Grown Ups 2 (2013)
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Tracers (2014)
Role: Cam
Release Date: 2014
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122 Responses to “New Taylor Lautner Fan Photo”

  1. Logan Says:

    Soooo, I see something …. Other then his new haircut
    Is Taylor into DIY….did he buy a house!

  2. Nicole fair Says:

    I think it’s a restaurant. He looks gorgeous.

  3. Evelyn Says:


  4. kia Says:

    Was having a bad day yesterday,but seeing this pics is making me feel alot better. Damn he’s fine!

  5. johanna Says:

    I thought it looked like an art gallery but either way he looks so gorgeous

  6. marianne Says:

    Girls, I finally had to send Taylor out to the hardware store for some drywall repair since we have been “exercising” a little too much in our onesies! Good to see our guy out and he looks great! He is the best accessory any girl could have!!

  7. Jess Says:

    Just bringing this across from the previous thread so you don’t forget to vote for Tracers…

    Love his new haircut! And wearing probably my very favourite t shirt ever (Abduction Paris promotion sigh!)

    Lovely to see you in 2014 Mr Lautner! Hope you had a nice evening.

    Guys, voting has been so close in the MTV Movie Brawl. Tracers is currently back in the lead. Don’t forget to keep voting to get Tracers into Round Two.

  8. Jess Says:

    btw Laurel Hardware (that’s what the original instagram says as the location) is an ‘eatery and bar’ in West Hollywood. Let’s add it to our Taylor Tour!

  9. Evelyn Says:

    Taylor was buying a new table due that we broke ours by ‘dirtying’ it. ;P

  10. Logan Says:

    Djeez Louise….Taylor against the wall, up on the table…
    You ladies are starting gutter saturday early this week!
    Let’s see where this fantasy goes…( closes eyes )
    Mmmmm, Taylor, shirtless, sweat pants hanging low and a tool belt! fixing things with his hands!!!!
    YUM indeed

  11. Logan Says:

    If you’re not getting through using the link Jess posted to cast your vote for Tracers, try this:

  12. gaby Says:

    vote in tracers pleaseee!!

  13. Jess Says:

    There’s 16 hours of Round One remaining in the MTV Movie Brawl and Tracers is starting to lose ground.

    Let’s show Taylor our support for Tracers and get him through to Round Two.


    Cast your vote at…

  14. Lexi Says:

    And look! dark hair…………….. Marie!! They must have been on a date :D

  15. gaby Says:

    omg..taylor in lax with family and marie o.o i cant

  16. Lexi Says:

    Heres a video of Taylor and Marie at the LAX airport. It says they were leaving from LAX so im guessing shes visiting him :)

    i hope the link works

  17. gaby Says:

    tracers is 51% :c vote please

  18. Lexi Says:

    i have another photo. I dont know, some girl said he was at the pre-grammy party in LA on 1/13/14. And this is the pic of him with tay S on that night. I didn’t know he went there…….

  19. Jess Says:

    Tracers is at 54% – about 4 hours to go.

    @Lexi that pic with TS is a manip. It was taken at the Vanity Fair Oscars party last year. In the original he’s with Lily Collins.

  20. kia Says:

    Tracers beat The Hobbit in the first round!! 2nd round Tracers Vs Muppets Most Wanted. Vote!!!

  21. Jess Says:

    Congrats to Taylor and everyone who voted Tracers through to Round Two of the MTV Movie Brawl.

    It seems that some movie fans are taking it a little too seriously and are peeved with how voting has gone, blaming the Twi fandom.
    To be honest, Twilight never once crossed my mind while voting. This contest is about the most anticipated movie of the year, and for me, that movie is Tracers.

    I’m so happy right now! What a great start to the day. Round Two, here we come… (Sorry Kermit).

  22. Lilome Says:

    Marianne, glad you got your wall fixed. When Taylor visited me after the Superbowl in Indy, we destroyed a wall or two ourselves. I never fixed them because I wanted to remember how it happened! And Evelyn, I hope you got a really sturdy table this time.

  23. kia Says:

    Lilome,Marianne,Evelyn…. Damn and I thought I had to buy me a new bedroom set after he made a surprise Bday visit. But he got you guys breaking walls and tables and lawn gnomes. Well we can’t help it if were dealing with a sexy beast huh?

    Jess- Surprise that both Kristen’s movies didn’t win considering her fans went hardcore on the voting. Tracers seems to be the underdogs right now and sometimes underdogs always comes on top and wins.

    Does anybody has the link video of Taylor,Marie and his family coming from LAX?

  24. vera Says:


  25. vera Says:


  26. kia Says:

    Thanks @Vera!

  27. Jess Says:

    New Taylor picture in Bench stores.

  28. Logan Says:

    Tracers 65%
    Way to go taysters!!!!!

  29. marianne Says:

    Jess….Thanks for the Bench pic. When I think of a style for Taylor I always think of tshirts and shirts, but he really looks good in this polo.

    Glad that all our voting paid off. I agree with kia that I’m surprised Kristen’s movie didn’t win as her fans have been going nuts for the last few days. She’s supposed to be the biggest celeb at Sundance! Not to mention she is carrying TGC!

    kia,Lilome,Evelyn… I think Marie is starting to put a wrench in our TaylorTime!!

  30. Evelyn Says:

    Nobody and I mean NOBODY is gonna put a wrench on my TaylorTime!

  31. chanda w. Says:

    Taylor and a new fan pic, always the cutie. Tracers beat out The Hobbit, LOL!
    Seems Marie has gotten her claws deep into Taylor. Work it, girl.
    Always good to see Taylor out, glad he seems happy.

  32. Logan Says:

    Uhm…question….how can an uncredited actor be nominated for worst supporting role???
    Are they the only ones who recognized the performance by Taylor to be that significant, I think so.
    For that I thank them over at the Razzies, the rest is a matter of opinion and we’re entitled to have our own.

    …..Secretly hoping that the cast of GU2 will show up to collect all those razzies!

  33. marianne Says:

    Logan…I don’t understand why they keep going after Taylor. Most people didn’t even know he was in GU2 as well as “supporting role” — huh???? The BD2 nomination which included the little girl that played Renesmee was just wrong. I hope his team looks out for him re: Tracers. Miley Cyrus’ people looked out for her by sneaking LOL into theaters with little fanfare etc.

    Btw does anyone know what happened to Mystique and Emily? I was looking forward to Emily’s opinion on the Twilight packaged DVD.

  34. accv Says:

    I definitely recognized Taylor’s mom… where was Marie? The one with the long hair in the back? They could’ve been Makena, too. I dunno. But w/e… she makes him happy, that’s what matters. *slightly fakes a grin* LOL!

    And a Razzie for GU2? Huh. The hating will never end, I guess. When you have perfect, whatcha gon’ do? ;p

  35. accv Says:

    Oh… and FML he’s gorgeous. lsdjflkajsflasdjflasd.

  36. kia Says:

    Logan,Marianne – I don’t understand how Taylor is nominated for supporting role when it was just a cameo? Plus he’s the only one that had good reviews. Such BS

    Marianne – I’ve been wondering about Emily and Mystique too. I hope their OK.

  37. Jess Says:

    That’s what I was thinking as well @Kia. Taylor was the the one thing that the critics seemed to enjoy about GU2? Seems they just want to attach Taylor’s name to their stupid little awards.

    Tracers is at 73% in Round Two of the MTV Movie Brawl. Nice work to everyone who is voting! The next round starts tomorrow.

    @Emily, @Mystique – If you read this, we miss you ladies!

  38. kia Says:

    Jess – Exactly! Its all BS.

  39. johanna Says:

    @accv that is Marie in the back Makena is sitting next to Taylor
    here before u play the vid u can see Makena next to Taylor

    Okay now this might be a stupid question but are the razzie awards like a REAL award show cuz i honestly thought it was just some stupid thing some website or magazine came up with i didnt think ppl actually cared about it
    And yes i think they just want to hate on Taylor whenever they have a chance and u guys are right Taylor was just a cameo he wasnt really a supporting role its pure BS and im over it

    @Emily, @Mystique come back! we miss u guys :)

  40. Chez Says:

    Hi I don’t know whether this is true or not if it is we might get pics of Taylor on Saturday yeah! yeah!

  41. Jess Says:

    If it’s true @Chez, hope he has a good time!

    Tracers is through to Round Three of the MTV Movie Brawl against Vampire Academy. Tracers is currently at 18%. You can vote here…

  42. Jess Says:

    Taysters, you guys are awesome.
    Tracers has now reached 48% in the MTV Movie Brawl.
    We REALLY want to see Tracers!
    Big hugs to you all.

  43. kia Says:

    Tracers and VA is now neck & neck with 50%. VOTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. kia Says:

    Chez- I hope is true!

  45. gaby Says:

    VOTE!!!! PLEASEEE!!!

  46. johanna Says:

    has anyone seen this its from the set of Tracers

  47. Logan Says:

    Vote, vote, vote for the next two days!
    Tracers is at 48% ( vampire ac is at 52%….*~* )
    We can do it!!
    Vote, vote, vote

  48. Kathy Says:

    @Johanna I’ve seen this before and I was going to post this but I forgot to.

  49. Lilome Says:

    Taylor, come out, come out, where ever you are! We miss you!

  50. gaby Says:

    Taylor update the facebook!

  51. vanusa Says:

    Taylor should take photos for a magazine. A beautiful editorial with Marie, to promote Traces! Romantic and sensual!
    Let’s make it Facebook campaign?

  52. kia Says:

    Apparently Taylor is attending a basketball game tomorrow at UCLA.

  53. johanna Says:

    @Kia if he goes i hope we get pictures I really need to see him
    its been to long or at least it feels that way :)

  54. Lexi Says:

    @Kia yea i saw that too on twitter. maybe will see sara with him this time cause its UCLA :D……………………….I dont know, but im really hoping that Taylor being there will be true! i miss his face LOL

  55. kia Says:

    Johanna..Lexi – I’am Hoping for some pics!

  56. Logan Says:

    That’s why Tracers is back in the game! I was already loosing hope but GO! fans, we can do it!
    Vote for Tracers

    Let the promotional tour begin! And give us something to sink our teeth in since we’re starving out here *~*

  57. Jess Says:

    Only a few hours remaining to get Tracers into the top four. Please pretty please vote.
    You guys have done an amazing job so far – but Tracers is starting to fall behind again.

  58. gaby Says:

    Vote please!!!!

  59. marianne Says:

    I hope some of these appearances take place…new pics please! At least Taylor’s management team sleeps well knowing that they won’t be getting a call in the middle of the night from the police that their client has been arrested—-gotta love the Biebs.

    vanusa….I like your idea…beautiful and sensual!!!!

  60. gaby Says:

    we lose :c

  61. vera Says:

    gaby..nope :) we entered into the eight most anticipated films. nobody expected it. many ppl have not even heard about this movie. so we have shown that Taylor fandom are able to fight stronger opponents, who have now huge popularity and PR support in the media.

  62. Lexi Says:

    Vera is right, yea technically we lost, but we put up good fight :)

  63. Jess Says:

    Totally agree @Vera and @Lexi. I think everyone assumed Tracers would be wiped out by the Hobbit, but it wasn’t. We came very close to making it to Round Four against a very determined opposition. Tracers made it as far in the competition as RP’s movie ‘Map to the Stars’ (and further than ‘The Rover’) and that makes me feel pretty good about the efforts of Taylor’s fans. So congratulations to Taylor, and “job well done” to us Taysters!
    As @Logan suggested, hopefully this will mark the beginning of a promotional campaign for Tracers.

  64. vanusa Says:

    could do a campaign, whether that site and and others, the disclosure of Traces.
    I honestly think Taylor should appear more in the media, advertising projects, after all, he is an actor!
    Still I recall it was a great idea he and Marie, photographing together a more adult editorial!
    I get upset when nothing happens! After all, things are good or bad?
    I think its very poor staff!

  65. johanna Says:

    Yes i agree with Vera and Lexi. I dont think anyone thought tracers would have a chance to compete with the movies of this year but the fact that we made it to round three i amazing it proves that Taylor has a strong fan-base and that we want to see him succeed so good job to everyone that voted :)

  66. Lexi Says:

    HES THERE!!!! YAY!!! :D

  67. johanna Says:


  68. johanna Says:

    one more

  69. johanna Says:

  70. Lexi Says:

    lol @johanna we posted at the same time xD
    And just by your comment, i bet your JUST as excited as i am hahaha ^_^

  71. johanna Says:

  72. johanna Says:

    @Lexi well great minds think alike and yes i swear my heart almost exploded wen i saw the pics

  73. johanna Says:

  74. johanna Says:

  75. johanna Says:

  76. johanna Says:

  77. Lexi Says:

    Tarik’s with him aswell!! You know i thought for sure sara was going to be with him cause you know its UCLA :/
    …….oh well. I swear if i was there right now………………

  78. johanna Says:

    @Lexi …. u’d attack his face ….yeah i noe i would too i feel ur pain

  79. johanna Says:

    this is too cute

  80. johanna Says:

  81. johanna Says:

  82. johanna Says:

  83. johanna Says:

  84. kia Says:

    Thanks Johanna & Lexi! DAMN THAT SMILE THAT HAIR THAT BACK!!!!!!!!! So Lickable!

  85. gaby Says:

    yees ai carambaaa ele ta mt lindo, aquele sorriso, aquele homem td eh perfeito, socorr quase tive um ataqueeee, nuss como senti saudd!!! He is perfect omg *-* ah me empolguei..

  86. johanna Says:

    this is funny

  87. johanna Says:

    omg look at the girl in the background it looks like shes about to pounce on Taylor

  88. johanna Says:

  89. kia Says:

    LOL Johanna she’s thinking what were all thinking.

  90. vera Says:

    @johanna hahaha ,totally!

  91. johanna Says:

  92. johanna Says:

    LUCKY B****

  93. johanna Says:

  94. johanna Says:

  95. johanna Says:

  96. joanie Says:

    …beside Tarik his sister & a few others were there (with him) just not sitting courtside
    (their in some of the pics with him during half-time)

  97. Logan Says:

    Thank you Taylor and all my lovely Taysters for this explosion of yummy pics!
    You just made my day and I only just woke up….

    And he looks yummy indeed, love his laid back attitude and smiles throughout all the pics.

  98. Jess Says:

    Thank you Johanna and Lexi and Taylor – you just made this day awesome!
    Can’t stop smiling :-D

    HQ pic… can’t breath…

  99. Jess Says:

    I agree…

  100. Jess Says:

  101. Chez Says:
    This pic that was posted just to ease my curiosity the women walking behind the two blonde girls smiling is that Sara or not (I can’t make it out whether it is or not or just somebody walking past with the same hair as Sara!)

    Thank you for the pic

  102. Jess Says:

  103. Jess Says:

  104. Jess Says:

  105. Jess Says:

  106. Jess Says:

    I think it’s the girl who was ready to pounce!

  107. Jess Says:

  108. Jess Says:

  109. Jess Says:

    Lots of HQ pics….

  110. vera Says: :D

  111. Lilome Says:

    Can you imagine being a cheerleader standing in front of Taylor? I couldn’t do it….I would be a complete mess. I would klutz it up and probably piddle.

  112. Get More Info Says:

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  113. johanna Says:

    okay this girl has some mad balls to do this GOD SHES SOOOOO LUCKY!!!!

  114. Lexi Says:

    @johanna OMG!!!!! LUCKY B**** !!!! :(

  115. Lexi Says:

    @chez I don’t think that was sara……. If sara was there, we would have found more pics of her (like Tarik) she would have been around Taylor more……

  116. Evelyn Says:


  117. kia Says:

    The fact that her lips touch his beautiful sweet caramel skin! Seriously I’m jealous!!

  118. Logan Says:

    Nice to see Taylor hang out with Tarik. And I do think that it’s Sara in the pic.
    It was mentioned somewhere that more of Taylor’s friends and family were there but sitting in another section.

    @ Lilome, yep! I would either give the best performance of my life! Or totally fail and fall…LOL
    Then again falling might make Taylor notice me :)) decisions, decisions…..

    @ Jess, did you sleep at all girl?! I must say it’s an advantage us being all over the world, Taylor pics 24/7
    Aaaaahhhhhhh, just a few more weeks untill Taylor’s B-day. Can’t wait to see what you’ve made.

    @ Getmoreinfo, welcome! I read your post in an English voice ( channeling RPatzie ) don’t know why but it seemed appropiate….

  119. marianne Says:

    Rl made me miss so much on this site!! Jess, Johanna etc. thanks for all the links! His smile makes my day–no pressure Taylor.….I think that girl is going to embolden other girls. Taylor better prepare for a full frontal assault!

    Lilome…Logan…All I could think of when I saw the cheerleader was what Taylor might be thinking— “How do I ogle this girl while still being a gentleman?”

  120. Evelyn Says:

    If were that chick, I’d just take him back to the locker room, and do crazy nasty things. You can paint your own mind pictures for this one. #oopsdiditagain

  121. Chez Says:

    I’m sorry to be a pain but I just wondered who the blonde girl (I thought at first it was Sara)is with the group of guys with Taylor, I know who Tarik is, I’ve seen the guy before in the green/khaki coat (don’t know is name), I also wondered who the guy next to Taylor is with the blue t-shirt?

    I know some of you have been fans long before I was I was just curious

  122. Longchamp Pliage Noel Says:

    Concise and written well, ty for the info

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