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I’ve uploaded 4 newly released promotional photos from Taylor Lautner‘s BENCH ad campaign. In addition, there is a new promotional video released, which you can watch below:

Gallery Link:
» 2013 Photoshoots: Global Benchsetter

33 Responses to “New BENCH Ad Photos + Video”

  1. vera Says:

    Edi Gathegi just posted this on IG ^^

    i like new pic`s & video. thank`s,George!

  2. kia Says:

    Vera- Aww I spy Tarik in that pic. I love that him and Edi are still buddies

  3. johanna Says:

    That’s so sweet I really like edi and I’m glad there still friends

  4. Evelyn Says:

    I like Edi too. Great actor I may add.

  5. Chez Says:

    OMG Taylor looks Scrummy in those bench pic enough to eat!!
    Glad Taylor and Edi are still friends.

    I’m just Curious about a few things and wondered if anyone could help:
    1)I noticed on Wyck Godfreys IMDB that in the Projects in Development that Cancun is there, I’m just wondering if Taylor’s maybe still attached secretly?
    2)The film Trace that’s in Taylor’s development page on IMDB, is it the same as Tracers or something different?

    When is Taylor’s team gonna update his IMDB page they still haven’t put Cuckoo on yet and it was announced like 2 weeks ago, Lily Collins announced a new film and her team immediately put it on her IMDB page.

    Anyone know what’s happening about the Gus Van Saint and Michael Bay movies?

  6. marianne Says:

    HOLY MOLY!!!! I don’t know how I’m going to survive his 20s!!! I volunteer to carry his children!!!!

  7. Jess Says:

    Love the message that Edi wrote with that pic too.
    I would love, love, love Edi and Taylor to do a project together one day. That would be so awesome.

  8. Kathy Says:

    @vera the link doesn’t work. It said “Page not found”

  9. Lexi Says:

    @kathy I think he probably deleted the pic already because of all the tay fans lol :(

  10. chanda w. Says:

    Why do all of Taylor’s friends either delete his pics( Ashley B.) did the same or don’t tweet about him at all. Taylor fans aren’t any worse than any other group of fans. It’s like they aren’t allowed to tweet about him. Tarik never mentions Taylor. Of course his fans are gonna pounce when we finally get a pic or any sort of info. His friends should understand that. Posting and then deleting pics just irritates us more.
    Wish his friends were secure enough just to post the pics and leave them. Instead of getting bullied to take them down.
    I wish Tay’s IMDB was updated too. Cuckoo should be on there now and the stuff he is no longer working on should be taken off. For whatever reason I think Taylor is trying to keep his projects more secret, sorta a smart thing. Just sucks for fans.

  11. vera Says:

    kia, yes, looks like Tarik.i think Danny was there, too .
    Chez , I not have decent words for management Taylor , so it’s better if I say nothing .
    Lily have a good career, even TMI big failure did not affect it.
    frankly, I think TMI will get a list of Razzie .
    March 1 Taylor likely will get a second Razzie , it is not fatal , of course, but this is another reason people make scoff of him , imo .
    Gus Van Saint …this year he will begin work with Matthew McConaughey in the title role, I do not think that project with Taylor is still relevant for him, he also will be in the jury of the Cannes Film Festival, may be journalists asked him about his emerging projects, though

    Eddie could delete this pic not only because of Taylor fans,haters everywhere , unfortunately, they could write something insult , who knows

    HBD lil man. Pretty soon you’ll be giving me advice. Wait, that already happens. #studentsbecomemasters #timeflys

    chanda…”Tarik never mentions Taylor”it was only once.
    he did retweet from famous football player or something, who wrote that he was going to go to see the Breaking dawn, to support team Jacob and his good friend Taylor Lautner :)

  12. Logan Says:

    @ Chanda I don’t think his friends delete pics with Taylor because they’re bullied by Taylor fans. But it must annoy them to have followers who are only interested in them for their connection with Taylor. I’m surprised we even get to see some of those pics since Taylor is so private.
    Nice to see they celebrated his B-day!

    I agree that his team does need to update his FB page more often. The IMDB site should be updated as well but is that site not accessible to everyone who has something to add like wikipedia? His management wouldn’t leave nonsense up there would they?

  13. chanda w. Says:

    @Logan, I think you are right. If half of your mentions on twitter are about , a friend that doesn’t even have a twitter account, I’d get a little annoyed too. His team ….uhhh, they suck. But, he’s perfect so … a fan I’ll just deal with it. I assume Cuckoo will get on his IMDB site soon and more Tracers info would not hurt.

    Also does anyone know how I can get a copy of Taylor on the cover of GQ Australia? He’s wearing a suit. It was on a few months back , but not now . Can’t find it on ebay either. I’ll pay up to forty bucks.

  14. Jess Says:

    @Chanda I have a copy – being in Australia – but sorry, it’s not for sale! I will keep an eye out at book fairs etc and if I see it I will get it.

  15. Chez Says:

    Does anyone know whether this is a new pic or old pic.

  16. Chez Says:

    New Photo 28/02/14

  17. Chez Says:

    Another photo

  18. Lexi Says:

    Gosh he’s fine as hell. It’s so ridiculous LOL

  19. Emily Says:

    Chez–It says on taylorlautnermania that it was a pre-Oscar party. Did anyone notice that the jacket was one from Bench with that little bit of white trim on the pocket? Also, I am SO GLAD he refuses to button his top buttons on his shirt. It’s like a beautiful little present to us every time he’s photographed!

    If you read the comments or tweets or whatever on that second photo, someone asked the girl how he smelled. I’m not sure which way to read (up or down) on the twitter feed, but I think she replied “like heaven on earth.” Isn’t it funny that we all want to know how he smells? He never will say what kind of cologne or anything he’s wearing when he’s asked. He just says “it’s my natural scent.” I think he’s just being facetious, but I wouldn’t doubt it if it were the truth. Everything else about him is so “naturally” perfect………….that might be, too!

  20. kia Says:

    Emily,Chez – Yep. It was the WME(William Morris Endeavor) pre-Oscar party. Seems like he goes every year.

    Damn he’s looking extra delicious in that jacket and that unbutton top! Taylor sure know how to tease us!

  21. vera Says:

    WME party.. it seems he still is a client of the WME agency.

  22. johanna Says:

    here is a vid of last night

  23. johanna Says:

    one more

  24. vera Says:

    with Marie?ok.

  25. vera Says:

    johanna… thanks!

  26. Lexi Says:

    And he’s with marie… comes the hate haha ;p

  27. Evelyn Says:

    Wow. . Taylor looks so good in the vids. And, not hating on Marie, but wth does she look so grim for? It’s a party! Smile!

  28. vera Says:

    @Lexi LOL +Tarik was with them.

  29. Emily Says:

    Evelyn—ANDDDDDD, she’s Taylor’s GIRLFRIEND!! You wouldn’t be able to slap the smile off MY face!! LOL

  30. Logan Says:

    I’m lost for words….
    He looks so good with that dark jacket and shirt *panting*
    Indeed teasing us with all those buttons unbuttoned…mmm.mmm.mmmm

  31. Lexi Says:

    @Evelyn, maybe she was tired? Keep in mind this was probably near the end of the party. I know if i was tired i would kinda look like that, wanting to go home lol………but then again what @emily said….. LOL

  32. Lilome Says:

    No Razzie for Taylor this year! Hallelujah! Thank God for small miracles – let them pick on someone else a while.

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