bad things…

    Time to go before I say things I may regret …

  37. Logan Says:

    O.M.G it feels so good to have the site up again.
    Thank you George! You had me worried there, thought you got abducted by aliens…
    Still reading all your posts have to get updated first.
    I’m sitting in the train, it’s six 45 in the morning and I just finished reading the tweets! of Taylor’s reading.
    I have the biggest grin on my face and my eyes are starting to pool.
    Feel like doing a happy dance, so proud of him!

  38. Jess Says:

    @Mystique … Taylor “teachable”. You’re not making life any easier right now!

  39. Mystique Says:

    Jess—LOL! I don’t know if “venting” on here is helping me any. If anythng, it’s probably making things WORSE rotfl!! :D

    Logan–Enjoy your day at work! Hope you can actually CONCENTRATE on work lol. Good luck, because I sure couldn’t lol.

    @Jess—I’m SORRY! You have to forgive me lol!! Ever since that “reading” I haven’t quite been myelf. My mind is a little “out of it” right about now, and my “censor button” is broken! I don’t know what’s gotten INTO me!! LOL *_*

    I’m really starting to wonder what it is about “naughty Taylor” that has us so worked up! Hahaha… Is it that deep down we’ve ALWAYS secretly wanted to see this “side” of him and we just repressed it?? O_o I’m quite surprised at myself! *blush*

  40. Kathy Says:

    I’m so glad the sight is back I thought the comments were closed for good. And ABC Family is going to air the first Twilight movie next Monday.

  41. accv Says:

    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

    ‘Nuff emoted. ;p

  42. accv Says:

    OH, and I’ve missed you ladies. So very missed you. So glad I have my Taylor community. What would I do without ya’ll? And one last thing… anyone else work in retail? I don’t know what it is about shopping… but somehow, it turns people into evil whatevers. Just saying. :p Thanks for letting me vent! ;D

  43. Emily Says:

    Well, my streak continues…..last night I dreamed that I was going to my friend’s wedding(who has actually been married for YEARS), which turned into a class reunion, and Chord Overstreet was going to do a tennis exhibition at the reception (RANDOM!) NO TAYLOR DREAMS!! :-(

  44. Emily Says:

    Now, I’m off to work with a “lack-of-sleep” headache(wonder why I can’t fall asleep?? Thanks, Taylor!), clogged nose, and a LOVELY dry, hacking cough. I’m going to go out on a limb and predict this won’t be my best day.

  45. carrie Says:

    Has anyone found any youtube clips yet? It’s so annoying how basically the entire Boogie Nights live read that Jesse Eisenberg did is out there, but nothing from Taylor’s yet.

  46. Logan Says:

    Oh lord, I would have just melted had I been in the audience, so glad I wasn’t… YEAH RIGHT!
    And what’s with the no filming during that live read, are you serious?!
    And why did everyone obey that order? Or so it seems….
    Every little effing thing is filmed and posted but NOOOOO, not the live reading of Boogie Nights with Taylor :(
    Aaaaahhhhhhhh I’m so frustrated right now!

    So glad—–sob—–I can share my feelings—sob—-with you guys.
    Missed you!

  47. chanda w Says:

    I have no doubt someone will post Tay’s live reading on YouTube. His fans are cray cray about him.
    Looking forward to seeing the respect factor kick in for Taylor. We all knew he was a good actor, now it has been verified. But, I don’t want him to feel he has to kiss the critics butt either. The only person he needs to prove anything to is himself. I just want the momentum to continue. I can’t remember who said this, but I agree I don’t want him just doing a bunch of crap roles, just to keep his name out there, but I don’t want there to be too much of a break between gigs either. We’ve got our porn fix with Tay, sorta, I think I’d like to see him in an animation too.
    It seems the media stays interested in those that are constantly paired up with another celeb,or if someone is acting sorta vulgar. Fair or not, clean cut , is considered boring now, yet I don’t want Taylor to stray too far down Hollyweird’s dark path. I think he knows how far to go.
    Won’t be completely calm until Tracers gets a release date. Looking at Tracers pics from this past summer and I just got super excited again about the movie. And that guy Luciano, I think, his recent pics, OMG! The stunt double, some of the other guys in this movie and Tay………too much FINENESS!

    Lol, Mystique, you and I seem to have great taste in men, Taylor and Vin Diesel, YES LAUWD!

  48. Jess Says:

    I’ve decided after some ‘reflection’, that after the craziness of the past few days, I am going to put ‘porn star Taylor’ behind me.

    I am thankful that Taylor was given the opportunity to prove that he’s an adult now, and that he has demonstrated that he is prepared, and able, to do things that are (way) outside of what he has previously done. And naturally I am still wishful (hopeful) that there is some record of what he achieved that night.

    But now, I am happy to look to the future, and I hope that his Boogie Nights role doesn’t signal the start of Taylor only focusing on doing things that are so completely unexpected in order to ‘prove’ himself in his industry.

    I still love the fact that he is a ‘good guy’. I’m not so naive (believe it or not) to think that Taylor is as squeaky clean and virginal as what some may believe (not meaning you ladies – I think you’re all pretty savvy here!) But I do think that he is truly ‘good’ and I really love this about him.

    I want really quality roles for Taylor’s future and while Boogie Nights is definitely attention grabbing, I would prefer Taylor to have opportunities to portray characters that have a greater vocabulary range (that’s me squirming again @Catherine hahaha!) and are more than shock value. (I know I’m being judgemental now – not having actually seen Boogie Nights, but that’s just my impression from what I read on HaylySusan’s tweets about the live read).

    Of course, I’m still glad that Taylor did the live read and I’m so, so proud of how well he did, but I don’t want him to only have ‘bad boy’ roles now in order to be taken seriously.

    So what I’m saying is, I am hoping for Taylor to now be offered great roles that enable us (and everyone else) to see the depth that I know he is capable of producing. He can throw in a swear word or steamy scene (I’ll still watch!!! ;-D) but I don’t want his roles to be defined only by him doing these things.

    I hope this makes sense?!

    Anyway, like @Chanda, I am now eagerly awaiting Tracers, and everything that is beyond in the incredible, evolving career of this wonderful man. I wish only good things for you Taylor!

    Apologies for rambling for so long.

  49. Mystique Says:

    @Jess—No, you make complete sense!

    I whole heartedly agree 100%! While I’ve been “out of sorts” somewhat for about a week due to this “reading” (porn star Taylor is so hot lol), I’m still firmly of the belief that Taylor should stay ABOVE The whole Hollyweird scene of debauchery that seems so prevalent in that industry.

    In other words, I’m SO proud of him and HAPPY that he’s getting good reviews, but at the same time I don’t want this “reading” to become a “stepping stone” or a foretaste of what’s to come in the future of his career. :-/ I would hate to see him type cast and become a “piece of meat” in the industry. He’s very talented, and has great potential as an actor, but I just don’t want to see Hollywood trying to use him for “certain roles” all the time, nor do I want Taylor thinking that he HAS to only act in these types of roles in order to get respect in the industry.

    One of the MAIN reasons why I love Taylor is because he’s a GOOD GUY. I know that may seem “boring” by Hollywood standards, but I really don’t care what Hollywood thinks tbh. Plus, I think MOST of his fans like him because he IS a genuinely nice, respectful and hard working guy!

    So yea, I completely agree…..while “naughty Taylor” is nice, I don’t really want it to become a habit in the roles he chooses. :( He’s SO much more than that.

    I can’t wait to see what new project he has next! ^_^

    Idk why, but I get a strong sneaking feeling that we are in for a big announcement in Taylor news/projects in the next couple of months. He is so stealth, and I think he’s working on something in the works!!! :D.

  50. *Vickey* Says:

    Yayy! Got alot of my work done early so I have a little relaxation time before my 4:30 meeting. :)

    Emily Re: Ruined Woman” Club: YES! Lol. My life isn’t the same xD
    We can all get those t-shirts in color of choice with that printed across the front. Haha. I REALLY REALLY wish there was footage or audio of this read, can’t believe we will probably never hear or see anything. *sad day*

    Re: Suggestions: We can start a support group like Kia said! I’m down!

    Kia— I am too! Charlie is better than that. I think it’ll be sooo difficult for them to find a Christian Grey. They’re trying to go back to Matt Bomer and Ian Somerhalder. Doesn’t seem like the path either of those actors want to take so I think they should give up on those two. Lol!

    Mystique—LOL I can honestly see him telling them NOT to come too! He was brave to take that on! :)
    Show’s he is a risk taker! It could’ve went terrible, but he was still willing to just go for it (and it turned out AMAZING)!

    You! Why?!?! My mind now! Lol. Him being athletic, agile, and… *puts my hands over my face and dies*

    Welcome back @Logan, @Kathy, @accv, @carrie! :D

    Jess— Thank you for that confession! lol. Anywho, yeah I agree with you and @Mystique! What you said makes plenty of sense and there is no such thing as rambling on this board! ;)
    Like you said he got nice reviews about the reading, but I’m sure he’ll stay above it though. :)
    He’ still that “Good Guy” like you guys mentioned and respectful.

    Carrie— I’ve been searching Youtube everyday! I haven’t found anything yet. :/ I’m positive something will pop up. I mean it has too!

    Chanda w— I AGREE! Someone had to break the rules and film or record it. Haha. I can’t wait for Tracers either! I keep saying it, but I want to start a countdown widget on my phone!

  51. *Vickey* Says:

    Mystique— Oh yeah girl! I can feel it! We have some big announcements coming soon! ^.^

  52. Emily Says:

    Jess, Mystique, and Vickey–I agree with you all 1000%! Thankfully, I am much calmer today and have sort of been able to think of other things (like how stuffed up my nose is and how my head has pounded and how much I’ve coughed today). I am going to make a valiant effort to try and quit yearning to see that footage. I’m telling myself that it doesn’t exist, so maybe I’ll quit being mad about not seeing it. Then, if it just happens to pop up on YouTube later on, it will be a happy surprise.

    I, too, am so thankful and proud that Taylor FINALLY got some positive reviews and that he was brave enough to go for it. I’m still somewhat miffed that it took playing a porn star and saying pretty much every cuss word imaginable to do it, but that’s Hollywood for you. I definitely don’t want this type of role to become the “norm” for him.

    Taylor’s “goodness” is the thing I love about him the most. I’m not saying he’s “innocent” or “naive” or “perfect.” I’m saying—the way he conducts himself and treats people shows what a good and kind heart he has. There are plenty of actors I think are hot or talented. But, I don’t really care one bit about them. Taylor’s personality and heart are what keep me obsessed and interested, not his face, body. hotness, etc. (those are just a bonus).

    Hopefully, this has opened some doors for him and he’ll get a chance to play decent, respectable characters mixed in with the bad boy roles.

  53. Emily Says:

    Wow–I’m stuck at school waiting for a PTA meeting at 6. I’m proud I typed that all on my phone!!

  54. Jess Says:

    I love this site. You ladies are so awesome. You know exactly what I’m trying to say (and can put it so much more eloquently!)

    I SO hope you’re right about an announcement @Mystique.

    @Emily I hope you feel better real soon. Here’s a blanket to help your recovery…

  55. Kara Says:

    Agreed Jess.. :)

    Sorry I lurk more than post but I am too glad the site is back up.

  56. Catherine Says:

    I did wonder if some of you would dislike that he chose such an adult project. @Emily @Mystique – I thought your takes on it were really interesting. That’s what I LOVE about this site, we’re all so different! I reckon our varied backgrounds/nationalities cause that :)

    I absolutely HATED that he lowered himself to GU2 – but that’s just my irrelevant opinion, I know plenty enjoyed it, given the box office takings!

    This new thing may have been profane/crude, but it was well written, and Jason Reitman directed ‘Juno’ (which I loved!) and directed my hero George Clooney in ‘Up in the Air’. Quality stuff. I read that he personally selected Taylor – if this is true, that’s one hell of a compliment!

    Racier roles don’t have to be cheap/degrading. Alex Skarsgaard has done some REALLY wild stuff, and is still regarded as talented/charming/dignified/gentlemanly (watch Straw Dogs, he’s terrifying in that!) As for Ian Somerhalder in 50 Shades of Tat – nooooooooooo! I don’t believe he’d go near it. CAREER SUICIDE!!!!! Somerhalder’s funny, he needs a decent comedy :)

    The papers here keep naming Rob Pattinson. As if he’d do it. Ridiculous.

    I can’t imagine what Taylor has up his sleeve. Certainly shocked us all with this! A decent drama with a good quality cast would make me happy. I want him to work with Logan Lerman/Daniel Radcliffe so much it HURTS!!!

    @Jess – still squirming? Excellent, haha!

  57. Catherine Says:

    Waffle waffle waffle. Shut up, Catherine. Do some work.


  58. Gabriela Says:

    I am very very proud of him!!! I am so happy! and even more eager tracers!
    anyone can write what they talked about it on tumblr nikita juice? I can not translate a few things :s
    ps:sorry for my english

  59. Emily Says:

    Awwww, Jess! Thanks! I’d love to be wrapped up by that blanket (AND HIM)! I KNOW that would make me feel MUCH better!

  60. marianne Says:

    Catherine…I wasn’t crazy about him doing GU2 either but I realized that he needs to be introduced to audiences outside of Twilight. Taylor and Rob have to draw male fans to their movies and Twilight was dumped on in the end that they are starting over imo. Jess, Mystique and Emily said it so much better than I could about hoping he doesn’t go down the porn role route. I think the movie Gravity shows that if you make a good movie people will see it. What was good about this read for me is that he got good reviews and it benefits Tracers as people might be willing to see it if they think he can actually act. For me, Taylor would blow Logan Lerman and Daniel Radcliffe out of the water when it comes to sex appeal. If I was an agent, I wouldn’t put them together!

    Emily….Hope you feel better soon.

  61. Johanna Says:

    Is anyone having trouble commenting

  62. Johanna Says:

    never mind got it

  63. Emily Says:

    Thanks, Marianne!

    Some really cute pics of Baby and Preteen Taylor! I’ve never seen some of them before.

  64. Mystique Says:

    Gosh, have so much to say on this topic but I’m driving hone from work! Aaarrgh! I will definitely have to respond back later on this evening.

    @Gabriela–what language do you speak?

  65. Johanna Says:

    Ladies I understand why some of you want to put this behind you and see what comes next but like Catherine said this type of role doesn’t mean he is trying to do what Hollywood wants or that he is gonna go the porn route

  66. Johanna Says:

    This movie is actually well written and has been nominated for 16 awards that it has won and was nominated 3 time in the 75th academy awards and 2 time for the golden globes.

  67. Johanna Says:

    This movie put Mark on the map and he has gone to do some really great work. I know people keep saying this is a dirty movie which it is but it was still a great movie

  68. Johanna Says:

    I am so proud of Taylor for doing this just to see how far he can push himself and i hope this open doors to some more great work

  69. Johanna Says:

    sorry i had to split my comment for some reason the ite would not let me post it all of once

  70. Gabriela Says:

    @ Mystique, I am from Brazil..

  71. Jess Says:

    Just to clarify, I am actually really glad that Taylor did the Boogie Nights live read – In fact, I would have loved to have been there to see it. (Can you imagine the squirming then @Catherine!!! hehe)

    I think it was a really smart move of Taylor to take on this role and I’m even more pleased to hear that Jason Reitman especially chose Taylor for the role. I’m so glad people are taking notice of how good he is, and helping him develop into a better actor.

    When I said I’m going to put this behind me, I simply mean that I’m not going to get caught up in fantasizing about the things that Taylor said and did in this role. Not because I don’t like it, but because it’s just too much for me to think about without getting the opportunity to see/hear it for real. I want to support everything that Taylor does and if I had been able to, I would have seen him in Boogie Nights even though it’s not my ‘cup of tea’.

    I think Taylor is definitely WAY better than movies like GU2, but it was fun for him (and us to watch him) and broadened his audience. I think he is just trying his hand at as many different things as possible and I think that is great for him.

    As usual, I’m explaining myself really badly, but ultimately I just want Taylor to be happy and enjoy the roles he does and learn from each and every one of them and continue to gain new and varied experiences so that he is around for a very long time.

    Such exciting debate!

  72. Johanna Says:

    @Jess i think your better at explaining yourself better then u think u are
    i understand what u mean about fantasizing about how the live read went I can say myself that i am really jelly of the people who got to go and wish i could have been there
    Trying to think about how it happened can be dangerous i mean today i was thinking of Taylor so much that i ended up slipping of the curb of the side walk and i sprained my ankle so now i have to wear a brace for 2 weeks so i get it
    But we all just want Taylor to be successful and happy its why we are always here everyday pouring out how much we love and support him

  73. Emily Says:

    Jess, I agree. That’s why I said I’m going to try and quit thinking about it—not b/c I WANT to. I just HAVE to!! I’ve been NO GOOD to anyone the past few days.

    I’m glad he did this now. My reservations were just at the very beginning. When I say this is a “dirty” movie, I didn’t mean it wasn’t a good one.

    I’ve never seen it. Actually, I got it in the mail today from Netflix, just b/c I need to see what all he had to say. I have, in the past, and now, watched things that I have thought were well done—The Sopranos, True Blood, Game of Thrones, to name a few—but all of those things have lots of language and gratuitous violence and sex—things that personally make me feel uncomfortable watching them. That’s just my personal preference. I guess you could say I’m usually a “less-is-more” kind of girl!! That doesn’t mean I don’t think they are done well and are entertaining.

    I also didn’t mean to seem like I think that Taylor is going to automatically jump on the porn train or the nasty train, just b/c he did this. I know he has to widen his appeal and show film people that he can branch out and do “adult” roles now. I just meant, for me personally, I don’t like watching those “types” of movies and I hope that Taylor doesn’t do a lot of them—I want to see him in a wide range of things—but, I will watch WHATEVER he is in, no matter the rating or subject matter.

    I was curious to know if his people approached this director or if it was the other way around. If he did pick Taylor specifically, that’s a good sign. I think Taylor has been very smart about networking and making good contacts in Hollywood. Every director he’s ever worked with has had nothing but praise for him (as far as I’ve heard and/or read) and talked about how well-prepared and easy to work with he is. That kind of “professional reputation” surely gets around in Hollywood, especially in this time of so many “actors/actresses” having personal problems/crises that may influence their work negatively. All the talk show hosts seem to love him, other celebrities he’s met/worked with have praised him, he seems to know lots of “higher-ups.”

    I have high hopes for his future career. This is only the beginning!

    I’ll have to let you know about my opinion of the real Boogie Nights. It’s over 2 1/2 hours long, so I think I will be waiting until the weekend to watch it. I’m sure I won’t be able to sleep after seeing it and imaging Taylor saying all those lines!!!

  74. Emily Says:

    Ooohhh, poor Johanna!!! I’m sorry you hurt your ankle!!

  75. kia Says:

    Johanna,Emily- I hope this will make feel better

  76. Jess Says:

    Johanna! You poor thing. Who knew Taylor could be such a health hazard!
    A sprained ankle… sounds like you might need some ice for that (and a handsome nurse to hold it for you!) so here you go…

    BTW, forgot to say earlier, welcome Kara and Gabriela.

  77. kia Says:

    another a little blurry

  78. Emily Says:

    Thanks, Kia.

    Our guy sure does love his blacks and grays, doesn’t he????

  79. Emily Says:

    Thanks, Kia.

    Our guy sure does love his blacks and grays, doesn’t he????

  80. Emily Says:

    Uh oh!! Is there an echo in here??? Don’t know why that posted twice.

  81. accv Says:

    I wanna pounce him. If I were at that gym walking at that distance from him, I’d be SOOOO tempted to run up behind him and pounce him. You know how girl friends do that to their boy friends? Yah. Like that. Only it’ll come off creepy and stalkerish and I may get a restraining order for it. :p!!!!

    @johanna…. darling, as much as I feel bad for ya spraining your ankle, I can’t lie that your reason literally made me laugh. Only because I tend to daydream too when I’m walking and therefore, not watching my step… and likely having a misstep or whatever. I did that the other day on my way home from work. I just hope no one noticed… :p lol!

    And figures when Taylor does something unpredictable and praiseworthy, it’s not recorded. People. smh.

    @Vickey… thanks for the welcome back dear! :)

  82. Mystique Says:

    @Emily—Your comments/analysis was awesome. You and I are like this! >.<

    @Jess—I don't think anyone really took your comments the wrong way. At least I didn't. I agreed whole-heartedly with your comments, and I don't think it is any slight against Taylor at all.

    Like @Emily mentioned, some people might be into all of that type of entertainment, but others may not. That doesn't mean we love Taylor any less. It's just a preference in types of entertainment. Some didn't like the GUPS2 role. Personally, I was a tad discouraged at first (thinking: "THAT'S his next role????? O_o ), but the closer it got to the movie release date, the more and more I realized that Taylor is smarter than I think and that his role in GUPS2 basically opened him up to a different audience/genre. I think even his BN reading was also just a way to (not only challenge himself, but) open himself up to a WIDER audience, and to introduce himself to some who haven't really taken notice of him, or just see him as "that Twilight kid w/the abs".

    I think like @Catherine stated, I would LOVE to see Taylor next in a Drama. I think his next announced project should be a GREAT Drama piece, with a SOLID, strong ensemble cast. I think Taylor should play co-star, not lead. I know some may think that's like "taking a back seat", but honestly….in the right role, it's really NOT. It can actually be an ASSET. The whole film isn't on YOUR shoulders, and…you get to shine in a supporting role. That's just my 2 cents though lol.

    Whatever his next project/"announcement" is, I definitely can't WAIT!! ^_^

  83. Mystique Says:

    OMG @Johanna, are you okay?? Lol…I hope so! I’m not even surprised about your little mishap, because honestly the other day at work I was thinking about Taylor so much too that I was so THOROUGHLY distracted that I barely could think straight, and I made many mistakes at work lol. #embarrassed. I hope your foot heals fast!! Poor thing! lol.

    @Emily—THanks so much for the old/new pics!! Many of those I haven’t seen before! Some of them I think were pics of even some of his family members! Very nice! :D Gosh, he was such a beatiful kid! Even as a young guy he was very STRIKING looking. I’m not surprised he got into acting. If I had a son that looked that good, I would have him doing SOMETHING in front of the camera too! (if he WANTED to…of course lol)

    Kia—Ooo…thanks for the pics of Taylor at the school! I know Makena’s classmates are going to be sad when she finally graduates lol. No more Taylor sightings! :-/

    Btw, his pants are tiiiiiight!! lol….. I like that second picture….for obvious reasons lol….. ^_^

  84. *Vickey* Says:

    Emily— LOL. I completely get what you mean. I just hope it does turn up on Youtube or something. It’d be nice to see! The people who were able to sit in on this were very lucky. Not just because of what was done, but just to be able to see Taylor at work. :)

    I don’t get too bothered by sex scenes, UNLESS they are INCREDIBLY awkward, turns into porn or I am watching with someone I don’t feel comfortable with. LOL. That’s usually what happens with my luck. Like just bleh. Lol. I do understand what you mean though. I mean that’s pretty much what True Blood holds alot of. I know there’s a storyline, but there’s ALOT of sex. However, I’m just not too “I have to walk out of the room, a sex scene is on” kind of person, maybe it’s because I’m a theatre major Hahaha.

    Jess— Love the link to the photo you posted!!! :D
    Made me smile. Oh and don’t worry, we all got what you were saying it wasn’t taken the wrong way at all!

    Kara– Lol. It’s okay! Sometimes we all lurk especially when we’re too busy. :)
    Welcome back!

    Catherine— I LOVED Juno! It was a nice little story. Oh and I see where you’re coming from. Alex Skarsgaard and even his youngest brother have some intense things/scenes/whatever and are still respected for their craft. They also still gentlemen. Oh and yeah! Straw Dogs was something! Alex Skarsgaard was crazy in that.
    I agree with you about Ian staying away from that, it just doesn’t seem like something he’d do in my opinion. I think a comedy would be good for him! ^.^

    Johanna— Yeah! Boogie Nights was a great movie. It’s just one of those “you gotta see it at some point in your life movies.” Haha. I do think it was great that there were good comments about his performance. One that really caught my eye was the person who said,” I hate to admit it, but he was really good.” <—- These are the people he's slowly, but surely winning over. Those original doubters and Twilight Saga haters. Lol. :)

    Sorry to hear about your ankle btw! :/
    I've sprained my ankle once, not to the point where it was swollen or anything, but I couldn't walk for a while. It was from middle school softball, intense stuff. :P

    Mystique— YES, bring on the strong ensemble cast! I really want that for him! I think him playing a co-star would be awesome! So that being said, I agree with you, being a co-star or at least apart of a strong ensemble cast isn't taking a backseat.

    I wonder how Taylor felt after he did his reading. Just curious? :)

  85. Mystique Says:

    @Gabriela—-Okay, I’m going to try to do my best to type up the review on NikitaJuice and translate it into Portuguese for you lol.

    Bear with me! Some words might not fully transfer properly though, but hopefully you’ll be able to understand it a little better than English.

    Let me know what you think! I’m using Google…

    **TRANSLATION Of “Boogie Nights” Reading Review on NikitaJuice*** (Portuguese)

    Eu consegui um assento para a leitura ao vivo e pensei que talvez você queira mais detalhes. :)

    Ele está amando a todos roupas pretas e hoje não foi diferente, até as botas bem-amado. Estou realmente esperando que ele está levando sua carreira adulta em direções como este, porque ele era bom.

    Havia mais experientes, atores mais velhos de lá que trouxe um pouco mais de seus personagens, mas era essencialmente uma leitura ensaiada e Taylor succeded muito bem mesmo entre entre os atores mais velhos.. Eu tive que tomar um momento e ser uma “fangirl” orgulhoso.

    Uma pequena nota: Seus jiggles perna esquerda como um louco. Ao ouvi-lo praguejar consistentemente sexualmente me despertou e eu não tenho vergonha de admitir isso. Eu não acho que eu tenho que dizer algo sobre a respiração pesada, etc, quando ele estava se masturbando.

    Ele tinha duas cenas onde o teatro quebrou em aplausos, quando Dirk (seu personagem) está gravando sua música no estúdio, e quando ele começou a declinar e seu drogado e completamente perde. Taylor é um filhote de cachorro e deu-de 100% para-lo …. cantando para a balada até mesmo. Mas ele não está mentindo quando diz que ele realmente não pode cantar. Mas ele ainda tentou, e que era melhor do que se ele tivesse sido brilhante.

    E sua voz ainda rachaduras ocasionalmente que foi maravilhosamente cativante. Em segundo lugar ficou o discurso irado, e além do fato de que a linha principal é: “Eu sou o único com o pênis grande merda!”, Foi incrível, porque era como assistir a uma bombinha explodir. Apenas …. realmente brilhante. Ele ainda teve que tomar um fôlego no meio dela, ele parecia um pouco admirado de si mesmo. Eu poderia, e provavelmente, continuar por horas.

    Mas sim, Taylor definitivamente cresceu e trabalhou em si mesmo e isso me deixa animado para o seu novo filme “Tracers”, porque eu estou esperando que ele traz o mesmo crescimento de seu personagem “Cam”. E porque damnit Preciso cenas reais para ir com o sexo parece agora certo?


    Hope that helped! :)

  86. Mystique Says:

    @Vickey—I’ve been wondering the same thing! I wonder how TAYLOR felt about his “reading”??? Did he enjoy it? Did he feel challenged?? Or, was it something that he thinks he’d rather not do again??

    I’m just curious….

  87. Chez Says:

    Thank goodness the site is back, I’ve been constantly checking it. Cant believe that Taylor did that reading it was announced late Tuesday 8th (my birthday) in the UK and at first thought it was a movie announcement (Silly me!) but reading the comments he did an amazing job, at least now it might get the Media/Critics of Taylor’s back saying that he cant act (WHICH HE CAN!) after seeing the performance.

    Taylor’s amazing brother to Makena always showing up at Volleyball games!!!!

    Really cant wait for a movie announcement it’s going to be EPIC (as long as it isn’t a horror I don’t like horrors lol)

  88. Logan Says:

    @ Johanna, thanks for posting about Boogie nights and all the awards it won.
    I saw the movie way back when and although it’s about a porn star it’s so much more then that.
    The fact that Mark did that movie and then went to be the star that he is, shows that it’s just another part/ role.
    It’s what actors do, they play a part, film for 3 months and move on.
    Remember Taylor mentioning in the mtv interview that he likes that about acting, you get to do things you wouldn’t do in real life and get away with it…..
    Leaving us all hot and bothered
    Thank you Taylor
    And Mark

  89. Logan Says:

    @ Chez, happy belated birthday wishes!

  90. Catherine Says:

    Great comments to wake up to, girls! With the UK time difference, I can sit with a cup of tea at 9am and read what you’ve been chattering about overnight :)

    @Jess – no-one takes any comment the wrong way, don’t worry! I like all the different reactions on here!

    I wonder how he felt after the reading too, @Mystique (seriously impressed with your translator skillz!!!!!) and @Vickey. After a major SCARY nursing exam I sort of collapsed into a corner and had to pull myself together…I bet it’s that kind of ‘Jesus, I actually did it!’ feeling!!!

    Given that he seems to have a rapport with older actors (they all talk him up, and the chemistry with Don Johnson was repeatedly picked up on) I’d like to see him in a cast with a Paul Rudd/Greg Kinnear/Joseph Gordon Levitt type. A cool, likeable chap. I reckon that would be great to watch :)

    @Emily – let us know what you think of Boogie Nights. I saw it YEARS ago…I now have a mental image of you wincing at the screen ;) Maybe I just need to watch cleaner stuff, haha. No more HBO series for me ;)

  91. Mystique Says:

    Catherine—-haha….don’t thank me, thank Google translator lol!!! I only changed a few words here and there since there are some words in the English language that aren’t really found out translated well into other languages. But other than that, it was all Google! ;) I just typed up what was written on Nikita juice, since the review was a picture unfortunately and not a word document lol.

    Also, just wanted to clarify something….. I may get some flack for this, but this is just how I feel lol. My MAIN concern about Taylor and these “riskier roles” is more so to do with how the general PUBLIC will view him. I’m well aware that actors are simply playing a role, and that those characters are not necessarily THEM.

    However, my concern is that Taylor is seen very differently from actors like Alex Skarsgard, James Franco, and even Daniel Radcliff. I read the good (and the bad unfortunately) of what people say online. I just don’t want Taylor’s name being drug into the mud over a certain movie role, nor do I want Hollywood to take advantage of him (you’d be surprised).

    Plus, although there isn’t really an age limit on this, Mark Whalberg was about 26 when he did Boogie Nights back in the late 90s. There’s a huge difference between 21 and 26. True, Mark had to overcome a LOT of backlash in order to become the respected actor he is today (anyone remember Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch lol?), and it did take some time. So, who knows, maybe this “reading” is exactly what Taylor needed in order for ppl to take him seriously. I’m HAPPY for him off that’s the case. :)

    But at the same time, I’m not delusional into thinking that people in general view him the same as Alexander Skarsgard, Michael Fassbender, or all those OTHER actors who do risky roles. Unfortunately, due to twilight, Taylor is going to have to work ten times as hard to be given more respect, not only in the industry, but for the American public. That’s OKAY….I know he’s up for the challenge, and other great heart throbes who were teased and out down relentlessly in the past are now seen as great respectable actors today (ie. Leonardo DiCaprio). So, it can be done.

    My MAIN concern isn’t so much his roles in other words, but more so how the general American public will view him. I hate seeing his name dragged thru the mud. :( I’m ecstatic that he got great reviews for his reading, but imo I don’t think he has to KEEP doing roles like this in order to get more respect. Riskier roles….sure! But porn roles? I just don’t think so.

    Those are just my 2 cents…..or 5 cents rather lol!

  92. chanda w Says:

    Taylor at his sister’s game again, he’s such a great big brother. His body is looking lean and mean. I think he’s working on something new too. Well Tay always is, we just don’t know about it. None of us had any idea about the reading, pleasant surprise.

    I like how we are all so concerned about his longterm career. Wish he knew he has fans that truly support him and not just when he’s popular.

    I’m still a fan of Mark Wahlberg. I remember when he became “the joke” after Mark Mark and the Funky Bunch. He did more than take his shirt off, dropping his pants and showing his underwear. It was a gimmick and his body like, Tay’s, was smokin’ hot. And like Taylor, he paid a price for being viewed as just a body. Boogie Nights was the first movie he did that showed how serious he was about acting and it did change a lot of minds about him. I know others have already made this point………..It just shows how much things can change and that Taylor is actually hitting milestones at a much younger age.

    I hate that Twilight, while certainly opened doors for him, is something he has to constantly almost apologize for. He brought a beloved character to life. He did his job.

    Joseph Gordon Levitt is another actor that some slept on. His movie The LookOut was so good, but at the time he wasn’t talk about much in the industry, now look at him, so you never know. And all of these guys are a lot older than Taylor.

    The Stretch Armstrong movie is officially DOA. Even though Tay moved on years ago. His name is still attached to all the articles about the movie. Wish that could have worked out for him. I think it would have been comedy/action.

    Waiting on that EPIC announcement too.

  93. Catherine Says:

    @Chanda – Mark Wahlberg was on two VERY different talk shows here. A good, late night, very sociable, one (Graham Norton hosts, the guests are all on at once, and they all seem tipsy!) where he was relaxed (sort of cheerily sleepy drunk on the sofa!) He was good fun. The other show is on at 7pm, and is the most random, prim and proper, very English, yet deranged, show ever. Wahlberg looked bewildered, but that’s pretty much how the audience feel watching it. I like him. If you can survive the stupid ‘One Show’ here, you can do anything! Please god, NEVER put Taylor on! I’ve seen megastars like Michael Stipe, Kylie, Jon Bon Jovi etc. all look utterly confused on it!!!

    On a side note – I just noticed this site has 61,000+ followers on twitter. How many people read our ramblings?! F***. That freaks me out.

  94. Mystique Says:

    Chanda—you’re so right. This can change in an instant! Look at Christian bale too! JGL is another good example! There are sooo many actors who were either type cast at first, or slept on in the beginning, but then one particular role (or roles) catapulted them to a whole new arena, and now they are some of Hollywood’s most respected actors in the industry. So, things CAN change. I guess I’m just impatient and want Taylor to have the respect he deserves NOW! Lol.

    I’m definitely a fan who cares SO much more about his career long term than simply short term. While SOME roles may seem fun or edgy to do, I’m always wondering how this role will affect him and even how ppl view him in the LONG term.

    Catherine—lol, I love Mark also. Actually I love both Mark and Donnie! They’ve always been very real, non pretentious, and just genuine. They’re a little rough around the edges (at times lol), but they’ve always been true to themselves. I’m not even surprised that Mark took Taylor under his wing, because he sees the same love/hate relationship Hollywood has…and he knows how it was for him after he did that Calvin Klein underwear ad…HOT tamale!!!!# Lol!

    So, I’m sure things will turn in Taylor’s favor eventually…..I just wish it were sooner rather than later. :-/

  95. *Vickey* Says:

    Mystique— Awe so nice of you to translate it for her! LOL. I would’ve took credit and ran with the translation! :P JK! Google Translator is thee thing. Haha. I can’t use it for my french classes though, my professor, SHE WILL KNOW. Haha.

    Re: Mark, JGL, Christian Bale, etc.: Yes! They all were at where Taylor is right now (weird sentence lol). So I can see why Mark sees himself in Taylor! :) I see what you mean @Mystique the long run is better than the short run. I’m sure he’ll be fine, he has a strong head on his shoulders, he’s learned from a few mistakes, etc.
    As for him doing edgier or riskier roles, yeah he may want to, but as everyone has said porn roles, nan not his style. :)

    Catherine— “61,000” Oh man! That’s a good question! I noticed that too! Haha. Some probably just read or don’t have time to respond.

    chanda w.— Re: Twilight: It sure did! You’re definitely right, it did open plenty of doors for him, but it also pushes him to prove that he’s more than a teenage werewolf. Like the cast said being apart of the saga was a blessing and a curse.

  96. Jess Says:

    @Catherine eeep!! 61, 000+!!! It’s so easy to feel like we are just one little family here. On the one hand that terrifies me, but on the other I feel so happy for Taylor that he has that much support (and for George that his site is that popular!) Oh well – I guess they all know us by now, so enjoy our ramblings fellow Taylor fans!

    We get Graham Norton here as well and I’ve often wondered how Taylor would go on this show. GN is good at asking questions that celebs usually haven’t been asked before, as well as creating a pretty casual setting for his guests. I hope Taylor promotes Tracers in the UK (and Australia!!!) so we can find out. I’d LOVE for GN to ask Taylor about his Boogie Nights live read. That would be amazing!

    I agree @Vickey. Taylor has a really good head on those (gorgeous) shoulders. He has always seemed really cluey about the business of Hollywood and I’m sure he has some great plan to ensure his longevity as an actor (and maybe other things down the line – he’s already got a production company). All I know is, I’ll be right there with him, supporting him.

  97. Emily Says:

    Ladies–I said watching some types of stuff makes me uncomfortable—but I didn’t say that STOPPED me from watching. I’m usually viewing by myself at home. On those shows I mentioned, it’s not usually the sex scenes that freak me out as much as the blood and gore.

    Vickey–I don’t have to get up and leave the room, but I do think from time to time, “Gosh, do people really DO that sort of thing (if it’s somewhat bizarre)???

    I think I’m going to have to give up on Game of Thrones. I’ve just gotten through part of Season 1, but there is just so much disgusting violence. I don’t even have time to look away or sometimes don’t even expect anything to be coming. It’s like people are talking, then SLICE— there goes a head or here comes someone’s insides!!!! That’s just TOO MUCH “reality” for me.

    Catherine–I’ll definitely let you know my opinion of Boogie Nights. I thought for a minute about watching it tonight, but thought better of it. I KNOW I’m going to need several hours to recover afterward. And, FYI–I usually don’t wince, I cover my eyes in embarrassment!

    61,000 followers on twitter—What does that MEAN?? Do all of our comments pop up????? That is somewhat disconcerting!!!! I always felt like this was our own little private corner of Taylor-heaven. I guess it’s more crowded than I realized! Gulp!!!!

  98. Johanna Says:

    @accv yes i definitely am paying more attention where i go and stop thinking about Taylor until i have reached my destination i swear that man will be the death me.

  99. Johanna Says:

    okay for some reason i can post my full response to everyones comments so i will have to do it tomorrow

  100. *Vickey* Says:

    Emily— Oh no no, you took my response the wrong way. I wasn’t saying that I interpreted what you said as that. My apologies. Lol. I was just speaking in general and saying I don’t get too uncomfortable with sex scenes unless as you said it gets strange. lol. :)

    Jess– Yess! Sticking with Taylor until the very end!!

    Johanna— Oh that’s weird! Are you posting from your laptop/computer?

  101. Emily Says:

    Vickey–No worries–I didn’t take offense or think you were talking about me or anything. There IS some “freaky” stuff out there!! :)

  102. Gabriela Says:

    thank you for translating @ Mystique! *.* A shame not to have any video of reading .. :c

  103. Mystique Says:

    @Gabriela—-you’re welcome!!! :D Did it help you understand it any better??

  104. *Vickey* Says:

    Emily– Oh okay! Lol. Yeah there really is! Blegh.

  105. accv Says:

    LOL! BRING IT, Taylor fans. 61,000+ followers? If they were really taken aback by our comments here, I’m sure the number would’ve diminished some by now. It seems not just Taylor nor George’s excellent updates, but our sense of community here is racking in the hits/followers. To ANY Taylor fan that is lurking, don’t hesitate to join in on the conversations :) We’re all accommodating to everyone, UNLESS you show a blatant disregard for Taylor and our opinions. You can disagree, but respectfully. We won’t tolerate rudeness. In that case, if you’re NOT a Taylor fan, beats me why you even visit. Sure, you’re free to do whatever you want… but why go to a site about a person you clearly don’t like? o.O :p

    @johanna… LOL! Yup! Just watch where you go when you’re daydreaming about him. Although hard, you don’t want him to be more of health hazard than he already is, if you know what I mean ;p!

    @Jess… Ditto lady! With Taylor until death does us part!

    @Emily… OMG. You and I are the same. I can’t STAND blood and gore. As for sex, I’ve become a little more tolerable of it. I can manage more alone than I can with others around me. It’s just one of those matters that I feel should be private. I don’t take sex lightly. For me, it’s about love RE: blood and gore… that’s why I can’t watch many movies. There was this old movie on earlier… Tremors 4. Has to do with those underground giant worms or whatever. At the beginning of the movie, someone’s head is eaten off and I end up glancing at the wrong time -_- Granted, it’s fake… but at the time, I couldn’t. I was eating and for a moment, I sorta lost my appetite. But then I told myself… you barely ate all day, you’ve gotta eat… just… focus on something else in the movie and eat. :p But yes, I know it’s fake… but it just looks too realistic for me to think otherwise. I’m also paranoid… so even scary movies that deal with supernatural stuff or whatever… evil, blah, blah… creeps me the hell out and I REFUSE to watch anything that I KNOW I won’t be able to forget easily. It’s happened to me before and I couldn’t sleep. Lesson learned.

  106. niki Says:

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    And your stars i’m conducted
    I’m swimming in your arms
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