Grown Ups 2 (2013)
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Tracers (2014)
Role: Cam
Release Date: 2014
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Check out some newly released BENCH promotional photos.

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» 2013 Photoshoots: Global Benchsetter

89 Responses to “More New BENCH Photoshoot Photos”

  1. kia Says:

    AAAHHHH He looks so good in the first pic!

  2. marianne Says:

    kia…I love him in that red sweater!! I’m not a fan of the polo shirt he has on in the last pic, but he still looks hot!!

  3. kia Says:

    Marianne- IKR! I love the color on him! I don’t think anybody is a fan of the polo shirt. But hey Taylor looks good in anything.

  4. chanda w. Says:

    Luv all the pics. He makes each style look amazing. But, yeah that orange pull over is still the killer, lol!

  5. Emily Says:

    The orange sweater is, by far, my favorite, but something could be said for each of them. The polo shirt I don’t mind, per se–it was kind of nice seeing him a little “preppy”–not a fan of the print, but DANG IT, his ARMS!!!!!! (squee!!)

  6. Mystique Says:

    Ohmigosh I love ALL of the looks! He looks REALLY good in polo shirts! He hardly wears them, but maybe he should wear them more often lol!!! ^_^

    I’m crossing my fingers that we get to see the Bench “Winter Collection” soon!!! :D.

  7. *Vickey* Says:

    Hoping for that Winter Collection from Bench too @Mystique! Haha.

    Emily— Oh God yes! The sweater is my favorite one too! It looks so good on him! Man he looks great in all of those pictures! I wish I could’ve seen him in action in person! LOL

    You know, I’m not a fan of the popped polo shirt either, but you guys couldn’t be more right!! He does look really hot. :P

  8. joanie Says:

    this site has a strong close knit core of faithful fans….I like that….
    it is one of the things that makes it sustainable….and it also gives me a place to check on the ongoing faithfulness of TL fans
    Some were wondering why the time difference …. well the site is hosted on a server in the UK
    Waiting for more Taylor news…I can recommend …. an extremely talented attractive trio – the CW cast of “Reign” (English, Australian, Canadian) historical telling of 15 yr old Mary Queen of Scotts along with the 1/2 brothers Francis (heir to the French throne, light haired, delicate featured & handsome) his half brother Sebastian “Bash” (dark haired strong & handsome) the bros matching blue eyes make scenes between the 2 of them intriguing. Already there have been some rewind worthy kissing scenes & it’s just slowly innocently evolving. Also if you were a Green Gables fan you should recognize the Queen Mother & there is 1 of the Narnia sisters….several talented lovely strong female figures in this tale…..(hopefully they don’t go the “team” route with these guys………as of now I’ll take both of them…….I think Mary will……..

  9. Catherine Says:

    Whilst we’re on recommendations (good idea Joanie!) to fill in the time…

    I watched Gravity. I was sooooo disappointed! I adore Clooney, always have, but it was dull. Also – I didn’t quite get why Sandra Bullock had to be in TINY shorts for half the film. Gratuitous? Maybe.

    The film I always come back to is 50/50. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen and the lovely Anna Kendrick. Love it.

    If you haven’t sobbed along to The Perks of Being a Wallflower you haven’t lived. Logan Lerman made me cry. I had an appointment shortly after watching it, and had to go out in very dark sunglasses to hide my bloodshot eyes!!!

    Anyone read ‘The Fault in Our Stars’? Counting down to that one almost (but not quite) as much as Tracers!!!

    Ohhhhhhhh come on Taylor, we’re getting bored!!! ;) Go on girls…what should I watch while I’m waiting…?!

  10. Jess Says:

    I have to agree with everyone – that orange sweater is my fave too. I obviously have no fashon sense, (now there’s a shock for the world!), but I quite like the the polo shirt that no one else seems to! Maybe it’s just because Taylor’s in it – hard to say really?

    Aww, thanks @Joanie. I can’t speak for everyone on here, but I am definitely here for the long haul. Taylor is such an amazing, talented and beautiful person and I am loving every second of supporting him. The fans here are awesome. It’s so great to have a place like this where we can share our thoughts with people who truly have Taylor’s back no matter what.

    Thanks for the recommendations Joanie and Catherine … eep! I am so far behind I have only just watched Thor for the the first time – so I don’t have any recommendations I’m sure you haven’t already seen! – So ashamed! ;-)
    Here’s a pretty picture to make it up to you all… Miss that sweet smile.

  11. Logan Says:

    Yep, the one with Taylor in the red sweater is also my favorite. Reminds me of him running on that rooftop ( Bench ) and the way those pants hugged his legs and butt

    I would also like to thank all you lovely fans that contribute regurlarly on this site. Without you it would be hard to survive all those months of desperately hoping for something new from our beloved Taylor.

    Here’s a thought: in the line of Bench auctioning of some signed items to donate to the survivors of the hurricane, maybe Ellen could work with Taylor and auction some underwear ( wrap your dirty minds around that one rotfl ) or caps or what not….

  12. annie Says:

    Haven’t had much to say lately – just peepin at the volleyball photos – at least they aren’t strewn all over the blogs that draw the commenters who terrorize the sites with their vindictive bile driven comments…..
    so thanks guys for suggestions to while away the downtime – although today my day off was a scheduled cleaning the house day – and what do I do on this dark dreary windy Nov day – sit in front of my computer watching the first 2 Reign episodes – it is gorgeous the scenery, the clothes, the actors – the characters are gorgeous & the intrigue with blood sacrifice pagans, ghosts, monarchy treachery and me being a history buff & literary fan thanks you for the tip – I never heard of it – and I’m hooked

  13. Emily Says:

    Jess–I actually like the blue polo–it was just the print on the last one I didn’t love–but I loved it on HIM!
    But, then, I actually prefer a little more “preppy” guy style. However, Taylor could throw out all of his wardrobe and walk around in a burlap sack and he would STILL be gorgeous!

    joanie–I, unfortunately, am addicted to “Reign!” I say “unfortunately,” b/c I don’t really have time for yet ANOTHER show to follow. I wasn’t going to watch, but, while watching “The Vampire Diaries,” I saw a preview and saw Megan Follows (who played Anne of Green Gables) and then just HAD to watch—that was and still is one of my favorite book series and movies EVER!! After about five minutes, I was HOOKED! I hate that I know how Mary’s life really turned out. It makes me sad to know it didn’t end well for her.

    Jess–I’m with you. As long as Taylor stays in the public eye, I will follow him—wherever he goes, whatever he does.

    That actuallly sounded a little “stalkerish.” I mean, I’ll follow his CAREER. :)

  14. Emily Says:

    I just had to link this. I know y’all will appreciate it.

  15. smartcookie Says:

    Usually I’m just a visitor -but I can’t resist – Yes that orange/red shirt, yes to Taylor doing things at his own pace – yes to how U all continue to support him even through the dry spells…..
    and finally how some of your tastes match mine….
    I was sitting for some neighbor girls & they insisted in watching Reign – and like you Emily I became totally enraptured (love the music & it was the episode where Francis & Mary are lying under the tree & they kiss – Oh my)…..@joanie U have mentioned other young actors & their activities do U deal with them at all. I think I may know U – is firereign your brother & business associate?

  16. Johanna Says:

    @Joanie I love Reign i think it really is a good show and i love how the story is developing so far.
    And i also agree that this is a great site and I love that everyone here can be able to express themselves with out being judged or criticized for there opinions.

    And i LOVE that pic with the orange sweater i think it has to be one of my favorites.

    @Emily OMG!!!!!!!!! DAMN THAT BOY HAS A NICE @$$ WOW!

    @Smartcookie welcome to this site its always wonderful to meet new ppl that love a support Taylor that all we ladies here want to do :)

  17. kia Says:

    Emily- LAWD!! “Dance To Booty in the pants” Dance To Much Booty in the pants! Basically that a$$ is asking does anybody have any quarters to bounce off him.

    @Smartcookie- *Welcome* !!!

  18. Emily Says:

    Welcome, Smartcookie!

    Johanna and Kia–I KNEW you would like that! You could bounce a whole ROLL of quarters off that lovely thing!!

    Aside from the orange sweater pic and the gray t-shirt pics from Cancun for GU2, I think this gif set is maybe, possibly, my very favorite ever… least so far–especially the first one–

    I don’t know what he’s reacting to, but his gestures seem like he’s saying, “Yeah, I know I’m hot as hell, so take me all in.” I guess he was being “hot” both figuratively and literally—the sweatiness in the third one—-yum! and his expression in the last one—-flatline………………..

  19. Emily Says:

    Crap—hit “submit” too soon—-was going to add—EVERYTHING is just working for me in those pictures—-blue v-neck, leather jacket, hair length, a little scruff, but not too much—-pretty much a perfect “10″ in my book!

  20. kia Says:

    Emily- I remember it was so hot that day. A sweating Taylor is just UNF!!

  21. Johanna Says:

    @Emily “You could bounce a whole ROLL of quarters off that lovely thing!!” OMG im laughing so hard right now i can already imagine that

    And those gif hmmmmmmm he looks so good but then a sweaty Taylor is good Taylor
    (anyone remember our little catch phrase)


  22. Emily Says:

    Johanna–Refresh my memory…………………..

  23. Mystique Says:

    Vickey—–come on over to the “Polo-shirt-loving” side! It’s okay… can embrace your polo-loving side lol…. :giggle:

    Omg, I agree with you guys, Taylor in that orange sweater is calling my name!!!!!!!! It’s saying: “Mystique….please come give me a hug….”. Lol! Gahhh! That color…..his arms….his chest…that SWEATER!!!! Aaaahhhh! *screaming in a pillow*

    Okay….I’m back now :)

    Awww I just love that picture you posted @Jess! It’s so adorable! #hissmileiseverything. #melting

    Welcome to the Taylor board @Smartcookie!! ^_^

    @Emily—OMG! That pic! O_O. *goes back to screaming in a pillow again* He has one of the nicest….ummmm…..”ASSets” in young Hollywood! I wonder why it never gets any attention lol? I mean, in surprised it’s not mentioned more lol. Then again,I have to admit that I didn’t really pay attention to it much myself until I saw that picture of him in that suit WITHOUT a suit jacket at the Vogue Pre-Oscar party (I believe it was?). Wow!
    Btw,I gladly volunteer to test out our hypothesis with the quarters lol. It’s a hard job but…..*wipes sweat off of brow*… SOMEBODY’S gotta do him….oops! I mean IT! IT! I meant IT lol! #wink

    @Kia–lol! Tell me why I remember that “booty dance” song? Rotfl! :D.

    @Johanna–I YES I DO remember our little catch phrase “a sweaty Taylor is a good Taylor” lol! :)

  24. Jess Says:

    Emily – why bother with that burlap sack? (WAY back @ comment 13)

    That GIF set … I agree, probably the best one ever (I’m a real sucker for a Taylor wave so #5 is nice as well!) It pretty much sums up why Taylor is so amazing – great rapport and love for his fans, always friendly and engaging, personality plus and (of course) so, so very beautiful. I kinda feel like he is beyond just hot. To me he’s unique and striking and mesmorising and perfect …. and I could go on and on but I’ll spare you!
    Plus he’s hot too!!! :-D

    Welcome Smartcookie! mmm cookies! (Apologies, I think I’ve had too much sun today!)

    Gotta see when/if Reign is on here since you all seem to love it so much. (plus I do love seeing Megan Follows – although it does make me feel old to see her.)

  25. joanie Says:

    Taylor will return, I believe, sooner than later in another venture..
    @Emily it was Megan Follows who initially drew my attn to Reign (the Green Gable series was/is a favorite of mine)
    @smartcookie I dabble in “young” actors who “fly under the radar”…. I’ve had hits & misses (fortunately more hits than misses)
    Reign – is picking up momentum (a little info on the actors)
    Adelaide Kane (Mary) – Australian – age 23 (U may have seen her on Teen Wolf)
    Torrance Coombs (Bash) – Canadian – age 30
    Toby Regbo (Francis) – English – age 22 (& like every other Brit was in Harry Potter -young Dumbledore – “….Deathly Hallows-part 1)

  26. Jess Says:

    All this talk of Taylor in Bench, I couldn’t help but go back and watch this again…

    Joanie, I like what you’re saying about Taylor’s return.

  27. Mystique Says:

    I just LOVE this interview with Taylor! It’s somewhat of an “oldie”, but it’s one of my favorites! ^_^ He just looks so cool, can, and relaxed in this interview! And the interviewer is sort of asking him new questions. :) I think I like his hair this length the most. :D. He just looks so handsome……. #meltingagain

    PS–Idk who the random guy is in the background Rotfl! ^_^

  28. Mystique Says:

    Ooops ….I meant “cool, CALM, and relaxed” lol! This stupid Swype-to-text feature on my Kindle! Rofl! I’m always making swyping errors on this thing smh. Oh well lol! I’m sure you all knew what I meant ;)

  29. Mystique Says:

    Catherine–(Re: Post #9) I’ve been meaning to post about the movie “Gravity”! I’m glad it wasn’t just me who was slightly disappointed with that film lol! Everyone was praising it to death, but to me I just left the film feeling empty. At the end I was like: “That’s IT????”

    Don’t get me wrong,I don’t think it was a BAD film, but it just wasn’t what I expected. (***POSSIBLE SPOILERS COMING THRU***) I am not really a Sandra Bullock film fan (I LOVE her as a person, but I have yet to take fall in love with her in one of her films and I don’t know why…..maybe it’s the characters she plays??), but I think I expected her to take some in this, and she just didn’t imo. In fact, at times her character was so annoying! I knew she wasn’t a true astronaut, but sometimes she just came off as being kind of on the dumb side no offense. I can only imagine how much BETTER the film would have been had someone like Jodi Foster played in the role.

    And while I like George Clooney, his jokes and “anecdotes” were getting on my nerves too! :-/ I think my MAIN gripe with the film was that there was very little character development. I was somewhat expecting it to be like the film “Apollo 13″. I was expecting more. Maybe I was expecting to see more of their lives BEFORE they launched into space? The cast was only like 3 people lol, and there was hardly any character development, so it was almost like I didn’t really care about the characters and if they lived or died smh.

    But it wasn’t a bad film. If you want a simulation of how it would be to be weightless on outer space, then this film is for you. If you’re looking for character development,and a more in-depth, deeper story about going into space, then this movie isn’t for you lol.

  30. Mystique Says:

    Ugh….swyping errors again smh……I meant that I expected Sandra to really shine in this film….

  31. kia Says:

  32. Johanna Says:

    @Kia thanks for the pic he looks so cute

    but im trying very hard to NOT degrade that girl im sure thats just some costume she has to wear at that place

    either way he looks happy and healthy :)

  33. Lexi Says:

    @kia omfg he looks so smexy in that hoodie………………….. *v*

    (SPOILER ALERRTTTT) I watched gravity too. And honestly, i kinda enjoyed it. It was the type of movie that almost made me not breathe, because she was always running out of oxygen LOL. I’m like…girl…hurry up and get more oxygen xD. And that ending….omg. Im happy that she made it on land and everything, but where the fuck is she gonna go? The ending could have been better… her getting attacked by a crocodile…..dinosaur shows up doing the moonwalk…… her getting saved my tarzan XD (ok ill stop LOL). But yea…… an hour im going to see Ender’s Game with my friends…..see how that movie goes x)

  34. kia Says:

    Johanna – I think that’s where both girls work at so I’m assuming there uniforms/costume.

    Mystique- When TLC perform at 99′ MTV VMA’s (Damn I’m Old!!) That’s where I got that song at.

    My two little nieces and nephew suddenly are big fans of Sharkboy n Lavagirl! Proud aunt right now!

  35. Lilome Says:

    Hellloooo! I’m thrilled to see my lovely people still here! Missed you so much- 2013 has been a crazy a**off year so far. Trying to do a quick catch up- I’ll read older threads later. But setiously Tay-baby, the Tilted Kilt? Really? I bet you go to Hooters for the wings, too. My hubby tries that crap, but I refuse to go.
    Our baby is all grown up…… le sob. Does anyone remember to interview with Taylor and Kristen, maybe @ New Moon, when she told Taylor he needed to grow into his “kahunas”? Well darlings….. he did!

  36. kia Says:

    LILOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GIRL WE MISSED YOU!!! WELCOME BACK!!

  37. marianne Says:

    Lilome…Missed your comments!! Know how real life can wear you down. Taylor…the Tilted Kilt…ugh. Maybe who he was with picked the place? I remember that interview with Kristen. Hope he’s not going down some skeevy road. I always thought that photoshoot that Rob did with the nude women wasn’t very classy.

  38. Mystique Says:

    LiLoME!!!!!! Omg….where have you been girl? Glad to see that u are still alive! ^_^

    @Lexi–lol glad you liked the movie! Like I said, most ppl loved it! I just wish it had more character development. :( There were some pretty intense/unpredictable scenes that I liked though. :)

    @Kia–thanx for the IG pic! I love seeing him out and about with fan pics. :) I prefer the fan pics to the paparazzi pics no offense. Where I see the videos of him being hounded by the razzi, I always feel SO bad for him! :-/ I know he’s usually nice to them, and they typically treat him respectfully, but part of me does feel kinda bad for him.

  39. vera Says:

    kia ..i like this pic,thanks! he looks pleased, with so spectacular girls :)
    OF COURSE,Taylor a loser..
    media continued to beat him, the closer the premiere of tracers, the stronger they will beat him,imo

    and nothing about the successful Live reading..this reticence obvious facts becomes a bad tradition, ugh

  40. carrie Says:

    That list is so dumb. It’s still giving Kristen credit for being in a new franchise when I doubt there will ever be a Snow White sequel. She messed that up for everyone, which I would bet makes a lot of people question working with her.

    And I’ve never heard of any of the people Rob works with either. He’s just doing a bunch of indies with no-names.

    At least Taylor’s last movie was a hit, while R/K’s were probably released in like 20 theaters.

  41. joanie Says:

    Tilted Kilt… a sports bar franchise with several locations (not unlike Hooters as someone said)………staff frequently takes pics with customers & they are posted at some of the locations….more than likely this was the 1 in Valencia

  42. Catherine Says:

    I have a REALLY nerdy question. Joanie/Firereign, wonder if you can answer…

    Does Tracers have a distributor yet? There are a LOT of smaller films that don’t make it to local UK cinemas, you have to go to London/Manchester/Birmingham, all a fair distance from here. I really, really wanted to see Stuck In Love, but that didn’t make it to us out here in the countryside!!! Tracers lack of a distributor bothers me. Not quite sure how it all works. I do want to see Rob (don’t shoot me, haha!) in ‘The Rover’ too – haven’t clocked a release date for that either. Hurry up, Twilight boys :(

    @Mystique @Lexi – I was bored stiff during Gravity. HOWEVER, I saw ‘Up In The Air’ the other day. Brilliant. Reaffirmed my faith in Clooney :)

    RE sports bars with scantily clad girls? Someone’s acting like a normal 21 year old. Good for him ;)

  43. carrie Says:

    imdb still doesn’t have a distributor listed for the US or UK, so no, looks like it’s still being shopped around. I wonder if it’ll go to Sundance. The Rover does have US distribution, but no release date. They’re probably debating whether to go to Sundance or try to get it a spot at Cannes.

  44. Mystique Says:

    Can I just say that I’m light-weight mad that Patrick S. is on the list for people sexiest man issue, and I don’t see Taylors name anywhere on that list! :( #mad what has Patrick done exactly? Certainly not as much as Taylor has.

    I’m sorry….I just needed to vent…. :-/

  45. marianne Says:

    Mystique…Judging from the comments re: People Sexiest man issue, the winner was a dud! Whoever was picking the candidates must have put names on pieces of paper, thrown them down steps and whichever one landed on the top was the winner!

  46. joanie Says:

    @Catherine Temple Hill Entertainment took the concept to Cannes in 2010 & they did pick up an international film company to enter into co/producing….so there is interest
    There is the need for a domestic distributor and international distributors (multiple because there are different distributors for different areas of the world)…..
    Since it is an indie and targeted to a specific fan group prescreenings will definitely impact the interest distributors have……if the buzz is positive I expect it to be part of some high profile film festivals……for domestic I’m thinking Lionsgate……a premier date will not be set until it has a distributor….because it is they who set the dates……I’m pretty certain there are already sponsors on board internationally……when the deals are firmed announcements will be made (and after the initial announcement normally others will opt to join) we shall see.

  47. Mystique Says:

    @Marianne–oh ok wow thanks for that insight. I’m glad I’m not the only one feeling a little “ho-hum” about who People chose this year for their sexiest man cover. I mean Adam is cool and everything, but he just doesn’t do much for me at all. On one hand, I’m glad they didn’t go with “the usual” (Pitt, Clooney, Cruise, etc), but on the other hand,I think that should have re-thought their cover man.

    Oh well I don’t really care too much about the issues anyway lol. I don’t really take them all that seriously. It would just be nice to see Taylor featured inside …. Maybe Taylor will be in the magazine next year when he has more projects to promote.

  48. Logan Says:

    @ Lilome, welcome back! And rest assure, we’re not going anywhere….patiently ( more like tearing our hair out ) waiting for Taylor to do something..
    @ Mystique, that is a nice interview ( random guy in background? ). The one I cannot get enough of is the one for the BBC. OMG, he looks so fine….the interview not so great but Taylor looks sooooo goooood.
    I like those sweaters ( don’t know how else you call them ) on him.
    And lets not forget this one…
    Taylor, wearing white, candlelight and dancing…..

  49. Chez Says:

    @Catherine-Stuck In Love is a brilliant film in my opinion, it came out on Dvd in the UK on Monday 18th Nov, I’ve already seen it twice, I know what you mean about films in the Uk not coming to smaller countries I live in West Yorkshire Uk and Stuck in love didn’t come to our cinema too not fair lol!

  50. joanie Says:

    While waiting for Taylor -
    this may warm U up a bit – I promise this is my last salute to …
    REIGN – (if this works) and no I really don’t have any vested interest in the show …. at least not yet …

  51. Lilome Says:

    Ok….so I really didnt recognize half of the men on People’s list- guess I’m too old. And I realize that our baby is far too young to win. That being said- there is no way Adam Levine is sexier than Chris Hemsworth!

  52. smartcookie Says:

    Hope we hear some new project news soon (rumors are flying about 3 movies he might be associated with) – but I won’t mention till I get it from some reliable source.

    for Reign fans –

  53. Catherine Says:

    @chez – I ordered it on DVD today! Yay for Amazon ;) @joanie – glad it’s not just me that gets COMPLETELY sucked into TV shows/films :)

    American ladies – I also ordered Season 1 of Supernatural. Only £8, worth a gamble! Is it any good?

  54. Jess Says:

    Does anyone know where this footage comes from?

    @Catherine I LOVE Supernatural! My fave show. Definitely worth the gamble, and a great bargain too! It’s one of those shows that if you stick with it, it just gets better (at least I think so.)

  55. Emily Says:

    Jess– It’s when he was on Kelly & Michael—last year, I think.

  56. Nicolefair Says:

    Ugh Supernatural is the best show!!!!! I’m so obsessed with Sam and Dean (especially Dean).

  57. Mystique Says:

    @Jess, @Emily– yep! That gif is from the Kelly and Michael show last year! ^_^ It’s funny, because when I first saw those gifs,I immediately recognized them as being from that show because that’s the day I met him after the show!!!!!! Maybe I’ve memorized that outfit lol?? I immediately got nostalgic feelings. *sigh* That day is STILL so surreal for me!!!! :)

  58. Logan Says:

    @ Smartcookie, uhm sorry what’s that, there’s talk about not one but three projects?!
    Psssttt ….come closer, just a little bit more….you can tell us…. our lips are sealed, wink wink.
    Neh, it’s ok don’t want to be the ones to start rumours just yet….sigh….
    I’m just sitting right here, real patient ( aaaaahhhhh, trying on that old disgarded asylum jacket )

  59. Jess Says:

    Thanks Emily and Mystique – I actually meant does anyone know where I can see that footage. (I knew where it was taken – but thanks still!) Mystique you are officially the luckiest lady on here I think!

    Nicolefair I’m a Dean girl too.

  60. chanda w Says:

    I didn’t even bother assuming Taylor was in the Sexiest Guys issue, when he wasn’t on the US weekly 100 hot guys, I figured the media was trying to tell us , right now Tay isn’t on their radar. Well, he continues to be on mine so, the absence from cute boy lists and negative articles about his career path don’t phase me anymore. I hope it doesn’t matter to Taylor either. He has to already know that he’s absolutely gorgeous and surely he’s being smart about his projects.

    Finally go my dvd of Grown Ups 2, after ff to Tay’s scenes for the second time, I realized that I really need to see more movies of Taylor in leading roles and he should never do an uncredited roles…..again. It was like they had him promoting the movie and after it was a box office success, they sorta made it seem like he was just a prop in the movie, when his scenes were some of the funniest. No deleted scenes including him, I was sorta pissed.

    So , I’m gonna really need for Tracers to come out, in the theatres in 2014.

    I watch Reign too, the music sometimes is over the top, but it’s a guilty pleasure show for me, I shouldn’t like it, but I do.

    Don’t have an issue with Patrick getting some play in the media, he’s a cute guy, but Taylor he ain’t, lol. Adam Levine, another cute guy, sexiest, HELL NO!! But, PEOPLE got it wrong with Bradley Cooper and Gwyneth Palthrow(spelling) as most beautiful woman……..ha ha……everyone complained about that one. It seems to be more who they think is popular or will become popular.

    Luv the fan pics, lucky fans, Tay always lookin’ good…….2014 baby, your fans have got your back.

  61. Emily Says:

    Well, I just leafed through my People Magazine that arrives every Friday, and, I must say, I was “underwhelmed.” I will admit, I like Adam Levine—-I only know him from watching “The Voice” and I saw when he hosted SNL. When his tattoos are all covered up and he’s in a suit, I think, “Wow, he’s a very nice-looking guy.” I mainly like his dimples and he reminds me of a childhood friend I crushed on for years. He also has that “confidence” that is really appealing. But, when all the tats are showing, I just think “Yuck.” Do I think he’s the “Sexiest Man Alive?” CERTAINLY NOT! We all know who we would nominate, don’t we? But, that “title” just seems to be bestowed on the guy who is “big” in the business at the moment and who accepts the “honor.” Most of the past winners are at least in their mid-30′s and older—-nothing wrong with that, I’m just saying, Taylor has plenty of time. Not that he needs some meaningless magazine title to declare what we already know!!

    Took a personal day off from work with a friend and we went to see “Catching Fire.” It was very well done–the whole cast did a great job. I recommend it to anyone who read the books or liked the first movie. I won’t say that I “liked” it—found the story so sad and violent, but it was still very well-written and the movie was top notch. I was distracted every time Liam Hemsworth came on the screen. I keep thinking, “Liam, you’re so pretty. What in the world did you ever see in Miley Cyrus?”

    I’ve never watched “Supernatural,” but I’m obsessed with other CW shows.

    chanda–Haven’t gotten GU2 yet. Did you get the bluray version? I saw somewhere that there were more “features” on that one, so I was trying to find it, but none of my local stores has it–just the regular. Also, I’d like to wait until the price goes down some. As much as I love Taylor and have this weird compulsion to own everything he’s ever been in, spending over $20 for that ridiculous movie (loved Taylor’s parts–the rest–not so much) is kind of hard for me. If he’s not in any of the special features, I’ll definitely wait until the price drops some.

    For anyone who may have wondered, I haven’t forgotten about my Twilight Forever commentary that I haven’t given yet. I just haven’t had time to get through it all. School has been incredibly time-consuming and busy and stressful the last few weeks. It’s coming eventually.

  62. Emily Says:

    I “kept” thinking, not “keep.” >:-l

  63. marianne Says:

    Emily….I’m glad to hear that you haven’t forgotten about your Twilight Forever commentary. I’m looking forward to it.

  64. kia Says:

    Emily- I was actually rooting for Liam & Miley because they seemed to be the only “young hollywood couple”that stay together for a long time. Until Miley started acting like FOOL! I’m glad that Liam moved on and away from the drama. And yes the Hemsworth brothers are beautiful creatures are they.

    Don’t care for People Sexiest list. they always gets it wrong. No offense to Adam,his attractive but no.

  65. chanda w. Says:

    I got GUPS2, just the regular dvd, not bluray, for eight bucks off of AMAZON. I too , just got it for the Taylor parts.
    Heard Catching Fire was better than the first one- thank gawd- my son want to see it, so I’ll go soon. Still not a fan of that franchise, but, I like how the entire cast seems to gel together, they seem to all enjoy hanging out together. Jennifer is also down to earth and brave, she took on ETERNAL UGMO Joan Rivers and that horrid show of hers. It’s basically a show trying to crush the self esteem of entertainers. Not really about fashion at all. Most people would not dare to speak up, but Jennifer did and she’s so young, like Taylor, she’s wise beyond her years. I feel bad for Rivers she’s so old with little wisdom and she’s never been an attractive woman, which is probably why she enjoys throwing out insults. Payback to the pretty people, lol.

    The shadiness of some of the Twilight cast really hurt that franshise. Fans want , just one more movie, but I can’t see Taylor wanting to be a part of that and if he isn’t in it………I have no reason to watch. Three new projects, hope it’s true……….Tay fans are sorta long suffering, but he’s worth the pain, ha ha.
    I still haven’t gotten the Forever dvd’s, maybe next month.

    So, I’m not the only one fretting over Tracers. What is the hold up? There are plenty of movies that make it to the big screen and they are total garbage. Tracers looks really interesting and different and the cast is beautiful.
    I really don’t get this competition thing, where it seems,a constant battle between Taylor and RP and even KS. The truth is they are all basically in the same boat. Taylor was the last one in a mainstream movie, GUPS2. They come so hard at Taylor, for no reason. He isn’t some drugged out egomaniac. KS or RP could do a toothpaste commercial and the media acts like they are working on Oscar material……..ENOUGH!
    And Thor……….he should be ashamed he totally failed Taylor, now he’s representing actors, that most likely have his warped sense of morals.
    Maybe I’m wrong, but probably not.
    Uhh, I don’t like thinking that Taylor might be having a hard time. He’s so sweet and beautiful and sweet…….he’ll work it out. And I am going to speak positively and believe that Tracers will come to the theatres in 2014 and I’ll be able to scream for his sexy butt.

  66. kia Says: avergropoulos/

  67. kia Says:

    ASDFGHJKL THAT SHIRT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SEXY AS MOTHERF!@#$%!!!

  68. kia Says:

    I just wanna run my fingers through his hair,his skin is flawless!

  69. chanda w. Says:

    Oh, I see someone beat me to the punch, lol. Not gonna lie, Taylor and Marie look precious together. That shirt, YES……and his hair looks so soft. Goodness!
    Blue is truly his color. He’s beyond sexy!

  70. Nicolefair Says:

    My dear exploding mammory glands, he looks gorgeous!!!! Those jeans….those motherhuffing thigh hugging jeans….WHYYYYYYYYY?!?!!!???!!

    Ugh! And I love it when these gossip sites get obvious stuff wrong. If the last few pics are of his “solo” stop at the gas station, why is Marie in the car? Hmm? Idiots.

  71. Lexi Says:

    he looks so hot in that blue shirt that its….omg… i dont even care about marie….. ITS TAYLOR
    I bet he looked that sexy on purpose for his date to please marie…….and i bet it worked XD hahahaha

  72. Emily Says:

    My God………….that’s all I have to say.

  73. Emily Says:

    I’m back…………….I was stunned for a minute………..I DO have more to say……………………

    Talk about “Sexiest Man Alive”………………………………………………………………………………..

    sometimes he’s so pretty it hurts…………….I want to cry a little………….but in a good way……………

    I hope she deserves him……………………………………..just found a new picture to add to my screen saver scroll……………………………………………………………………………………………

  74. Chez Says:

    OMG he looks sexy as hell lol!

    Wonder whether it’s an actual date (romantic) or a business date either way he looks sexy wish Tracers would hurry up!

  75. Logan Says:

    Give me a minute…..
    Oh boy, I love our down-to-earth, sexy-as-sin, joking-around dorky Taylor.
    Good to see them out and about together even it turns out to be PR, I hope they’re enjoying themselves.
    Love to know what is said between Taylor and that gentleman….

  76. vera Says:

    I like what I see, they are beautiful and look great together!
    PR or not, no one knows the true, except themselves.
    People can live a long time together, be married, have children, but always there are those who will scream that this fictitious relationship and blah blah

  77. Lilome Says:

    I thnk Taylor, out with Marie and looking oh-so-fine, is saying a giant “F-YOU!” to those stupid lists. I also love the way his top buttons never manage to stay buttoned. Weird, right? Maybe his body is subconsciously saying “I’m too sexy for this shirt”. Such a little tease- he acts all shy and turns red whenever interviewers ask him about shirtless scenes, then he dresses like this. Yep, he knows what he does to us and he doesn’t care. But that’s ok, baby. Just keep doing it….. we’ll be just fine.

  78. Jess Says:

    I feel bad… everyone else is like OMG he’s SO sexy, and I’m here going …”Now Taylor… Put your seat belt on!” I think I’m old.
    In my defence they played Sharkboy here tonight and I watched the ending and had this young Taylor image in my head, and then I turn on my computer and WHAM! Grown up Taylor.
    Another thing I love about Taylor… he can go anywhere and he’s being friendly and making people smile.

  79. Emily Says:

    Jess–I noticed the seat belt, too!!! I saw that Marie put her’s on, but never saw if he did. Safety first, Taylor!!! You mean too much to all of us to take that risk!!!! Buckle up!!

    I, too, would love to know what he and the older gentleman were saying to each other. The man looked quite amused.

    Lilome—I’m so glad his top buttons often put up a protest against staying buttoned!!!! His sexiness refuses to be contained by mere clothes!!! LOL

  80. Emily Says:

    Read the tag at the bottom of this. SO TRUE………………… :)

  81. Emily Says:

    Why wasn’t this left in the movie? My subconscious imagination would have appreciated it and could have done so much with it. :(

  82. chanda w. Says:

    I like how Taylor is always so kind to everyone too. He never seems to use the , I’m a celebrity , to act like a jerk. Good manners do go a long way.

    @Emily what movie is that scene from, I’ve seen a similar pic before?

    I’m like a mother hen, with Taylor too, always wanting him to stay safe and surround himself with loyal, honest and like minded people . Taylor is wise , so if not right away , he can eventually spot someone that isn’t on his same wavelength.

    I think this is the period when the true meaning of a friend is revealed. When the spotlight shines bright, everyone luvs you, but when it sorta dims, those that are still around are normally the keepers. So when the spotlight burns brightly again, you know. I hope Taylor knows. Love him!!!

  83. Emily Says:

    chanda–It’s a deleted scene from “Abduction.”

  84. chanda w. Says:

    Gonna need to get the directors cut of Abduction, lol.

  85. kia Says:

    Lilome – Huge F-U to Sexiest list. Couldn’t agree more!

  86. kia Says:

    “GOBLUE” and “TouchDown Michigan” are both trending on twitter right now. I’m sure a certain someone is happy right now!

  87. smartcookie Says:

    Most of the pictures were taken at the “76″ gas station; the gentleman in the blue jacket & cap works there and Marie was with Taylor; there are only a couple pictures of them leaving L’Ermitage getting in their car at valet pick-up…
    maybe it’s the angle of the pictures, but he looks like he’s put on some weight…

  88. marianne Says:

    EEEEEEEEEEEEEEP…..I am soooooo fangirling over these pics!! I LOVE the pic with the gas station attendant. Like everyone has mentioned, he treats everyone with respect. It’s so nice just seeing him out and about. I think he wore that blue shirt to a BD2 promo appearance on one of the morning shows. It’s pathetic that I would even know that info.

    smartcookie….Welcome to the site. The more Taylor fans the better.

  89. chanda w. Says:

    Go Michigan! So Taylor might have put on some weight….in his cute butt…….Marie is so Lucky!!

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