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80 Responses to “Photo: Taylor Lautner Spotted with a Fan”

  1. kia Says:

    Such a cutie.

    My top 13 Tay moments of 2013 #13.No Taysquared pics #12.Vanity Fair Oscar-afterparty #11.Poking fun of himself at the Movie Awards #10.GU2 #9. The Harlem shake with the GU2 cast #8 GU2 promo in Cancun #7.GU2 Red carpet premier #6.More Candids #5.BENCH Photoshoots #4.BENCH promo in the Philippines #3.The live reading of Boogie nights that we will never hear! #2.Filming Tracers #1. Turning 21!

  2. marianne Says:

    Okay, girls, I confess that Taylor and I were at Macy’s making a return. We bought flannel onesies for Christmas and his was snug in the crotch so we had to exchange it.

    kia…I like your top ten moments especially no taysquared pics and the Tracers filming. Can’t wait for Tracers promo and hopefully some photoshoots!

  3. kia Says:

    Marianne- LOL I had to put that in there.Sorry Swifters. Not really. I wanted to put Tracers at #1 but something about him celebrating his 21st was so special.

    I’m so ready for 2014 & Tracers promo!

  4. Evelyn Says:

    Oh my. He looks so good.

  5. Johanna Says:

    He looks so gorgeous. Ahhh i just want to squeeze him :)

    @kia i love ur list

    @Marianne i almost fell over reading ur comment I would love to see Taylor in a onesie

  6. Chez Says:

    Just want to wish you ladies a happy new year and 2014 is as good for Taylor has 2013 has been!!!

  7. Jess Says:

    Wishing you all a wonderful New Year (only 3 hours left of 2013 here).
    May 2014 be an amazing year filled with smiles and good memories for each of you.
    I hope that in 2014 Taylor finds great joy and much success. Can’t wait for Tracers.
    Have a fun night everyone!

  8. Logan Says:

    So Makena was in hospital during the holidays!? Good to see she has loyal friends supporting her through tough times. Hope it was nothing too serious. Bet Taylor was in the store to pick out a nice gift for her.

    On my to work, this last day of 2013. You guys made me laugh and cry, thanks so much for all your lovely comments on our favorite topic…. Hope you enjoy celebrating tonight in the company of your loved ones.

    At midnight tonight I will gave a glass of bubbles with Taylor on my mind.

    See you in 2014 :))

  9. Lilome Says:

    Kia, awesome list! Marianne I love the way your mind works! You made me smile while I’m home in bed, sick as a dog. Hope 2014 is great for Taylor, and all of us as well. Cheers!

  10. Shazam Says:

    Happy New Year to you all when it comes!! :) I feel like such a terrible person…have abandoned you all due to my hectic Tayfree life! :( I miss you all loads and can’t wait to see what 2014 holds for our boy! @kia @marianne @lilome *BIG CUDDLES* Miss you ladies and our crazy comments…hopefully get to join in next year!! :D

  11. vera Says:

    Happy New Year to you all!!!Happy New Year to OUR TAYLOR!!!

  12. Johanna Says:

    Just wanted to wish all of you ladies a wonderful new years. U ladies have diffidently made this year a great one it has be great to come on here and read all your post and smile at all the funny things u have to say. I also wish Taylor a wonderful new years and hope that 2014 will bring us more of him and more projects i cant wait to see wat he is working one.

    So here’s to Taylor for being such a wonderful person and also to you ladies and George for making this not just a website but a family so thank you guys and have a great and safe night :)

  13. kia Says:

    Shazam ..BIG HUGS!!!!!! We miss you so much!!!

    * * * * * * * * * * * * *

  14. Johanna Says:

    thought i’d might share

  15. Logan Says:

    Oioioi feeling just a little hung over….had me some gluhwein ( warm red wine ) at the party last night.
    Hope you’re feeling better at least not worse. New years resolutions anyone?!
    I’ll give the usual ones another try, losing 20 pounds, work out and save money….sigh.
    Only that last one is motivating me since I’ll be saving money for our guided ( Jess ) tour of all of Taylor’s hotspots.
    Uhm I mean spots where Taylor frequently hangs.
    Ok, now I’m hungover and in the gutter……see ya!!!!

  16. Jess Says:

    Hope you’re all enjoying the New Year.
    I’m so excited for 2014. I hope we finally get to hear about all those projects that Taylor has been quietly working on.
    Thanks for sharing my New Year gif @Johanna. I think it’s my favourite… so far!!!
    @Logan, (hope you’re feeling better) my 2014 resolutions are here…
    I like your resolution to save money for our Taylor Tour and will make that one of mine too.
    ps. I’d gladly give a guided tour of Taylor’s hotspots ;-D – but I think someone local might be a better guide for the other places – any volunteers?

  17. gaby Says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR TAYLOR *-* from Brazil

  18. Evelyn Says:

    ~*~*~*~*~HAPPY NEW 2014!!! ~*~*~*~*~ And more Taylor to come!!!

  19. accv Says:

    Sorry I’m late ladies, but Happy New Year to everyone! Hope ya’ll enjoyed it! :) Here’s to another year together!! MWAH!

  20. accv Says:

    RE: the special bday project for Taylor’s 22nd, here’s a link to my fave photo of him @Logan and @Jess —

    Honestly, I chose this picture because it depicts the time I fell in love with him and him BEING THE perfect Jacob. I can’t remember how many times I replayed New Moon online. But the moments where his wig came off and he showed his transformation in the rain just sealed the deal for me. This particular picture is a snapshot in time of him showing us just who the hottest werewolf in the world is — sure, his gorgeous looks factor in, but it’s what he did to BE Jacob Black is what matters to me the most. Please do include this explanation (shortened is fine, too) on my part of the project. Thanks ladies!

  21. Evelyn Says:

    Taylor did make the perfect Jacob. I really think all the performers did a wonderful job portraying the characters to life. KStew could have done a better job, but Bella was like that in the books, and Kristen does have a little bit of the Aspergers spectrum, which can make expressions and social cues hard to acknowledge.

    My sister has Aspergers and she and Kstew share the classic symptoms.

  22. Logan Says:

    Wow Jess, great gifs….as allways! Love them all, I’ll add them later.

    @AC, yes I agree with your choice and the reason why.
    Another nice one is ‘ the turn ‘ with that awesome tune in the back ground. He def took my breath away in New Moon.

    Come on ladies, think about your favorite moment/ picture/ video and let Jess know so she can start project B-day card.

  23. Jess Says:

    Thank you @accv. I love your reason for choosing that (very nice) pic of Taylor as Jacob. I’ll definitely do my best to include your explanation in the Birthday Project.

    If anyone else wants to include a little note about their favourite pic or a defining Taylor moment etc, I can change the design of the gif(t) card to include that sort of detail as well.

    And if anyone wants more details about Taylor’s Birthday Project. Just see post 36 on the previous thread

    Glad you’re enjoying the gifs @Logan.

    Hope you’re all keeping warm over on your side of the world. I’ve seen there’s some bad flooding in the UK and snowstorms in the US on the news. Take care ladies.

  24. chanda w. Says:

    Such a cute pic of Tay. It sounds silly, but it is sinking in that his b day is next month…goodness. 22 is such a cool age. I also hope his lil’ sis is ok.
    Taylor takes such nice fan pics and blue is his color, indeed. Looking forward to supporting everything he does in 2014.

  25. joanie Says:

    NOTE: (old pic) Makena was in hospital in October….. pic was lifted from a friend’s twitter (Lizze Broadway)….

  26. Brooke Says:

    He looks just like my brother. What is funny about it is when my brother started growing a beard Taylor came out a week later growing one. Then when my brother started growing his hair out that next week Taylor was growing his out. My brother has a picture almost identical to this one with one of his friends.

  27. Lilome Says:

    Watching the Jimmy Fallon greatests hits show- they showed a very brief clip of Taylor riding the bull and throwing a football against Drew Brees. Swooning…..

  28. Lilome Says:

    Jess, my favorite clip of Taylor would be tbe scene from new moon when Bella delivers the motorcycles and he runs to meet her saying ” where the hell you been, loca?” You had to love that guy….. truly her sun, and ours. Maybe my second favorite clip quickly follows- the heartfelt scene in the movie theatre when he says he will never let her down. Puddles…..

  29. Jess Says:

    Thanks @Lilome – I have started a set of gifs showing how we love Taylor’s work and I’ll include your favourite New Moon moments. I can guarantee you’ll see some football throwing and bull riding as well (How could I NOT include those! Also swooning….)

    Just an update on Taylor’s Birthday Project.
    I’ve been working away on the gifs when I have a chance and some of the ‘reasons’ are complete or close to it.
    Like you @Chanda, I can’t believe Taylor’s birthday is now only 36 days away – eeep! (I’m not panicking – much!)

    We’re still in need of a few more reasons why we love and support Taylor, so please let me know what you think they should be. We want this gift to be from all of us, so it would be great to hear your thoughts. Plus it will stop me harassing you all! ;-D

    Here’s an updated list of the reasons we have so far:

    22 Reasons why we love and support Taylor…

    1. He’s an animal lover
    2. He’s loyal and supportive of his friends
    3. He’s outgoing
    4. He’s sporty/athletic
    5. His smile/laugh
    6. He’s hardworking and dedicated
    7. We love what he wears
    -leather jackets
    -colours (other than blue)
    (eg. Ellen underwear/NY-Lautner cap Please let me know if you can think of any other examples)
    8. His awesome ninja moves
    9. He’s loyal, sweet and generous with fans
    10. His fighting spirit (mental and physical)
    11. He’s humble and down-to-earth
    12. His sense of humour
    13. His eyes
    14. His ‘signature sayings’
    -“Oh boy!”
    (I can think of a few other ‘sayings’, but if you have any that you love, let me know)
    15. His ‘signature moves’
    (Let me know if there are any others you love)
    16. He’s close to his family
    17. He’s a fanboy (Iron Man etc.)
    18. He challenges himself (eg. Boogie Nights live read)
    19. His work (ie. we love his movies)

    20. ?
    21. ?
    22. ?

  30. Logan Says:

    Hai Jess, how about Taylor chewing his lower lip, bouncy legs and nail biting. And the way he is always curtious? ( is that how you write it) towards woman. Ooohhh and Taylor with ‘his’ cars, because I think he has good taste in cars.

  31. marianne Says:

    Jess…Logan…Love your list. It’s hard to believe our guy is going to be 22yrs. soon.

    Jess…I just discovered your tumblr. Great gifs! Nice job. I’ll be visiting often.

    Is there any hope that Taylor will be at the PCA’s? He’s the only reason I’d watch. Taylor and I have worn out the buttonholes on our onesies so we are going shopping for new outfits!

  32. Johanna Says:

    @Jess @Logan i love ur lists i think we got a good one. This is a little harder than i thought cuz there are so many things i love about Taylor but its hard to but them into categories.

    well here are some thing i love and many u can use them as some examples
    -his back flips
    -his dancing
    -his laugh
    -his natural charisma
    -his shyness wen ppl compliment him
    -the way his ears turn red wen his gets nervous

  33. Johanna Says:

    okay @Jess i just re-blogged ur entire tumblr page

    and here are a few of my favorite pics of Taylor

  34. Johanna Says:

  35. Johanna Says:

    i have more just look at my tumblr

  36. Jess Says:

    OMG @Johanna! I think I’ll have to make a collage for your ‘signature’ on the card!

    I giggled when you said you’d reblogged my entire tumblr, then I had a look and you were serious! So then I was like…
    Thank you! The pics look so much prettier all together like that.

    And thanks for the ideas as well. I especially love the dancing one. Somehow I had forgotten that one??? I was going to include the shyness/red ears idea with your earlier idea about being humble and down-to-earth, but I think it should have it’s own spot in the list.

    @Logan – more great ideas. His cars are pretty cool! I really like the courteous idea as well – I have lots of ideas for what to include for that one already. (Hooray for Kristen’s ridiculously high heels!)

    @Marianne – Glad you like the tumblr pics. Would be awesome if Taylor was at the PCAs but I doubt it (surprise us Taylor!) If only I had a pic of him in a onesie to include in the B’day Project for you – Well I guess you’ve seen enough of that as it is! Have fun shopping.

    Thanks ladies. I can’t wait to start showing you the gifs for Taylor. I’m so excited for 1st February.

  37. kia Says:

    Happy new years ladies! So guess were all on TTW (TracersTrailorWatch) LOL

    Jess – Can’t wait to see your gifs

    I don’t think Taylor will be attending the PCA’s. Sad because I wanna see new pics.

  38. Chez Says:

    Hi ladies some bad news,

    Heard that they had a screening of the movie “Tracers” they have mixed reviews they said was too long it was 2 1/2 hours long so they gotta fix that and not too much action and people saying that Taylor should stop doing leading man projects and some say is kinda good the movie so many mix reviews of this movie and if the producers of screening don’t like the movie is going straight to Dvd this is going to be devastating for Taylor another flop he needs to change PR management get him into the right scripts for Taylor while his twilight cast is doing well….
    (this is from Official Taylor Lautner Fan Page Facebook couldn’t copy and paste it)

  39. vera Says:

    Well, there are different opinions ..I select this: 
    “It was probably a rough cut of the film. Studios often do that before making finishing touches to a film just to test how they might market the film before finishing the editing and fine tuning it. I don’t think there’s cause for concern just yet, but I do agree that Taylor needs to look at scripts that will get him credit from critics for acting, and not so much for action roles”

    moreover, there are people who want that everything in his career was bad, so they will not write about Taylor & his movies anything good,they will be happy if audience do not go in cinema to his movie, I will not succumb to such provocations.
    even Abduction was not so terrible as talked about.

  40. marianne Says:

    I agree with Vera on this. I did find it interesting that one of the comments was the EXACT same comment that I read on a Twilight site while Taylor was filming.(straight to DVD blah blah blah) I like how Taylor’s new team has been handling him so far. The media continues to compare the Twi cast when fans shouldn’t. Rob is so much older and KStew fans back her no matter what she seems to do. The media is fickle and I don’t let them influence my opinions.

  41. Evelyn Says:

    I like Rob and K-Stew. No, I don’t approve of cheating, but something tells me there is another part of that that we do not know, and probably never will.

    22 Reasons here of why I love Taylor: 1. Sweet. 2. Devoted to everything he sets his mind to. 3. Makes me giggle (no guy has done that for me) 4. Family orientated 5. Strong in both physically and mentally 6. Does those amazing back flips. 7. Flannel, open necked shirts and they way he fits into jeans (Drools), 8. Sweet and loyal to fans and others 9. His smile 10. Loves creatures 11. Keeps a cool, level head on his strong shoulders 12. Grateful and appreciative, and not spoiled 13. Is very funny 14. Doesn’t say a bad word about anyone. 15. His Michigan accent 16. The facial expressions 17. Dreams 18. Native American ethnicity 19. Has a tender heart to the disabled 20. He doesn’t fight the paps (although I would) 21. Protective 22. Kind

  42. Evelyn Says:

    Oh, and one more: He is very photogenic

  43. *Vickey* Says:

    Hey ladies! Happy New Year! I know I’m super late! :D
    Just dropping in!
    Way to expand on that list Jess!!! I think we all make a great team hahaha.

    Hmm, about the mix reviews on Tracers, I guess I can see why, some sound more technically (length of the film) while the others seem to be focused more on the actual story (in regard to him being the leading man). I love Taylor as the leading man, he just always seems to bring something interesting to his characters that I don’t think some others could execute. However, I it would be AWESOME to see him be apart of a nice because I always hear him say he’d like to do a movie with Matt Damon one day or something! A movie with Taylor and Matt Damon, put me down to see, sounds like it would be action packed and intense. :) Or even something like a Marvel movie! I understand he just finished the Twilight Saga not too long ago, but I don’t think it’d be a bad idea to be apart of the Marvel Franchise :P (Maybe I’m just being biased because I love my Marvel superhero films haha).
    Also, I feel like @marianne said Taylor’s team has been taking really good care of him and has been doing things in his best interest as of late, so I’m sure they know what they’re doing. Taylor is doing great to be 21 (22 next month!!!!).

    Evelyn— I agree with you, there’s always more to every story when it comes to the entertainment industry. Also LOVE your list of reasons you love Tay! :) 1,2,3,4,5,7,9,15, and DEFINITELY 16 hahah

  44. Jess Says:

    Don’t know if the link will work, but here’s the guy commenting on the Tracers screening. (Phil Strae)

    Apparently the second screening went better than the first as they tested on a college age audience. But he says “Execs were not at all pleased with what they saw. Some folks felt it was a big ripoff of Point Break.”

    People at the screening were saying there wasn’t enough action in the movie. “That seems to be the main gripe with the film. Not enough hand to hand combat. Just jumping and running.” He says “He should have chosen a better script IMO. No one really cares about Parkour domestically. I think it’s still pretty big…” and “It’s really going to be a tough sell” Then it gets worse when he says “If reshoots are necessary there could be the small possibility of a 2015 release..”

    He says that “Looking more and more likely that Tracers will get the “Cold Light of Day” treatment.” and “If I had to guess though I think Summit comes in last minute and distributes. Maybe as a thank you.”

    On a (hopefully) positive note for those of us outside the US, he says that “It is having trouble finding distribution domestically but it can still be released theatrically Internationally.” He believes the movie is better suited to an international market. I know that here in Australia, Abduction did reasonably well and Taylor made a really good impression when he promoted here with both Abduction and Eclipse, so, fingers crossed, the movie can at least get international distribution.

    So frustrated right now. And anxious.

    I agree @Vickey – Taylor is still young. He has plenty of time to build up his career. I know I’ll be supporting him every step.

    @Evelyn – Loving your list. I like the one about his Michigan accent. I’d love to know what Taylor says that really shows his accent? Not being from the US, to me he just sounds ‘American’. I’ll definitely work as much of your list into the Birthday Project as possible.

  45. carrie Says:

    That guy has under 200 tweets and most of them are about Tracers. Doesn’t seem very legit to me. Are there other reactions elsewhere?

  46. kia Says:

    Carrie- I haven’t heard from nobody who was actually at these “screenings”. He seems the only one that’s giving out this information yet hasn’t gone to any these. So really don’t know if I should believe him or not.
    P.S His followers list has went from 17 to 34 followers. Mostly Taylor fans

    Hope everyone enjoying this freezing weather because I’m sure ain’t!

  47. joanie Says:

    and just where & when are they saying these “screenings” took place???

  48. gaby Says:

    omg..this cant be true.. :,,,(

  49. Evelyn Says:

    Hmmm…..I do not believe that guy about Tracers. It doesn’t sound feasible to me.

    The Michigan accent. I love how he doesn’t intentionally emphasize certain vowels such as the strong long I sound. You can hear this when he talks. lol Beats my strong Chicago accent, that’s for sure. I roll my ‘R’s and have the strong emphasis on the long A. So, when I say Taylor’s whole name, my mouth and voice have a ‘party.’ lmao. My accent is really pronounced there.

  50. Jess Says:

    Oh and I just remembered this as well… from October 2013

    Is it usual to have this many pre-screenings?

    Hope this is all some nasty hoax.

    Thanks for the explanation re. Michigan accent @Evelyn. I’m looking forward to picking up on the nuances! I know when Taylor was promoting Abduction here, his accent sounded SO GOOD when compared to the Australian accent.

  51. Jess Says:

    Just wanted to share this pic with you ladies because it cheered me up after a pretty crappy day. That smile…

  52. Logan Says:

    Who says 2,5 hours of Taylor is too much!? Somebody out there just doesn’t get it, tsk tsk tsk
    I’ll stick with the lady? who comments on Nikita’s Tumblr, at least she was at the reading as well as the screening.

    If it does go straight to dvd we’ll just blow them away with the sales numbers,Taylor has some very loyal fans!
    Soooo, I say stick with the 2,5 hours and put in a lot of extras.
    Thank you in advance….oh and please don’t make us wait untill September ;)

  53. Evelyn Says:

    A lot of cursing? One word: HOT. lol. Taylor is German after all, and we are known to have sailor mouths. Not saying I am proud of mine, but sometimes those two little words takes the craze out of everything. lol

  54. Jess Says:

    hehe@Logan that was exactly my first thought as well – 2.5 hours is not even close to long enough – and they want to make it shorter – craziness!!! They should have come to us to do the screenings!

    @Evelyn, I think we’re all looking forward to hearing some bad words fom Taylor’s mouth. Speaking of which, I did a bit of online research into the Michigan accent and now I feel much more able to recognise and appreciate his accent.

    I was actually surprised how similar it is in some ways to the Australian accent (an example being that we tend to pronounce words like ‘city’ as ‘ciddy’ or ‘little’ as ‘liddle’)

    A couple of things I found which I felt were SO Taylor –
    The word ‘second’ is pronounced ‘seckit’
    The word ‘thanks’ or ‘thank you’ is pronounced ‘thenks’ and ‘THENKyou’. (You don’t have to look too hard to find examples of Taylor saying this).
    Michiganders don’t say y’all – they say “you guys” (I’ve even heard Taylor say ‘you guyses’ for ‘your’ and it shocked me more than if he’d been swearing. hahaha)

    But I think the best example I found was included in a list of words and phrases unique to Michigan…
    “Geez-Louise!” – A Michigan expletive for polite company.

    Amazing what you can learn while you procrastinate! Back to real work now :-(

  55. Johanna Says:

    is it just me or do u guys find this sexy too

    @jess i never really payed attention to his accent before until u just mentioned it

  56. kia Says:

    Johanna- he love licking his lips at every interview. Tongue Porn King

    Apparently Tracers trended on twitter tonight. Is that true?

  57. Logan Says:

    @ Johanna, I’ve noticed, believe me, I’ve noticed!
    Watching that tongue go over those lucious lips is hypnotizing O_O
    Oohhh Taylor, I’m under your spell, have your wicked way with me!!!

  58. Evelyn Says:

    Total turn on. Like whoa!

  59. gaby Says:

    please, vote for tracers as most anticipated movie of the year! who has twitter: tweet until day 13/01-> Tracers # MTVMovieBrawl

  60. vera Says:

    @gaby….yess,thank`s! i did :)

  61. Logan Says:

    On it, thanks Gaby

  62. kia Says:

    Taylor can you come out and play please!? I want to see your beautiful face.. TaylorDrought2014

  63. carrie Says:

    Was just on rottentomatoes and Kellan’s new movie has a whopping 3%. So much for people saying his career was eclipsing Taylor’s.

  64. marianne Says:

    kia…maybe Taylor is going to childbirth classes with Kristen since according to the Robsten shippers she is 6mos. along!!

    carrie…I was surprised that people even compared the two guys. They are both so different imo.

    FYI…On a Taylor squared posting(I was directed to the site accidentally) there was a person posting who had been blocked from other TL sites because of the crazy. Posted all this crap about what a waste of life TL was and how he dropped out of high school etc. Most of the TS fans defended him but I was surprised at all the hate. Wouldn’t be surprised to see they were moving onto other sites so don’t be surprised if you encounter them. Hard to understand why people spend their time hating on someone. “Taylor, did you kick their puppy?”

  65. kia Says:

    Carrie – I like Kellen but comparison between him and Taylor makes no sense.

    Marianne- He must of did something to make them hate him. I literally don’t understand these haters or some of these so called fans who always have something negative to say about him. Reason why I love this site and the people on here.

    LOL what is going to take theses shippers to believe that RK are no more.

  66. Logan Says:

    Aaaahhhh Kellan, I like him he seems like a fun person to hang out with.
    And so did Miley, rotfl.
    Hope his movie will do good. I rather see Kellan playing Hercules.
    Dwayne, step aside and give those young actors a chance, will ya

    No haters on this site please
    Only lovers allowed

  67. Evelyn Says:

    I love Kellen. But I wish they would not compare each other.

  68. accv Says:

    @jess, what’s your tumblr again? thanks!

    and to the mixed reactions for tracers… w/e. just like the krisbians, i’m a tayster for life!

  69. Jess Says:

    Only one month until Taylor is 22!

    Re. Kellan – I hope his movie does well despite the critics. He seems like a nice guy. It’s getting frustrating people being so focused on which of the Twilight cast will rise and which will fall. So stupid. I wish them all happiness and success.

    I honestly cannot imagine how it’s possible to hate Taylor. I feel very, very sorry for them – they don’t know what they are missing out on! I’m with you @Logan – we’re all about the love here! And ditto @accv – I’m a Tayster for life too! (ps. my Tumblr is

    Hope your weather is improving ladies. I’ll send some of our heatwave your way.

  70. chanda w. Says:

    I’m sure I’ve been seeing news clips of the sport of parkour. First on GMA and Inside Edition last month and this past week on Kelly and Michael, infact one of the cute guys from Tracers, Luciano was on there and they were jumping or something, but I only caught the last few seconds of it. I just feel they are warming people up to the art of parkour…… I think they are getting ready for Tracers…….hope so.

    Anyone hating on Taylor is silly, think it’s more envy than anything. And for the record, Taylor said out of his own mouth that he tested out of high school and took some college courses……so a high school drop out………he is not. The comparisions to other Twilight cast members is also silly, esp. since Taylor is so much younger than everyone else. My focus is just on Taylor, but if the others can get ahead of the game, more power to them. Just as long as they don’t mess with my baby, I’m cool.

    Not sure I believe too much of the Tracers info that is floating around, but I will say …hoping the 21/2 hrs. of Taylor is right……..goodness…talk about being in heaven.

    Tay’s birthday is so close………..Jess and Logan make sure to include the bulges…and you know what I’m talking about , LOL!

  71. Johanna Says:

    So TS did not win a golden globe for her song she lost to U2 for there song in the movie Mandela

    Jennifer Lawrence won for her category which im very happy about cuz i love her

    And on Taylor news idk if this is true but some one on twitter said that they have heard that Tracers is close to having a distributor and that maybe we may get a trailer along with the movie Divergent so i guess if it happens they will show the trailer at the theater wen Divergent comes out in march

  72. vera Says:

    next round – Tracers vs Hobbit,guys

  73. Jess Says:

    Nice work getting Tracers into the first round of the MTV Movie Brawl ladies!
    I just checked out the link above (Thanks Vera) and you can vote for Tracers even if you’re not on Twitter. Just click on the Tracers vs Hobbit box and then you can vote for Tracers from there.
    So get voting. Lets show everyone how excited we really are to see Tracers!

  74. Chez Says:

    Taylor made his first appearance of 2014 enjoy

  75. Evelyn Says:

    @ Chez! OMG. I am not gonna say what explicit thing that photo did to me. So unbelievably sexy.

  76. Jess Says:

    Love his new haircut! And wearing probably my very favourite t shirt ever (Abduction Paris promotion sigh!)

    Lovely to see you in 2014 Mr Lautner! Hope you had a nice evening.

    Guys, voting has been so close in the MTV Movie Brawl. Tracers is currently back in the lead. Don’t forget to keep voting to get Tracers into Round Two.

  77. kia Says:

    So happy right now. VOTE!

  78. Lilome Says:

    Chanda wants pictures of bulges…… I’m sure she means like the pics from Tracers where the tatoo runs around the bulging biceps, right? ;)
    (good thing I’m typing this, cuz I sure as hell couldn’t say that with a straight face!)

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