Grown Ups 2 (2013)
Role: Frat Boy Andy
Release Date: July 12th, 2013 - Trailer
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Tracers (2014)
Role: Cam
Release Date: 2014
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We here are would like to wish Taylor Lautner a happy 22nd birthday! Make sure to tweet #HappyBirthdayTaylorLautner so we can make it a trending topic!

28 Responses to “Happy Birthday Taylor Lautner!”

  1. Jess Says:

    Once again… HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAYLOR!!!! xoxoxo

    Taylor’s Birthday gif(t) card from us has been posted here…

  2. gaby Says:

    Happy Birthday Taylor Lautner from Brazil with love!! You are the best, my pride *-* I love you s2

  3. Logan Says:

    Taylor, congrats on your 22nd B-day!
    Hope you had a very nice day.

  4. Logan Says:

    Our birthday card looks spectacular
    Thanks Jess!

  5. johanna Says:

    WE LOVE U <3
    and we wish u all the best

  6. kia Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAYLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Emily Says:

    Jess–The card looks wonderful! You’ve outdone yourself. I wish he would see it and know how much he’s appreciated.

  8. Ewa Says:

    Happy Birthday Taylor :))!!!! Wish you all the best wishes <33

  9. Brodie Says:

    next from the uk if you dont already know :)

  10. Shazam Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAYLOR!!! :D Awww wish we could all just give him cuddles and cake and a few other little surprises for his big day! :( Oh well, well wishes will just have to do. Hope our boy has a fantastic birthday, chilling with the good people in his life! HIP HIP HOORAY!!
    Hope all you guys are great too…miss you all so much!! *HUGS*
    Roll on 2014…here’s hoping it full of Mr Lautner and his fabulous smile! :))))

  11. Lilome Says:

    SHAZAM!!!!! Good to hear from you, loca! Drop in a little more, we miss you. And we haven’t had a good kidnapping plan since you left ;)

  12. Evelyn Says:


  13. *Vickey* Says:

    Happy Birthday Tay!!! :))
    Hope you have an amazing birthday. 22 and counting!
    Seems like his 21st just passed. Lol.
    Hope you ladies are doing good!

  14. chanda w. Says:

    Happy Birthday to the handsome Mr. Lautner. Can’t even put into words how much I adore you!

  15. chanda w. Says:

    I’m so excited about Taylor’s new show, I am just now realizing the show is in another country. Will he have to move there and will it show in the U.S? Just wondering. Still excited regardless.

    You did a great job @Jess with the card. Cool to post on a site that enjoys Tay as much as I do.
    Welcome back @Mystique.

  16. accv Says:

    Wow. 22. A new TV show role. Time flies way too fast. And yes, I’m super jelly now of Marie. In that short video, it seems to me like the music is Greek. And it seems like they were trying to do some form of that popular Greek dance. Whatcha all think? But anyways, I miss everyone and him. I hope, that if this show is successful for him, that he considers trying something here in the US, too. I love him so much that I’d see him in anything and everything! And TV is reoccuring, so that’s an obvious choice. Then again, it depends on what he wants to do with his career. Movies only with guestings here and there? Or movies and TV? Personally, I’d like the latter. :p But that’s obvious.


    HAPPY 22ND BIRTHDAY YOU HANDSOME DEVIL!!!!! And uhhh, if things don’t work out with Marie… I’m right here, ok? I’m slightly younger than her but hey, closer to your age! Muahahahah! :p

  17. accv Says:

    And @Jess… woman, just saw your Tumblr. LOVE. And as usual, I’m the wordy one :p It’s funny how everyone’s is short and to-the-point, then mine is this novel. Haha! Oh well. I express myself best in words… and you’re adorably creative. It was definitely like this virtual birthday e-card. You’re awesome for putting that together. Thank you!

    I think the relationship goes both ways with us and Taylor. We’re lucky we have such an amazing individual we all love and he’s quite lucky to have such dedicated, passionate fans that I can even say may emulate his personality, too.

  18. accv Says:

    Hey @Chez… sooo, is it true? That British sitcoms are shorter than American sitcoms?

    Just read here about Cuckoo —

    And before anyone goes CUCKOO (hah! see what I did there?) on the words in the link, it’s 2013 ladies :p

    Very interesting. 6-episode seasons. Generally, how many seasons are there in British sitcoms? If this is the case, I can better understand why Taylor and his team went for it. Seems like a good experimental venture for Taylor. Another funny thing… I actually thought that Taylor would be taking on Andy’s character wardrobe too… so when I saw the picture on this article, I thought, OMG… he’s gonna be a hippie?! Not that it matters. But then I remembered reading the other article about Taylor’s role and it said he’d be a handsome stranger that the daughter meets. Ahhhhh, gotcha. :p

    Also, if anyone here has Comcast, apparently BBC America is Channel 162. Not sure if Cuckoo will air on that since it’s supposedly on BBC3, but I hope it does.

    But YAY for Taylor! Let’s hope for more ventures SOON aside from Tracers which has yet to find a distributor… or am I wrong? That’s the impression I got from previous threads.

  19. Michèl Says:

    Happy birthday mr. Lautner! :)

  20. Jess Says:

    I feel like it’s my birthday now…
    New Bench picture.

  21. Chez Says:

    @Accv-Yes it’s true British sitcoms are a lot shorter then Americans usually between 6-8 episodes.

    It depends on how well the ratings are for the series, if it’s bad they will cancel it and if it goes well then more series will be made, so I can’t really tell you how many series it will be hope this answers you question.

    If anybody as more questions about British TV please fell free to ask and I’ll try to answer them

  22. Jess Says:

    If I am reading the time zones correctly, it is now Feb 12 in the US. Here’s hoping that Taylor had a most wonderful, special day and that 22 marks the beginning of new and exciting things in his life. Starting, it seems, with a (temporary?) move to the UK.

    While I’m desperate to see Tracers, and definitely want to see Taylor continue to make movies, I am really excited for him doing ‘Cuckoo’. I think that working outside Hollywood will be a really good experience for him, and I like that he is using the international market to test out new things. It sounds as if Cuckoo has been well received in the UK and he will be working with some very experienced and acclaimed people as well. So congratulations to Taylor on his new role.

    I just wanted to say a huge, enormous THANK YOU to each of you lovely people at for all of your help and support putting together Taylor’s Birthday Project. If he ever (by some miracle) got to see our little list and card, I think he would be in no doubt as to how much love and support he has from all of us here. You guys are the best!

    And an extra special thanks to George for
    no. 1 – having this amazing spot for all of us to discuss and debate and drool over Taylor
    no. 2 – letting us use to organise the birthday project.

    Plus more extra special thanks to @Logan – who had the idea for the birthday project in the first place.

    ps. If I missed anything that people wanted to include, just let me know. I’m happy to make your requests (gif withdrawal is setting in! ;-D)

  23. Logan Says:

    Hai Jess, it’s wednesday the 12th over here around 10.30 in the morning. Due to them time zones it’s like having 24/7 access to all of your thoughts, confusing but nice.

    Thanks George! for keeping this site up in the air and you, Jess for doing all the hard work on those gifs and lovely B-day card.

    @ Chez, maybe you can find out where and when Taylor will be filming Cuckoo…..?
    If it is remotely possible for me to be in the UK around that time I will. It’s only a 3 hour trip from where I am.
    And I promise to make sure Taylor knows about our little community over here!

    And welcome ‘ back ‘ to all our fellow Taysters. Don’t just lurk but share, we love hearing from you :))

  24. vera Says:

    it’s great that Taylor has a new project!
    british sitcoms, one of the best, it’s a good experience.

    video about Greek dancing with Marie & Taylor – hilarious and too cute, I’m glad that Taylor was celebrating his birthday is not in LA, in other places, with new friends and new bright impressions.

    Jess, you are a creative person, your tumblr causes only positive emotions!

  25. Emily Says:

    I haven’t seen some of these before. Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhssssssssssss……………….

  26. vanusa Says:

    Let’s enjoy the announcement of new project Tay and do campaign to get out of a trailer Traces!
    this pic is old but opz!
    he seems to be well endowed! kkkkkkkkk
    And happy birthday gorgeous boy!

  27. kia Says:

    Taylor looks so cute dancing in that video. I keep forgetting Marie is Greek . LOL They look like they having a good time,Hope he had a wonderful Bday yesterday. Marie your a lucky girl!!

    Hoping BBC America will air “Cuckoo”.

  28. kia Says:

    Jess – Wish Taylor could see that amazing Bday card. He be so proud! You did an amazing job!

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