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Tracers (2014)
Role: Cam
Release Date: 2014
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» 2014 On Set » Run the Tide: Filming Run the Tide – June 17th

75 Responses to “Photos: Taylor Lautner Films ‘Run the Tide’ on June 17th”

  1. chanda w. Says:

    I know I’ve seen these pics already ,but they he looks so good and the blue all around him…..I just luv it. I agree he doesn’t look 22 …….he looks older . He’s just giving off a full grown man vibe…

  2. muriella Says:

    RP’s latest transition movie away from Twighlight bombed at the box office. The name of his role in TR is Rey. On Monday Taylor’s name in RTT was changed from Rey to Reymund Hightower. Smart reaction of Taylor’s team or is it by accident?

  3. Evelyn Says:

    He looks more like 30 to me, my age, and I look rather young for it.

  4. kia Says:

    Its like Zeus struck his lighting bolt in the sea and this sexy beast just come walking. YES!!!

  5. marianne Says:

    kia…LOL…if this “sexy beast” would just come to my house, I have a few activities he could do for me!

    chanda w….his twenties are going to kill us!

    muriella…Welcome to the site. Glad to have another Taylor fan commenting. I’m not an RPatz fan but his film was categorized as an indie(limited theaters) and won’t be released in Europe until July, Aug. etc. so the real box office won’t be known for awhile. Rob received a lot of good reviews from critics and it seems a lot of his fans are pleased.

  6. vera Says:

    muriella…for me Taylor does not look like a man who is afraid of undesirable associations,coincidence or something like that. eventually they could just change the name of the character in the script to an completely different, for example-Richmond, but they did not .

    Marianne, I think many people are surprised Rover has such a bad start, because PR promo was very aggressive and was built around RP name primarily, the more it is surprising given the popularity,famous and the activity of his fanbase, and the reviews after premiere in Cannes was more positive than negative.
    but in general, the Rover opened in 608 theaters, compared with the Animal kingdom( opened at 61 theaters), but even in Australia Rover gathered much less of AK. nonetheless I’m sure in Europe and US the situation with Rover box office will be better, especially with a new scandal coach RP may some extent contribute to this, as it was before, with Cosmopolis, in July 2012.

    from IMDb boards: “At the beginning of the script he has a girlfriend but leaves him when she sees he has no future.” hmmm..

  7. Maria Says:

    @vera This is from Run the Tide’s description; “Rey gave up his chance at college and love to raise his young half-brother Oliver” she didn’t leave him. He chose to leave her.

  8. Logan Says:

    @ Evelyn, ROTFL! Oh well, age is but a number.
    We can add a few years for confidence and sexiness.

  9. Vanusa Correa Says:

    Please could someone clarify an issue with Tracers. Here in Brazil, there are discrepancies as to the twitter of actor ‘Johnny Wu.
    The problem is in the translation. Some say that according to Wu, the film no will debut in theaters , others say yes.
    Could someone check this? .

  10. Chez Says:

    Some info about Tracers

  11. Chez Says:

    Some more Tracers news from Adam Rayner saying that Tracers comes out later this year (look to the bottom of the interview)

  12. chanda w. Says:

    I think Tracers is coming out this yr……at the theatres……..Digitial Spy ran another stunt double lookalikes article and Taylor and Gabriel were shown and Tracers called an action/thriller. I’ve seen too many media outlets hinting about Tracers . If it was going straight to DVD Tracers would not get mentioned at all. Now this interview w/ this co star definitely a good sign.

    I’m having Run The Tide set photos withdrawal, lol. I’m ready for new pics, even though we just seen new pics only a few days ago.

    I’ve always said that Taylor knew what he was doing career wise. I think the yrs. to come are going to be very interesting for (in a good way for Taylor and his fans)

  13. chanda w. Says:

    They need to rev up the Tracers promo machine ASAP. The cast is young and attractive. Parkour seems very action oriented. I really can’t wait. I’m gonna drag my son along as soon as it comes out. Strange how RP gets all the media att. and his movies come out and it barely draws a crowd, but regardless it is seen as a massive hit. Taylor doesn’t get the same media support, yet he manages, for the most part to stay in the Top 500 . That’s interesting and sort of sheds light on his appeal. Honestly I wish all three of them the best, it can’t be easy to have people constantly doubt your acting skills because your movie franchise was so successful. Seems backwards.

  14. Vanusa Correa Says:

    Thank American friends!

  15. johanna Says:

    um im pretty sure this is new

  16. Logan Says:

    All around good news on Tracers. I’m excited! Parkour is pretty big here in Europe so I’m kinda hoping it premiers over here….sorrynotsorry hihi
    @ Chanda and Marianne, yep his twenties are going to kill us. Lovely to see he’s growing more and more into his cojones ( in a not pervy more motherly kind of way )!

  17. Vanusa Correa Says:

    Johanna, It’s not new. This is the show from Jay Z.

  18. Chez Says:

    New interview with Adam Rayner he talks about Tracers

  19. chanda w. Says:

    OMG! Thanks for the link @Chez. Adam has basically confirmed Tracers will get a theatrical release date….yes. He has such kind words about Taylor. Not surprised. Everyone who works with him has nothing but positive things to say about that handsome boy.

  20. Sofia Says:

    What happened with his body? He lost all muscles so fast. It is true despair.

  21. Donna Says:

    There is no true despair without a hope

  22. marianne Says:

    Sofia…I think you might want to have your eyes checked. My eyes counted abs, pecs, and biceps on a healthy guy.

    Chez….thanks for the link. Made my day.

  23. chanda w. Says:

    And the treasure trail @Marianne. That line of hair was leading to
    some precious jewels.

  24. Evelyn Says:

    He looks perfectly sculpted to me Sofia, Besides, I like it looking au natural.

  25. kia Says:

    Sofia I can give the numbers for Optical care& LenCrafters. They make good glasses and contacts. Just Joking.

  26. kia Says:

    Anyway Happy that Tracers will be in the theaters. Now all we need is a Trailer. Also Taylor is nominated at the “Young Hollywood awards. For fan favorite male actor.

  27. Evelyn Says:

    And I thought my eyes were bad, lol. And they’re literally pretty damn bad. lol. X-D

  28. vera Says:

  29. Maria Says:

    According to this website, Tracers will be realeased in Malaysia on Oct. 23

  30. Maria Says:

    It’s not confirmed, so if it ends up being fake, don’t shoot me please

  31. Logan Says:

    @ Maria, confirmed or not: best news of today! Where there’s smoke there must be fire. Adam R. also says Tracers comes out end of this year soooo it certainly sounds like it…..
    I’m just praying they don’t forget my little country ;(

  32. Logan Says:
    Hope this link works. Voting can be done until July 18!!!!!!

  33. Lisa Says:

    His chest become less. it’s a pity

  34. chanda w. Says:

    I don’t think any of us have bad eyes. Taylor is gorgeous. Guess some were into the character of Jacob Black and his super ripped body. And others are actually fans of Taylor , the versatile , actor, who is still rockin’ a hot bod. I’m hearing stuff about Tracers, but I don’t want to get excited just yet, until it is confirmed on the Tracers board.
    When this movie finally does come out, to make up for all the waiting, Taylor better have a scene where he is close to being butt naked, I’m not even joking. But, it’s PG 13 now, so maybe not.

  35. vera Says:

    Sofia…Lisa ..seriously. I do not know, maybe you are a troll, or his “less chest”,”lost all muscles” and others blablabla – the only one thing that interests you here?
    do not need to expose themselves to torments on such slight occasion, girls,really.
    the network is full other places for example, sites Zac Efron, Kellan Lutz, where everything is still fine with chest and their remarkable biceps or abs they shows often willingly, and without limitation on any occasion for everyone,and you will always have a good mood.good luck with that.

  36. vera Says:

    thanks for the all good news. looking forward to updates for Tracers release and RTT cast news(after all, who will a mother character?),and if this is not rumors, shooting in Arizona.

  37. lilome Says:

    Wow! Some really shallow folks dropping in lately. Sad. Most of us would actually love a chance to snuggle up to that “less chest”. No dispair here about that body. To me he looks like a healthy, happy and gorgeous 22 year old with a rocking hot body, not a 17 year old who spent all of his free time in a gym. I’ll take this one anytime.

  38. Chez Says:

  39. muriella Says:

    Chez…That’s an incorrect information! No movie will be reased 31. December 2014 in the USA! It looks like someone saw this on the page of the movie data base The Numbers. This side always lists movies with no confirmed US release date at the last day of the year.

  40. Chez Says:

    @Muriella-Yes it was The Numbers website

    I’m sorry everyone for the false info, I got it from Official Taylor Lautner Fan Page and that website is going around on Twitter.

    Sorry sorry

  41. Lexi Says:

    @chez its ok! we are all just anxious for some news : )

  42. Vanusa Correa Says:

    Desculpe meninas que estão desaparecidas corpo de Jacob. Taylor, salientou mesmo milhares de vezes após a saga que não seria uma determinação para isso.
    Pelo amor de Deus, na minha opinião ele é mais bonito do que nunca.
    Muito melhor agora.
    O que me encanta, não é só o corpo permanece quente, delicioso, mas especialmente o olhar, ahhhhh esses olhos! A boca, a barba …. a simpatia e bom caráter que todos insistem em louvor quando vivem com ele!

  43. Vanusa Correa Says:

    Correcting my comments:
    Sorry girls who are missing body of Jacob. Taylor emphasized even thousands of times after the saga that would not be a determination for it.
    For the love of God, in my opinion he is more beautiful than ever.
    Much better now.
    What delights me it is not only the body remains warm, delicious, but especially the look, ahhhhh those eyes! The mouth, the beard …. the friendliness and good character who all insist praise when they live with it!

  44. johanna Says:

    Well put Vanusa could not have said it better myself
    It was hard for Taylor to get to that body for the twilight movies and we cant expect him to keep it up. He will always be beautiful no matter wat ♥

  45. Maria Says:

  46. chanda w. Says:

    New pics. Cool. Can’t wait to see more pics
    of Tay and Nicos. I think Taylor’s body will always
    be a topic of discussion. Wait until he starts doing
    the super hero movies. Oh my. So he’s still in Malibu.
    Wonder when they start filming in Arizona? Or do they?

  47. Jess Says:

    *sigh* what a wonderful way to start the second half of the year… New set pics, the possibility of Tracers being released this year. I’m smiling right now :)

  48. vera Says:

    #4YearsOfEclipse- and yet no photos for Team Jacob…I’m waiting.

  49. marianne Says:

    Maria…Thanks for the link…”hits up the craft services”….will the next set of pics be “hits up the men’s room” with pics of him going in and out???? I am happy for new photos.

    Vanusa Correa…Loved what you said.

    vera….5 films of Sparklepants and Swella are all that counts.

  50. Chez Says:

  51. chanda w. Says:

    Taylor/ Jacob is only included when they have something negative to say about Twilight, otherwise apparently even the directors feel it’s the Bella/Ed show. Even though they had a teenaged Taylor running around half naked to lure in more viewers. We know Team Jacob was the reason that series didn’t stop at the first movie. I was so hoping Karen had pics of Tay and Nicos on set.

  52. kia Says:

    YAY!! New set pics! Thanks Maria.

    Vera,Marianne, Chanda – That’s because according to the Fandom,Mr.Frozen Cup is the true “Hero” even when Jacob pulls Bella out her “depression” New Moon or The Wolf pack helping the Dullens out
    In Eclipse,It was always Mr.Ice Capade that saves the day. According to the E/B fanatics.

    I see some of them bringing back the “Third Wheel’. Welp I rather of him being label that then a allegedly a “HomeWreaker” OOPS!

  53. lilome Says:

    Kia… Yep, you went there! I feel the same way- no apologies. What KS did was stupid and it looks like she’s been cut out of the Huntsman sequel. Of course the director’s marriage is already trashed so maybe it doesn’t matter anyway. Good job.

  54. kia Says:

    Lilome – When I see her fans talk sh*t about Taylor and Nikki Reed. I have no problem throwing that in there faces.

  55. Evelyn Says:

    I am condoning to what KS did, but you do need to realize that she has Asperger’s, a spectrum of Autism. I think part of that was to blame for the behaviors, and why she is awkward during interviews and does not seem to smile or emit certain emotions.

    My sister and niece has this, and they have the same symptoms. Yet, everyone is different, but that is the generalization.

    I cannot wait for Tracers and Run the Tide though, but Indies seem to have more trouble getting official release dates and press.

  56. chanda w. Says:

    Tracers is an indie? I know Run The Tide is. They added another name to the cast list, I thought it was the mother, but I don’t think she is. I still don’t get why KS fans would want to beat up on Taylor anyway. First, he’s a hot guy and second he adores KS. The cock blocker crap is so 2009. And I said , that the media was gunning for all three of the leads, not just Taylor. And it is kinda true. Rob gets critics praise for doing movies, most people have no interest in watching, KS past seems to keep coming up and Tay can’t take his shirt off without it being some kind of debate. So , in reality, fans that say they liked the T

  57. chanda w. Says:

    Twi series should support, all three of them. (the computer posted my comment early) ok mom I know it was you. She loved pranks. But, seriously, some news on Tracers should come soon. If Malaysia has a set release date, the US can’t be too far behind.

  58. Julianne Says:

    Hi…. Long time lurker and first time poster here. I wanted to chime in and say Taylor looks incredible in these pictures! It looks like he was having fun and living life. Good for him!
    There are new pics out today that I’m sure will get posted – I just wanted my first post to be an intro post and to say I am always “Team Taylor”… Doesn’t matter if he weighs 300#, I will always support this little hottie and his career.

  59. kia Says:

  60. kia Says:

    Waiting for Just Jared to post the pics. That site ain’t working.

    Welcome Julianne. Always good to see new fans. Yup Team Taylor for life!!!

  61. Emily Says:

    Welcome, Julianne!! We always need more “Team Taylor” people speaking up. Glad you decided to make yourself known. This is a good place to fangirl. I can’t comment nearly as much as I used to—life just gets in the way, but, I’m always checking in, even if I don’t say anything.

    As far as the pictures go, I thought he looked wonderful as always, and that comes from someone not afraid to admit that I loved the Jacob muscles, but I’m so glad that Taylor can live and eat more normally now, without having to maintain all that extra bulk that wasn’t natural for him. When I saw all of those pictures in the water, I just KNEW that the media outlets would pick that ONE picture where his abs weren’t showing up as much!! Oh, well, whatever….it’s idiotic for people to say he’s lost all his muscles when he clearly hasn’t. The thing I noticed even more were his tan lines, LOL. We’ve never really seen those before, b/c he won’t take his shirt off in public and I guess they use makeup in the movies…..just never thought of Taylor having tan lines with his naturally tan skin.

    KS having Asperger’s……….as a teacher, I have had several Asperger’s students over the years, and while I see a couple of things with her that may be considered symptoms, has that actually been confirmed, or is that just fan rumor?

  62. Emily Says:

    I think these are the new pictures.

  63. kia Says:

    @Emily… @Evelyn- Kristen doesn’t have Aspergers. people always assume she has it due to some of her behavior and how she carries herself in interviews. This rumor has been going on since 09 but was never confirmed.

  64. Emily Says:

    Thanks, Kia–pretty much what I thought.

  65. kia Says:

    Anytime,Emily. Thanks for the pics!

  66. johanna Says:

    @Julianne welcome t the site we always need more Team Taylor ladies

    @Kia i had always heard that rumor but never new if it was true

    As for the new pics Taylor really does look amazing in a simple black T

  67. kia Says:

    Johann – Me too. I remember that rumor were swirling around the internet back then.

  68. barbara paixao Says:

    Simplesmente lindo, , saudável e fazendo o que gosta.
    Bom te ver …..sempre ♥

  69. Logan Says:

    Hello to all the ex lurkers, we knew you were out there no need to hide. You can pretty much comment on anything but no hate please! We get enough of that in real life. Also please post in English ;) I think most of us are not native English speaking fans but we try, use google translate like Vanusa. We will understand what you’re trying to say especially since the subject is Taylor LOL.
    Back to our favourite hunk….yumyumyum….love him in black!

  70. Tina Says:

    I want to eat him whole

  71. Shoshiru Honda Says:

    I think that Taylor Lautner looks alittle older because he isn’t as big (like a bodybuilder) like he was in Twilight. He is somewhat heavier, so he looks physically older. Also he has to have a scruffy, unkempt look for this role, which also makes him look older. But I saw some pictures on him close up on set and he still looks young.
    I think he is perfect person for this role. He has a lot of empathy/caring for little children. I saw a clip of him teaching kids 5-10 yrs. old beginner martial arts. He was very kind/patient with them.
    I think it will turn out that of the “Twilight” stars, only Taylor Lautner will shine for years. Kellan Lutz bombed big time as Hercules, Robert Pattison has had a string of bad movies, and Kristin Stewart has all but disappeared this year. The longer she is gone, the faster Hollywood will forget her, and Pattison and Lutz.
    Taylor will come out the winner.
    Although I am in Philadelphia, some relatives are in Japan. Indie movies never get a chance in Japan. Is too bad, because Taylor’s movie I think will be a hit and not a miss like other Twilight alumni.

  72. barbara paixao Says:

    Simply gorgeous, healthy and doing wath you love.
    Good to see you…….always. ♥

  73. Julianne Says:

    Just wanted to say “thanks” for the welcome’s. :-) it’s good to have a site to fangirl (and drool) where hating isn’t the norm.

  74. Anonymous Says:

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  75. Taylor Lautner run the tide - Says:

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