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16 Responses to “Taylor Lautner & Marie Spotted in London (April 13th)”

  1. marianne Says:

    I’m worried about Taylor and this relationship. I hope his team and dad are looking out for him because young guys think with their d**ks and I’m starting to have a bad feeling about Marie. She’s older and he has a lot of money. I’m starting to sound like a mother hen. Sorry.

  2. Vanusa Correa Says:

    Marianne,please, is how some Brazilian fans kkkkkk

  3. Lexi Says:

    @marianne, heh, its ok <3
    im guessing we are just going to have to see what happens in the future with those two ^ ^

  4. Emily Says:

    Marianne–Don’t feel like you need to apologize. I think we should all be able to express our feelings on here without being judged or told we’re wrong, because we all love Taylor and want the best for him. I’m “mother-henning” right along with you. I wouldn’t say I’m worried…I just hope he doesn’t get too serious at such a young age. This seems to be his first major, long-term “adult” relationship (at least that we know about). She’s a few years older and could be at a different stage in her life and……I just want him focusing on his career right now. That’s not to say that I don’t want him to enjoy his private life either. I don’t know anything about her—she’s definitely beautiful, but other than that, I’m pretty much indifferent. I’m trusting him to know what he’s doing. If she makes him happy, then, so be it, but I AM getting tired of seeing her constantly in pictures with him. And before anyone may feel the need to shame me for not being on the “I love Marie” train, I’m going to say this again…….If she makes him happy, then I’m happy for him. It’s only natural for us to feel protective, I think, Marianne, since both of us are older than Taylor and have been following him on here since he was very young.

  5. Nicole fair Says:

    I think we forget sometimes that our guy isn’t premiering a movie or anything, so our chances of seeing him right now are private moments, made public by paps. And like any red blooded 22 year old guy with steady access to some committed, sexy and beautiful lady parts….well…yeah. These are all the pics we’ll get for a while. I don’t know about you but ill take it.

    Besides, I really like seeing him hanging out outside of work.

  6. marianne Says:

    Emily…You expressed my thoughts so much better. The “at a different stage in her life” is what I’m concerned about. I have seen so many guys whose brain turns to applesauce when it comes to sex etc.and older girls who have an agenda. I know Taylor is mature for his age, but five years when you’re in your twenties is a big difference. I get suspicious when girls travel so far to be with a guy when he’s working.

    Nicole fair…As long as the “lady parts” he has access to are not saying they’re on birth control but SURPRISE they’re not because she wants a wealthy guy.

  7. johanna Says:

    So i posted this on the last thread here it is again its a quick vid of Taylor

    @Marianne dont feel bad for having an opinion like all the other girls have said it because we just want him to be happy and we want wats best for him.
    Yes at first i did find it weird i guess that Marie being 27 wanted to be with a 22 year-old because we all noe how 22 year old boys are. Now I love Taylor u guys noe that that being said i think Taylor is more mature then most 22 year olds and that prob why Marie like him. So far she had not given me a reason to think her intentions are not pure well as pure as they can be around Taylor. Its not like shes drinking and smoking and falling on her ass making them both look like idiot. They do normal stuff like go out to eat so im glad he gets to enjoy himself thats wat matters.
    Like Nicole said him being with her and them going out is so far the reason why we get so many pics of him so im okay if they date and we get to see him but i also agree that I want him going back to work.

  8. Logan Says:

    ….age is but a number bb…….
    Sorry, couldn’t resist that one rotfl!
    If Taylor’s acting more mature and Marie’s still a tomboy at heart that puts them both at 25 ;)

    I’m happy Taylor’s happy and probably gettin’ some in the meantime haha.
    He’s young so I hope it’s not a life time serious relationship but I wouldn’t put it past him to get married at a young age.
    Just because he’s so respectfull ( to women ). I don’t think Taylor’s a flirt so he’s not one to lead them on without genuine feelings.
    And sometimes you do meet your other half at a young age, even in Hollywood.

  9. chanda w. Says:

    Yall come on this is Taylor . You better believe in my free time
    I would travel to where ever he was.
    I worry about him too marianne but he
    seems happy. Hes still do sweet to his
    fans año hes getting new projects.
    So whatever is going on is positive.
    Meant to say hes still so sweet to
    his fans.
    It feels like a grown up relationship.

  10. chanda w. Says:

    Ditto Logan. To all you posted. Just read your comments.
    I think Taylor will marry young too and It would probably
    last. We aré so use to seeing guys act disrespectful, in
    Hollywood. Taylor seems to go against that trend.
    And he is working.
    If Marie is smart she will hold on tight. I would.

  11. Jess Says:

    I make it a point not to comment on Taylor’s personal life. It is his and I feel I have no right to that part of him. But a few things have been said that I feel I just can’t let go so here are my two cents – warning this is gonna be long…. and I totally agree that everyone here should be completely free to say what they feel, so even though I may disagree with you, I still value and respect your opinions.

    First of all I think the age difference between Taylor and Marie means nothing. I think a long term relationship is built more on things like life experience, interests and values. Both Taylor and Marie seem to highly value family, fitness and fun so I can see why they are attracted to each other irrespective of age.

    I think it is unfair to suggest that Marie may be a potential money grabber. No matter how driven by ‘lady parts’ Taylor may be, I trust his judgement and his ability to see through someone who would have such false motives. From what I have seen and read about Marie, she is a driven, fun loving, independent woman with a budding successful career of her own. I don’t think she would be with Taylor because of his money or status. I think she is just like us and can see that he is a good and decent guy. If you had a chance with Taylor like she did, wouldn’t you take it? (Stupidest question ever!)

    But all of that being said I COMPLETELY understand about the whole mother hen thing. I’m sure the one thing we would all agree on is that we want Taylor to be happy and that just makes us all very protective of him. But I prefer to give Taylor credit as a mature, responsible and intelligent young man to know what is right for him in terms of his personal life and his career.

  12. Chez Says:

    I totally agree with you that everyone should have their own opinion and respect what we say.

    I try not to get involved with Taylors personal life because if I say what I feel about his personal life I know many of you will not agree, I know you will respect my opinion on the matter but I would rather not discuss his dating.

    I also agree that Taylor will marry young but not for another 3 – 5 years and I also feel that Marie or Sara are not the ‘one’ and there is someone else out there that will marry Taylor.

    I also agree with you @Jess that I also would rather give Taylor credit on his acting.

    On a non-serious note I hope that Taylor does get Run The Tide film and that I feel that this film on his CV will help him achieve more roles in the future, and taking about the new film I mentioned on the last thread that Denzel’s name been taken off IMDB I wonder why?

  13. Nicole fair Says:

    Maybe its me. But when I look at him I do NOT feel like his mother. I feel a lot of things…but definitely not that.
    @Logan and Jess. I totally agree. I sometimes feel a bit judgmental of those of you with really stong opinions of his personal life so in this subject I choose to keep it sensibly funny. Verses wagging my finger and making people feel as though they should think or feel whatever they want about Taylor.

    Well, unless things get crazy around here and people start posting things that make my eyes twitch when I read it. The lady-parts comment was just my attempt to say part of what I wanted to say without digging in on others. Marie hasn’t showed me anything that would make me think she is anything less than exactly what Taylor wants and in my book, that makes her damn near perfect. Outside of the fact that she isn’t me.

  14. Logan Says:

    I can feel the love! ladies
    Guess we all want the same thing.
    Seeing Taylor happy ( read: smiling :) and on screen for many years to come.

    Haha Nicole, nooooo motherly thoughts or dreams.
    I really don’t want to think about it ( already feel like a perv )
    Just a concerned citizen who happens to be a mom……

  15. Elizabeth Says:

    Well, I guess I’ll throw in my two cents worth. I do think that Taylor is much more mature than his 22 years, I think he’s proved that many times over. I also believe he has a pretty good sense for people who might not have his best interests at heart. Marie seems to be a pretty good fit for him and as long as she makes him happy then I wish them the best. I do agree with you @Jess that age especially just 5 yrs doesn’t really account for much, that having the same values, beliefs & interests are going to be much more important.
    It was so nice of Gabe to make the effort to put such nice comments out there, but I think we already knew that he’s a great guy & a talented actor/athlete.
    I, too, hope that he gets the Run the Tide role, it sounds like it would be a good role for him & give him a role that can allow him to stretch his acting muscles.
    I sure hope they get Tracers out soon, I think we’re going to see a side of Taylor that we haven’t seen before.

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