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Check out photos of Taylor Lautner at the 2014 WME Pre-Oscars Party on Friday.

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» 2014 Appearances: 2014 WME Pre-Oscars Party

86 Responses to “Taylor Lautner attends 2014 WME Pre-Oscars Party”

  1. kia Says:

    Praying that Taylor going to the Vanity Fair Oscar party tonight…

    Praying that Taylor wears a suit..

    Praying for another Taylor/Jimmy Kimmel moment tonight

  2. Emily Says:

    Praying that this time next year, Tracers will have found a distributor, Taylor is getting good reviews for his TV work, and that he may be at the Oscar’s, at least as a presenter, and that he’s relevant in Hollywood again and has at least a couple of good, new projects lined up.

  3. kia Says:

    Emily- AMEN!

  4. chanda w. Says:

    Taylor is so sweet always meeting his fans and taking out time to sign autographs. Even at the height of Twilight, he did the same. Glad he hasn’t changed. To me Taylor is always relevant. Some in Hollyweird are relevant for the wrong thing, we know all of their business. But, @Emily, I understand what you mean. I want to see more projects lined up too and Tracers needs to come to the theatres, including Tay, the guys in that movie are hella fine!
    Vanity Fair party, yes, please, in a suit looking super sexy , I’m sure.
    He’s a beautiful guy with a beautiful spirit and talent to boot, he’ll soon have Hollyweird, back on their knees.

  5. Elizabeth Says:

    So glad to see him out & about & still with Marie. I’m glad he’s found someone to be with. The only question I have is what is up with those shoes? Here is a very handsome guy who has some fashion sense, who knows how to dress & he wears those shoes? I understand we all have our favorite shoes, the ones that are comfy & fit like a glove but those are the one you wear around when you’re not being photographed. He’s worth millions but he wears those shoes? I don’t know maybe its a guy thing, but I just look at those shoes & think of all the other great shoes I’ve seen him wear with his suits.
    Please would someone talk to him about the shoes.
    Rant is now over. Love ya Taylor !!

  6. marianne Says:

    After the Bench pics, I thought there would be the usual TL drought. Always glad to see candid pics of him out but I imagine these affairs can be a snooze/ego-fest especially for people who don’t drink.

    chanda w… “Some in Hollyweird are relevant for the wrong thing, we know all of their business.” Amen. I read on the previous thread that you were trying to locate a certain issue of GQ? You might email GQ and see if they sell back issues. Some publications do that sort of thing.

    Emily…kia…Taylor in a suit… yum. I also hope that Taylor gets some good reviews next year and that his name and Twilight won’t be used in the same sentence. I also hope that he has been finishing college which would explain these short “bridge” projects. I also hope that his “team” does a better job of keeping fans informed!!

    Elizabeth…LOL He must not like to shop for shoes.

  7. Emily Says:

    Chanda–Yes, I just mean “relevant” to the talented people who do the hiring for quality projects. I couldn’t care less about all that other Hollywood crap. So thankful Taylor doesn’t play the usual fame game.

    Elizabeth–the shoes. It’s funny you said that, b/c when I saw those Bench pics with him wearing the sneakers, they just didn’t look “right” to me–I’m so used to the scruffy boots!

    Marianne—Would love it if Taylor has been finishing college. That just seems like something he’d want to do–at least eventually, if not now.

  8. gaby Says:

    oh my..

  9. kia Says:

    Oscar update, Jared Leto wins Best Supporting actor. Gave an amazing speech.

  10. johanna Says:

    @Kia i was so happy he won my best friend is in love with him and his speech really was amazing

    And Taylor really looked so good last night i do love his style but i actually didnt notice he was wearing his boots bth i do the same thing i have a couple pairs of shoes but i really only wear my combat boots

    @Gaby were is that gif from

  11. kia Says:

    Johanna- He deserved it! been a fan of his since he was on ‘My so called life’ so happy for him!

  12. kia Says:

    Best Supporting Actress: Lupita Nyong’o. Just saw 12 years of slavery,she gave a powerful performance. Well Deserved!

  13. johanna Says:

    @Kia im glad she won i haven’t seen the movie yet but from the clips i saw she really did do a good job
    and i absolutely LOVE that Ellen hosted this year i just love her and i love that Jennifer Lawrence was stuffing her face with pizza one of the many reason i love her so has no shame

  14. kia Says:

    Johanna- Ellen needs to host every year for now on. She is hilarious

  15. johanna Says:

    Okay i just fucking cried Pink KILLED IT with her cover of over the rainbow
    she really has an amazing voice

  16. kia Says:

    @Johanna she does!

  17. kia Says:

    Cate & Matthew won best Actor &Actress 12 years of slavery won best picture.

    This had to be one the best Oscars I’ve ever watch. Goodnight

  18. Chez Says:

    New Fan Photo

  19. Lilome Says:

    Joanna and kia, saw P!nk in concert last year- she’s a honeybadger! The woman is an absolute beast. LOVE HER! We thought as 50-somethings, we would be the oldest people there, but it wasn’t even close. If she comes in concert within driving distance, go. You won’t be sorry.

  20. chanda w. Says:

    @Chez, luv that pic! Tay and that guy could be related , kinda, lol.
    Such a sweetie.

    Haven’t watched the Oscars in awhile, constant replay on news shows makes it seem like I did. Happy for 12yrs. a slave, the supporting actress, can’t say her name and J. Leto.

    Leto is a good example of taking your time with your career. He stopped acting for awhile and did music, pretty good music and when he was ready , came back and put in an Oscar performance. So many of Tay’s fans want him to get in as many movies as possible, but if it doesn’t excite him, he would be wasting his time. I’m glad he is doing television for now and who knows what will happen down the line?

  21. marianne Says:

    kia…I think it’s a good thing that Taylor didn’t attend the VF party since TS was there and the gossips sites would be obnoxious.

  22. chanda w. Says:

    I’m slowly building my Taylor cover magazine library, as I was late to the game.
    Still can’t find the GQ Australia issue, and I did call someone at GQ headquarters.
    They gave me an overseas number, but I could never complete the call.
    Anyway, I got the VMAN cover, he looked so hot in the pics and magazine is very sleek.
    The inside article on Taylor sorta broke my heart a bit. It seemed at that time, 2011, he was uber famous , yet hadn’t experienced much besides being on a movie set and promoting them. And the interviewer pointed out that Tay repeated the same stories over and over, but as he picked up, that was probably all he had to talk about. He was only 19 and for the most part sheltered. I was surprised, I just assumed movie stars had the world at their feet not realizing how isolating it could be at times.

    So , I think Abduction’s box office performance, was a blessing in disguise.
    If it had made 40 or even 30 mil on opening weekend, Taylor would be in the same blob of filming and promoting movies. And he might have ended up like some of these celebs that have a break down at an early age.

    He’s dating, hanging with friends, going out to eat, taking pics with fans, going to sporting events and getting ready to film in another country. He’s acting like a very lucky 22yr. old and I’m so happy for him.

  23. chanda w. Says:

    Just read your post @ Marianne. Surprised Taylor didn’t attend , he goes every year.
    I sorta wonder if Swift went, hoping to bump into Taylor and he wanted no part of it. lol.

  24. kia Says:

    Marianne- Yeah. I feel like Miss Velveeta wouldn’t notice since she has 50 suddenly new bff’s (What happen to Selena?) She’s really becoming to overexposed in the past couple of months. I wanna less Swift and more Lautner!

    Lilome- she’s such an amazing performer. Miley needs to take a few notes from her.

  25. Chez Says:

    Don’t know whether it’s true or not but rumour has it that Taylor is in New York!!

  26. Logan Says:

    @ Chez, let’s hope him being in New York has something to do with Tracers!
    Or he’s leaving the states through NY on his way to the UK….

  27. chanda w. Says:

    I didn’t notice at first, but the guy who took that pic with Tay, is from Brooklyn.
    So that’s why he wasn’t at the party. I hope his NY trip has something to do with Tracers too. He better not sneak off to the UK, he has to let us see pics of him leaving.

  28. Logan Says:

    @ Chanda, I def need pics of him leaving the country that way I’ll know he’s coming over my way!
    I’ll be waiting….

  29. chanda w. Says:

    There are some articles about BBC3 going off the air. Does anyone have more info and what does it mean for Cuckoo and Tay?

  30. jess Says:

    anyone who thinks hes gay should have seen him out with maria the other night in west hollywood. i watched them for a bit and…. lets says he did something that was most definitely not gay lol.

  31. Chez Says:

    @Chanda W-Yeah that article about BBC3 going off air, it wouldn’t be going off for a few years at least!!

    @Jess-What did Taylor do to Marie lol?

  32. Logan Says:

    @ Jess, hello!! You cannot leave us hangin’ like that….spilllllllll

  33. Jess Says:

    Well this is confusing – apparently we now have two Jess’.
    Sorry guys, sadly this Jess was never that close to Taylor! Not even the same hemisphere :-(
    @Chez – Thanks for the update on BBC3. That’s a relief.

  34. Evelyn Says:

    What? I am confusled now, and I don’t like it! o_O

  35. Jess Says:

    @Chanda, @Chez – I’ve just read an article saying that BBC3 is set to be axed in Autumn 2015. I don’t know how this will affect Cuckoo. It seems the BBC wants to make the station available online only.
    Here’s a link to the article, which also includes the details of a petition to save BBC3.

  36. Logan Says:

    @ Jess, you’re our nr 1 Jess! with a capital J

  37. Logan Says:

    But I’ll bite, so jess what did Taylor do and how come you saw that?!

  38. Nicole fair Says:

    I find that when people don’t give details from the beginning there usually isn’t a story to tell.

    If I saw taylor with his hands, mouth, feet or….other appendages doing ANYTHING to ANYONE, y’all would not have to ask me. I’d be like guuuuuuuurrrrrrlllllll……..LMAO

  39. chanda w. Says:

    Not cool to tease us, esp. when it comes to Taylor. So it is official. BBC3 will go online only in 2015. Why would they make a big hoopla about Tay starring in CUCKOO, just to axe the entire station, REALLY? I’d never even heard of CUCKOO or BBC3, before.
    Does this seem like a pattern to anyone else. Something great is announced, then disappointment and then a good surprise. Well, we are at the good surprise part Taylor, give it to your fans, lol.
    I hope he gets a least one whole season out of it, I do want to see him on the small screen, he’s gonna be too cute.

  40. chanda w. Says:

    Oh there is suppose to be a repeat of the Jimmy Kimmel Oscar After Show, that Taylor was on, Sat. I think . Is Taylor gonna be at the Kids Choice Awards? Just wondering.

  41. marianne Says:

    Jess…You’re such a super sleuth!! Interesting how we have acquired a jess with a small j who seems to be a troll.

    chanda w….I didn’t see that TL was nominated for anything at the KCAs, so unless he’s a presenter, I don’t see him making an appearance.

    It would be nice if Taylor had an interview scheduled and he could comment on these BBC rumors. I am getting tired of all the Rob fans who keep harping on how Rob is the only one from the franchise that is going to be successful. (I won’t bore anyone with their opinions of Tracers) Apparently, RP is God’s gift to women and Twilight was only a success because of him. The RP fans continual dumping on KStew is getting tiring as well. I’m not that big a fan of KS but after a while, it just gets old. Since RP is so superior to any actor in HW, I don’t understand why they need to dump on other actors from the franchise.

  42. Jess Says:

    Thank goodness. It’s so nice to know we all know each other well enough on here that you guys can tell the difference between Jess and jess!

    @Marianne – it’s so disappointing to know that some Rob fans are saying bad stuff about Taylor and Tracers. Surely they have better things to do with their time? It’s my feeling that Kristen and Rob are people that Taylor considers to be his friends so I wish them both success and happiness.

  43. vera Says:

    well said,marianne…
    I’d add,many RP fans rejoiced that Leo not won an Oscar again.
    behavior of the majority RP & KS fans just disgusting – they are ALWAYS happy failures of others, it’s abnormally.
    @Jess agree with u.I am not a fan of this “couple”, but if they are doing well in career, why not?maybe they deserve it.

    I hope the channel problems will not affect on shooting the new season.

    @jess..i don`t care if he is gay or bi,or straight or whatever,sorry.

  44. Lexi Says:

    oh lawwwdd people are believing that Taylor made a twitter account again *rolls eyes*

  45. Logan Says:

    Yeah Lexi, like that’s really the account name Taylor would go by LOL…and we would fall for *rolling eyes with you*
    He would create a name so under the radar the NSA would have trouble finding him hihi.

    @ Vera, well said dear. No one on this site cares who or what makes Taylor smile as long as he does :))

    @ Nicole whoooaaaaa appendages doing stuff ROTFL ! None of us would hold back would we…….

  46. vera Says:

    @Logan :) of course!

  47. Chez Says:

    Sorry to bother you all but could you please help me, i’m trying to access TL Life journal do I need to be on twitter to access it, if not can you please tell me how to access it and is it free?

  48. Lilome Says:

    @ nicole fair .. I agree with you. I believe if Taylor did anything inappropriate we would have seen it blasted all over tmz by now. The haters in Hollywood seam to be waiting for his breakdown- expecting him to be the next in line after Lindsey lohan, Amanda Bynes and the biebs. Taylor seems too respectful to do anything “most definitely not gay” in public. He does that stuff when he’s with me- away from the paps. ;)

  49. Lilome Says:

    Firereign….. come out, come out, wherever you are. We need insight and details!

  50. carrie Says:

    There are people here who still hate Swift over a relationship with Taylor that lasted a couple months. I can only imagine if she did to him what Kristen did to Rob. I don’t really think anyone can hold it against Rob fans who hate Kristen. She basically trashed his reputation to a degree that he is still trying to recover from and probably never will if we’re honest.

    I don’t see many of them really talking about Taylor and most of the Rob fans I know like him fine. And the entire INTERNET was making jokes about Leonardo losing the Oscar. I just don’t really like making blanket statements or trashing other fans, all while being upset when they trash Taylor or us.

    Back to Taylor, I’m glad BBC3 shutting down shouldn’t affect him. My feeling was that he was probably only ever going to do one season of this show anyway. So it should air with no problems. Excited to see him start filming.

    Back to Taylor

  51. vera Says:

    carrie…if you mean me,I said exactly what I wanted to say, neither more nor less.
    my opinion has nothing to do with a cock-and-bull story or sci-fi novel,it has certain reasons for such conclusions.
    I respect your viewpoint, but my viewpoint (or similar to mine) likewise has the right to exist like any other.
    and, to avoid misunderstanding, I am closing this subject for yourself, and just wait for some good news about Taylor.

  52. Chez Says:

    Does anyone know whether this is Marie’s Instagram or a fake one, as she posted a pic of her and Taylor?

  53. vanusa Says:

    this is really instagram Marie?

  54. marianne Says:

    carrie…I don’t think anyone on this site “hates” TS. My objection to her is the way she “acts” all coy when interviewed about who her songs are about when she leaves obvious clues for her fans all over the cd and in the lyrics. She could have apologized to TL in private. Written the song for him and done it privately instead of making money off TL’s private business. He was nothing but a gentlemen to her and he deserved better. I follow Rob fans that have felt that Robsten was pr from the beginning. They don’t think he has anything to live down. I’m glad to hear there are some Rob fans that aren’t nasty about Taylor. I wish I had encountered them.

  55. Logan Says:

    Accounts seem fake, all those pics are out there nothing special about them.
    When she tweets of instagrams that selfie her and Taylor made in NY….then I believe it’s her account!

    If only we had those tickets for the screening of Tracers * sigh*
    This site would blow up with our comments….

  56. Logan Says:

    Tweets OR instagrams

  57. Nicole fair Says:

    I agree Logan, they both seem fake. It’s always a dead giveaway when there are pap pics and the fake celeb argues with a taylorsquared fan who’s complaining.

    Lol. Entertaining tho, very entertaining.

  58. kia Says:

    I heard they moving most of the long-running shows on BBC3 to BBC1 or BBC2 the rest will be moved to BBCiplayer.

    Carrie – I don’t hate Swift just her attitude and attention seeking seems annoying and eyerolling. Shrugs
    Sorta piss at MTV Movie Awards didn’t Taylor get a nod for best cameo for GU2 and WTF moment when that deer try to destroy his precious jewels. LOL

  59. johanna Says:

    OMG Tracers is gonna have another screening

    IDK why they cant just release the movie its kinda the same thing
    I just really wanna see it!

  60. kia Says:

    Johanna – Sigh Why can’t they have the screenings in Baltimore! Its not fair!!!

  61. johanna Says:

    @Kia i noe right if there gonna do a screening they should do it in a few different cities

    and when u say Baltimore (please dont think im stupid i just wanna make sure)
    do u mean as in Maryland cuz if u do then im like onely an hour away from u

  62. Jess Says:

    @Johanna, @Kia – They need to do some international screenings for Tracers too. Say…. Australia, and the Netherlands.

  63. kia Says:

    Johanna- Holy shit yes!!! I’m from Baltimore MD!!

  64. kia Says:

    Jess- I agree.

  65. chanda w. Tracers screening same day as my son's bday. Good sign. Who cares what rp fans think. They have hated since. New moon. Lol. Tay has 30fb fans think he'sgood. I just want the movie in theatres soon. Says:

    Tracers screening same day as my son’s bday. Good sign. Who cares what rp fans think. They have hated since. New moon. Lol. Tay has 30fb fans think he’sgood. I just want the movie in theatres soon.

  66. chanda w. Says:

    Not using this correct Lyon

  67. Logan Says:

    Well now Jess, that has got to be THE best idea ever!!!!!
    International screenings….I hope it will be a thing SOON ;)

    It does make sense. They had the first one and according to the reviews it was a bit long.
    So now after some cutting ( please don’t cut the good stuff…) and editing they review it again.
    Maybe that’s why Taylor was sighted in NY.

  68. Logan Says:

    Going to the screening of Tracers on the 13th of March?
    First of all
    And second

  69. Lilome Says:

    Reason #1 why I believe the instagram account is fake: it says “TWATTER” instead of “twitter”. Seriously?

  70. Evelyn Says:

    I wish I was going to the screening. No fair!

  71. Lexi Says:

    New fanpic!!!

  72. Lexi Says:

    And if you are wondering where he was, i have no idea lol

  73. Chez Says:

    @Lexi-It’s an old pic from 2011 and Taylor was at the Miami Dolphins game.

  74. Lexi Says:

    @chez Ty for pointing that out! I never seen that pic before, so I thought it was new lol.

  75. Evelyn Says:

    I have that pic in my laptop collection, lol.

  76. johanna Says:

    @Kia cool we’re neighbors yeah I live here in MoCo county

    @Jess omg i just went to ur tumblr page and almost cried its soooo beautiful everyone needs to go see it
    o and i have also never seen that pic before he looks good.

    @Evelyn i would love to see ur collection :)

  77. Jess Says:

    Thank you @Johanna – yeah, I figured you can never have too much Taylor!

  78. chanda w. Says:

    I saw an article, foreign, that was complimenting Taylor as an actor who has jumped from childhood to adulthood in a good way. They stated that Tracers will be out this summer. Don’t know if they have the correct info or not.

  79. Evelyn Says:

    Oh, I hope it will be! Need to see that sexy man of mine on the screen again.

  80. Chez Says:

    Can’t wait till Thursday for that screening hopefully we might soon hear when it’s coming out!

    How well do you trust the website Wiki Answers coz on their it’s says Taylor is married to someone called Jessie Kistner? (though I don’t believe it as we would have seen Taylor with her and a wedding ring)

  81. Evelyn Says:

    No, he is not married. It was prolly made up by said name of Jessie. And besides, he is married to me, lol.

  82. kia Says: so much respect for Johnny Wu.

    There is a spoiler in the interview.

  83. kia Says:

  84. kia Says:

    My link ain’t working. UGH

  85. Jess Says:

    Thanks @Kia – This is the link I have for the interview. Hope it works.

  86. kia Says:

    Thanks Jess!

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