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Taylor Lautner was spotted around Mayfair, London late last night. Check out the photos below:

Gallery Link:
» 2014 Candid Photos: Mayfair, London – March 20th

7 Responses to “Spotted: Taylor Lautner Enjoying a Late Night Out in London”

  1. gaby Says:


  2. Lilome Says:

    Taylor looking oh-so-fine! Please have fun in merry old London, but stay safe and come home to us soon.

  3. kia Says:

    He seriously has the most beautiful silkiest flawless skin I’ve ever seen!

  4. Chez Says:

    New Fan Photo

  5. marianne Says:

    kia… the color is beautiful too!!

    chez…Thanks for the pic. He looks great as always.

  6. chanda w. Says:

    Thanks for the new pic @Chez. Like seeing him out on the town. See he changed up his wardrobe, a bit, lol. Super adorable.

    Saw Divergent. I liked it. Not a fan of the actress, but the movie was entertaining.
    There were only ten other people in the theatre, my son kept saying that more people were going to come, but they never did. Theo James, pulled a Taylor and took his shirt off , but no audience reaction. Theo, is sort of a dream boat too, but his body couldn’t compete with my baby.

    So when does Taylor actually start filming Cuckoo, enough with the teasing, ready to see some set pics.

  7. Evelyn Says:

    OMG. Hotness! And ehe does has the most gorgeous skin for a guy. lol. I am saying guy because they do not spent an x load of time on it. Just wash, dry, go.

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