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41 Responses to “Photos: Taylor Lautner Out & About in London (April 15th)”

  1. kia Says:

    He’s the only one that can pull adorable & sexy at the same time!

  2. chanda w. Says:

    Just want to hug him and hump him at the same
    I saw Julia Jones give Taylor a on the forever dvd.
    Now I’m into Jacob Leah fanfic.

  3. Chez Says:


    Don’t eat too many chocolates lol!!!!

  4. Chez Says:

    New/Old Fan photo

  5. Chez Says:

    Another fan photo

  6. Jess Says:

    Happy Easter Ladies – and Taylor :)
    I hope you all have a wonderful day <3

  7. Nicole fair Says:

    Ugh this is another one of those holidays where I spend every second of it in the kitchen. Booooo.

    But Taylor looms cute as usual in these fan photos. I swear that kid cannot take a bad picture.

  8. marianne Says:

    The Taylor fandom –surviving on fan photos—thanks for the links Chez.

    Recently, I’ve seen two articles about parkour. The WSJ had one titled “A Daredevil Diversion Comes of Age and Dog shows off parkour skills in viral video.

    Happy Easter to all and to Taylor and his family.

  9. Jess Says:

    Better than chocolate! New fan pics…

  10. Jess Says:

  11. Jess Says:

  12. kia Says:

    My baby shaved! Bet you his face is just as smooth as baby.

    Wonder if his family is in the U.K since its Easter tomorrow?
    Happy Easter everyone!

  13. vera Says:

    Happy Easter!!!
    from gabrielnunez nice words!

  14. Chez Says:

    Another Photo from Yesterday

  15. Logan Says:

    Happy easter everyone!
    Like what Gabriel had to say, they do look like they had a lot of fun.

  16. Lexi Says:

    I hope everyone had a good Easter !! C:

  17. chanda w. Says:

    Taylor looks so cute in all of the fanpics. Sweetie to the core.
    So nice of Gabriel to say those kind words. Taylor has to be one heck of a guy , at such
    a young age . Still drooling over those Tracer set pics of the two of them together.
    Double Trouble indeed. Double Delicious.

    Hope everyone and Taylor had a great Easter.

  18. Chez Says:


  19. Chez Says:

    Sorry about the above press enter instead of delete.
    Fan Photo

  20. Chez Says:

    Another Fan Photo

  21. Logan Says:

    Sigh….I’m so bored….lurking around….hoping for news, any news :(
    Do something, go somewhere!

  22. Jess Says:

    Here’s a new set pic from Cuckoo for you @Logan… I love it! :D

  23. kia Says:

    Thanks Jess for the pic!

    As ZZTop sings “He Got Legs!!”

  24. johanna Says:

    Thanks for the pic Jess
    i swear those shorts will be the death of me
    but im happy to see him looks like thats gonna be a funny scene
    wat do u think Tay’s character needs a shovel for?

  25. Logan Says:

    Haha….( jumping up and down )
    Hmmmm, them legs….( applause )
    Thank you Jess, life saver!

  26. Jess Says:

    Don’t thank me – Thank Taylor. He must have heard your plea @Logan because the pic was posted on his official Facebook page.

    @Kia – I would add to your ZZTop song … “He knows how to use them…” :D

    @Johanna – the mind boggles why he would need a shovel, but as you say it looks pretty funny. I laughed aloud as soon as I saw it :D. Much as I try I can’t figure out anything at all about this character. Truly can’t wait to see Cuckoo – OR TRACERS – my not too subtle hint in case someone really is listening ;)

    Have a great Friday ladies <3

  27. marianne Says:

    He should use that shovel to bury those shorts!! Nice to see that he’s still alive.


  28. Evelyn Says:

    Shorts must go, but his legs can stay!

  29. Chez Says:

    What do you think about this article about Taylor.

    FYI: I don’t believe it myself.

  30. vera Says:

    sorry,but f””k this shit.sad that I can not write it there.

    its disgusted that Taylor’s name is used in this article.but I was expecting something like this.
    but why he, what about Nicholas Hoult,or he can not be mentioned there, because he’s with Jen Lawrence? what about Kellan Lutz? nice guy,but awful actor imo, he has large flops, but he still gets major projects .. why he?!again & again!
    all the gossip only because of the rumors about the party and a single photo with Singer?people, are you serious?
    if Singer had a hand in Lautner’s career, his career would not look so unstable now.
    Joe Tribbiani from Friends career better than Lautner now.where the profit from the fact that he is familiar with Singer??where a his helping hand if they were once lovers???
    all these rumors started just when the guy became famous and began to compete with other well-known attractive guys.
    there is no evidence and strong proofs that he attended these parties .
    during that party, which you mentioned, he was in Paris in the promo for LG, it’s easy to check and everyone knows that.
    His former agent Thor Bradwell was familiar with Singer, and in 2010 he introduced him to Singer (Singer offered him a role in X-Men, but Taylor refused, he already started shooting in Abduction)

    Taylor got the role in the film Rodriguez thanks to its sporting achievements on YouTube’s videos have to auditions.
    Taylor was in Twilight and held there solely due to the diligence, external similarity with Jacob Black, ppl must be idiots or haters not to understand this. you a see Singer shadow behind him, when he received these roles? i`m not.
    And I do not see it now.

    where the profit from the fact that he is familiar with Singer, where a helping hand if they were once lovers?
    where the profit from the fact that he is familiar with Singer, where a helping hand if they were once lovers?

    why all the gay rumors appeared so in time, just when everyone (including his successful Twilight colleagues), it became clear – that guy now has a huge fan-base, he is now a competitor. coincidence?
    I do not think so.
    unfortunately, our world is not perfect, and if someone is considered gay, it is believed that it does not add points to his popularity with female fan-base. chief insult to any star-lead men at all gossip sites is just that – “he’s gay!” .
    it’s disgusting, but it exists.

    if Singer really participated in the sexual abuse of minors, he should answer it, if it proves court.
    start gossip about everyone, without exception, to finish his career or ruin someone’s reputation, just enough of such gossip or accusations.
    guy gets tons of undeserved contempt, ridicule and unfounded suspicions.
    people think that all of his relationships is a beard, but few knows about Sarah Hicks , except his fans,etc.
    they can not leave the guy alone, he is young, he is humble, he is really a very difficult path, as opposed to those who really gets the profit from the relationship and friendship with the powerful ppl in Hollywood….
    Taylor had a good family, he was not a frequenter of Hollywood party’s, he is not fame whore like many others, his a guy with their way,his life is different from the myriad stars of his age in a better way, his father still with him to the shooting, do you think I believe, that his family, his parents gave him ,7-year-old child, on sexual pleasures for Hollywood dirty producers party`s?
    those who dismisses these rumors should burn in hell.
    just saying.

  31. vera Says:

    i mean “who spread these rumors”/ when i irritated ,i`m a lot worse with the English language, sorry.

  32. vera Says:

    but in general, I would not be surprised that this is just part of a PR strategy Singer’s latest film, if this is true, then this 30-year-old guy just gets his money, and all the media then immediately forget about him ..
    I hope in the future TL name mention in the media will be related to his work, first of all, and not gossip only about his personal life, or even about something like that..

  33. Evelyn Says:

    Jeez, what a load of crap. Seriously.

  34. chanda w. Says:

    The Gawker story is trying to build a case against Singer. I don’t think , anyone would want PR from this kind of a case.
    I don’t know why the media wants to slowly throw Taylor’s name in the mix, either?
    He was famous before meeting Singer, so , no he did not need Bryan Singer or his connections. If anything had happened, there were plenty of people sniffing around , to get the dirt. There was none on Taylor to get.
    Most young and even older guys in Hollywood who are “in the closet” are protected, at least for a while, then they start throwing out the “bi” thing, so you aren’t totally shocked, when you find out the truth.

    I don’t think Taylor’s career is in jeapordy, he’s doing just fine. But, coming off of Twilight, it seems things are going kinda slow, but , we don’t know if that’s his choice or not.

    Unlike , Booboo Stewart, whom I like, Taylor probably doesn’t except everything that he is presented with. Some actors do. And I don’t believe Taylor feels he’s competing with anyone, which is why he takes his time choosing roles.

    Steven Strait, was hot and heavy for a while, then he just disappeared.
    After 10,000 b.c. it was over. The director of that movie Roland Emmerich or something like that, is also considered a predator. I had no idea.
    Maybe Strait, who married young, didn’t want to play along either. Who knows.

    I think that Taylor and Singer were just friends, I know he was hit on by a lot of people, but Taylor seems to have strong values. It is weird the way Hollywood wants people to accept being gay as normal, but they turn and use it as a weapon , on someone who may not be.

    I also wonder why Marie’s face isn’t on the cover of a bunch of magazines, by now, she’s gorgeous and so good on the 100.

    Entertainment Weekly, who go out of their way, not to mention Taylor, did spotlight stories on different cast members of the 100, but not Marie, thought that was a hmmm moment.

    So anyone thinking Taylor is getting special favors, is wrong. He working his way up, the right way, which isn’t always easy.

  35. kia Says:

    I only have one word for that gawker article. TRASH

  36. chanda w. Says:

    I got so carried away with the Gawker thing, I meant to come on hear and post about that Facebook pic and the fact that Taylor or his team is /or listening to his fans.
    If he doesn’t want to do twitter, surely updating the Facebook more, will keep his fans hooked. And his legs, OMG, killer. I bet he absolutely beautiful all over. No wonder everyone want’s a piece of him.

  37. Logan Says:

    I rather go back to being bored…….
    ( sticking fingers in ears and humming lalalalalala )

  38. marianne Says:

    My comment to this “gagger” article is that I’m watching the Penguin game and would love to see Taylor in a hockey movie.

  39. johanna Says:

    Okay i didn’t really read the article cuz like most of u said it complete bullshit so im not gonna waste my time on something that is irrelevant to Tay’s career I noe ppl are always gonna wanna bash on him cuz he was in twilight ans shit but i really couldn’t give two fucks wat those ppl say. They can go a take their rumors and shove it so far up there ass they can taste it. That’s all im gonna say on that
    (sorry for my language but i felt it was needed)

    On BETTER news im not sure if this is actually real but some fan says she asked Tay’s assistant if he got the part in “Run the tide” and apparently he said yes.
    So if this is true im an so excited cant wait to see it.

    i think its from the same girl that got to kiss Taylor on the cheek

  40. johanna Says:

    new pic

  41. kia Says:

    Ladies & Gentlemen The scruff is back!!! Happy Sunday!

    Thanks Johanna!

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