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Check out photos of Taylor Lautner leaving “Smith House” Steak Restaurant in Los Angeles late last night (October 19th).

Gallery Link:
» 2013 Candids: Leaving “Smith House” Steak Restaurant in Los Angeles – October 19th [HQ]

155 Responses to “Taylor Lautner leaving “Smith House” Steak Restaurant in Los Angeles”

  1. Emily Says:

    He looks really happy. That makes ME happy. He looked rather down after the Bon Jovi concert–but, he may have just been tired, or annoyed he was being photographed, or both……………

    He certainly has reason to be happy right now—-He just enjoyed a delicious steak (if I had to guess, leaving a steakhouse), has an awesome car, has good friends, looks gorgeous in the most simple outfit, FINALLY got rave reviews for a role he took on, has a new movie coming out soon, winter campaign for Bench (I hope) and probably something else lined up to do next.Keep the momentum going!!!!!

  2. kia Says:

    His Smile!!! Emily- Yes 2013 was a good year for him! Can’t wait to see what happen in ’14

  3. Evelyn Says:

    Looking mouth watering gorgeous Taylor. Keep it up!

  4. Jess Says:

    It’s always nice to see Taylor looking happy. Makes my day seem so much better when I know he’s smiling. :-)

    Am I crazy, (well obviously!), or does that guy getting in the car with Taylor look like this dude…

  5. Logan Says:

    No way Jess! If I had to guess the guy looks more like Patrick. I don’t think Taylor will have that security!dude working for him ever! He made that scene so much worse…ugh
    Am I alone here or do more of you wish he would loose the caps already. I seriously don’t like the caps. I like his hair too much and this way you don’t get to look at his eyes properly….oh well…no such thing happening with the way Taylor looovvveeess his caps.

  6. Logan Says:

    I do like the way that T is stretching over them pecs and almost showing some abs…
    How come after eating steak he doesn’t seem to have a full belly?

  7. Evelyn Says:

    Maybe he did not have a steak?

  8. Catherine Says:

    @emily – just read your review on the other thread – that’s my opinion of the movie, exactly! Sordid, but with a real story behind it. Yes, Taylor took a risky role, and everyone focused on the shock value aspect (but hey, that got him a LOT of good attention!) but it’s about more than that. Mark Wahlberg got acting credit for a reason, and I’m so glad the same happened for Taylor. I’d love to see the scene with his mother during the reading…one of the reviews said that Taylor played that really well.

    @logan – I’m not fond of the caps either…and don’t shoot me down, but I think his hair needs a trim! I liked it in the BD1 wedding scene, longer on top, but neater round the sides. Who am I to criticise though…my fringe is so long I can barely see what I’m typing!!!!!

    New announcement, pretty please? Capitalise on those ACE reviews, boy! They couldn’t have been any better. Yay for the critics writing unbiased, fair, stuff for a change, it was lovely :)

  9. Mystique Says:

    Emily, Kia, Jess–Yessss, he’s smiling! He looks great either way (smiling or not), but I do like to see him happy. I don’t think he was UNhappy in the Bon Jovi pics…..actually, imo he looked like he had had a little “drinky-drink” that night lol.
    He looked a little out of it somewhat lol…and tired.

    Here he looks more “alert”. I’m SO going that this was a Business meeting/venture dinner and not just a “night out”. I’m waiting so anxiously to know what his next project is!!!!! That reading (and the accolades he received) opened up some doors I’m sure. I’m just curious to see what his next move is. Something is closely coming on the horizon…..I just KNOW IT! ^_^

    Catherine—-Yes, I never thought I would say this (since I’m always fantasizing about setting him with shoulder-length hair one day for a movie role), but I actually kind of miss his shorter (more groomed) hair as well! He was perfectly coiffed for the Twilight saga promotions I see lol! I think this look might be closer to his down style. :) Plus, the “messy look” is in for guysv these days. He doesn’t look sloppy though. He knows how to be a little laid back, but at the same time, when he cleans up, he cleans up WELL. :)

  10. *Vickey* Says:

    Finished my research paper for my documentary class and now I finally have time to catch up with things here! :)

    Emily— Great review Em! You hit some interesting points! Now that Tay has read it and I read your review it, a rewatch wouldn’t hurt. :) I haven’t seen it in FOREVER.

    He looks so happy! Gahhh! Makes me smile, his smile is so contagious! I agree @Kia 2013 definitely was a good year for him! Still more to come!

    Mystique— Lol! “a little ‘drinky-drink’ that night” I agree! He does look more alert and happy in these photos! Oh man, I didn’t think of that! He could’ve been at a business meeting! Oooh! This *rolls around in bed* can’t wait to see what’s next for him, what project, etc. Also the release of Tracers!!!

    Catherine/Mystique— Yeps! I miss his shorter hair too. Haha. He looks good with both imo, but you’re right the “messy look” is in for guys. Funny enough my guy friends have been wearing their hair that way lately. Speaking of Taylor cleaning up, I love him a suit!

    Here is Taylor in a suit for you guys :P

  11. Logan Says:

    Yes! Thank you Vickey for that pic
    The way Taylor fills out those suits mmm.mmm.mmm *as in ai papi!*

    The guy with him ( not Tarik ) is not Patrick, got a good look at him in other stills, don’t know him. Could indeed be a business appointment. Fingers crossed!

    Leaving you with this one from Nikita. Most of it is (fan)art, and very well done, but it helps to visualize Taylor in different styles.

    See you in about 2 weeks. Going on a short holiday to beautifull Portugal.
    In case Taylor goes ninja you’ll know where he is…..hahahahaha

  12. Carly shoyer Says:

    sinceramente espero que ele não faça esse papel de ator pornô
    sei que terão milhares de garotas a favor, mas isso acaba prejudicando a imagem publica que ele reflete. Taylor deve pensar muito ANTES DE ACEITAR ESSE PAPEL

  13. Carly shoyer Says:


  14. kia Says:

    Logan – Have fun on your holiday vacation. and If we don’t see Taylor for two weeks then were all taking a plane to Portugal. LOL

  15. Evelyn Says:

    I actually love his hair length now. So sexy, so entwining, so natural. I can see myself running and tangling my fingers in it.

    I gotta stop now while I can, lol. Sexy, bedroom-y hair.

  16. Kara Says:

    @Evelyn I agree lol. I love his hair like this too

  17. Emily Says:

    I like his hair just fine now, but, I will admit, my favorite was the “longer on top” and short in the back faux-hawk thing he had going on in New Moon and Eclipse. It just seemed to fit him really well.

    Evelyn–Don’t even start!! I’ve barely recovered from last week and “porn star Taylor.”

  18. Emily Says:

    OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Somebody posted this on nikitajuice’s Tumblr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GOING TO SEE A PRE-SCREENING OF TRACERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ahem, sorry, got a little carried away there!! Can anyone tell I’m ready for this movie????

  19. kia Says:

    Emily- Don’t apologize! I’m screaming too. MY BODY IS READY!!!

  20. Johanna Says:

    @Emily I just threw up a little in my mouth
    i really HOPE this is true and not someone trying to play some joke and i hope they can get a least something even if its only like 10 seconds

    Now please excuse me while i go scream into a pillow followed by rocking back and forth in my corner

  21. Emily Says:

    I’m sitting here laughing at all of us (myself included)!!! We’re such Taylor-dorks!!! I would challenge any other fans anywhere else to be more “fangirly” than us!!!!!!

  22. kia Says:

    Johanna ,Emily- This is like an Emergency alert for all us!!

  23. marianne Says:

    This pre-screening post proves my point that we will need oxygen tanks when we see this movie!!! Hope this info is true.

  24. Jess Says:

    Emily I just saw your comment about the prescreening as I was scrolling down and screamed at my computer WHAT! HOW?! WHAT! Lucky for me I’m here alone (I think I scared my poor dog away though!)

    I don’t think any of us are going to be able to handle this movie. We can’t even handle little news items. What’s it going to be like when there are pictures and footage and interviews and premieres and reviews and (dare I say it…) the actual movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Marianne I don’t think oxygen tanks will be enough. I think I will need hospitalisation and sedation before they show me the movie, then oxygen throughout, and then a life-time of therapy afterward (perhaps I should start that now! hahaha)

  25. Catherine Says:

    Pre-screening?! Someone’s getting to watch Tracers already?!!! While I’m stuck at my desk for hours and hours and hours with only a stupid malfunctioning printer for company?! Urrrrggghhh. Life’s so unfair. Oh, and we’ve had torrential rainstorms for a week too. Get me on a plane to LA…


  26. Mystique Says:

    @Vickey–awwww! I love the picture of Taylor in a suit that you posted. I think that is one of my favorite suits he has written so far! He looks so handsome, and that suit is fitting in ALL the right places. Very tailored…very nice! Very expensive lol I can tell haha.

    @EMILY—-OMG! I can’t believe a screening of Tracers is already out! Oh em gee! See…..this is why I didn’t need yet another announcement like the one we had last WEEK! I fear my mind will be slipping right back into the gutter again……oy vey…..Lol

    I can’t wait to see that movie….you hear me? And unless friends invite me to go see it, I’m going opening weekend by myself lol. I feel like I will need to watch that movie by myself first before inviting other friends to come lol. I’m not sure what I’m liable of saying or doing during the movie lol!!!

    Yes, we ARE Taylor Dorks lol! #proud

    @Jess–Aww your poor dog lol! I’m sure that excitement probably scared it to death LOL!

    ***Btw…in case anyone was interested, I JUST updated my Taylor fan fic/story (“Destiny’s Secrets”) on Fan! :)

    I added Chapter 10: “An Invitation” and Chapter 11: “Movie Night”!
    Hope you Enjoy! :)

  27. *Vickey* Says:

    Logan— You’re welcome! Haha. You took the words right out of my mouth about him filling a suit! :P

    Thanks for that picture Logan! REALLY love that photoset!

    Awe, have a nice vacation in Portugal! So jealous of you right now! :) Like @Kia said we’ll be sure to pay a visit if Taylor goes ninja then! Hahaha.

    Evelyn— Sexy bedroom hair! Yes ma’am!

    Emily— Wait, what??!! Nikita’s Kelly Rowland gif reaction was my exact face!!! OMG!!! Whoever that anon is, she or he is SOOOOO lucky! Don’t worry, your fangirling is accepted here. LOL. I can’t wait for this movie! GAHHHHHHH!!

    @Kia “MY BODY IS READY!!” —-> LOL

    Johanna- Oh that didn’t even cross my mind. I hope its true too! The anon said they’d give a report. Can’t wait to see what he/she says!

    Marianne— Lol!! How many Oxygen tanks will we need? I’m preordering a few..

    Jess– Bless the girl/guy’s heart who’s going to see this pre-screening!!! Hope they make it through the entire thing :P

    Catherine– Life is unfair! Haha. Headed to my French III class in a few, so I’ll have to suffer in silence.

    Mystique— I looks sooo good11 on him! Does he know that? What it does to us?
    Oooh, got the email! Gonna try to read them if not today, Friday! :)

  28. *Vickey* Says:

    Carly Shoyer—
    Just translated what you said!
    Portuguese! :)

    Oh, eu compreendo perfeitamente a sua preocupação! Ele não assumir o papel/ele não foi oferecido a parte no filme. Ele apenas fez uma leitura para o diretor com outros atores. Concordo ainda que ele tivesse uma boa resposta, eu não acho que ele vai fazer um filme com a pornografia.

    Você é de onde? (Where are you from?)

  29. Mystique Says:

    @Logan—Oooo Portugal! Awesome! I’m so jelly! Enjoy your vacation @Logan! :) It sounds nice. We’ll know where Taylor is if we don’t see him out and about for the next 2 weeks lol. ^_^

  30. kia Says:

    @Vickey – Screaming at that gif. That will surely be me when the trailer comes out.

    I hope whoever was this person is telling the truth and isn’t lying. One thing you don’t wanna do is to piss this fandom off!

  31. *Vickey* Says:

    Kia— LOL. I felt it was appropriate!
    i hope they are too because it would piss a few people off! I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

  32. Emily Says:

    This is really cute. It’s something about 10 “quirks” that Taylor has. I’ve noticed all of them before (Mystique–Have you???? Ha! Just kidding!), but I never realized the one where he bites the right side of his mouth more than the left. It makes me feel better that other fans seem to have spent as much time staring at him as I have!

    Be sure to watch the video with the guy in the yellow shirt. Towards the end, this fan has one minute to spend with him and get him to touch all this stuff. Her reaction and his reaction are hilarious!!! I’ve never seen that video before. It was when he was in Brazil.

    I wish my computer could translate Portuguese better for that site. They always have the neatest stuff on there, but the translations leave something to be desired.

  33. Johanna Says:

    @Emily you noe I have also noticed all of these quirks but never really realized that i did if you noe what i mean
    I actually have found that i do a few of the ones he does now i dont noe if its cuz i have seen Tay do it so many times or if its just my own bad habits but I tend to bite my lips all the time and if you were to ever meet me you would notice that i constantly flip my hair like a lot now wen i do it its annoying but wen Taylor does it is like really Hot

    I saw the vid THAT GIRL WAS CRAAAAZZZYYYYY but honestly if i had that chance i would have just passes out
    I loved that he so sweet and such a good sport about it cuz lets face it she went all out and wouldnt even let him go (Not like anyone here would not try that i noe i would hold on for dear life!)

    I do kind of feel bad cuz that must have felt kind of awkward but he handled it with such grace he really is a perfect gentlemen :)

  34. Johanna Says:

    O I forgot to mention but his ass looked great in those pants! :)

  35. Emily Says:

    Johanna–Yes, that girl seemed quite overwhelmed, understandably so. She got “THE HUG” from Taylor. He looks like he gives THE BEST hugs. No wimpy, one-armed side hugs like most guys. He does the “two-armed, full frontal, squeeze you tight” kind! Actually, I think that girl got at least three of them from him. No fair……………………… :(

    I was laughing when Taylor was calling “Nice to meet you, thanks for the bear!” as she is literally being carried away by that interviewer!! He was so sweet to her.

  36. Emily Says:

    Ooops–I forgot to mention–I noticed the Calvin Klein underwear peeking out. Guess I’ll have to go back, watch again, and look lower! ;)

  37. Mystique Says:

    Emily—–GAAAAAAHHHHHH Whyyyyy!!??? Why is he so beautiful??? lol! Thanks for that Brazil Interview. I had never seen it either!

    ONE Minute?? Just ONE minute?? Ha! Hmmm….just give me one minute with Taylor annnndddd……….. Ooops….am I saying this out loud?? LOL! #blush

    Anyway, YES surprisingly I have noticed each and every one of Taylor’s “quirks”/habits lol!!!! AMAAAZING huh?? <—-"Amazing" is a word he likes to use a lot also lol. ^_^

    I've noticed each and every one of those things that he does lol. I guess subconsciously I HAVE been paying a lot of attention to him huh? Hahaha. :D

    I even notice that he tends to scratch/or pick? at his chin hair/stubble sometimes when he's answering questions.

    He DOES tend to pout sometimes when he talks!

    Awww….poor girl! She was FAN-girling! OMG! I can't blame her, I almost "lost it" myself when I met him in person. The ONLY thing keeping me from just going totally BALLISTIC was the fact that his body guard (the big Russian guy) kept telling us (the crowd) that Taylor would "leave" if we didn't calm down lol. At first I thought I was just going to be like: "yeah yeah yeah….Taylor Lautner…no big deal. I'm older than these other girls here, there's no way I'm going to freak out…." lol. THEN, he came out and I was like: "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!" *freaking OUT!!!* I was literally reduced to a little child when he came out hahaha!!! ^_^
    So, I'm not going to judge that girl TOO harshly lol. :D

    But get me in the room alone with him? HA! I'm pretty sure I would probably freak out even MORE without any holds barred lol. I would need more than one minute to calm down though haha.

    I don't think I would have to be carried off like that girl was lol, but inside I'd be DYING to cling on to him just like she did rotfl! #realtalk

    Taylor was still a gentleman all throughout. Honestly, I think he loves the attention lol. :) I think it would probably take a lot to freak him out when it comes to fans. I think he's seen a lot. He wanted to bring the girl back LOL! :D Awwww….

    I KNOW He gives the best hugs. Big BEAR hugs. :)

    Did you guys hear in the video him make a comment about how "….and the girls aren't too bad either…"??? LOL!!! I was dying laughing. See, THIS is the side of himself I wish he would show more of in the US lol. :)

    JOhanna—Lol….his ummm… "assetts" look good ALL the time lol! Actually this look (Brazil) is one of my favorites. I know he was a lot smaller then, but he was still VERY lean and muscular, you can tell. He looked GREAT! :D

  38. Emily Says:

    Mystique–I don’t know why. He just IS! I’m so proud of you! See, you’re more observant than you thought!

    YES, I did hear him say “and the girls aren’t too bad either….”
    I laughed. Why does he seem more himself and at ease when he’s in a foreign country?

    If I were ever able to hug him, I don’t think someone would have to pry me off of him, but, I’m not making any promises. :)

  39. Johanna Says:

    If i was that girl believe me there is no army out there that could hold me back i would fight to stay and never let go of him

    I also that it was funny and sweet wen he called out to the girl saying thank you for the bear

    AHHHHHH I wish i could just squeeze him

    And his hugs would definitely be the best. I mean just imagine being embraced by those strong arms and your arms wrapped around his waist and sliding your hand up and down that glorious muscular back

  40. Emily Says:

    Johanna–Just STOP IT!!!! :)

  41. marianne Says:

    Looks like Taylor fans were trolled re: Tracers prescreening??

  42. kia Says:

    Marianne – I feel cheated -___-

  43. Emily Says:

    What do you mean? It didn’t actually happen?

  44. marianne Says:

    Emily…The la-anon that messaged Nikita on her tumblr hasn’t given her any review yet, so I was assuming she was trolled.

  45. Emily Says:


    Maybe she was just too overcome with the awesomeness of it that she hasn’t recovered the use of all her faculties yet……………………………………….

  46. Catherine Says:

    Do you know…I reckon it’s too soon for a prescreening. If the film was good to go, it wouldn’t have a possible March/April release date (if that’s correct!) it’d be capitalising on the Christmas cinema-goers. Maybe. Don’t the film festivals come first anyway? Not sure. Ah, I read too many movie sites!!!

    Rob Pattinson’s movie (The Rover) isn’t close to release, and he started filming a good long while before Taylor. I’m the least patient person on the planet, but I get that these things take time to put together. Frustrating, though, isn’t it?!

    Question – has anyone seen ‘Gravity’ yet? It gets it’s UK release next Fri, and I may drag my sister along, if it’s worth a see…

  47. Jess Says:

    To cope with our disappointment here’s a new GU2 interview. A few different and interesting questions/answers.

    FYI Taylor – I’m a dork too!

  48. Jess Says:

    BTW, I don’t know if it’s just me but for some reason the interview (see link above) starts somewhere towards the end. I just dragged the time thingy back to the start and it played the interview from the beginning.

    Ohhhh! I just worked it out – this link will start it from the beginning…

  49. johanna Says:

    Go to nikkitas tumbler the report is up go right now!!!!!!! Icant comment right now but I will later

  50. Jess Says:

    Johanna – so happily, wonderfully speechless right now !!!!!!!!!!

    The spoilers aren’t really very spoilerish if you are worried ie no plot lines are revealed.

    Here’s the link so you can get there faster..

  51. Mystique Says:

    @Johanna—OMG!!!! Thank you SO much for the alert about the review for TRACERS up on Nikita’s site!

    Oh my goodness….I’m SO excited now! I was especially glad to hear that Taylor seems to have done a really good job in this film. Her comment about “he almost seems like a different actor” is AWESOME! That’s what I want! ^_^ He needs for people to “not recognize him” so that they can see that he IS versatile as an actor, and he’s growing.

    I think he has GREAT potential, and I agree with her….I think we’re finely going to see a much different Taylor than the Taylor we saw in “Abduction”! *squeals* :D.

    I can’t wait!

    And for those of you waiting with bated breath to hear Taylor say some dirty language, I think you’ll get your fix! Rofl! ^_^

    I was kind of sad-glad about the lack of a true love scene…… :-/ I DEFINITELY want to see more, and I’m MORE than ready to see Taylor in a more mature role/scene like that (BELIEVE me lol), but if that decided to take it out, or not go THAT far, then I’m okay with that also. Baby steps! Lol….. Plus,I think I’ll be fine after the humping against the wall scene lol!!!

    Maybe he knows his fans, and he read our comments on this site about needing oxygen masks and breathing ventilators in preparation for viewing his first on-screen love scene, and he didn’t want to harm us fans lol. After all, SOME of his fans are still quite young lol!! Awww…..look at him….always the gentleman lol. Lol! :D.

    Anyway I am so pumped after reading this review!!!!! AaHhhhhAAAAAHHHHH I can’t wait! I really wanna see him get action-packed in this role!

    I wish she would have touched more upon the on-screen chemistry (if any) between him and Marie in the film.

    Great review though! :)

  52. Nicole Says:

    I think we can request more spoilery comments from the girl who saw it through Nikitajuice. I def want to know more about the chemistry, the acting in general and of course a thrust by thrust on that dry hump screen. That’s right I said it. LOL

  53. kia Says:

    Now I’m more excited than ever!!! We gonna get to see the grown up Taylor YES!!!!

    I’m kind of satisfied of the love scene.not to much. Hey I’ll take some dry humping. LOL

    Cursing ,intense Taylor! Can this movie come any faster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Emily Says:

    Jess!!!!! Thank you!!! That interview!!!! That was when all those oh-so-beautiful pictures of him in that gray shirt were taken!! Yum. And, OMG, he ACTUALLY TALKED ABOUT HIS FAMILY!!!! Why can’t more interviewers ask him questions like that???????? “I didn’t realize my shoulder stuck out that far!” Too cute! I wish he had said who more of his “crushes” are. I’d be interested to know what other “types” he likes. And, stand in line, Jess—I bet I’m dorkier than you!!! Taylor–we’re meant to be!!! Ha ha!

    Now, on to you Johanna!!! When I got a message from Mystique that the girl had posted on nikita’s page, I literally dropped everything I was holding (stacks of paper and schoolbooks) onto my desk and sat and read every word. I should have known you’d be the one to find it first!! #private-eye

    I know the girl was trying not to give spoilers, but now I have even MORE questions!!! I wanted MORE details!!!

    I DISTINCTLY remember watching an interview with Marie (someone posted on here, I think) where she said, and I quote, “I just filmed my first love scene today. It was his (Taylor’s) too.” She said LOVE SCENE. I even went back and listened to it again to make sure she said that. Maybe there was more that was filmed that didn’t make it into the first cut of the movie?!?!?!?!?!? But, knowing we’ll get to see dry humping, “aftermath” shots of him shirtless in a bed, AND hear him swearing ( I DO NOT KNOW WHY THIS IS SO APPEALING TO ME—EVER SINCE THE LIVE READING, I HAVE REALLY WANTED TO HEAR THIS. I NEVER DID BEFORE!! I ALWAYS LOVED THE FACT THAT HE NEVER SWORE IN INTERVIEWS AND STUFF!!! WITH ANYONE ELSE, I HATE IT!!!), it might be OK that there isn’t more that is shown, b/c I don’t know how I’m going to handle all of this!!!!

    I’m so glad he was able to show off his athleticism throughout the movie. Seeing him in motion is a very beautiful thing to watch. I always thought it was such a shame that his character (Jacob) never got to actually do any of the action shots, when he would have been so good at it!

    And another thing—this girl that posted also got to go to the live reading?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? HOW does she make that happen and HOW can I meet her and become her best friend, so she’ll take me along to the next Taylor-themed experience??????????? Lucky bi-otch!!

  55. Emily Says:


    I don’t know if this is official or not, but this says that Lionsgate picked up Tracers and it will open on April 25, 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. kia Says:

    Emily – ASDFGHJKL Please let this be true!!!!!!!!!! if it is ,we may get a trailer somewhere between Jan/Feb!!!! Kia breathe Kia Breathhhhhhhhhhh!

  57. Jess Says:

    I think I will have to read that review of Tracers every day before the movie is released just so I can in some way prepare myself for what is to come.

    FYI – If Tracers is released stupidly late in Australia like what happened with GU2 (2 months after the rest of the world) – I’m jumping on a plane and heading to the US.

    I suddenly REALLY want to attend the premiere of Tracers. Like REALLY BADLY!

    Kia – Tracers trailer in Jan/Feb !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSEEEEEEE!!!!!!

    Emily – you, dorkier than me – hahahahaha – even Taylor isn’t dorkier than me! I loved how he was laughing at Makena in that interview – what an evil big brother he is ;-) Don’t know why but it just somehow makes me feel really good that one of his biggest crushes has the same name as me (just wish I looked like Jessica Alba!) Maybe it’s cause I get to hear him actually say my name – so lucky!
    Dorky and crazy – I’m the perfect catch :-D

  58. *Vickey* Says:

    Emily— Gahhhh!!! These pictures of Taylor in those suits! I can’t keep it together! My roommate is trying to sleep! lmao. Love him in that bow tie picture makes me smile!
    My God! And the “Oh Boy” gifs! PERFECT.
    And I agree Em! I never realized the one about him biting the right side of his mouth more than the left.

    Re: Video: He’s such a sweetheart! He wanted her to come back. I don’t blame her for using half of her time hugging him! The hug looked sooooo amazing!! Thanks for posting! Haven’t seen that Brazil interview before. ^.^

    Catherine— Gravity was AMAZING! You should definitely go see it. I enjoyed Sandra’s performance.

    Jess— Thanks for posting! I think we’re all dorks here and I love it!! Dork Central. Hahaha. I can understand him wanting to play roles that “don’t involve abs.” And awe poor Taylor not getting use to the weight. Lol.

    Johanna/Jess— OH GOD!!! Thank you soooo much! Gonna read it right now!

  59. *Vickey* Says:

    Just read the review and I CAN’T!!!
    So glad I had time to come onto the site today! I had no idea the anon got back to Nikita! So thank you for that Jess and Johanna! ^.^
    I honestly really really cannot wait to see this movie!!! I agree with you @Mystique the “different actor” comment in the review pulled me in 10x more than before! I can’t wait to see how he handles the role of Cam, according to the LA Anon sounds like he did a great job!

    Oh didn’t know he and his Dad co-produced it! Hmm. Yes, no sex scene. :/ But we get a dry humping bit and I’m like the anon, I’ll take it!!! Lol. Oh @Emily I didn’t know she had actually said that. Do you know the name of the video? Is it on Youtube? It could be that it didn’t make it into the movie, which would be a shame to take out (not to please us lol), but because if a Love Scene is written into a script, it usually serves a purpose. Like it shows the chem physically between the characters. Maybe they felt it wasn’t needed if it was filmed. I guess we’ll see! :)

    Either way, the “aftermath” of him lying there, my mind and my thoughts… LOL. I think I’m gonna go ahead and get our t-shirts ready and start the support group agenda.

    Emily—- APRIL 25, 2014????!?!?!?!?!? YESSSSSSS! Trailer sooner than we thought! ^.^

    So proud of him!! Speaking of spoilers, I’m curious about some other things too! One thing being (you guys already covered it) Taylor and Marie’s onscreen chemistry.

  60. *Vickey* Says:

    Mystique— Oh by the way just read the new chapters to your story! LOVED them! Gonna leave a comment soon! ^__^

  61. Chez Says:

    This is making me want Tracer’s to be out now lol CAN’T WAIT!!!!!

    I saw this and hope that Taylor doesn’t get cast in Fifty Shades Of Grey, Taylor is worth more.

  62. Catherine Says:

    @vickey – thanks for the recommendation, we’ll be booking tickets for Fri. I do love Clooney :)

    I didn’t really know what a pre-screening was…I’m guessing it’s almost like having a focus group watch something, so they can report back and they can alter stuff if needs be? The lovely Nikita explains it well. Makes me wonder if there was ever one for BD2, Christ, I’d love to have given my opinion on that disaster ;)

    I cannot wait to see this. It’s all good with me! I’m guessing not having an explicit scene will keep the rating down to a 12A or 15 (or the US equivalent) which means the young fans he picked up as Jacob (who are older themselves now, obviously!!!) will be able to see it. An 18 (is it NC17 or R over there?) wouldn’t be fair on a huge chunk of his loyal fanbase. Much as I’d like to see more. Gulp…

    I absolutely LOVE that the girl says he’s like a different actor, but the perfect grin shows a flash of the old Taylor :)

    No idea what’s next – when he said he was doing something Sept/Oct, was he simply referring to the Boogie Nights project? (I’m still thrilled that that happened – a real turning point, had us all screeching ‘WHAAAAAAT?!’ at our laptops, haha!)

  63. Catherine Says:

    @chez – just read your comment, and totally agree. Please no. Bad enough they’ve now cast a Brit. Embarrassing :(

  64. Jess Says:

    Vickey, put my name down for a support group t-shirt!

    Here’s the link to the Marie Avgeropoulos interview. She starts talking about Tracers from 7.20.

  65. chanda w. Says:

    I knew Tracers was gonna be good. Tay was so hyped about it. The review gave just enough to make me wanna see this movie ASAP! It seems like the storyline is gonna be great. Not gonna lie, I was looking forward to a “love scene” as Marie described, but Taylor shirtless in bed, is alright, (this time).

    Hoping that Lionsgate did pick up Tracers, April is enough time for me to get myself together to see him on the big screen again, (dry humping) lol Oh I’m too excited!!

    But, knowing Taylor he isn’t gonna do anything too vulgar onscreen.

    And no Tay doesn’t not want to be a part of 50 Shades of Twilight Porn. Wish they would stop throwing his name around, he has moved on.

    Luvin’ all these GUPS2 interviews, Tay looks absolutely gorgeous in each one and he’s so quick witted. I like how he’ s so family oriented and that he’s aware people adore him , but he doesn’t take himself too seriously.

  66. chanda w. Says:

    Not sure if I read it wrong , but I think that release date is for the movie The Quiet Ones (horror), not Tracers. The wording is confusing. But, Tracers has to get a release date soon, the guy doing the music score is supposedly big stuff. Oh come on Lionsgate, as much money they made off of Tay’s body and The Twilight Sagas, pick the movie up already.

  67. Jess Says:

    If you have 15 seconds to spare….here’s a teeny tiny movie of Taylor filming Tracers.

  68. Jess Says:

    Two new movies from the Bench press conference in Manila. I wish we could see the whole press conference, not just these snippets.

    So if I remember correctly, Taylor said he did a photoshoot for the Bench Winter and holiday campaigns. Does that mean Christmas?… Will we see these campaigns soon?… Winter, (for you guys at least), is only five weeks away!… And why am I imagining Taylor in a knitted jumper with snowflakes and reindeer on it? hahaha!

  69. Jess Says:

    It’s monday morning here and I am procrastinating…
    Here’s a sneak peek of the tattoo on Taylor’s chest for Tracers…

  70. Emily Says:

    Thanks for the links, Jess. It’s still Sunday evening here, but I’m procrastinating, too!

    Here is a link to an article about Taylor’s house burning down when he was 3 (again, not translated very well, but you get the gist). I had heard about this, but not until fairly recently. Made me wonder—is that why we’ve never seen a baby picture (I mean like infant and toddler) of Taylor??? Did they all (or most of them) get destroyed in the fire? How sad, if true!!!!

  71. Johanna Says:

    @Emily omg i didnt noe that happened to Taylor thats really scary
    My question is when did he talk about this cuz it just seems kinda personal idk i just dont think he would have talked about this but either way that must have been scaring for him im just glad he and his mom weren’t in the house wen it happened

  72. Emily Says:

    Johanna–I don’t know when that interview was done, but I have read in several different places (I couldn’t tell you where now, b/c I read so much stuff from so many places) that his house burned when he was 3. I know internet info isn’t true lots of times, so I’m not 100% sure about this, but you can Google it and lots of links pop up.

  73. chanda w. Says:

    Tay’s house did burn down when he was four. I’ve been ordering back issues of his magazine covers Rolling Stone, Seventeen and general Taylor fan books, I can’t remember which one I read it in but, he stated that his dad was gone and the family went to stay over with an aunt and somehow the house burned down. Thank goodness for the aunt. So is it verified Lionsgate picked up Tracers or The Quiet Ones? Just want to make sure I read the article correctly. Where’s @Firereign?

  74. Nicole Says:

    Chandra I read what you read about lionsgate. I don’t think tracers has an actual release date yet.

  75. *Vickey* Says:

    Catherine— No problem! Oh yayy! And yes Clooney is lovely! :P

    Oh and yeah! That’s pretty much what a pre-screening. Haha. Yeah, they actually did do some pre-screenings for BD2 in various places!

    @Catherine– You’re so right we were all screaming at our laptops and covering faces with pillows! lol.

    Jess— Got your name on the list! ;)
    And thanks for the video! Yeah, I guess I missed that part when I watched this interview a while back. Hmm she says they had a love scene, so I’m wondering what happened to it. Eh. Whatever, just as I see the movie period I will be fine! lol.

    Also thanks for that clip of Taylor filming Tracers! It was nice to see. Only makes me impatient! I want a trailer xP

    Chanda w— Hmm, I don’t know! I’ll try to find some information

    Emily— Thanks for posting that link Emily! Oh gosh! If this is true, I had no clue! Wow, God is amazing. Thank goodness they were able to get out. That’s crazy! Really felt for him when the article said so many memories were lost. :/ So sad and terrifying.

  76. Lexi Says:

    Taylor sighting!!!!! this was from oct. 27 (or yesterday if u live in the usa)

    does anybody know whose the girl in front of him?? :)

  77. Evelyn Says:

    SQUEEE! Dying here already. (again) So excited for Tracers!

    I think it was around Christmas as a child when his home burnt down. Devastating really, and I remember here in the IL-MI-IN area, it was very dry, and no snow. Well, and people and their real Christmas trees caught sparks. A few of my neighbors homes semi burnt that year. Mine was fine, as my mother would never have a real tree in my home. With six cats and a puppy, plus a young child (me) at that time, she wouldn’t dare to. lol. Besides, we kids would get the dirty work of cleaning cat pee, and pine needles if the tree were real. I do not know if that was his cause for the fire (not saying he did it, no no no), but very feasible. A week later or so, we got blasted with snow.

    I remember that it was around Christmas, but can’t recite the source. :(

  78. Chez Says:

    Lexi- I thought the girl was Makena but hair possibly too dark unless it’s the dark that’s making her hair look darker, it’s definitely NOT sara as her hair is blonde.

    The link above is a fan photo, he’s wearing the same top as the photo with the girl that Lexi posted.

  79. vera Says:

    I think, it`s Marie.Her hairs,her nose,her hips,her height..

  80. vera Says:

    and it’s will be nice if she spends the holidays with Taylor`s family.i hope so :)

  81. Nicole Says:

    Okay done some investigating, LOL. little Door Restaurant is supposedly a very romantic place, and I have zoomed the hell out of that picture, I think it’s Marie. Wow, I’m feeling very CIA now.

  82. Johanna Says:

    Yeah that is diffidently Marie although she looks really cold and Taylor’s right behind her in a t-shirt like its the warmest day
    Im starting to believe Tay isnt human I mean hes so HOT without trying its not normal

    Its nice to see that he took her out to dinner I wonder if they are still dating or are just friends
    either way its nice to see him out with ppl

  83. Lexi Says:

    hehehe i also did some investigation….the girl who posted that pic said that she was in real life church when she took the pic (it’s a church in valencia). So maybe they went to church together aswell? :)

  84. vera Says:

    Eclipse behind scenes.

  85. kia Says:

    I just wanna bite his neck in that pic! Thanks Chez & Lexi!

  86. kia Says:

    Vera – thanks for the link. That video makes me miss the New Moon/Eclipse era. Sad that RK epic love and the annoying “Robstens” ruined it for me.

  87. Emily Says:

    Vera–Thanks for the video! I’ve never seen that before!! He is so adorably cute (and hot at the same time)! Oh, what I wouldn’t give for him to dive over me while I’m in a sleeping bag!

  88. Emily Says:

    I saw on another site that the Eclipse video is on the new Twilight boxed set thing coming out on Nov. 5. Keeping my fingers crossed that there are more little gems like that included. I am also hoping and praying that different stores (Target, Walmart, Amazon, etc) don’t do that ridiculous trick of all releasing different versions of the same thing, so you never know which bonus features you’ll wind up with—that’s always fun!! (I really need a “sarcasm” font!)

  89. Emily Says:

    Well, I just pre-ordered it on Amazon. I’m such a sucker! I’m supposed to get it on the day it comes out. I will watch and give a synopsis of any new Jacob/Taylor-related stuff that might be on there, if anyone wants to wait and see if it’s worth it. I am predicting that, no, it won’t be worth it, b/c there won’t be any new Taylor stuff that I haven’t seen, but I would be ecstatic if they prove me wrong!

  90. Nicole Says:

    Does anyone have the original source of that taylor/marie picture?

  91. Mystique Says:

    Oh boy…..I’ve been so busy I haven’t even had a chance to get on here as often as I want to! :( Hopefully by the end of the week things will slow down some and I’ll have more free time. :)

    Re: The Taylor/Marie pic……
    I may be in the minority, but for some reason I’m thinking that is his sister Makena in the picture with him. The girl’s features are pretty dark (eyebrows, eyes, etc), and I don’t recall Marie’s features being THAT dark. Plus, her legs look really muscular….like Makena….ie. someone who plays sports.

    Idk…Plus, is it just me or does Taylor kind of out of it? I mean, the girl is clearly freezing lol (whoever she is), and Taylor is just walking behind her on his cell phone. Hmm….. Now,I know I read waaay too much into body language lol (Psych major here!), but he doesn’t seem all that “into” that girl lol. If it were Marie,I would think he’d be putting his arm around her to warm her up…..or at LEAST walking next to her. Idk…..Lol….. They look like brother and sister….whoever it is in that pic.

    THEN AGAIN….this picture is just a snap shot of a little snippet in time, so we don’t know what happened before, or what happened after lol. So….. Idk…..

    Arrrgh! Trying to decipher pictures is so frustrating! Lol!

    @Emily–Lol! Scummit has sucked you in once again eh? Lol! Well, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the box set regardless! :) You can be our insider on Taylor DVD’s and which ones to buy lol. :) This last one (will it really be the last lol?) Should have everything in it, so I’m hoping there will be lots of Taylor treats on there for you! Let us know what you find and if there are any Easter eggs! ^_^

  92. vera Says:

    @ Nicole

  93. vera Says:


  94. marianne Says:

    Mystique…I know what you mean about rl getting in the way of coming on the site. I just got around to reading the pre-screening of Tracers. The cynical part of me kicks in and I wonder why she was the only one with this info? After the pre-screening of ABD, there were tweets from various people. Oh well, I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt. I do think that is Marie in the pic with Taylor. Her hair etc. would seem darker due to the time of day and lighting at the time. Could have been a meeting about reshoots? Also, I find it interesting that Hanna Hicks (Sara’s sister) posted pics of the pretty flowers Real Life church had at Easter. Maybe everyone’s one big happy circle of friends!!!

    Emily….I did the same thing…..rechecked Marie’s interview again to make sure she said “love scene.” Maybe they will hold it until the final film. Although, something suggestive will be fine for me. You do the best reviews, so I look forward to your opinion of the new boxed set. I learned on an RPatz tumblr that RP was the soul reason the Twilight movies were successful. LOL

    Jess… “imagining Taylor in a knitted jumper with snowflakes and reindeer on it?” LOL I keep picturing Taylor in an ugly Christmas sweater for the Bench holiday promo. Thanks for all the links.

  95. vera Says:

    I do not understand most of RP fans , they always downplay Taylor and KS merits in Twilight franchise.
    I saw opinions in Eonline ,that HP franchise owes his box-office success to RP .. it’s weird.
    i think,its a multitude of the successful and favorable factors, it is a merit of all the actors, without exception.but if Taylor was not part of the TwiSaga, I would never become interested these movies ..
    lol all the fans in something similar.

  96. Lexi Says:

    @marianne you have a good point !! Maybe sara, Marie, and Taylor met up at the church :) …………. Well idk I’m only imagining cx so your thinking they may had a meeting for reshoots and the church? I’m confused haha

    That clip is making me go watch the series again! That scene is so cute haha

    @mystique makena has a more blondish hair, and even of its dark, you will still see her hair lighter :)

  97. Nicole Says:

    Thanks Vera for the link. Just wanted to get it from the horses mouth so to speak. Lol. Regarding the new twilight box set, no matter what’s on those DVDs I will not be getting them. Everything leaks to YouTube eventually so ill just wait for that. And I know I keep saying this and it’s a really unpopular take on Taylor’s career, but I hope he NEVER gets the kind of rabid, foaming at the mouth, super-crazed, stalkerish fandom that RP/KS have. Their lives no longer belong to them, they belong to whatever tabloid, tumblr, blogger, twitter or E!News correspondent wants to comment about them for the moment.

    And that’s no way to live. If the measure of success is how many gossip news outlets mention you today, how many paps snap your picture, how many shirtless selfies will be retweeted and squealed over….I hope he stays unpopular. I hope he stays the adorable dork, who smiles too much and blushes when you mention how hot he is. I hope his head still lowers shyly at the idea of talking about his love life on TV. I hope he gains whatever success is due him, but by his terms. Not anything else.

  98. cChez Says:

    According to someone on Taylor Lautner Mania site,
    Marie was called to attend Tracers in a closed session with the staff. The film is almost ready and already had some initial views to get information and opinions, seeking to present the best when it is released. Taylor and Marie were in these views, but not on display for journalists, but only in a closed team.

    Re: the Church
    I just think that the person taking the photo was outside of the church and the restaurant is near the church idk. Maybe Sara and Hannah go to that church anyway maybe it’s a Christian church wouldn’t Taylor go to a Catholic Church? (Real Life Church isn’t a Catholic Church lol)

  99. Mystique Says:

    Marianne, Lexi–yes you guys are probably right. It’s probably Marie in that picture….simply because I forgot that Makena’s hair isn’t THAT long…..or dark lol. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re still dating. Sheesh then Taylor….put an arm around your gf and warm her up lol! Idk…..maybe they’re just friends? Idk why, but I’m getting a “just friends” vibe from that picture…when in other pictures I wasn’t. :-/

    Vera–although I like Robert Pattinson, I’m beginning to think that his fans are delusional lol. (Sorry Rob!) But oh well…..if they want to continue to believe that he alone made the movie franchise successful, then so be it lol. Funny how Taylor seems to be the only one of the cast still getting nominations years later lol.

  100. Mystique Says:

    @Nicole—-I LOVE the last paragraph of your comment! ^_^ I almost got misty-eyed lol! I agree 100%! :) I sure hope he maintains his sense of normalcy also. In fact he doesn’t have to be super popular. Some of the greatest actors in Hollywood aren’t super popular!

    Why did I get the urge to sing that song “I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womack in tune to your words? Rotfl! :D

  101. Nicole Says:

    AW Mystique I love that song! Lol

    Now it’s gonna be in my head all day.

  102. Lexi Says:

    You know what I just thought about? How do we even know that Sara was there?? She could’ve been working that day XD Same as Hannah because I’m following sara on twitter, and whenever sara mentions Hannah, shes acting like she hasn’t seen Hannah in ages.

  103. vera Says:

    Nicole.. “I hope he stays unpopular. ” I confess that I was also thinking about it .
    Not for us to decide, of course , but I also hope let it be that way.
    There are people who are far away from it all Tinseltown garbage, Tom Hanks, for example, and others , they are not only great actors, but also command respect because of their lifestyle.

    Mystique … I can not say that I like RP , but sometimes I find him quite amusing, but it happens very rarely .
    I have some reasons on it , and his fans are unbearable sometimes ..
    but I’m not a hater , my sister loves him and I love my sister , so ..:D
    To be honest , all three of them do not deserve to pressure and negativity that people bashed on them, sometimes I feel so sad for all of them(T,KS,RP) , they’re not a most bad actors in the cinemaworld , and,of course not the most horrible people on this planet..

  104. Johanna Says:

    Guys just cuz the girl taking the photo was at a church does not mean Sara was there yes she is religious but Im sure she was not there. That also doesnt mean Taylor went to church he might have but im sure that was some type of dinner date. I think who ever took the pic was coming out of that church and happened to drive by where Tay and Marie were walking.

    Re; Marie looking cold
    Idk i think we are over analyzing this photo he may have been on his phone then caught up to her. Lets remember a photo only captures a small moment that must have been no longer that a minute im sure Taylor caught up to her after the pic was taken it also looks like they didnt even noe they had there picture taken

    regardless I think he just went to dinner and someone happened to take a pic of him walking to his car nothing more then that

  105. Emily Says:

    Nicole–” I hope he stays the adorable dork, who smiles too much and blushes when you mention how hot he is. I hope his head still lowers shyly at the idea of talking about his love life on TV. I hope he gains whatever success is due him, but by his terms. Not anything else.”
    Awwwwwwwwww, *sniffs* That was sweet!! I agree!

  106. Nicole Says:

    I agree Johanna. A photo is just a fraction of a second, that’s all we’re getting so we shouldn’t make any assumptions about what’s going on. I can’t tell you how many times I’m speed walking ahead of a boyfriend who’s checking movie times on his phone or sending a stupid text or checking a damn score of some stupid game! ALL of which can WAIT until we’re out of the cold, rain, sleet or snow!!! Dudes man…I wish we could power on the parts of them we need and shut the rest of their bodies the hell down.

  107. Emily Says:

    Jess–Why am I picturing Taylor in a gaudy reindeer sweater like Colin Firth in Bridget Jones’ Diary?? LOL

    Marianne– So, I remembered correctly? I didn’t go back and watch Marie’s interview again. I didn’t have to. The term “first love scene” and Taylor mentioned in the same sentence were forever burned into my brain and long-term memory once they were heard the first time!

    Oh, thanks! I’m glad you enjoy my reviews. Sometimes I feel like I go into way TOO MUCH detail. I’ll be sure to let all of you know what’s on there. Like I said, I will be SHOCKED if we get more than 5 minutes of new Taylor footage. Actually, I’ll be shocked if we get even that much of him. I can’t wait for the minutes and minutes we’ll undoubtedly get of Kristen and Rob swearing like sailors and acting awkward! How new and refreshing!

    Funny, I wasn’t aware that one person could make up a love triangle and play three such different parts in a movie. (sarcasm) Sometimes Rob makes me laugh a little, but I definitely don’t plan on following his career like I will Taylor’s. If he happens to be in something I want to see, so be it, but, I am not interested in putting in the effort like I do with our sweet boy. And, FYI, everyone, I know our Taylor is a man now (eep!), so me calling him a “boy” all the time is a term of endearment. I guess that’s what comes with being surrounded by six-year-olds all the time. :)

  108. kia Says:

    You guys got me daydreaming about Taylor wearing a Reindeer sweater while drinking eggnog. LOL

    Emily- Can’t wait to hear your reviews. I hope it has more Taylor footage. I always feel like us Jacob fans always get a lump of coal.

  109. Evelyn Says:

    Do you know what I think the secret, and magical was for the success of Twi-Saga? It was all the performers working together, and the storyline. I just cannot see anyone else playing the parts, no matter who I think of. lol.

    As for RP, he is a fine actor. It is the weirdos that try to overwhelm his life, and trying to pry into. C’mon people, he is human.

    For the photo, I speculate it was just ‘friends hanging out.’ It is all body language, and if Marie really wanted to, she could’ve just walked back to Taylor, and try to warm up by clinging to him. I am not hating, just merely analyzing.

  110. firereign Says:

    @chanda you’re right there is no premier date….the score is in developlment (all acoustic, is what I heard)….it is an “indie”….so expect it to be shopped around at a major film festival(s) – definitely looking for international distributors.

    Dinner most often is just that “dinner” – any shop talk in public would be casual
    you should expect to see him around with people he met preparing for the movie & on set (they are friends)

    hint: Frugal or just favorites – sometimes – but wearing similar & the same attire makes it difficult to tell if the photo/vid was taken today, yesterday, last month or last year – papz need to sell their photo/vids to make a living – if no one buys it zilch!! so they leave you alone – and you ladies must get your fix by fan pics (walking in parking lots, volleyball games, in & out of restaurants) – driving his Fisker ups the ante though & the papz will bite (along with who he’s with – but usually they spread out & you can’t get them in the same shot) but he gets to not be hassled & therefore can afford to be nice – so when he does want some publicity they’re cool with each other.

    if you’re not vested in celebs private lives or prefer to maintain your own vision of what celebs & their lives are like – skip this – if you want a teeny weeny taste of what real life glitz can throw your way check out “E” special progamming “Hollywood Secret Societies……

  111. *Vickey* Says:

    Lexi– I know it’s already been answered and I’m super late getting on the board. Haha, but I THINK that’s Marie in that picture you posted. :)

    Emily— I think I’m gonna go ahead and get the Twilight Box set too! Would LOVE to see some more interviews with Tay! Gonna check Walmart then Best Buy. :) Hmm maybe I’ll get it during Black Friday. Lol. I don’t do Black Friday until it’s calmed down a little bit and I usually go with my closest friends. So yeah, just maybe I’ll get it then. Haha.

    Mystique— Haha, it’s okay! We understand, work, etc. keeps us all busy Ms. Psych Major/Cali Woman! ^.^ I do believe that’s Marie too, but you know, I see what you mean, I get the same vibe.

    Re: RP: Yeah his fans are over the top! Haha. I feel for him because he doesn’t get any privacy anyone. Whatsoever from what I see. I agree you @Nicole! I REALLY hope Taylor doesn’t get fans like that. Lol. And that was so sweet and gahh, love that comment. I feel actors who aren’t in the public eye as much are more likely to make an awesome impact on others. I mean we know certain celebrities who are always shoved in our faces (some unintentional) and they are considered overrated because of it. I don’t want Taylor to ever be considered overrated. I’m also not saying I want him to live under a rock and hide from the world (or go ninja on us for too long) lol because he has to get out there and get his feet wet with other genres and others that are in the same craft. :)
    Again, I agree with you @Nicole, I wish him nothing but the best and he does deserved the success that’s coming to him.

    Kia— “Jacob fans always get a lump of coal” xDD
    It’s so unfortunate, but it’s so true! I feel that way sometime as well. Like with the commentary, I would’ve loved to hear Taylor do commentary on at least one of the films.

    Evelyn— You know, honestly I can’t see any other group of people playing Bella, Edward, and Jacob too! They all did make it work. :)

    Firereign— Hey!!! It’s been a while. :)
    “Hollywood Secret Societies?” I think I’ll check it out, sounds interesting actually!

  112. chanda w Says:

    Thanks , @Firereign , for the info. I hope, Tracers gets a release date soon. I
    want to pay full price to see it at the theatres with my popcorn, coke , wearing a cute outfit, and drooling over him on the big screen.
    I notice Tay isn’t in a lot of celeb mags, which is good sorta, but when he’s promoting something he does sorta need the pap pics. I’m so sick of seeing pics and info on celebs I have no interest in.

    It does kinda feel like Taylor/Jacob fans get the crumbs, but I don’t want Taylor to change. That’s part of the reason I like him so……….
    Not gonna lie, I’ll be pissed if Tracers doesn’t get a release date, still getting over that he isn’t in FF7. Whether that was just a rumor, I don’t know, but I do want to see him in more projects ASAP!
    He has fans that adore him, the mags try to act like he doesn’t. They just want to know everyone’s personal biz. In other words, who is he sleeping with. Rember those first pics of him and Marie, hand in hand. It was like major international news. Nearly every major celeb that stays front and center, normally has some kind of issue, drugs, divorce, cheating scandal, questionable behavior.
    He has the looks, talent and personality to have a long career in hollywood, without going that route. I hope that is proven to him soon.

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