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“With nothing but the open road ahead of them, the brothers race away from a past they never wanted towards a future that could have been as their mother and her ex-husband follow in close pursuit.”

The Mercury Report reports that Taylor Lautner‘s next film ‘Run the Tide’ will begin shooting in Los Angeles in June. For more information on the film check after the break: (Read More…)

There’s a bevy of aging action stars lining up for duty once more in The Expendables 2, and the latest casting announcement for the film has seen the recruitment of someone younger to help bring the average age of the cast down.

The movie is being headlined by the likes of Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jean Claude Van Damme, Bruce Willis and Dolph Lundgren, and there aren’t many spring chickens amongst that lot. Not that it matters, of course: one glance at the box office receipts for the first film demonstrates that age is no barrier a lot of the time to successful action cinema. Rightly so, too.

But, it seems, the script for the sequel requires at least one younger recruit. And it’s Liam Hemsworth who’s going to be joining the plane to Eastern Europe, ahead of the movie’s imminent shoot.

Hemsworth, the brother of Thor star Chris, is next to be seen in the big screen adaptation of The Hunger Games, and he’s signed up to play a sniper in The Expendables 2. He had been down to appear in the first film, before his role was chopped from the final script (thanks to Moviehole for the heads up on that).

Meanwhile, we’re hearing that Taylor Lautner had been offered a role in The Expendables 2 as well, but that he’s passed on the project.

SOURCE: Variety

I don’t know how I feel about this…taking on ‘Goliath’ but not this? Really?! This would so further his career! OH well – still in hopes that they make ‘Cancun’

Taylor Lautner has been spotted in the company of director Gus Van Sant a number of times in the past few weeks. What’s that all about? Is there a film deal in works here?

According to a report from Hollywood Life, Gus Van Sant–director of the new film Restless and also of the 2008 award-winning film Milk–is well aware that he’s been seen all around Hollywood with the Twilight star, and he’s willing to dish on why.

“There’s a film that he wanted to put together, but I’m not working on it … yet. It’s possible I may work on it,” Van Sant says of Taylor Lautner and his film idea.

Van Sant did take the opportunity to plug Restless while chatting about Taylor Lautner. And who can blame him? The subject of Lautner ensures a positively attentive audience, you know.

“I hope [filmgoers] get into the love story,” Gus says of Restless. “And they feel like they want to fall in love.”

So now back to Taylor Lautner. He’s already starring in Abduction, and will be once again thrust into the limelight as Jacob Black when Breaking Dawn Part 1, the latest in the Twilight films which premieres in November. Exactly what kind of film idea has he been pitching to Gus Van Sant?

Unfortunately Gus stayed mum on the specifics, however film buffs can only imagine the caliber of a movie starring Taylor Lautner and directed by Gus Van Sant. It seems film buffs and Lautner fans have only one thing they can do in their efforts to find out.

They can wait–at least until a bit more info is leaked! (Not what you wanted to hear, for sure–but it’s really the only option for right now!)

SOURCE: Hollywood Life

Two Hollywood hunks have been mentioned to take the lead roles in “Goliath”. It has been reported that Taylor Lautner and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will portray David and Goliath in the Scott Derrickson-directed film.

According to Twitch, Relativity Media which develop the project have offered the role of the brave young shepherd to the Jacob Black of the “Twilight Saga”. It is not a big surprise considering that “Twilight” producers Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey are also producing this epic project. As for “Faster” actor Johnson, he is reportedly in talks with the studio to play the massive Philistine warrior.

“Goliath” is set in motion when the fierce warrior Goliath is sent to track down a foretold king of the Israelites. David is thrust into an epic chase and adventure fighting for his own life, the lives of his loved ones and eventually the lives of his people. The story climaxes in a battle of literal Biblical proportions between the young man and the giant sent to destroy him.

Relativity have previously said that they plan to give a dark touch to the movie. It was also said that the film will have a modern vibe that harkens to the spirit of films such as ‘300’ and ‘The Bourne Identity’.”

SOURCE: AceShowBiz

The first Expendables movie was a treat for any fan of ‘80s action flicks. For one thing, I brought back many stars from that era and mixed in some of this eras action heroes as well. Plus, fans got Bruce, Sly and Arnold in a scene together. Well, the second movie is underway and a few new names have surfaced (including Chuck Norris!!!) but one of the new names is puzzling. On Friday, August 26, the name Taylor Lautner surfaced.

The Expendables 2stars Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham and Bruce Willis. It is scheduled to hit theatres on August 17, 2012. Those in the Oklahoma City area can pre-order their tickets here.

Now, what can a movie of this type want with someone who is famous because of the Twilight series?

Lautner’s name was mentioned in a release that also threw in the names Christopher Lambert, Nic Cage and Christian Slater. Now, I can go for all three of those guys. Lambert was The Highlander and starred in a number of B-level action movies, Nic Cage was in Con Air, The Rock and recently appeared in the awesome Drive Angry 3D and Christian Slater was in Broken Arrow. All those movies give them cred.

SOURCE: The Examiner

Pics coming from Liz soon!

Always putting a priority on keeping a chiseled physique, Taylor Lautner paid a visit to the local gym for a weekend-ending workout in Los Angeles on Sunday (February 20).

The “Twilight” hunk donned a tight blue navy top as he hopped into his black sports car following an hour and a half sweat session.

And while he’s currently been working on “Breaking Dawn” as of late, Lautner is rumored to be planning on starring in director Michael Bay’s next project.

According to Marie Claire, Bay’s Platinum Dunes production company has been in talks for acquiring a Jason Hall script, though details are being keep quiet as of yet aside from comparisons as a cross between “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” and “Wanted”.

Source: Celebrity Gossip
Credit: Jeanne

As you know, Taylor Lautner is a wanted young actor. He’s considered part of the new A-list, and he’s making a lot of money right now thanks to his ability to nail down a lot of new work post-The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.

Here comes another big one to add to the list (which already includes this year’s Abduction, Incarceron, and Stretch Armstrong). As discussed before, Deadline Hollywood scooped the fact that Lautner was being sought after by Michael Bay and others for future work.

Three top producers including Michael Bay and his Platinum Dunes are circling Taylor to star in their movies for 2012 and beyond. It seems that the Michael Bay deal has panned out because a new Deadline Hollywood report indicates that he and Taylor Lautner have been pitching their next collaboration to studios, tagging it a “Mr. & Mrs. Smith meets Wanted” type of piece.

Last night the two filmmakers sent out a script for auction to all the major studios. I’ve learned that already this morning studios have begun bidding on a Bay-Lautner project.

Taylor Lautner is really making all the right moves, isn’t he? He’s been receiving job after job without pause, and he’s swiftly heading in the direction of action star. The truth of The Hollywood Reporter’s words, that he’s one of those “best poised to become a blockbuster star,” is becoming clearer and clearer.

Back in July, 2009 in the attached interview with Interview Magazine, Lautner spoke of his “dream role,” saying, “Like Matt Damon in the Bourne series, I totally would love to do something like that.” Perhaps this news means his dream has come true.

Source: Examiner
Credit: Jeanne

EXCLUSIVE: I’ve learned that the Taylor Lautner juggernaut continues in Hollywood as this 18-year-old Twilight Saga action star and teen heartthrob just keeps booking movie after movie. Last year’s highest paid teenage actor (for a reported $7.5 million pay day in Universal’s Stretch Armstrong with Hasbro and Imagine) is starting off the new year by producing and starring in 2 new studio tentpoles during 2011. I can scoop that Fox 2000 and New Regency each coughed up an 8-digit paycheck to work with 8-pack-abs Tay-Tay for his two only available time slots this year. Meanwhile, three top producers including Michael Bay and his Platinum Dunes are circling Taylor to star in their movies for 2012 and beyond. That’s because of Lautner’s enormous Twi-hard fan base and aggressive promotion of his films, and not because of any solo box office he’s done yet.

Fox 2000 and the filmmakers now are looking to cast his love interest in Incarceron, and I’m told the frontrunners are Blake Lively, Jennifer Lawrence, and Emma Watson. John Palermo Productions will produce (Wolverine, Drive) with Lautner’s own Quick Six production banner., Lautner will play the lead role from Catherine Fisher’s sci-fi/fantasy novel which last March went to Fox in a rights bidding war after the book was published in the U.S. this November and jumped onto The New York Times bestseller list. Lautner plays a character who lives his entire life in a savage and futuristic prison society. The screenwriting duo of Adam Cooper and Bill Collage are writing. (They are also scripting Moby Dick for Timur Bekmanbetov and Moses for FOX and producer Peter Chernin. So why not for Lautner, too?)

The 2nd Lautner vehicle is an as–yet-unnamed international spy thriller set up at New Regency described to me as “The Bourne Identity for the next generation.” The story is loosely based on the exploits of Juval Aviv, a former Israeli Mossad agent who was the inspiration for Steven Spielberg’s Academy Award-nominated Munich. Lautner will produce with Alexandra Milchan (who is currently producing The Wolf Of Wall Street with Leonardo DiCaprio), daughter of Israeli mogul Arnon Milchan who is New Regency’s founder.

Taylor is scheduled to finish shooting the Twilight Saga’s Breaking Dawn this spring. And Fox 2000 and New Regency grabbed his two available slots for 2011. But insiders tell me that several producers are now trying to woo him to their projects: The team of Craig Zadan and Neil Meron (Chicago, Hairspray) who have an untitled project; Scott Stuber who has Demon Wars, a book written by bestselling author R.A. Slavatore. Lautner would play a reluctant hero in this epic fantasy adventure confronting the dark tides of destiny in his search for justice and peace; and Michael Bay whose production company Platinum Dunes is aggressively trying to make a movie this year with Taylor’s limited availability.

All this — and yet Taylor won’t even turn 19 until February 11th, and Hollywood won’t find out the kid’s non-Twilight Saga box office power until Lionsgate releases its thriller Abduction later this year on September 23rd.

SOURCE: Deadline

The final two “Twilight Saga” films might be shooting right now, but Taylor Lautner isn’t ready to give up on the young adult genre quite yet. Deadline is reporting that Taylor has signed up to star in the big screen adaptation of another up-and-coming YA novel, “Incarceron.” The storyline of the novel and its soon-to-be-released sequel, “Sapphique,” is a lot darker than “The Twilight Saga”‘s, and it also doesn’t find Taylor transforming into a big cuddly wolf every two seconds (though hopefully there will be plenty of shirtlessness).

“Incarceron” follows the story of Finn, a boy raised in the brutal Incarceron prison, sealed off from the rest of the world. His fate is to escape the prison, and he gets his chance when he receives a special crystal key. He meets up with several companions and journeys to find a way to escape.

But the story of Claudia, daughter of the warden of Incarceron, is being told simultaneously. She is trapped in the Realm, which is a world modeled after the 17th century where advanced science and technology are prohibited. She finds the crystal key at the same time Finn does, and it allows them to communicate and try to create an escape plan.

The film is being written by Adam Cooper and Bill Collage, who wrote the upcoming films “Tower Heist,” “Moby Dick” and “Moses.” That’s quite an array of subjects for one writing duo to cover, so we’re hoping that bodes well for “Incarceron”‘s final version. No director has been tapped for the film yet, and no actress has come on board to play Claudia (though we’re sure there will be plenty interested now that Taylor’s involved).

Taylor’s already attached to the upcoming “Stretch Armstrong” film, which will likely turn into a franchise if it’s successful, so it’s interesting that he chose to come on board for “Incarceron.” We’re guessing that author Catherine Fisher has at least one more installment to release after “Sapphique,” so that means Taylor’s going to be in this for at least two more films.

That being said, we are totally not complaining. “Incarceron” sounds like an awesomely dark and twisted story, and we love seeing Taylor as a leading man. Hopefully it will give him a better chance to show off his acting chops than “Twilight” did, and fingers crossed there’s just as many opportunities to be half-naked.

Source: MTV

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner still retain their throne as the most popular trio of celebrities to pull in box office numbers over Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson. After this weekends release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows the box office numbers for the midnight show, Twilight Eclipse retains first place, Twilight: New Moon second place and the new Harry Potter film coming in third. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows raked in 24 million, Twilight: New Moon 26.3 million and Twilight Eclipse 30 million for their midnight showings.

The demographics for these two movies do overlap, however for the midnight showings statistics one needs to remember that many of the huge Harry Potter fans don’t have their own means of transportation and would have had to rely on Mom and Dad to drive them to the show so the weekend statistic probably have a little more meaning.

Box Office Mojo shows Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows earning a spot in the Top 10 Opening weekends landing at #6.

1. “The Dark Knight” Warner Bros. $158,411,483
2. “Spider-Man 3″ Sony $151,116,516
3. “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” Summit Entertainment $142,839,137
4. “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest” Buena Vista $135,634,554
5. “Iron Man 2″ Paramount $128,122,480
6. “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1″ Warner Bros $125,120,000
7. “Shrek the Third” P/DW $121,629,270
8. “Alice in Wonderland” (2010) BV $116,101,023
9. “Spider-Man” Sony $114,844,116
10. “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End” Buena Vista $114,732,820

It’s interesting to note how many of these top 10 are family friendly films versus rated R or NC-17.

For November openings, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 was beat out again by the vampire and werewolf groupies with Twilight Saga: The New Moon taking #1. However Harry Potter does dominate the November opening statistics taking the next four top spots and beating out the original “Twilight” movie that came in at #7.

1. The Twilight Saga New Moon
2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1
3. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
4. Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone
5. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Source: Examiner / Box Office Mojo

Mattel’s recreation of 1979’s, Mad Max, has been delayed once again. Charlize Theron, Tom Hardy, and Nicholas Hoult are set to star in the reboot of Mel Gibson’s action picture and was scheduled to shoot back-to-back with a sequel.Last December, Taylor Lautner, star of the The Twilight Saga franchise dropped out of the multi-million dollar deal to take on the role of Stretch Armstrong. Inception actor, Tom Hardy replaced Lautner in the films.

The cause of the delay in filming? Rain, and lots of it!Mad Max: Fury Road was set to film in February in Broken Hill, Australia, but, the increase of rain has caused the desert to blossom. Director, George Miller, wants the desert dryer than “a vintage bottle of English dry cider” and has reportedly said he will not film elsewhere.Miller stated that Mad Max: Fury Road will “definitely” be made.

At first, production was delayed until February 2011, now it’s reported Mad Max won’t start filming until 2012. Hugh Gough, who was due to provide accommodation for the film crew says, “I would call it a kick in the guts. We have now cleared the bookings that we had made substantial periods of time in early 2011, and certainly very significantly from April to July of 2011.”

Source: All Voices

The upcoming film by MTV known as the Teen Wolf seems to be threat Taylor Lautner’s character in the Twilight series as a wolf. The upcoming movie generated its concept from a movie first made in the 1980s featuring Michael J. Fox.

Jeff Davis who wrote Teen Wolf series and serves as one of its executive producers stated that the movie will be quite scary but attractive and enjoyable especially for young people.

The director of the movie, Russell Mulcahy stated that they wanted the wolf characters in the movie to be sexy and hot instead of being scary.

Davis also stated that their werewolf characters will be much more attractive than those of the Twilight series, which is mainly played by Taylor Lautner.

There won’t be any vampires in the series though so Robert Pattinson has no competition to try to beat.

Source: iFresh News

We learned Friday afternoon, that on Thursday Taylor Lautner was in Wyoming, Mi filming a scene at a local Family Dollar. After some research and contact with the original source, we learned that they were filming for the movie “30 Minutes or Less”.

“30 Minutes or less” is currently filming around Grand Rapids. The film stars Danny McBride, Jessie Eisenberg and Aziz Ansari and is produced by Ben Stiller. In the comedy two fledgling criminals kidnap a pizza delivery driver (Eisenberg)and force him to rob a bank within 30 minutes.

SOURCE: Before the Trailer

Passionate members of Team Jacob, meet Chris Riggi, the 24-year-old actor who will channel Taylor Lautner to play wolf pack member Jacob “White” in the upcoming Twilight spoof, Vampires Suck.

Riggi, who you may remember as Lily and Rufus’s long-lost son on Gossip Girl, knows he’s taking a chance by poking fun at T-Laut, telling Hollywood Life that Twihards will either love or hate his role. Either way, Riggi probably knows almost as much about Taylor as hard-core Forks fans.

“I watched the movies over and over again every day for three months,” he said. “I had a picture of Taylor in my trailer so I could mimic his facial expressions!”

Riggi also attempted to attain Taylor’s admirable eight-pack, gaining 15 pounds of muscle in an intense workout and protein spree. He graciously defers to Taylor, saying his abs are “amazing” and “so much better than mine” – but we’ll let the Celebuzz readers decide this Battle of the Abs in our poll below.

Click HERE to vote in the poll!

Source: Celeb Buzz

Team Jacob or Team Edward is a question that has been bandied back and forth for a few years since the Twilight franchise became a household name. And, in a surprising revelation, X-Men actor Hugh Jackman has revealed he supports the werewolf.

According to E! Online, Jackman believes the Lautner should once again play a wolf onscreen, only this time it will be for the X-Men franchise.

The report has since been quashed as pure fantasy with confirmation that Lautner is concentrating on other films, including the next two Twilight films (the fourth and final novel, “Breaking Dawn,” is being split into two movies), John Singleton’s “Abduction,” and “Stretch Armstrong” from Hasbro and Universal Pictures.

Even so, Jackman would like to see the actor portray a teenage version of his Marvel alter-ego.

“My only question is, can he grow mutton chops?” Jackman joked. “Actually, I think people would probably prefer him as a hairless Wolverine than a rather hairy-chested version. Certainly about a billion young girls would.”

Source: Air Lock Alpha