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I’ve uploaded candid photos of Taylor Lautner leaving the L’Ermitage Hotel in Beverly Hills on May 15th. Enjoy!

Gallery Link:
» 2014 Candids: Leaving the L’Ermitage Hotel in Beverly Hills – May 15th

164 Responses to “Spotted: Taylor Lautner leaving the L’Ermitage Hotel in Beverly Hills”

  1. kia Says:

    I would love to be that hotel doorman! LAWD THEM JEANS!!

  2. chanda w. Says:

    He must live there part time.
    I think the tat is for Run the tide.

  3. Logan Says:

    @ Chanda, good observation, didn’t think of that one 0.0. I hope you’re right!
    That would mean he’s shooting…mmmm…maybe somewhere public and outdoors so we can see a lot more pics coming our way!

  4. Chez Says:

    Fan photo

  5. Chez Says:

    Wrap party pic from Cuckoo

  6. marianne Says:

    Love the new pics and the jeans. He looks happy. I kind of think the mark on his arm is from filming in London since it looks a little faded but only time will tell.

    Chez…thanks for the wrap party pic. Everyone looks like they were having a good time. I’d like to party with Taylor too!! (as well as doing some other things)

  7. chanda w. Says:

    Hmm the tatoo could be for Cuckoo2, @Marianne. Either way , OMG!
    He had a great cast with the London crew. Does look like every one had loads of fun.
    Cutest selfie ever! lol.
    On another note, the 100 is getting good. Marie’s character , Octavia is so cool and her love interest on the show ….is easy on the eyes. I wouldn’t mind being Marie for about a week. Working with hot guys and coming home to Taylor ……..she is beyond lucky.

  8. kia Says:

    it seem that everyone that has work with him ,has nothing but nice things to say about him. Glad he has new London buddies.

  9. Chez Says:
    Fan photo

  10. vera Says:

    Christina Perri?that girl is KS close friend..

  11. Chez Says:
    Another photo

  12. chanda w. Says:

    Not sure I like Taylor hanging out
    with KS’s friends. They always look high.
    Glad he’s into selfies now , maybe
    he’ll drop a shirtless one.

  13. Logan Says:

    Isn’t she the one who sang …a thousand something…on the twilight soundtrack?
    I remember Taylor saying that he thought she was very talented.

  14. marianne Says:

    Logan… I thought one of the songs she was part of was A Thousand Years?

    I’m not a fan of many of KStew’s friends either. Right now the Rob fandom seems to be annoyed that KStew’s friends keep posting all these selfies (some with KS too) in an effort to take the limelight off Rob and Cannes. It’s all such silly stuff anymore. I just hate seeing Taylor drawn back into all that drama.

  15. chanda w. Says:

    Taylor was at the concert with
    Marie. I feel better now .
    Also seems Run the Tide is casting
    for the role of Taylor’s
    younger brother or so the rumor is.

  16. Chez Says:

    Fan photo

  17. Chez Says:

    Another photo

  18. kia Says:

    Its the return of the Funk Bunch! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  19. kia Says:

    I’m glad Marie was with him.

  20. Nicole fair Says:


    I snorted Reese’s Cereal out my nose at the funk bunch thing!!!!

  21. marianne Says:

    kia….what I don’t understand about the Funk Bunch is the amount of time they can travel and spend with KS. Don’t they have jobs??

  22. kia Says:

    @Nicole Fair Them two just seriously ruined a good selfie!

    @Marianne I don’t understand either. I just get a bad vibe from them.

  23. johanna Says:

  24. johanna Says:

    I also agree Taylor can really take a selfie but its expected he is just perfect

    I also really dont like KS friends they just seem i dont noe bad in a way but at least Marie was there and it seems that Taylor didnt actually go with them but saw them there or at least thats what i hope happened i dont really like him being around them too much

  25. vera Says:

    so, Marie was there, it calmed me down, too)

    Sara talks with Taylor sister in IG, I think … Lakena..Makena?
    Sara loves horses, Makena loves horses … Marie also loves a horses, according to an interview in the Bello magazine..

  26. Jess Says:

    Aww @Johanna that latest fan pic you posted is so sweet and it’s good to see Tarik with Taylor again too (least I think it’s Tarik :D) Plus that blue top that Taylor is wearing <3

  27. Evelyn Says:

    He looks unbelievably f—able. My god.

  28. johanna Says:

  29. Logan Says:

    Hmmmm looks like Taylor’s growing out his hair….for his new project?!

    @Jess, wow! I didn’t even notice a person standing behind them in that picture hihi
    Must be my age, the eyesight is one of the first things to go.

    @ Evelyn, YES!

  30. chanda w. Says:

    So cool that Josh G. took a pic with
    Taylor. The cuteness!

  31. Vanusa Correa Says:

    Tracers want, we will do a job? Anyone have any idea?
    I’m really curious with Tracers

  32. johanna Says:

    @Vanusa sorry we also dont noe much about Tracers yet but they have a distributor so thats good.

    @Jess i noe im late but i kept forgetting to say congrats on ur 200 posts on tumblr u do really great work and i have literally re-blogged every single on u’ve don

    I just finished tonight’s ep. of the 100 prob. the grossest one yet ppl were bleeding from every hole in there bodies it was just gross. Really sad about Octavia and Lincoln i really wanted them to live in there little cave and have babies
    Murphy s still a dick but overall great ep shows still going strong and i like it.

  33. johanna Says:

    Since we haven’t had a pic in a few days hers one of my favorites i just love his cute boyish smile and well he lips look fuckin amazingly kissable :)

  34. Elizabeth Says:

    @chanda Yea, I actually saw the pic of Taylor & Josh posted by Josh on his twitter. Boy was I shocked to see those two in the same picture together, my two favorite guys. Does anyone have any idea where the pic was taken?? I have a hard time imagining what would put the two of them in the same room at the same time together especially considering Josh was just in Vegas for the Billboard Awards.

  35. kia Says:

    I’m laughing because everytime I see new pics of Taylor,I always use Josh Groban voice in my head. LOL Now both of them in one picture together? Priceless!!!

  36. Jess Says:

    Thanks so much @Johanna and thanks for your support since the beginning. I would never have been brave enough to start my tumblr without the encouragement of the ladies here and it’s been so good to be able to do something creative every single day – and of course being all about Taylor is the best bonus of all! Love the pic you posted that grin he does is just too much <3

    @Logan hahaha – I wouldn't worry about your eyesight – it's hard to see anything but Taylor in such a nice pic :D

  37. chanda w. Says:

    @Elizabeth, they were at Christina Perrie’s
    concert. I think I spelled
    her name wrong.
    I luv seeing Taylor in selfies.
    He needs to just get a twitter.
    If only to promote his projects.
    The 100 has become can’t miss
    TV. I knew Murphy was
    gonna kill.

  38. chanda w. Says:

    Octavia and Lincoln are too hot
    together. He’ll come back to her.
    Bellamy really loves his sister.
    Good show all around.
    So waiting for Tracers news.
    Taylor has more support
    than he knows.

  39. Evelyn Says:

    Catching up on the 100 right now!!! So good!

  40. vera Says: ;)

  41. Chez Says:

  42. marianne Says:

    vera…Taylor takes good pics huh???

    Chez…My eye went right to the guy standing in the back!! Thanks for the pics girls.

    Chanda w….Evelyn….I think Marie is doing a good job with her character. (seems like a lot of guys think she’s pretty hot too!) I’m glad she didn’t leave with Lincoln although unless the actor is moving to another show, I think they might be reunited in some way. A Grounder baby might be a real twist! The one problem I have with the show is all the Bellarke shipping that has started and I have a feeling it’s not going anywhere since it’s the CW.


  43. kia Says:

    Taylor + Selfies = Success!

    Marianne- I feel a skeleton in the dessert waiting for Tracers..

  44. Lexi Says:

    @marianne IKR???
    i am so tired of waiting on news about Tracers :(
    Its been literally almost A WHOLE YEAR since they started filming, and we dont even know when its supposed to come out…….does that seem strange to you? I mean, we don’t even have a clue right now :/ (unless somebody knows that isnt speaking up?? :P)

  45. Lexi Says:

    ok excuse me, NEXT month will be a whole year……but lets be real here? It FEELS like its been a whole year right now haha

  46. Evelyn Says:

    Murphy is such an asshole. Kid has such vengeance issues.

    I am also waiting for some type of Tracers news.

  47. johanna Says:

    The dad from Cuckoo show did a radio interview and he talked about Taylor doing some funny stuff and his parents did go to the set to see him which i thought was so nice go to 25:00 and it does continue after the song so dont stop it

    ps i would have loved to see Taylor playing that game :P #milkycow

  48. Logan Says:

    @Johanna, thanks for that radio link. Hilarious, laughed so hard it made me cry.
    I can just picture Taylor and William ( PA ) rehearsing that game in order to beat Mr Davis.
    He’s deliciously competative isn’t he.
    Nice fact his parents coming to the set.

    I can’t follow ‘ the 100′ but I see the bits on youtube and indeed Octavia and Lincoln do have some major chemistry.
    Lucky lucky girl…..sigh

  49. Chez Says:

    New fan pic

  50. Chez Says:

  51. Chez Says:

  52. Chez Says:

  53. Elizabeth Says:

    Thanks @chanda for the info on the Josh & Taylor pic, that would make sense Christina Perri wrote the ” A Thousand Years” song for Twilight & I know Josh knows her so that’s pretty cool! I love seeing all of these twitter fan pics, that’s one of the things I love about Taylor, no matter where he is he’s always so willing to stop & take a pic with a fan. I wish he would get a twitter too.
    On the Tracer front, I wonder if they are trying to put some time between the Tracer film & the one that was similar to it several years back. Sure wish they’d at least release some updated pics or something.

  54. johanna Says:

    Okay so i looked closely at the first pic Chez posted but im pretty sure there is some type of drawing on Taylor’s arm not sure if its real or not but its there i dont wat it is but its there

  55. johanna Says:

    thought this quoted all of us pretty well

  56. Logan Says:

    @ Jess, well that’s another spot on our Taylor tour….the cowboy palace….since ‘ he’s always there ‘!!!

  57. Chez Says:
    Fan pic

  58. kia Says:

    Hope everyone had a good Memorial Day Weekend.

    Thanks Chez for the new fanpics!

  59. Evelyn Says:

    The best birthday gift was all these pics! My bday was Sunday.

  60. kia Says:

    @Evelyn Happy Belated Birthday!!

  61. johanna Says:

    Happy birthday Evelyn mine was Monday I turned 21 had my first surprise party it was great I hope urs was too and I agree couldn’t have asked for a better present then those pics ;)

  62. Lexi Says:

    Happy belated birthday evelyn ^^ !!!

  63. Jess Says:

    We have so many May Birthdays here <3
    Happy (belated) Birthday to you @Evelyn and Congratulations on your 21st @Johanna.

    @Logan – definitely!!! :)

  64. kia Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday to you Johanna also! I will send Taylor(With a bucket of Whippedcream&Strawberries) To you and Evelyn as a gift.So it looks like you both would have to share.

  65. Chez Says:

    Happy Belated birthday Johanna and Evelyn hope you both had a wonderful day

  66. chanda w. Says:

    Run The Tide does start filming in June in LA.
    Maybe someone can post the twitter link. I can’t.
    Taylor and more set pics. Too excited.
    Happy b day to all the May babies.

    The 100 is on tonight. Ready.

  67. Logan Says:

    Happy belated B-day wishes to Evelyn and Johanna!!
    Hope you both had fun :))

  68. Evelyn Says:


  69. vera Says:

  70. vera Says:

    Evelyn & Johanna,Happy b -day to you,girls!best wishes from Russia! :)

  71. Logan Says:

    @ Vera, well there you go. Best news today ;)) thanks…

  72. marianne Says:

    Happy BDay Evelyn & Johanna!! Hope you had a great time celebrating.

    Vera…Thanks for the link. It’s so neat having a Taylor fan from Russia posting. Taylor’s pr team seems to release cast info right before filming. Ugh.

  73. vera Says:

    chanda w was the first,tbh :) but thanks for the nice words- Logan,Marianne.

    I also hope they will update the news with the cast coming soon.

  74. chanda w. Says:

    Taylor has wax figure in LA now, limited time, but it is so cute.
    Hopefully someone more computer savvy can post the pic.

  75. Evelyn Says:

    Oh god, I hope they don’t kill Finn. The sweet ones always goes. #SaveFinn

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