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Apr 26 George

Check out a new still from Taylor Lautner‘s upcoming UK TV debut for comedy ‘Cuckoo.’

Gallery Link:
» Movies & TV Shows » Cuckoo: Stills

35 Responses to “New ‘Cuckoo’ Still”

  1. Logan Says:

    What? ( taking fingers out of ears ) what’s that @ Johanna….
    Sort of a confirmation on the Run the Tide part? YES, doing a happy dance ;))

  2. Chez Says:

    Some good news it looks like he will be busy again!!!!

  3. chanda w. Says:

    Happy for him. Sounds like a role.
    Wonder who his little brother will be?

  4. kia Says:

    Yes! Filming began June/July?! You know what means ladies? More on-set pics & candis!!!

    So happy&proud of him.

  5. Evelyn Says:


  6. Logan Says:

    !!!!! AMAZING !!!!!
    I’m still high on the adrenaline…
    My ears are still buzzing….
    Hands are numb from clapping….

    Thank you JT for an unforgettable night, you rock <3

  7. kia Says:

    Logan – You went to JT’s concert?!?! I”M JEALOUS!! He has a show in Baltimore this summer and I’m not going. Ugh!

    I’m glad you had a wonderful time at the concert Logan.

  8. Lexi Says:

    I know this is off topic but, please pray for me and everyone who lives in the south in the united states. Right now we are dealing with TERRIBLE severe storms. Tornadoes and hail is a big issue here. Already 20 people have been killed and its only been 12 hours :/ So yea please pray for us <3

  9. johanna Says:

    @Logan so cool glad u had a great time

    @Lexi omg i really hope u and ur family are okay please stay safe <3

  10. kia Says:

    Lexi – Hope you and your family are safe. Prayers for the victims that lost there lives.

  11. Lexi Says:

    Thank you guys for the prayers! The tornado was less then a mile from my house. it was that close……
    So you guys for the prayers <3

  12. Logan Says:

    Wow Lexi that is close. Glad you’re ok. My thoughts are with you and the people who now somehow have to rebuild their homes and lives.

  13. Chez Says:
    Here’s a fan photo
    @Lexi-Thank goodness you are ok!

  14. Logan Says:

    @ Chez, thanks for that I was LOL reading the comment and #’s
    See, I’m not the only one hating the hat hihi.
    So Marie looked hurt, yeah I can imagine. Two good looking dudes eyef****g your boyfriend and making you take the pic….seriously?!

  15. Jess Says:

    Lexi – my thoughts are with you and everyone going through the terrible storms. We have been seeing the news coverage of the storms here in Australia so know that there are prayers from across the world with you right now. I hope you and your loved ones stay safe <3

  16. johanna Says:

    @Lexi i hope ur okay i hope this at least make u smile

  17. Lexi Says:

    @everyone thank you guys!!!!
    @Johanna it does lol!!
    Unfortunately we have another round of storms coming our way in a few hours. :( (round 2)
    I really hope its just thunder and lightning lol (i doubt it though). Thank you all for the prayers.

  18. marianne Says:

    Lexi…Praying for you and your family. Hope you are able to find somewhere safe to ride out these storms.

    johanna…thanks for the link. His smile….awww. He seems so pleasant to work with.

  19. chanda w. Says:

    Luv the new fan pic and Cuckoo set pic. Seems Taylor is really enjoying himself.
    Marie seemed hurt, lol, I doubt she’d take the pic if that was the case. Taylor wouldn’t see her upset and act casual about it. He’s a gentleman.
    Prayers ur way Lexi.

  20. Vanusa Correa Says:

    Yes Chanda! I think it was just a joke on the part of the boys … unlike some Brazilian conpatriotas, I think Marie lucky and not someone who is not willing to work and just enjoy the fame of Jake. Her luck may be in london still with her boyfriend!

  21. Vanusa Correa Says:

    ahhhh Taylor, no Jake. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  22. Vanusa Correa Says:

    I will also pray Lexi! May God protect you all!

  23. Lexi Says:

    Ok so basically in my area we are clear now. Again thanks for all the prayers over these past 2 days. My house is still standing and strong ^ ^

  24. Jess Says:

    Lexi that is wonderful news. So glad to hear that you are safe <3

  25. Chez Says:

    Some News

  26. kia Says:

    @Lexi I’m glad to hear that your safe.

  27. chanda w. Says:

    Can we watch Cuckoo on television or the net?

  28. johanna Says:

    Yes can anyone over seas find out if the series is gonna be online.

    Also im glad that Taylor is finally coming home i hope he had fun but now im excited for his new project

    100 episode: Marie kinda pissed me of this ep. so tool to damn long to the right thing but at least she figured it out
    Second i wonder if there is gonna be some weird love triangle with her the nerdy kid and monkey man. Gotta say monkey man ain’t to bad lookin. But its getting good loved the Titanic reference in the last scene

  29. Lexi Says:

    I should have started watching 100…..
    Yea i can’t wait till he comes back to the US. I feel like will get more candids here :)

  30. vera Says:

    @ Lexi I watched the story abt tornadoes on Russia Today …praying for your family & to those who have a hard time right now. though there are no fans from Korea here but I sympathize with the bereaved families of Korean students ( tragedy with the ferry) too, among whom was a boy from Russia, it’s so sad ..

    glad that the shooting will continue for another week. and Marie was with him all this time? hmm .. well, it’s also nice to hear.

  31. chanda w. Says:

    The Cuckoo cast seemed cool. Hope Taylor
    had great time. His hair looked so soft in all those pics.
    I wonder if he’s coming home right away or hanging
    out for a bit longer?

    Marie is great on the100. S

  32. chanda w. Says:

    She is the only one with any real compassion.
    That grounder is kinda hot. I could see her running off
    with him.
    If Run The Tide starts filming
    in June/July guess they
    will announce the rest of the cast soon.

  33. Chez Says:

    Another Fan Photo

  34. Evelyn Says:

    I am going to catch up on the 100 since I missed it because I was at work. I love the show! Jasper is a sweetheart.

    And I agree; Marie is doing a fantastic job.

  35. hailey Says:

    i am crying right now babe!

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