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Release Date: 2014
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90 Responses to “Taylor Lautner & Marie Leave Chotto Matte in London”

  1. johanna Says:

    Its sweet that she went to visit him :)

  2. kia Says:

    Cuties. Love that there matching.

    I seen a “fan”comment on another site questioning why is she’s there and its like well she’s his girlfriend why not. I mean that’s what couples do ,they visit and support each other.

  3. marianne Says:

    So much gorgeousness in these pics…and Marie looks pretty too! Never thought we’d get pics of them together in London.

  4. Evelyn Says:

    He looks so cute! And I want Marie’s shoes.

  5. johanna Says:

    close up of Taylor’s eye

  6. Logan Says:

    Whoa Johanna kind of creepy that one!
    Don’t mean to sound as if Marie wasn’t but her look here looks well put together.
    Love the hair and the leather.

  7. Evelyn Says:

    she has a similar style to mine lol

  8. johanna Says:

    new photos from set

  9. kia Says:

    Thanks for the pics Johanna.

  10. kia Says:

    Still waits patiently for any Tracers news………………………………………………………………..

  11. Jess Says:

    @Johanna – Thanks for the pics. <3

    @Kia – Also waiting (mostly) patiently for news on Tracers. We Taysters are well trained in the art of waiting for news………………………………….

    @Evelyn – You must have a great fashion sense because Marie always looks great!

  12. chanda w. Says:

    Taylor looks so handsome and happy. Every color looks
    Good on him.
    Also waiting for TRACERS NEWS.

  13. Jess Says:

    Here’s a new fan pic from the set of Cuckoo

  14. Jess Says:

    And here’s some info from the fan in the photo about meeting Taylor.

  15. Lexi Says:

    He’s so handsome… Like always <3

  16. Lexi Says:

    In other news, this is what i saw on sara’s instagram….
    NOW can we say that taylor and sara are done?? ;P
    (this pic is so adorable, uhhhg )

  17. kia Says:

    Thanks Jess for the new fanpics.

    His hair is just UGH! Can I be his hairstylist for a day so I can run my fingers through his silky hair?

    Lexi – She looks so happy. I’m so happy for her.

  18. kia Says:

    Thanks Jess for the new pics.

    His hair is just UGH! Can I be his hairstylist for a day so I can run my fingers through his silky hair?

    Lexi- She looks happy. I’m so happy for her.

  19. johanna Says:

    OMG my heart just melted :) <3 <3 <3

  20. kia Says:

    Johanna- T_T STOOOOPPP!!

  21. Lexi Says:

    @johanna awwwwwwwww i wish i was that kid :(
    Just imagine taylor having his own children one day…. so precious <3

  22. chanda w. Says:

    Taylor looks amazing. Those fans are so lucky.
    I don’t think it matters what girl he ends up with his kids
    Are gonna be freakin gorgeous.

  23. Jess Says:

    @Johanna – Such a beautiful picture <3

  24. Elizabeth Says:

    Taylor is always so sweet with his fans, I think that’s what is so endearing, even when he’s been working hard all day he can still take a few moments to show his fans how much he cares for them. Others is Hollywood could take a lesson or two from him, maybe they wouldn’t feel the need to give the one finger salute to make themselves feel better about themselves ( I think we all know who I’m talking about). So glad to see that he’s handling his career his way & doing what he feels is best for him & not necessarily what others think he should do. You go Taylor!

  25. Chez Says:

    Some News

  26. marianne Says:

    chez….I just saw on the Team Taylor Lautner site that he plays the “unwanted son-in-law”! That’s funny!!

    Elizabeth…Amen to your comment.

  27. kia Says:

    @Elizabeth Your comments deserve a standing ovation. Preach!

    I didn’t know that “The 100″ was based off a book. Hoping there’s a Finn/Clark/Bellamy triangle in the future.

  28. chanda w. Says:

    Don’t know how true that info is, but, if Dale is Tay’s characters name, then Dale is my favorite name, as of this moment. I’ve always liked that Taylor stayed respectful to his fans. He might go on to play characters that are vulgar, but “his character is never vulgar”.
    That means a lot in this ever growing sarcastic world. @Elizabeth.

    His character is not Cuckoo the unwanted son in law, his character is a new guy that comes between the daughter and her new man. Wish some of his fans could get the info right.

    @Lexi, on the OT news. I say this more than proves Taylor doesn’t have some elaborate scheme going on to hide who he is really with. lol. I like Tay and Marie together , as long as he likes it. And to the exes, as long as they never bad mouth Tay in public, best of luck to them as well.

    Now that Cuckoo is becoming more of a reality, I can’t wait for SEPT.

  29. kia Says:


  30. kia Says:

    sorry to excited

  31. kia Says:

    My link ain’t working!!

  32. Jess Says:

    Weird @Kia. I have the same link for the article

    This project sounds amazing. Yes please! I so hope it works out.

  33. kia Says:

    Thanks Jess! I’m so excited right now! Fingers Crossed!!

  34. kia Says:

    the movie role is not set yet. But is close to a deal. Got my fingers & toes crossed!!

  35. Jess Says:

    @Kia – Me too! I’m so ready for more Taylor projects and this sounds like a really interesting one.

  36. Jess Says:

    Just to make us even happier…

  37. Jess Says:


  38. Logan Says:

    Great news @ Kia!
    Taylor surprising us yet again, love it!
    Long time since Taylor had the cap on backwards.
    Wish he would loose the darn thing…..

  39. johanna Says:

    @Jess @Kia i just read the article and it really does sound really good i would love to see Taylor play a character like that I noe he like all the action but i think this would be good for him to do since he has already done comedy and action this would be awesome to watch I really hope it true :)

    @Jess thanks for the pics he looks so cute

  40. johanna Says:

  41. Lexi Says:

    God he’s so hot….. I can’t *^*

  42. kia Says:

    Johanna,Logan,Jess…..I hope he gets the role. No one deserve it more then him. Its been a good year so far.

    Those fans are so lucky! Do I spy Marie in the last pic? LOL

  43. chanda w. Says:

    Run the tide. Taylor full of surprises.
    Luv the new fanpics.
    Cuckoo, Tracers and this even newer
    Project. Beyond excited for him.
    Drooling at the thought
    Of seeing Tay in more stuff.

  44. Elizabeth Says:

    Does anyone find it strange that he’s obviously holding hands with Marie yet she’s not in the picture??

  45. Logan Says:

    @ Elizabeth, guess they’re Taylor fans….

  46. chanda w. Says:

    @Elizabeth I thought that was sorta
    Weird too..

    There are at least three pics that list them as both in the
    Picture but. She is cut out. Wonder if it is her choice or
    If managers are doing that. Or it could just .be that
    Fans just wanted Taylor only.
    Also I thought the pic of them on
    The train would circulate. Beautiful couple.
    Like seeing them together.
    Some more outlets are reporting on Taylor’s new project. So I think it’s pretty much a done deal.

  47. Chez Says:

    Some Fan Photos from days ago

  48. Chez Says:

    Another photo

  49. Chez Says:
    Taylor and Marie and Manager

  50. marianne Says:

    A new project for Taylor….more set pics…great for his fans….great for Taylor. We’re such a starving fandom. We need a new photoshoot!!!!!!

    Elizabeth…Marie being out of the pic is similar to when he filmed with Lily C. huh? As a fan, I would only want a pic with Taylor unless his costar was an actress I was a fan of. i.e. Emma Watson. I only pay attention to his costar for the duration of promo and movie release.

    Logan…Not a fan of the backwards cap look either. Maybe he was having a bad hair day.

  51. Lilly Says:

    What I find a little bit weird is that they keep holding hands when she’s not even in the picture. But they really look good together. She’s gorgeous!
    I want to know more about this new project!

  52. Lilly Says:

    I forgot to talk about his hair in those new pictures. I love it!

  53. Lexi Says:

    the last photo that @chez posted i don’t really like his hair. I like it kinda wild/sexy looking ;)

  54. Evelyn Says:

    He is getting more gorgeous. As for cropping out Marie, yes, I find it strange, but she is kind of looking impatient and trying to pull him away. At least that is the vibe I am getting. As a photographer, you notice a lot of unusual and moods. stuff Relax girl, you have nothing to fear, except me of course, lol.

    I am ecstatic about Taylor’s new project. Plus, hoping for Tracers that get a distributor soon.

    Now, if anyone seen the recent ep of The 100, I cried and was emotional there. Show keeps on getting better, and for it being on the CW, I had doubts. But they done on excellent job on casting. That dude Murphy is an asshole.

  55. kia Says:

    Marianna- This fandom has been sitting in the dessert starving and thirsty for something and were finally getting something. 2014 has been a good year so far.

    Evelyn- I know right. I’m so glad Bellamy beat the crap out of him. Should’ve threw him over the cliff.

  56. chanda w. Says:

    2014 is gonna be great for Taylor and the years
    to come even better. Some are waiting for him to
    get back to TWILIGHT status. That is unfair.
    He became mega famous at a young
    age. He needs this time to try different things which
    is what he is doing.
    He’ll be back on the covers of the mags soon

    Ot Bellamy is sorta a jerk but
    He luvs Octavia. Sweet.

    Run the tide will soon set up twitter acct. Wonder if they will
    make Taylor tweet.

  57. Logan Says:

    Maybe Taylor will feel the need to tweet with his good pal and hero Robert Downey jr….
    Although I secretly wish Taylor remains twitterless I would be happy to see like a tweet a month just to update us.
    Leaving us craving is just not fair to his fanbase….

  58. johanna Says:

    Again really excited if that project is real it sounds really great. 2014 has started out great and hope it continues this way

    As for the cropping out marie It seems kinda normal only cuz im sure the person taking the pic was just looking at Taylor and there friend and it looks like Marie was being polite and staying out of it but it is cute that they didn’t want to let go of each others hands at least thats wat it looks like to me.

    the MTV awards where today i didn’t watch it cuz i was watching Game of Thrones ( if anyone here is a fan I’m SOOOOOO happy joffery died, if u don’t watch it then u have no idea wat im taking about)
    But from wat i saw on twitter was that Zac Effron won be shirtless performance which obviously is no match to the original winner which of course was Taylor and only Taylor can pull it off (even though i didn’t really care for the award)
    Hunger Games won best movie and other crap happen that i don’t noe and don’t care

  59. Nicole fair Says:

    @johanna. I have never celebrated a characters death more than this one. I loathed that angel faced little turd. Haha.

    Poor Tyrion though. Even in death Joffery’s a dick.

  60. Logan Says:

    I see that Run the tide has another actor ‘ announced ‘, none other than Denzel ‘Gilly’ Whitaker!
    Hope they confirm this project soon.
    And please give us a release date for Tracers allready!!!

  61. vera Says:

    Logan…can be “appearance” Whitaker from Abduction in the cast due to the fact that he took part in the first reading of the script? look –!news/nws1/A824C130-CF1A-47CE-A8A1-49A6269F869B/first-reading-of-the-script-with-an-incredible-group-of-actors.-

  62. vera Says:

    also hope to hear confirmation, but will be even better, imo, if he just immediately start working on this film, and we just learn about it or see.
    it sounds like an amazing story that is necessary!
    I wish luck to Taylor, he deserved it, and he and we have been waiting too long, I hope it will come true.

  63. chanda w. Says:

    Is Taylor’s character in
    Run the Tide gonna be half Asian?
    Just wondering. That would be so cool.
    Mr. Universal.

  64. Chez Says:

    I hope Taylor does get this film it sounds amazing, I feel as if that this film will propel Taylor back to stardom (like the Twilight days) but in a good way and I also feel that he will be get more and more roles because of this film

  65. Nicole fair Says:

    Taylor is famous, but he’s not a star. Yet…that takes time, grooming and patience. It’ll happen for him but at the right pace. Slow. He’s doing the right thing, broadening his range, learning as he goes and meeting (and impressing) all the right people.

    I love that his family, his dad stayed close, there are vultures out there who would have loved to make Taylor into another Zac Efron, shirtless, full of himself and in rehab. But they’re smart, HE’S smart and that will work out for him in the end. That fast stardom thing has a huge price for someone so young, I’m really glad (and proud) that I don’t have to watch Taylor pay it.

    I’ll wait for all the great thing coming his way. Whatever it is, I’ll buy a ticket.

  66. kia Says:

    Johanna- That bastard Joffery deserve it! All the Lannisters(except for Tryion) can jump in a lake of fire. Justice to the Starks&The North.

    I watch The Movie Awards after GOT it was ok ,most comments were like ,”If Taylor was in that category ,Zac would’ve lost”. LOL

  67. johanna Says:

    it looks like Marie may stay in London til Taylor finishes filming

  68. Logan Says:

    @ Vera, good P.I. work. I just go on imbd….
    @ Nicole, I second that. Taylor is a star in the making and I say go slow you’ll last longer ;)
    @ Johanna, aaaahhhh am I reading that right!? Tracers is to be released next! year…..aaaaahhhh

  69. chanda w. Says:

    Marie is not playin’ wit ya’ll. She’s holding on tight to her man, lol. Can’t blame her at all.

    Run The Tide is already on Tay’s board. So it must be a go…….good.

    Ditto to everything you said @Nicole fair. I like that Taylor is close to his family and circle of friends and respects himself and his audience. I always assumed he was a star because of NEW MOON, but I understand what you are sayin’, he is on his way to that Tom Cruise level, but he is gonna do it the right way and that does take time.

    I think everyone was trying to rush him with Abduction, he was too young. He’s still young but wiser, so his decisions will have more weight.

    Oh and Z. efron. he is kinda douche like. Last yr. it seemed him and the other guys on stage were sorta making fun of Taylor for winning a shirtless award. Tay was having fun with it , not taking it serious at all. Now efron , surprise goes shirtless for his award, lol,
    jealous jerk. He’ll never compare to Taylor’s body and he needs to stop dating Taylor’s left overs.

    I’m so excited about this new movie, the plot sounds great and I’m already making a dream cast. I like Taylor’s friend Denzel , but, his face reads really young . I thought the other friend in Abduction was hot, wonder what he is up to?

    Can’t wait for it all to materialize.

  70. kia Says:

    Both Taylor & Marie hair is flawless. Geez what do they use so I can get some.

    Tracers release next year? Sigh. Wonder if there gonna do any reshoots.

  71. marianne Says:

    Does anybody else think Marie is starting to look uncomfortable with all the papping? Hope Taylor makes it home for Easter.

    kia… Their hair looks so soft and manageable!!!!

    I thought Zac E. was trying too hard last night. What annoys me is all the grief Taylor has taken for the shirtlessness in Twi and yet ZE’s last few movies have him shirtless and nothing is said. I think ZE’s real problem is the insurance the movie company may have to buy if he should have a drug relapse and not be able to finish a movie. No matter how much his people tried to spin his broken jaw escapade, I think a lot of people saw through it.

    Nicole fair….Loved your comment.

  72. kia Says:

    Marianne – I’m seriously jealous of both right now. Not fair
    Zac was definitely try make everyone forget of what happen to him last month with that shirtless act. Sadly it didn’t work. Sigh “Young Hollywood has become a fiasco lately. Thank goodness Taylor has stayed far away from it.

  73. Logan Says:

    We laughed so hard…..
    Zac not only staged having his shirt ripped off but then he goes and strikes a pose.
    Seriously Zac?

  74. Chez Says:

    I apologise for comment #59, I just read my comment again and it was written wrong, you know when you know what to write then you write it and it comes out really wrong that’s what happened again I’m sorry.

    Marie will be leaving for America soon as she is in San Francisco (I think) this weekend for a press conference for the 100.

  75. Logan Says:

    Hi Chez, nothing wrong with your comment. I believe we can all relate to what you’re trying to say. It’s hard sometimes to put it to words but I for one could feel the love you were channeling <3…
    Some people just have a way with words. I rewrite my comments at least three times. Or else you wouldn't understand any of it since I'm translating my thoughts from dutch to english.

    @ Taylor, thanks for losing the cap…LOL

  76. Vanusa Correa Says:

    The comments in the TLM are funny! Here in Brazil, some fans definitely hate Marie.
    They are saying it is exploitative and is competing for attention with Taylor.
    is getting ridiculous! that is for him to take care. kkkkkkkkk

  77. chanda w. Says:

    Entertainment Weekly actually mentioned Taylor’s new movie
    If Marie was trying to play Taylor he would have figured
    it out by now. If anything she’s on cloud nine. Taylor is probably
    the best boyfriend ever and she. gets to sleep with him too.
    Those fans just want the. D. Lol.

  78. johanna Says:

    @Chanda I laughed so fucking loud at ur comment that could not be more true

    as for the fans on TLM it actually is only one fan that keeps saying that Marie is playing Taylor everyone else is just like us. She keeps saying that Marie is just using him and that apparently she doesnt want to see Tracers anymore cuz Tay and Marie are out to much fuck that!

    God forbid (insert sarcasm here) Taylor take his girlfriend out to a nice place its complete madness we must alert the church elders. How dare he be with someone and be happy. It just disgusting

    I swear ppl need to get there shit together

  79. Vanusa Correa Says:

    yes Johanna

  80. kia Says:

    Chanda- SH!@T!! I can’t breath!!!

  81. kia Says:

    Johanna,Vanusa – That TLM fan is Taysquared shipper.So it figures she don’t like Marie.
    Indiewire also mention Taylor’s new role.

  82. Vanusa Correa Says:

    yes yes!

  83. Chez Says:

    New photo

  84. Chez Says:

    New Fan Photo

  85. Chez Says:

    I think the girl is happy lol!

  86. Logan Says:

    Too cute !!
    I like her name Leah Lautner hihi

  87. Nicole fair Says:

    That is literally the sweetest fan photo I have ever seen. Adorbs.

  88. Chez Says:

    I noticed on IMDB that Denzel Whitaker’s name has gone off Run The Tide Taylor’s name is just there.

  89. johanna Says:

    Vid of Taylor

  90. kia Says:

    Aww that was sweet!

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