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I’ve uploaded photos of Taylor Lautner and his girlfriend Marie Avgeropoulos leaving Jay Z’s “Magna Carter World Tour” performance at Staples Center in LA last night (December 9th).

Gallery Link:
» 2013 Candids: Jay Z’s “Magna Carter World Tour” at Staples Center in LA – December 9th

73 Responses to “Taylor Lautner & Marie Avgeropoulos Leaving Jay Z Concert”

  1. Nicolefair Says:

    Sigh. I want.

  2. Catherine Says:

    I wanted a movie announcement more than ‘are they/aren’t they’ pap pics. Sighing wearily here, sorry…

  3. nicolefair Says:

    @Catherine. I know what you mean, I would love to get a trailer or something…but, this is pretty juicy. I’ll take what I can get. Lol.

    And besides, he looks pretty hot all hugged up on by her.

    Now if only we could get some video (hinthint @Jess, lol. I know its out there, eyesontaybert has moving pics). I just can’t find it.

  4. Marianne Says:

    Catherine….nicolefair….I agree… a movie announcement would be nice. I’m glad that he isn’t grinding out one movie after another no matter what the story but a hint to his future plans would be great. I don’t care who he’s dating as long as she’s all over his hot a** since the rest of us can’t be!!

  5. vera Says:

    Taylor Lautner Attends Jay Z Concert With New Girlfriend, Mum On Kristen Stewart Hook-Up

  6. Kara Says:

    @vera: that video was kind of…awkward. I do fee bad for them that the paps were all over them though. Taylor was really nice stopping for pictures and autographs, even though that first girl whomasked he sounded irritated when he told her to speed up cause he wasnt going to stop. And dont hate me but I just dont know about Marie :/ As long as Taylor is happy though lol.

  7. Nicolefair Says:

    Taylor is so freakin smooth man! Jeez!! He didn’t slow down once, took pics, signed autographs and still managed to keep Marie from falling on her face. It’s remarkable, I can barely walk and chew gum without a trip to the ER.
    I’ve never seen someone so focused, if I didn’t adore him I’d probably find it irritating.

    That moment at the end with the football player (I guess), I just wanted to say “Marie…shut it.”


  8. Johanna Says:

    Yeah Kara i agree the vid was kinda awkward
    I do agree he was kinda irritated but i think it was just the paps asking those retarded questions about Kristin and other shit I think if they werent there he would have been a little more at ease

    As far as Marie i think she may have just had a case of the giggles i noe wen i get those i cant shut up no matter how hard i try. I still like her shes very pretty and seems sweet but i will admit i was a little jelly wen i saw they pics and vid but im over it now he has no idea i exist so its okay

  9. vanusa Says:

    Ilove it!

  10. vanusa Says:


  11. kia Says:

    Ugh the dumbest sh!t that comes of these paps mouths. Glad Taylor handle it like a pro.

    I’m imagining Taylor and Marie rapping Jay-z “99 Problems” at his concert last night. LOL . They both seems happy and carefree in these pics . Cute I ship it.

    Catherine- I agree. I want to hear some movie news.

  12. Logan Says:

    Love it!
    No sound.
    Taylor walking is enough.
    Sweet dreams

  13. Evelyn Says:

    OMG. Taylor looks so, so. . .f—able. I think Marie looks a little drunk.

  14. Evelyn Says:

    Okay, do not hate me on this, but Marie is being possessive. Body language and facial expressions are the dead giveaways.

  15. Johanna Says:

    @Evelyn i think ur right about that but to be honest im sure u and all of us would be much worse I mean it is Taylor look how hot he looks

    I noe if that was me i would be like “GET AWAY FROM MY MAN! U NASTY BITCHES!”

    At least Marie is being somewhat subtle about it.

  16. Evelyn Says:

    Somewhat subtle, but I let the fans get their pics, because at the end, he IS mine, and mine alone. ;P

  17. Jess Says:

    NEW BTS TAYLOR for BENCH!!!!!!

  18. Jess Says:

    1.07 my fave part!


    Thank you Santa! Thank you Bench! Thank you Anthony Mandler!


    OK I’ll calm down now… Bye off to watch it again and again… and again…

  19. Jess Says:

    OK. I have to stop watching now cause I literally can’t breathe anymore.

    I hate this time zone thing. All you lovely people are asleep right now and I’m going crazy over here!!!

  20. vera Says:

    Oh!!THANK YOU JESS!we waited a very long time and it’s perfect!I can`t wait to see the new photos!

    Jess,you made me laugh! I understand what you mean lol
    Moscow never sleeps too :)))

  21. Chez Says:

    So jealous of Marie!!!!

    Here’s a video of Bench December 2013

  22. Logan Says:!
    JESS….you’re killing me..couldn’t open your posts AAAAAHHH

    Thank you Chez for posting the vid, now that one I can open…and once again…!
    Simply delicious, I will have this vid on a loop, love the music too.

    Guess Marie looks somewhat overwhelmed. Taylor as allways very professional, he’s good at multi-tasking..
    walking, dodging, talking, posing, saving Marie from going down…just can’t seem to remember where he left his car.
    Thank you Taylor for not wearing a cap, I seriously hate them, sorrynotsorry!

    My favorite part is Taylor in that hot pink ( or whatever bright color that is ) t-shirt. Droolin’ over here!

  23. Nicolefair Says:

    We must be getting a trailer soon, it’s like his people are trying to soften the blow. At this point we’re all likely to go into cardiac arrest over a 60 second trailer.

    He’s killing ME!!

  24. vanusa Says:

    The Brazilian site insite to say it’s just marketing. And he also never got Maika, and that Taylor is too discreet to quit showing the supposed girlfriend.

  25. joanie Says:

    Bench/ – behind the scenes – December issue

  26. Nicolefair Says:

    Ugh! I only have my ipod so I can’t translate what’s being said on TLM. Someone with awesome cut&paste skills could translate? Maybe?

    As my dad would say: I’ll dance at your graduation!

  27. vera Says:

    vanusa….sorry,brazilian fans, but it`s a total bull***t.
    it`s not evidence , it’s just a theory , and it is outrageous that the fans of Taylor’s quarrels because they do not know anything.
    the problem is that Taylor does not sell his personal life , and does not seek to do so as do that Rob or Kristen ,or Miley .. because of this people think that whatever they see in media about RK and other`s ppl – deprived of marketing moves , but I do not buy it .
    we know little about his personal life , but what if we do not see something , it does not mean that it is not , imo ..
    I’m tired of talking about the PR or not, Taylor does not deserve mistrust.
    Robsten fans always support their idols , and there are no quarrels or disagreements between them .
    even a marketing relationship is impossible without mutual sympathy , I think so.
    I trust to Taylor, and I do not want to dig into this so deeply, I don`t want to debate about another’s personal life.
    I see that he is happy now, he smiles, I smile.that`s all.

  28. Johanna Says:

    @Nicolefair Vera pretty much got the gist of it. but here is the tranlation

    A large widespread hysteria has taken hold of fans, but there is no reason to panic. Before spending energy in vain, see sides of the situation and some facts that need to be better analyzed. Marie attended Saturday and Sunday for a convention series. That’s why these days she spent in Los Angeles (do not know until the day she gets, but she arrived on Friday night). The convention was private, a session of questions and answers with the international press. Everything closed, no pictures. But I know she and other co-stars of “The 100″ participated,

    About the “relationship” of them, something changed, I thought it was novel advertising, but now my opinion has changed, I do not think more, I’m sure that is PR. The reason? The clothing that was Marie. Clothing is not Taylor, many fans fell and began to believe that they are more intimate – (that was the intent). And this kind of ruse, seems more like a cry to call attention despair. If they were so passionate about this point using each other’s clothes, all different. I made a post about the shirt, but after reviewing again saw more clearly, beyond the size it would be much higher on it, the color is much sharper than that of Taylor … I have a detail that proves they are not the same. The shirt Taylor begins (below) with a thick blue stripe, right? Then comes a red, etc. stripe. This is the standard pattern. However, the shirt that Marie is using begins with a thin blue, not entire line (cut) as the Taylor.

  29. Johanna Says:


    “It’s not time to do marketing, the movie was not released” In fact promote the film premiere in a time that does not attract people to the big screen, people see these rumors in the outside world and know that a movie is being prepared , it will be repeated to create a bond and attract the attention of the viewer “Who is Marie?” or “I want to see their chemistry on screen,” these are just instantiations.

    “Taylor does not do that,” If the relationship is only novel advertising, since when it is lack of character? Because if it is, Hollywood should be doing full therapy to recover the missing link with your self. This type of action is common, is the best way to promote something, to attract attention, praxis is for those who work in this business. This is a market, no one is to lose and we’re not talking about minimum wages but by the millions. It is preferable that Taylor did not follow the rules and stop acting is not it? Because in this business, choosing is kill or be killed, because time does not stop.

    “Even if you end up after the film finished, relationships can not last a few months?” – Sure, but come to end just after the movie is quite a coincidence, no? The best way to know if it’s true or not waiting, but remember that much of it do, can end up rolling, which in a way would be for us as a shot in the dark and would not know if you’ve been together since the beginning.

    “The atmosphere between them was very grade” many websites focused on it, but seeing the video we see that even pictures can not speak more than thousand words, on the contrary, sometimes they say nothing. What we see in the video is grasped in his hand dropping Marie not even for him to sign or take pictures without taking a super man and flying in front of the camera. Must have left only one major lols.

    “They are in a relationship” Here I will say nothing but make only 3 questions: 1 Why Marie Taylor did not follow the games of Makena? 2nd Because Taylor has not submitted Marie at home, or left all together as they did with Selena Gomez? 3rd What Taylor is hoping to go to Canada to meet her family?

  30. Nicolefair Says:

    Wow @vera and Johanna, you guys are fast and I totally owe you a dance. Lol. Thanks so much!

  31. vera Says:

    thank`s Johanna …so..why he met her at the airport, and took her to a restaurant, and not someone else if it’s just PR? After all Taylor was with her in the restaurant and was “touchy”,according a guy from Twitter.Media did not write about it,nothing.
    Brazilian fans notice a lipstick on her lips , so it`s a proof -they did not kissing during the show – imo it`s ridiculous, you can kiss all the time in the VIP zone, but before leaving concert you can apply lipstick..
    similar clothes .. tricks reminded me of battles between robsten and nonsten,and now we have the same drama..

  32. Marianne Says:

    vera…I agree with your comment. For me, it’s such a relief to see Taylor out enjoying his life away from Twilight. I was so tired of him being referred to as “the third wheel” that it’s nice having him away from all that. When you said “even a marketing relationship is impossible without mutual sympathy” was a way of looking at things that I had never considered before.

    Thanks ladies for all the links…I’m going to go and ogle on my break!!

  33. Marianne Says:

    Some of the Taylor squared shippers seem to be having a meltdown. LOL

  34. vera Says:

    Marianne…’re right about “the third wheel”, just now it has nothing to do with him.

    “Some of the Taylor squared shippers seem to be having a meltdown.” haha,this is something positive, undoubtedly

    P.S.I want to hear some news about the work оr new projects.
    about the rest, I’m over it.

  35. kia Says:

    How come nobody ever say that Taysuared was PR? They had a movie coming out There were paps everywhere,I’m not saying it was PR or not but if we keep implying that Tay/Marie ,Tay/Lily C are PR then we might as well add TS to the list.

  36. kia Says:

    Jess- Thanks for the link video. Damn he looks good!!

    Vera – I agree!!

    Marianne- Her fans always have meltdowns. It so entertaining.

  37. Jess Says:

    So sick of supposed ‘fans’ analysing (over-analysing) every detail of Taylor’s life. If you truly support and care about him, you let him live his own life and make his own choices without being stupid and interfering and judgemental.

    Taylor is a private guy – let him have that privacy. Get it in your heads that WE DO NOT NEED TO KNOW EVERYTHING. WE DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW EVERYTHING. (Sorry for the yelling, I am just very frustrated by this.)

    I agree Vera – As long as Taylor looks happy, I am happy for him, I am happy with him.

    That’s just my two cents, now that it’s out of my system, I’m over it too!

    Going to watch Bench again to start my day right!

  38. Logan Says:

    @ Jess, sitting right next to you happily watching that Bench vid…

    Some fans are fast, take a look at this,

    Sadly no pink/ orange shirt :(

  39. Jess Says:

    If I had somewhere to post it, I would make you a pink/orange shirt GIF @Logan! Really got start a tumblr? I love that tee as well, but I really can’t resist Taylor in the maroon shirt with grey jeans. I love him in all the greys and blacks that he normally wears but damn it’s nice to see him in these colours!

  40. Jess Says:

    Here you go Logan. I got inspired! It’s a work in progress – be kind!

  41. Jess Says:

    Oops. This is the link I should be putting in…

  42. Johanna Says:

    @Jess how did u do that i have always wanted to noe how ppl do that but either way thanks it looks really good :)

    He looks so good in that shirt

  43. kia Says:

    Jess – Wow that looks cool. Can I say hello biceps!

  44. Marianne Says:

    Jess…Great job….love the color on him.

  45. Kara Says:

    I agree with everyone else regarding Taylors privacy. Im also going to put my two cents in about how the shippers czn be just as bad as the so called fans…i dont see how some can obsess over a celebrity relationship as much as i dont see how some can nitpick and complain.

    Anyways Taylor looks good in that bench promo and i cant wait to hear more news about his carerr rather than who hes dating.

  46. Logan Says:

    Thanks Jess!!!! Love him in those kinds of shirts, like he’s not wearing anything mmm.mmm.mmm
    You’re also fast making these gifs, very nice.
    Let’s see what else I can think of…hihihi

  47. Logan Says:

    Ok, since the holidays are coming up let’s see if anyone is up for a bit of PI work.
    I am convinced that Phil, you know Bella’s mom new boyfriend in Twilight, is played by Channing Tatum.
    He’s not in a lot of scenes and nowhere is it mentioned who plays that part but I have been saying that since the first time I saw Twilight.
    Can someone help me out here?

  48. Jess Says:

    Thanks for your encouraging words Johanna, Kia and Marianne. It feels nice to do something creative for a change – even better when you get to look at Taylor while you’re creating!

    Logan – Just let me know and I’ll do my best to GIF it for you!
    re. Twilight Phil. According to the end credits, Phil is played by someone called Matt Bushell. Sorry, no Channing.

  49. Nicole fair Says:

    @Logan, hey the guy who plays Phil is Ty Olsson, and like Channing he’s gorgeous but actually a bit older than Mr. Tatum. If you dig him you can actually catch him in a few episodes from the 7-8th seasons of my favorite show Supernatural. He plays Benny, the vampire who saves Dean from purgatory. He’s pretty awesome and very badass. That deep Lousianna accent don’t hurt either. Yum.

    Check him out. Love me some Ty.

  50. kia Says:

    New Taylor &Marie candids.

  51. Chez Says:

    Thanks Kia for the new Taylor and Marie pics so cute!!

    Please don’t hate me I know that he looks tired but Taylor doesn’t look happy at all compared to Monday night maybe it’s just me lol!!

  52. smartcookie Says:

    Well we know he has a temper (all that martial arts training makes him much more in control than the average papz target) – and he is definitely PO’d in this video.

    FOR REIGN fans (don”t watch if U haven’t seen episode 8… whose beginning is heaven & the ending leaves U in hell if you’re a Francis fan)

  53. Marianne Says:

    kia…How did he escape from your whipped cream clutches?! Thanks for the link.

    Chez….I agree, he doesn’t look happy. We never know what the paps are saying to them to annoy him. Can you imagine the money settlement they would get if he hit one of them.

  54. kia Says:

    @Chez,@Marianne – You welcome.

    @Marianne – It wasn’t easy. Notice his hair all messy. there was alot of hair grabbing during my whipped cream clutches. Hope he has enough energy when you get him for Christmas.

  55. Evelyn Says:

    The dinner date pics. . .don’t hate me but neither one of them looks happy.

  56. Evelyn Says:

    Allow myself to elaborate my last comment. I get that people cannot be happy 24/7, but think about this: any move you make can do the snowball effect . So, if that were me, I’d try to grin and bear it. However, I would love to seeTaylor giving the paps the finger to give them what they deserve. Yet, he has a lot of self control and composure just to do it once. I’d take the memory card out the camera and keep it,then give the empty camera back.

  57. Logan Says:

    @ Jess and Nicole, thanks for getting back to me so fast! I tried looking for credits but must ‘ve missed them.
    …snaps finger….so convinced it was Channing…

    Yep, Taylor looks tired, she’s wearing him out… Good for you Marie, you go girl.
    Take all you can get and then some! Leave him breathless and sweating….

    Judging by the vid from the Staples Center he gets asked a lot of stupid questions.
    But I like the way Taylor never acts out like KS seems to do.

    And aaahhh, he’s such a gentleman :))

  58. Logan Says:

    @ Jess, we should make something special for his B’day….

  59. Jess Says:

    Sigh. I want some real Taylor news…

    In the meantime, I’ll look at nice things like this…

  60. Logan Says:

    @ Jess, I meant to say, if you can make the gif, we can help come up with a theme?

  61. Jess Says:

    @Logan – Good thinking re. his B’day. Less than two months until 22. How time flies!

    Maybe we could make him some sort of thing that includes a special message from each of us to him? Don’t know what exactly? I’ll keep thinking…

  62. Jess Says:

    @Logan – Happy to make something when a theme is agreed on (I can make videos too if that helps?)

  63. Logan Says:

    For example Taylor bursting out laughing, or him wearing those low v-necks. I will try and come up with more options.
    For now Amsterdam is signing off, sweet dreams ( wink, wink )

  64. Jess Says:

    Sleep well Logan. Pleasant dreams of Taylor!

    It’s the morning here – Now I will be able to spend my day thinking of Taylor bursting out laughing – nice. People will look at me strange for smiling so much for no apparent reason!

  65. Nicole fair Says:

    Aw, I feel like telling all the people who are freaking out about Taylor dating Marie (namely George @gayfortaylorlautner) : *pets* Aw honey…I’m sorry, he doesn’t love you…kay? *nods* Mkay….now back away from the keyboard.


    It’s ridiculous. If he’s not dating publically it’s because he has a boyfriend. If he’s dating publically it’s because he doesn’t want people to know he really wants a boyfriend. Dude can’t win for losing, it’s insane. And really sad.

    What happened to the old days when we all just wanted him for his body?! LMAO.

  66. vera Says:

    Nicole fair …this dude is obsessed, but he is not a fan, imo.he’s just a selfish jerk who want him.

  67. Logan Says:

    Uhm George…. not our George., I hope….you know the one that keeps us from falling apart on this site?!

    @ Nicole, hihi yes the good old days!

  68. Kara Says:

    @Logan I think they are talking about the same George who runs this site….
    @Vera: are you saying you have to an obsessed shipper to be considered a “fan” . I am a fan of Taylor and I don’t have anything negative to say about Marie and Taylor and I honestly could care less and wish the media in General would focus on celebrity careers than their personal lives. However, I’m not going to freak out and call myself a shipper and hope Taylor and Marie get married and have babies or whatever. That cramp is just as bad as the obsessed haters.

  69. vera Says:

    @Kara – well…i do not rule out that it’s just lost in translation, but you can read his twitter attentively, and maybe you’ll see what I mean.

  70. frieda Says:

    Girls, please don’t worry about this gayfortay jerk. He’s nothing but the laughing stock of the whole fandom.

  71. Lilome Says:

    As I understand it, our wonderful webmaster is George. The gayfortay site is by a young German named Georg (and no e on the end)

  72. chanda w Says:

    Luv it, luv it , luv it. Taylor and Marie, look cute together and the more , the words PR is thrown out every time he’s with any girl, makes it seem like Taylor is a liar.
    I don’t believe he’s a liar and his fans should show more respect .
    Patiently waiting on project news and Tracers info. Maybe Tay will just drop something new without saying a word, Ninja style.

  73. accv Says:

    Yikes. That video was crazy to watch. Awkward indeed. Moreso because I wanna punch ‘em paps to the ground. That’s actually the first time I’ve heard some sort of annoyance in his voice. Ish. At least to a fan. But yah… the last part was funny because he looked lost. And who’s the big dude at the end? I couldn’t hear. Ugh. I think Marie is gorgeous, but I’m also a little jelly. Lucky woman. Getting all cuddly and giggly with Taylor.

    Taylor damnit… just ONE date. ONE. Wahhhhhh! It’s not over until the fat lady sings… and maybe even then. Hah… see what I did there? ;p

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