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I’ve uploaded photos of Taylor Lautner pumping gas and leaving the L’Ermitage Hotel in Hollywood with reported girlfriend Marie Avgeropoulos yesterday night (November 22nd).

Pumping Gas in Los Angeles

Leaving the L’Ermitage Hotel in Hollywood

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88 Responses to “Taylor Lautner Spotted in Los Angeles with Marie Avgeropoulos”

  1. kia Says:

    I swear this look like a photoshoot spread. And geez he looks so sexy pumping gas!

  2. Emily Says:

    Michigan lost today……… hoo! I always try to check their score, just b/c of Taylor.

    I’ve already said enough about these pictures. Now, I’ll just say, BEAUTIFUL.

    Mystique–OK, in addition to the silver Fisker and the black BMW, now we have a Black Audi for you to be on the lookout for in LA.

  3. Emily Says:

    The gas-pumping pictures–#10—that look on his face, his hair, everything…….kill me.

    Marie—-Do you have ANY idea how lucky you are?????????????????????????????????????

  4. kia Says:

    Emily – I ENVY HER RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. marianne Says:

    Emily….Kia….Imo he’s one of the few celebs that look as good in real life as he does on the screen….ugh. I was watching Tom Cruise in A Few Good Men and I want to see Taylor in a uniform!!

  6. Emily Says:

    Marianne—-I’ve said that FOREVER!! Just picture it—he would need to be in the desert so he could be nice and sweaty—the camo pants and the brownish tank top with dog tags—then all decked out in combat gear, then some reason to wear a dress uniform—the Marine one is my personal favorite.

    Let me just stop. I’m about to hyperventilate.

  7. kia Says:

    Marianne, Emily- Both of you STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t focus right NOW!

  8. chanda w. Says:

    Oh my, Taylor in a marine or combat uniform……………..YES…..I love myself but, I would not mind trading places with Marie, just for a day, spending alone time with Taylor.
    Just hearing what he really thinks, not the rehearsed drone answers, lol.

    I bet he’s completely silly. Smells good and we already know he’s a good kisser,
    Oh Taylor,such a tease to his fans.

    These pictures came right on time, he has no idea.

  9. Johanna Says:

    WOW He looks drop dead gorgeous im actually a little jealous he is so pretty!
    I would love to trade life with Marie for just one day just to get to talk to him but id probably pass out and die if that happened.

    RE: Taylor in uniform. HOT DAMN I CAN ALREADY SEE IT!

    mmmmmmm just imagine u in a desert with out any means of survival and then seeing Taylor in camo pants and a brown tank top like Emily said coming right at you all sweaty then picking u up in his arms and giving u the post passionate kiss that will literally kill you
    I would love that

  10. Emily Says:

    Chanda/Johanna– I agree! I wouldn’t mind pulling a “Freaky Friday” with Marie either. Isn’t it funny that we all say we would want to have a CONVERSATION with him, instead of the obvious??

    It just goes to show, we like him more for what’s inside than the practically perfect package he comes in……………..though I don’t think I could resist those lips…it might be a SHORT conversation, LOL!

  11. marianne Says:

    I personally don’t know how Marie kept from hauling his sexy a** to one of the beautiful rooms in the hotel!!

  12. Emily Says:


  13. kia Says:

    Marianne- I see no lies. That girl is lucky!

  14. Logan Says:

    @ Marianne, and who’s to say she didn’t……hehehe

  15. Logan Says:

  16. Logan Says:

    You’ll have to imagine a brown tank top but maybe Nikita will pick up on this fantasy of ours…

  17. Mystique Says:

    Awww! Finally! Some pictures of Taylor and Marie together lol! That’s so cute. I’m glad they’re still together. I was a little unsure there for a second. He looks good in blue! Then again, he looks good in everything lol! I like how fluffy his hair is! It’s different! Looks like…….bed head….#mindwandering. Lol.

    Emily–yes, looks like I’m going to have to keep up with a lot of cars on the road aren’t I? Lol. I’m starting to lose track lol!

    Ahhh…just look at them together. They’re just…..beautiful together. They make a very striking couple! I know TRACERS is going to be awesome!

    I just had a thought….Maybe the pics of Sara at Makena’s game made Marie come down from Canada? Lol! Just a thought lol. I wouldn’t blame her! Hey, Sara may be “like family”….but she’s still a girl, and she’s still an ex Rotfl!

    That lucky girl!

    Marianne—Omg….uniforms on a man are my WEAKNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It can take an avg guy from a 4 to a 7 on the scale in my book lol. That’s how much it’s my WEAKNESS. I don’t think I could handle Taylor in a film where he’s wearing a uniform. I think I would literally die from overload lol!!!!!

  18. chanda w. Says:

    Just say Catching Fire………..not bad……….had some Twilightish overtones, but when a certain guy came onscreen shirtless, NOONE screamed, lol. They can’t do it like Taylor.

  19. Emily Says:

    chanda–I don’t think ANYBODY can do it quite like Taylor!!

  20. Mystique Says:

    @Logan—oh my God…. #dead. That manip you posted is SO hot. Dog chains and all……wowzers! *fans self*

    Come on Taylor….give us a LITTLE treat in Tracers….please?????? Lol….

  21. marianne Says:

    chanda w…Emily…I think a lot of guys dislike Taylor because he sets the shirtless bar so high!!

    Logan…LOL…maybe she did!!

  22. accv Says:

    *just picture myself as Marie, just picture myself as Marie, just picture myself as Marie…*

    GOD I’M LUCKY! LOL! ;p

    RE: People’s choices for Sexiest Man/Woman Alive features… ROFL!!!! Adam Levine? Funny, charming, has his “handsome moments” and talented musician… but sexiest? Just no.

  23. *Vickey* Says:

    Hey ladies how are you? :)
    Up getting some hw done ahead of time, so when I head home for Thanksgiving Tues. I can have ACTUAL free time. Lol.

    Just read the rest of the other thread, loved the conversation. Haha. And @Mystique I’m not sure, I think I MAY jon the polo loving club!

    Thanks for the photos George! :)
    God, Taylor looks so good! Love that shade of blue on him!!

    Kia— “And geez he looks so sexy pumping gas!” —-> TRUE statement girl! He really does. ;)

    Emily— Awe I heard about Michigan’s lost! Sucks! Oh yes! Marie is so lucky!!! Not gonna lie, I’m a little jealous! Lol.

    Marianne- Gahhh thanks Marianne! Now Taylor in uniform will be branded in my mind while I sleep tonight and through out my classes tomorrow. :P

    And that’s a good freaking question!! How did she just not pounce him in one of those rooms! Lol. He looks sooooo good! I can’t get over it.

    Logan–THANKS for posting those pictures! Now I can’t focus haha. By the way, I just followed you on Tumblr. :)
    I’m under filledefrancais. And who knows maybe Nikita will! LOL.

    Chanda w.— Really? Lol. I can’t wait to see it, I’ve been slacking on my movie watching with all of these assignments I am getting. I’m sure I will see it during the Thanksgiving Break though. :)

    Mystique— RIGHT!? A little Tracers treat would be amazing!

  24. chanda w. Says:

    If ya’ll get a chance watch a video …….The Onion Reviews The Hunger Games: Catching Fire . The movie critic is Peter K. Rosenthal (spelling). I was sorta laughing.
    Taylor’s name is mentioned.

    I still don’t know how to post stuff, but if you can find it, it’s worth a look.

  25. Jess Says:

    Here’s the link to the Onion’s HG:CF review Chanda.,34637/

  26. Jess Says:

    Chanda – Chipmunks are so cute though! I was laughing too (sorry Josh H.)

    Thought I’d share this pic. I think it’s literally breathtaking.
    Wish I was going to see Tracers this Friday instead of Catching Fire.

  27. Emily Says:

    That was pretty funny, except for the chipmunk crack. I agree with him, though. I know the story is so NOT about looks, but when I see Josh, I just think “meh.” I liked Gale better in the books, too. Why do I always like the cast-off better in these stupid love triangles??

  28. chanda w. Says:

    I didn’t take the chipmunk comment as a bad thing either, they are cute. Normally I’m sensitive when it comes to Taylor, but this guy was being silly and sorta truthful at the same time. I do have to say I thought Josh looked handsome in the movie, but is probably average in real life. Where Taylor looks cute in movies and is probably better looking in real life.

    Because of Catching Fire’s success, the media is gonna make every guy in that movie seem like they are the most beautiful men in the world, none of them are ugly , so that’s ok. I sorta liked how CF handled the triangle, both guys got some…..affection, where’s in Twilight Jacob was basically begging for the slightest hint of emotion from Bella, even though he was sexy af! lol

    I’m doing the countdown for Tracers too, new pics of him, just makes me less patient.

    Thanks for posting the vid @Jess.

  29. marianne Says:

    chanda w….Jess… The Onion is funny satire and it amuses me how some of THG fans think it’s all serious. Fandom wars….you gotta love them.

    jess….Beautiful pic.

    chanda w…..What annoys me with THG is that it wouldn’t have even been brought to the screen if it wasn’t for Twilight. Studios woke up when they saw that a female YA book could bring in fans. THG had a much bigger budget on this last movie than Twilight and the studio learned a lot about promoting a YA movie from all the Twi promos. I guess I just get tired of all the hate Twilight gets.

  30. Emily Says:

    Marianne–ME TOO! I was kind of sad that Catching Fire beat New Moon for a November opening. I was always sort of proud that one made the most out of the 5 on opening weekend …or at least it had at one point. We all know what (or should I say who) was a big reason for that.

    I didn’t get mad at the chipmunk comment—I just never heard that comparison before—llama/alpaca is usually the go-to animal insult for Taylor.

  31. Evelyn Says:

    OH…. Taylor looks so mouthwatering gorgeous!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ As for Marie, hmmmm.. .don’t hate me for this, but I think that they’re just good friends.

    THG, I didn’t get into it. I read the books, but as you don’t know yet, I am a huge Twilight fan. Some peoplehate it, but I enjoy it. @ Jess sexy photo!

  32. Catherine Says:

    Ok, TOTAL guesswork on my part…don’t quote me, please…I just follow a ton of fellow film nerds on twitter :-/

    They are remaking ‘Roadhouse’ – an ancient Patrick Swayze film. Never seen it, but it’s quite a cult thing. To be directed by the Fast & Furious chap (his name escapes me!) The editor of ‘The Wrap’ (very respectable movie site) has suggested Taylor as lead. This editor was very complimentary about the live read, and has 5000+ followers on twitter. Hmmm. More clued up than most, I’m assuming.

    Maybe I’m clutching at straws…but I wish he’d announce something. Fed up of snarky comments about him not being up to much. Think he needs to shush people :(

  33. chanda w. Says:

    @Catherine , the editor of the Wrap suggested our baby , Tay…….yeah. Somebody better listen , ready to see his fine butt back on the big screen. I was so proud that he was praised for his live read , guess I just need to take a breather, others are noticing that Taylor is more than just a pretty face and abs.

    I was sorta pissed THG beat NEW MOON too. I didn’t really know New Moon had the Nov. record, I thought it was BD2. But, the studios were pushing hard for THG to beat Twilight… can we really believe the exact numbers? New Moon will always be the best sequel in my mind and yeah, we all know why. For what it’s worth I think Jennifer Lawrence has always been complimentary towards KS and Josh once claimed the Twilight cast was way better looking than the THG cast, so I think the actors appreciate and understand Twilight’s success opened those doors.
    Emily , I don’t get the llama comments at all. If that’s the case I’m a llama, my eyes are tight like Taylors. His entire package is DELICIOUS. Guess they can’t find anything on him. He’s decent, not a jerk, the gay comments couldn’t stick, now everyone knows …he can act. They don’t want him to have it all. Looks, talent, gracious……..too perfect. Now it seems the llama jokes aren’t sticking, cause with each pic he’s looking all kinds of sexy.
    So, now he’s a chipmunk and they are cute and adorable, so they can use that label , for now, lol. Just ready for some new news too. Luv you Taylor.

  34. Emily Says:

    chanda–BD2 may have passed NM—I didn’t really pay attention to that one. I just know NM had the biggest opening of the Twi films, at least up until the last one.

    I like Jennifer Lawrence a lot. She’s like Taylor, in that, she doesn’t seem to have let fame change her. She’s pretty funny and dorky in interviews and acts like a regular person. She’s also a really great actress. I hope she and Taylor can work together on something some day.

  35. kia Says:

    Everytime someone mentions the “Live Read” I just go and sit in the corner and rock back n forth! I NEED TO HEAR THAT LIVE READING!!! Sorrynotsorry

  36. kia Says:

    Emily- I like her also. She has this sense of humor and doesn’t take anything seriously. I would loved to see her and Tay in a movie together.

  37. Evelyn Says:

    If Taylor is a llama, than I am a squirrel.

  38. Mystique Says:

    Evelyn–Aaand I’m a cat! Lol! ^_^

  39. Logan Says:

    Roadhouse?! YES, please….
    Patrick Swayze played a bouncer in it, story can go a lot of ways.
    Can I request Taylor on a horse or motor cycle in that one..batting eyelashes…pretty please….

  40. Logan Says:

    Oh yeah, forgot to mention that in Roadhouse…he takes her against the wall…rotfl
    Now that part the director better leave in hehehe

  41. Logan Says:

    @ Catherine….ancient…..boohoohoo…you just made me cry :(

  42. Catherine Says:

    Haha Logan – don’t cry…I just hit 32, no teenager here!!! Was it filmed in the early eighties? I need to do some research that’s more thorough than scrolling through twitter!!!

  43. Catherine Says:

    Ohhhhh I also meant to say…the girls on here that encouraged me to watch Supernatural? I’m hooked! I have HOURS of it to wade through now! No bad thing, it’s icy here and I just want to hibernate with a duvet after work!

    How did I reach stage of my life without knowing of Jensen’s existence?! Sigh…

  44. Nicolefair Says:

    *pats Catherine, sighs* It’s okay….you have him in your life now….that’s all that matters.

    Now….you’re gonna need to buy extra underwear………


  45. Jess Says:

    Catherine – Jensen first entered my life in Dark Angel starring none other than Jessica Alba. Also worth watching if you haven’t already.

    I feel so badly for you with the icy weather – we are looking at a few days of 30+ degrees celsius here. I always feel a little jealous of you northern hemispherers getting a White Christmas, but I think I would probably just end up hyperthermic the whole time anyway. Still, a duvet and Jensen, that sounds pretty good to me!

  46. carrie Says:

    Catching Fire beat out NM by almost $16 million. Studios will sometimes fudge numbers a little to break a record, but they can’t fudge by that much. And with THG also opening much higher than any of the Twilight movies, it makes sense CF did too. It just appeals to a wider range of people. The Twilight movies still did amazing for what was essentially a series aimed just at females.

    Hoping someone will drop a few more crumbs about these 3 projects Taylor’s looking at?

  47. marianne Says:

    carrie….Lionsgate’s stock dropped yesterday partly because THG was projected to earn $180 and it came in lower. (I work in financials) They spent a lot on this film and the earnings projections were high. The first THG movie had the same problem and investors get nervous after costs are added in.

    Evelyn…agree with you re: Marie.

    Catherine…not sure about a Roadhouse remake. They’re like sequels in that they tend to lose steam.

    Bring on the Bench Christmas sweater!!!!!

  48. carrie Says:

    Yes, it came in under expectations, but it still soundly beat out NM was my point.

    And actually the first THG made way more than projected.

    I say no to Roadhouse. The first is only famous because it’s so cheesy it’s a guilty pleasure. I’d like Taylor to move into something more serious and challenging.

  49. Catherine Says:

    @nicolefair…you always make me laugh!

    @Jess…I was scraping ice off my car before work at 7am. I’d swap with you!!!

    To be honest, I don’t care what he’s in now, as long as it’s soon! You know what I absolutely HAVE to see though? Him interviewed about that live read. @Kia, I get what you mean about that!!!

  50. marianne Says:

    carrie….Sorry if you took offense to my comment. I understood your point about it “soundly beating NM.” I was just commenting on the Lionsgate stock activity which had a different outlook. I think chanda w…and most of us Taylor fans would have liked to see NM hold the record. There’s always a faster gun.

    Catherine…I’m in the northeast US and we are having sleet and snow too. I’m tired of it already.

  51. Evelyn Says:

    About HG: Like I said, I never got into it, and do not care for it. Yet, breaking box office just to battle with Twilight is really incoherent. Allow myself to explain, and void everything else in your mind because I am going to get mathematical for a few moments.

    Okay, NM released in ’09, and and finished with its first weekend with $142.9 million. Now, money increases over the years, and hence this being four years ago, this is worth about 157 mil in today’s money. NM was a smudge bit under than CF, which finished with $161 mil, give or take a few. If you think about it, both films can be equal to the record. However, you can add up all the totals each Twilight film made, and thus will get the total overall sum of the whole franchise. So, in order for the HG franchise to be more successful than Twilight, it has to beat the total sum of all five Twilight films. However, HG has four films, so it maybe be under. This is all due to financial planning, the fans, and of course, population.

    And now, to be thankful that my math for the day is over, lol.

  52. Jess Says:

    Marianne – Agree. We need those Bench Christmas sweater pics to keep you ladies warm over there! Catherine – I think I’ll pass on that swap. I’ll send warm thoughts your way instead! Or just imagine yourself here sharing a nice hot cup of coffee…

  53. Lilome Says:

    Ok here goes- as for Roadhouse: Nope! Taylor is WAY too young to play Dalton. As for sex scene up against the wall- YES! Just not in this movie. Or not for at least 10 years. Dalton is an older, well known bouncer. And Patrick Swayze is just sexy as hell. Sorry people, but I lusted over him years before Taylor was born. Don’t get it? Watch North and South (1985). I’m forever in love with Orry Main. Still breaks my heart to know he’s gone.
    Anyway, Taylor needs a role that is age appropriate. That’s all I’m say. I know people wanted him to do Fast and Furious 7 , but if he does an ensemble cast for a franchise, I’d rather see him do Ocean’s 14 or something. Can you imagine him in a cast with George Clooney, Matt Damon and Brad Pitt? He could learn so much from those guys- even though Im not so big on Brad Pitt.

  54. Lilome Says:

    Jess, I saw things in that pic that could warm me up- coffee being the least of them. Actually at first glance, I didn’t even notice the coffee….. ;)

  55. Emily Says:

    kia–I agree with you about people mentioning the Live Read. I get sad all over again that we didn’t (and apparently never will) get to see it. :(

    Roadhouse?!?!?!? Are there NO people in Hollywood who have enough imagination to come up with new movie plots? What’s with all the remakes???? I’ve never watched the whole movie–just bits and pieces. I’d rather see Taylor do something else.

    Lilome–Right there with you about Patrick Swayze–in North and South–YES–and don’t forget–Johnny Castle in Dirty Dancing! That was my favorite of his roles. I remember watching it at a friend’s sleepover when I was 12 and was worried I’d get in trouble for watching it, b/c it was PG-13! LOL Needless to say, at 12, I didn’t appreciate it (or Patrick) as I learned to do when I got older. *winks*

    Jess–I love that picture! He really spoiled us with set pictures from Tracers. When I see pictures like that, I cannot FATHOM how some people call him “ugly” or say he’s not hot. There are some people that I don’t care for, but I can admit if someone is physically attractive, even if I don’t like him. I know, everyone has their own “types,” but, really people?!?!?!

    Jensen–I remember when he first got popular. Wasn’t he first on a soap opera? Can’t remember which one. Yes, he is quite lovely.

    I’m in the Southeastern US and it’s icy here too! I hate winter, and it’s not even technically winter yet!

    Evelyn–”If Taylor is a llama, then I am a squirrel.” That made me laugh.

  56. kia Says:

    Lilome- He was such a beautiful person inside/out (Like Taylor) . I was also a fan of his movies Ghost,Dirty Dancing,The Outsiders and Red Dawn. He also was an incredible dancer.

  57. kia Says:

    Emily- I wish we could hear it. Would’ve of been a wonderful Christmas present for all of us. Sadly it won’t happen. -___-

  58. carrie Says:

    New pics! And it looks like Taylor was out with Kristen last night?

  59. Emily Says:

    Please tell me he’s talking into some sort of microphone/speaker that goes with the earbuds. For one horrifying second, I thought he was smoking!!!!! Like the shirt—apparently, he does too! What kind of gas mileage does an Audi get? He must have been doing a lot of driving!!

  60. Lexi Says:


  61. kia Says:

    Love the pics. But I’m noticing one of his eye is a little red and puffy? Whats going on with my baby?! Sorry my Mother instinct’s kicking in.

  62. Johanna Says:

    @Emily it does look like he was smoking by the way his hand was posed but if u look at the other pics u can tell he is probably talking to someone on his phone

    @Kia i see wat u mean it does look like one of his eyes is kinda swollen i hope its nothing bad and that hes okay.

  63. marianne Says:

    Emily….kia…Lexi….At first I thought he was smoking too!!!!! My favorite red checkered shirt!!! How do we know that he was out with Kristen?

  64. kia Says:

    Johanna- I hope so too.

  65. Evelyn Says:

    Smoking by a gas pump. . .hmmm. . .not the brightest of ideas. Then again, Taylor doesn’t smoke. I know that Rob, Kristen, and Nikki smoked, but they all quit, or so I have heard and read.

  66. Emily Says:

    I know Taylor doesn’t smoke and hopefully never will, since he’s health conscious, which I’m very thankful for. That would totally ruin his perfect skin and teeth, not to mention his lungs and heart!! I was looking at the pics on my phone, so they weren’t very clear. I was sitting in a restaurant and my heart pounded a little and I thought “Da$& you, Kristen, your nasty habits are rubbing off on him!” Then I kept scrolling through and figured he was using the phone.

    OK, Mystique—it seems like the best place for a Taylor sighting is the gas station, so I’m going to need for you to compile a list of all the stations around that area and start doing some drive-bys….. Just kidding. Guess it’s good I live on the opposite side of the country.

  67. Logan Says:

    OK, no remakes, or sequels for that matter ( hated dirty dancing 2 )
    @ Kia, Are you using a magnifing glass, I don’t see the red eye. He does look tired to me.
    @ Emily, maybe he did drive a bit…… maybe all the way to Canada….

    @ Lilome, YES! Patrick in North and South! OMG, head over heels for Orry…..guilty!

  68. carrie Says:

    The caption on the photos say he was coming from Kristen’s late night/early morning. Hmmmm….

    They could just be making it up, but you never know.

    And Kristen definitely hasn’t quit smoking. There are lots of pics of her smoking lately. I think Rob quit, at least I see pics of him using ecigs.

  69. carrie Says:

    Bigger pics available here.

  70. Jess Says:

    The HQ pics show he’s definitely on his phone and not smoking.

    So I’m guessing it’s no big deal to be on your phone at a petrol station there? Over here he would have been in so much trouble for that. They would have shut off the petrol pump and called out over a loud speaker to hang up the phone NOW! I’ve seen it happen more than once. Seems we’re overly cautious here maybe? Taylor you’re such a ‘Bad Boy’ (by Australian standards at least! hehehe).

    I would love to go on a long distance drive with Taylor…

  71. Jess Says:

    Wow! If I’ve done my maths right (not necessarily a given!) petrol is so much cheaper there. That tank of petrol would have cost Taylor about $20 more here. (Sometimes pictures are TOO high quality) Just thought I’d share that interesting little fact!

  72. smartcookie Says:

    a few more X17 papz …

  73. Johanna Says:

    @Logan here a closer pic of Taylor’s eye im not sure if its the lighting or if he is tired but you can see that his eye looks a little red

    @Jess OMG! how expensive is gas over there Jesus! if wat i saw from the pics is correct then gas were i live is pretty much closer to wat he spent

    and i didnt noe you cant be on ur phone while pumping gas over there I noe that u cant smoke but being on ur phone over here is not forbidden but i guess it different everywhere

  74. chanda w Says:

    Thought he was smoking too, glad it was earphones. Anyone trying to state that Taylor is anything other than beautiful is simply jealous or just a hater. Beautiful boy. I am gonna need him to start changing up his wardrobe. He’s wearing clothes from years ago…..again, lol. That’s my baby. The fact that he’s getting papped at gas stations is sorta funny, but I’ll take it.

    I might be grasping at straws but GMA had a segment on parkour and how a lot of kids were endagering themselves by doing it. They used two examples of parkour being used in movies, Skyfall and one of Matt Damon’s movie…….both guys are middle aged, doing well but, if parkour is now a thing……..then having a young , athlectic guy like Taylor introducing this to the public in Tracers will be amazing. They already have a captive audience. When I saw the segment, I automatically thought of Taylor. I think it is a a good sign.

  75. Mystique Says:

    Taylor hung out at Kristen’s house late the other night? Whaaat? Pics or it didn’t happen. I don’t mind their friendship honestly, but I’ve always been under the impression that ever since Kristen’s breakup with Rob, Taylor and Kristen wouldn’t be caught dead being photographed out together…….anywhere…. Lol….. for fear of.rumors and maybe hurt feelings on Rob’s end.

    Anyway, Taylor is looking good as usual. :) I see he’s wearing his “pajamas” lol. He loooooves that shirt lol. It’s so cute how he wears the same thing multiple times lol.:) We Taysters should buy him a new plaid shirt…..Maybe this one can be baby blue? He looks REALLY good in baby blue :)

    Emily—Lol!! You’re funny! ^_^ I’m sure if the picture were blown up close enough,I could probably figure out which gas station he was at lol! Btw, at first I thought he was smoking too lol! But I quickly realized that he wouldn’t do that…..not out in the open at least lol.

    That’s funny, my brother in law has an Audi. His is black too….but 4-doors. :)

    Jess–yes I’ve heard it’s not good to be taking on your phone while pumping gas either, but I wasn’t sure if that was simply an urban legend. I still try not to do it….it’s probably not safe. It’s funny cuz when my ipod ear buds were working PROPERLY (I swear, ipod ear buds seem to last only a quick second until they start malfunctioning on you!) I would regularly talk on the phone to my friend using those same ear buds with the little built-in microphone lol.

    I like that he’s putting on some weight again. I like him at this size. There was one pic that was posted a while back where he was looking a little thin! :-/ But this size is nice ;)

    Chanda–yes,I can already imagine that TRACERS is going to be AWESOME with all of the parkour! :D. I do remember
    when I first saw Matt Damon in the Bourne Identity doing those moves…..I was amazed!!! Everyone was talking about this new form of action and fighting. It was very interesting indeed!

    I also remember some awesome moves and acrobat ability in the movie casino royale…the beginning part. Awesome!!! Tracers is gonna rock! :)

  76. Catherine Says:

    They have signs all over garage forecourts here telling you not to use mobile phones. If you do, they tell you off over a loudspeaker!!!

    The UK and Australia have a lot in common, Jess! Cost me a fortune, filling up with diesel yesterday :(

    I hope he was with Kristen. Long lasting, genuine friendships are worth an awful lot…

  77. Logan Says:

    The not phoning while pumping gas might have to do something with static electricity….shrugs….not a scientist

    Ok I’m guilty as hell for looking at these pictures but the paps being only 2 mtrs away from him…disgusting!

    One of our TV guides mentioned Taylor staying in shape because of mountain biking HAHAHA and then they posted a picture of a scene from Tracers HAHAHA. Get your facts straight people! ( but still happy you mentioned Taylor, thank you Veronica magazine )

    So if these pics are taken in the early morning hours, who is he on the phone with?!?!?

  78. Logan Says:

    @ Johanna, thanks for the bigger pics….I hope he did go to see Kristen, it’s good to have and keep those friendships.

  79. chanda w. Says:

    Part of me likes that he and KS are still close and part of me sorta feels her personal scandal, sorta hindered him, for some reason. If they had a actual pic of Taylor and KS together, KS and RP would probably elope the next day. I think Tay gets RP’s jealousy radar up and KS knows that. I hope she deserves Tay’s friendship.
    Yeah, who is he talking to, that early in the morning? Marie? I could hear him saying: “Baby, I’m on my way back right now.” lol.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all. I sure hope Taylor has a great Thanksgiving.
    Thankful for this site and being able to share my adoration for this beautiful man.

  80. Nicolefair Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate the holiday!!! And to those who don’t have an extra special very ordinary day. Lol!

    I’m knee deep in turkey giblets and thinking of that gorgeous boy….there’s a Freudian issue here I think, but hey…idk. Lmao.

  81. vera Says:

    RP hung out with K-Stew about four hours according to the X 17online, but Taylor stayed at her house the whole night.. lol

  82. vera Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!and to Taylor & his family!

  83. Johanna Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving or Hanukkah (if ur Jewish) to all u lovely ladies and of course to Taylor and his family and to the girls on the other side of the world have a nice Thursday :)

  84. Chez Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all that celebrate it and of course to Taylor and his family!!!!

  85. Emily Says:

    On this Thanksgiving Day, I would just like to say that I’m thankful for George giving us a place to gush over Taylor and his every move in a kind and respectful manner.

    I am also extremely thankful that I am a true fan of such an amazing, talented, genuine, respectable, and beautiful (inside and out) young man! Taylor, you’re the best, and I’m so proud of the man you have become!

  86. kia Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving To my online family & Taylor’s family & friends!!!

  87. Logan Says:

    Happy thanksgiving besties! I’m thankfull for having you to talk to, every hour of the day.
    Even if you’re not celebrating have a very nice day today!

  88. Jess Says:

    Everyday when I log on to I am thankful that there are such wonderful people around this world.

    I am so very thankful for Taylor – making each day that much brighter through his talent, his generosity, his positivity, and his smile.

    I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving. I had a great Thursday!

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