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Check out more outtakes from Taylor Lautner‘s Entertainment Weekly photo session in 2010.

Gallery Link:
» 2010 Photoshoots: Entertainment Weekly

136 Responses to “Photoshoot: Taylor Lautner’s 2010 EW Outtakes”

  1. marianne Says:

    I remember not being a fan of this particular EW photoshoot. While Taylor always takes a nice pic, I thought both guys were posed awkwardly. As I remember, Kristen looked nice though. I was looking forward to the last photoshoot of the trio on EW but we all know how that went.

  2. Maria Zavala Says:

    Taylor always takes awesome pictures…

  3. kia Says:

    Marianne- me either. the 09 EW photoshoot was better. It would of been nice to see the final EW Photoshoot but I was already tired of the Robstens calling Taylor a Cockblocker & thirdwheel. it pisses me off.

  4. Logan Says:

    @ Jess, thanks for the link to Johnny Wu’s interview on the previous thread. Nice going by TL-life on that one.

    I like all the pics he takes solo and where he has clothing on that wraps around him snugly. That’s why I don’t like the GU2 takes in Cancun ugh. Not used to seeing him this smooth…I hope he keeps the hairy look for a while longer.


  5. Jess Says:

    @Logan, I agree – I think Taylor should definitely keep the ‘hairy look’. Although I disagree on the GU2 Cancun pics, they’re some of my favourites.

    These were definitely my least favourite of the EW shoots, mostly just because I hated the colours they put Taylor in. Not saying they don’t look good on him, but why would you put Taylor in beige? Why would you put anyone in beige?

    I just saw on TL-Life that they are offering free tickets to a Tracers screening in NYC tomorrow night. I’m not sure how genuine the tweet was – But I REALLY wish I was in NYC right now.

    I’m so hoping all these screenings are building up to the release of Tracers – or a trailer at least.

  6. Jess Says:

    And if you missed it on the previous thread, here is the link to the interview with Johnny Wu who is in Tracers. (Thanks again to @Kia).
    He has some very nice things to say about Taylor (of course!)…

  7. Lilome Says:

    Anyone know when Taylor is going to head across the water to film Cookoos?

  8. Evelyn Says:

    He was built up here more for Eclipse and Abduction. And, do not forget, he was younger here too. The photographer must have been an amateur otherwise these poses of all three would be much less awkward, and more professional as they all are.

  9. kia Says:

    Tracers screening in LA and NYC is tonight. Haven’t been nervous since the Boogie Nights Live Reading. My heart is beating fast right now.

    Hopefully we get some news soon.

  10. johanna Says:

    NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. kia Says:


  12. kia Says:

    This is torture! I’m hoping we do get some good reviews. Sigh

  13. johanna Says:

    @Kia im like crying i swear the entire time i was at work today the only thing keeping me going is the thought that i was gonna get just maybe one or spoilers from the movie but noooooooooooooooo the damn movie ppl or who ever they are decided to fuck us over and not share

    Im so sad i really just want to see this movie :(

    next time they need to have a screening here in MD!

  14. johanna Says:

    well at least someone decided to make this
    it makes me feel bit better

  15. marianne Says:

    kia….Johanna….I kind of thought they would do that since the movie has some spoilers in it. Which brings up the question of those “other” reviews?? Trolls??

  16. kia Says:

    Johanna- Yes!! That will be fun.

    Marianne – I’m thinking the same thing,was that person that lying? Hmm

    Thanks for that pic Johanna, Now I can dream about Taylor in uniform, Yum!

  17. Logan Says:

    Maybe Marianne maybe….
    or maybe they got spooked since there were reviews posted all over the place first time around.
    Guess they didn’t see that one coming but we fans have ways
    mysterious ways of getting the intel we need LOL

    Seriously Jess?! I like his face he looks really happy and carefree and all but that grey shirt??
    Ugh that shirt does not do anything for him it looks borrowed ;( sorry

  18. Jess Says:

    Just saw a couple of tweets about the Tracers screenings here…
    The comments aren’t really news to us, but it’s always nice to hear people say good things about Taylor.

  19. Jess Says:

    @Logan – I direct your attention to here…
    I mean sure the t shirt is loose fitting but that just means you find other things to look at! ;-D
    There’s the wide collar so you can see his collar bone just peeking out, those shoulders, the sleeves rolled up just right, the arm veins, the hand veins, did I mention those shoulders?!
    I personally love Taylor in grey and to me, the t shirt looks comfortable and we know he likes to be comfortable.

  20. Logan Says:

    *coughing* well yes Jess if you put it that way *coughing*
    I do see what you mean in this picture….
    but I’m not down with the loose anything be that pants or shirts.

    So Taylor, fitted pants, fitted v-neck ‘t shirts and bright colours for me
    Oh and no caps and oh OK you should definitely wear sweatpants every now and then…

  21. Logan Says:

    I dare anyone who saw the screening of Tracers to review!
    And afterwards you can go hide….

    Since Taylor has fans all over the world I’m sure we can keep your identity secret for a very long time.
    You’re garanteed shelter in the Netherlands the UK Germany Australia the Phillippines Brazil and many many other countries :))

    So please review

  22. kia Says:

    Looks like Taylor is still in L.A

  23. kia Says:

    I’m so happy that the Tracers Screening went good last night. maybe this will give us hope.
    Still jealous of the people that saw it before me though!

  24. Logan Says:

    @ Kia, Taylor is happy!
    Can we deduct from that smile that the screenings went well?!
    And I am seeing green :( too.
    Just can’t believe there are people out there who saw the darn movie.
    Probably just your average ‘joe’ who doesn’t even know Taylor
    ( still I hope they enjoyed the movie because of the movie and left a good review )
    ~fingers crossed~

  25. Nicole fair Says:

    Can I just say how f*ckable he looks in those pics with Marie?

    Damn. I have never wanted to be a cellphone so bad in my life….all nestled in there against his junk.


  26. kia Says:

    Logan- He does look happy which makes me happy!

    Taylor looking yummy.. Can we say sex hair? Something tells me him & Marie listen to Beyonce Partition before they left the house. Hmm

  27. vera Says:

  28. Lexi Says:

    Awwww, they look so cute together……. I’m such a jealous bitch LOL.
    In all honesty, I wasn’t shocked that they made everyone who watched the screening to sign that paper. Because if they did post stuff on social media sites, it might make some people not watch it ;/

  29. chanda w. Says:

    Still think Taylor and Marie are totally adorable together. I get the feeling that Taylor has some Jacob like qualities in a relationship. She’s older , but you really can’t tell. 8 mths. together, that’s like three years in Hollyweird land.

    With another screening of Tracers , I get the feeling that the movie will have a trailer and hit the theatres sometime soon. Still can’t wait for Cuckoo to start, even though I have no idea how I will watch. I’m in America, lol.

    So cool of Johhny Wu to do that interview, yeah, @ Nicolefair that cellphone was lucky indeed.

  30. chanda w. Says:

    Not wanting to change the tone too much, but I had a family tragedy happen about a month ago. It was sudden and because I was there I still feel some guilt. My beautiful mom passed. Although we were very close, more like sisters, and we always parted saying I love you, it is never enough. I will tell everyone let those you are closest too know as much as possible how much they mean to you. Can’t take a day or minute for granted.

  31. Nicole fair Says:

    @chanda w. what a beautiful sentiment and thank you for sharing your sadness in a way that enlightens others. Your Mom’s memory is lifting so many spirits right now. Thank you for that.

  32. kia Says:

    Chanda w. I’m deeply sorry for your lost. and what you just said was so beautiful. Your Mom is looking down smiling right now.

  33. marianne Says:

    chanda w….My deepest sympathy on the loss of your beloved mom. I too have lost my mom so I have some idea of your grief. Your mother was blessed to have such a loving daughter.

  34. Logan Says:

    @ Chanda, so sorry for your loss. I will hug my mom just a little bit tighter next time I see her.

  35. vera Says:

    chanda w – My sincere condolences to you and your family. it`s a real tragedy, an irreplaceable loss, I am very, very deeply sorry for that.

  36. accv Says:

    Condolences, Chanda! *hugs* And agree with the rest of the ladies on here… beautiful sentiments despite the huge loss. But she should know she raised a wonderful daughter ;) And you’re right… it is never enough. I wasn’t even able to say much to my uncle (my mother’s brother) before he was assassinated, neither my aunt who became extremely sick before she eventually passed. Natural-born leader he was… and since his death, nothing was ever the same. Thus, I shall say I love you all… and our discussions here re: Taylor will be cherished for the rest of my life. I thank God for Stephanie Meyer (despite how crappy the writing actually is… :p) for making Twilight and for everyone else who made Taylor become Jacob possible.

  37. accv Says:

    Can I just randomly say how much I hate Marie yet don’t? :p Gahhhh… lucky biatch! Wish I could fit him like a glove, tooooooo :p LOL! ;D

    Ok, Taylor… if you’re reading this… I won’t lie… I wish I could, but you, as a person, is more important. Your looks is just the goddamn icing on top of the cake ;D

  38. Jess Says:

    Sending you big hugs @Chanda w. And thank you for reminding us of the importance of cherishing each moment with our loved ones. Your words are a lovely way to commemorate the special bond and many happy memories that you shared with your Mum.

  39. chanda w. Says:

    Ya’ll are so sweet. I have a teenaged son and my mom knew how much I adored Taylor. She would ask, “How old is he?” and when I would tell her, she’d say, “Oh you like em’ young. Well….he is cute.” LOL. She was funny.
    But, back to Mr. Lautner, I have a good feeling about Tracers and Taylor looked really happy in those latest pics. Like he finally has gotten some good rest.

    My son wants to see Divergent (spelling?) so we’ll go next week, but no matter what new YA movie comes out, nothing will compare to Twilight. Can’t believe I’m saying that, since some of the fringe fans sorta ruined it. That’s why it is brought up constantly, good or bad. When I see Jennifer L. I don’t think , there’s that girl from Hunger Games. I just think there’s that actress. But, with Taylor and Kristen and even RP, in the back of my mind it’s why is Jacob going out to eat, why is Bella hanging with her friends, why is Edward wearing jeans or maybe that’s just me?

    Anyway it’s good to be able to share my adoration for Taylor on here and sometimes other stuff too. I do have to say I like the EW outtakes of Taylor. He looks like such a baby. Just want to squeeze him and luv on him.

    Thanks again, Nicolefair, Kia, Marianne,(sorry for your loss too), Logan, Vera, Accv and Jess

  40. Evelyn Says:

    You are right Chandra. Nothing will be as spectacular as Twilight. It was a unique, one of kind story, and the characters can be diverse.

    I am also sorry to hear about the loss of your mom. I am very close to my mommy as well.

    So envious of Marie, as she has the one thing I want. Cannot say I hate her, but cannot say I like her, lol.

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