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108 Responses to “Taylor Lautner & Marie Avgeropoulos Leaving Acabar Restaurant”

  1. Logan Says:

    I’m telling you, she’s wearing him out!
    And he’s not holding back either, tearing up her jeans like that…tts,tts,tts

  2. Nicole fair Says:

    @Logan DIESDIESDIESDIES!!!!!!!

    I swear I spit coffee all over my table on that one!

  3. Chez Says:

    New fan photos with Taylor don’t know whether Marie was there

  4. Logan Says:

    @ Nicole. What?! Wink, wink, looks like he’s not getting enough sleep.
    Guess that’s fine as long as he’s getting something else…..whoawhoawhoa..

  5. Nicole fair Says:

    @Logan. Yum. And look at him, that is the freshly showered, towel dried hair, throw on some clothes and run to dinner look….on both of them really.

    And (virgins shut your eyes) dare I say it…I spy a little rug burn on her knee….


  6. Logan Says:


    @ Nicole, stop! You’re making me blush….
    ( and I have to explain why I’m all hot and bothered and laughing out loud at my iPad )

  7. nicolefair Says:

    Sooorrryyyy. But its true, you see it right? And I was hard looking for hickies (love bites) on his neck. I’m so nosey.

    If I was gonna bite him though, it wouldn’t be there. Marie’s a smart girl I’m sure she noshed on all the right places.


  8. chanda w Says:

    Glad I’m not the only one shipping Tay and Marie………….I luv it!!! He looks happy and she looks happy and satisfied, lol. Like the we just got out of bed into the shower, get a quick bite and back to the bedroom. My goodness. I like seeing him out and reading articles about HIM!
    Like I said on the other thread, I want more project news too, esp. Tracers, cuz it looks like it is gonna be really good, but in the meantime, seeing his sexy butt out in public is cool, right now.

  9. Evelyn Says:

    They both look annoyed or something.

  10. nicolefair Says:

    Hey evelyn. I thought that at first too. But then I realized our boy is really good at getting where he needs to go without making any enemies. Thats his business face.

    It also happens to be his sexy facr. Lol

  11. nicolefair Says:

    And @chandra w. Gurl I ship it so hard I should be a pirate. Or a seaman…..

  12. kia Says:

    LOL I’m getting kick out of reading everybody’s comments. Love it!!

    If there’s ever a reality T.V show that switch places with celebs for a day then Marie is on top of my list!

  13. kia Says:

    I’m watching the little mermaid (Childhood Movie) on ABC family and why is Prince Eric reminds me of Taylor right now. Sigh

  14. Kathy Says:

    Has anyone seen the new Bench video? Taylor is looking so fine.

  15. Logan Says:

    @ Kathy, are you talking about the vid that was posted on the previous thread or is there more…..
    If you haven’t seen them yet, check out the gifs Jess made from that video.

  16. Jess Says:

    Thanks @Logan. I just added a couple more gifs.
    I still like your idea from the previous thread of making something to celebrate Taylor’s 22nd birthday in February. My only idea so far is something that we can all contribute to, for example a series of gifs representing 22 things we love about Taylor or something like that? We might have trouble limiting ourselves to 22 though :-D

  17. Logan Says:

    Hai Jess, that’s a brilliant idea! What would you need from us? Just a hint or links to videos?
    I always seem to replay Taylor’s interview for the BBC whenever I’m feeling nostalgic…..
    And maybe we could somehow make it a timeline……
    ( jumping up and down now )

  18. Jess Says:

    Logan – I love that interview too. Yep, I guess we would need a list of the 22 things, and videos that people really like would be good too. Any ideas are welcome. Jumping up and down too!

  19. Logan Says:

    @ Jess, soooo many ideas going around in my head aaahhhh
    ‘Outgoing’ Taylor: interacting with (random) people, fans, interviewers, cast members even paps.
    ‘Animal loving’ Taylor: seventeen shoot, red carpet ( military dog )
    ‘Sporty’ Taylor: playing football, doing flips
    Etc etc
    Check your PM on Tumblr

  20. Jess Says:

    @Logan – I’ve PMed you back. I love your ideas. Especially the ‘Animal Loving’ Taylor – I’d already thought of the same ones as you.
    A couple more ideas… ‘Laughing/Smiling Taylor’ – So much stuff to choose from there!
    ‘Hardworking Taylor’ – Everyone he works with always comments how dedicated he is to his work and I really love that about him.

  21. Johanna Says:

    OMG @Jess @Logan u guys have the best ideas im soooooo excited for this ahhhhh im on the search to find videos u can use

    This is so exciting !!!!!!! :D

  22. Logan Says:

    Hmm, maybe we could do an advent ( is that how you call it ) counting down from the first of february. Just to incorporate the tons of things we’ll no doubt end up with.

    @ Jess, since you’re the one making them, it’s your call…

  23. Logan Says:

    @ Jess the military dog kissing him

  24. Jess Says:

    Thanks @Johanna. Great to have someone else on board the Taylor Birthday Project. Looking forward to your ideas.

    I think that putting the gifs out advent style is a great idea @Logan. From the first of February makes the most sense. If we manage to make 22 gifs, that will be two a day until his b’day so it would be good to be able to make as many as possible before then. I’d love to hear if anyone has more ideas of what they’d like included – We want to know your reasons for loving Taylor!

    Thanks for the link @Logan (love it!). I’m going to make ‘Animal loving Taylor’ as the first gif in the series (so excited!!!) Anyone want to decide on #2?

  25. Chez Says:

    Taylor was with Marie on Sunday 15/12/13 no pics of Marie just a fan pic with Taylor

  26. vera Says:

    Chez..thanks for the pic.
    I see there was Tarik? it`s can a place for the New Year party,maybe..

  27. Johanna Says:


  28. Logan Says:

    Haha, Johanna! Craving much are we rotfl….

  29. Nicole fair Says:

    Hi ladies, you girls have been busy! I have to figure out what I can contribute. I guess this is sorta like 22 Days of Tay, like 12 Days of Christmas? Haha, love it.

    And that last pic of him, the description is hilarious. Walking around the bar like a bum with his wasted girlfriend. Jealous much? I would have been….


  30. Johanna Says:

    @Logan yes my desperation really shined in that last comment but can u really blame me
    @Nicole that comment the fan posted was really funny

    btw the guy that did the music for tracers said this

  31. Johanna Says:

    one last thing if anyone here hasnt hears about James Arthur you should really check out this song i swear it relates to all us ladies and how we feel about Taylor just take a listen its called “Certain Things”

  32. Logan Says:

    Well Johanna, I now have a picture of Taylor running around in my head….thank you my dear!
    Nice song, love the voice and Taylor is for sure virtually ours :))

  33. Jess Says:

    Thanks for the link @Johanna – Beautiful song. So excited to read Lucas Vidal’s comment about Taylor in Tracers. I’m so proud of him.

    @Nicolefair – I like your 12 days of Christmas comparison. Now we need the song to go with it. “On the first day for Taylor… (mind goes blank???)” hehe!

    Have a lovely Thursday ladies!

  34. Jess Says:

    New Taylor pic from his GU2 promo photoshoot

  35. Logan Says:

    @ Jess, just thought of another one: Taylor showing up at his friends premieres to show his support.
    Let me see what I can dig up on that. I love loyal Taylor….

  36. Jess Says:

    That’s a great one @Logan. I love Taylor’s loyalty too.

    Hi fellow Taysters.

    It’s all pretty quiet on the Taylor front right now so while we continue to wait for news, Logan and I have come up with an idea of putting together a collection of gifs to celebrate Taylor’s up-coming 22nd birthday. The gifs will be in the form of a countdown, starting from February 1 (sort of like an advent calendar).

    We are planning to create 22 gifs representing the reasons why we love and support Taylor. It would be great to get input from as many of you as possible.

    For Taylor’s birthday, February 11, we would like to create a gif(t) card with a special message from his fans. We’d love to have you ‘sign’ the card. All you have to do is let us know your favourite Taylor picture, (either post the link or give a description and we’ll do our best to find it), and we will include this pic on the card along with your name (eg. ‘Jess’, ‘Logan’ etc.)

    I know it’s a few months away yet, but it will take a bit of time to put together, so if you have a few moments and would like to ‘sign’ the card, please let us know. We hope you will join us in celebrating Taylor’s birthday in this small way.

    ps. I hope you don’t mind us organising this project here George. has the very best Taylor fans.

  37. Logan Says:

    Hi Jess, my favorite pic of Taylor is this one
    He looked smokin’ hot at the GU2 premiere!

  38. chanda w Says:

    He did look good at the GU2 premiere. Here are the gifs I want included in the b day presentation. Gifs of Taylor in blue, Gifs of Taylor doing Ninja moves ……cont…later

  39. *Vickey* Says:

    Hey ladies! :)
    Back after a CRAZY semester! Glad it’s over, glad exams are over.
    I missed so much in regards to our conversations, but not so much with Taylor updates how I thought! Haha. We just moved into a new house and we don’t have internet yet, so I was using the internet on my Andriod. Sometimes this websites hates my android. :/ So I’m here at my Aunt’s house checking in! :)

    Glad to see Taylor out and about. He’s been spotted with Marie alot lately! I love the pictures of him and Marie after the Jay Z concert though, especially him! Leather jackets and Taylor go well together like peanut butter and jelly. Yum! :P

    Logan/Jess/Chanda w. He did look great at the GU2 premiere! Did you guys end up buying the film on DV? :)

    Logan—Yes! Taylor is very loyal and sweet! He also never tries to put up a front in front of the camera or his fans.

  40. chanda w. Says:

    gifs of Taylor in shorts , gifs of Taylor playing sports, gifs of Taylor with fans and a gif including why I like Taylor so much, he’s a fighter….doesn’t give up. So some gif, representing his fighting spirit…….mentally and physically.

  41. chanda w. Says:

    Vickey, Taylor is so loyal and sweet. Saw the pic of Taylor with a fan at the Jay Z concert and he was still holding Marie’s hand as he took the fanpic. You rarely see that, most celebs are so “happy” that they are getting attention, they forget, for a sec, the person or people they are with. He wanted to make it clear where his mind really was, on her.
    I was laughing so hard about what the fan said, about Taylor walking around the bar…………that was funny, but Marie is gonna have to dial back with the drinking, being with Taylor should be it’s own natural high. But, maybe she’s so happy she has to celebrate………I get it.

  42. Jess Says:

    Wow! Thanks for your great ideas so far guys. I love your comment about Taylor’s fighting spirit @Chanda, I so agree with you. How to represent it in a gif?… hmmm (puts thinking cap on).

    @Logan, I love the GU2 premiere picture you’ve chosen. That was one on my shortlist of faves too.

    @Vickey, the other thing I love about Taylor with his fans is that he is so generous with them – he seems to always let them take a picture, even if he hasn’t got the time to stop.

    I’ve put together a draft list of the ideas we have so far. Some of them have been combined together. Let me know if you think they need changing/adding to etc. And of course keep the ideas coming!

    22 Reasons why we love and support Taylor (so far… and in no particular order)…

    1. He’s an animal lover (Logan)
    2. He’s loyal to his friends (Logan)
    3. He’s outgoing (interacting with (random) people, fans, interviewers, cast members, paps) (Logan)
    4. He’s sporty/athletic (playing football, doing flips etc) (Logan/Chanda)
    5. His smile/laugh (Jess)
    6. He’s hardworking and dedicated (Jess)
    7. We love what he wears:
    – blue (Chanda)
    – shorts (Chanda)
    – leather jackets (Vickey)
    – v-neck tees (Logan)
    – I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say this for all of us… orange sweaters. hehehe!
    8. He has awesome ninja moves! (Chanda) [Don’t know if I’ll make the martial arts seperate to the ‘sporty’ one yet?]
    9. He’s loyal, sweet and generous with fans (Vickey/Jess)
    10. He has fighting spirit (mental and physical) (Chanda)

    Oh, and BTW have you all seen the latest pic from the GU2 promotional photoshoot. It’s very, very nice. (Inserts shameless plug of my Tumblr here!!!)

  43. Jess Says:

    Well that’s a bit sad. My link didn’t work? Try this instead…

    Hope you’re all having a wonderful (warm) weekend ladies!

  44. kia Says:

    Finally all my Christmas shopping is DONE!!

    Jess,Nicole Fair _ I like both of your ideas. Wow I can’t believe in 51 days Taylor will be 22. Didn’t we just celebrate his 21st Birthday, this year have went to fast.

  45. kia Says:

    Jess – How about his sense of humor?

  46. kia Says:

    His eyes!! He has the most undressing eyes I’ve ever seen! Jess I’m loving your tumblr right now!

  47. Johanna Says:

    @Jess u r so awesome i love the list u have so far those are all great qualities that Taylor has that we love him for now i noe this isn’t a trait per say but i love his signature catch phrase “O Boy” i definitely think we should try and squeeze a gif of that if we have space i love that he says that. And i also love that he is just so humble he really has no idea how great he is especially in interviews wen he gets all shy and his ears turn red it makes my heart melt.

    @Vickey congrats on making it through another semester i also just finished mine and just found out that i passed my accounting class

  48. Johanna Says:

    O and i forgot to mention this may fall under the loyalty for friends category but how about the fact that he is so supportive of Makena by going to all of her games regardless of wat is going on he is just a good big brother

  49. Logan Says:

    @ Kia, yes! to the most undressing eyes ever!!!

    @Jess, since martial arts was/is such a big part of his personality you can make seperate gifs…hehehe…
    Maybe split it up into professional ( for scenes ) and ‘goofing’ around ( fotoshoots and BTS )

    @ Kia, can we incorporate the ass-slap from GU2 ( sooo funny ) not to mention the deer attack ROTFL and the spoofs he made for MTV to showcase his sense of humor?

    @ Johanna, good one the ‘ oh boy ‘ has to be in there. And I agree, him supporting Makena is so endearing..

  50. Logan Says:

    @ Jess, can we include Taylor on Ellen getting underwear and him showing it in Manila and her tweet about that?

  51. Jess Says:

    Kia, Johanna – Love, love, loving your ideas. His eyes… perfect. Logan those pics in Paris were my favourites from his Abduction promo. His sense of humour will be a fun one for sure! Glad you’re enjoying my Tumblr Kia!

    Logan, some great suggestions for Taylor’s sense of humour. I don’t think I have Ellen’s underwear tweet? Let me know if you have a link. I have the other stuff though. I guess it falls into the category of “We love what you wear?!”

    Johanna, I love Taylor’s ‘Oh Boy!’ as well. I was thinking maybe we can do a category for some of his ‘signature habits’. Oh no! Now my mind is going crazy again! So much to do!

    I love Taylor’s humble attitude as well, and that he’s so down-to-earth and self-deprecating (like when he calls himself a ‘dork’ and a ‘weirdo’). Man – I think I’m gonna be making these gifs until his 23rd birthday!

    Anyway – Thanks again guys. And congrats to you Johanna on your results and to Vickey for completing your semester. You guys are awesome, studying is HARD.

    ps. Don’t forget to let me know your fave Taylor pic if you want to ‘sign’ the gif (t) card that we’re making for his birthday.

  52. Logan Says:

    @ Jess, I’m not on Twitter but someone on here posted it. Maybe they can post it again?…. I went through our Manila threads but can’t find it.
    Feeling happy because I saw footage of Taylor on Conan o’Brien’s show ( 2011 ) which I had not seen yet, very funny.

  53. chanda w. Says:

    My fave pic of Taylor? Impossible task, but it was a fan pic…….(I still don’t know how to post pics)….. he was in Boston…..doing scenes for GUPS2……..he wasn’t on set. It was in front of a hotel he was wearing blue shorts, he had on a white shirt with a long gray top over. Boston cap on and he was holding a football in one hand……the other hand was around the fan. She was wearing a black dress and sandals. His cool , bald bodygaurd was sorta behind him. Sorta looked like the pic was taken at night.
    I always liked that pic because he looked so relaxed, like the fan could have held and squeezed him and even kissed him and he would have been ok with it.
    But, if that doesn’t work. Classic Taylor (New Moon) in the rain showing those abs will always be my fave. I want to sign the card and you including his kissing gifs? We all know Taylor seems like one of the world’s best kissers. Let me stop because I could go on and on with Taylor. I know you’ll get a ton of suggestions, I’m just throwing stuff out there. Can’t believe his birthday is coming up in two months.

  54. Jess Says:

    @Chanda… is this it?
    I know what you mean about it being an impossible task to choose a favourite picture. I like the pic you have chosen because it represents (yet another) fan story about how great Taylor is when meeting his fans.

  55. Jess Says:

    Here’s some more of Lauren’s account of meeting Taylor if you’re interested… I’m pretty sure that she is the fan that gave Taylor his personalised NY cap that he always wears.

  56. Jess Says:

    Oh and I found it @Logan. Thanks!

  57. Logan Says:

    Thank you! You’re like a detective, amazing….
    Can’t wait to see for your gifs. Loved the last one I reblogged. Instead of going fast this one kept you in suspence of what was to come, very well done!

  58. Logan Says:

    Dear friends, I would like to wish you a very happy X-mas!
    Hug your family, friends and all your other loved ones like your pets.

    Us Dutch folks like to stretch this holiday so we celebrate the 25th and the 26th.
    That first day is good for last minute shopping before cooking or dining out.
    The second day the majority of Dutch people visit Ikea, or so it seems….and eat some more ( left overs )
    We exchange presents under the tree and play games.

    And guess what I wish for this X-mas…..
    I wish Taylor would tell us when Tracers will be released…..
    and yeah you can wrap him up and leave him under my tree. I’ll take real good care of him :))

    Merry X-MAS everyone!!!!!!!!!

  59. johanna Says:

    I just wanted to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday
    I also wish Taylor and he’s family happy holidays too.
    I’m still at work so ill post a little later


  60. Chez Says:

    Merry Xmas everyone, hope you all get what your heart desires!
    Wish the Lautner’s a happy xmas.
    I have to wait the 28th December to get one of the best presents ever Abduction is premiered on the TV in the UK so excited even know I’ve seen it a billion times lol!.

    Again Merry Christmas Ladies

  61. kia Says:

    Hope everyone have a peaceful and safe Christmas. I’m sure all of us are daydreaming of running down the stairs and seeing a big red box with a certain someone jumping screaming surprise! LOL Hope Taylor is enjoying his holiday with his family & friends.

    *Merry Christmas*

  62. Jess Says:

    It’s 5am Christmas morning here. I know I should be sleeping but I just heard some noises at the other end of the house. Could it have been Santa delivering that big red box? Think I’d better go take a peek – don’t want to waste any time before my gift is whisked off to the other side of the world for you ladies! hehe!

    I wish each of you, (and Taylor of course), a wonderful day and hope that you get to spend time with the ones you love.

    Merry Christmas

  63. chanda w. Says:

    Merry Christmas Eve! Hope everyone has a great holiday and of course wishing Tay is enjoying himself. Think we’re all wanting the same gift under our tree, lol.
    But, in a way we sorta have it. Fangirling together is cool.
    Thanks Jess, for finding the pic, excited about his b day present, as Tay would say, such an AMAZING idea.

    peace to all

  64. marianne Says:

    Merry Christmas to all you wonderful ladies and to Taylor and his family. If anyone finds Taylor under their tree…remember to share!! Love to all!!

  65. vera Says:

    Merry Christmas to all!!!Merry Christmas to Taylor & his family!!!Best wishes!

  66. accv Says:

    Fooie! It’s been awhile since I’ve been on. Work’s been hectic. Anyhow, going to greet everyone a huge Merry Christmas! This year has been especially about being Santa. I really enjoyed giving this year as opposed to receiving because I truly surprised my loved ones with gifts I was proud to give. Honestly, I think I was already fine for Christmas when my niece arrived into this world. She’s definitely my gift this year, as she is for everyone else in my family.

    I’d also love to wish the Lautners (especially our dapper Taylor — although such an understatement) a very Merry Christmas and know that they’re thoroughly enjoying themselves :D

    RE: the bday gift… wonderful idea! Now I just have to figure out what my favorite picture of him is :p It’s honestly hard to pick because Taylor is just so perfect that he like, never takes bad photos. Gonna have to do some searching. But @Jess and @Logan… great idea! Thanks ladies!

    But aside from Taylor, hope everyone’s Christmases is wonderful and you get whatever you wanted!

  67. *Vickey* Says:

    Merry Christmas everyone! If you don’t celebrate Christmas, Happy Wednesday/Happy Holidays! :) Also a very Merry Christmas to Taylor and his family.

    Chanda w.— Awww, I didn’t notice that! That’s so sweet! God, I just wanna sweep him up and keep him. Lol. You’re very right though.
    What happened with Marie and the bar?

    Jess– You’re welcome, nice list!! ^.^ Exactly! He always makes time, which is very generous. Sometimes he looks tired or he’s in a rush, or he’s being pulled away by his security, but he still makes time.

    Re: Favorite picture of Taylor: THIS WAS SOO HARD. Haha. I really like this picture of Taylor, I’ve always liked it!

    Kia— Congrats on getting that Christmas shopping done! The stores were insane! Haha. I hope you have an awesome Christmas. :)
    I can’t believe he’s gonna be 22 either! He’s growing up so fast! Ahhh good one! His sense of humor is a nice one!

    Johanna– Yayyy congrats and thanks! It’s a relief to just relax for a while right? I wanted an A in my French class, but I was about two points short. Bleghhh, it’s okay got 3 A’s and 2 B’s. My GPA is still a 3.8, so I’m happy. Haha.

  68. Kathy Says:

    Merry Christmas everyone! :)

  69. Lilome Says:

    Merry Christmas to you and your families. Stay safe and have a peace filled week.

  70. Lilome Says:

    Well damn, no Tay in my stocking! Oh well….. maybe next year.

  71. Logan Says:

    @ Lilome, it’s time for a group hug and share the dissapointment I’m sure we all felt…..
    Hope you still had a nice Xmas :))

    Don’t get your hopes up watching the following link.
    I’m pretty sure it’s not Taylor but a girl can dream….for 7 seconds.
    The guy does have nice moves, he could be in Magic 2 the Mike! ROTFL

  72. chanda w. Says:

    @Logan, I so wish that was an old clip of Taylor, lol. The guy in the vid had some nice moves. So, jealous of Marie, (ha , ha). Cool clip.

  73. kia Says:

    Logan – I’ve seen Youtube videos of guys doing the same and it swoonworthy. If Taylor ever did something like this? Have mercy the internet will have to shutdown!

    Lilome – Looks like I’m going to have to go to the North Pole so I can ask Santa face to face on why I haven’t gotten the gift I wanted for the past 5 years!

  74. vera Says:

    Makena was hospitalized..

  75. vera Says:

    Makena was hospitalized..

  76. vera Says:
    another photo

  77. johanna Says:

    @Vera she doesn’t look to bad so i guess its nothing too serious but I hope she gets better

  78. kia Says:

    Aww Makena,hope she gets better soon.

  79. Chez Says:

    New Fan photo of Taylor (the second pic is blurry)

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