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I’ve uploaded photos of Taylor Lautner on set of his British TV show “Cuckoo” yesterday and Wednesday night. Enjoy!

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  1. gaby Says:

    omg *-*

  2. Eldana Says:

    Well i am not here to say some thing abt ur photo or else.I just want to tell Taylor that since when i was younge i had a d/t feelings i had never before.I have been dreaming”not night mares”but other than that all abt Tailor even though i only know him in Tv shows i just cant believe what is going i just hope Taylor will understand how i feel and give me a chance to see even though i am in another country right now.pleeaasse i wish u be a guy in mx dreams who is like easy going,generous,loving and caring will u just…if u believe i cried day and night and even now when ever i think abt u i just don’t know w/c words should i take to expression i dont think i am in love but still dont know what is it may be more than luv,the luv i can’t possibly have for any one in my entire life.please give me the chance to meet u don’t i am not a fan ofcourse i do appreciate ur work but i won’t jump up up and down and hug u around ur neck and put u in shame.uh…h dont know what to say more i know there is lot of things coming in my head but i can’t write it down may be if i can meet u some day.I’ll be waiting for that day.+250927716085 or +2527716085

  3. Eldana Says:


  4. Eldana Says:

    +2510927716085 sorry that is it.

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