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247 Responses to “Taylor Lautner at Gas Station in Los Angeles (November 27th)”

  1. ChezH Says:

    Hope everybody had a fantastic Thanksgiving

    Here’s a tweet about Taylor and Marie

  2. Lexi Says:

    @chez *sigh*

    Taylor needs to find himself a girlfriend fast, because these gas stations/restaurant pics are getting old xD

    I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving ^^

  3. Emily Says:

    Who in the world is “joelive” and how would he have any idea of their relationship status???

    Poor Taylor. When he’s pictured out with Tarik or any other guy, he’s definitely gay. When he’s pictured with a woman, they can’t be anything but “friends.” No wonder he tries to maintain some semblance of a private life.

    I don’t know how I really feel about Marie—I just don’t know enough about her to form a strong opinion. But, after seeing all the pics of them together during filming and seeing the way Taylor looked when they were out together the other night, I have a hard time believing they’re “just friends.”

    Together or not, I agree that I would much rather see Taylor on a movie set than the gas station, but I’ll take what I can get.

  4. Lilome Says:

    I have no idea wgat their relationship status is, but I find it coincidental that a certain Canadian beauty is in LA The weekend before Thanksgiving. Just sayin…

  5. Evelyn Says:

    He needs to gas up his car, does he not? He looks damn sexy pumping it.

  6. Marianne Says:

    What amuses me about this trip to the gas station is the link with KS. If these paps had a chance to take a pic of Rob (who they claim was there too) leaving and Taylor leaving a few hours later, that they wouldn’t have snapped them. Supposing KS lives in a gated community, pics of RK and TL leaving within hours of each other would be worth something. As far as Marie goes, I think the studio sees potential in her i.e. LC and Taylor has certainly made her name known. I never heard of her before this movie and we know how Taylor has no problem with promoting others. They look great together and what better way to sell a movie. Until Taylor comments on this relationship, I don’t see how anyone knows anything. I agree with Emily….wish these were movie set pics!

  7. chanda w. Says:

    No one knows about their relationship except them. Just months ago his fans thought they weren’t talking at all. Then we thought him and Sara had a major blow out. I thought he and Patrick were no longer friends. Yet, in the last three months he’s been pictured with all of these people. So , Tay is very private and he has the right to keep it that way. I also don’t care if some actors/actresses are famewhores, no girl, esp. a very attractive girl, is gonna publicly hang out with a guy time and time again….just as buddies……….if they’ve already shown the world that they are a pair.
    You don’t hold hands with someone you are just good friends with. So she would not purposely put herself in the friend zone….publicly.

    I’m also ready to see Taylor back on a movie set, heard Tracers music is done. So , we gotta hear some more news soon. Tay and Marie make a striking couple , regardless. Silence the envious ones.

    Everyone wants Taylor to be in a competition with the other Twilight cast members. Why? He’s already hit #1 on those IMDB boards or IMBD (whatever) he doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone. He’ll get his chance again and many still haven’t or never will get to where he’s been . In due time things will pan out…….they already are.

    Kickin’ myself because I forgot to make a to go plate from yesterday’s Thanksgiving feast. Hope Tay got plenty to eat. I also think he’s already working on something else. He’s staying close to LA. If he had major down time……….he’d probably travel about. Think new news (good news) is coming sooner than we think.

  8. chanda w. Says:

    Why would a producer at Access Hollywood comment on Taylor’s relationship status? Joe Siyam seems to want a lot of guys to go shirtless and he has a question mark about Taylor'[s personal life? If Taylor really was gay , all of these behind the scenes people would line up to open the doors for him. But, instead they are trying to line up against him. Now when Tay was on Access Hollywood during the BD2 promos and they sorta tried to block his interviews out, starting to make sense. Taylor must have turned a lot of folks down, LOL! I wasn’t being delusional . What God has for you, no one can take away.

  9. Mystique Says:

    Sometimes I feel bad for Taylor….he can’t even have dinner with someone without it being scrutinized to death smh. :-/

    I agree with the majority….it’s obvious that Taylor and Marie are more than “just friends”. Anybody can see that. Now, how “serious” their relationship is….Well….that’s anybody’s guess. They could be “special friends” for all I know lol, but it’s definitely obvious that they are not just “buddies”. Most guys (especially at his age) don’t just waste their time hanging out with an attractive girl ALONE just for the “fun of it”. Plus it was obvious from the pictures on set that there was chemistry and that something was brewing onset a while ago. So, Idk what this Joe guy on Twitter is talking about smh…Lol.

    I like what that poster on Twitter said back to him (I think her name was Tara Lansing or smthg)…..”somebody’s jealous” lol. I think so lol! Maybe that Joe guy IS jealous lol. I don’t know too many guys who are THAT preoccupied with another guy’s relationship status unless the guy thinks the other guy is cute lol. Let’s be real, most guys don’t really care about who another guy is dating….or NOT dating.

    I think you’re probably right @Chanda…..I’ve been secretly wondering the same thing myself. I think SOME ppl in Hollywood saw Taylor and automatically ASSUMED that he was a certain way, and figured that since he’s nice, young, and inexperienced, that they would just happen to casually try to have a “thing” of some sort but he must have turned them all down lol! That happens more in Hollywood than you may think. It would sort of explain the “dry spell” we see so often regarding him. I think Leo D. also made some ppl mad because he never wins any Oscars and he’s been more than deserving imo in a few roles.

    Oh well, if your theory is indeed correct @Chanda, I’m so glad that our guy stuck to his morals, and conscience. It’s not worth it to do the quid pro quo thing in Hollywood. :-/

  10. vera Says:

    chanda w…”If Taylor really was gay , all of these behind the scenes people would line up to open the doors for him. But, instead they are trying to line up against him”

    so true.

    this Joe Siyam reminds me of gayfortay..

  11. carrie Says:

    @marianne I didn’t see anyone other than delusional Robsten shippers claiming Rob was there. x17, who got the pics, said it was just Taylor and Kristen. And honestly, I’m not even sure if I believe that since there are no pics of him at Kristen’s place. It sounds like an easy story for a pap to make up to make the pics more interesting than just “Taylor Lautner buys gas”.

  12. Chez Says:

    I don’t know if anybody’s seen this about Tracers so excited!!

  13. Emily Says:

    A trailer possibly coming soon? Wouldn’t that be lovely?

    I’m ready to see the Bench winter campaign shots. If they are anything like the first ones, Merry Christmas to us!!

  14. vera Says:


  15. chanda w. Says:

    The day some real news and a solid release date for Tracers comes out.
    (I don’t know how to post pics, but imagine a person passed out on the floor..

    More than one source claiming Tay and KS hung out, if this is true, I’ll bet money, before Christmas, they’ll have pics of the two of them together, like the baseball thing (that was actually cute).

    So we do have the new Bench ads to look forward to, that can hold me for a quick second.

    What is the gift thing situation? Got the hat , but it isn’t embroided (spelling) yet.
    Did we ever decide who’s gonna get it to him, who’s closest? Or do we just send the gift/gifts to his management? Just wondering , no rush.

  16. kia Says:

    I was hoping this was a hoax but sadly its true. Actor Paul Walker was killed in a car crash today. I can’t believe it, my heart goes out to his family and loved one. RIP

    The chilling thing is that I found out while I was watching the first Fast and the Furious on TV

  17. Johanna Says:

    @Kia my friend just told me and im in complete shock especially cuz she love paul walker the way we all love Taylor and im like about to cry

    RIP Paul Walker

  18. kia Says:

    Johanna- I still can’t believe it. And the most horrible part is that he was coming from a charity event for the Philippines. Such a kind heart and beautiful person inside/out. So sad.

  19. Nicolefair Says:

    Seriously heartbroken right now about Paul Walker. My kid loves him I have no idea what I’m going to tell him tomorrow.

  20. Evelyn Says:

    Read about Paul walker on the ABC’s News app. So sad.

  21. Logan Says:

    R.I.P. Paul Walker. You were loved and we’ll never forget you.
    My heart goes out to his family and friends.
    So sorry this happened…..

  22. joanie Says:

    Such a tragedy – his charity “Reach out Worldwide” was accepting donations for the Philippines at the car show they just left. His friend in the car was the CEO of his high performance car company & racing team. The accident happened very close to where the teams headquarters are in Valencia CA.
    Hug your loved ones.
    Rest In Peace Paul Walker & Roger Rodas

  23. Mystique Says:

    I just came in here to say that my heart is truly aching right now. I just heard the news about Paul Walker’s death tonight, right as I was about to go into the theater to see THG: Catching Fire. I am still very numb. I couldn’t even enjoy the movie as much. I don’t know why, but for some reason I’m really taking his death kind of hard. :-/ I think it’s because I grew up watching quite a few of his movies!

    My heart goes out to his family. The Fast & The Furious will never be the same again…. :-*(

  24. Jess Says:

    So shocked and saddened to have heard the news about Paul Walker tonight. My thoughts go out to his family, friends and his fans. Such a tragedy.

  25. accv Says:

    Ditto. My guy informed me about Paul’s death when he came over. We were even about to watch Fast 6 before I realized I couldn’t rent the movie until the 10th. :/ But I really did feel icky after he told me. Like you @Mystique… I grew up watching his movies, too. Pleasantville, Into The Blue, SHE’S ALL THAT (he was a douche in this, but so hot anyways :p) and the FF franchise. Ugh. And what a coincidence that he dies giving back to my country :/ I will so miss him. I LOVED him and Jordana together in the FF franchise. So damn sad.

  26. Chez Says:

    I’m having such a bad morning I wish people would leave Taylor alone instead of claiming he’s gay, there’s a comment on IMDB that Taylor’s already come out to his friends and family, I really wish that they would leave him alone and the funny thing is that 2years ago he actually said he was straight it really annoys me lol! Sorry for rambling.

    I’ve never seen any of Paul Walker’s film’s but it’s still so sad he’s still young. Such a tragedy.

  27. vera Says:

    ugh, I’m so annoyed -such attracting attention to his sexual orientation,again…

    RIP Paul, a handsome guy, so young.
    so sad.

  28. Nicolefair Says:

    I’m in a bad mood so please forgive my lack politeness in the following: The “is he or isn’t he” shit is getting old and most of the time it’s mentioned by trolls ONCE and defended by fans FORFUCKINGEVER!!!!

    And it’s so ridiculous. We keep that subject alive far more than the tabloids, it’s never printed anymore, not by any legitimate source, paps don’t hide in bushes trying to sell photos….because this isn’t NEWS people. The dude answered the question, there isn’t any evidence that contradicts that answer. So why for the millionth time are any of his fans freaking out? Do we NOT believe him? Are we biting our fingernails waiting for the day that some random idiot posts pictures of him and some dude making out in a car?

    Well, I shouldn’t say we….because I’m not. I don’t look at Taylor Lautner and see closeted gay actor, I look at him and see actor, incredibly hot, drop my panties to the floor, can I have a moment alone so I can fap like crazy because he squinted and smirked AGAIN…actor.

    That’s it man. We should let that crap go. Don’t feed the trolls.

  29. vera Says:

    @Nicolefair..THANK YOU! Great post.

  30. Chez Says:

    @Nicolefair What you said is absolutely true, I was having a bad day but that comment on imdb made my day a lot worse, as you said he answered the question leave him alone!

    I shouldn’t let it get to me but it just really pisses me off every time lol.

  31. Nicolefair Says:

    @Chez: I know hon. It’s easy to get sucked in, but at some point we have to just be fans and screw the rest. IMDB is a zoo….read the signs…DON’T FEED THE ANIMALS.

  32. chanda w Says:

    Paul Walker is dead? Oh my ……..I hadn’t looked at any news. Got up and checked this site first for anything on Tay. I liked Paul , a lot , he was so handsome and he made Fast and Furious come alive. I think he was closer to my age, still too young to leave. No disrespect, gonna miss Paul so much, but anytime I hear an actor has passed, I always hope it isn’t Taylor and a small part of me always feels relieved when it isn’t him.
    As for the other issue with Tay, all fans aren’t gonna react the same to the subject and we all know that those on here do support Taylor strongly. So all topics should be on the table. Doesn’t mean we are feeding into anything. Just on this board at least, no one should feel, certain subjects can’t be talked about.
    It is just confusing why he is /was targeted so hard(at such a young age) when there are plenty in Hollywood that truly are………and their image is being protected. Until they write a tell all book twenty yrs. later and say……..surprise! lol. It shouldn’t matter, but Taylor did answer point blank. I see a beautiful guy also, who’s career I am excited about.
    So weird months ago we were thinking Tay , might get into the FF franchise and now a major part of that establishment, Paul, is gone. Makes me even more protective over Taylor.
    Rest in Peace Paul
    and Blessings to Taylor

  33. Nicolefair Says:

    It’s not the subject is off the table, it’s the nature in which we choose to discuss it. If he was asked in a recent interview about the rumors or added something new to the subject these conversations wouldn’t seem so pointless. But as it stands, they are and I don’t get it. But that’s me.

  34. Marianne Says:

    Nicolefair….BRAVO!!!! It doesn’t just occur on TL’s page but on other star’s pages as well. It’s become like the Salem witch trials…..who can we try to paint with this brush and cause doubt for fans.

    Chez… I think you have found out that visiting IMDB is a site you have to avoid when you are having a bad day!

    chanda w….They go after a lot of the younger guys i.e. JH from THG. Unfortunately, in this society, you can be married with kids and accusations are still made.

  35. Marianne Says:

    If you haven’t seen the eyesontaybert tumblr, the girls have changed it for Christmas. I hope they put RPatz and Taylor in some ugly Christmas sweaters!

  36. Lexi Says:

    New fanpic!!!
    She said she met him at Los Toros :)

  37. Lexi Says:

    and to add to that, it’s from today :)

  38. kia Says:

    My Baby!!!! Thanks Lexi!

  39. Nicolefair Says:

    Good God he’s just gorgeous. Lucky girl.

  40. Gena Says:

    Hi how are you?

  41. Nicolefair Says:

    Hi Gena! And welcome!

  42. Gena Says:

    How are you?

  43. Logan Says:

    Hihi, @ Nicolefair. You just made me smile….drop my panties to the floor….
    You have me fapping ( I know you meant to say fan ) myself after reading post nr 28.
    You’re right to say everyone should drop the subject since it seems there isn’t one.
    I vote to not ever comment on that matter again!

  44. vera Says:!image-number=63

  45. kia Says:

    Vera – You know the world is coming to an end when RPatzz isn’t number 1, Taylor’s is #39 and Justin Bieber is sexier then David Beckham.

  46. Logan Says:

    @ Vera and Kia, this list is HILARIOUS…. What happened?! Did they drop the pictures and then had 1 minute to re-arrange them? So wrong….covers eyes with both hands…..

  47. kia Says:

    Logan-LOL They either is drunk or got high off of glue. Although I am happy Rob isn’t #1,but still confused about the bieber kid?!

  48. *Vickey* Says:

    Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving! And those of you who don’t celebrate Thanksgiving or already had yours (Canada) hope this past Thursday was good for you too! ^.^

    Finals week next week and then a month off for Winter Break. CANNOT wait for that break guys! Hahaha.

    Chanda w/Mystique— You’re right about Tay and Marie’s relationship. Lol. No one knows about it except them. They seem to be more than just friends.

    Same here! I can’t help, but feel bad for him, he can’t even have a dinner without being followed. I mean I understand it comes with the job though, he handles it very well. Even though I do think Marie and him are more than just friends, I still agree its hard for him to be photographed with anyone without assumptions being made.

    Chez— Thank you for that FB photo! So glad to see, read, hear something about Tracers! It’s been a minute.

    Emily— A Tracers trailer would be AWESOME right about now. As well as that Bench Winter Campaign! Lol.

    RE: Paul Walker: So crazy! I heard about it and just couldn’t believe it! I had to make sure my friends were talking about the Paul Walker I knew. My heart goes out to his family and friends. So sad. :/

    Nicolefair—- BLESS your post! Haha. You covered just about everything. I mean it’s just to the point where most have to accept that we just won’t know the extent of the relationship. We just need to focus on Tracers. ;P

    Marianne— Oooh just checked out the their blog, haven’t been on there in a while. I’ve been so busy with school, finals week is next week. I love it though! I hope they put the guys in some ugly Christmas sweaters too! It’d be really cute! Hahaha.

    Lexi— Thank you Lexi! He looks great! I know she’s so excited on the inside! Lucky girl :P

    Gena— Hey Gena! Welcome to TL.Net! How are you girl?

    Kia— I just can’t agree with that either. Justin Bieber is NOT more attractive than David Beckham. Nope.

    Logan— Hey! I think the shook up all the photos in a box and just pulled them and numbered them. haha.

  49. Logan Says:

    Hi guys, is it just me or did we just hit a dry spell……

  50. vera Says: Taylor,any good news,please!
    ;D #sorrynotsorry

  51. Jess Says:

    Logan, I miss him.
    Here’s all I can come up with…a new GU2 promo pic from Mexico…

  52. Logan Says:

    They may or may not be ….
    This kind of friendship and loyalty is why I like Taylor so damn much

  53. kia Says:

    The only wish I want for my Birthday tomorrow is Taylor news or new candids. That’s all I want!

  54. kia Says:

    RIP Nelson Mandela
    A Global Icon a ,True Legend

  55. Jess Says:

    I hope your Birthday wish comes true Kia! Have a wonderful day.

    RIP Nelson Mandela. Truly a courageous, inspirational and great man.

  56. kia Says:

    Thanks Jess!

  57. Johanna Says:

    Happy birthday Kia and if you dont mind me asking how many year young are u turning today and girl we are all wishing for Taylor on our birthdays, Christmas, Easter, and any other holiday out there

    RIP Nelson Mandela
    honestly idk wats happening in the world but to many ppl are leaving and not enough of those horrible ppl are leaving its just wrong

    On more happier news Maria Bello (she played Tay’s mom in abduction) reveled this week that she is in a lesbian relationship which i was kinda shocked i never thought she was gay but either way im very happy for her now that she can feel comfortable being herself

  58. Logan Says:

    Thanks to Mr. Mandela for living the long life he did. Mankind needed someone like him to keep from falling apart.
    His life was not an easy one, many of us would have snapped a long time ago, enduring what he went through. But everything happens for a reason that’s why he rose above and beyond to fight for what he believed in so passionately.

    Our little community is something Mr. Mandela would be proud of don’t you think?! We come together, all ages, genders, cultures, religions and nationalities, to gush about our favorite topic…

    @ Kia, happy birthday to you! I wish all your wishes come true….1 slice of Taylor cake coming through for miss Kia…

    Maria Bello, you go girl! ( btw, she’s also in GU )

    …biting my nails….still 2 hours to go before I can start calling in for Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 tickets aaaggghhhh

  59. Chez Says:

    Taylor was at Adam Sandler’s party 4/12/13 unfortunately there are no pics of Taylor to prove he was there but at least he was having fun.

    @Kia-Happy Birthday

    Grown Up2-Finally it’s been released in the uk on dvd, my opinion is good not as funny as the 1 one, could have done with more scene’s of Taylor in them, bring on Tracers!!!!

  60. Marianne Says:

    kia…HAPPY BIRTHDAY….I’m hoping for those candids for you!! After Christmas, you won’t be seeing him very much since I asked Santa to put him under my tree and I’m not sharing.

  61. kia Says:

    Johanna,Logan,Chez,Marianne – THANKS!!!

  62. carrie Says:

    Go Tay! Love to see that he’s out and about mingling with other stars.

  63. como hipnotizar Says:

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  64. accv Says:

    Happy Birthday @Kia! Mang, work’s been kickin’ my butt lately. Had to call out sick yesterday and today for two different jobs.

    @Como… uhhhh… thanks but perhaps you should take your own advice, too? o.O

    I miss Taylor. Dry spell indeed. Makes me almost wish he was a TV star AND movie star. Which brings up the question…. which would you guys pick for him or rather have him as? A TV star or movie star?

  65. kia Says:

    Accv – Thank you!!

    Marianne- Taylor just showed up at my front door with a Strawberry shortcake (Whipped cream icing) So since your getting him for Christmas,I guest I can have him for the weekend. Wink

  66. Chez Says:

    Taylor was out last night 7/12/13 this is at a Mexican restaurant the guy on twitter said he was with a girl and they were touchy.

    Taylor at LAX airport

    Maybe the girl is Marie then he dropped her off at airport who knows lol!

  67. Chez Says:

    Taylor was out last night 7/12/13
    this is at a Mexican restaurant the guy on twitter said he was with a girl (they think it might be Lilly Collins) and they were touchy.

  68. Chez Says:

    Also Taylor at LAX airport

  69. Chez Says:
    This is the tweet from the guy that was at the same restaurant as Taylor maybe the girl was Marie then maybe he dropped her off at the Airport to Canada or maybe he went to Canada with her I’m only summisssing esp when they said about Lily, Marie does look a little like Lilly, Sara doesn’t, again only summissing lol!

    Hope the pictures made everybody’s day

  70. chanda w Says:

    Need more Tracers info soon. Feeling like someone on drugs , feenin for Taylor news. Seeing more pics of Taylor at that Mexican restaurant. Lily Collins, lol. Don’t think Marie would go for that. And what is he doing at LAX? OMG, is it pleasure or business? Please say it is business.
    I wouldn’t mind seeing Taylor on the tv screen either. So many film stars are coming to television , so it’s not like a step down or anything, just more exposure.
    Can’t imagine seeing Taylor’s handsome face on a weekly basis, I would be beyond in heaven.
    Seems the fact that Taylor was at Kristen’s house last week sorta turned into him and her being in a real life triangle. lol. Didnt realize the story had evolved.
    So Tay was at Adam Sandler’s party, need to see some pics. Just like we need video of that Boogie Nights live read. I have faith that will happen, I believe.
    Well I’ll gladly take this tidbit of info on my cutie.

    Hope you enjoyed your birthday kia. You sorta got your wish.
    Thanks for all the pics Chez. Of course Taylor should stay in the the top 10 on any sexy men list. We’ll his fans will make sure all wrongs are corrected, luv u Taylor.

  71. Lilome Says:

    Kia- so sorry to miss your birthday. Been on a little vacation and I didn’t know. Hope it was wonderful. Would love to have some details about your evening with Taylor and the strawberries……

  72. Jess Says:

    Seems like the soundtrack for Tracers is coming together…

    What we need now is a trailer (pretty please!)

  73. kia Says:

    Lilome,Chanda – Thank you. Definitely had a wonderful Birthday! Oh and Taylor was the best dessert I ever had.. LOL I wish!
    Jess- Yay! were getting closer!

  74. Marianne Says:

    kia…How much whipped cream did you use??!!!

    Jess…Soundtrack info…great news. A trailer would be such a great Christmas gift. New Bench photos would be great too! We are such a starving fandom.

    Chez….Whoever was with him, I hope she was all over his fine a**. (Since it’s the holidays, he could even be with a relative…LOL)

    accv…While it would be nice to see Taylor on a tv show every week, I like the idea of him working with different people especially if he had a love interest I didn’t care for. Although, there are so many quality cable shows and with studios focusing on animation and comic characters, who knows what could happen.

  75. Jess Says:

    Here’s another Taylor snippet from the Twilight Forever complete box set…

    Marianne – New Bench pics would be so awesome. I’m a little worried we won’t be getting any though. I was checking their site and they seem to have released pics from the 2013 Holiday Collection, but no Taylor? : – (

  76. Jess Says:

    Seems I spoke too soon…

    Bench have a new banner of Taylor in their stores. I think this could be my new favourite Bench picture?

  77. Jess Says:

    And there’s another new Bench pic of Taylor… But it’s not from the Holiday Collection.

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