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Release Date: 2014
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“With nothing but the open road ahead of them, the brothers race away from a past they never wanted towards a future that could have been as their mother and her ex-husband follow in close pursuit.”

The Mercury Report reports that Taylor Lautner‘s next film ‘Run the Tide’ will begin shooting in Los Angeles in June. For more information on the film check after the break:


“Run the Tide” is Shah’s first feature screenplay, and it won the Grand Jury Prize for Project Catalyst at the 2013 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival. The script was also a finalist in the Final Draft Big Break Competition.

Mehta is an award-winning filmmaker whose graduate thesis film “Fatakra” won a Student Academy Award, the DGA Student Award and more than a dozen jury and audience awards on the festival circuit.

138 Responses to “Taylor Lautner’s Next Film Role Announced!”

  1. Logan Says:

    Ok listen up fans in L.A.!
    We expect some good and yummy pictures or preferably moving footage of Taylor filming.
    So go and get info on roads that are being blocked, caterars being contracted.
    See if you can get an inside job as an extra….anything to keep us updated 24/7!
    Good luck :))

  2. Logan Says:

    Some more news on Tracers
    Taptaptaptaptap ( tapping foot impatiently )
    We want a release date! ( screaming while pulling hair )

  3. Jess Says:

    @Logan! Yes please to a Tracers release date … any kind of information … anything (do I sound a little desperate?)
    CAN’T WAIT for RTT to start filming!!!!!!!

  4. chanda w. Says:

    The reversal on the R rating means they are getting
    closer to a release date. I don’t understand how it got an R rating
    anyway. I doubt a movie about parkour is too violent.
    Anyway Tracers is on the radar now.
    RTT filming just around the corner. Taylor in a drama….should. be very interesting.
    On a side note Swift is having flashbacks of her time
    with Tay. She tweeted s pic of. a clip of. Back to December video.
    Girl move on cuz he’s has. Too late.
    More set pics of. Taylor…can’t wait.

  5. vera Says:
    Taylor Lautner & Marie Avgeropoulos arrive for LA Kings Vs Chicago Blackhawks Game 6 at Staples LA

  6. kia Says:

    Thanks @Vera for the video. Damn Taylor is looking extra delicious in that video. Me and Maria have the same outfit Twins!!

    Jess,Logan- I agree. I don’t care for the rating,I just need a release date!

  7. Logan Says:

    @ Vera! Thankyouthankyouthankyou
    Poetry in motion….whenever I see Taylor walking I’m mesmerized 0.o
    He looks gorgeous and I like what Marie’s wearing, they look good together!

  8. marianne Says:

    Vera…more thanks for the video link. I wish someone would put together a video montage of Taylor walking with lots of views of his hot a**!!

    kia…you and Maria have great taste in clothes and boyfriends….

    chanda w….I thought the TS tweet was really bizarre. The tsquared shippers are going nuts. I think maybe a Robsten/tsquared shipper counseling center might do a brisk business.

  9. Chez Says:

    Taylor looks gorgeous in that video!!!!!
    I hope Run The Tide doesn’t end up like Tracers meaning filming in June 2014 and then a year later we still haven’t got any details like release date.

    My opinion why don’t they do like the film Love, Rosie (I’m a big Lily Collins fan) put a trailer out, if Tracers has been completed and put on the end of then trailer #coming soon like they did with Love, Rosie (we now have dates for the film) I’m sure the fans would appreciate that then nothing at all.

  10. Logan Says:

    @ Chez, just for you hope you haven’t seen this one yet. Gorgeous girl and sooooo funny ;))
    Don’t know what the deal is with Tracers and the whole ‘ not doing PR because we’re stubborn ‘ thing.
    But maybe just maybe it’s all thought out and we’ll get a tidal wave hitting us with Tracers, RTT and Cuckoo all coming out at once…..
    Well I’m wet already ROTFL so bring it on !!!!

  11. Chez Says:

    @Logan-that’s sooo funny thank you so much, I have to thank Taylor for introducing Lily to me, I have every dvd with Lily in like I have with Taylor.

  12. devon Says:

    Swift posted that video because she landed in Tokyo and saw it on tv there. She also posted a clip of them playing I Knew You Were Trouble. I mean, trying not to be mean, but as a Swift fan, it’s kind of annoying when people here act like she’s obsessed with Taylor when she’s obviously not. They dated casually for like 5 minutes.

    Anyway, I’m glad we know his next film and I can’t wait for filming pics.

    Does Tracers have distribution? That might be why we don’t have a trailer yet. I think the distributors put those together.

  13. Nicole fair Says:

    The thing about fandoms is, we’re all a little cray. Places like this and I’m sure tswift sites are lined with big ole couches for us a to stretch out and blahblahblah all our batshit crazy thoughts about the celebrity we love and all the bitches and hoes we hate because we love them so much. It’s okay. I’m sure swift has moved on, I’m sure lautner has forgotten all about the rose she left behind. I’m sure they’re screwing the current bf/gf as I type this….

    And life goes on…

    See? All better now.

  14. Maria Says:

    It seems they may have casted Taylor’s brother for Run the Tide

  15. marianne Says:

    Nicole fair…LOL…my idea of counseling centers for shippers of failed relationships could succeed. I’d also like to open a tattoo removal center for all those Robsten tattoos which some fans might be regretting.

    devon…not trying to be mean, but TS is one big pr machine i.e. her daily “fashion show” pics in NY. Every tweet, instagram, etc. is all promo for her. She likes stirring up her fans.

  16. kia Says:

    Devon- First I would like say Welcome to site. Its good too see new fans. Second I don’t think anybody on here thinks she’s obsessed with him, Its just her fans that gets so obsessed with Tsquared that annoyed most of us fans. And I agree with you that the relationship wasn’t that serious like everyone assumed is was.

    Marianne – The Robsten fandom was a little sad that there wasn’t a reunion at Cannes this year. Even when both of their films gotten decent reviews the only thing that matter to them was Cannes’12 2.0. SMH

  17. chanda w. Says:

    OMG! I think it is safe for us to fangirl on TL on a TL fansite. Noone on here actually cares if Swift is still pinning after Taylor. It’s sorta a joke among this little fam. But, we all remember the bad boys and we never forget the good ones either. So whether they dated 5 mins or 5 mths. She’ll never forget him. She might not admit it, but that’s the case. And he’s clearly moved on. She is a PR machine, dating the “it” guy of the moment, which is why she might still be single, all the new guys have caught on to the game and don’t seem to want to play. @Marianne, I think our thought are similar on Velvetta.

    Now let me post what I really came on her first. It is official, the role of Tay’s younger brother, for Run The Tide, is being played by Nicos Christou. Don’t know his age yet, but he is the cutest thing. Of course he would be, seeing who his brother is,lol.

  18. chanda w. Says:

    Once again , I don’t know how to post pics and links , so if anyone else can. Great.
    So ya’ll can all see this little sweetie pie.

    @Vera, thanks for the vid link……….Taylor is hella fine! I like him and Marie together. Striking couple.

  19. Nicole fair Says:

    @chandra w: is this him? If so, super cute.

  20. johanna Says:

    First thank you everyone for the b-day wishes :)

    Second anything Taylor does is super sexy he could be knocked out cold and drooling and still look adorable.

    Third @Devon its Safe to say that we are not the biggest Swift fans here but most of our statements are about those really crazy fans of hers and every fandom has them Taylor does too and they can be insane. But like Nicole and Chanda have said its all over and done with and they both have forgotten and moved on.

    Lastly if thats the little boy who is gonna play Tay’s brother he is absolutely adorable. I can already picture the set pics we are gonna get of them two playing football or goofing around ahhhhhh I CAN NOT WAIT IM SOOOOOO HAPPY :)

  21. kia Says:

    Awww He is so adorable! Glad were getting some casting news. I don’t know but why I’m feeling like I’m going to be a mess while watching this film already.

  22. Evelyn Says:

    Taylor looks amazing in that video. It should be a sin to be that naturally sexy, and GOD is teasing us.

    Is Marie’s outfit a dress or romper? Where is it from? A dress I can do; a romper, nope. I got too many issues with that, lol.

  23. Logan Says:

    @ Evelyn…a romper hihihi that’s what we put on babies over here! That’s the actual name for it ( een romper )
    Is that what you call an onesie? A romper over here usually has feet….

    @ Devon, welcome! You can have all the side dishes you want but our main course ( and desert ) is and will forever be Taylor Daniel Lautner! The 5 min they were ‘ together ‘ is long gone and I hope they had fun, it sure looked like it!
    Me, I’m still picking my teeth to find some long forgotten Selena side salade….sigh

    His little brother looks adorable and his smile kinda is like Taylor’s. Looking forward to finding out more of this cast.

  24. Chez Says:
    New fan pic

  25. chanda w. Says:

    @nicolefair Isn’t Nicos the cutest thing? I can totally see him and Taylor jumping around. Taylor trying to
    Get him to play 3 different sports in 1 day. They are gonna have so much fun on the set.
    I like the way Marie dresses too. She looks sorta girly but never inappropriate.
    @Logan lol.
    Thanks for the pic @Chez. Taylor is looking really comfortable with his fans.Think he has gotten totally
    Comfortable with himself as well. Just relaxed and cool. He isn’t competing with anyone just enjoying
    The ride. I think Tracers is gonna be a sleeper hit, but regardless I can’t wait to see it.

  26. Chez Says:

    New fan pic

  27. Logan Says:

    Hihi @ Chez, wonder why she was sorry….

  28. Chez Says:

    New fan pic

  29. marianne Says:

    Chez…thanks for the fan pics. That striped tshirt goes way back and it’s bad that I even know that info!! A girl on another site said the Co-op 28 store sold vintage clothes, furnishings and homemade crafts. Supposedly, there’s a nice men’s area in the back of the store so I can remove the image of him buying a scented candle out of my mind!! LOL BRING ON THE FILMING PICS….

  30. kia Says:

    That pic! Goodness! I wanna say something but I just keep it to myself. To much gutterness

    Thanks Chez for the pic.

  31. chanda w. Says:

    Luvin’ all the new fan pics. That face is made for the camera. I’m ready for set pics too.

  32. Lilome Says:

    Kia- I understand sweetie. I say we reintroduce gutter Saturdays. Every time I see that boy my brain goes numb. It should be a sin to look like that.

  33. Chez Says:


  34. Chez Says:

    Sorry pressed enter by mistake

  35. Logan Says:

    @ Chez, could be an extra? He’s listed on a model site.
    Imdb posted another actor: David Barrera. Maybe he’s playing the father?
    The anticipation is killing me. It’s like Tracers all over. First he goes completely ninja and then BOOM
    Pics overload and us running around trying to catch up.
    But it’s all good, I’ve been working out ( stretching ).
    And I know my fellow Taysters are ready too.
    Computers charged, signed up on all the sites, alerts in place…..
    Let’s go!

  36. kia Says:

    Lilome – I’m up for because this boy is driving me crazy!

  37. Evelyn Says:

    I as well!

  38. chanda w. Says:

    Have they started filming? Maybe they’ll have info
    by the end of the week.

  39. Vanusa Correa Says:

    I need to vent:
    Become a fan of Taylor is not easy and all those who still follow are really passionate.
    But living in the dark is tricky.
    I’m tired of reading news related to Taylor and his career low in relation to Rob and Kristen, and worse is knowing that they are right.
    Where are the projects? Where are the news?
    Is it so hard to have good scripts and people interested in it?
    The problem is not Taylor. He is wonderful, but your choices, its agents, its accessor …
    After making the film with Adam Sandler I was very disappointed. The movie is awful. Worthy of the worst of the year awards.
    I think Taylor was invited by own Adam and that Adam render grossing movies, but the movie is ridiculous even when dealing with Adam.
    We know nothing about Tracers, if it is a couple with Marie or is a desperate attempt to save the movie …
    Now have him play the Red Power Ranger rumors.
    More likely to have a good box office and win another Razzie?

    I’m sorry, I love the boy, but being a fan is hard! We are the best Ahhhhh!
    Awaiting news on The Tide Run, but even this gave us!
    Sorry for the english, I’m Brazilian and do not dominate the language!
    Thankfully we have the World Cup soccer starting this week here! Ahhhhh

  40. chanda w. Says:

    Life is short. I know. Might take fangirlinging too
    serious. Again I know cause I do the same.
    Truth is Taylor is living a dream life. He gets paid to do what
    he enjoys doing making movies. We are simply supporting him.
    GUPS2 was a silly movie but It was suppose to be.
    Taylor was just having fun and the critics praised him.
    So I dont know why he was nominated for a razzie.
    Jealousy? Taylor was criticized for having his shirt
    off in a movie now every actor is doing the same for
    no reason and gets praised for It.

  41. chanda w. Says:

    I think the Power Rangers movie is just a rumor.
    They’ll throw out big names to get attention and
    then cast an unknown. Although Id like to see
    Taylor playing an action hero.
    So dont get angry at Taylor. He’s taking more risks
    than KS and RP. They play It safe with mostly Indies.
    Taylor has done big budget, live reading and now
    an Indie. He might. have to work twice as hard for
    whatever reason but he’ll get to where he’s going
    Dont give up Lol.

  42. Logan Says:

    @ Vanusa, frustrated much? Don’t worry we probably all are.
    That’s why we’re the best fans ever….winkwink…..
    Taylor makes us work as hard as he does, getting a job ( and I think it’s good that he’s picky ) is not easy.
    I’m just glad he’s out and about and enjoying himself.
    And thank goodness he has his family supporting him along the way so he stays grounded.
    I will have a soft spot for Taylor ( much like the one for Rob Lowe hihi ) for years to come whatever he decides to do next.
    Maybe he will have enough of acting and only produce —shrugs— no matter, we’ll be here ;))

  43. Nicolefair Says:

    Maybe I’m in the minority here, but I actually like the way his career is going. He’s a young guy who was thrown into the spotlight when he was even younger. You know how that usually turns out? Google Lindsey Lohan, Todd Bridges, Macaughly Culkin and count less others. The life span of star celebrity burns hard and fast…the ones who take their time, build resumes that are diverse and long usually have half a chance of surviving.

    That’s how I see Taylor’s career. He’s a talented, handsome, smart guy, with a team that seems to be build mostly of family and close friends, similar to Johnny Depp, Leonardo Dicaprio and Mark Wahlberg. All of whom by the way started out as child stars taking seemingly meaningless silly roles. Anyone remember Crybaby? I do.

    Just saying, I’ve been fangirling since Scott Baio, and let me tell you, life is hard, I know, especially with huge global connections like fan driven blogs and social media. But that shouldn’t be a reflection on the celebrity you love. The world has changed how we feed our need to love these guys has changed, but the work that goes into getting the work for them has not. Actors still have to audition, taking classes, starve for a while, weather the low years when everyone calls you the “wolf kid” instead of your name….and then finally come into your own.

    It takes time. I don’t mind waiting. Hell I’m still hoping they put Joanie Loves Chachi back on TV. Lol

  44. Lexi Says:

    And yet….. We STILL don’t know when tracers coming out ;/
    I’m about to die….it’s been literally a year y’all ….. I mean CMON

  45. Vanusa Correa Says:

    Lexi I really care Tracers. Bother to think that nobody was interested in the movie to distribute it!
    I like the quieter life of Taylor, the problem is the same career. The projects and the industry some respect!

  46. Maria Says:

    New fan picture

  47. johanna Says:

    @Marie thanks for the photo

    Okay so i just watched the season finale of the 100 and OMFG that was AMAZING. I do have some mixed feeling about it. I loved the scene with Lincoln Marie and Bellamy i will admit i cried i also cried cuz of the chancellor but i dont want to spoil it for anyone who hasnt seen it yet but u have to go watch it umm i wont say who may or may not have died but if those ppl did i am NOT happy with it. Also the ending was great im so glad it got renewd for another season cuz i REALLY want to see wats gonna happen
    so go watch it if you can

  48. johanna Says:

    Now @Vanusa i understand how u feel it is hard waiting for Taylors projects i get frustrated sometimes too but hes a big boy hes gonna make the decision how he sees fit and I think Nicole hit the nail on the head we just have to be patient. Hes doing wat he loves and not many of us get to do that trust me i wish i had a job i loved.
    I noe hes gonna get bashed for everything he does right now but that has happened with a lot of other actors look at Jonah Hill i dont think anyone really took him seriously before he did Wolf of wall street and now hes an academy award nominated actor he had to beg for that role and he did great I think its okay if Taylor takes it slow and does role he can really enjoy and put his heart into them i dont want him to end up like all those other actor that just crash because they get lost in the Hollywood world. Taylors got good ppl backing him up and i noe one day Taylors gonna prove all the critics wrong and i will be happy wen that day comes

  49. Logan Says:

    @ Johanna, indeed.
    And when that day comes we’ll be doing a happy dance and go around chanting

    @ Nicole, aaaahhhh Scott Baio..happy days

  50. Evelyn Says:

    Oh yes…the 100 finale was AMAZING!!!! I cried and got wheepy. No show has done that to me before.

    And Bob Morley? Wow…just WOW.

  51. Chez Says:

    It seems like they are getting close to filming as they keep updating the cast list (I don’t understand why Taylor is still rumoured?)

  52. marianne Says:

    Maria…Thanks for the fan pic link….I thought the plaid shirt looked familiar and the eyesontaybert site made a post of when he wore it the first time. The clothing recycling continues…

    Chez….I have been wondering why Taylor is rumored too.

    I agree with Nicolefair and chanda w. re. Taylor’s career. I like the slow progression and all the different things he’s doing. What bothers me is that people forget the age difference between Taylor and RPatz and their physical differences i.e. looks, athleticism etc. Everyone needs to run their own race. The Power Ranger rumor LOL.

  53. chanda w. Says:

    Thanks for the pic Maria. Taylor looking fine as f as usual. That darn cap, lol. At least the shirt is new. New characters are added on the Run The Tide board including the cute little kid brother.

    Oh the 100 was so good. The entire season was great. I knew Lincoln would come back to get his girl. And I don’t think things are the way they seem with the other characters.
    Bellamy and Octavia, great scenes, same for Finn and Clarke, Raven , Jasper, the Chancellor…I like them all. I only started watching because of Marie and he ties to Taylor, but the show is really great and she’s a good actress.

    Taylor has such supportive fans.

    ps. Just saw your post Chez, oh well, we were both thinking the same thing.
    Don’t understand why Taylor is still rumored either. Change it already.
    Yes, his fans are patient, but goodness. lol.

  54. kia Says:

    He looks so good in that fanpic thanks Maria.

    The 100 finale got me all emotional. so proud of Marie and the cast,can’t wait for the next season.

    Can we get some news on Tracers? A least a still a email or least a message pigeon. SOMETHING!!

  55. marianne Says:

    kia….”A least a still a email or least a message pigeon. SOMETHING!!” AMEN Girl!!! Btw, did you hear TGC was born in March and Robsten is secretly married?? I lost a few brain cells just typing that!!

  56. Jess Says:

    I really feel that Taylor’s career is headed in the right direction. Sure, as a fan it’s difficult having to wait for Tracers to be released or for news of other projects, but no matter, I’ll still be here waiting and supporting and fangirling like the rest of you lovely ladies.
    I think that when his next movie does come out, because there has been such a wait, people will be curious to see what Taylor has been up to and that can only be a good thing for his career.

  57. kia Says:

    Marianne- Really!? That’s amazing. The fact two people can get married and have the TGC while they haven’t seen each other. Wow the Robstens have great IQ’s

  58. vera Says:

  59. Logan Says:

    Go to E online and vote! Yeah I know it’s so 2009
    but we can’t let Ryan Reynolds or Channing Tatum have the nr 1 abs….

  60. Maria Says:

    I hope the link works. The first set pic from Run the Tide

  61. johanna Says:

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. kia Says:

    YES!!!!!! ITS HAPPENING!!!!!

  63. Lexi Says:

    omg im gonna cry! its about time!! T.T

  64. chanda w. Says:

    Finally. Are they at a park? There is another pic that shows
    Taylor close up wearing blue and his arm veins are
    sic. Cant wait to see pics of him and his little bro.

  65. johanna Says:

    @chanda is this the pic

  66. vera Says:

    finally! the pic on set,thank so much!!! but his status still just “rumoured” on IMDb,why?!

    johanna,i sure,last pic from Tracers!

  67. Evelyn Says:


  68. Jess Says:

    So happy right now! Have fun Taylor <3
    @Chanda, @Johanna, @Vera Yep that pic is from when Taylor was training in parkour for Tracers because the part that has been cropped from the pic is his stunt double Gabriel Nunez.
    Have a great weekend ladies :)

  69. Chez Says:

    Fan pic

  70. vera Says:

    um..where his tattoo?0_o

  71. Logan Says:

    Set pics!
    He’s actually on set aaaaahhhhh
    Since it’s still posted as rumoured on imdb I was nervous he wouldn’t be in RTT.
    So happy ;)))

  72. Lilome Says:

    Ok, I almost understand why RTT is still iffy in IMDB, Maybe the concern is that an indie film won’t get finished.. But why is Cookoo not listed?!?

  73. Logan Says:

    Hihi Lilome, it’s ’cause they’re cookoo…
    Anyone connected to imdb-pro can suggest a new role or updated info.
    Imdb will then investigate and ( maybe ) post it.
    That’s what I got out of reading the faq’s anyway…don’t know if it actually works.

  74. chanda w. Says:

    Who’s his manager or his assistant? Shouldn’t that be something they are sorta on top of? He’s filming RTT and it’s is still rumored and Cuckoo is finished and not even listed? Really. Taylor cutie, check your IMDB profile, ASAP. Most projects whether they are released or not, will still get listed under an actors film / tv work.
    Hope Marie is enjoying her b day gift from Taylor ……lucky girl.

  75. Maria Says:

    New fan pics

    And they are filming scenes of Run the Tide in Malibu beach

  76. Kathy Says:

    Has anyone read this article Taylor is mentioned in it.

  77. vera Says:

    chanda w…I know that russian and turkish fans wrote messages on this occasion to Tarik Kanafani twitter and to Alison Garman IG, but alas …. moreover, he has an official page on Facebook, and even there all updated very slowly and reluctantly, as though ..
    fans worry because of what is happening, but to me now it seems like Taylor think – “Nah,whatever”, and tbh, I do not like so devil-may-care attitude. it is so wrong.

  78. Logan Says:

    Hi Kathy, if there ever was a rumour it has to be this one. Neither Taylor or Liam will go for a part in this movie.
    I can start ranting about all the reasons why but this will only add fuel to the rumour and I really just want to forget about it.

    @ Chanda, do you know what the B- day gift was…..
    ( the way you suggested it made my mind go in to the gutter LOL )

  79. Chez Says:

    Fan pic from the weekend

  80. Chez Says:
    Another pic from the weekend

  81. vera Says:

    Chez…tnanks!he look sooooooooooooo good. in his favorite cowboy bar..

  82. chanda w. Says:

    Logan, I was just being silly. If Taylor was my guy I’d
    know what I’d want from him lol.
    I know the Power Rangers rumor is totally false
    but I wish it were true.
    I think Taylor does have a don’t give a f attitude now.
    But, I can’t blame him. When people try to crush you
    you can either crumble or get stronger.
    He got stronger. @Vera, don’t be mad at him.
    I get frustrated too with the lack of news but
    it’s his career . Sure he knows how to navigate it.
    New fanpics. So cute.

  83. vera Says:

    chanda w…i hope you will be right.

  84. Evelyn Says:

    Looking gorg in those pics! You know they;re filming the 2nd season of the 100 in Vancouver this week? Yay!

  85. Chez Says:

    OMG! OMG!

  86. vera Says:


  87. vera Says:

    haters blame him,bcs he is lost his abs,i can`t with those ppl))))

  88. johanna Says:



    And he looks so cute working with the little brother :)

  89. Evelyn Says:

    Holy shit! That is .. . ..lost my wording and my brain.

  90. Jess Says:

    Oh my <3

  91. kia Says:


  92. Logan Says:
    Soooooo happy Taylor’s back on set ;)
    And sooooo happy with all the pics ;))
    Looking good sweetie
    My man

  93. chanda w. Says:

    Shirtless pics of Taylor….goodness. Gorgeous boy.
    He has the V cup and the six pack. Nicos is on the
    set with him. They look so cute together. Too excited.

  94. marianne Says:

    Yummy pics of a great guy…..THUD. kia…LOL

  95. kia Says:

    The set pics with Nico melts my heart. So excited and happy. Then these beach pics came out and I blank out! Marie is lucky.

    Marianne- Talk about “sex on the Beach”

  96. kia Says:

    Oh happy belated Bday Marie. Hope you enjoy your delicious cake. We just saw it rolling around the beach today. *COUGH*

  97. Emily Says:

    It’s finally happened……….I’ve been waiting for this moment since the Rolling Stone shoot in the jeans and white tee at the beach……….Taylor playing in the ocean, this time in an actual bathing suit…………the moment does not disappoint…………..WOW……….does anyone else think the flannel shirt looks just like that faded one he wears all the time???

    Being a Taylor fan is definitely a lesson in patience (that sometimes feels like futility), but, every once in a while, the patience and longing is rewarded with something like this. Keep the set pictures coming, please!!!!!

  98. Lilome Says:

    Yesssss…. there is a God!

  99. Logan Says:

    @ Emily, I was thinking the same thing about the flannel LOL
    Low budget maybe?
    Very curious to see where a beach scene would be in RTT

  100. vera Says:

    comments are crazy as f@@@k..they say he was doing something with his nose, and he had the scratch-wig on the his hair.

  101. chanda w. Says:

    Don’t know if I trust Daily Mail comments. I try to leave positive
    comments and they never go through. Media thrives on the negative
    even if they have to engineer it.
    Besides blowing my mind. Those pics prove that Taylor
    is s method actor. His mind is so mature at a young
    age.Can’t imagine what the next set of set pics are gonna
    be like. These were beautiful and unexpected. I’m still smiling.

  102. barbara paixao Says:

    Jamais mude suas feições elas sao lindas….
    senão corre o risco de ficar com cara de boneco
    de cera igual o da sua amiguinha, por sinal horrivel.
    digo aquele nariz.

  103. Chez Says:

    @Vera-The daily mail comments are crazy so are the comments on Just Jared (that’s why I read the comments and laugh at each one that’s wrote) I notice that on gossip site people always say negative stuff e.g. Taylor’s gay, he’s got a beard, he’s ugly the comment that made me laugh on Just Jared was about Bryan Singer licking Taylors body some people have nothing better to say, as my mum taught me the saying ‘if you have nothing good to say don’t say it at all!’ at least on here we might all have our opinions but we don’t say anything bad about Taylor.

    Anyway at least Run The Tide has been updated to filming now but still Taylor is down as rumoured.

  104. marianne Says:

    chez…vera….You girls are better than I since I avoid those sites. It seems like the only people that comment on gossip sites anymore are trolls. I try not to pollute my brain since I have limited brain cells.

    Emily…Yesterday was like another “big foot” sighting!! The flannel shirt does look familiar. “Being a Taylor fan is definitely a lesson in patience (that sometimes feels like futility)”—Amen.

  105. barbara paixao Says:

    Lindo como sempre, muito bom te ver♥

  106. Kathy Says:

    TMZ mentioned Taylor Lautner

  107. Lilome Says:

    God I hate TMZ! Have those folks ever said anything nice about anyone….. ever? Of the course they never considered the idea that maybe this character is not supposed to be jacked on wolf hormones. They also specifically chose a picture where the abs don’t show as much. Couldn’t possibly choose any of the 20 OTHER pics, could they. A@@holes! To quote Ms. Swift “Why you gotta be so mean?”

  108. Evelyn Says:

    TMZ are nothing but ASSHOLES and D-BAGS. That is why they are popular. I hate them. I know celebrities signed up to be gossiped as it comes with the territory. Yet, they’re human as well, and nobody should be treated like shit and spoke meanly about.

  109. kia Says:

    I know TMZ ain’t talking with all those guys looking like they just come out of a KFC buffet. And the females looking like they came of an episode of Orange is the new Black. PLEASE!!!

    Taylor looks healthy and happy that’s all that matter. And for I know the six pack is still there. Haters gonna hate.

  110. Lilome Says:

    Thank God we’ll never see the “reporters” from TMZ shirtless. Jealous b@@tards.

  111. chanda w. Says:

    I didn’t not even watch the TMZ video. From the title I assumed they weren’t going to say anything positive. Funny how they barely report on Taylor. The gazillion times he and Marie have been out and about. Nothing. When he’s at the airport. Nothing. Now he takes a pic filming shirtless at the beach and they zone in ……..on where are his abs.
    When he clearly looks amazing. Talk about envious b@#%*s. I knew Taylor had a lot of people hating on him during his Twilight days , mainly because his body was so ripped. But, goodness, that was five, six yrs. ago. and they are still hating. Really.

    In a way the fact that Taylor can simply take off his shirt and cause such a firestorm is sorta crazy. Now his abs or once again a topic of debate. Oh my.

    Well, he looked so good in those pics. Can’t believe the last time he was shirtless on a beach was New Moon. Luvin’ all those pics.

    Does anyone else notice, with Tay news. It’s no news. Surprising news. (RTT filming/beach pics) Haters (gossip) and then Amazing news. Time for the amazing news.
    But, Harvey still has Taylor on the brain today. You talked about it yesterday, move on.
    He wants the “D”.

  112. Logan Says:

    I think that the director of RTT is even telling Taylor: ‘ loose ‘ the abs, since it sounds like an emotional movie.
    And I strongly believe Taylor world hate it if RTT became all about his body ( been there, done that )
    Hope to see more on set pics!

  113. johanna Says:

    more pics

  114. chanda w. Says:

    I heard the director didn’t want too much attention or pap pics.
    Oh well. Lol.

  115. barbara paixão Says:

    ♥ gosto do que vejo♥

  116. barbara paixao Says:

    ♥ gosto do que vejo ♥

  117. Maria Says:

    New Set pics, I think

  118. Maria Says:

    Nevermind, found them

  119. johanna Says:

    Thanks Maria i have been waiting to see theses pics Taylor playing with Nicos
    o and imdb got updated Taylor’s characters name is Rey

  120. Logan Says:

    Nice one Maria! Almost lost me in that river of pics ;)
    Loving the VH…Valencia High?…cap. And I hate caps on Taylor but it’s a nice touch.

  121. Jess Says:

    @Johanna, @Maria – Thank you ladies!
    Beautiful pics. SO EXCITED FOR THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!

  122. vera Says:

    thanks for new gorg pics!

  123. barbara paixao Says:

    My angel ♥

  124. chanda w. Says:

    All the baseball pics of Tay are making me weak. Him and Nicos, looks so cute together.
    As soon as this movie wraps , I am gonna be on the directors … until the movie hits theatres. Not dealing w/ another Tracers….and that better come out soon. lol.

    TMZ must have had a backlash trying to diss my baby boy. Now they have a new article, totally trying to back track. ( I still do know how to post stuff on here). Too funny.
    They know he FINE!

  125. kia Says:

    YES!! My baseball fantasy is coming true. I know Taylor is giving him some good advice to Nicos about to deal with growing up in the Hollywood business. Thanks Maria for the pics!

  126. barbara paixao Says:

    I’d love to see you playing baseball or football profissionally.♥

  127. Chez Says:

    New Cast Karen Cabrera

  128. accv Says:

    Just gotta say that a likely reason why people are still hating on him is because the combination of amazingly good-looks and good breeding is rare in Hollywood ;) OH and hi ladies!!! *waves* I know, it’s been ages… but I’ve been busy with work and friends/bf. But definitely haven’t forgotten about my hubby.

    Anyhow, it’s like… a sin to be that gorgeous, yet still remaining so humble about it. And the people of Hollywood and the other haters out there can’t stand it. To them, it’s hard to relate to and thus, against it.

    *sigh* Stoked though about this new project of his. Good gawd he doesn’t look 22. LOL! He looks closer to 30 already! Although he looks amazingly hot no matter what he does, I hope that hairstyle of his is just for the movie… I actually prefer his hair shorter, and with no stubble. Huh. I guess I like my guys lookin’ young? BAHAHAHAHA! Whatever. I’ve missed you ladies and I’ve missed my hubby.

    Tracers NEEDS TO EFFING RELEASE A DAMN TRAILER ALREADY! That was shot what feels like ages ago already. What’s dah hold people?!

  129. accv Says:

    Also, because he’s so young, they were expecting his ass to get in trouble already with “scandals” here and there like some of his contemporaries.

    Unique in Hollywood is no longer acceptable ;p!!

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