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I’ve uploaded photos of Taylor Lautner at the UCLA basketball game on Thursday (January 23rd).

Gallery Link:
» 2014 Candids: UCLA Basketball Game – January 23rd

270 Responses to “Photos: Taylor Lautner attends UCLA Basketball Game”

  1. chanda w. Says:

    He’s so dreamy! Luv seeing him smile those pearly whites. Looking happy and sexy and healthy. Proof young celebs can have fun and still show class.
    Really hoping the Tracers promo does get underway. So cool that Tracers, without any media PR, got into the top 8 of the MTV Movie Brawl. The power of fans that care about the career of this handsome guy.
    It also makes me want to see more of him . Starting 2014 off right.

  2. johanna Says:

    He is just too much! GOD HE IS JUST SO HANDSOME!

    there’s just not much more to say other then that. How can someone be that gorgeous and classy.

  3. kia Says:

    I want him for breakfast,lunch,dinner,afternoon tea and late night snack. Delicious!

    Is anybody watching the Anaheim vs LA game tonight? Since Taylor is expecting to be attending ,I’m only watching just to see him. Not a big hockey fan.

  4. joanie Says:

    He was at the hockey game with Marie

  5. vera Says:

    with Marie and with friend`s (Danny B.etc)

  6. Lexi Says:

    they sure do look kinda close in that one pic……………………….

  7. Jess Says:

  8. Jess Says:

  9. Jess Says:

  10. Jess Says:

  11. Jess Says:

  12. Jess Says:

  13. accv Says:

    I just thought to point something out.

    Flowers in the Attic TV movie remake starred an up-and-coming actor named Mason Dye, who, in my opinion, has similarities to Taylor around New Moon. It’s odd… but this kid is HANDSOME. Like, a freakin’ Ken doll. At least to me. When he does this brooding/sensual stare… I’m like, OMG… it’s the same feeling I had with Taylor (and still do, naturally). Anyhow. Kid’s young… like.. 19? But WOW. He’s like a blonde version of younger Taylor. Alrigghhtyyy. I’m off!

  14. chanda w. Says:

    Taylor’s having a fun weekend. Like seeing him with Marie. Don’t think she’ll let anyone run her off. He has a tight good circle of friends. Danny B, thought that was him.
    Gotta look this Mason Dye up, not too many can compare to Tay circa New Moon.

    Flowers in the Attic was a great book. They did a movie years ago, but it sucked, haven’t seen this recent one.

    Waiting on more Tracers info, can’t believe Taylor’s Facebook was actually updated.
    He has 29million facebook fans, surely he can interact with his fans a little more, we adore you.

  15. chanda w. Says:

    What’s the deal with Taylor always being in the wrong seats? Oh cutie.

  16. vanusa Says:

    I thought I’d just fans of Robsten obsession so great, that seemed to know them personally and they are best friends.
    Some Brazilian fans are crazy!
    Think Tay is always bothered by appearing with Marie.
    Fans think they know him as if they were melhos friends!
    Insist that is pure marketing!
    Sorry for the english! I’m Brazilian!

  17. vera Says:

    @Jess ,it the same bar,i think from Dan IG

    and this comment- *cjscissorhands*CJ- is Kristen friend….Kristen`s friends and Taylor’s friends hobnob in IG,so Kristen continues to communicate with Taylor ..

  18. vera Says:

    @Jess ,it the same bar,i think

  19. vera Says:

    this from Dan IG

    and this comment- *cjscissorhands*CJ- is Kristen friend….Kristen`s friends and Taylor’s friends hobnob in IG,so Kristen continues to communicate with Taylor ..

  20. vera Says:

    and this .no photo with Taylor or Marie view.

  21. kia Says:

    MMMmmm looking good in that leather jacket. HOT! Damn Marie is lucky!

  22. chanda w. Says:

    Funny how all of Taylor’s relationships are deemed PR, yet K/R was 100 percent real. OK. Think the green eyed monster is alive and well. Including myself, Marie is lucky indeed. Tay’s b day next month, he better not go to another bowling alley unless we get pics.

  23. gaby Says:

    there are people on twitter saying that Taylor goes to the grammy ..

  24. marianne Says:

    Thanks for all the links ladies. Great to see him out again and as usual he looks asdfgfhkl. I think we’d be surprised as to who knows who in Hollyweird. Just glad he is away from Twilight and not being called the third wheel.

  25. johanna Says:

    @gaby sorry Taylor was not at the grammys

    the only thing that happened was TS trying to dance and emphasis on the word TRIED it was not pretty

  26. kia Says:

    Grammys Re: Kendrick Lamar& Imagine Dragons (Taylor favorite band) had one of the best performance of the night. Yoko One was adorable,and Daft Punk wins over TSwift. Still laughing my ass off of her “surprise reacting” thinking she was gonna win LOL. She went home empty tonight ,somewhere all the exes are having a toast right now. “Karma”

  27. johanna Says:

    @Kia ur right that performance between Kendrick and Imagine Dragons was the best performance of the night but also dont forget Macklemores performance i was crying it was so sweet

  28. Evelyn Says:

    Did not watch the grammys but saw some of the photos via Yahoo. Some were left with a snarky comment or two. ;)

    As for Marie, meh.

  29. kia Says:

    New Fanpic

  30. kia Says:

    Johanna- It truly was a teary eye moment. Even Keith Urban had tears.

  31. johanna Says:

    @Kia can u make out where is he to me it looks like it might be Trader Joes
    either way he looks so good :P

  32. kia Says:

    Johanna… I don’t know. I see a restroom but thats all. Can’t really tell is it restaurant or just a store. He does looks good though. Hmm looking more buff.

  33. gaby Says:

    New Moon here in Brazil *.* and Taylor Lautner is treding!

  34. Evelyn Says:

    It is Trader Joes in Santa Clarita, CA.

  35. kia Says:

    Evelyn,Johanna- Yep I think he was at Trader Joes.

  36. Jess Says:

    Here’s another. Definitely Trader Joe’s.

  37. Lilome Says:

    Yes, I sent Taylor out to Trader Joe’s because we needed some nutrition after our physically exhausting evening. Plus I needed to get him out for a while so I could pick up the mess in the living room, rehang the shower curtain, and change the sheets and tablecloth.

  38. Lilome Says:

    Plus, we are out of strawberries, cherries and chocolate syrup!

  39. Chez Says:

    According to the tweet Taylor was with Marie at Trader Joe’s.

  40. johanna Says:

  41. johanna Says:

  42. Logan Says: Lilome! Leave some for us will ya!

    @ Kia, where is the one showing Taylor in leather….love Taylor in leather!

    Taylor has at least 29M fans!
    Wonder how many fans this site has…..

  43. vanusa Says:

    Will require a trailer for Tracers!
    How propragar want the movie, or if we have an excerpt yet!
    Need to make news!
    Agents Taylor, are you sleeping?
    excuse my English is google translator!

  44. vanusa Says:

    propragar = propagate! Sorry! Typed wrong in my own language! ahhhhh!
    But, let’s bombard the producers of Tracers to soon have a trailer and release date!
    One follows the official twitter of the film? Could get there! Mostly fans of English language (I use google translator)
    As a fan of this boy, can not let his career warm that way!
    He deserves to be a big star, and not only be remembered Wolf shirtless a vampire saga!
    Rob and Kristen followed full of projects, but not Taylor! He could make more adult decisions regarding the routes!
    I even saw abduction, swore that the director could have taken over Taylor, more history and more dynamic and action! ahhhh

  45. Logan Says:

    @ Jess, I cannot wait to see what you have in store for us!!!!
    I’m convinced Taylor will be the trending topic just because of your creations ;))
    Sweet dreams

  46. Jess Says:

    Aww. Thanks @Logan. And because of the time zones it’s less than 24 hours until Feb 1 here!!!

    I hope you enjoy the results and thank you all so much for your contributions. Some of the list may have changed a little because of the things I had available etc. but I have included as much of your ideas as possible. Can’t wait to share!

    For those who don’t know, you’ll see Taylor’s Birthday Project from his fans at at the link below from Feb 1 – Feb 11.

  47. johanna Says:

    @Jess AHHHH im sooooo excited that ur doing this i will def be re-blogging everything u come up with and if you need any help finding anything just let us noe

    this is gonna be so great !!!! :)

    Im secretly hoping that something will make him want to come on this site just so he can see how much we love him

  48. johanna Says:

    this is a very extreme close up of Taylor’s mouth

  49. Logan Says:

    Hihi, Johanna! Yummmy, imagine licking those lips….

  50. Jess Says:

    Thanks Johanna!

    I have just posted the first of our 22 Reasons why we love Taylor!
    1/22 He loves animals.

    Since we have 11 days, I’ll be posting two each day. I’ll keep you updated here when a new one is added. Hope you enjoy them and thanks again for all your help and awesome ideas.

  51. Logan Says:

    Yeah Jess! Love it!!!!!
    Even those dogs think he’s lickable <3

  52. johanna Says:

    @Jess awww i love it nice job cant wait to see the others

  53. kia Says:

    Aww Jess I love it!! Between you and @Johanna both of your tumblr are amazing!!!

    11 DAYS!!! Its about to get emotional.

  54. Jess Says:

    Thank you for the lovely comments @Logan, @Johanna and @Kia. Glad you like no.1.
    @Logan, I am a firm believer in trusting the judgement of dogs when it comes to people, and I think it’s pretty clear what they all think of Taylor!

    Just posted 2/22 He is outgoing and friendly.


  55. Logan Says:

    LOL Jess!
    I feel like it’s my birthday ;))
    Can’t wait to unwrap some more Taylor gif(t)s
    Thanks for all the time and effort you put into these.
    They look amazing…

  56. johanna Says:

    @Jess i love it. i especially like the one with him and Mackenzie you can see that he was really nice to her and almost acted like a big brother :)

  57. Jess Says:

    Just posted one of my favourites to make…

    3/22 His Awesome Ninja moves!

    @Johanna – I couldn’t resist using that Taylor and Makenzie moment. It was just too sweet.

  58. chanda w. Says:

    Taylor is almost 22, wonder how he is going to celebrate?

  59. chanda w. Says:

    Traders Joe pic is so cute, think I saw a new fan pic, he had on a dark grey shirt and the red plaid as a jacket

  60. johanna Says:

    @Chanda here it is

  61. Jess Says:

    Thanks for posting the link to the new fanpic of Taylor @Johanna. I loved reading the tweets about the encounter. As usual Taylor sounds like such an amazing person to meet.

    I have just posted the next set of gifs in Taylor’s Birthday Project…

    4/22 He blushes and gets shy when he is complimented or nervous.

    Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!

  62. chanda w. Says:

    Thanks @Johanna for the pic. How can he just walk around freely like he doesn’t affect people, lol? Really like the b day gifs @Jess and the countdown is on.

  63. Jess Says:

    Thank you @Chanda. I still can’t believe how close we are to Taylor’s birthday. I hope 22 is going to be amazing for him!

    Just posted the next one…

    5/22 His eyes.

    Don’t forget that you can still ‘sign’ Taylor’s Birthday gif(t) card that I’ll be putting out on the last day of the countdown. Just let me know here on
    1. one of your favourite pics of Taylor (either a link or a description)
    2. a short message for Taylor if you want to include one.

    The ladies that have already signed, please let me know if you have a message to include with your pics. (Thanks @accv – I have your message already).

  64. chanda w. Says:

    I wanna sign, what do I need to do? Or did I already? Still unsavvy on computer.

  65. johanna Says:

    i wanna sign too! wen did this happen. How do sign? where do I go?

    ps is anyone watching the Superbowl I wonder wat team Taylor’s rooting for

  66. johanna Says:

    O and on a sadder note unfortunately the actor Philip Seymour Hoffman passed away this morning. Its really sad because he really was a great actor

  67. chanda w. Says:

    After Paul Walker, Fast and Furious, I wondered what another untimely death, would do to a franchise, hope that didn’t come out wrong. When I saw Hoffman’s name trending, I just assumed he had a new project out or something. He was still sorta young. You just never know.

    I still say prayers for Taylor all the time. Can’t be easy handling all of that pressure.
    Who’s on top, who’s in , who’s out. Just a circle of fragile egos, trying to please the head honchos constantly. Taylor seems very stable minded and strong. Wonder if he knows how much his fans care about him?

    Hope he’s a Seahawks fan, cuz they r, winning, as of now.

  68. kia Says:

    I wanna sign too. Is there a link Jess.

    Johanna,Chanda … I was shock when I heard the news, he was one of the talented actors and such a private person. My heart goes to his family.

  69. Jess Says:

    That’s such sad news about Philip Seymour Hoffman. He was so talented.

    On a more positive note…
    Thanks for your response so far to signing the card for Taylor’s birthday.
    @Chanda and @Johanna, you have already ‘signed’. I have your fave pic, (or pics in Johanna’s case!), but I don’t have a message from either of you yet.

    I have posted an example of what the ‘signature’ will look like so you get an idea of what you need to do. You can see it here…

    I hope the link works. I posted it privately so it doesn’t show up on the general tumblr ’cause I want the card to be just from us fans. So let me know if you can’t see it and I will try and think of another way?

    Here are my instructions for signing Taylor’s card..

    Post a link to your fave Taylor pic here at, along with a short(ish) message to include with your ‘signature’.
    If you can’t post links, just describe the pic and I will find it for you.
    Your message can say anything you like. (Try and keep it out of the gutter ladies!!! ;-D)

    I will put all the ‘signatures’ together to make them into one gif(t) card for Taylor and then post it on tumblr on his B’day.

  70. Jess Says:

    @Chanda -This was the pic you chose for Taylor’s Birthday card.

    So far the card has been signed by..

    However, I only have a card message from @accv.

    It would be great to include as many of us as we can to wish Taylor the very best for his 22nd! Just let me know if you need any more help.

  71. kia Says:

    Jess- sense I have a weakness for Taylor in suits. here’s my favorite

  72. Chez Says:

    Hi Jess I hope I’ve done this right.

    This is my fav pic and the message is You make me smile even when i’m sad.

  73. Jess Says:

    @Kia – Oh Boy!… Nice picture! (I too suffer from Taylor in a suit weakness) Do you have any message to go with it? (Or has the pic left you speechless? ;-)

    @Chez – You have done it perfectly! Perfect picture, perfect message. I love it.

    Thank you both for signing Taylor’s Birthday Card. We are now up to eight signatures.

  74. Jess Says:

    Just posted the next gif set…

    6/22 He’s a fanboy. We love how he seems so genuinely happy and excited to meet celebrities, athletes, actors and musicians.

    (Apologies to Taylor for the ‘Thor thought bubble’ – I just couldn’t resist, he looked so cute and happy!)

  75. kia Says:

    Jess- Sorry I had to retain myself from looking at that picture. LOL My computer was having problems last night. Its bake to normal now.

    My message is “Your always be the beautiful boy with the golden heart”

  76. Logan Says:

    @ Jess, thank you thank you thank you!
    Some of my favourite moments of Taylor all captured in one gif.
    This one is going on repeat for the next few days…..

  77. johanna Says:

    @Jess as always i love that gif

    and as far as the massage wen do u need it by cuz im not very good at expressing myself with words nor am i good at taking to boys so this is gonna be tricky

    @Kia I LOVE ur message very sweet i love it and i noe for sure if by some grace of God Taylor sees it he will be blushing bright red :)

  78. marianne Says:

    Jess…Am loving all the gifs you are posting!! You have done such a nice job in capturing our guy. For some reason, I’m having trouble posting my favorite pic. Maybe you can help me? It was a pic of him smiling in front of the ice machine during the Tracers shoot. My caption was going to be: “Wishing you the kind of happiness that makes you smile.”

  79. Jess Says:

    Just posted at

    7/22 His fighting spirit.

    This one definitely challenged me, but I really like how it turned out. It makes me think of how much work Taylor always puts in to whatever he does.

  80. Jess Says:


    @Kia – I love your message. Thank you.

    @Logan – hehe. I love looking at the gifs on your tumblr. They are so much bigger than on mine. It’s really awesome to see them on @Johanna’s tumblr as well, because they are all grouped together – Taylor gifs everywhere!

    @Johanna – I will need the message for Taylor’s b’day card by Monday 10 February (your time). Don’t get too stressed. I know that whatever you write will be truly from the heart.

    @Marianne – So happy you feel the gifs are capturing Taylor. (Big cheesy grin on my face!) Thank you! Love your choice of picture for the card – there are so many of Taylor smiling in front of the ice machine though. If it is one of these… can you please let me know the number eg.151. Thanks.

  81. Jess Says:

    @Marianne – if you didn’t see the pic in the link above, here are some more to choose from.
    Just click on the thumbnail and it will give you a number that you can post here. Have fun!
    ps. Really love your card message too.

  82. Logan Says:

    Hey Jess, do you have one in the making of Taylor kissing?
    Can I then be that awfull person and ask not to include him kissing TS….
    Instead you could include Taylor hugging Selena, just sneak it in there LOL
    I loved them hugging during the VMA’s just because it was kinda AWKWARD! But sweet :))
    But I can imagine your busy with our requests as it is so don’t stress about this one…
    Loving everything you do, thanks for making my day…

  83. Jess Says:

    I think you’ll all enjoy waking up to this one…

    8/22 We love what he wears.

    (Apologies to Taylor for the excessive use of him wearing Ellen underwear – Logan made me do it! ;-D)

    @Logan – I’ll see what I can do about your request.

  84. marianne Says:

    Jess….You found them!! Thank you. It’s a tough choice since he’s smiling on so many so I’m going with #152. I do like his half smile while talking on the phone…cute. My caption was–“Wishing you the kind of happiness that makes you smile.” I’m going to go enjoy your latest posting. Thanks again.

  85. johanna Says:

    @Jess i love the new post and that one pic from the bottom left corner where he is wearing like khaki pants and a grey shirt his a$$ looks AMAZING!!!!! :P

  86. Jess Says:

    Here is the next gif set…

    9/22 He’s close to, and protective of his family.

    @Marianne – Thanks for the update. I know what you mean about a tough choice – that whole sequence of photos is just so beautiful and then you get to the half smile pic and think, actually maybe I love this one the best. Taylor doesn’t make life easy for us!

    We now have 9 signatures on Taylor’s Birthday Card.

    @Johanna – hahaha! Glad you liked it!

  87. gaby Says:

    Tay and marie

  88. kia Says:

    Yay!! new pics!! Thanks @Gaby!

    He looks so good!! Marie is beautiful as usual. Of coarse expect the hate and negative tomorrow.

  89. kia Says:

    Jess- Ugh that last gif set of him and Makena. Tears!

  90. Logan Says:

    Taylor and Marie stepping out for dinner, so cute!
    If they weren’t famous actors you wouldn’t look twice that’s how normal they look and behave.
    They’re both really grounded, I like that about their relationship.
    Good that the reporter noticed Taylor being chivalrous instead of quoting nonsense.

  91. Logan Says:

    9/22 is perfect but 8/22
    Aaaahhhh, can’t stop watching that one!

  92. Jess Says:

    Just posted at

    10/22 His ‘signature’ moves

    (@Logan – note the ‘hugging’ pics)

  93. marianne Says:

    Lots of pretty in the new pics. Marie is just okay for me. I don’t really have a sense of her personality.

    kia…Yeah, the hate expected anymore. I could never be famous and put up with all the crap. I wonder how Taylor does it sometimes.

  94. Lexi Says:

    @marianne yea I see what u are saying about Marie ….. That’s why I looked at her interviews too see how she is. XP she’s pretty cool to me. She has that tomboyish personality, which I love. I’m not saying I don’t like girlish girls (sara) but I think a change of different types of girls that Taylor dates is a good thing. And he seems to like her a lot :)

  95. vanusa Says:

    Many Brazilian fans think that Taylor is not entirely happy, because it is publicity dating,
    He always standing with Marie, is too serious.
    Some people already beginning to get sick of only seeing them holding hands.
    Let’s see if he shows up at the premiere of The 100!

  96. Nicole fair Says:

    I wonder what some fans want to see him do with her. Kiss her? Grope her? Full-on penetration?

    Did you cringe at that? Good.

    It’s because we’re asking for too much.

    Let the guy live his life, judging him for not PROVING they’re something more is obnoxious.

  97. Logan Says:

    Bravo Nicole!

    @ Jess! Hugging is good, especially them bear hugs Taylor gives…

  98. johanna Says:

    @Nicole OMG i burst out laughing at that!
    but ur right they really should leave the guy alone

    i did read that some Brazilian fans dont think they have any chemistry but some are like us and really just dont care as long as hes happy
    and to be honest even if it is PR theres nothing we can do its his choice what to do with his live and not for us to judge

  99. marianne Says:

    Nicole fair…I practically drowned my computer in ice tea with your comment!!! I can’t imagine Taylor giving the paps a pic that would fund their kid’s college education.

  100. Jess Says:

    Just posted number 11! We are halfway in the birthday countdown.

    11/22 He challenges himself.

    Sorry this one isn’t a gif and all ‘flashy’. I wanted to simply acknowledge the Boogie Nights Live Read because I think this was an important and unexpected moment in Taylor’s career. I hope that the recognition he received that night leads to some great things for him.

  101. Logan Says:

    @Jess, girl you nailed that one!

  102. Evelyn Says:

    Okay, I do not mean to sound negative, but. . .Taylor and Marie do not look too happy. Not one picture shown them smiling, and they seem to be bickering. I know this is what most people do, but it just seems like most of the photos together except for the Tracers onset pics and the Jay Z ones. Now, I am all smiles and giggles when I come out of a concert, and I listen to goth metal and hardcore rock, and punk, and that stuff is intended to make you depressed, so I am not even gonna count that. I do photography and sociology for a living, and most people who shown these emotions in pictures, then there is usually a problem. Again, not trying to be mean, but this is what I am getting through these photos. Even when that video of them coming out of the concert, Marie seemed possessive and pissed off and this was towards the fans, not the paps. I know that she was with Taylor, and I be a little possessive too, but I’d let the fans have the moment because they deserve it with Taylor. Now, before you say anything, no, I do not have a problem; I like Sara and Lily, and even Selena, but there is something a tad off here. Marie seems sweet enough, but I do not know, I just get this weird vibe off her.

    Okay, that is my two cents. I will shut up.

  103. Nicole fair Says:

    @Evelyn. Everything I’m about to say to you in this post, I’ve said before so for some none of this will be new.

    Most times, a picture, especially a paparazzi picture, are a fraction of a second in a celebrities life. It’s not a agreed upon photograph, where emotions or anything real about the person is being conveyed. It’s just…I need to get to my car as fast as possible, or most times…”f*ck off”. No more no less.

    A pap pic is an invasion, it is an unauthorized snapshot of someone spilling coffee on their shirt, or digging a wedgie out of their crotch, or opening the door for their girlfriend after dinner. What should that look like? Should it be happy, sad, indifferent? Or should it just look…normal. It’s not a performance, they shouldn’t have to think about what the pictures will make us “feel”, because they didn’t agree to take them.

    Pit it this way, how comfortable would you be if some random knob followed you around snapping pics while you went about your life? I know they’re actors but everything isn’t meant for us.

    No matter how hot he looks in those jeans.

  104. chanda w. Says:

    I so like the new pics of Taylor and Marie. He looks hot, as usual, and she is truly a very pretty girl. They look comfortable together.
    Tracers still is in post production, don’t know what is going on, but if this relationship started as a gimmick, I don’t believe that is the case now. I’m happy for him.
    There are times Taylor looks stressed, but I doubt if has anything to do w/ Marie, if anything she is probably helping him to release some of that tension, lol. Lucky her.
    When he was in Manilla, he looked happy but tired.
    The pressures of HW can’t be easy, we’ve seen a bird’s eye view of how some actors are unable to even cope.

  105. chanda w. Says:

    When I read Nicole’s first reply, I LMAO, it was my exact thought. Do fans want him to have sex w/Marie, in public, to prove they are a real couple??
    But, I can understand the Brazilian fans, who are still so passionate about Taylor.
    They just have doubts about her intentions, a protective move, I guess. Understand your point to @Evelyn.
    But, there are times when the only stories I see about Taylor is when he is mentioned, in passing, on the list of Swift’s former boyfriends.
    It is good to see stories, just about him.

    P.S. @Jess, u r doing such a great job. I never saw that pic of Shaq, about to tap Taylor on the shoulder, at the GUPS2 premiere. So cool.

  106. vera Says:

    @Nicole fair – bravo!

  107. Jess Says:

    Thank you @Chanda. Yeah, I really wish they had showed Taylor’s reaction when Shaq tapped him on the shoulder but the footage cut out at that spot :-(

    @Logan – Thanks for the comment at post 100. You cheered me up on a bad morning! Even though it’s not a gif, 11/22 is one of my faves so far.

    Just posted 12/22 He’s sporty/active. It’s a fun one!

    Good night. (Although it’s good morning to most of you probably? Have an awesome Thursday).

  108. Logan Says:

    Thank you Jess ;))
    I have a head ache but you should see me smile right now !
    He should so be in an action movie. Love to see Taylor running…towards me preferably

  109. Jess Says:

    Good morning! Just posted…

    13/22 He is humble and down to earth.

    @Logan – Taylor is good medicine. I hope you’re feeling much better now. ps. I’m so sorry – I just realised I used the wrong Taylor hug that you requested at post 81. I used the hug from the TCAs instead of the VMAs. I’ll try and get the pic in somewhere for you…

  110. kia Says:

    @Jess your during such great job! Keep up the good work!!!! *-*

  111. Logan Says:

    All hugs are good hugs but yeah, I find that particular one very nice…
    On my way to work, it’s 6 in the morning here. Enjoy your friday ( what’s left of it )

  112. Chez Says:

    Some Taylor news

  113. Nicole fair Says:

    YES!!!!! I keep saying he should do television….I’ll take it, I love it. Of it wasn’t so early here I’d scream my happiness. Crossing my fingers this is TRUE!!!!!!!

  114. Jess Says:

    Thanks so much for the news @Chez. So is Cuckoo a British show? I’ve never heard of it before. Have any of you guys seen it? (imdb has very little info.) So exciting to get Taylor news!!!

    @Kia – Thank you!
    @Logan – I’m sure I can find a place for the hug!

    Just posted at

    14/22 He is hardworking and dedicated

    I’m SO excited about tomorrow’s post 15/22. I won’t give anything away, but OH BOY it is going to be AWESOME! (little hint there).

    Sorry for rambling I am over-tired and now over excited from Taylor’s news. SO HAPPPPYYY!!!

  115. Jess Says:

    Just been researching – should be sleeping!

    Here’s the BBC page for Cuckoo…

  116. Nicole fair Says:

    Here’s a link to the first episode of Cuckoo. Pretty funny, I love BBC America but I’ve never seen this show before. Please God let Taylor be Cuckoo’s stoner best friend from the states. Or like the Dad’s ploy to break Cuckoo and his daughter up….please?


  117. carrie Says:

    The original source for that is the Sun, which is a very unreliable UK tabloid, so I’m going to hold off until this is confirmed by someone more legit, like Variety or THR.

  118. Logan Says:

    Just choked on my coffee, Taylor on tv!? YES ( throwing hands in the air )
    Hmmm, will he be shooting this in the UK? I have to look into some cheap tickets then….
    So excited, this is good news :)

  119. Lilome Says:

    Please let the news be true! Would love to see Taylor doing comedy, mostly because I just love to see him laugh……or not laugh, or just sit there being gorgeous, or nap, or run, or breathe, or …. you get the point. Firereign where are you?!? We need input- like Johnny 5! (How many of you remember that one?!?).
    Just read the “full on penetration ” from NicoleFair. I’m at work- how on God’s green Earth am I supposed to keep my mind on the job NOW? Oh the images…..
    And speaking of such images, where the hell is Shazam? The Sisterhood of the Gutterminds isn’t complete without her. Alas….. we shall carry on.
    And because I’m completely computer illiterate and barely able to find this site, can I still add my birthday wishes to the beautiful boy? How about this: happy birthday Taylor. We know Hollywood is crazy, but may you always stay a midwestern boy at heart. And come home to us often, we miss you, Lilome.

  120. Logan Says:

    @ Jess, wow! I can feel the love with which you make all those gifs.
    They represent everything we love about Taylor and then some!
    I hope someone will tell Taylor about them, wouldn’t that be like the cherry on top of our Taylor cake!

  121. Lilome Says:

    And also add “Go Big 10!” By the way, do we know when The 100 begins?

  122. johanna Says:

    I would love to see Taylor on a tv show but my question is would he have to go to the UK to film it and would we here in the states be able to watch it.

    @Jess u really are doing a great job of getting all of our fav Taylor moments i noe that if he ever gets to see it he would really like it

    and for my message to Taylor it’s: “thanks for always giving us a reason to smile Happy Birthday :) ” i hope it doesn’t sound to lame i almost cracked my skull trying to figure out wat to write

  123. Jess Says:

    Just posted

    15/22 His ‘signature sayings’.

    This one comes in two parts!

  124. Logan Says:

    I didn’t see that one coming….ok crying now *~*

  125. marianne Says:

    carrie…I agree with you on the sourcing of this info. A couple months ago they claimed Taylor’s “girlfriend” was pregnant, then he was getting married and then he was shopping for an engagement ring.

    Lilome…I’d be fine with a web cam on him while he naps!! We need him on film asap.

    Jess…Great job!! I hope someone from his team alerts him to your hard work.

  126. johanna Says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT JESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    that is def my fav so far he is just too adorable THANK U :) :) :)

  127. Jess Says:

    @Logan – Sorry if I made you cry!

    @Johanna – I’m so glad you love it, since it was your idea. And I love your card message as well. It’s perfect!

    @Lilome – Thanks for signing Taylor’s birthday card. Let me know if you have a favourite pic of Taylor to go along with your message. (Why am I visualising Taylor bull riding right now??? ;-D)

    @Carrie, @Marianne – I so hope this is true. Fingers crossed for some official news soon! And thanks for the link @Nicole fair. Looks like a pretty good show from the bit I watched.

    Awww, thanks @Marianne. It doesn’t really feel like hard work!

    But I hope everyone know that this gift is from all of us. I would never be motivated to do this if I didn’t have your ideas and support. And I know that you guys feel the same as I do about Taylor so there is a lot of love going in to these from all of you as well.

  128. gaby Says:

    I saw on twitter that Taylor was in rarrys ranch with his girlfriend and two other people..

  129. johanna Says:

    I saw on twitter that he was at Harris or in Harris anyone who lives in cali can u tell me what it is exactly

    as far as the show Cuckoo its kinda odd but Andy Samberg is really funny

  130. johanna Says:

  131. chanda w. Says:

    Taylor in a comedy, yes, Taylor on tv at anytime, YES. Hope it is true.
    Tuesday is almost here.

  132. Chez Says:

    Some more news but not project related.

    Everyone if Taylor does get signed to the British comedy I’ll try to send the link to the programme after every episode for you if that’s help, I’ll try to keep you informed, if I hear anything from this side (Britain).

  133. chanda w. Says:

    Thanks for the heads up, Chez, 2/17 implanted in my brain, along with 2/11.
    A lot of well known folks have 2/11 as a birthday and Taylor is always the youngest on the list.

  134. Jess Says:

    Evening all. Just posted at

    16/22 His smile. His laugh.

    I decided that even though there are PLENTY of examples that I could gif for this one, that I wanted to keep it really simple. Hope you like the result.

  135. chanda w. Says:

    Several other sources are claiming Taylor is part of this British show. MSN, contact, sugarscape. So something must be really going on. Wonder if he is just doing guest spots? I know when GUPS2 came on the radar the media made it seem like Taylor was the main co-star and it turns out he was a cameo. But , his name was talked about more than the real co stars. Even the Razzies seem to have a hard on for Taylor. I get it, but, come on he was good in that movie, they just can’t let go.

    Thanks @Jess, can’t believe his big day is so close.

  136. carrie Says:

    None of those sources are reliable though, and they’re all just quoting from the same Sun article. If this was true, a more legitimate outlet like Variety, THR, EW would report on it.

  137. kia Says:

    Jess- I sick with the flu and taking all kinds of medicines,but that hasn’t keep me from checking out your tumblr. Can’t wait until Tuesday, 2 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m with Carrie on this one. Sugarscape seems like a tabloid site for young hollywood. won’t believe until THR,Variety,The Wrap and Deadline says its legit. guess will have to what see on Monday. Fingers Crossed.

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