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Check out a photo of Taylor Lautner on set of his British TV show “Cuckoo” Tuesday afternoon.

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» 2014 On Set » Cuckoo: On Set of “Cuckoo” in London – April 29th

340 Responses to “Photo: Taylor Lautner on set of “Cuckoo””

  1. Logan Says:

    People! This Cuckoo thing better be funny ’cause I’m not diggin’ Taylor’s look here..

  2. chanda w. Says:

    IKR, he looks so delicious. I have a feeling the show is gonna be hella funny. Cool that Taylor isn’t afraid to take chances, he’s so courageous.

  3. kia Says:

    Taylor can roll in a bubble wrap and it still be an turn on. Geez I’m weird.

  4. marianne Says:

    kia…I’m weirder than you because I thought of how much fun it would be popping all those bubbles!!

  5. kia Says:

    Marianne – LOL

  6. Emily Says:

    If you look back at Season 1 pictures, Andy Samberg’s character looks rather ridiculous and strange. Taylor’s character is now supposedly the “odd” guy or is taking his place. Maybe the wardrobe/look is the show’s attempt to “de-gorgeous” him—yes, I just made up a word there. Unfortunately for them, there’s just no way to disguise Taylor’s hotness. Even with the weird shorts and slicked-down hair, he’s still swoon-worthy, in my opinion.

    Kia and Marianne–That’s funny, but I’d need a pin or something—I wouldn’t be patient enough to get through all those bubbles………….. :)

  7. Jess Says:

    Ladies … some new fan pics for the weekend :)

  8. Jess Says:

  9. Jess Says:

    Sorry that link didn’t work. Here it is again…

  10. Jess Says:

  11. Jess Says:

  12. Jess Says:

  13. Jess Says:

  14. Jess Says:

  15. Jess Says:

    Bubble wrap will never be the same … now it will be even better :D

  16. Logan Says:

    Hope I never have to explain laughing at bubble wrap, won’t be able to pull that one off without blushing hihi

  17. Chez Says:

    New Fan Pic from yesterday enjoy!

  18. Lilome Says:

    Chez…. see? He really is Taylor the Latte Boy! Sing along – “I love him, I love him, I love him”
    Wow, I go on vacation and Taylor has London at his feet. Good job, Taylor! But come home….. we miss you. Like, a lot.
    And as for the bubble wrap, I think I’d prefer saran wrap.

  19. Chez Says:

    Fan Photo

  20. Chez Says:


  21. Chez Says:

    Another from the Saturday

  22. Evelyn Says:

    He is wearing that red plaid shirt that I like! Lookin’ sexy there baby. :D

  23. kia Says:

    Thanks Chez&Evelyn for the fan pics.

    Hey Taylor! I would love to wake up in the morning in that plaid shirt………

  24. kia Says:

    That Guy has met him 4 times!!! -_______-

  25. Lexi Says:

    @kia I KNOW RIGHT!? no fair -_____________________________-

  26. kia Says:

    Lexi..SERIOUSLY!! When will it be our turn???????? -_________________________________________________-

  27. chanda w. Says:

    I’m starting to dislike that Lucas guy, lol. He’s constantly taking pics with my husband, whom I have yet to meet. Taylor looks sexy, as to be expected.

  28. johanna Says:

    @Kia @Lexi @Chanda u ladies read my mind im glad that he got to meet him cuz we get pics but still

    4 F***** TIMES NOT FAIR AT ALL :(
    Our turn needs to happen like now its only fair :)

  29. marianne Says:

    4 times…he’s like a stalker. kia….LOL Something tells me you wouldn’t be getting much sleep…..

  30. johanna Says:

  31. johanna Says:

  32. Logan Says:

    So is Taylor on his way home?

  33. Chez Says:

    At least we know that Taylor has moved out now, his facebook page was updated and so was the about page where it says he moved out.

  34. Jess Says:

    Thanks for the updates @Chez and @Johanna. Lovely pics :)
    Can’t wait for the day when one of us (or all of us!) get to meet Taylor. I think only @Mystique has met him so far (We miss you @Mystique <3)
    So it says that 'Dale' in Cuckoo is from a 'whacky cult'. That explains the interesting outfits. More intrigued than ever to see it.
    @Logan – according to Tyger Drew-Honey from the cast of Cuckoo, this is the last week of filming so I don't think he's quite done in London yet.

  35. Lilome Says:

    Oh my! Just saw where Lionsgate is going to make a Mighty Morphins Power Rangers movie. Why do I secretly, or not so secretly, want Taylor to grow out his hair and play Tommy, the Green Ranget? Yes, I’m a sick puppy, but let’s be honest….. Tommy was ths hot one.

  36. Chez Says:

    You will have to bare with me there are lots of photo’s

  37. Chez Says:


  38. Chez Says:

  39. Chez Says:

  40. Chez Says:

  41. Chez Says:

  42. Chez Says:

  43. Chez Says:

  44. Chez Says:

  45. Chez Says:

  46. Chez Says:

  47. Chez Says:

  48. Chez Says:

  49. Chez Says:

  50. Chez Says:

  51. Chez Says:

  52. Chez Says:

  53. Chez Says:

  54. Chez Says:

  55. Chez Says:

  56. Chez Says:

  57. Chez Says:

  58. Chez Says:

  59. kia Says:

    So many fanpics! Thanks Chez.

    Lilome- You too!? I had the biggest crush on Tommy. Damn he was sexy! I was always jealous of Kimberly(PinkRanger).

  60. chanda w. Says:

    Thanks for all the fanpics Chez.
    Taylor moved out? Road trip!
    Wasn’t Mike Chat Taylor’s
    karate coach once a power ranger?
    The London pics are adorable.

  61. johanna Says:

    Small vid

  62. Lilome Says:

    Kia…. shit! Now I feal really old. My DAUGHTERS had the crush on Tommy- not me. I feel like such a pervy old lady on this site. My older daughter actually was a huge fan, and ended up getting a black belt in jujitsu.

  63. Chez Says:
    More photos from May 7th

  64. Chez Says:

  65. Chez Says:

  66. Logan Says:

    Sooo many school girls! All in their uniforms too cute! We don’t have that here in Holland. Where else do they use school uniforms….Australia?!
    @ Lilome, I ( 40+ mother of a 5 year old ) use Taylor’s birth year in some of my pass words so yeah, I’m reminded of my pervishness every darn day….oh well, it’s not like I want to marry the guy ROTFL

    @ Chez, thanks for the pics! It made me dizzy going back and forth but so worth it ;))
    Where did you see it mentioned that Taylor moved out? I can’t find it :(

  67. Logan Says:

    And why put a year old picture on his FB page?!

  68. chanda w. Says:

    In the biography part of his facebook it says he doesn’t live too far from his family.
    I luv that new pic of him, yeah it’s a year old, but one of the cutest pics. Think it’s safe to say we’re all a little Cuckoo for Taylor. No shame, lol.

    The 100 was renewed. Did anyone watch it last night, I missed it? So hope Octavia and the Grounder hook up.

    The guy who is with Taylor in London , is that his manager or assistant and what is his name? Cuckoo2 ends filming soon, hope they have lots of set pics and a party, with more pics.

  69. Logan Says:

    Haha @ Chanda, I was making myself a coffee ready to go to work and I was thinking….
    Wonder who holds Taylor’s phone while he shoots?
    Probably his PA or manager or who ever the guy is that’s in most of his pics hihihi.
    But no I don’t know his name either. Maybe we should start calling him Ken ( Ken doll )

  70. Elena Says:

    Hi, I’m Elena and I’m from Italy. I’m a physicist and I’m a mom of two kids. I totally adore Taylor and i’ve followed this site for a year, but i’ve never written anything! The name of his assistant is George Booth. Btw, did you see this photo from the Tracers set (hope the link works):

  71. Jess Says:

    Welcome @Elena. Wow – Taylor has the most varied and wonderful fanbase. We have so many different people from all across the world on here <3
    I love those pictures. It's always nice to see Taylor looking so happy.

    Thanks @Chez for keeping us up to date with the latest from the UK. You must have worn out your cut and paste keys with that last batch of pictures :) Taylor is such a gentleman taking all those fan pics.

    @Logan – yep, we do have school uniforms here in Australia.

  72. Chez Says:

    Welcome Elena
    @Jess-I’m glad you all enjoyed those pictures lol!

  73. Logan Says:

    @ Jess, I bet you looked adorable in your uniform ;))
    It would seriously cut the morning stress in half if I could just send my son out in his uniform….

    @ Elena, welcome to the site and thanks for posting that totally yummie pic. Mmmm George, confusing since our operator is also called George but ok.

  74. Chez Says:

    More fanpic from today 09/05/14

  75. Chez Says:

  76. Chez Says:

  77. Chez Says:

  78. Chez Says:

  79. Chez Says:

  80. Chez Says:

  81. Chez Says:

  82. chanda w. Says:

    His last day of filming. Can’t wait to see the results. Seems he had a great time with a cool cast. Thanks to everyone with the links and photos, sorta feel like I was there with him, sorta.

  83. marianne Says:

    Chez….Thanks for all the fan pics. For some reason, the one with the lady and two kids made me laugh because it looked like they were a family! Does he ever take a bad pic?!

    Elena…Welcome….thanks for the info on his assistant. Wonder what made the guys smile in that pic?

    chanda w….I saw the last episode of The 100 and I think Marie is doing a good job. My problem with shows on the CW is that they eventually turn into teenage love triangles which I start to get bored with. (Twilight) I like when writers aren’t afraid to kill off major characters. (what SM should have done with Jacob and saved us from the horrible BD) Glad to hear the show was renewed.

  84. johanna Says:

  85. johanna Says:

  86. johanna Says:

    idk if this is taylor but it might be

  87. johanna Says:

    Welcome Elena so glad to see another joining our little family here online.

    @Chez can not thank u enough for all the pics u did a great job

    100: I thought Marie did great on this past ep. I would love to see her relationship with the grounder continue if they do it right i think it will be an interesting story line. I do agree with Marianne that those show do end up having love triangle and it gets boring so i hope they can do something different happy it got renewed.

    As for Taylor I ABSOLUTELY LOVE him in that apron i hope he didnt actually have to cook since he says hes terrible at it maybe he learned something but im glad he had fun and seems that the cast really loved having him there
    (i mean who wouldn’t) I cant wait to see the finished product
    O and one of the cast members said it would air sometime in August

  88. Chez Says:
    More photos from the 9th May

  89. Chez Says:

  90. Chez Says:
    @everybody-I am glad you all enjoyed the pic it was worth the hours cutting and pasting for you all.

  91. Jess Says:

    @Johanna – I really love him in the apron too :D

    I just read a comment on one of the fan pics saying that Taylor was going back home on Sunday. Travel safe Taylor <3

    @Marianne, much as I love Jacob, I have to agree with you about BD :( I honestly don't know how SM imagined that her "and they all lived happily ever after as one big happy family" ending would satisfy Jacob fans.

    @Logan hahaha Oh yes, quite adorable ;D I think that's part of why they still have uniforms here. To make it easier for parents and so kids don't spend all morning deciding what they should wear to school.

    Have a great weekend everyone <3

  92. Chez Says:

    New fan photo

  93. Chez Says:

    Another photo

  94. Chez Says:

  95. Chez Says:

  96. chanda w. Says:

    He looks so good in yellow. He looks so good in blue. He looks so good.
    Lucky fans. He so super sweet.

    Taylor dressed up in the fro’ wig, lol. I have to see this show!!

    @Marianne, @Jess, BD ending for Jacob fans was a total joke. They gave us what barely 60 seconds of his future life. They couldn’t take out a good ten minutes to give Jacobs fans more of a insight on what his life with Nessie was gonna be like? And the actress that played the grown up Nessie, her face wasn’t shown , but surely they could have put more of a spotlight on her during the BD2 promos. That entire scenario with the last movie was, screwy. Which is why I’m so happy Taylor is and has moved on.

    He comes back Sunday. I wonder if his family and Marie are still with him?
    Hope he has a safe trip back.

  97. kia Says:

    Elena- Welcome to the site! And thanks for the pic!

    So many pics! Its hard to look at them all at once.

    Jess,Johanna- Can you imagine coming home from work and found Taylor in your kitchen with just a apron on that say “Kiss the Chef” oh the dream….

    What a good Mothers Day present for to come home on Sunday. I’m sure family miss him so much.


  98. Jess Says:

    @Kia – ………… Oh my!

    Just saw this
    Have fun Taylor <3

    @Chanda w – I completely agree with every word you wrote at post 96.

  99. Jess Says:

    This one is probably my favourite of all of the new fan pics.

  100. kia Says:

    Jess- I think the bowling wrap party was definitely Taylor’s idea.

  101. Jess Says:

    @Kia – I agree, most definitely. I’d love to go bowling with Taylor. It would be so much fun :)

    I’m sad for his UK fans that Taylor is on his way home now, but happy when he gets home safe and sound. So proud of Taylor for all the hard work he has put in, and for being his wonderful, generous self with his fans over there. <3

    To all the lovely Mums on – Have a wonderful Mother's Day, and to Mrs Lautner too.

    And special thoughts are with you today @Chanda w. I hope you are able to look back on many happy memories and smile today <3

  102. johanna Says:

    I just wanted to wish all the moms on here a happy mothers day u are all wonderful ladies and I hope u have a great day with ur families
    And of course I wish Debby a great mothers day she deserves it for raisingTaylor and making him the man he is today
    On that note I hope everyone else has a great day :)

  103. Evelyn Says:

    I am loving all the photos! And may Taylor have a safe trip home.

    And I may be the only one here who loves BD1 & 2.

  104. Lexi Says:

    @evelyn i dont know…..the only part i liked in bd1 and 2 is that jacob and bella dance scene. HE WAS SO HAWT IN THAT PINK SHIRT (was it pink?). and he had that messy look…it was just……uhg *v*

  105. Evelyn Says:

    Yeah, that sexy, dreamy, messy look. *DIES*

  106. Logan Says:

    Many thanks to all the UK fans for sharing their moment with Taylor!
    You took good care of him, thanks <3

    Hope to see more of Taylor soon…
    Either in fan pics or shooting scenes for his new project.

  107. chanda w. Says:

    @Jess Thank u.
    Taylor truly has the most
    amazing fans. Sweet, loyal and fun.
    Just like he seems to be.
    Use to seeing Taylor’s fan and
    set pics. No more droughts.
    To all of those fans that met
    him, they have a lot of willpower.
    My lips would have been
    all on his neck.

  108. Evelyn Says:

    @ Chanda, my lips would be everywhere on his gorge body. Oh yes.

  109. Chez Says:

    Photo from the 09/05/14

    Does anyone know what’s happening with Tracers is it coming out this year or 2015, an interview for Bello mag with Marie said later this year, then read somewhere else it might be 2015?

  110. Lexi Says:

    @chez to be completely honest with you, i dont think anyone knows for sure. I remember a while ago we thought it was coming out THIS SUMMER. but they keep pushing it later :/

  111. Chez Says:

    According to IMDB Tracers as now been updated to completed, I wish we knew what was going on with this.

  112. Jess Says:

    Here’s a little article about Cuckoo.

  113. Chez Says:

    Old fan photo but don’t know whether you have seen this,

  114. chanda w. Says:

    Cute fanpics. Tracers was updated?
    Guess it will get released soon on the big screen
    or vod either way I’m all in.

  115. Chez Says:

    Tracers is definitely completed now and rated R

  116. Evelyn Says:

    It is prolly rated R due to violence, sex, profanity, and overall sexiness of my man.

    I’d be dead within the first ten minutes or so. lol.

  117. Lexi Says:

    rated R?????? oh god……just imagine the sex scene LMAO!! am i the only one who thought of the sex scene right when @chez said its rated R x) ??

  118. Evelyn Says:

    I am watching the 100 right now. Love it! ❤

  119. Logan Says:

    Yumyumyumyum can’t wait….
    for some R rated scenes featuring a very hot and sexy Taylor ( with Marie )
    Just how reliable is this source……

  120. Chez Says:

    Taylor leaving Beverley Hills, looks like he had a meeting no sign of Marie.

  121. Chez Says:

    Some Tracers news, it might have a distributor don’t get excited yet it’s not confirmed but it looks promising.

    So it might come out 2014 (crossing my fingers and toes lol!)

  122. chanda w. Says:

    I was hoping the R rating was for male
    nudity. Since that is not the case
    PG13 is acceptable.
    I won’t scream yet until
    it is confirmed but I’m jumping up
    and down inside.
    Taylor looking hella cute.

  123. vera Says:

    The L’Ermitage hotel? again? hmm,maybe he lives there ,or Mari.. and what on his hand? tattoo?

  124. johanna Says:

    @Chez im really hoping that the movie gets to come out this year i really wanna see it
    As for the sex scene im a little scared to see it if im being honest not sure if ill be able to take it.

    Im happy Taylor is back on US soil and doin watever it is he does
    I dont think Marie lives there im pretty sure she has place wait can u live at that hotel like do they have like apartments?

    @Vera i noticed that mark on his arm too but im pretty sure its not a tattoo cuz it just look like a smudge of something

  125. johanna Says:

    okay i just looked closly at the pic of his arm i think it actually might be a tat but maybe it might not be real maybe his character on cuckoo had a tat and it hasnt faded yet

    But if it is real i am beyond excited i love tats and i love Taylor. And Taylor with tattoo will make him even more sexier if that even possible :P

  126. Logan Says:

    O.M.G the pic of Taylor pulling up his jeans….sigh….
    Happy that he arrived home safe and sound.
    Isn’t he just the most perfect son in law you could wish for LOL.
    I don’t think he would get a tattoo not in that spot anyway. Maybe somewhere more private if at all.

  127. Logan Says:

    @ Johanna, no tats for me but somehow I understand where you’re coming from…

  128. johanna Says:

    @Logan yes i saw that thanks i think ur right i dont think it real but i do love that pic nikita did

  129. Chez Says:

    I don’t think it’s real I remember an interview last year where he said he wouldn’t get a real one.

    Cute pic and very smiley.

  130. vera Says:

    @Chez. maybe he changed his mind?  it happens… I would hope that a real tattoo.

  131. Evelyn Says:

    I find tattoos extremely hot, and a symbol of your character, your life being.

  132. kia Says:

    Didn’t even notice the tat. Too focus on the chest hair,them biceps and that ASS! in them jeans.

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