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Taylor Lautner has been praised for his performance at the reading of “Boogie Nights” last week. Check out some of the praise below:

Lautner was perfect. He captured Diggler’s earnestness, sweet stupidity and eventual megalomania with an easy grace that makes you wonder why he hasn’t been given more interesting roles in films. Or maybe Diggler is just the perfect part for him. Either way, the audience regularly stopped to cheer Lautner for everything from his “I’m gonna be a big bright shining star” proclamations to his surprisingly moving portrayal of Diggler’s coked-out breakdown in front of Jack. But the biggest cheers came after Lautner sang, intentionally off-key, during the scenes when Diggler is attempting to become a rock star. – EW

Boogie Nights’s final scene — when Dirk unsheathes his sword alone in a dressing room — is the tragicomic cap on the story. Lautner, though game all night, did not stand up and drop trou. But he did raise his head from his script and lock eyes with the audience. Just as Anderson envisioned it: A self-aware slab of beef. A karate champion. A star. A big, bright, shining star. – Grantland

72 Responses to “Taylor Lautner Lauded for ‘Boogie Nights’ Performance”

  1. Jess Says:

    Congrats Taylor. Bravo. Proud of you.

  2. Emily Says:

    I’m so proud OF him and FOR him, I could just cry!!

  3. chanda w. Says:

    Job well done, cutie, proud of you Taylor.

  4. kia Says:

    Around of “APPLAUSE” a “Standing Ovation” All your fans are so proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. marianne Says:

    Knew you could do it Taylor!! Congratulations!!

  6. Mystique Says:

    Awwwww!!! I’m SO happy for you Taylor! You showed them that you are versatile in more way than one. Way to go! Can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve next!! ^_^

    We love and support you!!!! :D

  7. Evelyn Says:

    Yay! Way to go baby!

  8. *Vickey* Says:

    Yayyyy! :D
    Great job Taylor, couldn’t be anymore proud!

  9. Chez Says:

    Taylor at Makena’s game 16/10/2013

  10. Logan Says:

    Oohh bb bb ooohhh bb bb
    —doing a happy dance—-

    @ Taylor, so, so!, proud of you sweetie!

  11. vera Says:

    I’m so proud of his work,proud that he made it a highly professional manner.
    reading of “Boogie Nights” do not enveloped in a scandal, suspicion tinge, despite the fact that the script that they read quite a provocative and bold, but LACMA,Raytman, Taylor,Don Johnson & others -they initially did not give the tabloids a reason jeer on themselves.

    I am very, very, very glad that it happened, Taylor has always been a worthy only of the best, and it’s true that he finally got a well-deserved praise.

  12. Catherine Says:

    Yep. That’ll do nicely.

  13. Gabriela Says:

    I always knew he was talented…but to see it be recognized, makes me very, very happy! I think I’ll cry.. :,)
    hope you understood me rsrs

  14. Lexi Says:

    I miss you ladies so much ;~;

    here’s him at a bakery today :)

  15. *Vickey* Says:

    Thanks for posting @Chez! He’s so supportive and I love it! Haha. :)
    Oh and thank you too @Lexi for posting! Gahhh, him and those caps! :P

  16. chanda w Says:

    Thanks for posting the pics Chez and Lexi. I luv him in hats. Goodness I wish I lived in Valencia, CA, just to accidentally bump into Taylor.

  17. Johanna Says:

    heres another pic of Taylor at his sisters volleyball game

    o and thanks for all the well wishes I fell much better now and thanks Kia for all the pics they helped a lot :P

  18. Johanna Says:

    And thanks Lexi for the pic is that Panera cuz thats what it looks like by the menu in the background
    @chanda i wish i lived in Valencia too but i dont think it would be a good idea cuz knowing myself i would stalk him and pretend to run into him as much as possible

  19. Mystique Says:

    Lexi–awww! Cute pic! I love that he has fans of ppl of ALL ages and background that want to take a picture with him lol! ^_^

    Johanna–I think you’re right!! I think that IS Panera Bread! I can recognize that place a mile away since I practically live there lol. I LOVE Panera Bread! :) You take should be a detective @Johanna….you are SO observant lol.

  20. marianne Says:

    Lexi….Thanks for the pic. When I first read bakery, I thought Taylor–fitness–bakery—seemed ironic. Mystique, you aren’t the only one that lives at Panera Bread. I even like their pasta!

  21. kia Says:

    Johanna – No problem. I’m glad your feeling better.

    Lexi – thanks for the pic!

    Taylor loves Panera Bread ,I loves Panera Bread, Were Meant to be!!!!!!!

  22. Emily Says:

    Johanna–Glad you’re doing better!

    In that second volleyball pic, does anyone else think his nose looks really cute??? Random, I know—maybe it’s just the angle of the picture or something……………….

  23. Emily Says:

    I’ve seen these before, but thought they were cute:

    Can anyone tell me the point of the cut-off jean shorts that are so short the pockets hang down below the pant line???? Shouldn’t that be a signal to girls that maybe they’re a little too short?? Just wondering…………..

  24. Emily Says:

    Old Seventeen photo shoot OUTTAKES– Haven’t seen some of these before:

    I bet some models would kill to have published pictures look as good as some of his OUTTAKES!! This was my favorite photo shoot, up until Bench.

  25. Jess Says:

    So ah… what’s Panera Bread? I’ve never heard of it here.

    @Emily of COURSE his nose looks really cute! (But I agree – cuter than usual even!)

    Really love the outtakes from Seventeen. This is my favourite of the ‘new’ ones.
    Taylor + dog = perfect.
    You have to feel sorry for the person who had to decide between the photos to print and the outtakes since they are all so nice.

    I hope we eventually get Bench outtakes, and I’m still hoping/praying/wishing for the extended commercial.

  26. Evelyn Says:

    Oh, man. I wish I looked half as good as he did in pics. He can look good any time of the day, in any given situation.

  27. Emily Says:

    Jess–Panera Bread is a chain of, I guess you could say restaurants (they’re not fast food but not really fancy restaurants either) that sell mostly sandwiches and soups. They have lots of different types of homemade breads, and if I remember correctly, some pastries, too. They have them here in the Southeast, US, and apparently, in California too. Don’t know if they can be found throughout the States or at all outside of the US.

    I’m still praying for that extended Bench commercial, too. I never got any response to my email to them asking if that would ever be released. :(

  28. *Vickey* Says:

    Emily— Yeah we have Panera Breads here in Texas too, well in my college’s town, not sure about back home. I was honestly shocked. Lol. Didn’t think we had one. Haha. I wanna go one day and try it. :)

    Re: Cut off jeans, pockets show: I have no idea! LOL. Its stylish to some, I just don’t think it’s cute! Haha. Before it started getting a little chilly there were quite a few girls who would rock them on campus.

    Re: Seventeen Photoshoot: Thanks for posting! I just couldn’t stop smiling! It’s still perfect! Lol. And I agree with you @Jess, Taylor and dogs are PERFECT!

    Re: Extended Bench Commercial: Me too! I’d love to see it! :/
    Maybe you’ll get a response about it soon!

  29. Johanna Says:

    @Kia i love Panera as well actually after seeing that pic i had a craving for it that im going to get it tomorrow for lunch

    RE:Taylor’s nose is cute as a button i just want to give him a eskimo kiss

    RE: Shorts idk they look good on some but not others

    RE: Yes we really need that commercial i really wanna see it.

  30. Jess Says:

    Thanks for the Panera info ladies. Sounds yum!
    I think I’ll have to do a ‘Taylor Tour’ of the US one day and go to all the Taylor related places across the country –
    Try some Hudsonville cake batter icecream in Michigan.
    Catch a Lions, or better yet, Wolverines game.
    See the Pittsburgh Pirates in action (try my hand at some parkour around the stadium – hahaha NOT!)
    Visit Grant’s Tomb in New York where they filmed the first day of Tracers.
    Try some Olive Garden (never heard of that here either until reading an article saying Taylor loves it).
    Of course I’m desperate to visit Grauman’s and see Taylor’s hand and foot prints. Have any of you ever seen them in person?
    The list goes on… (it will have to be a LONG holiday!)
    Any other suggestions for my ‘Taylor Tour’ will be greatly appreciated. Now if only I could afford it… :-D

  31. Emily Says:

    Jess–That’s a dream of mine, too!! One day I’m going to put my hands in Taylor’s hand prints outside Grauman’s Theater! Actually, if I ever make it to California one day, I’m just going to roam around Valencia (or wherever his new place is) and see if I can spot him somewhere. Wanna meet up???? LOL

    The shorts–If I had the legs/body that could pull off shorts that short, I guess I’d try it too, but I just don’t get the pockets hanging below the hemline.

    Is Hudsonville the town where Taylor was from??? That name sounds familiar.

  32. Logan Says:

    Hihihi, Emily, your comment about the shorts made me chuckle. It’s a style much like the sagging bieber pants….another one I don’t get :/ too old probably.
    Looking back, way back, I must confess wearing embarrasingly short and thight skirts when I was in my teens.
    It’s something you can get away with at that age, other then that it makes for embarrasing childhood pictures.
    Maybe the pockets give them the illusion the shorts are covering more skin…

    @ Jess, I would like to reserve a spot on your Taylor tour! How about PNC? Stadium in Pittsburg (Abduction )

  33. Logan Says:

    Wanna dream away with Taylor…
    I think I wanna do something else….

  34. Logan Says:

    Soooo sooorrryyy
    That was me being desperate
    Desperate for something Taylor
    Anounce something will you!!!!!

  35. Evelyn Says:

    I have a Panera not even a mile away from my home. =>

  36. chanda w Says:

    If any of you get a chance to read a Variety article about the casting of Fifty Shades …. The article basically states what I said before that Hollywood isn’t supporting their younger actors. Tay’s name is mentioned. Many of them are afraid to open big movies, at least Taylor had the guts to do so. I guess the younger females get more support because there are fewer of them.

    At least people are noticing that this is an issue and that maybe they need to stop treating these young actors like cattle. Makes me think that more interesting projects will come Taylor’s way.

    I luv Taylor’s nose too, Emily, it probably shouldn’t be, but it’s actually a perfect fit for his face. But, I’m biased I like everything about him.

  37. carrie Says:

    I read that article and I didn’t get a sense that they were criticizing Hollywood for its treatment of actors, but that they just think this generation has a lack of potential stars. I thought it was kind of BS, since no young actors seem like the next generation of movie stars until they hit their mid-30’s. That was just as true of Affleck, DiCaprio, and Damon as it is of today’s actors.

    I hadn’t realized they’d actually offered Rob the Christian Grey role and he turned it down. How creepy.

    Here’s the article for anyone who’s interested.

  38. chanda w. Says:

    Well my take was a little different on that article. And I highly doubt RP was offered that role, since E.L James stated herself she didn’t want him or KS in the movie.
    I still think the older actors need to stop taking every single role possible. Ben Affleck, I’ve never been a fan, and who wants to see him in a tight Batman suit, NOONE!
    Really, they couldn’t have found a younger guy for that movie. It could have been a stepping stone for a new guy, instead, bloated , greedy Affleck snags it. He already has Oscars and new found respect. He’s on his way to becoming a joke again.
    I also think the article shows that Taylor isn’t the only young actor having an issue with getting good roles.

    Thanks for posting it , Carrie.

  39. carrie Says:

    I think EL James said that when she was still trying to hide that FSOG was just Twilight fic. Both Variety and The Hollywood Reporter said RP was offered the role and passed, and they’re the most legitimate industry trades out there. Also, Bret Easton Ellis tweeted that EL James told him RP was her #1 choice. I just can’t believe anyone thought he would ever do it since it’d just be playing Edward for 3 more films.

    I don’t have a problem with Affleck’s age for Batman, but I just don’t get why he’d want to do it. People were taking him seriously again after all his last attempts at being an action hero.

    I will say that I think Taylor would be a perfect Robin, and I wonder if that character will be introduced in later films.

  40. Mystique Says:

    Marianne–YES I looooove Panera Bread! Omg, my friends from back home always joke that I should own stock in the company since I’m in there so often lol!!! :D

    WELCOME BACK @Carrie!!! It’s been a while! :) I agree……Idk WHY Ben would want to do Batman smh……come on now….after a (director’s?) Oscar? That’s a step DOWN imo. :-/ Plus, he’s already played a super hero! That’s my biggest gripe smh.

    But… the same time, I’ve been secretly wishing on pins and needles that Taylor would play Robin as well! OMG! I’ve been wishing this for the longest time!!!!!!!!!! But I would have wanted him in the Nolan/Bale Batman version. Now that that’s over and done with….I just don’t know if there another director I could trust. :-/ But Taylor has the right build, stature, athletic ability, and arrogance, charm and endearing factor all wrapped into one in order to play Batman’s side-kick.

    I REALLY think Taylor would shine in a great supporting role opposite a slightly older more experienced actor. That is just my hunch. So far, he hasn’t really don’t a role like that. He REALLY needs a great director to take him under his wing and refine his acting skills and show him the ropes…..just like Scorsese did for DiCaprio.

    RE: RP……
    HA! Robert Pattinson is SO through with Twilight it’s not even funny lol. He seems to bad mouth it every chance he gets lol. I’m not surprised…..he was never all that fond of the role imo. He only auditioned for the role because he had a crush on Kristen and wanted to meet her.

    Plus 50 Shades is way beneath him……

  41. Mystique Says:

    @Emily–thanks for the out take pics! I’ve said it before, but that Seventeen photo shoot is one of my favorite shoots Taylor has done. He looks so natural….very guy next door…and I love it! ^_^ Whoever shot this shoot must have REALLY liked Taylor cuz I swear…..he has the MOST outtakes from this shoot alone that I’ve ever seen lol! AND….he looks awesome in each photo! I can see how it would have been tough to choose just a few pics for the magazine!

  42. Logan Says:

    About the variety article, they’re wondering where all the young actors are? Well if the industry would offer them better parts too choose from the would come running. I mean, not every bestselling? book should be made into a movie.
    ( I don’t get why fifty shades of filth should be made into a movie! ) Let all those fans play that one out in their heads with their favourite actors.
    Wondering where all the young actors are is an insult for all those young male actors struggling. There are plenty but the industry doesn’t give them a chance instead they go with the older actors to make sure money will be made. Didn’t Twilight teach them anything……

  43. *Vickey* Says:

    Logan– Hahah! I just liked your Tumblr post! :P
    It’s okay Logan! I understand your desperation! Me too!!

    chanda w.— Was able to give it a read! Thanks @carrie for posting. :)
    I still don’t understand why they’d think Rob would be interested in it, AT ALL. I agree with you Carrie, it would be him playing Edward all over again. I honestly feel for him because he’s trying to get away from it and take on more challenging roles as well. lol.

    Mystique— Oooh Taylor as Robin would be awesome! I think Nolan did a nice job with the Batman trilogy. Who knows? Whoever steps up and decides to do another Batman, we shall see.

    “Well if the industry would offer them better parts to choose from they would come running” <—- @Logan YES! I don't understand why 50 Shades HAS to be made into a movie either. It's obvious they can't find an actor who wants to play Christian Grey. Most are either afraid it'll butcher their career, aren't fond of it, aren't in to it, etc.

  44. carrie Says:

    RP said many times he auditioned for Twilight because of Hardwicke and that he liked Thirteen and that he was broke and unemployed and being cast in an American production would be a big step in his career. Kristen already having the role was likely another reason since back then she had indie cred, but the whole thing about him auditioning just to meet her was all pr spin, imo. It was business.

    And speaking of superhero roles, I just saw that Michael B. Jordan was cast as Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four. Much as I like him, I’m sort of bummed, because Taylor would’ve nailed that role imo.

    As for Tracers, does anyone else think there’s a chance it could go to Sundance? It feels like the type of film they show there a lot. We’d get so many great interviews and photos if it did. Maybe even some snowboarding shots! Crossing my fingers.

  45. Jess Says:

    Taylor leaving Smith House Steak Restaurant in LA on 19 October

  46. Jess Says:

    TL-Life has the pics of Taylor at Smith House in HQ. (You have to login to see them though)

  47. vera Says:

    @carrie, I agree with you. RP audition only to meet KS- it`s a Catherine Hardwicke`s fairytales for robsten dreams,imo.
    but RP was unemployed before Twilight? hmm..always wondered about this-The Bad Mother’s Handbuk, Little Ashes, How to Be,the three main role…
    before Twilight audition Taylor have only one role,in TV “My personal enemy,” then perhaps, he too, could be considered unemployed..

    @Jess -thank you! he looks so good.i think,he is always happy after steak eating :)

  48. vera Says:

    i mean,My Own Worst Enemy,of course.

  49. chanda w Says:

    OMG! Taylor is showing his teeth. Not just the sexy grin, luv it. Tarik in tow and who is the new guy , haven’t seen him before? Cool car Tay!
    All black , once again, but he’s so cute, it doesn’t even matter.
    He would wait until summer break was over to hang around LA, lol.
    Thanks, Jess for the pics.

    Logan, I couldn’t agree more with your comment, Hollywood likes learning the hard way. Carrie, Hardwicke was too into Twilight and the actors, she became a fangirl, too funny.

    My Own Worst Enemy was sorta interesting, but Tay was barely on the show, and I think he did it after he filmed the first Twilight, movie, Vera, Taylor was constantly working on something, so he wasn’t idle for long, lol.
    Pretty sure he is quietly getting a new project together now. He likes being on the go. Patiently waiting on Tracers release date.

  50. Emily Says:

    What kind of car IS that?? Haven’t seen him in it before. Nice.

  51. Emily Says:

    Never mind. I see now that it’s his Fisker. It looked cream-colored on my phone until I enlarged the picture. Still nice, though.

  52. kia Says:

    Oh happy Sunday to me!!! Taylor looking very fine in then new candids! Thanks Jess!

    Forgive me for saying on this Sunday day but the things I’ll do to him in that car! Yummy!!!!!

  53. vera Says:

    chanda w … yes, it seems you’re right, it was after the first film, but for me, it makes little difference.for him, certainly it was not easy, as for many other young actors, but he’s not one of those who like to complain and to get a lot of sympathy. :)

  54. Mystique Says:

    Omg Taylor looks so hot in these pics!! Very nice….. Good to see him out and about again. I feel like a crack addict lol…I just saw the reading for boogie nights, bit now I want more!!!! Ugh….lol

    Re: the lack of young Hollywood male leads…
    I think the biggest problem is social media and the fact that studios focus more on how much money a movie out actor can bring in and not on anything else smh! 15 years ago ago it just wasn’t like this! :( Blue all gamma and media worry about is box officer numbers. Young Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt didn’t have to worry about this so much

  55. Mystique Says:

    Sorry…Swyping on my phone made a lot of mistakes lol ….I meant the media and critics lol

  56. marianne Says:

    Jess…Thanks for the pics. He looks happy.

    kia….Knowing how Taylor feels about his cars, I don’t think you’ll be doing anything messy in that car!!

    Mystique…I agree with your opinion on the studios. It’s all about the money. Animation, comic heroes, and sequels.

    vera… Hardwicke talking about the Robsten audition tape always made me gag. It’s nauseating how the Robsten fans worship her.

    Emily…I’ll be waiting for your review of Boogie Nights.

  57. Emily Says:

    Marianne–Ha, ha! I’ll give that later tonight. Have a bunch of things to get accomplished this afternoon. Let’s just say, my reaction was definitely NOT what I was expecting!!!

  58. Emily Says:

    Back to those restaurant pictures—I just noticed—He’s NOT wearing the beloved boots!! He’s wearing some sort of black sneakers!! Way to change things up a LITTLE, Sweetie!!!

  59. Jess Says:

    @Emily, he’s not changing it up TOO much ! They are sneakers he wore while filming Tracers…

    I’m off to find a life now!!! hahaha (In my defence, it’s not like he has the most enormous selection of clothing to remember what he wore at certain times.)

    ps. @Emily, @Logan, re. the ‘Taylor Tour’ – I can think of no better way to enjoy visiting the places Taylor loves, than with the people who love Taylor! (Apart from if Taylor decided to be our tour guide – THAT would be better!)

  60. chanda w. Says:

    I like the fact that Tay doesn’t play the pity party game either. He’s tough.
    So thought he had a new car, it looked a different color at first. Still nice.
    Good to see he changes up his shoes, with his limited(by choice) wardrobe, lol.

  61. kia Says:

    Marianne – Welp I guess I’ll leave the whipped cream at home.

    Vera, Chanda- I’m glad that Taylor’s isn’t like that. There’s a lot of young hollywood that has that pity party ,oh poor me sympathy BS!

  62. Jess Says:

    @Chanda, Vera, Kia, I love that Taylor is always quietly working away at something – getting work done rather than making a big fuss about himself.

  63. Emily Says:

    accv—I just saw your comment #105 on the other thread and wanted to respond:

    “@Emily… OMG. You and I are the same. I can’t STAND blood and gore. As for sex, I’ve become a little more tolerable of it. I can manage more alone than I can with others around me. It’s just one of those matters that I feel should be private. I don’t take sex lightly. For me, it’s about love RE: blood and gore… that’s why I can’t watch many movies”

    Yes, I agree with you 100%!! Sex scenes—yes, I can usually manage fine, but, I do like for SOME things to be left more to the imagination, and YES, I usually prefer to watch those alone!! LOL! And, yes, I like the “love” aspect to be focused on more than the physical. (Now, to completely contradict myself, I still CAN’T WAIT for Taylor’s first love scene in Tracers!!!!)

    The blood and gore–YES!!! I can’t stand it either!! It actually turns my stomach, even when I know it’s fake!! Also, I can’t watch many scary movies either. Maybe if I didn’t live alone, in a sort-of secluded neighborhood……I’ve tried in the past and have learned my lesson the hard way!!!

  64. Emily Says:

    Now: Marianne (and Catherine!!)– I watched Boogie Nights on Friday night and said I’d give my review. If you haven’t seen it and are planning to watch it, stop reading now if you don’t want any spoilers!!!!!!!

    OK, here it goes!

    I don’t know if I would go so far as to say I actually “liked” the movie, but I did think it was really good. Shocking, coming from fairly-conservative me, I know!!!!

    I remember when it originally came out in ’97. I heard lots of people talking about it and how “dirty” it was and everything. I had NO desire to see it. However, I guess things have really changed in the last 15 or so years, b/c I didn’t think it was any worse than watching a show on HBO nowadays. I didn’t think it was even as bad as an episode of Game of Thrones!

    First, there was a lot LESS cussing than I thought there would be. I thought every word out of Dirk’s mouth would be filthy, AND it seemed like that girl on Twitter only mentioned the really bad stuff, so I thought that was all there was.

    There WAS a lot of language, but, the first f-bomb didn’t happen until about 12 minutes into the movie, and he wasn’t even the one to say it. There wasn’t much nudity either. There was a full frontal shot of Heather Graham, and a butt shot of Mark (quite nice, I must say!), but even the final scene where he whips “it” out of his pants in front of the mirror wasn’t that shocking, b/c I knew it was a prosthetic and wasn’t real (and, it kind of just hung there, so it was actually sort of funny to me, LOL). The sex scenes when they were shooting the “movies” were no worse really than stuff you see on network TV now. (Although the things they were saying weren’t really what you’d hear on your basic TV show.) The thing that I found the most shocking was just all the characters being so open about sex and just having it right there in front of other people like it was no big deal!!! I guess that’s why they were porn stars!! I just couldn’t wrap my head around that!!

    Mark did have some language, but, his character was actually really SWEET and endearing!!! I couldn’t believe it! He was supposed to be 17 when it started. His mom was really mean and kicked him out of the house. I didn’t really get why she did that. I didn’t feel like it was really explained well in the movie. He worked in a club where the porn people hung out. Burt Reynolds (who I’ve never liked, but he was actually pretty great in this) was a director and thought he was good-looking and then heard about his huge, um “member” and offered him a job.

    You know how Taylor is cute and adorable like a little puppy one minute and then is just completely smoking hot the next second??? That’s sort of what the character of Dirk was like!!! I felt really sad for him when he started getting into drugs and was declining. There’s this scene where he gets beaten up near the end and I teared up, b/c I didn’t want anything bad to happen to him!!!!!!! Can you believe it???

    I could TOTALLY see Taylor pulling off the essence of the character. I would still not want to see him play a porn star or see him be a druggie like he turned out to be, but the sweet, endearing, naive hot guy—-yeah, he could have definitely done that part.

    I really tried to imagine Taylor saying the lines, but I couldn’t really do it. I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY still want to see footage from that live reading. Now, not so much to hear him talk dirty (although I still want to hear that, I’ll admit), but I want to see how he brought this character to life.

    Long story short—I thought it was actually pretty good. I wasn’t scarred for life, or really even embarrassed TOO much. Now, I definitely wouldn’t have wanted to watch it with someone else in the room, but…………………………………….

    So. There’s my review. Much better than anticipated and it helped me better understand why Taylor may have chosen to do it. It was actually a really good part to play—one that I think he’d do well with. If you haven’t seen it, I would recommend it, just to see the departure from the roles Taylor has played so far.

  65. Jess Says:

    Thank you so much Emily for your review of Boogie Nights. You have so very nearly almost made me want to see it.

    I am someone who has all these years held a very negative and (I admit) uninformed view about the movie. Basically, I heard what it was about and said “Nup – not for me thank you” and only ever heard the ‘bad’ stuff said about it (ie swearing/sex/nudity/drugs/porn etc.) So it is very good to hear from you that it isn’t just a shock value movie, but has a genuine meaningful story line, with engaging and sympathetic characters.

    I was always glad that Taylor had done the BN live read, but now I’m even happier. I also wish there was footage and I would definitely watch it in a heartbeat, not for the ‘naughty stuff’, but to hear Taylor play a character so outside of anything I can imagine, and see the depth that he can bring to such a role. And yeah, OK, so that I can actually picture in my brain Taylor saying bad words!

    I hope in the future that when people talk to Taylor about his role in BN, that they don’t simply focus on the shock side of things, but actually discuss the fact that he is now doing unexpected and challenging work, and has shown that he is more than just “a shirtless wonder”.

    I wonder if Taylor would now consider doing any theatre work after his BN experience?

  66. Logan Says:

    @ Carrie, can you or somebody else please explain what Sundance is or represents? I do remember Taylor accepting a grant on behalf of Sundance….institute. And how does snowboarding come into this….

    @ Taylor, what no V-neck? But I like the shiny black T…..

    @ Vera, he looks happy after eating steak, LOL! So true……

    It would be out of this world if Taylor decided his new project would be something his production company was involved in with a unknown actor in the leading role, just because he can.

  67. marianne Says:

    Emily…Thank you for the great review of BNs. I almost drown my laptop with ice tea when you said ” the final scene where he whips “it” out”. I admit that when I first heard about this read I thought oh no, here come all the shirtless comments etc. From your review it sounds like there is an actual story line. Think I will watch it to appreciate what Taylor portrayed.

  68. Emily Says:

    Marianne–Glad you enjoyed the review. Sorry about your laptop! :)

    Yes, it was actually pretty good. I was really quite shocked! It was definitely the most complex character he’s played so far.

  69. accv Says:

    OMG. I actually thought ya’ll watched the live reading. LOL. I was about to die. Like seriously, were there ANY cameras around for it? Like, if audience cameras were banned, at least a couple of “official” cameras to film it? If not, I wanna throw popcorn at everyone who thought not bringing in cameras at all was a good idea.

    But WOW Emily… great recap/summary! I almost felt like I had watched it ;) But it doesn’t help because now I REALLY resent the fact that there is still no footage at all from it so we can watch Taylor in action. *snicker* Perhaps Taylor was fine with a live reading, because it’s a reading and not a reenactment? I mean… if there’s a sex scene between Dirk and that lady character played by Heather Graham… then I don’t think Taylor would put it into consideration as much. Unless ya’ll disagree. I dunno, that’s what I’m thinking… surely it’s a challenge for him, but because it was a live reading instead of actually acting out the script/screenplay… it was easier for him? Then again, none of us would object to seeing him in his entirety, right? *wink wink* LOL!

  70. accv Says:

    Also @Emily… yes, it gets annoying when people are like, “SERIOUSLY?? It’s FAKE blood and gore!” And I’m like… isn’t the point to make it look REALISTIC?! WELL… it WORKED. LOL!

  71. Emily Says:

    accv—NO!!!! Believe me, if and when I get to watch the actual footage of this, if it exists, I will remember and recap EVERY SINGLE SECOND!!! I think it was the director in charge of everything that has the “no taping” rule. I feel he should be taken into a public square and flogged for such a horrible idea!!! It’s so not fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I agree–I think Taylor was game enough to tackle this BECAUSE it was just a live reading and not an actual part in a movie. I could be totally wrong, but I don’t see him making quite so huge a leap from Jacob and Nathan to Dirk in his actual movie career, at least not for a little while yet. I would have ZERO objections to seeing any of him he’s willing to show, but, like I said, I think it will be a little while. Maybe we’ll get a sneak-peek in Tracers.

    Ditto on your last comment!! :)

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