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Check out Taylor Lautner‘s Grown Ups 2 photoshoot taken during his press conference in Cancun last year.

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» 2014 Photoshoots: Grown Ups 2 Photoshoot

220 Responses to “Photos: Taylor Lautner’s ‘Grown Ups 2′ Photoshoot”

  1. Mystique Says:

    Gosh! I can’t keep up with all of these updates! lol! ^_^ Anyway, I’m sure most of you have long since gone to bed already lol (I had to work overtime today….*groan*), but I just had to come and see how my “Taysters” were doing. :)

    Thank you @Marianne, @Lilome (girl, I feel like I haven’t seen/heard from you in AGES! ^_^), @Jess @Johanna, @Emily, @Chanda, and @Kia for the nice warm welcome! Awww…I feel so loved. ^_^ And YES….I DO miss our “gutter Saturdays” @Kia lol!

    Anyway, my posting will probably be sporadic here and there, but I will try to find time to post every once in a while.

    Can I say…I’m just LOVING all of these new pictures that we’ve been graced with! @George has been holding it in I see!!!! Thanks for the updates @George! ^_^

    Anyway, I better get to eating my dinner, but I just had to pop in and say hello! :) Hope you all enjoyed “Tay Day” lol.


  2. vanusa Says:

    Here is the account owner of the Odeum Restaurant dinner on Taylor celebrating her birthday! visited the restaurant page on facebook, it’s pretty cool! There they said that Marie was teaching her boyfriend dancing rhythms Greeks! Ahhhh
    A Brazilian fan site asked for a report on the celebration and they responded kindly

  3. Lexi Says:

    @vanusa awww how cute ^ ^ teaching taylor how to dance aahhhhhh !

  4. Jess Says:

    Sending you all (and Taylor or course) a little Valentine!

  5. Emily Says:

    Oh, Jess! What a wonderful valentine! He looks so edible in pink—well, actually in any color, but the pink just makes his skin pop! I wish we could find some actual pictures of him in that pink shirt, not just those gifs.

  6. Emily Says:

    For anyone who’s interested, here’s a link to the first episode of Cuckoo. I found it on YouTube. I don’t know if you can find all of them or not.

    It’s definitely different…………………………………….if his character is like some of the others, we will probably hear him say some f-bombs…………and “flashback” time—the mom is “Emily” from Friends!

    It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  7. Emily Says:

    I meant to add, I think there were only 6 episodes in the first season.

  8. marianne Says:

    Jess…Thanks for the Taylor valentine. I enjoy seeing him in a different color. While he can wear pink, I’m afraid most guys try to avoid that color.

    Emily…I’m still trying to understand Taylor doing this show. I know more experience is good, but I hate seeing him going down some Hollyweird sewer.

    I’m hoping we will get some pics from the Hall of Game award show. I just want some pics of Taylor out and smiling and without Marie. To me, she’s becoming that accessory that needs to be put away for awhile.

  9. Nicole fair Says:

    I think this choice of show really is just a matter of comedic taste. I love british humor, if you haven’t noticed I REALLY enjoy a bit of raunch with my humor. So this show is pretty much right up my alley. I hadn’t seen it before Taylor got the job, but I was really encouraged by what I read. Nominated for a Bafta, has a decent cult following in the UK, great cast, even better writers. I don’t see the downside of Taylor’s choice in post Twilight work. The biggest issues those who aren’t already fans of his is that he just doesn’t “do” anything for them. In other words….he boring. Which is the kiss of death for any actor trying to forge a career. I mean boring guys go the way of Luke Skywalker. Famous for one role.

    And I’m not talking about the idiots who spout the homosexual llama crap. They’re douche nozzles who truly don’t matter…no I’m talking about the people who like him, think he’s a nice guy with “something”…but won’t HIRE him. Yes, I’m talking those with actual power. And that’s serious.

    What I really like about this choice, is it feels like Taylor’s choice. It’s light, but challenging and completely out of his this far comfort zone. This takes him away to a completely different culture of humor. Risky. Smart. Sounds exactly like the guy I’ve come to really appreciate.

    I’m happy for him. I think he belongs on TV. I’ve always said that, now I just need to move to the UK to make sure I get to see it.

  10. Lexi Says:

    that show looks interesting indeed LOL!

    @marianne- well at least he has a girlfriend now. It was obvious that most girls on here were getting so tired of being curious of him and sara’s relationship status >.<
    now we know…..

    its too bad we didnt get any pics from his actual birthday "day". he was probably hanging with his usual friends. ^ ^

  11. Lexi Says:

    addition to last post———well i shouldnt say “we”…. I was curious

  12. Emily Says:

    Marianne–I’m not sure about this yet. I need more information before I decide how I feel about it. Honestly, I’m just thrilled that Taylor has a new role. Watching the first episode, I did think some parts were funny. I’m just not a big Andy Samberg fan or maybe just didn’t enjoy his character. It reminded me of the movie “Son in Law” with Pauly Shore from years and years ago. (Never understood his appeal either.) I’m also not a fan of the cursing, but I can get over that. In addition, I think that sometimes we Americans don’t always “get” British humor (just speaking for myself there) and it may just take me a while to get into it. But, if Taylor is starring, then, get into it I will most certainly do. It is something totally different, and maybe an international audience would be more willing to accept him and give him a chance than the fickle American audience who only sees him as the Twilight wolf.

    I agree with you that I want to see Taylor out and about more. While I am so pleased for him if he’s found someone that makes him happy, I’m tired of paparazzi and fan pics of him at restaurants and gas stations. I want to see pictures of him doing SOMETHING related to his career and work instead!! I guess I’m just getting impatient. I’m ready for him to get his next “big break” and for many more people to discover and love him as much as I do!!!

  13. kia Says:

    Jess- Thanks for the pic! He looks yummy in that shirt. Why settle for a box of chocolates when you can have that for a Valentine Day treat!

    I’m just happy that were actually getting news about him doing something then just him out an about,not that I don’t mind candids but I agree with Emily ,i wanna hear work related stuff.Who knows maybe this show would be good for him and can open up different varieties for him in the future.

  14. Logan Says:

    Yep, I agree with Emily. I need to see an episode with Taylor before I can honestly say I like it or not. Andy doesn’t do it for me and that youtube bit isn’t blowing me of my socks.

    But I do like it that Taylor yet again surprises us!

    Valentine’s Day ( sigh, I know ) is airing tonight…oh well Taylor is in it ;)

    @Jess, don’t want you to suffer from withdrawl so….how about Taylor kissing?!

  15. Lexi Says:


  16. Emily Says:

    Awww, Jess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How sweet!! I always think of Jacob when I see conversation hearts! I wish they had put that in the movie. I have to thank you here, b/c I don’t have a tumblr.

  17. johanna Says:

    Happy Valentines Day everyone i hope its a good one

    @Jess i love that and i do agree pink does look really good on Taylor it looks great with his skin tone but then again he looks great in anything.

  18. chanda w. Says:

    Taylor is so out of the box now! Good for him. I think he’s gonna pull a James Franco,
    where he does a little of everything sorta at the same time. T.V., movies, broadway, commercials, indie movies, big budget movies. Lead guy, co-star….everything.
    Someone wrote that Franco can’t be put into a category because he confuses people with his acting choices. Which is great and that is what Taylor is doing. And he’s doing it at a much younger age.
    Noone would have thought he would go to tv and certainly not something from another country. Shock value, without the filth. He didn’t have to do a stint in rehab or show a pic of his butt, to make people go WHAT!
    Taylor is a smart guy, and I said before that he would make his own niche’ and not get defined by anyone and he is doing just that.
    So @Marianne, don’t worry, he’s gonna be more than fine with his acting career.
    Did any of us expect the news we got about Cuckoo? Of course not.
    He’s full of surprises that is for sure. Maybe it’s the romantic in me, but I like seeing him and Marie out as a couple.

  19. Nicole fair Says:

    @chandra w. it’s like you’re living in my brain.

  20. Jess Says:

    @Chanda, @Nicole fair – ditto. Totally agree. I’m so excited for Taylor to be working on a BBC show, and in the UK. I think it will be a great experience for him. Plus I quite enjoyed the episode of Cuckoo – but we get a fair bit of British comedy here in Australia. I really enjoyed IT Crowd which was produced by the same guy (and starred Chris O’Dowd who is now making a pretty good name for himself in the US.) Hopefully we’ll get Cuckoo here. I’d buy the Taylor eps anyway.

    Glad you all liked your Valentine. @Emily, @Marianne, @Kia, @Johanna – pink is a tough colour for guys to pull off – and I don’t really like guys to wear pink to be honest, but Taylor makes it look like the most amazing thing. I agree – we definitely need pics from the latest Bench shoot Taylor did in the Philippines.

    @Emily – I couldn’t resist giffing (is that a word?) the conversation hearts part of New Moon. Shame it wasn’t in the movie. That’s one of the things I loved best about Jake. He just did the most simple things, but they were so very sweet and thoughtful.

    @Logan – sorry I haven’t made the kissing gif yet – there’s some hand holding though! (That will really get your gutter Saturday started ;-D). Is there someone in particular you would like – Karen, Bella, Felicia, Edward! (loved that SNL moment with the folder!)

    Hope you have all enjoyed a lovely Valentine’s day.

  21. Chez Says:

    New Fan Photo

  22. Chez Says:

    The photo above is from the 13/02/14 not the 14th my mistake.

  23. Emily Says:

    Jess–I agree. He didn’t need to make grand gestures—his sweetness was so natural. One of the many reasons I’ll always love that character, no matter what else Taylor does in the future.

    On another note, I want to live in the Philippines for a while, but I’d probably be falling down or running into walls a lot out of distraction…………………

  24. Logan Says:

    LOL Emily! Can you see my sleeping bag in that first pic? Just choking uhm joking RoTfL
    Looks like they’re using Taylor’s pic for just about anything…hair products?
    Or is it a hair dresser…, that one I understand actually. He has the best hair in Hollywood hihi.

    @ Chanda, pulling a James Franco, good one!
    I think, or at least I hope, that Taylor is confident enough to follow his own path. And James Franco would be another good example/ role model.

  25. Emily Says:

    LOL Logan! He does have great hair.

  26. marianne Says:

    Jess…I loved your Jacob tumblr posting. Jacob fans were robbed of all the hand holding and him calling her Bells that was in the book. Ugh. They could have at least given us the conversation hearts!! Not even the vision Bella had of their life together!! Sniff.

    I appreciated everyone’s comments re: Taylor’s new project. I think I need to expose myself to more British humor.

    Emily…They must have to squeegee the drool from all those posters every day!! Thanks for the link.

  27. kia Says:

    Emily- I’m surprise there’s no car collisions or accidents or people running into poles cause if those posters aren’t distractions then I don’t know what it is. Thank goodness there no BENCH stores in Baltimore!

  28. Jess Says:

    @Marianne – I laughed so much at your squeegee comment. Thanks for giving me an awesome start to the day! :-D

  29. Emily Says:

    Pictures of Taylor at the “Hall of Games” award show.

  30. johanna Says:

    @Emily was that on tv today cuz i didnt hear about it I did want to miss it

  31. Jess Says:

    Thanks @Emily. I think they are airing the awards on monday @Johanna. Details are here…

  32. kia Says:

    Johanna- Its being taped right now but its airing on Monday.

  33. kia Says:

    Baby looking good in that jacket!

  34. johanna Says:

    @Kia thats good cuz i really want to see him not just in pictures
    and yes he looks amazing in that jacket

    @Emily if i lived in the Philippines and saw that id crash my car and be in a full body cast he just looks so amazing in those pics

    @Logan i see wat u did there very funny

  35. Evelyn Says:

    He is looking good in these pics! As for Marie teaching him a Greek dance, lol. I don’t see it, but I kinda do.

  36. Emily Says:

    Sorry, Johanna, just checking back in. I saw those pics on another site. Don’t know any details about the show. And, I guess it’s good we DON’T live in the Philippines. :)

    If anyone needs to or would like to completely lose yourself in a great fan fic story, may I recommend this:

    It’s by the same author who wrote “Crave” a while back. It will take you on a roller-coaster of emotions and it’s full of angst, but she’s such a great writer. It’s almost complete–one chapter to go. Be warned—you WILL get sucked in immediately.

  37. johanna Says:

    thanks a lot Emily instead of doing my HW im reading that story
    looks like ill be doing it last minute tomorrow night
    But i like it so far

  38. Logan Says:

    @ Emily…. YES, to everything TAOIST ELF has written!
    She should be published in my humble opinion, ones you start reading you will be sucked in so good luck!
    Here’s some eye candy, courtesy of Nikita-juice, to go with your fantasy….

  39. Emily Says:

    Johanna–Sorry, girlie, but I always do my work last minute—you’ll get done! I finished the story last night.

    Logan–I told her the same thing in my review–she should be writing professionally! Thanks for the picture. I had seen that before, and while he looked quite nice, I don’t see anyone’s face except Taylor’s when I’m reading about Jacob. Here’s another one Nikita did about that story:

  40. Emily Says:

    If you need a “pick-me-up” today, just scroll through all of these pictures. He looks perfect in every one. It’s just not fair. People in the Philippines are very photogenic as well.

  41. Jess Says:

    It’s been so good to see Taylor at a proper event and to see him as a 22 year old! Speaking of which, I’ve been really interested seeing what other people seem to like about Taylor from our Birthday Countdown. I thought I’d share some results from my highly scientific* study. (*note: Not scientific at all!)

    Going by the number of likes and reblogs each of our reasons has received so far, here are the top five things that people love about Taylor:

    5. (tied) He’s hardworking and dedicated / His smile. His laugh / His sense of humour

    4. He’s open, sweet and generous toward his fans

    3. (tied) His eyes / he’s playful. He likes to have fun

    2. His awesome Ninja moves

    1. His work

    It’s really great to see that Taylor is loved for the hard work that he does. But I think the top five is a pretty good summary of the reasons why he is so amazing.

  42. marianne Says:

    I’m happy for new pics!! I really like the jacket. I feel like such a stalker knowing that he has never worn that before. I’m sure he had such a great time meeting all those athletes.

    Thanks a lot Emily…I’ve started reading that fic and I’m not getting anything done! UGH.

    Jess…It’s encouraging to see that people appreciate hard work.

  43. Emily Says:

    Haha, Marianne! I got a message that the final chapter was just posted. It will be read the second Downton Abbey is over!

  44. Jess Says:

    Video of Taylor presenting at the CN Hall of Game Awards… eeeeee!!!!!!!!

  45. gaby Says:

    omg he`s voice *-*

  46. Jess Says:

    I’m so happy right now. I didn’t think I would ever get to see it over here. Pictures are nice and all, but it’s SO much better when you get to see him move and hear his voice!

  47. Jess Says:

    Here it is without subtitles

    Don’t know why it starts halfway into Taylor’s presentation?

  48. Lilome Says:

    On a totally unrelated subject, the hubby and I saw Kristin Chenoweth in concert and she is AMAZING! Anyway, she does a song called “Taylor the Latte Boy”. YouTube it and I think it will make you smile. Just imagine yourself and our Taylor in the scenario – we’d have the same response.

  49. Lilly Says:
    some new info about Taylor/Cuckoo
    ‘Filming starts in London in late March.’

  50. Evelyn Says:

    @ Jess. Oh boy, that really hit the spot! He is so unbelievably sexy!

  51. Logan Says:

    @Lilly, bring it on! I’m so moving to the UK….it’s too close to ignore….hyperventilating now!

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