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I’ve uploaded photos of Taylor Lautner at a NHL hockey game at the Los Angeles Dodgers stadium in LA from January 25th.

Gallery Link:
» 2014 Candids: NHL Stadium Hockey Series at Dodger Stadium – January 25th

239 Responses to “Taylor Lautner attends NHL Hockey Series at Dodger Stadium”

  1. Chez Says:

    Seems Taylor’s having a nice weekend going to all these different places, maybe it’s for his birthday.

  2. Chez Says:

    Seems Taylor’s having a nice weekend going to all these different places, maybe it’s for his birthday.

  3. Chez Says:

    Another pic

  4. Jess Says:

    Thanks @Chez. Love that he’s wearing his Tracers jacket! Hope he’s had a perfect weekend for his b’day.

    Here’s another pic.

    From the previous thread … Thank you @Evelyn. I like the picture you have chosen. He looks very cool!

  5. Chez Says:

    Another Pic

  6. Jess Says:

    Just posted at

    20/22 He is open, sweet and generous toward his fans.

    Gasp! Only two left!!!! And in about 30 minutes it will be Taylor’s birthday here in Australia!


  7. Logan Says:

    Nice one Jess! You’ll be the first to congratulate him ;)
    Say, can we also buy a Tracers jacket from somewhere….

  8. Lexi Says:

    NEW PIC!!
    he was at odeum restaurant for his birthday!!!

  9. Lexi Says:

    to that last post, the guy who tweeted that looked like he worked there. And i guess asked why he was there lol

  10. johanna Says:

    @ Jess love the new giff and i forgot to tell u that i really loved the last one especially the bull riding one thats def on of my favs.
    and thanks for the other pics ladies it looks like Taylor decided to start his birthday celebration early I hope we get a few more pics

  11. Jess Says:

    Happy Birthday Taylor!
    Wishing you a wonderful day filled with many special memories.
    Lots of love to you from Australia.

    I have just posted the second last birthday gif at

    21/22 We love his work.

  12. Lilome Says:

    Jess thank you so much for your hard work! I have a fav pic of Taylor, but I can’t find it anywhere except on my phone- cuz I stole it! It’s a black and white, and he is messy/sweaty up against what looks like a windiw with bars across it. If I knew how to link it here, I would. I’m just not that computer savy. Sorry.

  13. johanna Says:

    @Lilome is this the one

  14. Lilome Says:

    If you go to Google and search Taylor Lautner August 30 2011, it will be the 5th or 6th image. I know it’s too late, but maybe you can use it for something later.

  15. Lilome Says:

    I think it’s from Total film, but it’s not in the gallery here. Thanks for looking johanna, it’s exactly as I descibed it, but not the right one.

  16. Jess Says:

    Is this the one Lilome?

    Don’t panic! It’s not too late.

    In fact, if anyone else still wants to sign Taylor’s Birthday card, you still have time.

  17. chanda w. Says:

    Taylor’s birthday was trending in Brazil, but of course, they luv him so.
    He’s getting so much luv today from fans, on Tues. he’ll get even more from the U.S. fans.

  18. Nicole fair Says:


    That is all I will say. Lol

  19. Logan Says:

    Happy birthday Taylor!
    Wishing you a very nice day in the company of family and friends.
    Have fun sweetie ;))

  20. johanna Says:

    Happy birthday Taylor :)
    I hope u have a great day and are happy and well
    We all love u vet much and only want the best for u

  21. johanna Says:

    @Nicole that vid was sooo cute

  22. Nicole fair Says:

    I know! So cuuuuute right?!

  23. Lexi Says:


  24. Chez Says:

    Happy Birthday Sweetie!!

  25. Jess Says:

    Happy Birthday Taylor (now that it is officially your big day!)

    I kinda have a tear in my eye at the moment, because I just posted the last gif set in our “22 reasons why we love Taylor Lautner” birthday countdown.

    22/22 He is all of these things and so much more…

    I hope you like it. Most of the words that I used came from our discussions here.

    Now I will get to work finishing the gif(t) card for Taylor. I will let you know when it is posted. Sleep well everyone.

  26. vera Says:

    Happy Birthday Taylor Daniel Lautner!!!!!

  27. Lilome Says:

    Jess- Yay! You found it- thanks so much for looking. And thanks again for doiing this. Happy Tay Day to all!

  28. Chez Says:

    It’s got to be true about Cuckoo as it was confirmed by the BBC

  29. Emily Says:

    Chez–I’m so excited, but I have SO MANY QUESTIONS!! I’m assuming this show films in England, so Taylor will have to go over there for an extended period of time, which makes me kind of sad, b/c I just like the feeling of having him in at least the same COUNTRY as I am–but it’s a role, so who cares about my feelings!?!?!?!

    More importantly–will we be able to see it here in the US??? I barely survived not being able to see the Boogie Nights live read. I cannot imagine how I’ll cope knowing he’s on TV EVERY WEEK and I won’t be able to see it. My stomach is knotting at the thought!!

    I think you were the one telling us a little about the show before, but I can’t find it. Would you mind filling us in again, if you know anything else? I’m dying over here!! Thanks!

  30. Emily Says:

    Snow day off from school (thanks, Mother Nature) + Taylor’s birthday=????????

    I believe I feel a Taylor-marathon coming on………………………Yep…….I think that needs to happen!

    Happy birthday, Sweetie!!! We love you!!!

    Happy Tay Day (I like it, Lilome) to everyone!!!!!!

  31. Chez Says:

    @Emily this is all the websites about Cuckoo, I have never seen Cuckoo series 1 but as I said before I will try to post the episodes once it’s on in the uk.

    Don’t know whether it’s true coz I heard on twitter, Taylor is filming Cuckoo in the spring 2014 and will be filmed in the Uk.

  32. Mystique Says:


    Oh man I feel like I haven’t been on here in AGES!!! :O

    Please forgive my absence, I’ve been super busy lately with a new job, moving (yes, again lol—hopefully the LAST time now lol), and just other personal obligations over the past few months. Unfortunately I don’t have a job anymore that allows me to have a lot of down time at work, so my internet grazing habits (especially at WORK lol *guilty as charged*) has been cut SIGNIFICANTLY ever since I started this new job back in September. :-/ Not to mention the time difference… the time I come home from work, and get my dinner ready to hop online, most of you ladies are already in bed, or are getting ready for bed…. Soooo…. yeah….. a minor adjustment there I suppose when you’re living on the West Coast now lol.

    I would like to THANK @Jess, @Kia, @Marianne, @Johanna, @Vickey, and you other ladies who asked about my whereabouts. I’ve now caught up to reading most of the threads (I’ve missed a LOT!), so I appreciate everyone’s concern.

    Ugh, I feel SO behind…I haven’t even had time to update my story on in MONTHS!!! O_o Ugh…. smh! :(

    But anyway, I just HAD to post on here TODAY because of course today Taylor turns 22!!!!!!!!!! WHOO HOOOOOOO!!!! Gosh, seems like time flies!!! Just last year we were cheering that he turned 21 and was FULLY-LEGAL lol!!! ^_^ Awwww….

    Anyway, I wish him the best and hope that he continues to have happiness and success in life. :)

    “Happy Tay Day”<——-Lol…I LOVE IT!!! ^_^

  33. kia Says:

    HAPPYBIRTHAY TAYLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hope your having a wonderful BDAY with your family & friends. You deserve everything and I so happy for your new role! I’m so proud of you GOD BLESS

  34. kia Says:

    Welcome back Mystique!! I miss our little “Gutter Saturdays”

  35. Lilome Says:

    Mystique! To quote our beloved Jacob: “where the hell you been, loca?” I got a new job about a year ago, which gives me NO free time on the clock to catch up here, so I feel your pain. Except today- I’m making time! It’s our holiday, and RL just has to wait. Glad to hear from you again and good luck in your new adventures, whatever they may be.

  36. Lilome Says:

    Kia, maybe our Gutter Saturday should be an entire week. Looking at the pics from jess’s project has my mind wandering…. And we all know that’s not a good idea!

  37. Emily Says:

    Lilome and Kia–The gutter may not be the intended destination, but, if that’s where the celebrations of our favorite guy lead, SO BE IT!!

    It’s really just inevitable for us, I think–no matter how pure our intentions are, looking at him for any extended length of time causes a rapid descent into the inappropriate! He’s just too beautiful!!

    Mystique—Welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s hard being away, isn’t it?

  38. Logan Says:

    Oooooohhhh mmmmmm gggggg
    I am so booking a flight to the UK!
    And he’s replacing Andy, not just visiting.
    This is all kinds of good…

    We already knew he had some moves but that short vid is indeed too cute.

    @ Jess, love the pic with his dad, never saw Dan smile ;))

  39. marianne Says:

    Happy Birthday Taylor!! Hope you have a wonderful day with lots of moments that make you smile!

    Jess…What a great job you did on capturing all the qualities we as Taylor fans appreciate. You’ve done an amazing job with the gifs and I especially LOVE today’s gifs. I can’t believe how fast Taylor has grown up. Sniff.

    Emily…Mystique….Welcome back girls. You’ve been missed!!

    Don’t know how I feel about this possible project. It makes me wonder what direction his people are taking him. The absolute lack of info is becoming more than just annoying.

  40. Jess Says:

    HOOOORRAAAAYYYYY! @MYSTIQUE. We’ve missed you!

    I know, I know, it’s like 3.30 in the morning here, what the heck am I doing on here! Well I woke up and thought – I really want to post Taylor’s gif(t) card now.

    So I have. You can see it here…

    And now I can go back to sleep…

    ps. Sorry you didn’t get a chance to add a message to the card @Vickey. I hope you don’t mind, but I used a couple of your comments from here as your message in the card. They were such nice comments I thought they would be perfect.

  41. johanna Says:

    @Jess I will admit i teared up just a little
    I noe its Taylor birthday and we all want to celebrate him but none of this would have been possible with out u and ur creativity so i just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU :)
    u really did make this a very special birthay for Taylor and for us so thanks again

  42. johanna Says:

    crap meant birthday not bithnay

    glad ur okay and i hope everything starts to settle down on ur end

  43. kia Says:

    Jess- You’ve done an amazing job only wish Taylor would see it. He be so proud!

    Emily ,Lilome – I’M IN! lol

  44. natasha Says:

    i have been busy cleaning thats why i could follow your website. Ive been busy cleaning the living room and bedroom. I love you tay tay. My tay tay. And the others love you too.

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  46. natasha Says:

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